Runaways (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

Previously on
Marvel's Runaways...

This place is
paid for by our parents?

We can't eat that soup.

Nico's right. That's Pride soup.

No, no, no! Hey, don't!

You guys are into
some seriously weird shit.

How about a free ticket?

I'll even save you a dance.

We'll take five tickets,
you hateful bitch.

Looks like Brandon stole your life.

He can have it.

Keep it off the radar of the cops,
the media,

and, most importantly, Jonah.

I want to hurt him as much
as the rest of you do.

Not possible.

This serum...
that Jonah used on Victor.

- It's based on his DNA.

Jonah may have just given us
the very thing that we need...

to kill him.

If I'm gonna heal myself,
I need another box.

You're gonna do
one more thing for him.

- Yeah? What's that?
- Same as you did for his father...

Take the rap for his murder charge.

Tell me the truth now...
Where were you?!

Aw, man!
She wrecked a pimp's car.

It was freakin' awesome!

Damn. This sure beats
staying in a hostel, huh?

I'm Topher.

Not another step.

I got you people tilted, huh?
Don't worry, amigos.

- I'm not gonna hurt you
- ?Qui?n eres t?? Do I know you?

No, mu?eca. Not yet.
?C?mo te llamas?

Did you follow her home?
'Cause I'll kick your ass right now.

- Not quite fast enough, lindo.
- Let's ask some questions first.

Ah, the leader, eh?

I'd shake your hand,
but doesn't look like we're there yet.

- Who are you?
- He's an undercover cop.

He's gonna bust us and send us back
to our parents who'll murder us,

or he's just a cold-blooded killer
and he's gonna murder us right here,

or he's a blackmailer
and he's gonna demand money,

which we don't have...
We will end up murdered.

Everyone take a deep breath, OK?

If you saw a little girl pick up a car,
you'd check it out, too.

Mu?eca is a hero, for real.

This guy on the street was
messing with this lady,

and I tried to talk him out of it...
with my fists.

I had to protect her.

You didn't think
to mention this to anyone?

I'm mentioning it now.

When I heard them talk
about the girl with the yellow eyes,

I had to check it out.

Did I think it would lead me to a...
mansi?n arruinada?

He means "ruined mansion."
It's so poetic.

But now that I'm here, you gotta
give me the name of your decorator,

'cause this place is dope as shit!

Cone of Silence!

He can't hear us now.

What do we do with him? Discuss.

- Let's get rid of him.
- I'm with Chase.

Isn't he just like us?
So what? We find safety,

then we just
abandon everybody else?

- We are Brentwood people.
- That's wrong. Let him stay.

The cops aren't even looking
for us anymore.

Who knows if we can
trust this kid?

Yeah. I mean,
look at him. He's all...

Dirty? Hungry?

Uh, hello? Gert,
stand up for this guy.

In the 100-yard dash
between my anxiety and my idealism,

I'm ashamed to say my anxiety is winning.
I'm a hypocrite. It's official.

Don't apologize. Why should we risk
letting a stranger in here?

You know, my parents invented something
for this exact situation.

Do you remember the cartridge
we found at Graciela's house?

Inside is a serum
that will wipe your whole hard rive.

That 17-page term paper
you call your memory? Poof.

- Great. Let's do that, then.
- No. Let's not.

It's from our parents, remember?
They're bad people.

If we use it, especially on a kid,
doesn't that make us just like them?

You guys.

What the...?

No. You guys,
he's not going anywhere.

So... what is it?

- It's a "she."
- She's a rescue.

- So her breed is unclear.
- Pit mix, maybe?

So a girl with glowing eyes,
a witch with a magic stick,

and now a stray pup
who had Godzilla for a dad.

Feels like I'm in the right place.


See, maybe I had
to become a vigilante

in order to find someone just like me.

To bring in the seventh member of,
you know, whatever we are.

- OK, Molly. Slow down.
- He's a stranger.

He's got powers just like me.

That can't just be a coincidence.

Hey, let's not get
ahead of ourselves.

It's late, and everyone has
a lot of questions.

- You sleep there.
- She sleeps here.

Yeah, I'm going to bed.

My parents murdered
my friend and cost me

someone I really cared about,
so this guy?

Not that important to me.

Got room for two?
I got no secrets.

I think you do.

I saw what you did.

What I did?

And what'd I do?

I don't know exactly, but you better
believe I'm gonna find out.

Oh, shit. I'm sorry.
I woke you up.

Did I wake you up?
Was it the nail biting? I'm sorry.

- My worrying woke you up?
- It does get a little loud sometimes.

I'm sorry. It's the anxiety.

It's turning me into a person
who says "I'm sorry" all the time.

Hey. It's okay. It's not like
time even matters anymore.

I mean, do you have somewhere
you gotta be today?

I don't know.

Let me check my imaginary smartphone
for my imaginary calendar.

Nope. Just being a runaway again.

Which means you got all day.

So... you wanna talk about it?

Do you ever think
about our old lives?

Like where we'd be right now
if we weren't here?

I try not to think about my current life,
never mind my old one.

'Cause I've never thought
that I'd want to go

to an SAT prep class

or AP History.

I even miss Eiffel

and her patriarchy-supporting
dance routines.

It is starting to feel like
it's all just Tuesday now.

No, wait. Wednesday.
No, wait, it is Tuesday.

Think it's actually Thursday.



is the new normal.

The new normal's not all bad.


It's got an upside, for sure.

But it does mean I have
a pet dinosaur to go check on, so...

Say hey to Molly's new bestie.

I'll go back to sleep.

Good guard-dino!

You keepin' a monocular eye
on our mysterious stranger,

my little Lacey-wacey?

You know when I say "my,"
I don't mean like I own you, right?

'Cause of course not. You're like...
You're like a fully sovereign being.

With us, not for us, right, boo?



Guess we're the first ones here.
You want some coffee?


Cat, did you honestly think you could
just act like this didn't happen

and I'd go along with it?

Well, since there's nothing
you can do about it, yeah.

What's the point
of making it a thing?

Because this is a thing.

You killin' a man I consider my brother,
that's a goddamn thing.

It was necessary, Geoffrey.

I did it so you didn't have to.

And he wasn't your brother.

Darius had Alex.

He could have shot him,
thrown his body off a bridge,

but he didn't.

He kept our son safe
and brought him back to us.

Why? Because he was
loyal to me. Always.

He did it because he wanted money.

What you remember about life
back in the day is a fantasy.

Bein' OG, runnin' a crew...

There was a code!

A sense of loyalty, a brotherhood.

There was a bunch of
broke-ass punks slingin' dope,

tryin' to knock each other off.

Did I not meet you
because you killed your boss?

Was he your brother, too?

- That was different.
- It was business.

And so was this.

We had a plan to free our kids.

This was not our plan!


Our kids are no longer
wanted for murder.

We brought scones.

This might get loud.

Finally, our first solid lead.

I tracked the kids using data
from Alex's cell phone.

Which you got from Alex

during your failed mission
to extract him, your rogue mission.

Turn down the volume
on the attitude, Leslie.

The information
about Alex came to us.

Yeah, and you kept it
for yourselves.

Your word means nothing, Wilders.

OK, let's go easy
on the big fella, sweetie.

But, um, Stacey does have a point.

We all agreed, no more secrets.

- We all just want our kids back.
- And you had them right there.

How could you just let them go?

You mean how could I stop them?

Why don't you ask Tina that?

The kids got away
because Nico had the Staff.

- Jog your memory?
- Yes. I gave Nico the Staff.

I've already lost one child.

I'm sure as hell
not gonna lose another.

If that meant giving Nico a way
to survive on the street...

deal with it.

You should be thanking us.
That Staff is protecting your kids, too.

Look, the pressure's
off our kids for the moment.

We should be focusing
on the bigger problem: Jonah.

Well, as some of you may recall,

Stacey and I have a serum
that we think will kill Jonah,

but we need to move fast
before he figures it out.

But we need to do a trial run
with the serum first.

You only get one shot at a self-healing
alien, and it better be good.

Yeah. We need to send a drone
down into that hole,

so that we can biopsy
whatever's down there.

- Biopsy whatever's...
- But we need to access the dig site.

- Yeah, I can make that happen.
- Good.

If the serum works,

then soon none of us will need
to see each other ever again.


Guess that leaves us
to search for our kids.

Looks like they're centered here.

East of La Brea, west of the 5.

East of La Brea?

What's even over there?

Why do I recognize that place?

Because it's a Pride soup kitchen.

That's no help.
They operate anonymously.

Everything they do there
is confidential.

Not if we're the ones
asking the questions.

Where did you get all this?

Hold on. Don't answer that.

Maybe I don't wanna know
where any of this food came from.

This is urban foraging, girl.

You think only rich people
know about farm-to-table?

Here. You gotta try this.


- This is so good.
- Ahh.

I got every orange, aguacate,

lemon, and pomegranate tree
around here on lockdown.

And I know when the good bakeries
throw out the day-old stuff.

We be feastin', sis.
You gotta come through.

Oh, my God,
is that a banana nut muffin?

Ah-ah-ah. We wait for the whole fam.
Sharing is caring.

- Can I ask you something?
- Of course.

You're the first person I've met,
ever, who's had my eyes.



That's why I had to find you.

All this time,
I thought it was only me.

I felt so... alone.

I hear that.

How old were you
the first time it happened?

I was right about your age,
I guess. Yeah.

- I didn't know what was going on.
- Me neither.

- It just kinda came out of nowhere.
- Right?

I was always the outsider,
so for me to be that...

- Fuerte.
- Yes.

- I was stoked.
- I felt the same.

Do you think maybe we're related?

I mean, we both speak Spanish,
we have the same eyes...

Let's see.

Es verdad. Nos parecemos.

I've never told anyone this, but, um...

my parents were scientists,

and sometimes I think
they did an experiment on me,

and that's how
I ended up like this.

Like a chemistry experiment?

- Hey, Molly?
- No, they were geologists.

They worked with rocks.
Does that make any sense to you?

Hey. Me and Molly
whipped up some chow.

So this is why you left?

Explains the little
remodeling job upstairs.

We assumed
you were gone for good.

And by "assumed,"
I mean "hoped."

You showed me kindness,
amigo, and I'm showing it back.

Had to get past
your "guard dog" first.

- What's this?
- My guard dog.

You people are muy interesante.

Is there something going on here
that I need to know about?

I think you know too much already.

Sorry... but he might be my relative.
Isn't that nuts?

Where did your relative
get all this food?

- It's called urban foraging.
- Is that like artisanal stealing?

No, man. Stolen goods?

That ain't me.
I asked permission first.

Go ahead, make yourself a plate.


Look, I can see you guys
aren't... sure about me.

You're right. We aren't.

So I'm gonna be honest.

I know who you are.

You been all over the news.

Pretty hard to miss, you ask me.

You should leave.

Oye. C?lmate, hombre.
Think about it.

You know why you can trust me?
Because I don't need you.

I've already got this whole
street-life thing wired.

You guys?

You need
all the help you can get.

We're doing fine, thanks.

Are you?

You can't even
say yes to good food.

That kind of pride
is just some rookie shit.

Us street kids,
we stick together.

We give and we take...

and that's how we survive.

I have skills,
knowledge you can use...

Oh, yeah?
Like where to dumpster dive?

Damn straight.
This ain't Brentwood, you fool.

OK, so what's in it for you?


I like sleeping indoors...
in a bed.

Thanks for the offer.
We'll think about it.

Look, I'm just saying.

Rich kid runaways...
you gotta be extra careful.

You're like housecats out in the wild.

I remember this one dude...
Good-looking, deluxe family...

but when folks on the street found out
that there was a reward on him,

they didn't hesitate to collect.

He just...

hadn't built that loyalty
out here, you know?

Not that I would do that,
you know?

It's just, not everyone
is as trustworthy as me.

Enough of all that, please.
Who wants quiche?

I think this one's gluten-free.

I saw him eat one of these.
It's not poison.

Yes. I knew they'd come around.
Come on.

Let me give you a tour
of your new home.

Lead the way, mu?eca.

Don't get lost.

Or do.

You're not hungry either?

There's something about that guy
that makes me lose my appetite.

Maybe you're just jealous...
or threatened.

What? Why would I be jealous?

Because he's handsome,

and street-smart,
and a really good provider.

Chase is handsome.

This is so good.

We should all feel threatened.
He's hiding something.

Whatever he's done, it's nothing
compared to our parents.

Guess someone
couldn't sleep last night.

You OK?

As long as Pride pays
for what they've done, I am.

- You put your hair back.
- I lost my focus.

But I'm back now, and we still
have an earthquake to stop.

Yeah, except now
we got a new distraction.

Molly thinks
he's her long-lost brother.

Jules, are you sure that you didn't

see these kids at the soup kitchen?

She's blonde, tall,
really pretty?

- Athletic. Played lacrosse.
- Top knot, dark lipstick. Angry.

I really wish I could tell you more.

A lot of kids fit those descriptions.

But all of these kids
would be together.

All six of 'em, in a group.

I really do serve hundreds
of people every day, so...

You're lying. You've seen 'em.

If this is your way
of keeping them anonymous...

Let us reassure you,
it's safe to tell us.

Especially if you like your job.

Yeah, I said it.

She's a volunteer, Catherine.

I really am sorry I can't help.

Tell you what, though,

there is a client at the soup kitchen
who's very plugged in.

He knows everything
that happens on the streets.

I brought him with me just in case.

Would you like to meet with him?


Yeah, I've definitely seen 'em.

- Where?
- Did they seem healthy?

I'd be happy to tell you more,

but you know, I was
a finance major once upon a time,

before I realized
the only true freedom in this country

is off the grid
in the underground economy.

And according to my rather
conservative asset-pricing model,

I'm gonna need fifty bucks first.

You tryin' to shake a bitch down
over their kids?

Here ya go. Fifty dollars.

Start talkin'.

So, I first saw 'em down
at the homeless encampment

near the L. A. River.

I mean, could you miss them?

I'm surprised they survived
the night down there.

But they are apparently
way more craftier than they look,

because the next thing I know,
they stole my electric baseball gloves.

Electric baseball gloves?

The Fistigons.

Is that what you call 'em?

Because those mothers
are pretty bad-ass.

I was havin' some fun,
I was blowing shit up,

and then all of a sudden
your kids are chasin' after me.

And then...

What happened?

I want to say they had a dinosaur.

But I'm gonna chalk that up
to a bonkers night of drinkin'.

All's I know is,
the pretty boy grabbed the gloves,

and I haven't seen those kids since.

But I will assure you,

they ran real fast
and looked very healthy.

That's all I got.

Don't suppose you people care
to reimburse me for the baseball gloves?


you might want to keep working on
that asset-pricing model of yours,

because I would have given you
a hundred if you'd asked.


Your call has been forwarded

to an automatic
voice message system.

When you are finished recording,

you may hang up
or press pound for more options.


I need to...

I'd like to, uh,
I'd like to see you.

There's so many things
I need to...

There's so many things
I want to... I want to tell you.

Um, but I'm afraid...

I'm afraid there's
not too much more time.


Oh, here you are...

hiding from our uninvited guest.

I get it.

Molly loves him,
but I am not feeling it.

Well, maybe
we should give him a chance.

He obviously knows way more
about living out here than we do.

Hey, are you OK?
What's going on?

What's that?

Someone needs to make money,

and I figured since Alex
isn't working with Darius anymore,

you know, I could get a job.

- Doing what?
- I was thinking

what could I do
that wouldn't blow my cover,

and I was like, "I know,
I'll go down to Hollywood Boulevard

disguised as a fairytale princess
and see if any tourists want..."

Wait. You're gonna
take Polaroids with little girls?

Thought it was a good idea.

I mean, you are basically
a real live Disney princess,

but Hollywood Boulevard is like,
crawling with cops and cameras.

Look, we aren't fugitives anymore,
and I don't think our parents

are gonna be anywhere
near Hollywood Boulevard.

That's true.

We need money... and I want
to see what I can do to help.



But if any dime store SpongeBob

gets a little handsy with you,
I'm turning his ass into Plankton.

- OK. I gotta go.
- OK.

I'll be careful, I promise.

I don't trust him.

Well, if we can destroy the dig site,

then we can get out of here
once and for all,

which means Topher
isn't a problem anymore.

Two birds, one motherboard.

By "get out of here"
you mean go home?

I didn't say that.
I mean get out of here.

Stop California
from crackin' off into the ocean.

- And we do that how?
- All I know is,

it starts with disabling the security
at the dig site.

- Using these guys?
- No. Using this thing.

I aced my Ethical Hacking course
last semester.

If we can mount
a directory traversal attack,

storm the HTTP and gain access
to the restricted directories,

we can set the whole thing in
self-destruct mode, Stuxnet-style.

More like sucks-net.

Sorry. It's a good plan,
but that was a great joke.

it remains just a plan.

One big problem. There is no way
that this old computer's

gonna be able to take down
the security at the site.

And that's on top
of another big problem...

A homeless kid with yellow eyes
is squatting in our house.


Maybe one big problem
can help us solve the other one.

All I need is an 18-core,
36-thread processor chip.

Oh, good.

We have so many of those lying
around here in our ruined mansion.

I know exactly where to find one.

- Where? And how much is it?
- It's free.

But you are not gonna like
what we have to do to get it.

We're goin' back to Atlas Academy.

- What?
- Oh, my God.

And what do we do with him?

Topher? He's the one
that's gonna get us inside.

- Um, hi.
- Thank you for meeting me.

You brought your school books?

I had to tell my friends something,
so I told them I was job hunting.


You know you're my only priority.

Is that enough?

No, I can't. That's not why I'm here.

No, no, please, just take it all.

I said no.

You said you had something to tell me
and you didn't have much time.

Are you sick?

I only get one chance to do
this right and I don't want to mess it up.

Do what?
I'm taking a real risk being here,

and I want answers. Now.

I hear you. And I'm...

Don't hear me.

Tell me.

I can do better than that.

Why don't I show you.

You don't think

we could have parked
maybe a little bit closer, Stacey?

Hon, it is only 50 yards away.
You have lived in California too long.

May I remind you that there's
an industrial grade razor blade

on this drone that could puncture
a donut hole in my ribs.

Wow, hon, you're so irritable lately.

Of course I am! We've spent
the last umpteen years of our lives...

- Hey, how are you?
- We're with Pride.

Consorting with
morally ruined human beings

who won't stop lying to us,

and now the only chance
of getting our kids back

is to stick a drone
into a hole of unknown depth,

and take a biopsy
of whatever's down there

so that we can kill someone.

- Hey, buddy, how are you?
- Leslie cleared us.

In this case, I'd say irritation
is a context-appropriate emotion.

- Breathe.
- I'm breathing!

- OK.
- I'm sorry.

- OK.
- It's just, I...

I'm scared.

You know, what if
this serum doesn't work?


It's gonna work.

How do you know?

Because it has to.

Where are we going?

Are we jogging to Brentwood?

- Awesome!
- Wait. Three cars?

- We don't have the money for this.
- You don't need any.

I got a gang of free vouchers from
a Hollywood Hills party I crashed.

Alex, you and Gert
get in the first car.

Chase, you go with Molly.

And Nico, you're with me.

Come on.
Your girlfriend isn't here anyway.

I know you don't like me,
but I'm cool with it.

It's not that I don't like you.
I don't trust you.

I see that.
You're cold to me.

Don't flatter yourself.
I'm not warm to anyone.

- I like your honesty.
- I don't do it for you.

- Maybe that's what I like about you.
- I don't really care what you like.

What do you care about?


"Do what ye will, and ye harm none."

What do you know about Wicca?

I know what a spell is.

When you take symbols and action,

turn them into some... power.

Something like that.

Seriously, nobody gets that.

I do.

I think, um...

maybe... I misjudged you.

Tell me something, though.

What's in that vial
you carry around?

Come on, now.
I've seen what you guys can do.

Um... are all of you holding?


You mean like with drugs?

Oh, I get it.
Playing dumb.

OK, I got you. You want to keep
all your shit to yourself.

It's cool.

You want me to share with you,
don't ya?

Because us kids
need to stick together.

That's right.

So we're friends now?


We got 15 minutes while
everybody's in all-school assembly.

I even miss all-school assembly.

Once you're inside,
straight down the hallway.

- Then go up to the second floor.
- MOllY: Take the main staircase.

- Shouldn't he take the side stairs?
- Then he'll run into the Vape Team.

- The kids with vape pens.
- Oh, they're so annoying.

- "Sick clouds, brah."
- You guys, stop.

First door to your right
is the computer lab.

Back of the room
there's a wood cabinet.

Inside is a safe.

19-3-26, right, left...

Give me your phone,
I'll write it down.

Do not speak to anyone.

Not that anyone here
has anything to say.

- It's not that bad, Nico.
- It's not that good, either.

Got it?

I survived foster care, no?

I think I can handle
a bunch of fresas.

Fresas. It means spoiled rich kids.

- Like us?
- Like we used to be.

OK, it's almost here.

Got the serum?

Release the biopsy
from the cylinder...

inject it with the serum, and...

We can finally move on with our lives.

If it works.


Eww. What is that smell?

It's malodorous,
yet not completely unfamiliar.

A very mature Stilton?

Maybe something from
the Limburger family? Ugh.

The body wall looks tessellated.
Calcite microcrystals, maybe?

Definitely organic.

That smell is
the very essence of decay.

Which means whatever the serum
does to this thing,

it'll also do to Jonah.

Well... here goes.

It's turning black!

Necrosis! Yes!

- Sweetie!
- Oh, it's great!

Hold on a second.

It's an earthquake!

- Another earthquake?!
- Is this it? Is this the one?

- I've got you. Stay calm.
- Nobody move.

Topher's stuck in there!

OK, that... wasn't too bad.

- You OK?
- Not even in theory.

- I loved it.
- Okay, that alarm means we got

about two seconds
before earthquake protocol kicks in.

All students proceed
to the parking lot...

- There's Topher!
- For a mandatory head count.

- We gotta get that computer.
- We gotta get Topher!

OK, come on, you guys,
we're going in.

Keep your heads down,
we'll disappear into the chaos.

Chase and I will head to the lab.

we'll go to the parking lot.

And Gert...


- Gertrude Yorkes?
- Oh, my God!

Sorry! Wow!

You really startled me.
Whoa. Hang on a second.

Is this your first day back?

Yes. Yes!

And that earthquake...

really got me shook.

Sorry about the pun.

It just really shows
how emotionally fragile I am.

Which is why I actually came
to see if you have

any of my anxiety meds here?

There... There should be a big
bottle of them with my name on it...

somewhere back there.

Usually I'm notified when kids who've
been through something traumatic

return to school.

You... Oh, you mean the fugitive thing?

Hmm. Um, that probably sounded
a lot worse than it actually was.

We were never actually
suspected of murder.

You know, fake news.

Can you check
on my medicine, though?

Just a moment.

Hi, it's Nurse Wilson,
I've got Gertrude Yorkes here.

They're reporting
the earthquake as a 5.1.

It's big, but not the Big One.

It's another one.
That's all I need to know.

We're running out of time.

Is the epicenter near the dig site?

South of downtown.

Someone's seen the kids.

Look where it's coming from.

It's locked.
There's no other way in.

I knew I should have
brought the Fistigons.

We agreed everybody's
going civilian for this one.

Okay? Even Nico.
It's Atlas Academy, remember?

Wait, I know someone
with a master key.

They stole it freshman year
and have had it ever since.

But everybody's
out in the parking lot.

Eh... not this person.

And I know right where to find 'em.
Come on.

No way am I doing in here
without consent.

It's gender neutral now,
thanks to Gert's petition.

Sorry. I love Gert,
but only girls use this bathroom.

Just guard the door.
I'm goin' in.


Are you serious?

I thought you were, like,
a fugitive from justice.

- Not anymore.
- It's too bad.

Outlaw was a good look on you.

Why are you back here, anyway?
This place is so boring.

I have a new appreciation
for Atlas Academy.

And boring.

Hm. What do you think about
hashtag EarthquakeBitches?

Is that too much?

I think you're gonna throw
massive "likes" up on the scoreboard.

I think so too!

Um, hey...

I need a favor.

Aiding and abetting
a former murder suspect?

Sure. But I'll need something
in return, obvi.

Name it.

Oh, my God, there you are.
Where have you been?

I tried to score some meds
out of the nurse's office.

Nurse Nightmare?
Why would you risk that?

- Did anyone see you?
- Uh... no.

No! I don't know.
Possibly. You never really know.

We should probably hurry, though.

What are you doing outside
of the gender neutral bathroom?

Waiting for Chase. He's in there
getting a key to the computer lab.

He should be out any second.

Can I just quickly note
how weird it is

that I just used to walk
up and down there halls

taking central heat
and air conditioning for granted?

Dude, hurry!

- I'm gonna go in.
- No, no, you might not want to do that.

Bye, Chase!

Hi, Alvin. Other person.

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

The earthquake knocked out the lights.

Traffic's all backed up.

- What's up?
- Move it!

Let's give it a try!

We can walk from here.

Where are we going?

Look, the earthquake,
it didn't come out of nowhere.

Something's happened.

We need to get there.


I'm scared.

you don't have to come with me.

But there is a trade-off.

What I am... is what you are.

Without me, you...

you'll never know your whole self.

Who you really are.

It's your choice.

They're gonna catch him.


We'll never get to him
without being seen.

We can't just sit here
and do nothing.

I'm gonna go get him.

Wait, wait. Molly.

Our parents.

What are they doing here?
We gotta get out of here.

All right, let's go.

Our parents are here!

They just rolled into the parking lot
in their motorcade of evil.

This'll take one second. Hold on.

- Too late.
- They're in the building.

- Run! Run!
- Shit.

Wait, Molly.
Over here. The secret stairs.

- It's locked.
- Alex.

I got it.

The earthquake happened
right when we injected the serum.

Do you think there's any connection
between the two?

I do.

Oy! They saw us.
Do you think they saw us?

They definitely saw us.
They're looking right at us.

We gotta go!

That was Gert and Molly's parents.
What are they doing here?

We should check and see
if Karolina's OK.

And she probably knows
how Gert and Molly are doing.

That is not a chance we can take.

Slow down, this is not safe!

I think we just found out
the cause of this earthquake.

- What if they tell my mom?
- Your mother can't hurt you.

Nobody can.
I protect you from now on.

Come on.

Ay, dios.

Where were you, fam?
Mission accomplished.

I thought we weren't supposed
to say that anymore.

How did you get this?

I walked into the computer lab.

Dialed 19-26-3.

And here you go.
You're welcome.

That's amazing.
You rock, cuz.

- Nice work, man.
- Not bad.

Chase, you coming?

The best thing was when
we finally get over the wall,

and there you were,
holding the computer.

It was all Alex. I was just
following his directions.

Sorry I gave you such a hard time.

- You totally came through.
- It's OK, I know how it is.

Who can you trust, right?

- How's the hotspot working?
- Game-changer.

I've already started flooding
the security at the dig site

with multiple spoofed addresses.

Keep the phone.
I can get another one.

No problema.
Consider it rent.

Thank you. Seriously, we couldn't
have done this without you.

- I told you.
- That's how we roll, right, hermanita?

S?, hermano.

Do you think we can
go back to Atlas Academy

and maybe this time
we break into the nurse's office?

Hey, one thing
I'm still wondering about.

How come your eyes turned yellow?

I think it maybe runs in my family.
I don't know.

Can I talk to you?


Is this what you were looking for?

So that's why
you were so friendly in the car.

- I'm just playing.
- I'm not.

This is why your eyes turn yellow,
isn't it?

Is that mine, or are you
finally ready to share?

I'm finally ready for the truth.

You're nothing like Molly.

You get high off this stuff, don't you?

So what is this?

And where the hell did you get it?

Here we are.

This is what you wanted to show me?

As you know, I've been here before.

I want to thank you, Karolina.

You are truly everything
I could ever dream of in a daughter.

This day has been an honor.

You are exactly who you need to be
for where we're going.

Where are we going?

I told you I'd show you everything,
and now I will.

Trust me.

I don't know if I can trust you.

I'm going to trust myself.