Run On (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript

Mi Joo's work gets a director noticed overseas. Young Hwa and Dan Ah achieve their own goals. Seon Gyeom officially becomes a sports agent.



Why did you decide to cook for me?


I often cooked while you were asleep,

but we never got to eat together.

Yes, I remember.

You were awake during the day,
but I was awake during the evening.

But now we're both awake during the day.

Thank you.

For what? For my existence?

That too.

I mean, my sister.

Thank you for listening to her
and comforting her.

That's something I'm not good at.

I see.

I'll try some.

It's delicious.

It's as good as the food I ate
in the Riviera.

Is it a famous restaurant?

No. Whenever I finish a project,
I feel the urge to go on trips.

When was it again?

The movie I once worked on was shot
in a vacation spot in Italy.

The movie was in English.

And while I was working on the movie,

it made me feel like a foreigner
living there.

The city was so beautiful.

So I gathered all my savings
and went there

to pretend like I lived there.

Did you go alone?

Yes. I'm good at traveling alone.

I don't even look at the map on my phone.
I just follow the signposts.

I enjoy spending time alone like that.

Tell me more. I want to hear more.

On my flight back,
I watched a German movie,

and the subtitles were fairly good.


Whenever I went to a restaurant or a cafe,
the people there were all foreigners.

I usually have no trouble hearing English,

but not everyone there spoke English.

So were you frustrated?


I actually liked
that I couldn't fully understand

the language there.

I only needed to say what was necessary.

For example?

Stuff like,
"Hello. How much is this? Thank you."

Talking about it makes me
want to go there again.

When do you plan to go again?

I'm not sure.

Let's go together next time.

I'd love to be there


I'll let you tag along.

Let's go together.

Pack up.

Right now?

I need to go to work tomorrow.

I guess I can't go with you.

I was just kidding.

I wasn't going to go right now.

That's a pity.


Dan-ah, you're here too.

You did a great job of keeping it from me,
so I came late.

You made me look like a horrible daughter.

You're too pretty to be
a horrible daughter.

I must say, it's nice to see

all of you together.

I loved you.

So what?

That's it.

Get some sleep.


-Let's talk later. I'm busy.

He passed away less than five minutes ago.

You should be grieving.

I was always the one
who took care of him, not you.

Fine. I get it.

But have some respect for him.

You seem pretty relaxed.

Go ahead and do what you think is right.

I'll be the one to be promoted anyway.

Is the car ready?





I forgot that she lived in a castle.


Sir, it's urgent.

I just fell asleep.

This is confidential,
but Chairman Seo just passed away.

What? What did you just say?

What about the marriage?

Where's my wife?

Did she free her schedule?

She'll be free for two days soon,
but she's going to the States.

She has a final meeting
for a Hollywood movie.

And how should we handle
your daughter's scandal?

She might not even get married.

We should continue lowering
No Geun-seong's approval rating.

Just leave it.

What do you mean?

Didn't you promise Eun-bi
that you'd take care of it?

That useless kid.

I raised him with so much care,

but he's completely useless.


When will you ever learn?

If you want to continue working with me,

you need to stop
caring about such petty issues!

-Long time no see.


-Whatever it is you're about to say.
-Aren't you going to ask what happened?

Will you tell me if I ask?


The Chairman passed away.
We haven't had his funeral yet.

Are you okay?

I'm too busy to grieve for him

because I need to get ready
for the next step.

So I'm not sure.

That's not something you have to
think about to know.


it felt like I was
waiting for him to pass away

like an ungrateful child.

But then again, the Chairman…

I mean, my father was no different.

I mostly referred to him as the Chairman,

and he was also used to that.

After seeing the Chairman pass away,

I started to think

that the same thing
could happen to me someday.

You have a bright future ahead of you,
so I want you to spend your time wisely.

And I don't think
I should be a part of that.


We both knew

how this was going to end.

How am I supposed to know how it'll end
until it's over?

I can't be your happy ending.

I really don't have the time anymore

because I need to keep moving up.

I'm going home.

Don't follow me.

If you do,

I swear I'll kill myself.

You're going to threaten me
with your life?

Yes, because I know it'll work.

He's right.

I'm sorry. I should have been the one
to enter your world.

Instead, I dragged you into mine.

You're running toward the finish line,

but I'm heading for the halfway point.

I'm sorry.

Why aren't you sleeping?

I don't want to waste my time,

so I'm grabbing onto it.

If you've already

decided to end this,

I'm going to do my best to postpone it.

I'll do just that.

Is this where you live these days?

Yes, it's better than staying at a hotel.

What about you, sir?

Relax and just talk to me
like you did when you were a kid.

I resigned.

You resigned?

Isn't my dad neck-deep into the election?

Maybe it's because I've had
my hands dirty for a while,

I started to wonder
if I was always this way

or if I had let the job
get the best of me.

Especially these days.

Your father started

Eun-bi's scandal.

He wanted to lower No Geun-seong's rating
and gain a positive image

by handling it like a gentleman.

He wasn't doing anything
about her scandal,

and I found out that was why.

Why are you telling me this?

I've always

liked you and Eun-bi.

I wanted the best for you guys,

but I'm sorry if I hurt you.

I was blinded by your father.

This reminds me of when we first met.

When we first met?

Was I more young and handsome?

You wanted to become
a righteous politician.

And as young as I was,
I really admired you for that.

Thank you for telling me.

I wish you all the best for your future.

Are you aware

that your parents are talking of divorce?

There's nothing I can't say
since I'm leaving.

But it probably won't happen.

I'm sure your father
also kept tabs on your mother.

See you then.

Can you talk?

Oh, you're home?

I'm hungry.

I tried my best,
but I don't know how it'll taste.

-Thank you.
-My pleasure.

How does it taste?

I followed the recipe,
but it's not what I imagined.

Do you think the recipe was the problem?

Or am I just a bad cook?

No, I love it. It's really delicious.

My gosh.

You're too kind.

-Try the other side dishes.

Are you trying to comfort me?

Why would I try to comfort you?

Because that's how I feel right now.

Why? Did something happen?

It's about my sister.

My sister received

a lot more affection from Dad than I did.

But she was also tormented
a lot more than I was.

He always told us
that it was his way of loving us.

But most of the time, it was hard for us
to think of it that way.


I heard

something shocking about my sister.

If she's kept in the dark about this,
it'd make her look like a fool.

So I don't think I can keep it a secret.

But if I tell her, she'll be hurt.

And I don't want to see her get hurt.

You always

put your thoughts to action,

and you never regret it, right?

But why are you so hesitant now?

Why are you here?

That's because you were also hurt

by what you heard.

I guess you didn't know.

You still have so much you don't know.

Stop assuming how your sister will react.

Just tell her.

Tell her how you feel.

And if she gets hurt, hug her like this.

Isn't that what family is for?

So that's what family is for.

I'm glad you know now.

Thank you.

You're lying.

Tell me you're lying.

Tell me you're doing this
because you hate Dad.

You're free to think of it that way.

Knowing this

isn't going to change anything.

Should I tell the world?
Should I expose the truth?

If that's what you want, go ahead.

Let's say I do. What about Dad?

He's the one who used his own daughter
for his success.

And what about your life? Your scars?

Ryan believed me.

That's all that matters to me.

The rest will

fade away with time.

-Why would you do that for him?
-Because we're a family.

You just said we're a family.

What about it?

I guess there's nothing we can do
since we're family.

I really didn't want to do this.

Do what?

I'm going to tell Mom.

That was unexpected,
but quite fresh coming from you.

But isn't it a bit too childish?

I never did it as a kid,
so I'm trying it now.

I hear it's normal to tell Mom
when Dad does something wrong.

You must have made a lot of new friends.

Hey, Mom. Are you busy?

Ji-woo, let's choose
what to wear to the airport.

Studying English paid off.

-I can't go to the US.

What? But your flight is today.

Didn't I notify you of your schedule?

The final audition

- for the project is--
- I know.

-And I can't go.
-Ji-woo, wait.

Don't mess with me. It isn't funny.

I'm not trying to be funny.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The boss will kill me.

I'll kill him before he kills you.

You trust me, don't you?

I honestly don't right now.

What's gotten into you?


Another chance will come by
as long as I'm working.

But doing nothing
while my child is in pain?

Think of everything I achieved
at the expense of neglecting them.

I'll go back to being an actor tomorrow.

But Ji-woo!

That bastard Hyun-jin is dodging my calls.

He can't just resign and be done with it.

What? I thought you were--

Hey, Ki Jeong-do.
How far are you taking this?

How dare you use our kids
to show off your fake fatherly love?

Does your father know?

You know,

I thought you married me out of love
at the very least.

Even in this moment,
you're worried about my family's funding?

I'll be taking the kids,
so fight me in court if you have an issue.

I'll ask for a steep alimony.

Yook Ji-woo.

How dare you shove a divorce in my face!

I wonder why I thought
that divorce wasn't my decision to make?

It's my life, after all.

Ji-woo, don't be this way.

I'm sorry, honey.

good luck with preparing for the election

all by yourself.

Get in my way
and I'll tell my dad what you did.

Got it?

Who do they think they are?

It looks delicious!

We'll let it age
and make kimchi stew with it.

I told my mom to stop making
too much kimchi.

She sends me some all the time.

Your family seems harmonious.

I guess you can say that,
but we're poor at communicating.

Just look at my name.

Right. Your mom named you Mae-hui,
but your dad registered your name as May.

I didn't know what my name was
until I started school.

Mom called me Mae-hui
while Dad called me May.

I couldn't tell
whether my name was Mae-hui or May.

How can that not drive a girl crazy?

"That which we call May by any other name
would smell as sweet."

That's Romeo and Juliet.

You're a bona fide Shakespeare.

I love you, darling.

Families argue when they're together
and miss each other when they're apart.

Your family just loves
each other very much.

I always believed
that I was alone in this world,

but that wasn't the case most of the time.

Although you're not actually family.

You don't have to be legally bound
to be considered family.

Or be related by blood for that matter.

My mom calls you her youngest daughter,
you ingrate.

You're right.

I haven't been good to the woman
who gave birth to my darling.

When will we go see her?

Right. We haven't been to her in a while.

May, why don't we make kimchi next year

with our neighbors
who live away from their families?

And we'll send your mom some.

Have at it.

I prefer buying my kimchi.

Come on. Let's do it.

-Ms. Seo.

It's too early for the meeting.

Lee Yeong-hwa is here.

-Invite him in.

You said you'd go and die,

but here you are.

I didn't want to waste your time.

Time may be most important to you,

but you're most important to me.

The best I could do for you

was to move on as quickly as possible.

Don't you want it?

It's your painting.

So here it is.

Didn't you say it was yours
until you handed it over?

You've put your heart into it.

You've already…

taken it away from me.


would you like it back?

Keep it.

Until it fades away from within you.

Keep it with you,

then throw it out with the recyclables.

You said that was important.



still the same.

Nothing you do

makes me hate you.

I just keep liking you.

That being said…

it's still my choice to keep liking you.

Will you forbid me from doing so?


Go ahead.

Do whatever you want.

Live long.

And don't fall ill.

My first love.

Where's my answer?

I'll live long.

I won't fall ill.

You're back.




I helped you reach your goal.

So what's your dream?

It's being with you forever.

I'll try to make that come true.


It's true that it'll never come true.

It will never come true.

Let me get you a new glass.
The ice has melted.

Why have you been
sighing like that all night?

What's going on?

Something is always going on.

There's too much going on,

so I let him go.

The young man you were interested in?

I must've shown interest
for quite some time.

I'm done doing that though.

They say we all have a jewelry box
we want to keep to ourselves.

What's in it doesn't always
have to be jewelry though.

It can be sea glass
you found at the beach,

a shell,

or it can be a button
from someone's school uniform.

Anything that can be a memory.

Something that
serves as a sparkling memory

that I keep in a jewelry box
only I can open.

It's a way of

saving a precious moment
you might never get to experience again.

Something like that.

He's a bit big for a jewelry box.

Then why not…

get yourself a bigger box?

You have a point.

So what do you have in yours?

My jewelry box is tiny.

It holds the key to my first house.

It's gone,
now that the area was redeveloped.


I can't believe you made me seek you out.

Why did you look for me?

Mr. Jeong asked me to.

He must think we're close.

So what's going on?

I'm not curious, so don't answer.

I'm just here to drink.

I'd like a vodka martini.

Shaken not stirred.

May I ask your name?

How cheesy.

Should I clear the glasses?

I always leave empty glasses
and bottles on the table.

I see. To each one's own then.


I knew it all along.

Yet, I kept seeing him.

And while doing so,
I wanted him to never leave my side.

I wanted him to keep coming after me

no matter how many times
I drew a line between us.

So that I could see him whenever I wanted.

Yeong-hwa isn't clairvoyant.

I knew very well how it would end.

Everything I like ends up as regret.

So you might not have liked him
just to be free of regret.

That was my intention.

But I couldn't

control my heart as I wished.

You're buying tonight, right?

Everything here seemed a bit expensive.

As if I'd let a peasant pay for my drinks.

I don't mind being called a peasant today.

I'd love to be one too.

Do you want to trade places?

No way.


One college student.

Do you need a student discount?

Sure thing. Just a second.

I forgot that I lost it.

I'm home.

What are you up to?

What's this?

A gift.

A gift?

That's out of the blue.

No way.

-I even stocked the shelves

with butane gas.

I went to see an exhibition today,
but I couldn't get a discount

because I didn't have
my student ID with me.

So I didn't see it.

You know,

I'll just let it hurt when it does.

I can be all right

when the pain stops.

On the outside,
it may seem like a sad ending.

But my time with Ms. Seo

has taught me the emotions
to keep growing.

That must be why
she kept calling me "kid."

So that I'd learn.

It probably allowed you
to lay the foundation.

A future with her may not happen,

but without her,

you may not have been
mature enough in the future.

Something like that.


my memory of her may fade away…

but that's okay.

She'll still be in here.

Film festivals never used to invite me
no matter how I tried.

It must have been your translation
that got me this invitation

to the Dubai Film Festival.

My gosh, no way. That's great news!

Doing all those revisions paid off.

Right, the revisions.

I've pestered you with those revisions
despite my poor English.

I get it though.

It's your written work
being translated to another language.

You annoyed me to hell as well.

I blame myself for pushing your buttons.

You certainly have a way with words.

You got angry with me often.

It seems like only yesterday

when I saw the post you made
looking for a translator.

You always changed the subject
when at a disadvantage.

I came across it by chance in between jobs
and was drawn to it.

"The movie's great, but you're the worst."

You swore at me a lot.


Can't you see I'm trying to put on
my rose-tinted glasses?

Come on.

Anyway, I owe it all to your involvement.

Thank you.

Now? Really?

I'm helping you
put on your rose-tinted glasses.


Anyway, I'm happy for you.

Thank you. Truly.

What's this?

Why are you all dressed up?

I got a job as an agent.

No way! I'm so happy for you!

Congratulations. I'm so proud of you.

What are you craving? It's on me.

Is there anything you want?

Do you want that star up there?

Just say the word, and I'll get it.

It's okay, I don't need it.

Thank goodness. I couldn't do it anyway.

I'll buy the meal since I landed the job.

-"When hungry, bang"?
-Since I'm hungry and it's cold,

let's have pork backbone stew.

You even tell me what you want now.

I'm so proud of you. You're all grown up.

There you go again. I'll do it too.

Then grow up already.

No way.

Don't we click perfectly now?

I can't believe this.

Well, what's your job?

-Are you John Wick or something?
-Who is that?

-Do you not know him?

I see.

But why a pervert?



-Are you a pervert?

That felt like just yesterday.

We've always clicked.

Whom have you been talking to?

don't you carry your gun around anymore?

I haven't seen it in a while.

I've stored it somewhere secret.

Speaking of which…

are you really not a pervert?

-Are we talking casually now?

-Should we?


Let's go.

-Are you busy tomorrow?

Myeong-min told me
to attend something tomorrow.

I see. I'm also going.
to the general stockholders' meeting.

I want you to be my brother


Just for tomorrow?

Weren't you always my brother?

Keep being one from now on.


Don't get all affectionate.


Gosh. What is this for?

Congratulations on getting a divorce.

Thank you for being a wife and a mother

despite being famous for who you are.

Am I no longer your mom?

Were you ever one to begin with?

I'm just following in your footsteps.

My daughter.

You've grown up so well
despite me not being there.

That's not true.

When you were little,

all the other moms were there
for their babies,

but I wasn't.

Since you were all called "mom,"

I thought all moms were the same
when they weren't.

Thanks to you, I learned fairly early
that all moms are different.

You need to work, right?
I'll get going now.

Where are you going?

I'm going to take some time
and look at the sky.

And at times, the sea.
I want to live an ordinary, peaceful life.

One Americano to go, please.

I'm sorry.


I think I was rude last time.

I shouldn't have poked
at your feelings like that.

Do you like him?

The kid who painted that.

I do like him.

You were the first to ask me that,

so I wanted to answer you.

All I had to say was yes.

To be honest,

I didn't want to get married,
so I lied about being gay to my family.

It may have been a lifetime of worry
for someone else,

but I used it as an excuse.

I'm sorry.

Here's your coffee.

What's this?

Did we always have a vacuum cleaner?


You're back.

What's this? Something's off.

What could it be? I wonder what it is.

-Did you drink again?
-No, I'm sober today.

It's rare for you
to come here sober at night.

I met Ms. Seo.


Where? Why?

She apologized to me.

Why would she? And why just to you?

She never apologized to me.

Then she must think she did you no wrong.

Did you really break up?

I still like her. Why?

Damn it. Whose side are you on?

You're my first love.

What? What are you saying?

I think it's done.

The end of my unrequited love.

How do you know when it will end?

-Can you tell?
-When it's almost done.

It'll only be over once I know it's done.

Damn it.

How is that complete?

It's only complete if it's reciprocated.

Why are you crying when I'm not?

I don't know, you asshole.

You really are my weakness.

I feel so much better.

I'm glad I rehearsed.


This is my athlete, Kim Woo-sik.

Hello, I'm Kim Woo-sik.

I've heard a lot about you. Welcome.

It's nice to meet you.
I hope we get along.

Me too.

I came in first place today.

I shed tears of joy.

My fans said my tears are like pearls.

Then go and sell them.
Who's that next to you?

He's a fellow unit member, Lucien.
He's the leader.

Is this room bugged?

The vote for presidential candidacy
took place today

for the Happiness and Freedom Party,

during which Assemblyman Ki Jeong-do

lost by a slim margin against
Assemblyman Noh,

Assemblyman Ki has announced
his retirement following his loss.

Meanwhile, regarding
the recent accusations of an affair,

Assemblyman Noh has released a statement

denying the accusations and issued
an apology to all parties involved.

Did you buy a new laptop?

You always used to borrow mine.

I thought I needed one for myself.

I bought one before starting off
on my new journey.

Did you get a nice one?

I'm not tech-savvy,
so I just bought the latest one.

The color looks so refined. It suits you.

Good luck on your new journey.

Good luck next semester.

I need help with my assignment.

Can you model for me later?

I'm quite busy.

I even cheered you on just now,
and you did the same.

I don't have many chances
to draw a dynamic model.

As an athlete, you're perfect.

I quit running ages ago.
Do you have some time now?

Follow me, and I'll show you
what real sports is like.

Are you warming up?

-Come here.

This is Kim Woo-sik.

He'll be your dynamic model.

Hello, I'm Lee Yeong-hwa.

"Yeong-hwa," as in movie?

That's incredible. I love movies.


I hear that often.

He wants to draw you running today.

-Are you an artist?
-Not yet. I'm still a student.

I hope to be

after I graduate.

I've never spoken with an artist before.

Next time, draw a mural
for our alternative school.

Why should I?

I introduced him to you.
It'll be your way of repaying me.

Sure. How big is the wall?

I can't do it alone if it's too big.

The students will help.

All they do is run, so I want to give them
something refreshing to do.




don't you train with your team?

You only have a kind voice.

Who is he?

Hello, I'm Lee Yeong-hwa.
I'm his roommate.

Do you live with him?


Just fine?

I see.

I'm Kwon Yeong-il.

I'm his friend.

You're his friend?


That's enough.

I don't see your helmet.
Did you leave it on your bike?

I sold my bike.

I came here to give you this.

"Groom, Kwon Yeong-il"?

-Are you getting married?

-Thank you.

-I'm sorry I only brought two.
-That's fine.

You're finally getting married.


What is it?

They bicker often.

-Is that right?
-Were you seeing someone?

-Yes, for ten years.
-Since you're modeling,

do you have a favorite pose?

-Ten years?

I need to draw something dynamic.

-How about me running?

Do you really think Mom just wanted
to come camping today?

We couldn't come because of your exams.

The two of us went a few times,

but, today, you're here as well.

So you came without me.

Ye-chan, you're of legal age now.
Have a glass of wine.

This is my first time!

Ye-jun, pour her a glass.

When you were around eight, you asked me,

"Mom, do you regret having me?"

I don't remember.

-What did you say?
-I couldn't answer.

I had you at the young age of 21.

It felt like you saw right through me.

So I tried to cover up the sense of guilt
with motherly love,

but it didn't work well.

Why would you feel guilty?

I was too busy taking care of others

to be by your side.

And because I got divorced too soon.


everyone's different.

-That's right.
-And being different

isn't wrong.

That's right.

You're all grown up, Ye-jun.

The exhibition will last
for about two weeks.


I think I get the rough idea,
but what is it exactly?

Yeong-il is getting married.

He had been in a relationship--

-Seon-gyeom, I'm here.
-I'm coming.

Come in and warm yourself.

What's wrong?

-Did something happen?
-Something did happen.

-What is it?
-Remember when I subtitled

that Korean short film?

Yes, you really liked the movie.

Yes. It didn't do so well here,
but they loved it abroad.

The director is overseas
attending a film festival right now.

Look at this.

"Oh Mi-joo. You were here today as well."

I've never received
something like this before.

I'm going to continue doing my best
no matter how big or small a project is.

-I'm good when I put my mind to it.
-Of course, you're great.

I really liked the message it relayed.

"Delicate and sensitive individuals
should live happy lives.

Those who are polite
shouldn't be looked down on."

This seemed to be the message.

I finally understand why you like movies.


Right, I have something to do.

Bring me your diary.

Didn't you say diaries were personal?

I won't read it, so bring it.

This is my diary.

I promise I won't read it. I swear.

Don't you worry. I really won't read it.



"Great job"? What is this?

"Great job."

It's a stamp.

Don't teachers usually stamp this
on their students' diaries?

Am I a kid again?

Great job, little Seon-gyeom.

Stamps are perfect for kids,
don't you agree?

You're right.

-Aren't you proud?
-I am.

Congratulations, vice-president.

Don't forget "youngest".

It sounds even better
because it's so surreal.

We did it, Mr. Jeong.
We made our fantasy come true.

It was only possible because it was "us."

That's true.


We have some amazing new talent this time.

I hope you'll like them.

It doesn't matter if I like them.

Our patrons should like them.

You can go about your work.
I don't mean to keep you.


Me too.

I miss you too.

They look good on you.

Both the shoes and my painting.

It's because they're yours.

Aren't you going to

share your thoughts on the painting?

How do you paint like that?

What kind of life did you live--

I wondered what you were made of
to have painted like that.

I eat a lot of rice burgers.

I go to exhibits and watch movies often.

And I'm not entirely sure
what I'm made of.

-I've never checked inside.
-I don't know either,

but your painting was dark and unsettling.

I've been inside your heart,

and it was radiant.

I'll make today

my real birthday.

Happy birthday, Ms. Seo.

-Can we take a break?
-Sure, in a little bit.

Let's rest here.

We just started running.

We'll probably never fully understand
each other, right?


We're different after all.

You have your world, and I have mine.

But we could align our worlds
next to each other, couldn't we?

So let's not be disappointed
even if we can't understand each other.

That's impossible to do.

Instead, we'll stick
to whatever's possible.

Have I…

ever told you that I love you?

I think this is the right time.

The time to say "I love you"?

I love you.

Break's over.


What? I thought you loved me?

Do you want to go watch my movie later?

Then watch me watch the movie.

You like me, right?

I didn't say anything.

I can read you like a book now
because you love me.

Shouldn't you say something?

Why do you have to ruin a happy ending?

What's a happy ending? How do you get it?

Many movies have happy endings,

like The Sound of Music.

What is that?

It's that musical
they show you in music class.

It was Secret for us.

They must show La La Land these days.

This is coming from someone
who has seen all sorts of movies.

Happy endings are just a fantasy
and an illusion

created by civilization.

How can it be real
when it doesn't even exist?

You're so pessimistic.

How would you define it anyway?

Is it living a long and happy life?

You're born into this world alone
and will die the same way.

Let's say you have a soulmate.

But you're separated the moment you die.

That's why it's an illusion.

You could reunite in heaven.

Only person you'll meet in heaven
is Keanu Reeves.

Who is that?

-John Wick.
-John Wick?

I don't think he'll go to heaven.
He's a killer.

Do you think there's even an afterlife?

But isn't Constantine
the Keanu that goes to heaven?

You're right. I got them mixed up.

Wait, how did you know
that John Wick was a killer?

-I looked it up.
-Did you?

My happy ending is
having adorable children

-with the woman I love.
-How would you have kids?

Through the power of science.

That's not what she meant.

Live long until you can have kids.

What about you? What's your happy ending?

Can we share it?
Our love will last forever.

I lied to my family that I was gay
because I didn't want to get married.

Aren't we wasting time talking about this?

Let's just drink.

I also don't know anything
when it comes to movies.

-Should we make a toast?

We need something to toast to.

Let's see.

How about my marathon run?
We could toast to that.

-If there isn't--


-All right. Cheers.

-Join us, will you?
-Come on, Ms. Seo.

-What do I do?
-Just clink it.

One, two, three.

-Cheers to finishing the marathon!
-Cheers to finishing the marathon!





Seon-gyeom. Mi-joo.


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