Robin Hood (2006–2009): Season 3, Episode 6 - Do You Love Me? - full transcript

Prince John pays a long-awaited visit to Nottingham, and he is out to make mischief. With Gisborne and the Sheriff assigned a royal mission, it surely spells the end for one of them. Meanwhile, Robin is up to mischief of his own, but who is the lucky woman?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
No! No! No! No!

Do you love me, Gisborne?

Yes, sire.

I'm so pleased to hear it,

because I don't think
the Sheriff loves his Prince.

No, I don't think he does at all.

My time is almost here, Gisborne.

You know my father, Henry,
God rest his soul,

wanted me to be King,
not my brother Richard?

Me, King.

That was his wish.

And I will be, soon.

My father taught me
to surround myself

with only those most loyal,
with only those who love me.

You'd make a fine Sheriff, Gisborne.

I'm confident of that.

Does it please you that I have
such confidence in you?

Yes, sire.

Robin Hood isn't dead.

I told you, I told the Sheriff...

I wanted Robin Hood dead.

His blood is a gift I covet,
and yet no one gives it me.

If the Sheriff loved Prince John,

he would give it me,
and yet I do not have it,

ergo... he doesn't love me.

Well, I will have blood,

the Sheriff's blood.

You will kill the Sheriff for me,


Only the two of us will know -
a private secret we can share.

And you will do this for me,

because you love me.

The Sub Wood Team
Kiry and Moochie

- Wait!
- All right.

Prince John and his soldiers
have made camp, down there!

What? How many men has he got?

- Thousands.
- No!

- Hundreds.
- Much!

I didn't stop and actually count them!
I can't actually count.

Run! Run!

What are they doing in the forest?

- Well, it's obvious, isn't it?
- Yeah, all right.

When they break camp, they'll use
the North Road to get to Nottingham.

Why is he coming?

He's visiting all the nobles throughout
England to grease their palms.

He's trying to buy their loyalty
before King Richard returns, isn't he?

- What, he thinks it can be bought?
- He knows it can.

He's buying the nobles and their men
to seize the throne

so that King Richard
returns to King John's England.

Every noble he buys
will bring us closer to civil war,

and a war between Prince John and King
Richard will tear this country apart.

If he's going to buy them,
he'll be carrying gold.

More than a little.


we stop him stealing the crown
by stealing his gold.

This is mad...

Yes, it is. Utterly mad!

- He'll have a small army with him.
- Right.

Our only advantage is surprise.
The best place to launch an attack

is here,

outside Locksley. So you're going
to have to find more men.

Let's do it.



My lord.

You're here.
I've been looking for you.

I've been thinking
about our relationship.

We should work on it,
don't you think?

It's been a little strained
in the past,

I admit...

but in the light
of Prince John's visit, well...

I think unity...

is the best way forward.

Unity between you and me,

Standing strong, together,
don't you think?

The past is the past.

We should leave it behind us.

The man is a tyrant, Gisborne,
we both know that,

and he's dangerous.

The only way
we're going to survive is...

... unity.

I hope I'm not interrupting.


Not at all. Me and your brother
were just having a nice little...

philosophical chat.

Yeah, about the past...

and the future.

- You wanted to see me?
- Yes, yes.

You've been invited to the...
nobles' supper, tomorrow evening

with Prince John, so...

try and make yourself
a little entertaining.


We need your help and you know us.

We fight for England
and we fight for King Richard.

We must stop Prince John, we must!

So let's steal his gold,
thwart his ambition!

He's a pretender and not our King.

This is not treason. Help us!

Good shot. Look out!


Good God! We've captured
Prince John!

Come here!

I'd be very grateful
if you might spare my life.

The gold!

Let's go.

This has to be the gold!


Absolutely nothing!

Well, Prince John is a coward.

If this were Prince John,
his soldiers wouldn't desert him.

He'd try and buy our allegiance.
This is his double!

Where's Kate?


Kate! Kate!


I'll be all right.



Lay her down. Come on,
give her some space.

What is it?

If I remove it, the bleeding could
kill her, could cause more damage.

I need the bark of an elm tree
and some nettles to grind. Go, please.

A poultice? Quite effective.

It draws out the evils
while keeping the wound clean.

- What are you doing?
- To leave it in would kill her.

I shall will the blood back into her
body while you prepare the poultice,

then we'll need to rebalance
her humours.

- Who are you?
- Benjamin Palmer,

physician to Prince John.

But neither his supporter,
nor his apologist.

Two soldiers reported seeing
assassins in the forest.

The Prince needed a double,
he couldn't cancel

his dinner with the council of nobles
tomorrow. And there was no one else.

I could have refused,
but I'd have been beheaded.

Mind you, my predecessor
was beheaded

because he couldn't find
a case of scrofula.

- And what's scrofula?
- It's a very rare disease.

So rare, I can't find a case,

Legend says it's {\can only be }cured
by the touch of a king.

So why would he want
to find a case of it?

Prince John's obsessed with it.

He once saw his father, Henry,
successfully cure a child with scrofula.

- My father told me{\ that} when I was a kid.
- I heard it, as well.

Prince John brought me with him,

hoping I might find a case of scrofula
for him to cure, like his father did,

to prove that he's the rightful King
of England, not his brother Richard.

Of course there's absolutely no evidence
that a king's touch cures anything.

But as I'd like to keep my head,
I... I'll not be the one to tell him.

{\Can I have }Some water, please?

- I'll get it.
- I'll go.

Here you go.


You're all right.

Thank you.

Thank you for helping to save
Kate's life. You're free to go.

- Yes, I'm really grateful.
- VERY grateful.

Well, thank you all.
Thank you for not killing me.

So... will you go back
to Prince John?

Well, I suppose I should.


Tie him up.

Welcome to Nottingham,
Your Highness.

You're still alive.

Yes, of course.

How surprising.

I don't particularly like surprises.

- What's your name?
- Isabella.

Lovely! Italian or Spanish?

Which do you prefer?


Congratulations! We were
ambushed, not you. Your...

Your plan worked, Your Highness.
Your brilliance is unsurpassed.

- Who attacked you?
- Robin Hood.

Sir Guy.

Prove your loyalty to me.
Rid me of him!

Do you love me, Sheriff?

With all my heart, sire.

Would you give your life for me?

My life? Is that all? Of course.

- Would you take a life for me?
- Even easier to answer.

Gisborne has so disappointed me.

Disappointed us both, sire.

Obedience, loyalty, love,

is it too much to ask?

A king requires all three.

Who is more loyal to me, Sheriff...

- you or Gisborne?
- Of course, I am, sire.

My loyalty is infinite.

Good. Then prove it to me.

Rid me of Gisborne, Sheriff,
quickly, discreetly.

We don't want to disturb our noble
guests with this messy business.

Kill him for me, Sheriff.

A privilege, sire.

And where were you attacked?

- Near a village.
- Locksley village.

We fought courageously,
but we were dreadfully outnumbered.

No doubt the villagers
helped the outlaws.

And eventually, I was captured.

- By Robin Hood himself.
- Or so he said.

I mean, we've all been proved wrong
in the past, haven't we, Gisborne?

- But this time, Robin Hood was fooled.
- Yes, Your Highness.

Excellent. And was he angry
that I'd made such a fool of him?

Very angry.

- And did he curse us?
- Fulsomely.


What did he say?

Oh. I... I couldn't, Your Highness.

- Please. Tell me exactly what he said.
- But Your Highness...

- Do you not love me?
- Of course.

Then say.

He called you a coward.

He said only a coward
would have a double.

Arrest him.

With pleasure. {\And }What shall I
charge him with?

Impersonating the Prince Regent.

If it makes any difference, sire,
I didn't agree with him.

Where is this village of Locksley?

I want to see it.

These villagers helped attack me?

Why? They look so lovely.

- Looks like a wedding.
- I love weddings!

I shall speak with them.
You'll join me?

They are sad little creatures,
really, aren't they?

I sense disagreement.

- One cannot disagree with one's King.
- King?

You see me as your King?
How delightful of you.

I wish others accepted me
as readily as you do.

Perhaps I've had the good fortune
to know you better than most.


And perhaps you would like
to get to know me better still?

You'll make me work for my conquest!

Was not France more valuable
because it was fought for?

You make this such good sport!

Hello, young man. Thank you.

Would His Highness
give us his blessing?

They would be honoured
if you would bless the bride and groom.

Of course!

- Are you the bride and groom?
- Yes, sir.

- Your Highness.
- I wish you prosperity and happiness.

- Thank you, sir.
- {\And I'm }So glad I could bring you sun today!

Wait until they're all inside the church
and then burn it to the ground.

Burn it!

I'll be fine.

You're being very brave.

We're already too late.
The gold is in the castle.

- Then we'll steal it back.
- It's dangerous.

It's too dangerous not to.

Prince John's burning Locksley!

You're being punished...

for intolerable disloyalty to me,

for harbouring and assisting
Robin Hood and his outlaws.

And may God forgive you!

- To the river, quick!
- More buckets!

We need more water here!

Bring more water!

No, no, no, no, no!

They're trying to put the fire out!
That's not what I want!

Stop them, the both of you! Go on!

This should be entertaining.

Come on, hurry up! Get the buckets!


Bring more water, quickly!

Coming! I've got two here!

Do you want them to love you?

Of course.
And I think they do love me.

But I will have respect
as well as love.

Any landowner can subjugate his serf.
Only a king can liberate them.

- A benevolent king is loved.
- But I am benevolent.

Everyone over here, quick.
It's spreading.

We need more help! Come on!

Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!

Go, peasant!

Back off and your lives
will be spared!

I'll kill you, Gisborne!

Oh, bother.

Back off!

Bored now.

Make sure it's burned to the ground.

I love the refusal
before the surrender.

Come on!

Come on! Come on, let's go!

- Take this.
- You're a Gisborne.

You should be burning it down,
not trying to save it.

I judge people by what I find.

Isabella. Here.


there's nothing about you
that resembles your brother, is there?

There's nothing about my brother
I wish to be.

I hate him.

I will always hate him.

Well, that's something we share,
then, isn't it? Hatred.

That's nothing to be proud of, is it?
To share hatred?

- Robin!
- I'll catch you up.


- Come on, let's go.
- So...

... will you go back to Nottingham?

To ruin my brother.

Right. Well, you know where I am
if you need my help, eh?

You're Robin Hood. Shouldn't you be
robbing me, not helping me?

Yeah, you're right. I am.

Give me your necklace.

You're robbing me?!

I like this necklace.

Are you going to help me?

Help you?
This is not the way to go about it.

- Give me your rings.
- There.

Because you don't want Prince John
to think you co-operated, do you?

Anything else you might want?

I want to undermine Prince John's claim
to be the legitimate King of England

and humiliate his ambition,
and I'm prepared to die to stop him.

- You might be more effective alive.
- Will you help me?


Give this to the people of Locksley.

Help them rebuild their church.

- So you defy Prince John?
- He begs my defiance.


is there anything else

that I might steal?


Stop, thief.

It's nice.

She said she can help us.

Look, I can get you into the castle.

You want us to trust her
with our lives?

- Gisborne's sister?!
- Yes!

I trust her with mine.

All right, so she gets us in the castle.
Then what?

Then we get captured and,
I presume, killed.

- The king's evil!
- The PRINCE, Tuck.

- The PRINCE is evil.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Prince John is searching
for a victim of scrofula.

So that he can repeat that same feat,
prove his divine right to the throne.

We give him a victim.
I can make a potion

which brings out red blisters on the
neck which looks exactly like scrofula.

So the nobles all assemble
in the great hall,

in comes Prince John with this victim,
he touches him...

- Fails.
- ... then we humiliate him.

Which distracts the nobles
while we steal the gold!

That might work.

Right. Isabella can get us in.

And Allan, you know the castle
better than anyone.

- You can get us out.
- There's a trap door in the cloisters.

If we lower a rope down, we can get
into a tunnel that leads directly out.

- We won't even be seen.
- So come on, what do we think?

Can we convince Prince John?

Benjamin Palmer, the physician.

We helped him. He owes us.
He'll convince Prince John.

Isabella, you should know him.
If he's part of the Prince's entourage,

- you can get to him.
- No, he's due to be executed tomorrow.

Well, there's no reason why
he shouldn't help us, then, is there?

I won't fail you.

Any of you.

We, er... still need a victim.

- I'll do it.
- No.

You can't. You're not well enough.

- I'll be fine.
- Kate, it's too dangerous.

He set fire to our church.

He intended to kill everyone.

... I already look half dead.

It's perfect.

Send for the groom!

They are beasts!

Robin Hood and his outlaws -

they've robbed me,
stole my jewellery.

Look at me! I was so scared.

- Lovely, isn't she?
- You should have come with us.

Her brother will be dead
before supper, yes?

Well, I wouldn't set a place
for him myself, sire.

Have her brought to me.

... then I took the sword in my hand
and tugged it from its sheath.

And I put the sword
to the soft part of his throat.


Dozens of outlaws
appeared from nowhere...

... and I shouted,

"Long live King John!"

Oh, you adorable girl.
Everyone, leave us!

You spoke to them, the villagers,

- as you tried to put out the fire?
- Yes.

Why do the people not love me
as you love me, Isabella?

You burned their church to the ground
with them in it.

Yes. And?

The people want to love you
as their King.

If you can prove
your divine right to the nobles,

then the people will follow.

- Do you think?
- Yes...

King John.

Oh, you adorable girl.

Say it again.

KING John.

It does sound good.

It is my divine right.

You must prove it to everyone.

- You are going to help me.
- Am I?

The Sheriff is going to execute you.

This is your last chance
to save yourself.

- You've convinced me.
- Where is he?!

Our prayers
have been answered, sire.

Has he really found a victim
of the disease? Really?

He saw a woman in Locksley.

I couldn't believe my ears.

- Is it true?
- Yes.

This is so exciting!

I saw the poor, pitiful woman
when Robin Hood held me captive.

I was sure it was scrofula.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because you put me...
Because the Sheriff put me in this cage.

What does the Sheriff think he's doing?
The man is my physician!

- Are you sure it's scrofula?
- Yes.

Completely and utterly certain.

The nobles will have their proof
of my divine right to be King.

Physician, you will bring
this woman to me tonight.

In front of all the nobles...

... I will cure her
and prove myself their rightful King!

He's given each of the nobles
a casket full of gold,

too much to carry on their person,
it will be in their rooms.

- There will be five trumpet fanfares.
- Five.

On the fifth,
you have to be ready to escape.

- And I'll make a distraction.
- Five. Good.

Kate, drink this.
The marks will be gone by tomorrow.


- Thank you for helping us.
- You're welcome.


after the fifth blast,
be ready for my signal.

You need to follow Kate, all right?
We'll escape together, don't worry.

- We won't leave you behind.
- Very optimistic.

Where's this trap door?

- I think it's down here.
- You think?


Was that the second fanfare?

Good luck.

Bring the poor,
afflicted woman forward.

This woman has scrofula...

... the king's evil,

and can only be cured
by the touch of a king!

I shall now lay my hands
upon this...

young woman,

cure her of her affliction

and save her life.

When she is cured,

Prince John will be revealed,
like his father before him,

to be the rightful King of England.

I command you now, in the name of
all things holy, to leave this body now

and never to return!


What are you doing here?

You represent everything
loathsome in a man!

I thought that's why you liked me.
I was always fond of you, Gisborne.

Not overly fond... but fond.

Has the disease been cured?

No, sire.

The woman is not cured.

How can this be?

How can this be?!

Did Prince John put you up to this?

He asked me to kill you.
Do you hear me, Gisborne?

This is nothing but sport for him...

... putting us up
against each other.

Unity, Gisborne!

This isn't for Prince John.

This is for me!

I will be rid of you.

Please, I beg you...
have mercy on me.

You have no idea how much pleasure
this is going to give me.

You're going to die slowly

and I'm going to watch the venom
drain from your body as you die.

Gisborne, please,

don't disgrace me. Kill me quickly.

Humanity is a weakness, Gisborne.
It's always been your failing.

I tried to teach you.

That's five. We'd better go.

I order you to be cured!

I order you to be cured!

Oh, good Lord! It can't be!

What is it?

- Robin Hood!
- Benjamin, the door!

Get him! Get him!

After them!

- They're coming.
- Quick!

- Kate, come on! -
Take that. Down you go.

As quick as you can. You're next.

You're the reason Marian is dead.
You poison everything!

All this for a woman?

I've enjoyed your company.


You know, I loved you like a son.

And you loved me like a father once.

I know you did.

You dropped something.


... don't trust him.

Do you hear me?

Nothing... is what it seems.

I pray you will remember
my generosity

and my gifts to you all.

All I ask for in return

is your loyalty

and your love.

It wasn't scrofula.
It couldn't have been.

Of course not, sire.

Say it.

Like you did before. Say it.

King John.

It does sound good.

It is with great sadness

that I must announce the death
of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

He has been murdered
by the villainous Robin Hood.

These outlaws must be stopped!

Long live Prince John!

Long live Prince John!

Long live me.

Tell me all about it.

Come on!

Within the hour every well within
a ten-mile radius will be dry!

Nothing. I'm sorry.

You like my water so much,
from now on, you pay for it!

My lords and ladies,
I give you, Sir Guy of Gisborne,

the new Sheriff of Nottingham.

You're a dead man walking, Gisborne!

She's Gisborne's sister! You think
she doesn't have ulterior motives?!

- Guy, what are you doing?
- Executing a traitor...

and his accomplice.
You're both going to drown.