Robin Hood (2006–2009): Season 3, Episode 12 - Something Worth Fighting For: Part 1 - full transcript

The battle begins as Isabella rounds up men to send to Prince John, and the gang does everything they can to stop her. Archer joins forces with his sister, and sends a trap to snare Robin and Gisborne. But who is really pulling the strings behind the evil that is coming to Nottingham?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I bet you can't do it with three.

I'll take that.

Tie him up, then.

It's from Isabella to Prince John.

"My Prince, I understand
the urgency of your request.

"Richard returns from the Crusades
within the month.

"Troops loyal to him await him
in Loughborough. We must be ready."

- Richard. King Richard?
- The King's coming home.

Read the rest.

"You asked for 300 men,
food and supplies.

"I will dispatch them at sunset to join
with your northern forces in Doncaster."

So, where has Isabella
got 300 men from?

"England will soon be yours."

You give the Sheriff this message.

Go on.

England will never be
a slave to Prince John,

not while Robin Hood
fights for King Richard.


They've taken them!

- They took them!
- Taken who?

I was in Clun.
The Sheriff's soldiers.

- They've taken all the men.
- How many?

I don't know.
Must have been at least 100.

Robin! Same in Nettlestone.

The Sheriff's guard came
and just carted them off -

crops and livestock too.

100 from Clun, 100 from Nettlestone.

They'll go to Locksley next.

Get to Locksley!


Come on, then!

Pull back!

Get the supplies to the castle.


Get the prisoners out of there!

John, break the chain!

They're gone.

Let's get these men to Sherwood.

You are an imbecile.



Tell me, are the men
of Locksley secured?

We had a situation -
some unforeseen difficulties.

Robin Hood.

- There's a man here to see you.
- A man?

Apparently, he has
a proposition for you.


The name's Archer.

Archer? Archer what?

Just Archer.


Weren't you due to hang in York?

Me? Hang? York?
Don't know anything about that.

That's right.

He's the one Hood and Gisborne
broke out of prison.

Many of my men were injured.

I never asked them to do that.
They just turned up.

Arrest him.

Robin Hood's a nut. He feels compelled
to go about saving people.

Even so,

do you really think I would fraternise
with such a low-life as you?

- You would if you knew the truth.
- Wait.

The truth?

You and I...

- ... we're brother and sister.
- I'm sorry?!

Ghislaine is my mother too.

She had me out of wedlock
and sent me away.

How dare you stand there
and tell me such evil lies?

Is it a lie that she died
in a house fire?

Or that she was married
to a leper...

your father?

Is that a lie?

See, I've travelled far and wide.

I know the most exotic ways
to kill a man.

That's why Robin and Gisborne
saved me.

- They wanted to use me.
- Take him away.

If we join forces, think about it.

Your power, my skill.

We can be unstoppable.

What I need are men
that can offer me

loyalty and protection.

Arrest him!

Sister, don't forsake me.

- Lock him up.
- He must never be allowed

to leave the castle.


We have to get the rest of
our supplies to Locksley.

That'll keep the women and children
alive until we return

- their crops and livestock.
- Robin?

What about the men?

- What about them?
- Well, when are they gonna fight?

Tuck, these men are farmers.
They're not warriors.

The Lord helps those
who help themselves, Robin.

Your protection weakens them.
We are failing in our mission.

We're supposed to be inspiring
these men to stand up

and fight for themselves,
giving them real hope.

These men are terrified for their lives.
They've forgotten how to hope.

Then, my friend, it's time
we lit the flame in them again.

If I disappoint the Prince, I hang like
every other noble who's ever failed him.

- Blamire, I need those men.
- Tricky.

Hood's protecting them
in the forest.

Then it's Hood I need to destroy.

I need to get to his weakness,

exploit his vulnerabilities.

Which are?

His friends,

that odious little gang.

The idiot cares about them.
That's his weakness.


Bring me Kate's mother
from Locksley.

Hurry up!


This way.


Go, please, Blamire.
This is delicate.

It's pretty, isn't it?

You know,

sometimes the prettiest things
can be the most fragile.

Your daughter is an outlaw.

My daughter is dead to me.

There's no point denying her.
Trust me on that.

- What do you want with me?
- I want to help you.

- Help me?
- Yes.

A safe passage to Doncaster
for you and your family.

It must be awful for you,

having a child living
out there in the wild

with those... savages.

- Well, Robin wouldn't hurt her.
- Wouldn't he?

He still loves me.

She'll never leave him.
She believes in him too much.

Oh, well, then, we must
shake her belief to the core.

Plant this on Robin, then persuade
Kate that he still loves me,

his own true Isabella.

Then give her this.

When she finds the other half on him,
her faith will be shaken

and she'll realise that a candle
still burns deeply in his heart for me.

I can't.


I don't think you understand,
you ignorant crone.

Every last morsel of food,

every animal, every grain of barley,
within a 50-mile radius

is locked up in my courtyard,
ready for transportation to the north.

Hell is coming, Rebecca.

I think you should save your family
whilst you still can.

This is everything we have.

- Love you.
- I've got something to show you.

- Where did you get that?
- Isabella.

Robin holds the other half.

Close to him.

It seems there's a...

a deep bond between them.

- I don't believe that.
- He loves her.

- I'm sorry.
- No.

- Isabella's Robin's enemy.
- Check his things.

If he holds the other half,
then you'll know.

I don't need to check his things.

Kate, don't waste the rest
of your life with him.

Kate, you ready? We have to go.

You belong here with us,
with your family.


Take good care of her.

I will.

I will. I promise.

Come on, then.

What's that?

It's Isabella's.

Our mother gave it to her when she
was a child. She worshipped her,

and she cherished this.

She wouldn't give this to just anyone,
now, would she?

So, what's it doing here?

- You think this is mine?
- {\Well, }She's your sister, Guy.

Yeah, a sister that's betrayed me
many times, and tried to kill me.

If there's any doubt
about your loyalty...

Well, there isn't.

Would I have told you
it was Isabella's if there was?

Well, if it's not yours,
then whose is it?

You haven't moved
from that spot in ten years.

- They let you out?
- Not exactly.

Need a drink?

I need money, fast.

I'm a wanted man.
I need safe passage out of England.

I need information I can sell.

What sort of information?

I need to prove my loyalty
to the Sheriff, show I can protect her.

We take the castle.

We claim it under King Richard.

We put Isabella under house arrest.

We release the supplies.
We release the men.

And we hold that castle
till King Richard returns.

If I can penetrate the castle,

I open her eyes
to what I'm capable of achieving.

But the castle,

it's bursting with men,
crops, livestock.

It's defended by an army of guards.

- We can't take a castle.
- We can if we go down the tunnel.

I'm tired of looking
over my shoulder.

I need enough so I can leave England...


there is... one way in.

When the old Sheriff returned from
his failed mission in the Holy Land,

he became paranoid
about repercussions.

So he built himself an escape route.

- A tunnel.
- Who dug this tunnel?

Their rotting bodies
were found underground.

Gisborne locked them in,

the whole force.

The diggers were silenced.
I made sure of that.

So no one else knows about the tunnel,
especially not Isabella.

It starts here, in a derelict churchyard
outside the west gate,

and it leads directly
into the heart of the castle.

I say we go down the tunnel,
we seize Isabella

and we force her
to dismiss her guards.

We take Isabella,
we take the castle.

Now, that's everything I have.

The opening is
in a derelict churchyard,

under the grave
with the fallen cross.

If we time the break-in to coincide
with the supply train leaving,

most of the guards will be
busy with the convoy anyway.

Count me out.

I don't trust him.

- How do we know that this isn't a trap?
- Cos we want the same thing.

Since when have you cared
about our people?!

I don't. I just want Isabella.

She betrayed me to Prince John.
I{\ intend to}'ll make her pay.

Now, that sounds more like
the Gisborne we all know and loathe.

That's enough!
We go through the tunnel.

And that's my final word!

Gisborne is one of us now.
Our fate is his.

Tuck, John, get some forging tools
to make weapons.

The rest of you,
get whatever money we have

and melt it down to make arrowheads.

Kate, listen.

Gisborne's loyal.
I'd stake my life on it.

He killed my brother.

I will never, never trust him.

- Well, you can trust me.
- Can I?

What? What do you mean?

I've left my family.
I'm not there with them.

I'm here... with you.

And you're helping, Kate.
You're making a difference.

Tell me you need me
more than they do.

I have to prepare for the raid.

Now, I want you to issue
this proclamation

and I want you to make sure it is spoken
about in every corner of Nottingham,

that due to his duties
and loyalties to the Sheriff,

the outlaw Allan A. Dale
is pardoned for all his wrongdoings.

- Allan A. Dale has...
- Just do it.

Trust me.

Something funny, sis?

- How on earth did you get in here?
- Call the guards you'll never find out.

- Speak.
- The tunnel!

{\It was }An escape route for the old Sheriff.

But what's far more interesting...
is this.

It was supervised by
one Sir Guy of Gisborne.

He and Hood are together now,

and with all that stuff
locked up in your courtyard,

just waiting to be stolen,

how long do you think it'll take
before they come in the same way I did?

I'll get the guards and wait. I could
ambush them as soon as they emerge.

Guards are useless.
I've seen what they do to guards.

You need something a little more
sophisticated than guards.

- Something they're not expecting.
- Keep talking.


for a few pennies,
I can trap the tunnel.

It does happen to be
one of my specialities.

If you can make sure
that they both die

a slow and very painful death,

I'll give you more than pennies,


They've taken everything,
even the forging tools.

This is a proclamation
from the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Let it be known that,
for services to the Sheriff,

the outlaw Allan A. Dale

has been given immunity
from prosecution.

He is a free man.

John! John!

All of this needs
to be made into arrowheads.

- Robin?
- We're running out of time.


Where's Tuck and John
with those tools?

She's gone! Kate.

You say something?

- Why is it always my fault?
- I'm gonna find her.

Much, Kate can look after herself.

She's got a family to protect,
we've got a castle to take.

I know.

- What?
- Traitor! What did you tell them?

- Judas!
- It's all over Nottingham.

Allan's been pardoned by the Sheriff
for services rendered.

- What?! John, let him go.
- Let me speak!

Oh, yeah, you're good at that,
aren't you? Speaking and lying?!

- Twisting us round your little finger!
- John! Come on!

Let him go. Come on.


- All right?
- I haven't done anything!

I swear!
I haven't betrayed you.


You believe me, Guy.



So, you think I'm a coward?
Is that it? Yeah?

What - that I've sold you out
to save myself somehow, yeah?

- You've done that before.
- I know!

And every day, I wish
I could take that back.

You know that!

None of you?

None of you believe me?

I'll be off, then.

No. Did you tell her
about the tunnel?

- I told you, I haven't said...
- Tie him up!

What? No, no, no, no.

- I can't take the risk.
- Robin!

Once we've secured the castle, we will
come back and we will sort this out.

- John, don't do this.
- Get it done!

Don't even look at me!

Stay here.

Specialist, you say?

For your sake, you'd better be.

You'll get your money's worth,

As long as I get mine.

You'll get paid on one condition.
That this trap kills Hood.

You're the boss.

We get into the castle, we capture
Isabella, release the villagers.

But if the convoy leaves,
then we've failed.

And Tuck, John, it's up to you
to stop it, no matter what.

This could be the last time
we see each other.

Best of luck.

It's time.

Put my neck on the block,
time and time again, and for what?


Those of you who can fight, must
help us intercept the supply train.

Those are your crops
inside that castle.

Your livestock,

your brothers. Damn it, men,
it's time to stand up and fight!

- Take back what's rightfully yours!
- Brother Tuck?

They're being trodden on, John,
and they're taking it.

If they would only stand together,
they can defeat the Sheriff.

Defeating the Sheriff
is our job, Tuck...

even if... it is the last thing

... we ever do.


This is it.

You shouldn't mess with graves.

Hood and his men
have entered the tunnel.


Thank you.

This should buy your disappearance.

- Is this everything I asked for?
- Count it.

- I believe you.
- Good.

Then you can believe this.

If I ever smell your fetid odour
anywhere near Nottingham again,

I will have you dipped in blood
and torn apart by starving dogs.

My mother was a saint.

The fact that she could have had
a child out of wedlock is bad enough.

But some nasty little
hustler like you...

Be assured,

I will kill a thousand times

to keep my mother's
sacred memory pure.

Don't worry.

I've got plans far away from here.

You'll never see me again.


- What's happened?
- I found the locket.

You were right. He loves Isabella.

He must do,
otherwise why would he have it?

I'll gather everyone together.

Come on, Kate. Come on.

This is the right thing to do.

- I know.
- Your brother was stupid enough

to get himself killed
for Robin's ridiculous cause.

At least you have the good sense
to run away while you...

I'm not running away.

But if he is in league with her,

then I don't understand
anything any more.

I thought I loved him.

Oh, Kate.

I didn't know I could love
someone like that.

Kate, I'm so sorry.

It's not your fault.

No, no, you don't understand.

I was trying to protect you.

- I had to do it.
- Had to do what?

Tell me!

Robin doesn't love Isabella.

It was me. I put the locket
into his bag for you to find.

You were supposed to leave him

and then we could get away
from here, to have a new life.

- We're under the castle.
- Much, keep moving. Come on!

Oh, no!


I knew it would be a trap!


let me think.

You give 'em
the best years of your life,

and for what?!


It can't be.

I've got to get to Robin.

Nearly time.

It's quiet, isn't it?


It's like when you're hunting.

The moment you spot your prey,
your stag, there's a...

... stillness.

Just for a moment, you wonder
whether you can go through with it,

whether you can slaughter
this beast with...

so much...


Yeah. Dignity.


They're brave, but they can't fight.
Look at them. It'll be a massacre.

- They're not going to fight, John.
- What?

Gentlemen, these gates
will open soon.

Now, it is our task to stop
the supply train in its tracks.

And that is exactly
what we're going to do.

As an army, as a militia,
we would be crushed.

The Sheriff's men
would hack us down like weeds.

But it's harder to cut
the spirit with a blade.

When these gates open
and the supply train pulls out,

we are going to sit down.

Just sit... in silence.

My friends, we are going to
turn the other cheek.

- They will be... we will be crushed.
- Dignity, John. Dignity!

Even when everything has been taken
from us, we still have that.

And the Sheriff's men
will be faced with a choice -

stand aside or carry out a massacre.

Yeah, these are the Sheriff's men.
{\I think }We know what choice they're gonna make.

They may be soldiers, John,
but they are still men. Just men.

And faced with the power of truth,
a man can change.

If we all stand together,
we can have that power.

We can be unstoppable.

So Allan's told her.

Or him.

- I knew we shouldn't have trusted you.
- If I knew{\ this was a trap},

do you think I'd be stuck in here{\ as well}?

That's enough, the both of you.

What is that?

There's no way out.

There's always a way out, Much.

So, this is how it ends.
This is how we die.

Buried in limestone.

Hardly fair, is it?

If one of us can reach the top,
we can hold out longer.

Much, come here.
Gisborne, get on our shoulders.

No! It's gotta be you, Robin.

You're the one who has to live.
It has to be you.

All right, come on. Let's do this.

Ready? Ready, go!



Raise the portcullis!

Move out!

Open the gates!

You, there, move out of the road!

Move out of the road, I said,

or prepare to die where you sit.

Men, draw your swords.

I said draw your swords.


Don't worry. I won't let you die!

I'm sinking!

I'm going under!

- Give me your...
- Robin!


Stay together.

{\Much, }If you stay together, you can breathe
for a little while longer.

And keep your hands moving,
so I know.




Get out of the way!

Cut them down!

Start with me, then!

Go on.

Be a man! Start with me!

Do it or die.

And kill an innocent girl.

Tuck, come on!

Let's go!

- We need to save Robin.
- What? Come on!

- We've got to get that rope, Kate.
- What's in there?

- I've got it!
- Then pull!

I'm pulling!

Oh, Robin!
No, no, no, no, no. Come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, come on!
I need you! Breathe!

- I thought I'd lost you.
- I thought I'd lost you.

My mother planted that locket.
I should never have doubted you.

Isabella was trying to rip us apart.

- Well, that means Allan's innocent.
- Allan?

She's been playing
with us all along.

We need to find Isabella. Now!

The entrance to the castle's
blocked. Follow me.

The peasants are trying to
get into the castle.

- You have to protect me.
- Can't help.


They're going to tear me to pieces.

Not my problem.

- I've got to be somewhere else.
- I just gave you an order!

You have no idea
what's happening here, do you?


You can't just leave me here
to be massacred by this rabble.

Please! For pity's sake, help me.

If you want to save yourself,
hear this.

Deliver Gisborne to the tunnel.

That doesn't make any sense.
Gisborne is dead.

Goodbye, Sheriff, and good luck.


You forced my mother to lie to me.

You tried to poison me
against Robin.

So, what of it?
You don't belong together.

An ill-raised peasant?

Hardly a worthy companion
for a man of noble birth.

Don't come any closer.

I believe this is yours.

It's over, Isabella.

In the name of King Richard,

I charge Isabella of Gisborne
with high treason

and crimes against
the people of Nottingham.

The castle and everything in it

belongs to the people!


Move. Move!

Close the gates.

Man the battlements!


Come on!

My lord.

Blamire, you old tomcat.
How the devil are you?

The plan is in place.


Oh, this will be so much fun.

Come on!