Robin Hood (2006–2009): Season 3, Episode 1 - Total Eclipse - full transcript

When Robin returns from the Holy Land to avenge Marian's murder an epic battle rages between him and Gisborne, with both determined to fight to the death. Tuck arrives in Nottingham searching for Robin Hood, believing he's the only man who can unite the people of England and destroy the tyrannical reign of the Sheriff, Gisborne and Prince John.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

I will find him.

- Robin, stop!
- Come on, Robin!


- Do not do this!
- Give me that stuff.



I said stop holding me back!

- You can't do this alone.
- And what're you gonna do, Allan?

Tell me, what you gonna do?
Rat me out?

That's a bit harsh.

Once a traitor, always a traitor.

- That's not fair.
- You shut up! You leech!

You're pathetic!

We're tired, Robin.

- We've been travelling for months.
- And I've had time to think.

And I've made up my mind.

I don't need you any more.
Any of you.

You don't mean that.
This is not you!

- Much, it's over!
- None of this!

- Robin Hood is finished!
- Don't say that.

He died in the Holy Land, all right?

With Marian.

Now all I have left is vengeance.

Then let us come with you.

Stop holding me back, I mean it.

Get back - now!

Don't follow me.

It's between me and Gisborne now.

Gisborne dies today.

The Sub Wood Team
Kiry and Moochie

Episode one


He has come.


Where is he?

Where's everyone?


Up there! Come on!


Where're you gonna run to, Gisborne?

One more step, she goes over.

Please! Not my daughter!

It's all right.

- Don't be scared.
- I'm not. You're Robin Hood.

Gisborne, let her go.

- I'll drop the weapons.
- You first.

All right!

The time's come for you to pay
for what you did.

No. I was you.
You forced me to do it.

You murdered her.

- She didn't love you.
- She should have been mine!

- She was my wife!
- No!

Prepare to die... Robin Hood.

I'll kill you!

Take him away!

- No.
- They've got him!


My dear friend!

To what do I owe this
exquisite pleasure?

I'm here to give you
something from Prince John.


And what would that be?

An ultimatum.




Is it him?


I reckon he's gone for good.

And we weren't there to save him.

We'd better go, John.

Hey, we've got to think about
the living now, big man. Come on.

This is from Prince John.

You made a pig's breakfast
of your mission in the Holy Land.

That wasn't my fault.

As a result of your blundering,
the Prince is hurting.

And he's passing on that hurt...

by creating an extra little tax,

just for you.

- How much?
- 1,000 crowns...

A month.

That's impossible.

Count yourself lucky. The King
wanted your head on a spike.

Prince John protected you,

and demands you repay his loyalty.

- Otherwise, he'll be obliged to...
- Yes?

... let you go.

He shall have his money.

And once and for all deal with Hood.

He's become a significant pain
in the princely backside.

You don't need to worry
about him any more.

Ah, Gisborne!

What do you mean?

He's dead.

I killed him.

Robin Hood is dead, by these hands.


Oh, Gisborne!

This is a great day!

The outlaw is no more!

Let the bells sound
all over the land!

Rejoice! Rejoice!

Sorry to nit-pick but haven't we
been here before?

Shouldn't we hold the celebrations
till we have proof?

- Proof?
- Like, where's the body?

Come on!

Come on!

I didn't come all this way for you
to die on me, before we've even started.

I want every inch
of this river searched!

No one leaves
till you find the body!


Where are you?

Lost something, my friend?

What did you say?

Sir Guy, isn't it?

Who are you? What're you doing here?

Man of God, travelling north.
Finding shelter where I can.

I congratulate you on your victory.

You struck a great blow in the war
against lawlessness. Must give you joy.

- Have you seen a body?
- No, I've seen no corpse.

The river's taken it maybe.


You seem troubled, my son.

Can I offer you a simple supper?

Or a confession?

- Soothe whatever disturbs your mind.
- No, let's keep searching.

I need to find him,
that'll soothe my mind.

Robin, can you hear me?

Who are you?

Where am I?

I said, who are you?

Brother Tuck.

Now, hold still.

What are you...


Didn't want to touch it
till you were on the mend.

Did I kill him?


Well, then I have to finish...

You're not going anywhere.
Be still.

You best let me up!

I said be still!

Rest in peace, my son.

Ah Gisborne, no sign
of Hood's body, I take it?

You know, your future,

your lives, are hanging by a thread.

I'll be back tomorrow

to collect the Prince's money
and view the body.

Make sure both are ready.

So melodramatic.

A thought on the spondulicks -

Hood was an outlaw,
all outlaws have a stash.

And Robin Hood is now dead,

I want my cut, mind.

I'm loath to say it, Gisborne.

But for once that preening ninny,

he might be on to something.

The smell of my broth
wake you, did it?

You knocked me out.



Come on, drink this.

You wanna starve? Fine, starve.

- You best untie me.
- Nope.

I don't appreciate being
trussed up like a pig!

It's for your own good, and mine.

Now, drink this!

Come on!

Come on!

Why are you doing this?

You know, years ago,
when I left this country,

the people of this nation were
proud, strong, full of spirit.

Now I come back to find their backs
broken, their hope shattered.

Everywhere I go I see fear
and suspicion haunting their faces.

And yet everywhere, I hear one name.

Even from the mouths of children.

One name, whispered in hope.

One name that keeps
the flame of England burning.

Robin Hood.

Well, maybe that name's
all ready dead.

Because I'm done with it.



how brave are you feeling today?

Rot in hell.

This brave?

Or this brave?

Why don't you try me?

Where's the money?

Hood must have had a stash
hidden somewhere.

Everything he had,

everything he stole from you,

he gave away.

You just don't get it,

do you?

Tell me.

All right...

All I'm saying is, it's just us now.

- And we've got to get Much out.
- You're good, aren't you?

- What?
- Stating the obvious.

Well, what have you got?

Getting in's not the problem, is it?
It's getting out.

Well, now who's stating the obvious?

Planning's not our thing, is it?

You know, you're muscle
and I'm more on the blagging side.

Robin was always
the man with the plan.


They all look so alike - trees.

String him up.

No, wait, wait, wait!

It's here.


Start digging.


Oh, no, no, no.
You're not going anywhere...


Search over there.

Not here.


- He's just a boy!
- Tuck. Robin Hood is dead.

It has to stay that way.

- I can be free of this at last!
- Wait!

Let me deal with it.
Let me deal with it.

Let me deal with it.


Listen to me, lad.

You'll leave now and never return.

You won't tell what you've seen here,
or I'll come to you one night

and you'll die a terrible death!
Swear on your morher's life!

- I've seen nothing, I swear!
- Go! Go!

I can't let you kill, Robin Hood.

Give me one hour
to change your mind.



I'm pretty sure...

that... this wasn't the tree.


I reckon it might be that one.

Give me the shovel.

Fill it in.


After him!

Get him! Quick, after him.

Come on!

Idiots. Idiots!



- You're all right, you're all right.
- Thanks, mate.

Search them! Everything they have,
everything they own, I want it.

Bring 'em round, line 'em up.
I want all of it!

Gold, silver, round their necks,

round their wrists,
in their filthy mouths!

I want the lot!

Every day it gets worse.

Injustice, cruelty, corruption.

These people suffer and they starve.

And you'll abandon them?

Robin, where are you going?

I can't help them.

I've got nothing else to give.

You will believe in yourself again,
I know it.

I struggled,

I fought, I gave everything I had.

I even gave the life
of the woman I love.

Why are you doing this?
Why does it matter so much to you?

Because I have nothing in my life
except my God and my country.

I've no family, no wife,
yet I have a full heart.

And passion must go somewhere,

I'm just saying rest first.

Then maybe speak
to that scruffy gang of yours.

I said terrible things to those men.

The bravest, most loyal men
in England. I didn't want...

any more blood on my hands.

The truth is, I'd die for them.

- Give yourself a chance.
- No, Tuck. I'm finished for good.

I walk a few yards
and I'm shattered.

And you say I'm the last great hope
for England.

Maybe there is a way.

Forgive me, Robin.

Sir Guy, look at me.

Look at me.

So tired.

Every time I close my eyes,
they come.



Clawing at my brain.

How can I get some peace?

To find peace there
must be a reckoning.

A reckoning?

There are outlaws
still on the loose.


Without Hood they're lost.

It's only a matter of time
before they're caught.

What is it that haunts you, my son?

The fear.

The fear that my enemy isn't dead.

That he's out there somewhere,


Well, then I can help you.

Robin Hood is no more.

He was buried last night in secret.

Trust me.

His friends will meet today
at Dead Man's Crossing.

You can take them there.

Thank you.

Thank you.

But if you lie,

you die.

A poor way to say farewell.

To Robin.

And to us.

Goodbye, Robin.

For ever.

What the...?

- Who are you?!
- A tall dark stranger?

Answer the question, big mouth.

You're a big lad,
but you're out of condition.


- Get off me!
- You want some of that?

Er... Nah. Got a... bad arm.

Name's Tuck.
I've just come from Robin.

He'd like to see you if that's...

- What? Robin's alive?
- Yep, he's fine.

Be right as rain.
Just needs a bit of a rest.

- Well, you'll see for yourself.
- He's alive?

Alive?! He's alive!

Hang on. I don't believe it.

Well, he gave me this to, er,

prove my credentials.

Marian's ring.

Thank you, brother.

What's your game, eh?

Same as yours.

Why should I trust you?

I think he's sorry for leaving you.
He'll explain it all himself.

Dead Man's Crossing. Midday.

- Something's not right.
- This whole thing's not right.

He'll come.

Robin's alive.

I can feel it.

He'll be here.

Come to pay our respects.
Hope you don't mind.

- What did I tell you about that monk?
- Take them away.


All right...

Come on, get a move on!
Move it! Come on.

God forgive me.

The people built this
to remember Robin Hood.

I never knew they felt like this.

You see the power you have?

This is why God spared you.

To give the people hope.

I don't deserve it.

Gisborne's taken your friends.
They're to be put to death tomorrow.

What should I do?

What would Robin Hood do?

Look into your heart, Robin.

You'll find the answer.

Hello, boys!

Everything you need
to make your stay comfortable?

No, we seem to have missed out
on the welcoming beaker of mead.

Now, to keep you up to speed
with my schedule...

There's a ceremony
coming up tomorrow

to mark the final passing of your
chief and his shoddy little outfit.

Your ritual demise.

I do like a good execution.

So, your last evening on this earth.

And you with your old friends!


Hey, what time you serving dinner?

Ha-ha-ha! Very good.

You're right.

I can't just turn my back
on people who need me.

So what are you gonna do?

Well, first, I'm gonna
try and rescue my men.


- All alone?
- Unless you've got a better idea?



- I do.
- Oh, do you?

Well, are you gonna tell me?

Give it to me. Come on.

This is hopeless.

Your best chance
for success tomorrow is rest.

And what chance do my men have
if I can't even sharpen an arrow,

let alone fire one? Hey?

Have faith, Robin.

You won't be alone.


- Where did you get that?
- Round your neck when I found you.

Thank you.

What happens to the moon tomorrow
happens once in a generation.

It's God's gift from the stars.

My father used to say
that when we die,

we become stars.

If it's true, this time tomorrow
we could be lighting up the night sky.

That's a glorious thought.

A great day for Nottingham,
its people

and homeland security.

To mark the extermination
of the terrorist, Hood,

we shall execute his rabble.

Prepare to fire.

If they had respected
the Sheriff and his authority,

they could have avoided
punishment of this severity,

and lived peaceful, rewarding lives,

working for the good of this
great Shire of Nottingham.

These men made a choice to live
their lives as outlaws,

and now they'll receive
their just reward

for refusing to abide by the laws of
this great, great nation,

the fatal consequence
of defying Prince John

and the authority vested in me,
the Sheriff of Nottingham.


- Well, at least it's not a dull death.
- What?

People will be talking of this
for years, John.


- Ha-ha! Tasty!
- Told you it was good! Mmm?

Let's do it!

This time make it flaming.


A last prayer, Sir Guy. We must be
merciful no matter how great the crime.

Who are you, preacher man?

Brother Tuck. He's the man
who brought these outlaws to justice.

Sheriff? It is sinful to offer
no chance of absolution.

Very well, chop chop.
These boys have got a hot date.

Da, quaesumus Dominus,

ut in hora mortis nostrae
Sacramentis refecti

et culpis omnibus expiati...

In sinum misericordiae tuae laeti...

Always the same, these monks.

All right, all right.
That's enough of the piety.

No amount of lah de dah words
can save their blackened souls.

- Fire it up!
- Wait!

- In the name of God, wait!
- What are you doing?

You and Prince John have broken
not just man's law, but the Lord's.

- And for this you will be punished!
- What?

The monk's been at the mushrooms.
Fire it!

Soon, God will speak,

the skies will darken
and the sun will disappear.

He was right!

There! It's happening!

Have faith, for soon a new day
will dawn and you will be saved!

What's happening here?
It's a trick.





For out of this darkness a legend
will rise. Hope will be re-born.

If you want something
doing properly...!

Filthy peasants,
don't anybody touch me!

A new dawn is coming. The sun will
rise again over England's towns...

I'll give you something to smile
about, you whimpering pansies!

Where have they gone?

You see? The sun emerges again,
like England's protector.

His journey is complete. He appears
into the light and he will save you!

He has returned!
The legend is alive!

Surprise, surprise!

No, it can't be.

You incompetent fool!


I am Robin Hood,

your humble servant.

It is for you that I live to fight
the evil that chokes this country.

No longer shall we live
in fear and darkness.

We must stand together.

Only then will the sun rise
on this country,

our England,

once more!


Get him!

Robin, a gift from the Sheriff!

Robin? No!

- Do it.
- What?

- End it, please.
- You want this?

I live in hell.

Then stay there.

Today's humiliation has wrecked
your authority,

with your people and Prince John,

when I tell him.

Back to London at last!

Goodbye, little people.

You pathetic misery-addled mess.

You're teetering on the edge
of dispensability, Gisborne.

Make sure you don't fall off.

You know, I've finally come to the
conclusion that I don't like you.

Aw, aw, whassa matter? Mmm?

Was that nasty Robin Hood horrible
to our little Guy? Ooh, diddums!

That's better. You'd better show
some spine. You're gonna need it.

Hood gave you life,
now you go out and take his, right?

Now, listen, they'll come at you
with everything they have now.

- Are you ready?
- Well, they haven't seen anything yet.

Not now there's a warrior priest
on their case, hey?

Tuck's joining our fight, lads.
He's one of us now.

These are yours.

Hold on. You haven't explained how
Gisborne knew where to find us yet.

Sometimes you have to risk
a lot to win a lot.

- It worked.
- This time.

- Next time you risk your own neck.
- I will. And happily.

You know I can't do this without you.
Any of you.

And I didn't mean
those things I said.

I'm sorry.

Robin, it's all right.

We understand.

What happened today
will reverberate around England.

The story told around every fire,
and every child's bed,

of how the sun itself intervened
in the fight against evil.

The Sheriff eclipsed.

A legend reborn.

I'll never stop loving you.

You'll be soldiers, all of ya!

So say goodbye to your families.

You men, you belong to me now.
You fight well for my cause.

Some of you may live
to see your homes again.

To the next King of Ireland,
my brother.

- Who's that?
- Some girl we just saved.

My name is Kate.

I am the Sheriff of Nottingham!

You can kill me 100 times over
but the pain you're feeling now,


... it's never gonna go away.