Robin Hood (2006–2009): Season 1, Episode 5 - Turk Flu - full transcript

Robin interferes when the sheriff begins to man his mines with slaves.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Crowd shouting)

Out of the way. Get out of my way!

Son, you're too late. Your uncle's dead.

They're all dead!

Here, Father, Gisborne's coming.

Tell him. Go on, tell him!

Father, tell him his mine's a death trap.
You're not working down there no more.

- We'll not go down there again.
- You'll do as I say.

My brother' s dead.

And your behavior suggests
that you'd care to join him.

We're on strike.

Till it's shored up properly you'll not get a miner
down that death pit of yours.

You'd rather die here?


I'd rather my soul roamed free up here
than get trapped down there again.


(Gisborne) They claim they would rather die
than go back down.

You're giving them choices.

Very good, Gisborne.


Enjoy the strike.

It'll make you feel... much better.


- They're all sacked!
- Really!

- Although we need the mine working...
- Really!

Forward planning, Gisborne.

It's all under control.

There will be fresh workers arriving
who will do as they're told!

By tomorrow morning, this mine...

will be working.

Unlike you lot.

Bury this man's body with the others.
His family will pay for the grave.

If they will not work,
they will not be fed until I see fit.

Anyone giving them assistance will hang.

You are all sacked. Go home.

I knew you'd be like this.

If you're so bothered about
the archery competition...

I'm not!

If you're so bothered...

we could always have a little competition here.

I don't want to be in the archery competition.
Even if there is a silver arrow for the winner.

Just as well.

Because by the time we've done a little hunting
and had ourselves a decent feast,

there 'll be no time to go to Nottingham
and get ourselves hanged.

Father, I will avenge thee. Gisborne will pay.

(Horses neigh)

Food parcels?

You can't give to us. Gisborne's forbidden it.

He has spies everywhere.

Nothing like a tragedy to bring out
the do-gooders. Where is your leader?

Where is Robin Hood?

Or are you alone?

Does Robin Hood think himself too important
to do his own mischief now?


A man of few words? No matter, I'm sure I will
hear your voice when you plead for your life.

Not even an "Ouch".

"Ouch" costs nothing.
Surely you could utter an "ouch".

The trap worked. We caught one.

A cart. Let's go. Let's go!


Heap! Rubbish heap!

And you! Rubbish heap.

Here. It's all I have of value. Take it!

Pretty! Not very appetizing.

(Muffled moaning sound)


Take one. And let me on my way.

They'll work for you.
They understand simple commands.

New men for the Sheriff's mine.

(Much) Slaves?

- Sir Guy.
- She is home?

Yes. Come through.


Are you hurt?

I caught it on a splinter on the door.

- Let me see.
- No, no, no, it's nothing.

What does Gisborne want?

I don't know. Come on. Come down.

- Marian.
- To what do we owe the honor, Sir Guy?

Today I am attending...

I'm sure you would expect,
as you yourself may also have the intention...

But I thought, even so, that would not
necessarily make my question redundant.


- The Sheriff's fair.
- Oh.

So what's your answer?

Forgive me, Sir Guy.
I do not yet understand the question.

I am inviting you to the fair
as my personal guest.

I fear I wouldn't be good company. I'm tired.

You're ashamed of your hair.

But I thought of that. I have a gift for you.
It's a shawl...

You can...

I didn't sleep well. That is all.

You're declining my invitation?

Marian is delicate. She has wounded...

- (Gisborne) Wounded?
- Pride.

Wounded pride. My hair. As you guessed.

Thank you.

So you will come?

Good! It should be an interesting day.

The Sheriff is convinced
that he'll lure Robin Hood.

He's put up a silver arrow as a prize.

- Silver?
- Yeah, but it won't work.

Hood is delegating his crimes to lackeys now.
I confronted one this morning.

- An outlaw?
- Or a disguised villager.

I'll find him.

He is marked, I inflicted a wound to his arm.

I was being kind. I should have killed him.

Well, I'll send a coach for you then.

Good day.

My Lady.

Sir Guy.

I think you owe me an explanation, young lady.

It was you, wasn't it?

There are people starving.
People whose menfolk have died at the mine.

- Should we do nothing?
- What? You think you're Robin Hood now?

Is that it?

- You're in competition with Robin?
- This is no competition.

I've been helping people far longer than him.

- How much longer?
- Three years.

I do not know you at all, do I?

I never thought I'd see this again.



Trading people.

(Robin) Would you like some more wine?

I'm not being funny but...
you brought him here for a picnic?

We need him. He's our way into the mine.

- There is no way into the mine.
- We're going to stop this.

This is a gift.

We're going to close the mine once and for all.

- We will stop this human trafficking.
- (Laughter)

I thought you were gonna slit me throat.

Or worse.

We don't do throat-slitting.

It's too messy.

Now you've eaten I'd like to feed
your prisoners.

Not meat. It makes them spirited, you see.

Oh, and keep your distance.

Don't let them breathe near you.


Some of our soldiers dropped dead
after getting too close.

Dropped dead?

Aye, one minute stood there
strong as you, the next...

brains dripping from their nostrils.

(Laughs and coughs)

Water. That'll do 'em.

They had some scraps earlier.

There used to be a decent living
to be made from selling folk.

Then the Pope goes and bans trading Christians.

Thank heavens King Richard likes
his wars abroad.


- They need water.
- Yeah, I'm on it.

Look, you seriously don't believe...


Well, give them water.
Can't you see they're suffering enough?

I notice you're not doing it.

Listen, there is no disease.

It's ignorance and superstition and...

You are a genius!


- Have a drink with our friend.
- What?

There 's something I need to find
in the forest. I need some time.

If he loses consciousness, then so be it.

No consciousness.

Could have been worse. If you'd not ordered
the slaves, we'd have had to close the mine.


I prefer "out-workers."

This... mourning, it is tiresome. Isn't it?

Outlaw it.

At least nobody will grieve
for our new workers when they turn up.

(Women wailing)


How do they manage to hit that particular pitch

that makes you want to pierce
your own eardrums with a stick?

Never marry, Gisborne. Hm?


Keep them at a distance.

Think... Think of a leper.

Soon after Robin went to war,
you remember I was ill?

Sarah the cook used to look after me.

She was always so jolly
and one day she didn't come.

The physician who visited me told me
her daughter was seriously ill

and had been for a long time.

So when you were asleep, I visited Sarah
and I gave her daughter my medicine.

- Very noble, but if you are caught now...
- Sarah was shocked that I cared about her.

And that's when I decided I could go to war too.

I could go to war against poverty.

(Coach driver) Sir Edward, my Lady?
Sir Guy is waiting.

We need to get rid of the guards at the mine.

One of you has to travel in the cage
as a prisoner.

We need a man on the inside
to start the rumor of Turk Flu.

- A volunteer!
- Yes, Much. Thank you.


- And what, I eat this do I?
- No! Just chew.

There is nothing to fear.

Once the guards believe that the prisoners
have a disease they'll run for their lives!

Surely only the stupid amongst them
is going to fall for it. I mean... Turk Flu?

People fear what they don't understand.

I wasn't scared.

- (Laughter)
- No!

Will, you proved my point.

If even you had doubts, the Sheriff's men...
they'll be a pushover.

(Much) It'll never work!
I have another suggestion.

Instead of relying on the Sheriff's men
being as stupid as... Why...

- Hey! Let go!
- It's mine.


You speak English!


You're not going to like this, Robin,
but I think that's Marian in Gisborne's coach.

She must be going to Nottingham.
The Sheriff's fair.

Why did I do that?

Why did I tell him to stand up to Gisborne?

I should have at least kept me mouth shut.

I told him to stand up for himself
but what did I do?

Gisborne and the Sheriff
walked straight by me and I did nothing.

You and me, we'll get through this.

Don't worry, I'm not going to do
anything stupid.

Why would I do anything stupid?

There 's just something I need to do.

I'll see you later.

I'll see you.



I have a simple yet effective way
of gaining you freedom.

And a lot less dangerous than riding
into a heavily guarded mine.

Opening the cage.
That is simple and effective.


This is clever.

Renounce your God.

Then nobody can buy or sell you.

Renounce my God?

And claim you believe in the Christian one.

But it's all right.
Because Gods are all-knowing.

So your God will know you're only pretending.

Why would I pretend to be Christian?
You kill my people in the name of Christianity!


Christians cannot be traded.

The Sheriff will not buy you.

You can go free and we can
go home and eat.

So if it's that easy...

you do it.

Renounce your God.


You do not trust that he can see
into your heart?

Of course I trust. He can.

I could renounce him, like that.

I do not believe in God.

No, I don't.



Come on! Help me tie Brooker up.

I do... obviously.

Where 's the trader?

Of course, by now I should be at home
with a goblet of fine red wine.

Hm? Watching your archer, what's his name?

- Michael the Red.
- Michael the Red!


My Lord, if you would prefer
to go back to Nottingham,

- I'm happy to stay here and...
- What? Leave you in charge of the mine?

Sorry, remind me exactly how much iron ore
have you brought to the surface today?

You! Can't you get them to do some
maneuvers or something?

Nearest I'll get to any entertainment today. Ooh!

(Guard) Left! Left! Left!

- And left! And right!
- Left! Left! Left!

(Guard) And turn! Left!

Left! Left!

Left! Left! Come on!

We send Brooker in. When the Sheriff
and Gisborne leave for Nottingham,

Allan does his thing, then we strike.

(Guard) Left! Left!

Now, this is what we do.

You sell your prisoners to the Sheriff
just as you planned.

Allan will be right behind you,
disguised as a prisoner.

If you give us away, be warned - we may
have to review our policy on throat slitting.

Fire! There 's a fire!

Punishment from God! It's all my fault!

Oh! I'm sorry, Lord! I do believe, I do!

Much, will you shut up!

- How did you light that fire?
- Let us go!

- We are trying to help you.
- You've stolen us to sell to another.

- You're no better than him.
- Please, let me explain.

Then if you do not wish to help us,
then you are free to go. You have my word.

What is your name?

- Djaq.
- Djaq. We will help you escape.

But if you leave now, the Sheriff will still need
workers for his mine.

More prisoners will arrive next month.
People like you.

We are going to destroy the mine
but we need your help.

How will you help us escape?

The Sheriff will pay for you.
And we will give you the money.

And we will guide you to the people
who will find you a safe passage to the port.

You made us the enemy.
And now you play protector?

And ask for our help?

Let them decide! If you want to take
your chance with freedom now, then go.

(Speaks in Arabic)

- What are they saying?
- (Djaq) He says that...

if you do not let us go, he will kill you.

That is not what he said.

He said "nou sa lei". That means "pray".

Is that what you want to do? Wash and pray?

Pray? Nou sa lei?

And then will you help us? Please?

(Guard) Left! Left! Left!

Left! Left! And turn!

(Guard) Come on, look sharp!

Robin says that we have to...

You spy on me!

No! Robin, he... We have to keep...

(Allan) Remember, if this goes wrong,
you will die!

- This lateness...?
- I went round t'forest.

Didn't want to risk the outlaws.

Did I ask for a route?

No! Next month you will be on time.
Do you understand?

I will be on time next month, my Lord.


I like it, this is good.

You don't expect full price for this one?

- He has no muscle.
- He has spirit.

Spirit? I've seen more spirit on cheese.

- Who are you?
- I'm Rowan, son of Dunne.

And I'm going to kill Gisborne.

If you do that now, the mine will stay open.

You will sabotage our plan and you will put
one of my men's life in danger.

If any die within the month...

I'll take it off your next bill.

Pay the man, Gisborne.

Good. So, to work.



I can't let him get away.

If the Sheriff or Gisborne dead would help
Nottingham, I'd have killed them months ago.

They deserve to die.

Wouldn't you rather see them lose the things
that mean everything to them?

- Like what?
- The mine.

Iron ore is their strength.

Their power.


Give me a separate job, please.

I'll work twice as hard.

You're not a prisoner of war, you're English.

I'm a deserter.

There were loads of us with...

It's the Turk Flu.

It's wiped out everyone except me.

The Turk Flu?

We English have no resistance.

Foaming. Writhing.


One man caught it from as close
as I am from you.

Within minutes, this black liquid
oozed from his nose.

Just get to work.

(Women calling out)

I don't know which is worse,
wailing widows or prancing peasants.

Can you see the man who you fought with?

Short and injured. Although the injury
would be beneath his left sleeve.

Perhaps I should order them all
to remove their sleeves?

Perhaps you should remember who it is
that gives the orders.

- Marian.
- My Lord.

Lepers, Gisborne. Lepers.

(Groaning) Lord save me! Save me!

- Kill him, quick!
- No! His blood will poison the air.

If you're gonna kill someone, kill me, please.
I can feel it starting in me!

Don't let me suffer.

What's that?

- What's wrong with him? Quick!
- Let's get out of here!


(All shouting in panic)

- Hey!
- John! Keep him conscious.



What is this stuff? Tastes weird.

You'll be fine as long as you don't...

swallow it. I said, don't swallow it!

You'll be fine. Lay fires!

Around those beams and inside!

Let me light them.
I'll burn the place to t'ground.

- I don't think so. We'll do that.
- (Robin) No!

Let Rowan. For his father.

Thanks to the rogue element amongst you,

I have been forced
to introduce new security measures.

The guilty object to security
because the guilty have something to hide.


I expect your full co-operation.

No man shall wear a sleeve on his left arm.

Oh, and, er...

do have a lovely fair. Thank you.

That one... Ooh, no.

Can I not keep the money?

You are a despicable, heartless,
soulless slave-trader,

lucky to escape with your life.

- That's a no.
- Now go.


I'll see that you suffer!

You're letting him free?

He'll run straight to the Sheriff of Nottingham
and he and Gisborne will get on their horses...

Oh, I get it.

- Get what?
- They come here, you go to your fair.

Much as it saddens me to drag
Gisborne away from his wooing.

- Gisborne's wooing?
- Yes. Marian!

Remember the road I told you of?

- When you get to the Abbey...
- Mention your name.

Salaam alaikum, Djaq.

Alaikum Salaam.

God speed, Robin.


What's going on with the pilot fire?

I'll do it.


Well, I think we deserve
an outing to Nottingham

for such a smooth and successful operation.

In fact, apart from Allan's ingestion
of a certain plant root...

Which will do what to me exactly?

...I'd say today has gone without a...

- John!
- John!

Step forward Ford, son of Ford.

Son of Ford!

No sign of Robin Hood.

He's a coward.

- (Man) Close...
- Your Michael the Red better be a winner.

I don't want to have to give
this silver arrow away.

But surely if my man wins then...
the silver arrow will be mine.

If Robin Hood turns up and wins,

I will hang him and keep the arrow.

If he doesn't, and your man wins,

he will return it.

- I see...
- Or I will hold you responsible.

(Robin) John!



When are we gonna burn the mine?
The Sheriff will be coming.

(Robin) We can't until we've rescued John.

- I'm going down there.
- What, to get stuck down there with him?

(Robin) To help him!
(Allan) We broke up the ladders for firewood.

- If we can't pull him out...
- He could be bleeding to death.

- Maybe he just can't breathe.
- So he suffocates, will that suit you better?

(Djaq) I'll go down there.

- You need someone smaller.
- You couldn't lift him.

I'll help him lift himself.

- (Robin) He could be bleeding.
- Or suffocating, I heard.

- My father was a physician.
- (Allan) Oh, great!

My father was a blacksmith.
It doesn't mean I can make a horseshoe.

No Djaq, wait. Please!

If there is something you can do.

I can stop the blood. Bring him round.

- Then do it.
- I need silver. Look over there.

There must be some along with the iron ore.

Silver? He wants paying now?

(Djaq) Traces of silver.

Not coins.

(Speaks in Arabic)

- And water, quickly.
- Do as he says.

Sorry, Lord, I will fast for a day and a night,
just please let us get him out.

Silver and this - acid.

Together make a liquid, stop the bleeding.

You don't need to understand.


Save Gisborne's mine.

Save his wealth.

I'm going to go and tear his heart.

Let's see him woo a dead woman.

- (Cheering)
- (Man) Not quite the bullseye.

They say the peel of an apple can predict
who a woman will marry.


The curl of the peel represents
the first letter of his name.


(Sheriff) Our next archer is Michael the Red.

Ah. This will impress you.

I cut myself.

- Your arm?
- No, my hand.


I must have got some on my sleeve.

- (Sheriff)... Michael the Red!
- (Shouts of encouragement)

(Chatter and laughter)


(Cheering and applause)

(Coughing and wheezing)

(Gasps) There 's...

I think he wants us to follow him.

The mine's...!

The mine...


- Robin Hood.
- Robin Hood, mm...


Robin Hood, mine, fire.

Soldiers! Soldiers!

It's witchcraft.

(Robin) Because we don't know what it is?

We made him trust us,
so we have to trust him.

Just drop the second line down.


Lower me down.

(Allan) We should have gone after Brooker.
He'll have told the Sheriff by now.

(Robin) Much!

Three days and three nights.

Not a morsel will cross my lips.

Just get us out of here.

Come on, big man, wake up...

Please! Wake up!

There you go. Here, smell this. It will help you...

(John grunting)

Put this on. Around your foot.


Master, the Sheriff. What do we do?

Come on, John!

- Robin!
- Come on, John!

- (Much) They're getting closer.
- Come on, John!

Come on, almost there! Pull, John, pull!

Get John into cover. I'll take care of this.

Into the trees. Go! Run!

Where are your guards,
on their refreshment break?

Get it out! Get the fire out!

Does anyone smell burning?

Get the fire out!
Forget the outlaws! Save the mine!

Never forget the outlaws!

- Where are the others?
- Gone.

Hey, Rowan will be sorry he missed the blaze.


He's gone to take revenge on his enemy.

Why? Gisborne's here.

His woman!

To tear his heart out by killing his woman.

Gisborne hasn't got a...


Nothing tempts pennies from the poor
like their hope of silver.

- Name.
- Rowan, son of Dunne.

Rowan, son of Dunne.

You'd not sooner keep your penny, son?

No, thanks.

A penny well spent.

The next contestant will be...

This place is done for.

You should have expected him.
It was obvious this was a target.

With respect, my Lord, he was supposed to be
in Nottingham trying to win the silver arrow.

Over there.

He's following Marian, quick!

My Lady!

It'll be quick.

I'm a good shot.

Your father died at the mine, didn't he?

How do you know?

It's difficult to explain.

But I know he must have loved you very much.

Everybody knew how dangerous it was
to go down that mine.

- I told him not to.
- He wanted to feed you. And your family.

- Your lover knew it wasn't safe!
- Your father must have known too.

I'm going to kill you.

Make him suffer. Make him understand loss.

At the cost of your own life?

It's what Gisborne deserves.

Your mother will lose
the man of her house twice.

What about her suffering?

I can't do nothing.

Just stand and do nothing.

Well, if you want to hurt the Sheriff,
win his silver arrow.

You say you are a good shot.

Win it.

Use the silver, melt it down into coins.

You could feed your family for months.

Compensate all the miners ' widows.

Or would you rather shoot
an unarmed woman?


Better late than never, I suppose.

Make sure this one wins the silver arrow.


Help me.

Will then next contestant please take his mark!

The next contestant is Rowan, son of Dunne.


- Robin Hood!
- Seize him!

That arrow will feed the miners
for a whole winter.

Come on, let's go.

Him... Rowan.


No food or drink for one day and night
and then he'll be fine.

Oh, just as well seeing there 's
so little venison left...

- Hey!
- You're fasting too, aren't you?

You made a promise... to God!

You don't know it was Him who got us out.

We might have got out of there anyway.

And if it had been Him,
there would have been a sign.

And there was no sign.

So I am gonna to build a fire, cook some food,

and there 's nothing any of you can do about it.


Champion of the Sheriff's Fair,

and winner of the silver arrow,

Rowan, son of Dunne.

(Cheering and applause)

Ho! A sign!

Which means I have to fast.

Except God wants me to eat.

Oh! Quite a lot...


Come and join us.

- For good?
- Well, I was thinking just for dinner, but...

And I was thinking for good.

Perhaps I should have let
your big friend here die, huh?

Then there would have been a vacancy.

It wouldn't be safe for you to join us.

For us or for him?

For her.

(Robin) I guessed as much.

What's your name? Your real name.



But I prefer you to call me Djaq.



your expertise did help to save Little John's life.

For which we will be eternally indebted.

Anyone have a problem with
a woman joining the gang?

- Er... Can you, er...
- I'm a rubbish cook!


Well, looks like we're cooking dinner then.

If the fire thing...

was Djaq and not a sign, then...

does that mean I can eat or...

(Thunder crashes)