Robin Hood (2006–2009): Season 1, Episode 4 - Parent Hood - full transcript

Roy is captured and the results may be dire for Locksley; at Nottingham, Marian pays a price for her outspokenness.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Ha ha!

- A good idea, Roy.
- Do we like it?

I think we do!


- Roy!
- (Cheering)

- Yeah, very funny.
- Very funny!

Seeing it were my idea, I keep the nag, right?

Nag? This is a destrier warhorse
of the finest pedigree.

Of course, my friend. You deserve it!


Much, do not be so easily wounded.

You have it, if you're gonna cry.

- I am not crying!
- (Baby crying)

What is it?

I mean, I know what it is, but...

It's a boy.

We could have trampled him.

Where 's its mother?

- This baby is cold. Mother' s long gone.
- Can't you stop it crying?

- Yeah. Here you are.
- Shh...

(All) Whoa!

What? That's how you shut them up.

- Leave it. Let's go.
- You can't just leave a baby.

What do you want to do?
We're outlaws, not wet nurses.

- (Baby quietens)
- Hey, how d'you do that?

He likes me.

He's lucky to be alive.
There 's hoofprints everywhere.


No noise, no movement.

What is it?

These hoofprints. They're marked.

Gisborne is not the fool he looks like.

He'll track us.

That's clever. You've got to admit.

You didn't think of that, did you?

Shouldn't we be moving on?
They could be coming already.

They could be here already.

- Master, what do we do?
- What can we do?

We do not believe in harming man nor beast.


Vermin, on the other hand...

Do you mind?
I was just getting the baby to sleep.



They got Roy.

The horses were marked. They tracked us.

It's a baby.

John, I'm so sorry.

We go to Nottingham.

Good news from the village of Clun.

No new outbreaks for a fortnight.

The pestilence, whatever it was, is gone.

Then we can lift the quarantine.

Feed the survivors.

The people of Clun, they are a grubby people.

The great unwashed.

Low on taxes, high on moaning.

The quarantine remains.

They must be fed. They will die!


Ah! Sweet. My dear,
you have to understand.

These are incapable people.
They do not look after themselves.

We must not, we cannot... nanny them.

But how can they look after themselves
if we will not allow them to leave their village?

I agree. This is a conundrum.

Another conundrum is this.

Whom do I tax...

to pay for the food...
for the hopeless of Clun?

Hm? Do I rob from Peter to pay for Paul?

Simpler to keep the quarantine in place

and then after one or two weeks,
we say that the village has been...


I may house my garrison there.

You cannot let healthy people die!
It is barbaric!

- If it became known...
- Interesting, hm?

This fire in your belly.

Is this reason talking?

Or is it frustration?

Frustration at being...
How old now and still a maiden?

Excuse me. I have other business.

My name is Royston White.

I fight for Robin Hood and King Richard.

My name is Royston White.

I fight for Robin Hood and King Richard.

It would be wise, would it not, to break his jaw
after he has talked, rather than before?

Who is he?

One of his associates.

Raided my stables.

Unfortunately for them,
I had my horses shod with an identifying mark,

which enabled me to track them down.


My name is Royston White.

I fight for Robin Hood and King Richard.

- I'll say no more.
- You've said enough.

You must have had a very difficult day.


Let our friend rest.

What's happening here?

Shh. Shh-shh-shh.

He'll not talk, I can assure you,
unless he is beaten.

First find out if he has any relatives
in Nottingham.

You are back quickly.

Did... Did he cry?

- What's your name?
- Annie.

Why d'you smile at him, Annie?

He has another side.

- A side he cannot show.
- You're wrong.

Be careful.

If I had position, I would be his wife.

He tell you that, did he?

I am the mother of his child.

Well, you look what he did to me.

Don't let him anywhere near your child.

Shut up! He is a good man.

He has found a good home for my baby,
the Abbey of Kirklees.

That is not cheap.

That will cost money.

What do you want to do with it?
We're outlaws, not wet nurses!

Central courtyard, portcullis. All heavily manned.

- The east wall, where the builders are working?
- Teeming.

- How about the south wall?
- Too high.

Even if we do get in, I've heard the new door
to the dungeon's two-foot thick.

I heard about the door too.
But I also heard that Robert of York put it in.


Well, Robert of York
can't make a hinge to save his life.

The lock side will be strong as an ox
but the hinge side will be weak.

Especially with the weight of two foot of timber.

- What's your baby called?
- None of your business.


He's a few weeks old, got a velvet shawl?

Yes. How...?

Did you meet him on the way to the Abbey?

Sort of.

(Door opens)

Sheriff wants to see you.

What is the point of us all dying?

"For every man there is a purpose
which he sets up in his life.

"Let yours be the doing of all good deeds."

That's us, lads.

Is that the Bible?

- It's the Qu'ran.
- What's that?

It's the Turk Bible. He read it in the Holy Land.


I wanted to know what it was
that we were fighting.

(Sheriff) Ah!

(Imitating accent) "Royston White,
I fight for King and Country."

Hm? Blah-di-blah-di-blah.

Now look, I'll be blunt.
I have a favor to ask.

I would be very grateful if you would, um,
use this on our mutual friend Robin Hood.

I'd sooner kill my own mother.

Yes, what an amazing coincidence.

You see, when people say things like
"I'd sooner kill me own mother"

they don't usually have that statement tested.

- Mother...
- Oh! Royston!

I thought you were dead...

- Mother...
- I thought you were dead...

I was going to come back.

I was going to come back
when things were better.

But they never got better.

Oh, yes, I like this. This is good, hm?

The horns of dilemma.

Kill Robin, or kill Mother.

- So which is it to be?
- I'll not do it.


You... You do not understand
what dilemma means.

It means you have to do one or the other.

You have to decide.

And if you don't, let's just say...

I'll decide for you. Hm?


Shall we say...

sunrise tomorrow? Hm?

I don't know about you,
but I work best to a deadline.

Of course, when people say "deadline"

they don't usually mean
that somebody will be dead at the end of it!

So, you've made an heroic escape,
I think, don't you?

And my men, well,
they're determined to catch you.

And don't forget your little badge of honor.

Well, go on then, run!

(Baby crying, muffled)

- What are you doing with the baby?
- Well, we can't leave him.

He can't come with either. Are you gonna give
him a little dagger? A little bow and quiver?

Look! There 's Roy!


It is good to have you back, sir

Good to be back.

- How are you? You all right?
- Yeah, good, good.

- Roy!
- John.

- Hey, how did you escape?
- Oh, you know, um...

I showed the Sheriff some of me moves!

Ireckon he was impressed.

Reckon he were gonna ask me to join his side.

I would have said "No, thanks, mate,
I don't do red wine from Burgundy.

- "I'm an October Ale man, me."
- (Laughter)

- So, how many did you take down?
- Oh, a few... Erm, yeah, quite a few.

- What hundred? Two?
- Well, not that many. Come off it.

(Laughter, baby crying)

"Moves." What does that mean?

Stop! Stop! He's gonna kill us!

- You what?
- Who?



The horse. It's the same trick.

They've tracked us.

He's led them right to us.

We're done for.

(Whispers) Much!

Well, it was possible.
You've got to admit that.

Robin, I need to tell you...

Something happened at the castle.

Go on.


I've something that...

What is it?

I know the baby's name.

- OK.
- It's Seth.

He's called Seth.

I met the father in the castle dungeon.
Just for stealing bread.

It looks like the mother.

The thought of raising the child on her own,
she must have panicked and brought it here.

This Sheriff. He's destroying lives.

The mother lives out in Knighton. You and I, we
go and give her some money to keep the child.

Are we moving on?

No. Erm...

Meet at sunset at the long stone.

- Where are you going?
- Knighton.

To take the baby home.

Roy knows where he lives.

- Well, shall I come?
- Er, no!

More than two, we attract attention.

Ah, good.

I'll stay here, sort things out.

I thought we could have rabbit,
you know, for supper.

- Lady Marian!
- Good day.

- What can I do for you?
- I need five minutes in the village.

- Ah. That I cannot do.
- Please...

- I cannot.
- Please...

- No!
- Step aside, I have business in the village.

There is a quarantine, you know that. Pestilence.

The pestilence is long gone, you know that.

- And if you don't you are a fool.
- Sheriff's orders.

I am the daughter of the old Sheriff
and I am ordering you to step aside.

The people in here are starving.

If the Sheriff knew your game,
he'd have your guts for garters.

The pestilence is gone. These people need food.

Oh! Nice pie.

How about a nice kiss to go with it?

Don't you touch me!

Everybody still, if you please.

Having a little trouble?

Nothing I cannot resolve myself, thank you.


The village has been starved.

The disease has gone but the Sheriff
has not lifted the quarantine.

He wants the village for accommodation.

Roy, tie them.

And what was your plan?

To sweet-talk the guards?

(Tuts) Bad idea.

Oh, and you have a better one?

Look! It's bread.

Quick, everyone!

Run, run! Come on! Quickly, quickly!

(Man) Bless you, Robin Hood!
(All) Bless you, Robin Hood!

That is a waste of arrows.


You could simply throw the food.

We could...

but where would be the fun in that?

- Aaargh!
- Robin!

Get up! Come on, let's get out of here.

Robin, let me help you.

No! Feeding the poor
is foolish but understandable.

Helping me is a hanging offence.
Give me the baby.

- This is no sport for a woman.
- More than it is for a child? Is he yours?


- Split up.
- But...

No buts.

Where did you get that dagger?

And announce yourself next time,
I could have killed you.

- (Baby crying)
- Did we lose them?

We are alone.

I said split up.

You disobeyed me.

I'm glad you did.

It will soon be dark.

Our mission to reunite mother and child
should maybe wait a day. What do you think?

It cannot wait.

What d'you mean?

- Robin, I'm sorry...
- (Marian) Robin?

Don't just stand there.

Do you know me?

- Lady Marian.
- No.

You have not seen me, understand?

- As you wish.
- Can you help me?

This needle is thick and blunt.

Are you prepared?

It's the way you sell it.

You'll need to take off your shirt.

Saracen attack on the King.

Caught us unawares.

To this day, I do not know how.

Is this why you returned?

The stitching became infected.
I took a fever.

And when I awoke, the King had gone south
and left orders for me to return to fully recover.

So you return and take instantly
to the woods?


It must be clean or you will take another fever.

So... you never told me.

When I was in the Holy Land,
you must have had suitors?

- Ah!
- I must have.

- Well, it is surprising you are not married.
- It is.

And yet, when one considers that
marriage requires a man, perhaps not.

A word of advice.

Your charms, such as they are,
ceased working on me at least five years ago.

- A challenge.
- A statement.

- Ow!
- That hurt?

- Yes!
- Good.

Just tying off.

Kiss it better?



Are you spying?

Up to no good?

Sorry! I heard crying.

This is the milk
and cheese for the mother.

This is not our child.

(Much) Master

- Master
- Stay here.

- (Baby crying)
- Your horse returned without you.

- Can you take the baby?
- Me?

- Its mother lives in Knighton.
- What, because I am a woman?

Because I have to go. My men are here.

The call of the wild.

Marian... why is it that everything
you say to me sounds like a criticism?

I do not know.

I suppose these are the lives we have chosen.

Always different directions.

- And yours is the better direction?
- I work within the system. It is the only way.

Not at night.

You dress up as... Who is it?

- The Nightwatchman.
- I do not taunt the Sheriff.

I do not publicly flout his decisions.

OK, so today, at Clun?

That was different. It was an emergency.

And you were wonderful.

You were bold and...

I wish there were more emergencies...

- Is it all a big joke to you?
- Is it all so serious to you?

Forgive me for being careful.

But so far nobody has had their
tongue cut out because of me!

Take your baby.

A storm 's coming from the east.

A forest is no place to have a bairn.

- You stay here tonight.
- Thank you.

- No, no, no, we can't.
- Why?

We've got to get the baby back to its mother.

Do it tomorrow.

Yes, exactly.

Now, get inside, all of you.

I want you gone before dawn.

Rumors abound. The pestilence is over.

It is over.

No, no, my dear,
that was between you and me...

and the Council of Nobles.
You see, now we have a problem.

Either I say you were wrong,
you made a mistake

and leave the quarantine in place...

I was not wrong.

Or I say you were right,

lift the quarantine,

let the layabouts live,

and then look for somewhere else
to house my garrison.

Then say I was right.

No, you see, there 's always a catch.

In politics there 's always a deal.

If I were to say that you were right,
then I would lose face.

Well, that can't happen, hm?

We must have authority.

So, I'll have to punish you.

For your outspokenness.

Punish me?

I do not listen to suggestions
that you were consorting with Robin Hood.

That would be unforgivable.

What punishment?

Oh, don't worry, nothing personal.
Just politics.

It would have to hurt, though.

What punishment?


Long and flowing.


We cannot have
challenges to our authority.

The law...

applies to everybody.

Even the privileged.


Wasted beauty.


Sometimes so much better than execution.

Roy? What are you doing?



Get up, wake up!

What are you doing? We came to rescue you!

Every man here
was willing to risk his life for you!

I've got to kill him! I've got to kill him!

In war, a rescued man owes his life
to his rescuers.

He gives his life like that
for the men who saved him.

What is going on?

This one tried to kill Robin.


You were like my son.

(All shouting)

(Roy) Kill me.

I will... kill... you!

- John, leave it!
- I'll kill him.

- John, that's enough.
- Kill him!

Listen to me. Listen to me!

That's enough.

Enough. I need to think.

Stop. Now.

(Thunder rumbles)

What have I ever done to you
to make you want to kill me?

My mother. They've got me mother.

And they will kill her...

unless you kill me first?

She'll hang at dawn.

I hate the Sheriff.

And the story about the child's mother?

That was a lie too?

Gisborne is the father.


The mother' s a kitchen girl.

She thinks Gisborne's going to take the child
to Kirklees Abbey, to be raised there.

I hate Gisborne too.

That doesn't mean that this one
can go around killing my master.

- Come on.
- What?

We have two mothers
to rescue before sunrise.

- Annie?
- Yeah.

I think this belongs to you.

(Roy, whispering) Mother?

- Mother?
- Mary! Mary!

- Mary?
- Mother

Mary? Mary?

- Mary? Mary?
- Where is she? What have you done wi' 'er?

Gisborne. What do you think?
Does that look like the first light of day?

- Mm-hm.
- Mm. Well, I kept my side of the bargain.

You didn't keep yours.

So, bring them to see "Mary, Mary"...



Erm... No hood, I think.

You'll rot in hell for this.

Really? Just for this?

"Mary, Mary's boy's contrary"

"Time to see her swing."

Murderers! I will kill you!

- Annie...
- Do not move!

You left him in the woods.
You said he would be safe!

You left him to die.

Our son! Our baby!

Gisborne! (Tuts)


To the horses!

Come on, then!


Why so much haste, my friend?

Sorry to ruin your day,
but if you leave he gets it.

This is our old friend the dilemma calling.

Master, you cannot give yourself
up every five minutes.

- Robin, no.
- Robin, yes!

Let him go.

Or we all die here today.

Oh, come along, Robin, we both of us know
we've had this conversation many times,

and we also know that you're
not the killing kind. But me...

Raaghh! Run!
For my mother For the baby!

No, Roy!

My name is Royston White.
I fight for Robin Hood and King Richard!

He does this for you. Come.

...King Richard!

Robin, come on...


I liked.

Your hair...

It was a nuisance to wash.

Thank you, my Lady.

Lady Glasson is a good mistress,
you will be well looked after.

And Seth too.

And you too.

Thank you.

- From me but especially from...
- Go.

You have a long journey.

One thing.

We, um...

- Open it later.
- Thank you.

I am going... this way.

I'm going...

Always different directions.

I have to say,
I'm not gonna miss that baby.

Me neither.