Robin Hood (2006–2009): Season 1, Episode 1 - Will You Tolerate This? - full transcript

Robin, Earl of Huntingdon, returns to Locksley from fighting with King Richard in the Crusades, but England is not as he left it and all attempts to resume his former life are foiled by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Horse grunts)

Hold him.

- You know the law.
- I know the law is an ass.

The price for one of the King's deer
is your right hand.

- Let's go.
- No.

- Please, have mercy. My wife...
- What?

My wife expects a child. We have no food.

She must eat or we'll lose the baby.

And when she has the baby
you will say you must steal

because you have another mouth to feed.

- Bring him.
- Please. No, I need my hand.

We can punish you now.

If you admit your guilt, the punishment
is lessened. We can take a finger.

But you will have no right to trial.
No defense, no appeal.

I will lose a trial. And my hand.

- Take a finger.
- Do it.

Come on.

Pop your hand on there. Like this.

Er... I've changed my mind.

No appeal.

What the...?

- Who's there?
- Seems I missed your hand.

Let him go before my aim improves.

Show yourself.
You interfere with the law of the land!

The last time I looked, the law punished
poaching with a tanning or a spell in the stocks.

The law is under threat
and must be severe if it is to be respected.

If the law wants respect,
shouldn't the punishment fit the crime?

I do not make the law. I do not decide.

But you enforce it.

And my men and I suggest
that you decide to go on your way.

They've got us surrounded, sir.

- And let this man feed his hungry wife.
- I don't know...

You know!

And what does that prove?

Missed again.

Let him go.

God bless you, sir. God bless you all, gents.

Come. We leave these rogues to their crimes.



Don't show your faces here again, cowards!

- Shh... Quiet!
- Why?

We have won and they should be ashamed!

Shame on you!

Come back here again and my master and I

shall see that you leave with more than
just your tails between your legs.

"My master and I?"
There are only two of them!

I shouldn't have said that.

Run, Robin. Run!

Clever, master...

Five years in battle, Much,
and you still forget the Last Man!

There 's always so much to remember.

(Much) When I see the River Trent,
I'm going to weep.

I'm going to cry like a baby.

For all the pain we've suffered in Palestine,
the horrors we've witnessed.

And because I am so hungry.

When we get to Locksley,
I'm going to have beef.

- Yesterday you said pig.
- Yesterday I was not so hungry.

I mean I could have pig and beef. And lamb.

Mmm... I'd like that. Very much.

In fact, I can feel a song coming on...

No! No song.

Absolutely no song.

- It would be a cheery song.
- It would be a tragedy too.

A tragedy for you to have survived the Turk
and made it to within a few miles of Locksley,

only to be killed by your own master.

You know, it is lucky
I do not readily take offence.

You know, a smaller man would be offended.

- A smaller man would be wounded.
- And a cleverer man would sing fewer songs.

(Much) So, master, no stopping here, all right?

No stopping anywhere, no more heroics.

We're going home, we're going straight home.

- Nathan.
- You two on the run?

No, we're returning to Locksley
after a long absence.

You look like you're on the run.

Want to give me a hand with this ditch?
There 's a meal in it.

Me daughter Sarah and I, we've a pork roasting.

- Master, we could, couldn't we?
- Much, we are nearly home!

Please... Please?

I love you. Have I ever said that?

Call that digging?
Have you ever done a proper day's work?

(Much) Roast... pork.


Roast... pork...

(Robin) Ahem...

Thank you.

- Where are you two headed?
- Home... to Locksley.

It's getting late. You and your friend
should stay in our barn tonight.

That is very kind
but I don't think that would be...

Someone special waiting for you, is there?
In Locksley?

I doubt it.

- My friend and I...
- Then what's your hurry?

- Your father!
- He'd kill you if he saw...

- Sarah...
- But he won't see.

The Sheriff wants cloth dyed for his men
in lieu of taxes.

Taxes that I cannot afford
cos nobody has money to buy my cloth.


You know, he is a fair-minded old man.

I'm sure if you explain your difficulties to him,

if you kiss him.

- Kiss him?
- Kiss his ring.

- He will understand.
- You really have been away.

The old man is finished.

We've had a new Sheriff these last four years.

Where 's that food?


That is interesting.

Because, he's a... fair-minded old man.

I told you.

We've a new, young...
You're not listening.


My daughter!

I meant no offence! I do not wish to fight!

Well, bad luck! I do! Argh!

You picked the wrong man. I did not always
work cloth. I once worked metal.

I was never beaten with a sword.
Not by knight, not by knave.





Much. Fetch the packs.


Oh, sir, sir!

You have me.

- Allow me one final request.
- What's that?

One last kiss.

(Much) I told you! I said no stopping!

Why do you never ever listen?

Faster! Go!

I'm not saying anything.

Hey there!

Where is everybody?

Dan Scarlett?!

- Dan, it's me, Robin!
- Robin?

- Yes!
- Is it really you?

- Of course it's us.
- We are home unscathed.

Well... scathed.

Very scathed.

But happy. And hungry. Mostly hungry.

Blessed Mary, it is you!

- An accident?
- An incident.

No matter. What's done is done.

Tell me.

Guy of Gisborne runs your estate for the Sheriff.

Does he?

We have one tithe after another for the King
in the Holy Land. Making ends meet...

It was wrong, but my boys,
they took some game.

I went to stop them, but so did Gisborne's lot.

They got caught.

Me too. Someone had to lose a hand.

Better me than Will, or little Lukey.

I'm old. They've got years ahead of them.

This is madness.

You are a skilled man, you built half this village.

I won't have this.
You will be compensated.

I see my boys in good health and I am happy.

It's all right, boys!

This is Master Robin.

You're all right. Come on.

This is my bow.

My dad made if for me.

Why has yours got those curves in it?

Well, this is a Saracen bow.

It is recurved.

The bows straighten...

when you draw.

Makes it small but powerful.

Is it true you can hit a man from a mile away?

If I practice every day, I'll do that.

- Let's hope you never have to shoot a man.
- (Luke) Yeah, that's what Dad says.

I bet you killed loads of men
when you were fighting with the King.


OK, keep your chin up. And remember to... take a breath first!
- Wait, wait.

He's a credit to you and Jane.


Two years.

Told us she was eating. Don't think she was.

Couldn't see her boys starve.

The whole village has suffered. Not just us.

Jane, your good strong wife...

(Horse neighs)

Come on!

Come on, stand there and don't move!

Ten sacks of flour
have gone missing from the store.

They will be found.

Go on, get out of here with the rest of 'em.

They will be accounted for.

Come on, stop struggling!
Go on, get out there!

No more, sir.

Who helped this... runt?

Step forward now. I may show lenience.


The remaining perpetrators will be found.
This crime will be punished. Bring the boy.


- Guy of Gisborne?
- Sir Guy of Gisborne to you.

And bow before your master.

Sir Guy of Gisborne.

My name is Robin,
Earl of Huntingdon and lord of this manor.

Your services here are no longer required.

Charles. Thomas.

- Thornton.
- Welcome back, sir.

A bath for the master, Hannah,
and fresh clothes immediately.


- And me too.
- Pardon?


- Much is no longer my manservant.
- Oh?

In recognition of his services to me
in the Holy Land, he is to be made a free man!

I am granting him the fields and lodge at
Bonchurch. Until then he's a guest in my house.

And I would like a plate of something
while I bathe.

Very well.

That is the way to the servants' quarters.

I knew that.

Welcome back, Locksley. Now...

I have kept your lands for you.

I have managed your estates to the best
of my ability under the guidance of the Sheriff.

And I would appreciate more respect
in front of the populace.

- How many years have you been here?
- Three years. Four winters.

And yet you still do not have
the respect of the populace?

- My men and I will leave for Nottingham.
- My servants will help you pack.

How was the Holy Land?


I understand the King is winning,
thanks be to God.

- He is killing more people...
- Is that not winning?

Show me an argument ever settled with
bloodshed and then I'll call it winning.

Do not pretend that you do not love war.

- I've seen you fight.
- When?

I do not recall.

I've changed.

The Council of Nobles meets
tomorrow at Nottingham.

I've no doubt the Sheriff will call a feast
to celebrate your safe return.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

One thing.

I shall celebrate my safe return too,

by pardoning all wrongdoers from my estates
awaiting trial or punishment.

Only the Sheriff can pardon.

It is custom for the Sheriff to accede
to his nobles' requests on such matters.

Well, then I suggest you take it
up with the Sheriff.

Was it horrible? The war? What was it like?

War is for... for men.

You would be upset, little one.


I heard that dying men always
ask for their mums.

- That's for the bath.
- What?

Rose petals.

I knew that.

Much, get dressed.

- If you want to visit the old Sheriff.
- Really?

I would prefer,

I have to say,
the whole food, bath, sleep thing.

Of course. I forgot my promise to you.

You don't have to come.

- Is something wrong?
- England is wrong.

And Nottinghamshire is worse.
The old Sheriff would never have allowed this.

I have to hear his story
before I go to Nottingham tomorrow.

Sleep well, my friend.

You have earned it.


But Master, the food...

Go into the village,
bring every family here and feed them.

Nobody here eats until they do, including me.

Those who are ill, take the food to them.

- Yes, master.
- Lan?

Obviously you don't mean that
about nobody eating.


No, of course not.

That's fine.

That's fine.

Has anyone seen my horse?

Get out! Get away from here!

Edward! It is me, your friend, Robin of Locksley.

I know who you are. Crooks, come to deceive
me. I'll have none of you here.

I swear. I come in friendship!

Get away! I am no longer the Sheriff.
Leave me to live out my days in peace.

You heard my father. Leave!


It is me, Robin.

Congratulations. Leave.

How are you? I thought of you.


We are leaving.

Sir Edward, if you do not remember me,
remember Nottingham. Remember your people!

- Interesting.
- Interesting?

That's unbelievable.

He used to treat us like... like sons.

She is still unmarried.

Oh! And I thought you'd come
to see the old Sheriff.

- I did!
- Please.

Bless you, Master Robin. We have all eaten well.

Is there any food left?
I must confess, I am anxious.

- Robin! Robin!
- Jeffrey?

Remember this? Remember this?

(Silly voice) My egg, my egg!

Where 's it gone?

You've eaten it.
No I haven't...

Here it is!

You used to love that when you were a lad.

Have you had lots to eat?

You're a good boy.

Thanks for feeding us.

Come on, then!
Bring those eggs. Come on.

That man is a show-off.

If there are no eggs left, I'm going after him.

Dan? What's wrong?

Young Benedict got frightened.

He told Gisborne's lot who took
the flour with him.

Your boys?

They've taken them to Nottingham.

- Robin...
- I will resolve this.

I will talk to the Sheriff. I promise.

(Much) Where is everybody?

Funny. Wednesday used to be market day.

I think Wednesday may still be market day.

Surely some mistake.

(Man laughing)

My Lord, I do not think that
this is a laughing matter.

Sorry, remind me,
how many men do you have?


- And he has?
- One. But the point...

But you let him take the house.

- Technically it is still his property.
- La-la-la-di-da.

(Continues laughing)

I would have appreciated more
support in this matter.

Relax. Relax.

I'll get it back to you within a month.

Twenty-four... One!

It has been a good month.
We have collected nearly 300 pounds.


Would you want to be the King in Antioch?

Clue. No.

Trying to feed a starving army
on 300 pounds?

You promised... 500 pounds.

It's more than we have managed before.

Oh, yippee.

So the King is starving in the Holy Land
and you have failed him, but...

"it's more than we ever managed before"!

Robin of Locksley!

(Robin) Good morning, everyone.


Carry on.

Locksley. Welcome back.
I trust Sir Guy of Gisborne

has managed your estates to your satisfaction?

I believe he may have managed
them to your satisfaction.

Some of your peasants are unruly, by the way.
We have two in custody awaiting punishment.

- Three.
- Three.

Discipline will be a problem.
Be warned. Loughborough?

Sheriff, thank you. I report...

Discipline has never been
a problem on my estates.

- Times have changed.
- Not for the better, it seems.

You of all people should know
that the King needs funds to fight our Holy War.

Is it our Holy War? Or is it Pope Gregory's?

We stand shoulder to shoulder with Rome.

We fall shoulder to shoulder too. I have seen it.

Then what is your proposal to raise money?

Stop all taxes. Today!

- Amusing.
- I do not joke.

Today is market day
and yet there is no market.

And your point is?

If a man can make more than he needs
for his family,

he can take what remains to market.
He can trade.

And the shire can take its share.
But until then we must help every man,

every peasant, every pieman, every pinner,
provide for his family.

Get him trading again.

A man...

who can provide for his family
is a comfortable man. A lazy man.

Doesn't want to work.

What we need are hungry men.

Our noble friend seems to forget
that hungry men are virtuous.

There is a celebration of my return
in the Great Hall.


And I trust none of us virtuous men
will be feasting.

(Bird twittering)


My father seems to think he should see you.

Our house is watched.
Come after midnight tonight.

Very well.

You're looking... striking.

And if you still live with your father,
that must mean...

- Take care not to be seen.
- Don't worry. I can look after myself.

I don't care about you.
I care about my father.

Are you really as naive as you seem?

You think you can pick fights with these people
and get away with it.

You think you can slight them in public?

You're a fool.

Marian, wait.

Now is not the time, I know,

but I must say, you are...

more than ever, your eyes,
even when you look at me in anger,

I feel you.

I believe you can still...

even after all this time...

you can see into my soul.

Five years and you're still
peddling the same old drivel?

Does it ever work?

- You'd be surprised.
- Amazed.

Bring out the Locksley lot.

(Prisoner) Hey, jailer!

Jailer? That's me!

Jailer! A ren't you listening?

I'm from Locksley!

Jailer! I 'm from Locksley!

Give your names.

Will and Luke Scarlett.

- What is your crime?
- Living in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Living under an evil Sheriff. Our taxes go
to Nottingham, to the Sheriff, to his birds...

- Name?
- Benedict.

Son of Richard Giddens, serf of Locksley.

- What is your crime?
- Stealing flour.

Are you guilty?

- What is your punishment?
- Don't know.

Hanging? No, surely not!


- Hanging?
- Robin...

- No!
- They told me you'd save us!

My dad told me you'd save us!

Do you mind?
We don't tell 'em if it's the dangle.

They kick up a hell of a stink.

For stealing flour. Hanging?

The Sheriff wants an example.
We've just had word...

I'll be speaking to the Sheriff.

Meanwhile you treat these prisoners well
or you'll have me to answer to.

- (Door opens)
- You've got one more.

- You're not from Locksley.
- I know. But you saved me once before.

That was a long way from Nottingham.
Here I am known.

Look, you're saving those others, you'll save me.

For my wife. My newborn babe.

- You said your wife was expecting.
- No, she had it.

Your lies today may be your undoing.

I cannot save the others
and now I fear you will share their fate.

What fate?

I'm not from Locksley.

Did I say Locksley?

There 's been a mistake here. I'm from Rochdale.

Rochdale! That's why they call me Allan A Dale!

Yeah, and I'm from wild Wales!

(Jailer) Throw him in with the Locksley lot!


Ah, Huntingdon, you're missing your own feast.

- Rumors abound.
- What rumors?

That you are weak. That you've returned
weakened from your exertions in the Holy Land.

My master returns with honors from the King.

The greater honor would have been
to have stood and fought with him, surely?

I have visited my peasants in your dungeons.
They have committed grave crimes.

- Master...
- Which would make much more compassionate

- your gesture of pardoning them.
- Pardoning them?

I will see them hang.

In the morning, you yourself said
that we risk rebellion. We must have order.

It is custom for the Sheriff
to hear his nobles' requests for clemency.


Oh, by the way, in your absence we nominated
you to oversee tomorrow's entertainment.

- No.
- Oh.

You don't want these rumors of weakness
to spread, hm?

Better scotch them now,

otherwise we'll all pay.

Marian! Might I have
the pleasure of your company?

(Knock on door)

Well? Don't just stand there.

- If the Sheriff's men see...
- What?

You might give them
the pleasure of your company?

Grow up.

Forgive me. I could not welcome you before.

How did this monster become Sheriff?

I did not watch my back.

Prince John gives out the shires
in his brother' s absence.

My bid was not accepted.

- What can be done?
- I can do nothing.

I am watched.
And I must think of my daughter.

When I do speak out, no one listens.

Robin, it is down to you, my friend.

- What can we do?
- Play Nottingham's game.

Speak to the lords. Slowly you can turn them.

Do not make the mistake I and others
have made and make your dissent public.

Consolidate your position quietly.

I do not have time.

Tomorrow I am to order the hanging
of four of my own peasants.

- It will be the long game, I'm afraid.
- Will and Luke Scarlett cannot wait.

Benedict Giddens. Allan A Dale.

You must let them die. It is a test.
Fail it and there will be consequences.

- Perhaps!
- Definitely!

This is not a game...

My daughter speaks when she should not.
But she is right.

You have no choice, Robin.
Hide your temper. Bide your time.

Until you can act decisively.

Or kiss your lands, if not your life, goodbye.

- Murderer!
- Murderer!


It's not your fault.

Lords, ladies, people of Nottingham...

we are gathered here today
to witness the carrying out of justice

in the name of God and King Richard.

Bring out the prisoners!

Robin of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon,

having recently returned from the Holy War

with a personal commendation from the King
himself, will read the proclamation.


Oh, and no second thoughts, Locksley,

or your friend Much will be dropping in on us
as our special guest today.

"Let it be heard and known

"about the lands and realms of Richard,
His Majesty, King of England,

"that on this, the 26th day of April,

"in the year of our Lord
eleven hundred and ninety-two,

"the following men,
having been tried under law and found guilty -

"Benedict Giddens of Locksley...

"Will Scarlett of Locksley...

"Luke Scarlett of Locksley...

"Allan A Dale of Locksley.

"These same men have been
sentenced to hang by a rope..."

"until they are dead."

(Crowd groaning)

(Man) Will! Luke!

- May the...
- Wait!

Nah nah nah...

"Please don't kill my brother,
my little baby, my inbred cousin!"

On behalf of Anthony, our bishop,
I claim benefit of clergy for these men.

They cannot hang.

These are not holy men.

These people cannot plead the cloth.
Get on with it.

I came last night to administer their last rites.

- So?
- And each one came to God through me,

repenting their sins
and asking to take the cloth.

I felt duty-bound to consult the Bishop

and he in turn confers
status of novice onto each man.

Shut up.

"I, Anthony, very Reverend Vicar Apostolic,
hereby confer..."

Shut up!

- Is this possible?
- They can't have become novices overnight.

They are become postulants!
Novice novices, if you like.

And so are under the protection of the Church.

Novice novices?

How novel.

Well... hang them and arrest him.

Where 's the drum? Pom, pom... pom...

Watch and enjoy, Robin.

Oh, your priest will talk.

And then you will be done for, my friend.

(Drumming speeds up)

May the souls of these men
find forgiveness in heaven.

(Crowd gasps)

(Man) I love you, boys!

I love you, Will! Love you, Luke!

I'll see you in heaven!

People of Nottingham.

These men have committed no crime
worth more than a spell in the stocks.

Will you tolerate this injustice?

I for one will not.

This way!

Master! Help!

Yield, Locksley, or say farewell
to your little Mulch.

His name... is Much.

Well, he'll be mulch in a moment.

Let's go.

Master! L ook out!


This way!

Don't just stand there! Get after him!

Prepare to return to Locksley.

This time for good.

Master! A rchers, what do we do?

Let's give them something to shoot at.

Go, go!


I'm just getting some kindling.

Be honest with me.

This does not bode well for my lodge.

My Bonchurch.

- I knew it.
- This is your lodge now, my friend.

Sherwood Lodge!

I'm not your friend.


(Man) Excuse me!

This is our forest.