Risqué Business: Japan (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

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I feel intimidated.

We were told that there were
a lot of AV filming studios in Tokyo,

and here we are,
visiting one for the first time.

Why do I feel scared?

Come in.

Excuse us.


Nice to meet
you. Welcome.

I'm Shimiken.



I go by the name of
Shimiken in Japan,

and I'm known as
Shim Ik-hyeon in Korea.

- You're extremely famous.
- You're extremely famous these days.

I'm honored.

Although all I do is hump.

We've heard that there are
many AV filming studios in Tokyo.

We were told that there are studios
exclusively for AV filming in Tokyo.

Is this one of them?

That's right.

This studio is often
used for AV filming.


I've had sex many times here.

- Right here?
- Yes.

I probably ejaculated
more than 200 times in this studio.

- I've done it here.
- I see.

And here too!

- You've done it everywhere.
- That's right.

There's a casino
on the second floor.

There's also
a large living room like this.





There's also a pool.

If you go further into the room,
there's a pool.

This is the best part.

The pool isn't that big.

It's not.

Most pool scenes you see in AVs
are filmed here.

I've also done it in the pool.

And out here
too. Like this.

I see hair and
some other stuff…

- There's stuff floating around.
- In the water.

- Can you see it?
- Yes.

Only horny people can spot it.

- That's why he can see it.
- That's why.

Over here.

So before filming
the pool scene…

You have to clean
the pool before filming.

That's right.
You're good.

So you clean before filming.

So you do this before filming.

We do.


- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- This is Shin Dong-youp.
- Nice to meet you, Mr. Shin.

Ittetsu, we're the
same age, right?

The three of us
are the same age.

Born in the Year of the Sheep.

- Me too.
- Same here.


have a good time.

This is great. It
feels like I'm back in middle school.

Welcome to Risqué Business.

Following the AV actresses,

these AV actors and a director
are here with us

to share behind-the-scenes stories
from the set.

I feel like today is also
going to be very exhausting.

Please introduce yourselves.

I won the Top Excellence Award
in the omnibus category

at the AV Grand Prix in 2008.

I also won the Best Actor Award

at SKY PerfecTV!
Adult Broadcasting Awards in 2005.

I'm Shimiken, and I've starred in
11,000 titles over the past 25 years.

- Did you say 11,000?
- How many actresses has he worked with?

How many actresses
have you worked with?

I guess around 10,000 actresses.

- That many?
- Yes.

Do you ever work
with the same actress twice?

Not really, because I often star
in their debut titles.

That's why I rarely work
with the same actress twice.

Nice to meet you.

I've starred in
around 3,000 titles so far.

I'm Ittetsu, also known as Chi-hun,
and I mostly star in AVs for women.

That's not a Japanese name, is it?

It's a Korean name.

I once played a
dentist in an AV.

And that video became
a huge hit in Korea.

So that's where
your name comes from.

That's right.
"Chi-hun," meaning "good-looking dentist."

That's why they
call you Chi-hun.

What does he mean
by "AVs for women"?

What do you mean
by "AVs for women"?

AVs for men aim to arouse
a fierce sexual desire

while AVs for women aim to make
butterflies flutter in the stomach.

In AVs for men,
the actresses are meant to stand out.

So the actors'
presence is weakened.

I see.

But in AVs for women,
the actors are just as important.

The focus is on the relationship
between the man and the woman.

There are no crazy
sex positions either.

We also make sure to include
a scene where we put on a condom.

That's important.

Now, Mr. Nomoto.

Hello. I'm Yoshiaki Nomoto,
the CEO of Soft On Demand,

one of Japan's top three
AV production companies.

I joined the
company 20 years ago,

and I've been
directing AVs until now.

He's so handsome
so I assumed he was an actor.

You're so handsome
that he thought you were an actor.

Thank you.

Are you acquainted
with one another?

We are.

What's your relationship?

Mr. Nomoto gives me work.

I cast them in a
lot of my films.

I appreciate it.

- They've worked together.
- I appreciate it.

And I've also mentored Ittetsu.


I was preparing to
become an accountant.

I went to film a video
to blow off some steam.

I met Shimiken there

and thought that I
wanted to be like him.

So I asked him to mentor me
and that's where it all started.

Right from the get-go,

he stood out from
the other actors.

So I decided to work with him.

We've even lived
together for a while.

- Looking back on it, it's funny.
- Yes, it is.

- He helped me a lot.
- I shared my know-how with him.

You two must be very close.

We used to be.

- That's past tense.
- Not anymore?

We still are.

When did you two
start drifting apart?

We both got married
and started families.

His wife told him to
stay away from me.

That's not true.

We both just began
to focus on our own lives.

We decided to do that.

Yuna Ogura told us

that more than five women
audition every day

and that there are
numerous AV actresses.

I'm curious about
how many AV actors there are.

There are about 70 of us.

- Only 70?
- Yes.

There aren't many AV actors.

In Japan, 26,000 to 30,000 titles
are released every year.

But there are only 70 AV actors.

So it must be grueling
for the AV actors.

I guess they'd have to
perform continuously.

It's harder to schedule
with the actors.

So we begin by booking
the actors first.

I guess it's not easy
to become an AV actor.

Not everyone can become
an AV actor, right?

Right. From
my experience,

around 300 new AV actors
enter the industry every year.

But only two or three of them
are around the next year.

It's probably because things are different
from what they imagined.

From the sheer
number of staff members

to how you must ejaculate

every time on command.

When you film pool scenes,
your knees hurt.

And if it gets
flaccid during a scene,

you get scolded and
end up beating yourself up about it.

That's why many AV actors quit.

If your penis goes
limp while filming…

What happens if it gets flaccid
during a shoot?

Then the shoot
can't go on, can it?

You can't continue
filming, right?

That's right.

Then you must feel apologetic
toward the actress and the crew.

He's experienced
that many times.

That's right.

Unlike Shimiken,

I'm not very confident
in achieving an erection.

I'm sorry I caused you
so much trouble that time.

It's like a singer saying,
"I'm not that good at singing."

Exactly. You're
absolutely right.

"I can sing well
sometimes, but…"

It's like losing your voice.

Then what do you do?

First of all, I ask for a break.

And then like a warrior
sharpening his sword…

I focus all my energy.

We call it the "erection standby"
in the AV industry.

"Erection standby"?

- The term might become globally known now.
- Right.

- "Erection standby"?
- Yes.

- It gets quite serious.
- Everyone's praying.


During that time,
the rest of us are…

- The whole crew looks away.
- While the actor's doing this…

- The sound…
- It becomes silent.


That's pure hell.

The rest of us
keep glancing at him.

- The actor lets us know when he's ready.
- "I'm ready!"

What if it gets flaccid again?

That happens.

Then you take a break
and get it hard again.

You do it over and over again.

It's a nuisance to everyone.
They call it Ittetsu Hell.

There's so much pressure
so I bet it's psychological.

- Exactly.
- Absolutely.

So it's important to
remember your roots.

Right. "Your roots."

I advised him to recall how horny
he used to be as a teenage boy.

- Does that work?
- It really does.

"I'm a teenage boy."

"I'm a teenage boy."

"I wanted to do this."

I also often say,
"Your words create your reality."

If you worry about getting hard,
you'll fail to get hard.

But if you think,
"There's no way I can't get hard,"

you really can get hard.

Can you ask them
how they became AV actors?

How did you two
become AV actors?

I had peculiar sexual fixations
since I was young.

I used to be quite depressed
because I had to hide them.

And then I happened to
secretly rent an AV when I was 15.

And it acknowledged
my hidden fixations.

I thought, "Maybe
this is where I belong."

- You were 15.
- Yes.

That's when I announced to everyone
that I was going to be an AV actor.

When I turned 18, I
sent my résumé to about 30 companies.

I found their contact info
on the back of the video cassette cases.

And only one of them replied.

That's how my fateful
debut came about.

What does he mean
by his hidden sexual fixations?

You want to know?

- I'm curious.
- He's curious.

Since I was four,

I've been attracted
to women's…

Okay, that's it. No more.

But he's never caused
anyone any trouble.


- Is that a genre?
- Is that a genre?

It is.

Has your dream come true?

It came true when I was 18.

It was eye-opening.

I thought, "This is it!"

- In a good way?
- In a good way.

That's how I became hooked
on this industry.

Mr. Nomoto, do you have
any sexual fixations?

I've always been attracted
to mature ladies.

So you're into older ladies.

I like women who are
around 50 years old.

I was attracted to them
even in elementary school.

Then is he attracted to
women in their eighties now?

Now, you must be attracted to
ladies in their eighties.

Yes, I guess
they'd be pretty old.

I still like women
who are around 50 years old.

Ittetsu, how did you
enter this industry?

Before, I was a student.

I majored in law
at Chuo University.

And I was studying
to become an accountant.

But in the end, I
didn't pass the exam.

So I started to
consider my options.

And one night, I
happened to watch an AV

and saw an ad looking for

So I applied, and here I am.

Can you ask him what a
shirudanyu is?

What's a shirudanyu?

As a shirudanyu,
you don't directly have sex with an actress.

You start at the
bottom of the ladder.

As the word "shiru" suggests,

you only provide your semen
for the shoot as an extra.

Even among shirudanyus,
there's a hierarchy.

There are upper, middle,
and lower classes.

He started at the very bottom.

If you manage to ejaculate on time,
produce a large volume,

or do a good job of ejaculating
on the actress's face,

you get recognized
and move up the ladder.

It takes at least a couple of years
to get to the top.

Only after you get to the top

can you have physical contact
with an actress.

How much do you get paid as a lower-class

Back then, I got paid 1,000 yen.

- 1,000 yen?
- Yes.

But my commute cost me 1,500 yen,
so I was losing money.

It can get pretty mean.

As the main actor,
I have sex with the actress.

Those masturbating around me are upper-class

Those in the lower
class hang back.

They do this in the back.

When they're ready to come,

they shout, "I'm coming!"

But the upper-class shirudanyus
don't want the lower class to rise up.

Say, "I'm coming!"

I'm coming!

They block him so he can't come.

So he ends up
coming on the floor.

They call this
"dead semen."

- They call it "dead semen."
- Dead semen.

- They block you.
- They block you.

The competition is intense
between classes.

So there are different classes.

What about the director?

Mr. Nomoto,
how did you enter the industry?

I failed to enter
college when I was 18.

When I decided to take
another year to apply,

I happened to buy a collection
of magazine interviews with AV actresses.

I used to think AVs
were made sloppily

and that they were
only obsessed with eroticism.

So I had a negative
perception of them.

But while reading it, I was surprised by
how much pride they take in their work,

how hard they work on the set,

and how they live their lives
with so much determination.

It made me want to support them.

Ever since I learned about
this career path,

I dreamt of becoming
an AV director.

When you announced
you wanted to be an AV director,

how did your parents
and friends react?

My parents strongly opposed it.

But the founder of the company
required me to get my parents' consent

before starting work.

I needed their signatures
to be employed.

It took me half a year
to get their signatures.

I begged them every
day for six months.

I even asked our neighbors
to help persuade my parents.

In the end, I got their signatures
and joined the company.

How do they feel now?

They're still opposed to it.

They acknowledge my hard work,

but they're still unhappy
with my occupation.

What about you actors?

How did the people
around you react?

I'm keeping it a secret.

It's something I'm
very concerned about.

I wish I could be open about it,

but I have a child.

Once, my child had an assignment
to write about their dad's occupation.

How did that go?

I panicked and
didn't know what to do.

In the end, I told my child
that I'm a cameraman.

What should we do?

Is it okay to continue?

This is Netflix.

I think it's already too late.

I'm prepared for
the consequences.

From our perspective,
they get to make money

while doing what they love.

But there must be
many challenges as well.

I'm sure there are upsides
that come with this job,

but could you tell us about
the challenges you face?

More than anything,

we're asked to perform
under any circumstances.

What I struggle with
the most is the cold.

The cold?

I sometimes have to have sex
when it's below zero.

It's freezing.

You can't tell
if you're humping or trembling.

I've done it on snowy mountains,
in the desert, on rocks,

in the sky, on the beach…

I have to do it anywhere.

You might think the studios are fine
because there is AC,

but we have it turned off
to prevent noise.

So it's cold in the winter
and hot in the summer.

Even under those circumstances,
we are required to perform.

He once asked the actors
to have sex 20 meters in the air.

That's a bit too much.

He even asked them to skydive
after ejaculating.

I wanted them
to jump off after ejaculating.

Everyone thought it was impossible
and refused to do it.

I just realized that Mr. Nomoto could be
the wackiest one here.

Because he gives
all these directions.

What exactly does
an AV director do?

Basically, we
create concept drafts.

We then turn them
into screenplays

and ask the assistant directors to
prepare the costumes, props, and venue.

On the set,

we give directions to the cast.

We also edit the
scenes ourselves.

Even now,

we're surrounded by
about 20 crew members.

If you have to act
in front of all these people,

you must feel a lot of pressure.

You're under special circumstances
when you're on set.

Even those who suffer from
premature ejaculation ejaculate later.

Shimiken Heaven.

That's right. That's
why he's incredible.

Would you be able
to come right now?

Well… it's possible.

If the director told me to come

- He's amazing.
- on the spot right now…

If I were told to have sex
in a certain way for 40 minutes,

I'd make sure I
ejaculate on time.

Let me tell you what's
really incredible.

He can ejaculate repeatedly
whenever he needs to

and can cover a large area.

But most of all, he
has excellent aim.

We're often asked to ejaculate
on the actress's face.

But it's important
to steer clear of her eyes.

It requires a lot of control
from the actors.

It's difficult, but Shimiken
can pull off the Adidas technique.

The "Adidas technique"?

One of their logos looks like
a three-pointed leaf with stripes.


Let's say the
actress's face is here.

To make sure the semen
doesn't get into her eyes,

he ejaculates in
three different directions like this.

Isn't that incredible?

- I do that.
- I was really impressed.

I even wrote a
Chinese character.

A Chinese character?

It was the Year of the Ox.

So he was asked to write
the Chinese character for "ox."

As an actor,
whenever I'm given a challenging task,

I become motivated
to accomplish it.

So I thought,
"Fine, I'll do it."

He's fantastic.

This is embarrassing.

I can really understand
why he gets paid for his ejaculations.

Thank you.


As I said, your words
create your reality.

So I advised Ittetsu to have confidence
about getting an erection.

On top of that, when
he's asked to ejaculate repeatedly,

I advised him to ejaculate
in many short bouts.

When men ejaculate,

it's often done in
one continuous bout.

But while you
ejaculate, you can pause

in between.

I can't help but
try it with him.

Our muscles are
flexing with you.

It's a very special technique.

Only Shimiken can pull it off.

Only he can.

- There are a few others.
- Only a handful of actors can pull it off.

He started doing it
so that he could do

multiple shoots in a day.

And something ended up
popping inside his head.

Something happened to my ear.

Are you all right now?

I had a check-up, and my hearing
is slightly impaired in this ear.

It's bad for the body.

- It is.
- Seriously.

- God must have…
- God punished me.

So if you're watching this,
make sure to finish in one go.

"You're not
supposed to do that!"

"You weren't
made to do that!"

How many titles do you film
on your busiest day?

On average, I
film about two or three a day.

On average?

There are days when I do six.

That's because he's popular.

Usually, we film one a
day. Sometimes two.

When I had six shoots in a day,

the cameras weren't rolling
during the first shoot.

I ejaculated,
but the cameras weren't rolling.

So I ended up ejaculating
seven times that day.

I see.

How many days do you usually
work every month?

I usually film 30 days a month.

Is it your day off today?

- It is.
- What about tomorrow?

I have to ejaculate.

- Is that code for filming?
- It is.

I'm sure it's easier
said than done.

Even for a professional,

it must be tough

doing two or three
shoots every day.

I'm sure all men

would like to know
how to improve their sexual stamina.

It's all about food,


and exercise.

- Do you drink?
- What about alcohol?

I like to drink,
but I don't drink.

- Why not?
- Why is that?

It's bad for erections.

That makes sense.

I neither drink

nor smoke.

I've been sticking to the same diet
for over 20 years now.

I carry around a
lunch box all the time.

I call it an
"erection lunch box."

"Erection lunch box"?

I have it with me today too.

Can you show us?

"Erection lunch box"?

- Here it is.
- Attention, everyone.

- It's an "erection lunch box."
- That's right.

I bring it to the
set all the time.

That's amazing.

I eat this every day.

- Unbelievable.
- Broccoli.

- It's beautiful.
- Tomatoes.

- These are beets.
- Beets.

I also have carrots
and brown rice.

It doesn't look tasty.

- It's an "erection lunch box."
- It's not about the taste.

It's for my erection.

So he's been dedicating his life
to his little guy

for the past 20 years.

The most essential part of my body
is down here.

That's his most essential part.

The rest are just
extra body parts.

The rest of his
body is just there.

You moisturize every day, right?

For my face, I
use the cheap stuff.

Here, I use the
most expensive kind.

The most expensive kind.

But expensive cream
comes in small jars.

It's tiny.

- I take a little bit.
- Like La Mer.

I use just a little
because it's expensive.

Mr. Shin once
named his little guy.

He used to have
conversations with him.

What was the name?

Was it Seung-su?

That was back when I
was in middle school.

- Seung-su. Shin Seung-su.
- Seung-su.




Would you like
to see just the tip?

Would you like to see the tip?

Is it that long?

Are you serious?

You should debut right away.

You talked about an exercise
that improves sexual stamina.

Could you teach him?

Would you like to try?

I've been doing this exercise
for over 20 years.

It's great for erections.

An exercise he's been doing
for over 20 years.

- It's an erection exercise.
- An erection exercise.

An erection exercise.

The viewers can
try this at home.

- Please show us.
- Si-kyung.

Please assist me.
I can't do it alone.

- You can't?
- No.

Please lie down
here. The floor's clean.

Please lie down facing up.

- I'm scared.
- I'll go over here.

- Are you okay?
- I'm good.

Now put your soles together.

- Soles?
- Put your soles together.

Could you come closer?

- A little close.
- Okay.

- Now close your legs all the way.
- Okay.

Close them!

I'm going to try to open them,
so try and resist.

- One!
- Close them!


- What is this?
- Three!

Come on!

Stop it!

Come on!

Stop it!

Come on!

Come on!


The camera is rolling.

The director's filming it.

The director's filming it.

I'm done.

I'm done.

Did you capture it?

His facial expression was great.

He said your
expression was great.

I felt like an AV actress.

I was lying face up,

and Shimiken kept shouting

over my face.

I thought, "Is
this how they feel?"

There's equipment
for this, right?

At the gym…

Or the other way.

From the back.

Most people today
spend too much time sitting down.

They rarely get to train
their inner thighs.

So as they get old,
they have trouble walking properly.

To stay healthy longer,

it's important to
train your inner thighs.

In Korea, actors and actresses

often become close friends.

They talk a lot on the set.

But I heard that's
not the case in Japan.

We heard there isn't much communication
between AV actors and actresses.

That's right.

We're not allowed to talk
outside of a scene.

Why is that?

If we end up developing
romantic feelings for each other,

it gets in the way of our work.

That's why it's not allowed.

If you keep in touch personally,
you might get kicked out of the industry.

You're not allowed to
exchange numbers?

No, we're not.

Does that mean you've never asked
for an actress's number?

I'm sorry.

I've done it a few times.

Shouldn't you have been
kicked out of the industry then?

I've been married twice.

My first wife was from
the same line of work.

Then he must've
asked for her number.

That means you asked
for her phone number.

Come to think of it,
we met right here.

This very studio.

It was right here. I
just remembered it.

After filming, I said,
"Good work," to her

and shook hands with her.

While doing so, I
handed over a note.

She put it in her
pocket right away.

But since her agency was strict,

they sensed
something was going on.

So they checked her hand
after we shook hands.

- They checked her hand.
- They did.

Luckily, she didn't get caught.

But after a while, we got caught

and got told off.

Still, that's quite…

a beautiful love story.

That's quite a beautiful story.

You think so? I'm
happy to hear that.

What does Ittetsu do
to prepare for his shoots?

I pay attention to
personal hygiene.

I want the actresses
to feel safe with me.

I brush my teeth, use mouthwash,

wash my body, and clip my nails.

I'm always focused
on my hygiene.

You clip your nails?

Since I touch the delicate parts
of their bodies,

it's important not to
hurt them in any way.

That's why I always
keep my nails smooth.

I guess the atmosphere differs on the set
depending on the genre.

It really does.

In AVs for men,
the actresses are the stars.

So for example, they would get to choose
the lunch boxes first.

What happens if
you choose first?

- They'd say, "Get out!"
- "Who do you think you are?"

It's pretty much like that.

We'd get scolded.

There's a Japanese saying that goes,
"There is good fortune in the leftovers,"

but that's wrong.

I realized that after seeing
the leftover lunch boxes.

But the actors starring
in AVs for women

get to choose
what they want to eat.

You're treated
completely differently.

In the AV industry,
actresses often take center stage

because most AVs
cater to male viewers.

So we make sure to provide
a pleasant environment for the actresses

to attract more women to the industry
and make them feel safe at work.

For them to
perform at their best,

we make sure they're
mentally and physically well.

It's always
"actresses first" or "ladies first."

We have no choice
but to put the actresses first.

In that sense, I feel
bad for the actors.

- No problem.
- Don't worry.

The actors starring in the AVs for women
get to choose lunch boxes first

and sometimes get paid more
than the actresses.

It all depends on

who the star is in the video.

May I ask a question?

He just said the actors sometimes
get paid more than the actresses.

- Did I say that?
- You did.

How much do you make?

I'm sure many people
are curious about

how much Shimiken
gets paid per title.

I get paid 50,000 yen per title.

If I film 2 titles, I
make 100,000 yen.

What about you, Ittetsu?

I'm sure Shimiken
makes more than I do in a month.

But roughly speaking,

I could eat about ten years' worth of
gyudon from Yoshinoya with my pay.

- Ten years?
- Ten years?

- Pretty much.
- Ten years?

Ten years?

But you don't mean
every day, do you?

Every day.

How much is a bowl of gyudon?

How much is it?
Around 400 yen?

- That's enough.
- Is it 500 yen?

- Let's say it's 500 yen.
- In a month…

In a month, it's 15,000 yen.

Gyudon isn't that expensive.

I hope you understand that.

Has there been an increase in demand
for AVs for women lately?

Have there been
more and more AVs for women?

They're still quite rare.

As I said, about 30,000 AVs
are released annually.

Only about 100 are for women.

And we're the only company
that produces AVs for women.

Then how can you pay
such high fees to the actors?

It's thanks to the fans.

- I'm grateful.
- The sales must be high.

He has an enormous
female fanbase.

And women spend more generously.

He has many devoted
fans supporting him.

So he's like an idol.

Thanks to them, I
can make ends meet.

I bet the directing
also differs.

It's completely different.
I can't direct AVs for women.

Our production company, SILK LABO,
has female directors and producers.

Most crew members are female.

The actors must kiss, speak, and gaze
in different ways.

It's very detailed
and the plots differ as well.

Female viewers seem to want
more direct expressions of affection

and more kissing scenes.

I wish that this would be reflected
in AVs for men too.

Ever since Ittetsu joined the industry,
we've gained more support from women.

He has definitely raised
the status of AV actors.

I admire his courage.

I'm grateful that he made
such an opportunity possible.

So how much was
your signing bonus?

How many years' worth of
gyudon was it?

How many years?

I'm not good with numbers.

How could you not be good with numbers
when you studied to become an accountant?

I'd like to hear about
their future goals.

Could you tell us
about your future goals?

People around the world
have various sexual fantasies.

I'd like to make them into realities
and turn them into AVs.

My mission is to make
something good out of them.

I've been controlled
by my sexual desire all my life.

As a result,

I feel like I've ended up
behind a blurred image.

"Behind a blurred image."
That's a great expression.

As an actor in AVs for women,

I've received letters
from many fans.

Some say that my work
helped them have sex again.

There are still many women

who have negative perceptions
or trauma regarding sex.

When I receive letters saying that
my work helped them overcome their trauma,

I become overjoyed.

I hope to star in more films

that will give them
the support they need.

I'd like to help
the actresses shine brighter.

In this industry,
actresses are the stars.

So we have to think about
how to make them stand out.

The actresses must shine
for us to shine as well.

So I'd like to…

become a piece of trash
that shines by itself.

I'll keep having
sex until the day I die.

Of course.

We've talked with AV actresses
and actors here in Japan.

We've learned many new things,

and have had the chance to learn

about the challenges they face
and the philosophies they have.

I'd like to thank them
for being so candid.

Thank you for being
so candid with us.

Thank you for listening to us.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Subtitle translation
by: Sophia Ha