Red Band Society (2014–2015): Season 1, Episode 7 - Know Thyself - full transcript

Kara, Hunter, Jordi and Dash band together in support of Nurse Jackson, whose actions have caught up with her. Meanwhile, Emma meets Leo's friends from home, and one of the kids' circumstances changes dramatically.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "Red Band Society"...

- What are you in for?
- Bunk liver.

Doctors gave me six weeks, tops,
before it craps out.

- Are you scared of me?
- As if I'd be scared of a gimp.

Oh! Leo!

- So, what do you want to do?
- I want to do this.

Jordi: All right? I'm sick of them.

I'm sick of this place.
I'm sick of being sick.

Everyone needs a friend, right?

Does that answer your question?

I'm gonna need a rush
on Charlie Hutchison.

He's being transferred
to convalescent care,

I had to report you for
falsifying Charlie's lab work.

How did...

I knew you wanted to
buy Charlie more time.

You're suspended.

[Mannequin men's "enough" plays]

Charlie: Aristotle said

that knowing yourself
is the beginning of wisdom.

Here at ocean park, while we're
busy getting to know ourselves,

we count on nurse Jackson

to know all the other stuff for us...

[Cellphone beeping]

Like when Dash has his first
oxygen treatment of the day...

♪ Things worth seeing, ♪
♪ But never see what I want ♪

♪ And time's tough, time's hard,
♪ Time's better ♪ [Chuckles]

♪ But time is not enough ♪

Or how to rein in Leo when
he gets a little insensitive...

♪ Time's hard, time's tough, ♪
♪ Time's better ♪

Especially when his new love life...

- ♪ But time is not enough ♪
- ... Is affecting his roommate...

Or that Dr. McAndrew gets super cranky

if he doesn't get his
afternoon fix from taco truck.


For me, though, I guess
it doesn't matter very much.

I just like it better when she's here.

Mmm. Kimchi.

Tastes just like feet...
spicy, delicious feet.


Do you think I have a foot fetish?

Brittany, in the three days
since Jackson's been gone,

I've worked four doubles,

which I didn't even know
was mathematically possible.

I've been thrown up on 11 times,

shaved a screaming child

whose medication was making him
grow body hair,

and now I'm compulsively eating

deep-fried beef just to stay awake.

You got questions about your kinky side?

Take it up with your therapist.

Yes! Taco day.

I've been thinking about this
throughout my whole appendect...

Seriously? Nobody could have
grabbed me an extra taco?

Well, technically, somebody could have,

but fetching tacos for doctors

isn't really part of being a nurse.

It's more of a thing that friends do.

And since you fired your friend...

Suspended, not fired.

Pending review, like your taco delivery.

You know, the truck's still
out there. I could run out...

And be on enema duty
for the rest of the month.

Okay. Okay. I see how this is.

Nothing gets past you.

I'm sorry. I'm just not good
at taking sides.

Especially when one of the sides
has George Clooney hair

and could father my future children.

I just feel terrible
for nurse Jackson. I do.

But I just keep picturing her
sitting alone

in her sad, little apartment,
feeding her cats,

heating single-portion microwave
dinners before sitting down

to watch 17 consecutive episodes
of "Murder, she wrote."

You paint quite a picture.

But what do you know about
nurse Jackson's actual life?

Um... Nothing.

I don't know about you,

but I'm not feeling
Angela Lansbury in here.

Mmm! Smells like Paris in here.

Gougères, coq au vin,
and for dessert, crème brulée.

It looks amazing, aunt Dena.
What's the occasion?

My favorite niece visiting from college.

I'd say that's a pretty big occasion.

I'm your only niece.

But still my favorite.
It's just a small pool.

[Chuckles] Besides, it's not like

I have anything else to do right now,

and cooking just keeps me sane.

I still can't believe they suspended you.

Welcome to the modern medical bureaucracy,

where the only thing that matters

is paperwork and protocol.

Pencil-pushing pinheads.

Do you think they could fire you for this?

If I get fired
for doing the right thing...

Honestly, I should just walk away.

Would you?

Now, you know NYU's
not gonna pay for itself.

[Scoffs] Dad can cover it.

Your dad covers tuition.
I cover room and board,

not to mention all those pea coats

and fancy cocktails
you're too young to drink.

So I'll get a job.

- [Laughs]
- Seriously!

I don't want you staying someplace

that's making you miserable
just so I can have

the deluxe meal plan in the dining hall.

You've already given up so much
because of me.

Don't start with that.

I'm just saying,

maybe the suspension happened
for a reason.

Maybe this is your chance

to go back to what you're supposed to do.

You have a gift.


[Cellphone chimes] You're late.

That's what I said to my period
last month.

Look, me and Leo set up
this whole get-together

because we need to do something

about this nurse Jackson situation.
Right, the way we see it,

we've got various methods at our disposal.

Sit-ins, picket lines, hunger strikes.

Emma, I think we found your calling.

[Cellphone chimes]
But, um, we think our best option

is to write a letter to the powers that be

demanding that they bring
nurse Jackson back immediately.

Kara: It's adorable
that you guys are getting

all civil rights-y about this,

but I slept till 9:00 a. m. this morning,

and it's been 24 hours since
someone watched me pee in a cup.

Isn't it kind of better without her here?

[Cellphone chimes]
Look, nurse Jackson got suspended

because of what she did for Charlie.

She went down fighting for one of us.

So, "to the powers that be..."

"To whom it may concern."
It's more official.

And raises a fascinating question.

Who does it concern?

Think about it.

There are millions of hospitals
all over the world.

Somehow they all manage to function

without your precious nurse Jackson.

You think she's losing sleep over you?

He's got a point.

I'm sorry. Uh, we haven't really met yet.

What was your name, again?

It's Hunter.

Okay, I'm Leo. Nice to meet you, Hunter.

And since you're new around here...

[Cellphone chimes]
... I think maybe you should, um...

[Cellphone chimes] Uh... Maybe, uh...

[Cellphone chimes] Maybe what?

- Nurse Jackson...
- Leo, man, just get off the phone.

Right, yeah, my bad. It's just, uh...

My friends Jay and Lauren,
they're like five minutes away.

I had no idea they were coming.

Maybe they came to burn their
bras in honor of nurse Jackson.

[Snickers] Look, we, uh... we got to go.

We'll be back in, um, an hour, two tops.


Don't let this guy
pull you off-track, man.

You... you got this.


I want to know everything.

Do they put a tie on the door,
like, when they're doing it?

And isn't Leo afraid

he's gonna impale himself on her clavicle?

This is seriously
how you guys spend your time...

gossiping about who's kissing who

and crying over how nurse what's-her-face

got her parking space taken away?

Um, I'm pretty sure

they don't waste parking spots on nurses.

Look where we are.

How can you still think
any of that stuff matters?

- So, what does matter?
- Why are you listening to him?

You want to find out?

♪ Oh, oh-hey, oh ♪

Come with me.
I'll show you something real.

♪ I feel like, I feel like ♪
♪ Nothing's impossible ♪


Well, I'm sorry, but
if there's even a chance

that he's taking
his clothes off, I have to be there.

♪ oh, oh-hey, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh-hey, oh ♪
Don't do it, Dash. Stand your ground.

Say no to peer pressure.

♪ I feel like, I feel like ♪
Or, you know, don't.

♪ Nothing's impossible ♪

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Leo and Emma are about to go
on their first official date.

Seems like a step in the right direction.

And I can't wait for you to meet Jay.

We've been best friends
since kindergarten.

So why does Emma look like
she wants to take two

steps back?

Team co-captains, everything.

Maybe you guys
should catch up on your own.

I can meet them another time.

No. Look, I know you're worried
about my friends,

but I've told them about you,
and they're dying to meet you.

You told them about me?

Yeah. Yeah, I did.

[P.A. Beeps]

Ohh! Look at Uncle Fester getting some!

[Laughs] Good to see you, man.

You too, buddy. Oh!

How's the leg? Gone, but not forgotten.

Like my youth. Hi.

Hi. [Laughs]

Oh, I'm Lauren. I'm dramatic.

Guys, this is Emma, my girlfriend.

- Nice to meet you.
- All right. Let's go, people.

We've been in the car for almost
three hours. I'm starving.

Wait. We're going to lunch?

Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't... Think.

You still want to come?

Of course.

Dash: Look, man,
this tour of linoleum is cool,

but you know what would be even better?

Putting the pen to the paper,
saving a community worker's job.

Let's get nurse Jackson back
in the house, y'all.

Well, why don't you just wait
for Leo to write the letter?

It's not like you really want
our input anyway.

- That's not true.
- Jordi: Yeah, it is.

Dash is obsessed with Leo.

- He's practically a groupie.
- Is that right?

[Sighs] First of all,
it's called being a good friend,

- having each other's backs.
- [Elevator bell dings]

That was the whole point of the
Red Bands in the first place.

Really? I guess that guy is a member.

So is everyone else

who ever came
into this hospital for surgery.

Would you throw yourself
into the wheels of an ambulance

for all them, too?

Depends. Are they as full of crap as you?

Why are we following mello yello?

Mocking the liver disease... well played.

He's not even, like, taking us anywhere.

He's just wandering the damn hall.

Excuse me, ma'am. I'm so sorry.

- You were saying?
- [Laughs]

You have to admit,
that was a little bit cool.

Ooh! Mnh-mnh.



- ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
- [Fingers snapping]

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

We can do better than that.

Let's try that again. Okay.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

[Cellphone rings]

Oh. [Sighs]

Charlie, baby, if this is about you...

I'm sorry.

Don't worry. I totally get it.

Hi, nurse Jackson. I just
wanted to give you the heads-up

that the apple sauce is one day
past its expiration date.

Uh, I'm sure it's fine.
I just wanted to double-check.

Oh, also, we are down
to our last box of gloves,

and I can't find the key
to the supply closet anywhere.

You didn't accidentally, um,
take it home with you, did you?

Okay, well, uh...
Call me back when you can.

It's Brittany, by the way. Um...

Oh, we miss you. Oh.

Miss you, too, um...
Because my shift is almost over

and you're headed into surgery.

So I miss you when I leave.

Just kidding, 'cause that's weird.

Have a good rest of your day, Brittany.

- Did she pick up? What did she say?
- [Sighs]

Straight to voice-mail again.

Jay: You have to see the stadium at UCLA.

It feels like you're in Rio or something.

That's where we're gonna end up.
I can feel it.

[Chuckles] I don't know.

What about you, Lauren?
You see anyplace you want to go?

Uh, I like the women's studies
department at Berkeley.

Oh, you're thinking about Berkeley?

- That's one of my...
- Safety schools. Yeah.

Mine too. What are your top five?

- Harvard, Yale, Princeton...
- Yale, Princeton, Brown...

- Oberlin.
- Bennington.

[Chuckles] I like her.

- Ethan wants to go to Oberlin.
- Who's Ethan?

Oh, just this guy I'm dating...

Was dating. Although actually,
we never technically broke up.

Lauren: He unfriended you on Facebook.
Leo: Wow. That must be serious.

I'm so done talking about Ethan.

Let's eat. I want everything.

Emma, what are you having?

Four words you never say to Emma.

Oh, I'm not hungry. [Laughs]

Seriously? What's wrong with you?

Oh, my God. I'm the devil.
I don't even know what you have.

What do you have?

I am actually in the hospital
being treated for anorexia.

So, are you guys ready to order?

Jay: Um, actually, we're gonna
check out the specials

on the board first.

Be right back. [Sighs]

I thought you said you told them about me.

I did... just, you know,
not why you're in the hospital.

Because it's embarrassing?

No, 'cause it's not my place to tell.

Did I do the wrong thing?

No. No, you're right.

[Beep, click]

Wait here.


Try to stay quiet.

[Door closes]

[Breathes deeply]

Oh, screw this.

[Door closes]

[Camera shutter clicks]

I told you to stay.

Yeah, I'm not a golden retriever.

- [Door opens]
- Why are you taking pictures of the wall?

Shh, shh, shh. Let's go.


[Exhales sharply]

Okay, enough with this "what's real" crap.

I want to know
what your real situation is.

What happened with your surgery?

I didn't have the surgery.

Obviously. Why not?

Come on. You can tell me.
I'm kind of known around here

as someone people can talk to.

What, am I in "the twilight zone"?

[Door closes]

I've decided I no longer
want to have sex with you...

Unless you want to,

in which case I can easily be persuaded.

Did you know that

when the native Americans
of the plains states

would kill a buffalo,
they'd use every part of it?


Every single part.

Nothing could be wasted,

unless it turned out the buffalo was sick.

Then they'd just leave it
to rot in the sun.

Okay, sure. I don't eat red meat, though.

You ever heard of a guy named David Rosen?

I'm from Beverly hills.
I know like seven David Rosens.

This David Rosen
was a great guy, apparently...

great husband, great father.

But David wasn't quite ready
to settle into suburban life.

So he went out and bought a motorcycle.

Couple days ago, he crashed into
a semi on the freeway and died.

It turned out there was one person

that could give
David's death some meaning...

a kid with the same rare blood type

who could really use David's liver.

Except when the surgeon took it
out of the cooler,

he saw something
nobody had noticed in the car

or the plane or the helicopter.

David's liver had a big, black spot on it.

So it went in the trash,

like something you'd find way
in the back of the fridge.

A rotten buffalo.



Wait. But what happens

if they can't find you another one?

Same thing that happens to you.

Are you okay?

- ♪ One that we all would need ♪
- Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm sorry. I only ask
'cause I truly don't know.

I mean, like, when you want to just eat,

do you feel, like, hungry or... Disgusted?

Or is like a smell thing?...

[Clears throat] You know what?

- I'm... I'm pretty full.
- Me too. I think we should go.

I mean, is it more about control?

Obviously, you're not one of those

vapid girls who reads fashion magazines

and think you have to look like some model

who wouldn't even have organs
if that was her actual waist.

Like... Clearly you're smart.

Intellectually, you must get
that you're killing yourself

with this passive form of slow suicide.

So... What is this about for you?

♪ And as the road gets longer ♪

- ♪ You be walking on your own ♪
- Honestly, um...

Just being able to admit

the fact that I even have
a disorder out loud

is a huge deal for me.

Totally. It's like
when I was first coming out.

It was such a huge step just
to say... "I'm gay" out loud.

Seriously? You're comparing
being gay to having a disease?

- No. I'm just saying that I understand...
- You know what?

Sometimes I think you and Ethan
deserve each other.

Okay. I thought we were
"done" talking about Ethan.

You're right. We are.

We are so done talking about
Ethan, talking about anything.

We need a new word for Ethan.
I'm so sorry for him.


Are you okay?

What do you care?

Just 'cause I ditched my Red Band

doesn't mean we're not friends, Dash.

Actually, it kind of does.

Thought you weren't gonna let
a girl mess up everything.

Yeah, and you also thought
my mom was gonna stick around.

So I guess we were both wrong.

Look, man, I know you're pissed off,

but being a part of Red Band
means something.

The way I see it, we're all we got.

So as long as we're in it
together, we'll get through it.

I know that's the way you see it.

But the way I see it, I'm alone.

That's the way it's always been.

And when I first got here,

I thought maybe things could be different,

but the last few days made me
realize that I was wrong.

The problem isn't that
I threw away my Red Band, Dash.

The problem is that I should have never
put it on in the first place.

You have visitors.

- Who died?
- We thought you did.

It's the only logical explanation

for not returning any of our calls.

Oh, my gosh, your room is so pretty!

And that kitchen... amaze-balls.

Those peonies and French enamelware...

it's like you're living my dream.

Lucky me. Now,
what are you two doing here?

We came here to talk some sense into you.
Look, you made a mistake.

I made a mistake? [Scoffs]

Yes, you made a mistake.
But you can fix it.

All you have to do is apologize
to Dr. McStupid.

For what? Getting Charlie a personal visit

from the best doctor in the world?

Sorry, not sorry.

Okay, you may have done it
for the right reasons,

- but you handled it all wrong.
- You know what's wrong?

The fact that
I have cleaned up every single,

solitary mess that man has ever made.

And for the record, he has made many
a mess, but we were friends.

At least I thought we were
until he went and did this.

So, you know what? Screw him.

Screw him. Screw the whole damn hospital.

Hell, I don't owe you people anything!

I have plenty of other things
I can be doing with my life.

It's true. Aunt Dena was
a professional backup singer.

Keyword "was."

Oh, I know you didn't just say that.

It's a muscle, Dena.

You got to use it or you lose it.

So you don't think I can bring it?



I think you can bring it.

Watch me.

Stay back.

This is it. This is real.

Come on, man. Surgery?
We've all had surgery.

You've all had it,
but have you ever seen it?

Notice how there's no
band posters on the walls,

nothing to make us feel

like we're just normal kids
hanging out at home.

Because we aren't normal kids.

This isn't home.

We're not here to fall in love

or form secret societies
that band together

around a tough nurse with a heart of gold.

We're here for one reason
and one reason only...

to end up on that table.

It doesn't matter
how many people you've got

waiting for you in the recovery room.

When you're on that table, you're alone.

But if you don't get off that table...

You're alone for that, too.

Now, who wants to look first?

So good to see you.


[P.A. Beeps]

- You too.
- Thanks for coming, guys. Thanks.

Hey, look for a package in a week or two.

I'm gonna send you a copy of
everything the recruiters give me.

Ah, you don't have to do that.

Yeah, I do. We had a deal, Leo.

I'm not letting you walk away so easily.

You think walking's easy?
[Chuckles awkwardly]

Um... Yeah, okay. I'll think about it.

Fair enough. Emma,
it was a pleasure meeting you.

Yeah, you too.

Well, she seems... Great.

Yeah. Super great.


Yeah. She's, uh...

[Monitor beeping]

This is one of those rare times
I'm happy to be in a coma.

Seriously, who needs to see
all that blood?

Unless it's "Game of Thrones,"
I'm not interested.

[Rock music plays]

He saw me!

Uh-oh. Busted.

Other way, other way, other way!

♪ Please don't fall out of love ♪

[Indistinct singing]

♪ Clawed me with your tired eyes ♪

♪ And with your eyes,
you set upon the night ♪

Going somewhere?

♪ Let's ride to the sun, me and you ♪

♪ So, let's fly to the sun, just us two ♪

[Music ends, sparse applause]

Whoo! Great job, person I don't know.

These apple Martinis are the bomb.

- It's your turn, aunt Dena.
- Give me a minute.

I'm just sipping my drink,
getting a lay of the land.

She obviously doesn't want to sing.

Brittany: Oh.

Oh, my gosh.

Hey, this is gonna be
the best vine I ever made.

Do you have some kind
of a death wish, Mary Poppins?

[Phone clacks]

[Piano plays intro
to "Midnight Train to Georgia"]

♪ Mm, L.A. ♪

♪ Proved too much for the man ♪

♪ So he's leaving a life ♪

♪ He's come to know ♪

♪ He said he's going back to find ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh, what's left of his world ♪

♪ The world he left behind ♪

♪ Not so long ago ♪

♪ He's leaving ♪

♪ On that midnight train to Georgia ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Said he's going back ♪

♪ To a simpler place in time ♪


She's still got it.

- ♪ And I'll be with him... ♪
- Told ya.

♪... on the midnight train to Georgia ♪

♪ Yeah, y'all ♪

♪ I'd rather live in his world ♪

♪ Than live without him in mine ♪

[Applause, woman cheers]

Did you really have to end
the day like that?

Oh, did I embarrass you? I'm so sorry.

Maybe you missed the part
where I was being waterboarded

with a giant vat of melting sour cream.

- Okay, let's take a small reality check.
- Are you kidding me?

- That girl was attacking me.
- Oh, come on. She wasn't.

Look, I'm not gonna pretend Lauren is
the most tactful person on the planet,

but she was just trying to understand.

And what were you doing, Leo?

You didn't even try to defend me.

Because I can't. I don't know how.

And even if I did, I wouldn't...
I wouldn't want to.

I don't know what you're saying to me.

I couldn't argue with Lauren

because I agree with everything she said.

I don't understand

how someone so... Cool
and smart and beautiful

can do this to herself.

Fine! You obviously feel
like you've made a mistake.

So why don't we just forget
the whole thing?

Emma, I'm not going anywhere.
I just want to...

[Sighs] I want to help you.

I want us to get out of here together.

Don't you want that?

Don't you?

There's nothing worse
for a guy who beat cancer

than to come up against a fight
he can't quite win.

Don't you?

I don't know.

What the hell are you thinking?

I know this sounds crazy

but I kind of love getting
yield at like this.

It makes me feel like part of the group.

- ... sneaking into a sterile area.
- Leo: What's going on?

That's exactly what I'm trying
to figure out right now.

Why? What happened?

You left! That's what happened.

And no one wanted to listen to me.

How did you even get up there?

I'll tell you exactly how we got up there.


We got up there because there
was no one here to stop us.

It's like "Lord of the Flies"
in here, man,

no solidarity, every man for themselves.

Nurse Jackson... [Coughs]

Nurse Jackson is the one who
held this whole thing together,

- but you fired her.
- Dash, I didn't fire nurse Jackson.

Suspended, whatever you want to call it.

For what? Because... because she
tried to save Charlie's life?

- [Coughs]
- Dash, try to stay calm.

You don't even care about that,
do you? [Coughs]

You think you're the only one
in here saving people, man?

- [Coughs]
- Dash, take it easy. Breathe.

[Coughs, spits]

Oh, my God!

- Leo: Dash!
- Nurse, we need a gurney.

- What's happening?
- It's okay. He's gonna be all right.

- I just need some room here.
- All right, here we go.

Grab his head.
On the count of three, guys.

1, 2, 3. Up.

Okay, there you go, bud.

[Cellphone rings]

Emma, hi.

Hey. I thought you guys were gone.

Oh, I left my phone in the bathroom.

They should really issue warnings
about texting and peeing.

- [Chuckles lightly]
- I'm glad I ran into you.

I wanted to apologize
about this afternoon.

Oh, it's not your fault.
It's just kind of embarrassing.

I mean, everybody has something
about themselves they don't like.

For example, I can't keep
my mouth shut to save my life.

- Oh, you don't say?
- [Both laugh]

Well, since you already know,
I have absolutely no filter,

let me just say this.

Leo is seriously
the most amazing guy ever.

- I know.
- No, I mean, he really is.

And not just because he's...
A great athlete

or smart or cute,

but because he's truly, profoundly good.

Do you know what I mean?

- I think so.
- But he's not a Saint.

I mean, he might think he is, but...

Whatever he says, he's not gonna
wait around forever

for you to get your act together.

He'll try, but sooner or later,

if you keep this up,
you're gonna lose him.

By being myself?

In the nicest possible way, yeah.

- [Elevator dings]
- So get better, okay?

When you're in the hospital,

people are always telling you
it's gonna be okay,

so what do you do when someone tells you

your greatest fear
might actually come true?

I cannot get over how talented you are.

I would kill to have a talent
like that... Or any talent.

Oh, don't be so hard on yourself.

You have a great sense of color,

and you're very good
at naming stuffed animals.

I mean, I just don't get it, Dena.

- May I call you Dena?
- You may not.

How could you ever give that up?
What happened?

Life happened.

- ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh! ♪ - [Laughs]

Laverne, baby, you were flatter
than a blueberry pancake.

Come on, one more time. Let's
show her how it's done. Come on.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

Dena, there's a phone call for you.

Can it wait? I mean, we're about to go on.

It's from the hospital.

- Excuse me.
- Doctor: Dena?

Where's my sister?

Why don't we step outside?

[Sighs] It was very peaceful.

She's still in her room.
Her husband is with her now.

He asked for some time alone.

I was in rehearsals all day.

I was planning to come
first thing in the morning.

[Monitor beeping]

[Voice breaking]
I didn't get to say goodbye.

[Woman over P.A.] Dr. Forrest, dial 182.

Hey, cupcake.

Mommy's really sick this time.

She isn't gonna get better.

I know, baby.

But aunt Dena's here.


That was the end of
my glamorous life on the road.

My only sister was gone,
my brother-in-law devastated,

and my little Sabra... she needed me.

Needed. Past tense.

I'm all grown up now,

and you could have it all back
if you want.

She's right. You could, and you should.

- You so should.
- Kenji: No, she shouldn't.

Why do you think she became
a nurse in the first place?

Um, well, she just told us.

No, she told us why she stopped singing.

That's not why she chose
to become a nurse.

You could have done a million things

that kept you close to your family,

but you chose nursing
because you love kids.

You do.

The way you took care of Sabra,
the way you propped up

her dad when the bottom
had fallen out of his life

and he could barely get out of bed.

That's what you do for Jordi
and Dash and Leo...

And Charlie.

You're there for people
when they need you most,

and that's why it's your calling.

[Cellphone ringing]


I'm on my way.

Get her home.

Jackson: And her, too.

It looks like she got another calling.

I'm very drunk.

[Telephones ringing]

What are you doing here?

Just grabbing my book.

How's your friend?

They didn't pull the plug
on him yet, did they?

- [P.A. Beeps]
- [Scoffs]

You know what, Hunter?

Even for a nihilist,
you're a real sack of crap.

- I never said I was a nihilist.
- Right.

'Cause what kind of nihilist
needs an audience?

Look, none of you guys
had to come with me today.

You made your own choice.

Hey, I'm glad I came. I learned a lot.

And, you know, you're right.

This is all a distraction.

And you don't need to be one of us,

but when you fall,
we're gonna be there anyways.

Maybe we do all die alone,

but that doesn't mean
we have to live alone.

[Ball banging]

[Telephone rings]

[Banging continues]

- Can you cut that out?
- [P.A. Beeps]

He's stable, and at this point,
he just needs to rest.

It's because of today, isn't it?

I shouldn't have let him come with us. I
knew he was having trouble keeping up.

His respiratory therapist said
he missed two treatments today.

- What the hell were you doing up there?
- I don't know.

We didn't even know
where we were going at first,

but once we were there...

We just wanted to see
what it was really like.

And that's when Dr. McAndrew realized

sometimes you don't break
the rules because you're angry.

Sometimes you break the rules
because you're scared.

They gave him a sedative
so he can rest easier.

Now you guys can go to your room.

- I'll stay.
- No, I'll stay.

Only one of you stay.

Work it out.

[Woman over P.A.]
Dr. Florence, dial 182, please.


The other day,
I shouldn't have hit you, man.

- It's okay.
- No, it's not.

[Sighs] Look, you take the first shift,

text me when you get tired,
and I'll come back.

Sounds good.

[Chuckles lightly]

[Telephone ringing]

I'm not here to fight.

Great. I'm too tired to fight.

But I'm also not going to apologize.

Me, neither.


I'm glad I got to meet your friends.

I really like them.

They're the kind of people that
I'd want to be friends with,

you know, if I had friends that way.

You do, and you will.


I meant to tell you,

my dad might be coming up
to visit next week,

and I don't know if it's too soon,

but I'd really like for you
to meet him, if you want.

I'd love to.

Are those the ones with
the marshmallow in the middle?

They're finally in season.

Those used to be my favorite
when I was little.

Can I have one?


Help yourself.

- ♪ You never know you ♪
- How's it taste?

- ♪ Like I know you, like I know you ♪
- Like home.

♪ And I wish that I could show you ♪

♪ How your love is ♪

- My mouth is full.
- I don't care.

♪ Take these things in stride ♪

♪ And let your heart be wide ♪

♪ If no one ever goes ♪

♪ Then no one ever grows ♪

It's so chocolaty.

I know. I know I'm not
supposed to be here.

You're not.

Lisa called, said it was an emergency,

said something about Dash?

Dash is fine.

He had an event,
but he's back to baseline.



That's good.

[Woman over P.A.] Dr. Stein,
dial the operator, please.

Dr. Stein, dial the
operator, please. Uh...

That's... All, I guess.

Kenji can clean out the rest
of my desk in the morning.

Dena, I told Lisa to call you.

You did?

I understand why you did what you did.

But you cannot afford
to take those types of risks.

And I can appreciate that.

I-I-I thought
about everything that happened,

and... You may not have been
completely wrong.

Which means that you may not
have been completely right.

It goes to follow.

I'm guessing that's as close
to an apology as I'm gonna get.

- Take it or leave it.
- [Elevator dings]

I'll take it.

All right, then.

I'll see you when my suspension is lifted.

I've lifted your suspension.

I realize that these kids mean
everything to you,

but what I didn't know is
how much you mean to these kids.

They need you,

and, more importantly, I need you.

Then I guess I'm where I need to be.

♪ I've told a million lies,
but now I tell a single truth ♪

♪ There's you in everything I do ♪

♪ Now remember when I told you ♪

♪ That's the last you'll see of me ♪

♪ Remember when I broke you down
to tears ♪

Dash: "To whom it may concern"...

"That's the correct way
to address somebody

"when you have no idea who they are.

Jordi: "But maybe that
doesn't matter so much",

"because this letter is
really about who we are.

Leo: "Aristotle said that knowing yourself"

"is the beginning of wisdom.

"Well, here's what we know so far.

We're people who are coming to
terms with who we used to be."

Emma: "And trying to figure out
where we're going"

and who we're going there
with... sorry, 'whom. '"

Kara: "Which brings us to the point"

of this embarrassingly earnest
letter... nurse Jackson."

♪ Remember when I told you ♪

♪ That's the last you'll see of me ♪

Kara: I'm the first to admit

that nurse Jackson can be
a pain in the ass.

She's bossy, insulting,

and her taste in footwear
is highly questionable.

♪... through all the years ♪

Kara: But the truth is, we need her.

And though she may not admit it...

Charlie: She needs us.

So please let her come back,

because if there's one thing
we definitely learned

about ourselves in our limited
time on this earth

it's that you have to know
when enough is enough.

"Sincerely, the Red Band Society."

Dash: Charlie?

Charlie, man, you here?


Charlie, honey, it's me.


You are awake.

He's awake.

Charlie's eyes are open
but he can't move a thumb

We want to get Charlie
something fun to look at.

Well, that's a no brainer.


I came here to donate
half my liver to him.

I'm not willing to roll those dices
out of my sister's life.

What about your life, Hunter?

Dr. XXX, is one of the four
best neurologists in the world.

Can I talk about your approach?

The time that will take
to explain myself to you.

Let's spend that time
with our patient.

He's an arrogant charlatan
and I want him gone.

Charlie? We're losing him!

Synced and corrected by biamussolin
www. addic7ed. com