ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Datastorm - full transcript

When Austin is preoccupied about his mother's relationship with Mark Rowin, the Guardians rush into Cyberspace when the Sourcerer takes control of a weather satellite and unleashes a potentially devastating hurricane.

...Possibility of light rain.

The 14-day trend sunshine and
seasonal temperatures...


And now here's Ed with the latest

on Tropical Storm Cecil.

Well, rain and moderate winds are expected

with the latest readings showing
the tropical storm Cecil

dissipating long before it
reaches the Pacific coast.

But that will change.

Yes, it will be altered.



Yes, I am right here.

What destructive endeavors
on the agenda today?

Removing a cyberpatch, perhaps?

Releasing a virus?

Crushing a bank site?

There is a special satellite.

A military weather satellite.

I want access to its computer.

But the system will be guarded.


My sentinel army will remove
any unwanted obstacles.


Clear the path. Give me access.

Direct access.

And if the guardian pests
attempt to thwart the plan?

For your sake, make sure they don't.

Now go.

Get started.

The storm is brewing.

You know it's not actually
raining, right, Vera?

I prefer to be prepared in
the event of precipitation.

The forecast indicates a...

seventy-five percent probability of rain

due to the tropical storm Cecil developing

over the Pacific ocean.

This weather update brought
to you by Vera!

All the details, all the time.

This is awesome.

A Saturday off.

I mean, no homework, no practice.

Yeah. We can just chill at Austin's
and watch a bunch of movies.

Yo, what's up?

Your chariot awaits.

Hey, who's that dude with your mom?

I don't know, but he looks familiar.

I'll introduce you.

Hi, Vera.


Hi. Oh, I love your umbrella.

There's a 75 percent probability of rain

due to the tropical storm Cecil

developing over the Pacific ocean.

Hi, Austin.

Hi guys.

Austin, you remember Mark, don't you?

Hi, Mark Rowin.

Your dad and I were roommates at college.

I met you a bunch of times
when you were younger.


So what's going on?

You going somewhere?

I'm going to take your mom for brunch.

If that's okay.

Yeah, brunch.


Well, I'll see you later, okay?

Be good.

It was good to see you again, Austin.

Weirdness overload?



Come on, Megabyte.

I need access.

Such an entertaining spectacle.

The weather satellite security
has been eliminated, Megabyte.


What are you waiting for, Alpha Sentinel?

Set up the perimeter blockade!

Yes, Megabyte.


Make sure there are no interruptions.

No disturbances.

Once I take control of this
weather satellite

I'm going to wipe out an entire coastline.

Tropical storm Cecil
rages on over the Pacific ocean

with its trajectory now steering it clear

from making landfall,

but coastal residents are still
advised to be prepared.

- Stay tuned to WPKW...
- Hi.

- for 24 hour weather updates and alerts.
- First day, kids.

- The latest international conditions...
- Flashlight...

- and local regional forecasts.
- Candles...

Canned vegetables.

Canned beans, canned tuna.


Is that what we're having for dinner?

No, Mr. Sarcastic.

I'm making sure our emergency
survival kit is ready.

There's a tropical storm coming.

I think you're overreacting.

They say it's not gonna hit us.

Well, better safe than sorry.

So, uh... what's the deal
with you and Mark Rowin?


There's no deal, Austin.

Mark just called me the other day to ask
if I'd meet him for a cup of coffee.

So I did and then, uh, we
went out for brunch today.

So that's, like, two dates.

Yeah... we're not dating.


He's a nice guy, Austin.

And he's your father's friend.

He's not some stranger
so you don't have to worry.

It's only been a year, mom.

I know.

But we're doing okay, right?

I mean, this house is starting
to feel like home,

you figured out the new school,

my work is going well at the hospital.

Maybe it's time that we focus
on what's ahead of us

rather than what's behind.

That was always your dad's outlook.

So you're just gonna forget
he ever existed?


Of course not.

But it doesn't mean I have
to give up on being happy,

does it?

I gotta catch up with my friends.

- Austin...
- I'll talk to you later, Mom.

Take an umbrella.

I've tracked Megabyte to a military
weather satellite's on-board computer.

Wait, like, in outer space?

Yes. It is in the thermal sphere.
100 kilometers above the Earth.

What do you think Megabyte's up to?

The satellite is currently
in range of Tropical Storm Cecil

developing over the Pacific ocean.

There is a 67 percent probability
the two are related.

If that's the case,
Megabyte isn't working alone here.


For sure the Sourcerer is involved.

Come on, let's go.

Please use caution.

Come on.

The codec is patched
into a satellite signal

that will take you to
the weather satellite's

on-board computer.

So let me get this straight.

We are in outer space and
cyber space at the same time?

We will be once we get to the
weather satellite's computer.


Well, this is an
unprecedented development

over the Pacific ocean.

This tropical storm Cecil
has just been upgraded

to a category one hurricane with winds
reaching 100 kilometers per hour,

and a sudden change in direction

has this one headed straight
toward the west coast.


Exactly as I planned.

The codec sensors are detecting dark code.

I knew the Sourcerer was behind this.

You know, my dad used to talk about

the military secret experiments
using weather as a weapon.

I bet the Sourcerer's gonna try
and hack the satellite

and weather-mod that tropical storm.

Weather-mod? What's that?

The most common method
is called "cloud seeding".

It's a way of changing the micro-physical

processes of clouds.

So the Sourcerer could control the storm.

There's the military
weather satellite computer.

Surrounded by a digital mine field.

It'll take forever to steer around them.

Or we could just do this.

Oh, yeah!

Game on!


You won't stop me from
ripping up the coastline,

decimating it,
with the worst storm in history.

Well, hurricane Cecil
has jumped now to a category three,

the winds are exceeding
180 kilometers an hour.

So this drastic transformation
has the experts confounded

with landfall now expected
in 45 minutes or less...

Hi, this is Austin.

Sorry I missed your call.

Please leave a message.

Austin, you and Vera
need to come home right now.

Or better yet, stay where you are.

Don't go outside.

I mean it.

This storm is serious.

Just call me, okay?


Alright, let's get to the
weather satellite computer.

The cyber mines have proved insufficient,

but the guardians will not survive

a full-scale sentinel assault!


Okay. Enigma, D-Frag, you draw them away.

Coogz and I will get inside
the port near the top.

And then what?

And then you'll come up
with some brilliant way

to take control from the Sourcerer.

Huh? Great.
Glad you have it all figured out.

Okay, let's get busy, Enigma.

Energy shurikens!

Bash tagger!

- Nice one!
- Vector, Coogz?

Time to make your move!

Okay, we got this.

Uh-oh. This wasn't part of your plan.

You didn't think we'd be able
to just walk right in, did you?

Code disruptor!

Deflector ring!

Okay, Coogz. Let's get inside.

Do not allow the guardians access.


Sorry, no more joiners!

Whoa. Looks like Megabyte's brought
the whole army.

Yeah. Hey, Vera,
wanna get in on this action?

Yes. That would be most appealing.

Fragging sentinels has become

one of my favorite pastimes.

Here she comes.


Nice shooting, Vera.


When will you learn?

I won't be stopped.

Hurricane Cecil has now just been upgraded

to category four.

And landfall is just minutes away.

The west coast will be devastated.

Homes will be destroyed.

People will suffer.

The perfect storm.

The Department of Internet Security

now believes that the devious
hacker known as the Sourcerer

is controlling the hurricane

from a hijacked
military weather satellite.

Mark, I don't know what to do.

I can't reach them.

Okay, I'll let you know.

Yes, thank you.


Hey, Vector?

Check this out.


We're cyber astronauts.

Find the guardians!

Do not let them interfere!

Enough stargazing. Let's move.

Keep searching!

They are in here somewhere!

They're getting close.

Yeah, but so are we.

There's the processor.

- Can you hack it?
- I can try.


Dark code booby trap.


In 184 seconds the hurricane
will be too close

to land to alter its course.

You must deactivate the
on-board computer immediately.

I can't get in.

There's too much dark code to bypass.

So forget bypassing the dark code.

We're just gonna have to blow up the CPU.

Coogz, we need a bomb.

Vector, that could set off
a chain reaction

and cause the entire satellite to explode.

Hey, we gotta do what we gotta do, Vera.

People's lives are at risk.

Okay, I can make a high pressure explosive

if you provide the charge
with your code disruptor.

It'll increase it to the power of 50.

See? I knew you'd come up
with something brilliant.

Ha. So did I.

Ah-ha! There they are!

Hold steady.

Stop them at once!

No stopping now, it's go time!

I got it!

- Whoa!
- Zip board!

Quadra disc!

Dude, nothing's happening!

Trust me, it will.

The pressure's gonna amp up the charge.

But it might take a minute.

D-Frag, Enigma, we gotta move!

This thing's gonna blow!

Great, thanks for the warning.

Right behind you.

And so is Megabyte!

You won't get away, guardians!

What? The DIS patrol?

Sentinels, defend your master!

Look what just showed up.

The DIS.

Hey, we're the good guys!

Clearly they don't know that.

Vera, we need a quick exit.

Coming right up.

Home free. Huh?

Running away is so unbecoming.

Stay and face your fate!


Good riddance!



Now I'm home free.


You keep getting in my way.

But that will soon end.

I promise.

Cyber astronauts have returned.

That was so rad.

Wish I could vlog about it.

The important thing is that we stopped
that storm from hitting the coast.

Drastic action was taken
by the Department of Internet Security

to destroy a military weather satellite

causing the escalation of
hurricane Cecil's magnitude.

The DIS sure is good about
taking credit they don't deserve.

the storm only caused

minor power outages and minimal damage
to property

in several coastal communities.

Cecil has returned
to tropical storm status

and moved safely away from the coastline.

Evidence points to this being
the biggest attack yet

by the hacker known as the Sourcerer.

We got that guy's number.

Even if we don't get the props
for shutting him down.

Austin, please check your phone.

Judy called.

- She did?
- Yes.

Eleven times.

Vera, we gotta go.

I've got some apologizing to do.

Oh. Well, thank you for finally texting me

to let me know that you were both alive.

I'm sorry, my phone was dead and...


Sorry if you were worried.

I was.

Very worried.

Okay, but you're both here.

It's okay.

And I wanted you to know

that if you wanted to date
Mark Rowin or whatever

I'm cool with that, too.

Austin, I...

I also have no concerns about your
romantic intentions with Mark Rowin.

Oh. Okay.

I'm... I'm glad that you...
That you both approve.

Thank you.

- Hi.
- We were just talking about you.

Oh, okay. Good things, I hope.

Of course. What're you doing here?

Well, I brought food.

That's so sweet.

Yeah. Well, I knew that, um,
you were upset

and maybe hadn't thought about dinner.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Hey, come on. Let's dig in.

We've got a lot to celebrate.

Celebrate? Like what?

Well, like the fact that we didn't get hit

by a violent hurricane today.

I mean, that's pretty special, isn't it?


That did work out kinda good.

To think that that storm
was being controlled

by some twisted creep with a computer.

I know.

Crazy, right?

The Sourcerer is a threat to all humanity.

He's a very sick individual.

Would you guys excuse me for a sec?
It's work.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.



I understand.

I got this under control.