ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Game Day - full transcript

Trey must choose between basketball or saving his friends when the other Guardians find themselves trapped in the fortress by Megabyte. The Sourcerer changes his mind about deleting Megabyte when he discovers the Guardians are human.

Yeah, nice one, man.

Hey, superstar.
Ready for the big game?

Can't wait to watch you kick
some serious Vic High butt!

I don't know about that.

Vikeye's pretty good.

And the Codebreakers...

Well, we're still a work
in progress.

Yeah, but 'cause of you the team
hasn't lost a game all season,

so that's pretty good progress.

And I'm impressed with how
you're handling everything.

School, basketball,
extracurricular protection

of a cyber dimension.


I just wish my dad saw it that way.

He's still on my case
about grades and stuff.

Go, Codebreakers!

Codebreakers rule!



We better go settle her down.

Have a good game, Trey.

- Good luck.
- Thanks.

Don't worry about your dad.

Thanks, man.



Save it for the game, Vera.


The Codebreakers need
all the encouragement

that they can get.

She has a point.

Hi. You're Trey's dad, right?

I'm Austin, this is Parker,
Tamra and Vera.

We're Trey's friends.

Yes, of course.

He told me all about you.

You're the video game bunch
that keep Trey from his studies.

Get in here, guys.

All right, I wanna stick
to the game plan.

Every play runs through Trey.

Got it?

Sentinels, take your positions.

We will storm Virusylum

and release all the viruses within it.

Load the cyber catapult.


What's up, Vera?

A Megabyte alert.

We have to go.

Great timing, Megadoofus.

Codebreakers on three.

One, two, three...


Let's go.

We haven't identified where
the corruption is coming from.

It must be the Sorcerer.

Only a lunatic would
attack Virusylum.

There's no sign of dark code.

Not yet.

I'm sure he's got plenty
of tricks up his sleeve.

Megabyte's surprise attack
on Virusylum

caught the Department of
Internet Security off guard.

Let's get in there
and give them a hand.

Yeah, all those viruses
getting sprung loose?

We can't let that happen.

What about Trey's game?

We ll be back before half-time.

Go, Guardians!

Okay, let's get to Virusylum.

I'll take us on a wide approach
to stay out of sight.

The DIS are holding them off.

We might get a free shot.

Good call, Enigma.

I have Megabyte in my sights.

Got it, Googz?

Dead center.

Locking on target.

Hold it steady, Enigma.

Double blast, Googz,
in three, two, one!

Look at this.

It's that mystery code again.

Keep tracking it.


I don't believe it.

Did we just frag Megabyte?

Score one for the good guys!


Yeah! There we go!

Where are they?


Hurry back to catch
the rest of Trey's game.


Let's go.


What if we make a little
detour first?

I don't like where this is going.

Look, the sentinels are out here
getting spanked

by the DIS patrol.

It's the perfect opportunity
to take care

of some unfinished business
in the fortress.

What unfinished business?

The sphere we left behind.

You mean the sphere
you left behind?

It could answer a lot of questions

about what we're up against,

about my dad.


We'll be in and out, I promise.

The Virusylum attack seems
to be under control now.

No viruses were released.

What happened to the code
we were tracking?

It just vanished, like it's done before.

This is the first time
we've seen it

without the presence of dark code.

But you still think it's
connected to the Sorcerer?

Yes. Somehow.

My gut tells me he was involved
in this attack.

A massive release of viruses.

An outbreak. A plague.

It would have been devastating,
but your replicant failed.

It was inferior.



Well, this experiment is still
in the beta testing phase.

As I've pointed out,
replicating perfection

is easier said than done.

You're holding back.

I want Megabyte replicants
at full potential.

Nothing less.

Maximum strength.

Yes, of course.

But doing so will drain far
too much of my own power.

Only temporarily.

A much better option than

deletion, don't you think?


I will do it!

What was that?

I will do what you ask.

Of course you will.

That was impressive.

Sneak attacks are my specialty.

That's for sure.

Come on, in and out like I said.


Maximum replication power or deletion?

Maximum power it is.

Oh, the indignities I must suffer.

Okay, Googz.

Light it up.

The sphere is in the throne.

What the...

Not possible.

We fragged you back
at Virusylum.

We all saw it.

You blew up real good.

You must have me confused
with another virus.


Another Megabyte?

Double trouble!

Code disruptor!

No way!

Ugh. Make that triple trouble.

You Guardians are becoming
quite a nuisance.

What have I told you about
dropping by unannounced?

Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

Do I have your attention now?

More or less.

Rip them to shreds!

Too slow.

Look up!

You missed me.

Dude, that was awesome!


It was just basic trajectory
converter mapping.

Sentinels, finish them!




There you go!

Now that's how you end
the half strong!

Good work out there, guys.

Hey, Trey!

Locker room's that way.

I know, coach.
I just gotta go check on something.


What's this about, son?

Nothing. I'll be right back.

Hey! Hey. Now, slow down.

Now what could be so important
that you'd leave your teammates

in the middle of a game?

You wouldn't understand.

It's those video game
delinquents, isn't it?

They didn't even stick around
to watch the game.

I'm telling you right now
they are a bad influence.

You don't know them.

They're my friends.

What's happening, Vera?

Why'd you guys leave the game?

And where is everybody?

Vector, Enigma and Googz
are under attack

in Megabyte's fortress.


He's making replicants of himself.

Multiple Megabytes?

I'm going in.

What about the Codebreakers?

Won't there be consequences

if you miss the second half of the game?

Yeah. 100 percent probability.

But some things are more
important than basketball.

I can't keep this up much longer.

Enigma, hyperlink
behind the sentinels.

Then Googz, drop the firewall

and we'll hit them from both sides.

Got it.


Or DFrag could just show up
out of nowhere and do that.

I heard Megabyte was being
a mega pain.

That's for sure.

He went this way. Come on!

Impressive specimens, indeed.

But generating them drains me so.

Looks like Megabyte's been busy.

We have to stop him
from making more replicants.


And shut down the replicator
for good this time.

Leave it to me.

Destroy them!

Yeah, this is gonna be sweet!

Power surge!


Now that's what I call
a four-point play.



Not done yet.

You guys deal with
the sentinels.

I'm gonna get what
we came here for.

Zip board!


Got it!

Meet your demise, Guardian.


My arm!

Vector suit breech.

20 percent.

Oh, man.

We gotta close up that rip.

Cyber sealer.

That should stop the exposure.

Thanks. I owe you one for sure.

Let's get outta here.

Googz, Enigma,
meet us on the tower.


This sphere seems to be of
great interest to the Guardians.

Surely they will attempt
to retrieve it again.

What is this?


Austin? Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

It's just a small cut.

Yeah, but it could have been
a lot worse.


What's happening in the game?

The Codebreakers are losing
by five points

with 36 seconds left
in the fourth quarter.

Oh, man, I gotta go!

All right, now work it around
for an open look.

If we don't score,
foul right away, all right?

Don't worry, I'll score.

And where have you been?


You know what? Never mind.

Just get out there.

Let's go.

Let's go!

You can do it!

Ha ha!



What happens now?

He got fouled.

If he makes this free throw, we win.

Go, Codebreakers!

A four-point play!

His second of the day.

What a comeback!

It was selfish.

It was inconsiderate.

Do I need to continue? Because I can.

How could you disappear
during the middle of a basketball game?

I'm sorry, Dad.

Where were you?

Does it matter?

I... I came back in time to win it.

Oh, Trey.

You think that's all I care about?


This is about discipline.


Showing respect to your teammates.

I'm worried about you, son.

And I need you to tell me now,
where were you?

He was helping me.

Excuse me?

I got into some trouble.

It could have turned out real bad.

But Trey showed up just in time.



Your son kinda saved my life.

I see.

I'll be waiting in the car for you, son.

Thanks for that.

I have no idea what I would have told him.

I told him the truth.

I just left out a few cyber details.



How did this plan backfire, Megabyte?


They are a menace.

And the replicator, can it be fixed?


I'm afraid not.

Fortunately I have a surplus of sentinels

but unfortunately the replicants
were all destroyed.

I must admit they did not
compare to the original.

Maybe it wasn't the replicants after all.

Maybe the source code
was the problem.

But no longer.

No, please!



What is this red code?

I injured a Guardian in battle.

He leaked it.


It can't be.


Human blood.

The Guardians are human.

Humans in cyberspace.

This changes everything.