ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Emotional Rescue - full transcript

Vera installs a Teenage Emotion Plug-in into her operating system in an attempt to be more human. The Sourcerer and Megabyte attack a major banking system. The DIS tracks the Guardian Code, believing it to be connected to the Sourcerer.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
It's good, right?

Sick beats.

You find the best music, Tamra.

What do you think, Vera?

The 16 bar introduction
effectively established

the melodic progression of
the unrelenting percussion,

which is both insidious and pleasant.


But doesn't it make you wanna dance?

No. I am not driven by that compulsion.

Oh, come on, Vera.
I bet you got some moves.

Or not.

It seems my programming
does not allow

for adequate interpretation
of music through movement.

Well, everybody's programmed differently.

It's more of a feel thing, you know?

A feel thing?

As in an emotional response.

Yeah, I guess so.

Alyx, stop the music.

Music is stopped, Tamra.

What else can I help you with?

Nothing right now. Thanks, Alyx.

This will require additional research.

Enjoy your lunch.

- Where is she going?
- Dance lessons?


Kale chips, please.

Sentinels! Target the transaction relay.

Declined! Declined!

My card's declined?

I guess no kale chips for me.

I tried to be healthy.

Teenage emotion plug-in
installation complete.

Whoa. Cool.

That feels much better.


It's Megabyte.
I have to contact the guardians.


Control of this site is mine.

You're not done yet, Megabyte.

We're just beginning, getting started.
This is only step one.

The anti-virus protocols
will kick in any minute.

I am well aware.

My forces are armed and ready.

They better be.

No mistakes. No margin for error.

Global Village Bank is going
to come crashing down.

Anti-virus protocols.

Such amateurs.

They are no match for my sentinel army.

Where did that come from?

Seems like a viral attack

at the Global Village Bank's
bank transaction terminal.

Did you crawl here? Let's go!

Let's go!

Megabyte is attacking Global Village Bank.

Global Village? That's my bank.

Mine, too.

And I just deposited the check my grandma
gave me for my birthday.

What would Megabyte want with a bank?

I don t know!

How am I supposed to know?

You always expect me to know everything!

Get moving!

Okay. Okay.

And remember, whatever happens,
I'll always love you.

Now go.

Man, what's gotten into Vera?

Good question.

She said she loves me. I mean us.

That's the important thing, right?

- Yeah.
- Hey.

That's it.

Something's going on that
she's not telling us.

I can hear you, you know.

Okay, so why are you acting so...


I coded a teenage emotion plug-in

and installed it into my
internal systems, alright?


To enhance my emotions.

I'm trying to feel as human
as is non-humanly possible.

Now, get off my back!


How about you dial back
those emotions a bit?

How about you mind your own business?

Okay, look. Let's focus here.

We'll come in hot and send
Megadork and his cyber goons

running with their tails
between their legs.


You re so funny, Vector.

Vera, you gotta pull it together.
This is serious.

You hate me.

You hate me. You hate me.

You hate me. You hate me.

We don t hate you, Vera.

Maybe music will help your mood swings.

Alyx, play Good Vibes playlist.

Playing "Good Vibes" playlist.

Okay, so you good, Vera?

I'm fantastic.

Now go stop Megadork.

There he is. Old Megadork himself.

And he's got a whole lot of
sentinels with him.

They must have fixed the
replicator in the fortress.

I could've sworn I took it out for good.

We'll worry about that later.
Let's move.

Mag Frag!

What happened here?

Megabyte destroyed the transaction relay.

Global Village Bank customers
are locked out.

No kidding.

Dude owes me a bag of kale chips.

Ha! Guardians!

Sentinels, do not allow them to interfere.

Code disruptor!

Frag Fists!

And now this breaking news bulletin.

Global Village Bank officials claim
it's just a temporary system malfunction

but other sources suggest, it could be
the start of a much more serious problem.

One that could lead to millions
of customers losing their life savings.


That's the idea. The point, the purpose.

Now, to break into the bank's vault.

Look, a dark code rift.

We should have known Megabyte
was working with the Sourcerer.


Wait. Now there's dark code.


What is that?

It's a cyber worm. Malware.

Scary stuff.

It doesn't look so scary to me.

Ugh, I take that back!


He plowed through
that like it was nothing.

Vera, what's down there?


Vera? We need an update.

The worm is headed into
the bank's internal vault.

If it gets inside it will wipe
out the entire system.

All the bank's customers
will lose their money for good.

You need to keep it together, Vera.

But this song is just so sad!

Oh, man, my music must
be stuck on shuffle.

Alyx, stop the music.

Alyx? Alyx?

Stop music!

Great. Now Alyx isn't responding.

It's that code again.


Of course.

You will not stand
in the way of my plans.

Keep fighting off the sentinels.
I'm going after that worm.

Zip board!

Say goodbye, guardian!

- Goodbye!
- Argh!

This'll come in handy.

Hey wormy!

Looks like it's the end of the line.

An obstacle.

A barrier.

An obstruction.

But it's not gonna stop me.

No way!

Okay, I got this.

That worm can't get away
from me that easy.

Hey, guys.

I'm down to 25 percent power.

Yeah, me too.

Deflector ring!

Hey, Vera, we re extremely
outnumbered and running low.



Vera, can you help us out?

I have just the thing.

The Codec has weapons?

It does now!


That's awesome, Vera.

Defensive formation!

Protect me at all costs!

- Whoo!
- Yeah!




Stop right there, drill face.


Okay, so you wanna play rough.


Two worms are better than one.

Oh, so that didn't work out so well.

Not a good place to stand!



Undo, undo!

The guardian code will not
prevent me, stop me!

I will complete what I started.

I hope you're still hungry.

Oh, yes!




Does she not see us?

She's out of control!

The scales have been tipped
in the guardians favor,

but revenge will be mine
another time.

Sentinels, retreat!

Is it safe to come out?

I think so.

So how did you like the weapons
upgrade on the Codec?

We would have liked them a lot better
if you'd have waited until we were clear.

What do you mean?

You almost took us out, Vera.

Like, for real.

Yeah, that was crazy close.
Not cool.

Oh, I didn't realize.

Here come the binomes to get
the site running again.

Here comes Vector.

Hey, guys.

What happened to the worm?

Not worm, worms.

You could say I divided and conquered.

So we stopped the hack?

I can use my bank card
for kale chips again?

Yep. Mission accomplished.
Right, Vera?

Vera? Everything okay?

Yes, I'll be fine.

I'm very relieved that you are all okay.

Would now be an appropriate time
for a hug?


What happened back there, Vera?

You were kind of out of control.

I was.

That is something
that I've never felt before.

Maybe that teenage emotional
plug-in wasn't the best idea?

I agree. That is why I deleted it.

I'm very sorry that I inadvertently
put you all in danger.

It's okay. We're fine, right?

We are now.

You made a mistake, Vera.

There's nothing more human than that.

I found the experience exhausting.

One second, happy.

Then sad.

Then angry.

Is that what it's like to be a teenager?

Uh, pretty much.

You just have to learn to manage
your emotions.

Without any plug-ins.


I think it is best that I deepen
my emotional understanding

at a more gradual pace.

It's also good to have an outlet.

A way to deal with the things
you feel inside?

That's one of the reasons
I started vlogging.

Shooting hoops. That's my thing.

I snowboard.

I hug.

Easy, lover boy.

Perhaps my outlet can be dancing.

Alyx, play Never Change.

Playing Never Change.

Would you like to join?

- Special Agent Nance.
- What is it, Tuck?

Dark code. It was detected
at the Global Village Bank hack.

Dark code? Again?

The Sourcerer.

We couldn't trace the origin.

That's because he's using
a Nova X3J prototype

he stole from Pogo
Computer Systems.

It makes our job much
more challenging.

How did you terminate his infiltration
into the bank's vault?

We didn't. It just stopped.



We couldn't figure that out yet.
But there's something else.

We picked up the presence of this code.

It's the same signature we isolated
at the Pogo security breach.

That must be connected to the Sourcerer.

Keep tracking it and stay on
the look out for more dark code.

I have a feeling the Sourcerer
is just getting started.

I said no margin for error, Megabyte.

Yes, an unfortunate miscalculation.

Your army is pathetic.



I am replenishing their ranks,
adding greater resiliency.

More sentinels isn't the answer.

Maybe what I need is more Megabytes.


An army of Megabytes.