ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Discoveries - full transcript

The mysterious sphere found in the Codec reveals a startling secret about the origin of the Guardian Code technology. After finding another sphere in cyberspace, Vector and Googz end up in danger in Megabyte's Fortress.

You are behind schedule, Alpha Sentinel.


I need this replicator working before...



I want a progress report.

Rest assured, Sourcerer,

preparations to expand my sentinel army
are well underway.


I don't care about preparations.
I want results.

As do I, of course.

But such an undertaking
requires proper execution.

Just do it. Get it done.

I need more firepower for
my next hack, understood?

You could not be more clear.

I will provide you with
an impressive show of force.

You have my word.

Words are worthless.


Your actions will prove your value.

Or lack of it.

Keep working, you lazy miscreants.

If my replicator is not
operational soon... Argh!

More heads will roll.

How's it coming, Vera?

Shh! She's in the zone.
Don't mess with her flow.

Distraction is not a problem, Parker.

I am capable of multitasking up to
16 different simultaneous functions.

Right now, in addition to
decrypting the sphere's code,

I am finishing an assignment
for physics class,

perusing social media,
and cataloging your lunch choices.

My lunch choices? Really?


Cold pizza appears to be your preference.

It's the perfect meal.

All the food groups deliciously
layered together.

Do you want a bite?

No, thank you.

My research suggests that congealed cheese
causes flatulence.

Here. Perhaps you should add
some of these to your pizza.

These are breath mints, Vera.


They may reduce the pungent odor
you are emitting.

You crack open that sphere yet, Vera?
Lunch period's almost over.

The decrypting process is nearly complete.

Are those breath mints on your pizza?


Part of my new favorite topping combo.

You're very strange.

The decrypting process is complete.

Please stand by.


It looks like some sort of video file.

Wait, that's my dad's lab.

In our old garage.

Entry test 8.1.

That's my dad.

No way. It's Armstrong!

What's he doing with your mouse?

One giant leap for mouse-kind.

Did that just happen?

Armstrong, you're in cyberspace.

Now let's try the extraction.

It worked.

The tech works.

Congrats, little guy.

You're the first Next-Generation Guardian.

That is the end of the video file.

Dude, you know what this means, right?


My dad created the Guardian Code.

So all of this, room zero, the Codec...

my dad must have made it while
he was a teacher here.

Vera, he must have made you, too.

That has a probability of 99.9%,

although I have no recollection of him.

Dude. You're like Vera's brother
from another motherboard.

Well, now we know why
you're the leader.

Your dad made that call.

Yeah, and it was a good call.

What I don't get is why he didn't tell me
about any of this.

Perhaps it was his intention
but he never got the opportunity.

Maybe we should go check
his lab in the garage.

Is his stuff still there?

Uh, no.

The lab was actually at their old house,
that burned down in the fire.

More like an explosion, really, that...

Can we not talk about it?

Yeah, sorry.

Vera? Uh, can you find out if
there are any more spheres?

I've got a feeling this is only
the first piece of a puzzle.

I have already anticipated this

and have entered the sphere's
unique code signature

into the Codec's tracking system.


So who's in for a sphere hunt?

I have math class.

Vera and I have physics.

We have a free period.

Looks like it's you and me, Parker.

Maybe you should wait
until all of us can go.

It's just a scouting mission.
It'll be fine.

Okay with you, Vera?


But please use caution.

There is a 7% probability
that something will go wrong.

Nothing's gonna go wrong.

I will monitor you but I cannot
have direct contact

if I am out of room zero.

Okay. Got it.

There goes our leader.

Captain Daddy's Choice.

Let's check the tracking system.

It's not showing any spheres.

So let's program a search pattern,
see what we can find.

Alpha Sentinel, this is not complete.

Where is the code duplication device?

The replicator cannot function without it.

Yes, Megabyte. It has been located.

Then why are you still here?

Take the war ship and retrieve it at once!

Yes, Megabyte.

Good help is so hard to find.

Ohm's Law states that across two points,

the current is proportional
to the voltage,

hence I, the current,
equals V, the voltage.

Ohm went on to...

Oh, Mr. Daleski, you are so funny.

Do you have something to say, Vera?

I don't respond to students
unless hands are raised.

All right, what is it?

You have equated I with V
but neglected to consider

the constant, R, for resistance.

The equation should be I equals V over R.

A simple mistake.

- Uh, Ohm...
- You mean a minor mistake.

Yes, fine, whatever. Ohm...

Because minor suggests "not egregious"

whereas simple implies unintelligent,

as in the mistake of one
with low intelligence.

And you are not of low intelligence,
are you?

Well, congratulations, Vera,
you've just earned yourself a detention.

Come on, Mr. Deleski, that's not fair.
She was...

Oh, no? Well, you can join your friend
for detention, Tamra.


Yeah, what?

One more word out of you, Shari,
and you'll be there with them.

One word? I've got 20.

According to Section 3.1
of the Alan Turing High constitution,

students have the right to speak freely
regardless of hands raised.

Okay, that was, like, 23 words
but you get the point.


The code duplication device is in there.
Prepare for assault and extraction.


I was just thinking.

It was your dad who got us hooked
on the Cyber Guardians game.

Yeah, he must have been planning this
for us from the beginning.

Hey, we got one!

All right!

Entering coordinates.

Whoa, that's a lot of traffic.

They don't call it the information
superhighway for nothing.

Well, let's go get that sphere.

Zip board!

Quadra disc!

- Do you see a way in?
- Dude, I see ten.

Hey, watch out for data packets.

Thanks, Mom.



Vector, wait up!



Bingo! There it is.

Okay. Just a little closer.

- Almost...
- Hey, Vector, look out!


Vector! Dude, you okay?

I think so.

- I'll scan you for damage.
- Don't bother.

Look what I have.

Yes! You got it!

- Breaking news...
- Breaking...

Breaking news.

The Dopple laboratory conducting
3D replication experiments

for the military has been hacked.

We should check that out.

What, like now?

Yes. We're Guardians.
It's what my dad wanted us to do.

Zip board!

The code duplication
device is secure.

Up there.

That's the lab the news report
said is being hacked.

By Megabyte's sentinels.

Hey, it looks like they're
getting ready to leave.

Not without us.

Cyber hook!

Come on!

They must be heading back
to Megabyte's fortress.

Uh, in case that hit you took
in the data stream

affected your memory,

we didn't have too much fun
the last time we were there.

We're just scouting. We'll find out what
he's up to and report back.

The code duplication device
has been installed, Megabyte.


Let the replication begin!

This is bad.

Megabyte's building
a mega army of sentinels.

We have to shut down that replicator.

What happened to check it out
and report back?

Change of plans. We have to stop him, now.

Come on.

Can you hack it?

Does an isosceles triangle have
two equal sides?

For the record, it does.

Whatever you say. Just do it.

I'm gonna later the G code
with a hack blast.

Let's move.

This thing's gonna detonate any second.


Catch those Guardians
and bring them to me at once!

Must I do everything myself?

I find detention extremely boring.

Just finish the equations.

I have.

What's up, Vera?

I'm detecting high-stress alerts
from Vector and Googz.

We must get to room zero. Immediately.

Ladies... do you want
an additional hour of detention?

Can you get us out of here?


What's going on?

That's the emergency evacuation alarm.

Everybody out now. Now.

That was a bit much but it worked.

Vector? Googz?
What are you doing in Megabyte's fortress?

Long story.

But we could use a couple more Guardians
to help get us out.


Vera, I got your message. What's up?

Lots. I'll explain on the way.

The coast is clear.

Let's make a break for it.

Correction, the coast was clear.

Code disruptor!

Deflector ring!

Zip board!

You guys need practice.

You shoot like you were just
replicated five minutes ago.


Uh-oh, detour.


Guardians, Guardians.

When will you learn that sneaking
into my fortress is most unacceptable?

I guess we missed that class.

Alpha Sentinel, seize them.

Yes, Megabyte.

Someone call for backup?

Nice of you guys to drop in.

If you insist on being so destructive,

I will have to teach you manners!

Cyber shield!

Frag fists!

Whoa! Whoa!

Googz! We could use a little protection.

Sure thing. Fire wall!

Your firewall won't last long.

Alpha Sentinel! Attack!

I think maybe it's time to leave.

- What about the sphere?
- Too risky.

We gotta get outta here, D-Frag.

Turbo jets!

Grab on.

Later, Megaloser!


Rescue operation data indicates
the mission was a success.

Yeah, except we wouldn't
have needed to be rescued

if I had stuck to the plan.

Good point.

Yeah, but we stopped Megabyte
from replicating sentinels.

That's huge.

Also a good point.

It's Okay.

We're all still new at this.

Yeah. But I messed up. Big time.

I went in there to find more spheres,
and found one and lost it.


But we now know the location
of that sphere

and we will continue to search for more.

You guys should have seen Vector
in the data stream.

It was like the most extreme
half-pipe ride ever.

The most extreme wipeout ever.

Oh, I got slammed.

Hey, your father would have been proud
of what you did today.



Just... don't do it again.

You failed me, Alpha Sentinel.

You let the Guardians get away!

It won't happen again, Megabyte.

No, it won't.

I appear to have an opening
for a new Alpha Sentinel.

Any volunteers?


Here's your promotion.

Oh, what have we here?

The Guardians must have left it behind.

Well, it's mine now.


Armstrong, you're in cyberspace.

Now let's try the extraction.

It worked! The tech works!

Congrats, little guy.

You're the first Next-Generation Guardian.

I wonder what other secrets
Dad had.