ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Catastrophic - full transcript

Under pressure from his father to improve his grades, Trey clashes with Austin on a mission to catch a cat virus clogging the internet. Megabyte wipes out a cyber security system that allows the Sourcerer to steal a new computer prototype.


It's taking too long.

What should I call you?

Something that suits your unique
code-corrupting skill set.




Speaking of which.

Well, well.

You seem to have set yourself
up quite nicely, Megabyte.

Yes, quite.

My sentinel army is at your disposal.


We have a big day.

A full agenda.

Lots to do.

Are you ready?

You requested a distraction.

I have a perfect one.

A cat virus, that's it?

It will be very effective, I assure you.

All right.

It'll have to do. Now, get to it
and don't fail me, Megabyte.

Release the cat virus into a data stream.

Captain of the basketball team
on the verge of failing

a course a month into the
semester is unacceptable, Trey.

I know.

I'm sorry, Dad, but this course?

It... I mean, principles of coding.

I've never even written code before.

It's a course like any other.

You pay attention. You study.

You get good grades.

It's like a foreign language, Dad. I...

Don't make excuses, Trey.

Now, Coach Gorley says
you need a B average to stay on the team

so I hope that you
are taking this seriously.

I am.

Okay? I swear.

But it's not just school and basketball.


Well, what else is there?


What, playing video games?


Now, you have a test in this
coding course today,

is that correct?

Yes, second period.

Well, there's no time like the present

for you to start turning
this thing around.

I know.

I'll ace the test and I'll
get my average up.

I promise.

Now that's the kind of
commitment I like to hear.

Hey Moji is probably the best
new group I've heard all year,

and after the next track drops

I predict they're going to explode.

It'll be available for download next week

but I have an exclusive sneak
preview here on Tamra Says.

So sit back and take a listen.

What the...

Aw, how cute.

Look at its little face.

More like how annoying.

Hey. What's up?

Either Hey Moji has
a new lead singer

or Tamra Says just got hacked
with a cat video pop-up.

She's not the only one.

Check it out.

Enough, enough, enough!

I have determined that it is a virus.

You will need to trap it.

So we're cat catchers, now?


If you don't stop this cutie pie
from spreading

it could clog up
the entire internet.

I'm telling you, cats are just trouble.


This cat looks totally scrumptious.

Wait, do I actually want
to eat a cat?

No, I definitely do not.

I would like to cuddle it.

So how do we catch it?

I will code an appropriate
containment carrier.

Once you've captured the cat
virus, take it to Virusylum.

Virus what?

Virusylum. An impenetrable cyber prison

where the Department of Internet
Security keeps captured viruses.

DIS has a jail for viruses?


Okay, okay. Let's do this.

Is there, uh, some sort of cyber
cat nip we can use

to speed things along?

Not that I'm aware of.

I'm sure we'll figure it out.

It doesn't hurt to think ahead.

Yeah, but you always overthink.

It's just a cat virus, right?

It's a guardian mission.

We need a game plan.

We can't afford to waste time.

And we won't.

Unless you wanna keep talking about it.


Let's just do this.

Why don't you try holding
your breath and counting to ten?

Or is that the cure for the hiccups?

You know, everything's just
a big joke to you, isn't it?

Hey, boys.

Play nice.


I don't have time for this.

What a grouch.

The cat virus has been tracked
to this data stream hub.

You must prevent it from
entering a main data stream

and spreading more.

There it is.

And there it goes!

I'll get it.

Hold up, Vector.
I have the carrier.

So move! You're so slow.

You can't just run at it.

You'll spook it.

We should sneak up
from behind it.

Corner it.

You want us to
tip toe around?

Who said anything
about tip toe?

I said sneak.

Guys, there it goes again.

It's infecting anything it touches.

Where'd it go?

Man, it's shifty.

Uh-oh, it's headed straight
for our data stream.

Zip board.


Come on, guys.
We'll track them from the codec.

This is so rad!

You guys are missing out.

Vector, just catch that cat
virus before it corrupts

all the data in the stream.

Too late.

Phase one is in motion.

The distraction is happening.

Do your part, Megabyte.

And I'm in.

Sentinels, invade and infect!

Okay. Trackers show that the cat
virus should be here somewhere.

No sign of Vector.

Yeah, big surprise.

He's probably still surfing
that data stream.

There it is, over there.

Sneak around behind it.

We'll corner it.

Go slow.

Hello, kitty.


Coming through!

I gotcha!

Nice grab.

Technically I should get
an assist.

An assist?

You almost blew it again.

I'm lucky my shields held up,
otherwise I would have been infected.

Oh, come on, grumpy cat.


Let's just get to the virusylum
and finish the mission.

It's even more delicious up close.

Just analyze it, Vera.


It doesn't appear to be overly complex.

Once I have its composition

I can stop the adorable cat videos

from popping up everywhere.


The cat virus contains traces
of another familiar virus.


Cats and Megabyte.

Two things I can't stand.

Sentinels, prepare to
bring down the first firewall.


The building security
has been compromised.

The Nova X3J.



Viral attack detected.

Megabyte is invading Pogo
Computer Systems security hub.

Get us there, Vera.

Setting coordinates now.

Maybe we should just let Pogo's
security deal with Megabyte.

We go drop the cat off at Virusylum
and we can get back to school.

You wanna go to school
instead of fighting Megabyte?

Spill it, D-Frag.

You've been acting weird all morning.

I have a coding test. Second period.

And my dad is freaking out about it.

If I don't pass the test I'm
kicked off the basketball team.

Why didn't you tell us this before?

Because it's not your problem.

It is now.

We're also a team.

And if we're quick we can
stop Megabyte

and get to Virusylum before
second period starts.


Okay, let's do it.

Since speed is essential

I have something that should help.

A time space accelerator?


I will activate individual vehicles

for you, Enigma, and D-Frag.

Not what I was thinking
but way cooler.


I'm totally down with an upgrade.

Yeah. As long as
it gets this done faster.

Zip board!

Googz, your quadra disc is ready.

Quadra disc!

Woo-hoo! Sweet! Woah...

Enigma, all systems go
for your stealth glider.

Stealth glider!


I like this!

A lot!

Your turn, D-Frag.

I am providing you with
state-of-the-art turbo jets.

Turbo jets?

I'm not so sure about this, Vera.


Don't worry.

They are equipped with stabilizers

for maximum motion sickness prevention.


Yeah, now you're talking.


All right, guys.
Let's kick some virus butt!

Frag fists!

Coming through.


My turn!


Code disruptor!

These stabilizers are awesome.

I don't feel sick at all.



Look out, D-Frag.


So my little feline distraction
didn't keep the guardians

occupied as long as I anticipated.

But they are too late.

Bad news.

Megabyte just smoked
the second firewall.

The security system
has been disarmed.

The entire building is vulnerable.

Report to my office, both of you.

You're mine now.

Googz, Pogo needs some new firewalls.

Enigma, you cover him.

D-Frag, you and I will take Megabyte.

Sounds like a plan.

I'm taking you down, Megajerk!

Such confidence.

I will enjoy crushing it.

Bash tagger.

We'll be doing the crushing, Megatoggle.


- That's one.
- Googz! Get down!


Alpha sentinels, alert the troops.

Return to the fortress at once.

Running away, Megachicken?


I've accomplished what
I set out to do here.


Until we meet again, guardians!

I wonder what Megabyte meant
about accomplishing

what he set out to do.

Yeah, those firewalls weren't
down for very long.

Who knows?

That dude's pretty warped.

Let's just get back in the codec
and deliver the cat virus.

Hey, wait for me!

Let's go, kitty.

I'm on a tight schedule.



A digital fur ball.

No, not a fur ball.

Then what is it?

No idea.

Hey Vera, can you figure out
what this is?

Analysis of curious spherical
object initiated.

And while you're doing that,
the four of us

will take the cat to Virusylum.

Change of plans.

Just three of us.

D-Frag's headed back to Room Zero.

What're you talking about?

You're on a tight schedule,

Second period's about to start.

We can handle the drop-off.

You've got a coding test to pass.

Okay, thanks.

Remember to end your statements
with semi-colons.

Got it.

So that's Virusylum.

I would not wanna be
locked up in here.

State your business.

We've got a present for you.

Virus detected.

The Dis will accept your deposit.

They don't mess around.

No kidding.

I hope D-Frag made it to his coding test.

I just hope he passes.

He's got a good chance
if he remembers his semi-colons.

- Googz.
- What? They're really important.

And now this
breaking news bulletin.

A shocking theft from
Pogo Computer Systems

has the tech world reeling.

The thief, dubbed "the sorcerer",

is being praised by the hacker
community for the cyber attack

that deactivated the building's
security and allowed him

to walk off with
the Nova X3J prototype.

The sorcerer's identity and
whereabouts are unknown,

and what he'll do now
that he has the Nova X3J

is anyone's guess.

This Nova X3J.

What's so special about it?

Everything. It's Pogo's masterpiece.

30 cores, 60 threads, a monster cache.

Unlimited speed, I mean,

it has a 100,000 terabyte bandwidth.

The catch is it can connect
to the internet without Wi-Fi

so if the sorcerer has it
he can launch an untraceable attack

from anywhere.

So Megabyte's cat virus was
only meant as a distraction.


Stealing the Nova X3J was
the real plan all along.

This sorcerer is bad news.

And he's got Megabyte working with him.

That's worse news.

Hey, how'd the test go?

Aced it.


Thanks for the semi-colon tip, Parker.

No problem.

So you're still on
the basketball team?

Yeah, as long as I can
keep up a B average.

I have total faith in you.


It feels good not to let
either team down.

Or your dad.

Yeah, that too.

So Vera,

any uh... Any luck figuring out
what this thing is?

I'm in the process of trying
to decode it.

It has a very unusual file format.

So far none of the applications
I have used

have delivered a positive result.

Bless you.

Bless you.



Is there a cat in here?

This is Hashtag.

My new pet.

Vera, where did you get it?

I found him outside the school.

Vera, this cat's name is Duncan.

This is somebody else's pet.

You're gonna have to return him.

Oh, all right.

I'll do it.

You crack open that sphere.

I've got a feeling it's gonna be
important somehow.