ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Fortress Command - full transcript

Parker upgrades his cybersuit without Vera's authorization and enters a mobile game to test it out. Megabyte is in the same mobile game and has infected the game's Fortress and Sentinel Army to establish his own power base.

Okay, so.

Here's Vector firing his code disruptor.

He's nailing targets left and right.

And here's D-Frag with his frag fists,

bringing the thunder.

I'm all about the thunder.

And nobody can fling
energy shurikens

like Enigma can.

It's all in the wrist.


And then there's me.


Now, what is Googz doing?

Anybody? Anybody?

He's scanning.

Thank you.

I think I made my point.

I fail to see a point, Parker.

You have simply listed attributes...

Well, it's a comparison.

Don't you think Googz should
get a weapons upgrade?

New offensive powers will not be unlocked

until you reach
your next proficiency level.

You already have the best weapon, anyway.

You have a brain, right?

You were gonna say my brain?

Yeah, I was.

Now, I need some volunteers.

My mom has called a family game night.

It will be Vera's first.

What're you doing?

I am in training.

I have pens, pencils,
a collection of dice,

and I have downloaded strategy guides

for 841 games of chance and skill.

I will not be defeated!

Yeah, she's been doing that all day.

So, who's gonna help me out?

Get in on some family game night action?

Sorry, I've gotta edit vlog footage.

I have curfew.

Otherwise, I'd totally be there.

For real.

What about you, Parker?

You in?

You love family game night.

Be on Vera's team.

Yeah, no, uh, not tonight.

I'm gonna stay here and do my homework.

It's Friday. You have all weekend.

You know, us brainy types, right?

Yeah, okay.

Knock yourself out.

Let's go, Vera.

Goodbye, Parker.

Too bad you won't be there to see me

crush Austin and Judy,

but I hope you have a productive night.

Let's see here.

First thing's first.

Ditch my imaging capacitor.

I can code its function into my head.

Move this here,

that goes there...


This is much better.


The Fortress Command game. That's perfect.

I can just test my new offensive upgrades

on a bunch of harmless game sentinels.



Warning! Incoming virus!

Ah, a sentinel army.

Just what I need to conquer
and rule Cyberspace.


And kneel before me.

Your kind will obey me
once I take control of your fortress.

Stand aside and let your new master pass.


All right.

Time to put my new weapons
upgrade to the test.

Portal blaster!


Five against one?

No problem.

Targets engaged.

Yes! Quintuple strike.


The portal blaster is drawing
way more power

than I thought it would.

I'll make some adjustments
when I get back.

Your facial expression
suggests malnourishment

and your body movement is repetitive.

Are you a GIF of an underfed wombat?


Vera, there are no GIFs.

You just have to guess what she is.



Your bulging eyes
are an excellent clue, Judy.

My guess is trumpet player.



It's an animal.

The answer is always an animal.

Thank you for that clarification.

Uh... Sploosh, sploosh.

Sploosh. Sploosh.

Okay. I know it now.

Googz's power level is at 55 percent.

Say again?

Fish. You are a fish.

Likely a copper nose or a gilt-head brine.

You're right, but I think
just fish is good enough.

I can smell victory!

No, those are my bacon
chocolate chip cookies.

What's going on?

Judy is retrieving the cookies.

You should pay more attention.

No, what did you say about Googz?

Googz is in Cyberspace.

I did not authorize this mission.

That is so not cool.

Tell him to get back here right now.

I can only communicate
with him from Room Zero.

Well, then that's where we have to go.

But first we have to ditch my mom.

Hey, hey, you two,
no whispers or colluding

on family game night.

I was just, uh, telling Vera
how amazing your cookies are.

It's the hospital.

I'm on call. I have to go in.

What? Now?

In the middle of family game night?

Sorry, we're just gonna have
to do this another night.


Did you send that text?


That is what you requested, isn't it?

Yeah, I guess so.

Now, let's get to Room Zero
and find out what Parker is up to.

Oh, yeah.

Googz 2.0 is on fire.


What's that weirdo doing in my game?

Now I gotta re-spawn.

A throne room.

Rather basic at the moment,
but once I renovate...

Halt! Intruder!

Quite the contrary.

You will bow down to your new master.

Boot thrusters!


Did I just level up?


The fragging continues.


Present arms!

Ah, a tad slow.

Perhaps a bath in my digital acid pool

will melt your code
into something more useful.


A scepter befitting a ruler of my stature.

Now, let's do this once more!

With absolute precision this time.

Much better.

I knew he was up to something earlier.

He had that look.

It was a mistake
to leave him here unsupervised.

I won't let it happen again.

What's that on his back?

It appears to be an unapproved
weapons modification.

What's his power level at?

21 percent.

Googz, report immediately.

Hey Vera.

Uh, sorry, my comm's not working too good.

Lots of static for some reason.

Anyway, I'm just in the codec
doing some research. What's up?

Dude, we can see you.

Oh, right.

- Uh... Hey.
- Parker.

You know that Guardian rule number seven

is never go in Cyberspace
without my authorization.

Yeah, I know, I know, I'm...

Get back here now or else
I'm coming in to get you.

Relax, Austin.

Everything's fine.

Unless you're the player
I'm about to frag.

Game over.

This is so not fair.

Okay buddy, your power level
is down to ten percent.

Okay, okay, I'll head back.

What is this?

A Guardian, alone?

Bring him to me!

Yes, Megabyte.

Austin? Vera?

There's something wrong. These...

These sentinels are different

than the other ones in the game.

I'm going in.

Call Tamra and Trey.

Zip board!

Over clock!

No! Whoa!

Vera, they've got Googz in the fortress.

Tell D-Frag and Enigma to hurry.

I'll meet them back in the codec.

What a fortunate turn of events.

- Megabyte.
- For me, that is.

I could delete you,
but you have more value as bait

to catch those other pesky Guardians.

Well, that's where you're wrong,

because I've gone solo
and there's no one coming to get me.

Portal blaster!

How pathetic.

Throw him in the dungeon.

Let go!

Get your hands off me,
you oversized digital apes!


Austin, Vera, come in.


That's not good.

That's not good.

Emergency power mode initiated.

Emergency power mode?

Your suits are made of code

that requires a minimum power level
for stability.

If the power level falls
below five percent

your suits switch to EPM.

To conserve energy, Googz's
cyber suit will slow down

his heart rate and breathing

until he is in a sleep-like state.

- What, like hibernation?
- Yes.

And if the power level
bottoms out at zero?

The suit's code will start to self-delete.

Unless it is recharged, exposure occurs.

And exposure means?


Then eventually... Death.

Enough with the gory details.

Just get in here and let's save
Googz before that happens.

We have to get inside that fortress.

And how are we gonna do that?

It's not like knocking on
the front door is an option.

No, it's not.

All right, flip it, Vera.

Initiating codec rotation.


Cyber hook!

Take it away, Vera.

Come on.

D-Frag, stop fooling around.

I'm not. I'm actually stuck.

Power surge!

Do you even understand
the concept of stealth?

Huh? Oh, right.

Whatever. Let's go.

That must be where they've got Googz.

Okay, that was stealthy.

Googz's power level is down to 1 percent.


Bash tagger!

We have to boost his cyber suit.

I'm low on power
but you two have plenty to spare.


This better work.


I knew you'd come for me.

But so did Megabyte.


Is he still around?

Yeah, and he threw me
in here to catch you guys.

We gotta go!

Whoa, uh, not this way.

I've got this.

Portal blaster!

Ugh. Not again.

Code disruptor!

Uh, not this way, either.

Everybody back to the tunnel. Now!

We're running out of options.

Follow me.

How did you know
that door was there?

I scanned the wall.

Smart move.

This way.

The sentinels won't be able
to get up the stairs.


You were saying?

Oh, no!

Oh, Guardians.

How predictable.

What do you think of my new fortress?

Pretty impressive.

Except it's not yours.

It belongs to the Fortress Command game.

It did.

But that was before
I took possession of it.

My only decision now
is what to do with you four.

Perhaps I will mount your heads
on my wall.

A weak spot in the wall.

Then again I could dip you
into my digital acid pool

and watch you disintegrate.

Everybody get ready.

- Ready for what?
- This!

- Googz, no!
- Fool!

It worked!


You okay, Googz?

Yeah. Firewall!


You're not going anywhere,
little Guardian.

Vera, delete my upgrades.

- Right now?
- Yes. Right now. Do it!


Deletion of upgrades initiated.



So long, Megadork.

That went pretty well, right?

Sort of well?

You were seconds away
from your suit starting to decode.

Okay... But it didn't, right?
So that's a positive.



You broke Guardian rule number seven.

You entered Cyberspace
with unauthorized upgrades.

You put yourself and the others
in jeopardy.

But you also exhibited
excellent composure under pressure

and executed a daring escape
from Megabyte's fortress.

So, even though I am not
programmed to upgrade

your weapons at this time,

I believe you have proven
your earlier point.

Googz now has a deflector ring

that provides both offensive
and defensive capabilities.

That's way cool.

Thanks, Vera.

But you must promise
to never enter Cyberspace again

without authorization.

I promise.

I owe you guys big time.

What can I do to pay you back
for saving my life?

Well, I could use some help with calculus.


Calculus tutoring for a whole month.

For the year.

Okay. Yeah, sure.

What about you, Tamra?

Well, my Tamra Says page
is getting a little stale.

How about fixing me up
with some new features?

Yeah, anything you need.

That'll be a good place to start.

I'll let you know when your debt is paid.

What about you, Austin?

How can I pay you back?

Are you sure it's not a frog?

- Lemur.
- Lemur?

Eliminating these new Guardians

may be more difficult
than I had anticipated.

But I will learn their weaknesses
and exploit them!

Nothing will foil my plans
to dominate all of Cyberspace!