ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Mainframe Mayhem - full transcript

Megabyte goes into Mainframe to convince his sister Hexadecimal to join forces with him. With Trey away at a basketball game, Vector, Enigma and Googz investigate and encounter original ReBoot characters Bob, Dot, and Enzo, in Mainframe.

So Vera, I was thinking...

you and me should
spend some time together.

You and me or you and I?

I was thinking you and I should
spend some time together.

Time or quality time?

So Vera, I was thinking
you and I should spend

some quality time together.

Just the two of us.

We could go see a movie?

No, a movie is no good.
You can't talk during a movie.

...quality time together, you and I...

Just the two of us.

We could go for some pizza, and then...


Hey, Vera.

Uh, I didn't know you were...
How long have you...

Were you talking to someone?

Actually, um... Hey, Vera.

I was thinking...

You know, if you wanted to...

- Or we could do something...
- Are you all right, Parker?

You seem especially nervous.

Not... Not nerv...
No, uh... Not me, uh...

You just caught me off guard, that's all.

I'm sorry if my presence has upset you.

Oh, no, no, no. That's not what...

No, I uh... Trust me, the more
present you are the better.

I mean, I like it when you're around.

I like when you're around, too.


Of course.

That's awesome.

I mean, yeah, cool.

Cool. Right.

So, Vera.

I was thinking you and I should...

Hey, guys.

Hello, Trey.

Oh, hey.

Hi, Trey.

Were the Codebreakers triumphant?

Yeah, we won the game,
but it was a squeaker.

I'm actually on my way
to the bus right now.

We're still on for tonight, right, Vera?

Yes, of course.

Well, I guess
congratulations are in order.

What do you mean?

The basketball game?

What else would I mean?

You know, I'm sure
you scored like 100 points, right?

Got like a gazillion assists,
rebounds and touchdowns and...

Yeah, not even close.

I shot terribly.

I only had 26 points,
a few assists and eight boards.

But the other guys stepped up.
The team's really coming together.

- I gotta go. Uh, see you later.
- Goodbye.

Only 26 points.

God. Even on an off day
that guy's on fire.


Trey is on pace to become
Alan Turing High's leading scorer

in just one season.

Go team Trey, right?


Megabyte alert.

The virus is on the move.

Bring the cyber catapult forward.

Prepare to launch!


Oh. If at first you don't succeed...



Guard the entrance.

The rest of you, follow me.

Yes, Megabyte.

Vector. Enigma.

Megabyte has been located
in a remote sector.

Your patrol is over.

I will reroute the codec.

Okay, Vera. Set the course.

We'll check it out.

Coordinates are locked in.

Megabyte must have gone in there.

Yeah. I wonder what's inside.

Probably something important
if he brought the warship.

You mean the sitting duck?


- That was easy.
- Yeah.

- Zip board!
- Stealth glider!

Now, let's find out
what Megabyte's up to.

So many moods and no one
to inflict them upon.


You're looking as terrifying as ever.

Could it be?

What's this?

No affectionate greeting
for your own brother?

Well, sister.
What do you think?

The pompous voice, the condescending tone,

you sound like Megabyte

but you don't look like Megabyte.

I am the upgraded, improved version.

A Megabyte for a new millennium.

Now, now, Hexadecimal, play nice.

I've seen a world beyond
your wildest partition setting.

I'm here to share it with you.

Do I have a choice?

Well, I could command
my sentinels to seize you

and throw you in my dungeon
for all eternity,

which would certainly give me pleasure,

or you can join me in a new viral dawn.

Conniving. Manipulative. Self-serving.

Now that's the Megabyte I know and loathe.

Hey, Vera, what's going on?

I'm trying to determine...

Did you just beep?


I'm tracking Vector and Enigma.

Their location in cyberspace

corresponds to a real world location.

Yeah, I get that. But why are you beeping?

The signal has never been

so strong.

It's almost as if

they're in...

This room.

- In this room?
- Yes.

No way.

It's getting stronger.

In this direction.

What's even back here?

This is the spot.


This is an old mainframe computer.

Did you know this was here, Vera?


It must have been installed by
Austin's father when he set up the room.

It's in power saver mode.

Whoa. Who turned on the lights?

I think I did!

You guys are inside
an old mainframe computer in room zero.

Wow. It's like ancient technology
one point retro.

This thing's like a collector's item.

No way!

Is this for real?


It is!

After 20 years of waiting,
it's finally happened.

Mainframe is back online.

Check it out.

It looks like a diner.

- It's...
- Under my protection.

Back off, blue boy.

Blue boy?

I am Bob.

I come from the 'net, through
systems, peoples and cities,

to this place, Mainframe.

My format? Guardian.

"To mend and defend."

You're a guardian?

Cool! So are we. Look.

Then why are your faces hidden?

Take off those masks.

We can't. Long story.

But trust us, we're guardians, too.

Next generation guardians.

We come from outside the 'net.

Outside the 'net?

They say the user lives outside the 'net

and inputs games for pleasure.

No one knows for sure.

Well, it's true.

I knew it!

What's going on, Bob?

Dot, Enzo, you'll never believe it.

These two say they're guardians

but they're also users
from outside the 'net!


Hey! This place is awesome.

Bob, don't. He's with us.

Googz, what're you doing here?

Thought you guys could use some help.

Besides, there's no point
in me staying with Vera.

I'm no basketball hero.

- What?
- Never mind.

Have you guys found Megabyte?


That's why we're here.

To catch that virus.

Coolness! Any enemy of Megabreath
is a friend of ours.

Do you have any idea
where Megabreath might be?

Lost Angles is just up ahead.

That's where Hexadecimal's lair is.

I'm guessing Megabyte's there.

Good guess.

Those are Megabyte's sentinels.

How fortuitous.

It seems you will get to meet
the new breed of guardians

as well as renew acquaintances
with your old favorite, Bob.

Ooh, good.

Sentinels! Attack!

Oh, Bob, it's so good to see you again.

Have you been working out?

What are you doing, Hexadecimal?

You know you can't trust Megabyte.

I know.

But he is family.

Same old Hex.

The guardians need a plan if they're going

to defeat Megabyte and Hexadecimal.

So far they're doing okay.

Starship Alcatraz.

How long has it been?


Time to finally finish you.

Megabyte hates you even
more than he hates us.

We've got history. Give it time.

Warning, incoming game.

Warning, incoming game.

Not a game! Not now!

Where are we?

What's going on?

We're inside a game.

It's our job to win it.

And if we don't?

It's game over.

Take one final look, dear sister.

I will miss this Mainframe.

So many memories.

Yes, but beyond Mainframe
lies a vast cyberverse

for us to corrupt.

Your corrupting days are over, Megabyte.

Oh, on the contrary.

They are just beginning!

Hey! A girl guardian.

The name's "Enigma."

Pleased to delete you.

Well done, dear sister.

Well done!

Enigma! Are you okay?

No. I had her!

Hexadecimal is totally random
and has crazy powers!

Now you tell me.

What happened to Vector and Googz?

They're inside the game with Bob!

Well, let's get them out.
Energy shurikens!

You can't help them now.

Who's that?

The user.

This is gonna be too easy.

My player will escape
Starship Alcatraz first!

Danger. Prison cell breech.

Self-destruct sequence initiated.


Uh, what just happened?

When you're in a game you reboot
so you get the powers

and weapons you need to win.

You have to reboot.

I don't think we can do that.

I'll give it a try. Reboot!

Nope. Nothing.

Too bad. I wanted an eye patch.

Code disruptor!

What gives?

Are you sure you're guardians?

Yes, but... I think this game
is messing with our powers.

Yeah, this game's old.

Like 64 bit old.

Well, the user is way ahead of us.

Come on. We have to beat him
or we get nullified.

That doesn't sound good.

No, it's bad. Very bad.

Enigma, what's happening?

I can't reach Vector and Googz.

There's too much interference.

They're trapped in a game, Vera.

- Can you get them out?
- No.

Apparently they have to beat whoever
is playing the game in the real world.

So close.

Just one more level.

Whoa! Who's shooting at us?

The self-destruct sequence
sets off all kinds of traps

to stop us and the user from escaping.

Deflector ring!


Okay, so my deflector ring's not working.

I can still do this!

Spider eyes.

I know this game!

What're you talking about, Googz?

What's the deal?

We need to get as many
spider eyes as we can.

That's not how you win.

Listen, me and Vector,
we've played this game as users.

- We have?
- Yes, with your dad.

Trust me. Spider eyes are our best chance.

I hope you're right,
'cause right now we're losing.

I'm finally gonna win!

And mom said all this time
in the basement was wasted!

Self-destruct in 30 seconds.

We need more spider eyes!

Coming right up.

Now what?

It's back to the control room.

I guess it's our turn.

Come on! We have to slot in
all the spider eyes!

Self-destruct in 15 seconds.

They're gonna make it.

I know they are.



Self-destruct in five seconds.

We need one more!

- Four.
- Bob, over there!


Two. One.

I won!



I told you they were gonna win!


Game over. You lose.


I was so close!

You next gen guardians
sure play a different game.

So, you were about to lose,
but then you won!

How'd you do that?

I knew a cheat code.

Vector's dad showed it to us
when we were kids.

Yeah. Like a get out of jail free card.

I'm just glad you're safe.

Aw, get a sector!

I think that's our cue to go.

Vector, Googz, Enigma.

It was an honor.

We'll do our best to mend and defend.

Stealth glider.

Quadra disc.

Zip board.

Stay frosty!

Looks like cyberspace is in good hands.

I still can't believe it.

Bob, Dot, and Enzo are inside
my dad's mainframe computer.

And it was in room zero the entire time.

I guess that means
we can check in on them whenever we want.

Sorry I missed all the action, guys.

I really wish I coulda been there to help.

We were fine without you.

No, we weren't.

Megabyte and Hexadecimal got away.

Thanks to me.

It wasn't your fault.

Yes, it was.

"Mend and defend."

I didn't do either.

Not every mission results in
a 100 percent positive outcome.

Yeah. I mean, it's like basketball.
You can't win every game.

Except you
are winning every game.

Okay, true.

But sometimes, like today, just barely.

Tell me about it. We won that
Starship Alcatraz game at the last second.

Last millisecond.

Hey, dude, how'd you remember
that cheat code with the spider eyes?

Come on. Your dad showed it to us.

Obviously you paid way more attention

to that stuff than I did.

I took notes.

He had a ton of cool game tips and tricks.

I think you used to come over to my house

to hang out with him instead of me.

Oh, for sure. He was way more fun.

You ready?

Yes. Good idea.

Where are you going, Vera?

You live here.


- Trey and I...
- Actually, I don't wanna know.


See you guys tomorrow.

Story of my life, right?

I'm on the sidelines while
a super jock gets the girl.

Dude, I don't think
Vera's programmed that way.

What's up with you?
You've been quiet all night.

I told you... Megabyte and Hexadecimal.

Hey, come on.

Don't let what happened
in Mainframe bug you.

We'll get Megabozo

and Hexadecimal is just
some nasty malware.

We'll take her down next time.

You didn't see her up close like I did.

That chick's scary.

Lovely space.

It could use a splash of color
and some mirrors.

It is fine as it is.

Now, I am in need of a new Alpha Sentinel.

Enjoy your promotion...
while it lasts.

What's your name, big boy?

Leave him be.

He cannot afford to be distracted.

Same old Megabyte.

All work and no play.

Yes, exactly.

And there is much work to be
done before I,

or rather, we will rule all of cyberspace.

Ooh, I like the sound of that.