ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Activation - full transcript

It's time to strike.

Attack. Disrupt. Destroy.

All technology, computers, games, cameras,
phones, they're all targets.

The internet isn't safe.

It's vulnerable.

So are the people who use it every day.

My plan is in motion.

It can't be stopped.

I won't be stopped.

And humanity has no idea what's coming.

Summer is officially over, Armstrong.

And winter can't come soon enough.

Alan Turing High.

Only the most tech-progressive
school in the city.

Am I happy to be here?

We'll see.

Change can be good, right?

Or maybe today will rank way up
there on the Lame-O-Meter.

Stay tuned. Tamra says out.

This is my house now.


Still top ranking.

It's you!


You go to my school? This school?

Uh, yes. Just transferred here.

Wow, this is so random but at the same
time so perfect, you know?

I'm Cherie.

I've been following your vlog
for, like, ever.

You are my absolute hero!

It's just me talking about stuff.
I'm not really doing anything heroic.

You know what I loved?
Your post about the first day of school.

I watched it, like, five times.

How is that even possible?
I just uploaded it.

I know! Lame-O-Meter? You are so funny.

This is gonna be such a good year.



Austin, where have you been?
The bell's about to ring.

Relax, Parker.

Nothing happens on the first day
of school.

This is Alan Turing High.

I bet we start coding,
designing tech right away.

Today's gonna be amazing. I can feel it.

You know what I feel?

- Pressure.
- Why?

Why do you think?

Because your dad taught here?

Uh, yeah.

Everybody's gonna expect me to be smart.

Like him.

Like you.

You're smart, Austin.

- In your own way.
- Gee, thanks, buddy.

There. A fabric of cyber space.

It's weak.

Ah, that's the spot. Easy to tear.

Tear a hole, an opening.

A rift.


Yes, good.

The beginning is now.
This is where it starts.


Hungry cyber locusts.

They will consume everything
in their path.

Dark code detected.

Commencing ReBoot program.

Activating next generation guardians.

- Room zero.
- Room zero?

Our homeroom is in the basement?

That's what the map says.


You looking for room zero?

Yeah, but there is nothing here.

Am I late?

Is this room zero?

It's supposed to be.

I've never heard of a school
having a room zero before.

Well, if you look at it
from a binary perspective,

most room numbers contain at least one...


You two know each other?


I'm Austin and this is Parker.

Trey. Nice to meet you.

I'm Tamra.

So, should we just report to the office?

Wait. Look at your phones.

We're not there yet. It's over here.

Parker, there's no room here.
It's just a...




That doesn't make sense.

Where did he go?

I guess it's our turn?


What is this place?

Look at all this tech.

This is officially the strangest
first day of school ever.

Yeah, no kidding.

Look, look.

It's the ReBoot logo from
the Cyber Guardian game.

Cyber Guardians?

Maybe we get our own special homeroom,
because we're unbeatable in the game.


Excuse me, but my team's unbeatable.

No, my team holds the top ranking.


Me and Austin and our two friends,

well, not exactly friends
because we've never met them for real.

We know them by their gamer names:

D-Frag and Enigma
but we have the highest...


You've gotta be Googz.


Let me guess.




Okay, so this must have something
to do with the game.

There's gotta be some way to log in.


Hey, quit touching stuff.


What is that?

Hey, those are our Cyber Guardian avatars.

I knew this school was gonna be cool,
but this is incredible.


What just happened?

I don't know.

But this might be the best
virtual reality experience ever.

Oh man, that does not feel good.

Who'd have thought you'd be
the wimp of the group?

Shut it, Vector.


Your mission has commenced.

Follow me.


Who are you?

I am the virtual evolutionary
recombinant avatar.


Can we call you Vera for short?

That would be appropriate.

She said follow her.

Open world. Sweet.

This is the Codec.

We get a ship.


It is your command post
and your transfer station.

Uh, I'm not too crazy
about that transfer part.


Initiating gateway access.


What the-


Ugh, I think I'm gonna puke!




Whoa, what is this place?

It is an electrical power plant under
attack by dark code cyber locusts.


Ugh, nasty.

Everything's in place.

The cyber locusts are destroying
the power grid.

It's time to send humanity back
to the dark ages.

In three... two... one.

Massive power outages swept
through the United Kingdom.

The cause is unknown.


My plan is working.

Guardians, your mission
is to destroy the dark code cyber locusts.

Enigma, Googz, D-Frag, we got this.


Right behind you, Vector.

Come on. This way.

Quick question. We don't have
our controllers how do we use our weapons?

Maybe we just call it out?

Code disruptor!

That's it! We're the controllers!

Time for a bug splatter party.

Game on!

Fright fists!

Alright! Who's next? Come get some!

Enigma, incoming!

Energy shurikens!

That didn't feel like virtual reality.

That felt like real reality.

Vera? This is a game, right?


It is the Guardian Code ReBoot Program.

The Cyber Guardian game served
as your phase one training platform.

What are you saying?

I was programmed to activate
the next generation guardians

if ever dark code appeared.

Hold on. Back up a second.

What is this "dark code"
you keep talking about?

A most malicious virus,
these cyber locusts contain it.

If it is permitted to spread
this universe could be consumed

by dark code and eliminated forever.

Right now the cyber locusts are affecting
electricity in your world.

Our world?

We're actually in the internet right now?


Everything you see and touch
is made of code.


The cyber locusts,
the Codec, your suits.

But inside the suits
we're still flesh and blood?

Affirmative. You are humans.

So we could actually get hurt?

We could even die?


We gotta make sure that doesn't happen.

Vector, look out!

Vector suit breech imminent.

Survival probability 30 percent.

That doesn't sound good!

Booster pack!

How's that for a one-two punch?

What's this?

Anti-virus software.

I expected it. Not surprising.

But it's not gonna stop me.

There's too many of them.

Look, we've never lost
in the game.

What would we do
if we were playing right now?

The first thing we'd do is plug that hole.

Good thinking, Googz.

One cyber patch coming up.

Nice one, Googz.

Zip board!



Access denied? Impossible.

My access can't be denied.
I made the rift. I created the access.

Okay, now we just have to do something
about the rest of the cyber locusts.

What about that move we pulled
in the game a few days ago.

Yeah, this place is pulsing
with electricity.

We can make that work for us.

Alright, I'll give it a try.

Let's hope these cyber locusts play along.

Come on, you ugly bugs!
Catch me if you can!

Coming through!

It's working!

Okay, D-Frag, do your thing!

Oh, yeah!

Mag Frag!



He's gone.

He can't be.

- You guys looking for me?
- Vector!

You're okay!

Of course, I wasn't gonna let some
giant bug zapper take me out.

- Nice work, D-Frag.
- Thanks.

Guess we're still undefeated.






It's a lot more real when it's real.

That was so rad.

Guardians, you successfully completed
your first mission.

It is time for you to return
to your world.

That's it? We're done?


But I have so many questions.

It is time for you to return
to your world.

Okay, okay. We heard you.

I can provide whatever answers
my cache memory holds

the next time you are needed.

Next time?

You expect us to do this again?

Yeah, I don't know if my stomach
can handle it.

So do we keep this quiet?

Just between us four?

Right, because if we told people
that we found a secret room

hidden behind a hologram wall
where we can go into the internet

in special suits made of code
and fight cyber locusts

they'd totally believe us.

Second period's about to start.

I gotta go.

Nothing happens
on the first day of school?

Okay, so I was wrong about that.

This just in.

The mysterious power outage
in the UK is over.

Electricity has been fully restored.

I won't be defeated!

Let's start with a few simple questions.

Let me see...

Austin Carter, please stand.

Was Adam Carter your father?

Uh, yes.

He was.

So sorry for your loss, Austin.
He was a fine teacher.


Now, Austin, I'm sure you will know
the answer to this.

Please tell me what an algorithm is.


A finite set of instructions
performed in a sequence

to achieve an end result.

That's right.

Who are you?

They call me Vera.

I'm the virtual evolutionary recombinant...

Uh, she's an exchange student.

Just transferred here?

Your name is not on the class list.

Please consult your list again.

Oh, well, there it is.

Uh, okay.

You can take your seats.

Just a sec, everyone, while I add Vera
to the curriculum distribution list.

Vera, how did you get here?

I was not programmed to join
you at this time,

but the bio-constructor
in room zero was activated.

I might have accidentally set that off.

Should we send you back?


I cannot return to cyberspace.

This is now my form.

You mean you're here,

like this,

- for good?
- Yes.

And I think I'm going to like it.