Rambo (1986): Season 1, Episode 1 - First Strike - full transcript

(theme song playing)


Anywhere and everywhere, the
savage forces of General Warhawk

threaten the peace-loving
people of the world.

There's only one man to call.

Get me Rambo!

From the canyons of skyscrapers to
the canyons of remote mountain peaks,

Liberty's champion
is unstoppable.

Rambo, helped by the
mechanical genius known as Turbo,

and the master of
disguises named Cat.

The honor-bound
protector of the innocent,

the force of freedom.

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Out of my way, flee-bag!

Move it, troopers!

The General wants
us to take this dump.

Don't move!

You are all my prisoners.

Do as you're told and
no one will get hurt.


Tell me, Havoc.

How is my little
plan coming along?

Very well, General.

We've taken the village and...

You are 15 minutes
behind schedule, Mr. Havoc.

If this command
is too much for you,

I'll give it to someone else.

Grapper, stop that woman!

It's a dead end.

We've got you now.
You'll be sorry you made us run.


Give my best to the General.

Yes, sir. I realize
this is an emergency.

If the General's forces
are moving into Tierra Libre,

we've got to stop them.

And there's only one
man who can do it.

Get me, Rambo.

Rambo, your country needs you!

Let's go.

How can I help you this
time, Colonel Trautman?

They want you to
go into Tierra Libre

and kick the
General out of there.

That will be my pleasure, sir.

If they grab you, there'll
be nothing we can do.

Our government's not
officially involved in this.

Well, I am.

I'm not about to let that international
bandit take over a free country.

I didn't think you would.

As we head into the last lap,

Colonel Hayes leads the pack
in his turbo-charged 3M Special.

Looks like he's being
challenged by Tommy Anzalone.

And now Tommy's
slipping into the lead.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a pilot on the track.

And Turbo Hayes
is really something.

Remind me never
to let you park my car.

Ha, ha, ha. Rambo,
what brings you here?

Trautman needs us.

Turbo, you can't leave now.

You're in first place.

Welcome to Tierra Libre.

Looks peaceful enough.

So does a bear trap.

Colonel Trautman, thank
heavens you're here.

Mr. President.

This is my daughter, Estrella.

- Nice to meet you.

Where are all the
rest of your troops?

You're looking at
'em, Mr. President.

Bad news, sir. The invaders
have taken the bridge at Rio Hondo.

We must stop them.

We must protect my people.

Gentlemen, we haven't
a moment to lose.

As you can see, our country
is protected by mountains,

the ocean, and by the Rio Hondo.

The General's forces
have taken this bridge.

Now they can move their
armored division into Tierra Libre.

Colonel Trautman, we
are a peaceful little country.

We have no modern
weapons or tanks.

What can we stop them with?


All aboard for the
bus to Rio Hondo.

Did you get it?
- Hey,

there's enough plastic
explosives in there

to blow that bridge all
the way to Cleveland.

Gentlemen, I want you to
meet your guide on this mission.

Kat's one of the best
undercover people we've got.

She'll get you
there in one piece.

Try and come back the same way.

There's your target.

Looks like they're
expecting company.

I don't want to disappoint them.

See you after the party.

The guy's got guts.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

The area seems to be clear, sir.

It had better be.

If anybody gets by us, the General
will give me another one of these.


You got it.

I'm going to carve
my initials on you.

You're going to have to
do better than that, Gripper.

Goodbye, Rambo.

Goodbye, Gripper.

Did he make it?

Was there ever any doubt?

Oh, no! Havoc's got him!

Well, if it isn't my
old friend, Rambo.

You don't have any friends.

Oh, that's no way to talk to
the future ruler of the Ara Libre.

Don't hold your
breath, big mouth.

Havoc, shame on you.

That's no way
to treat our guest.

Make him feel at home.

Give him a place to stretch
out with some friends.

Now, if you will excuse
me, I have things to do.

I'm taking over our country.

Nice knife, Rambo.

When he begs for mercy, cut
him down and bring him to me.

Smoke that sucker!

You idiots!

You let him get away!

Take the men.

Track him down and
stop him this time!

Two weeks extra pay to
whoever brings me Rambo's head.

Cover me!

Are you looking for me?

- Let me out of here!

Freeze, Rambo.

One move and I'll blow you away.

Sorry, Havoc, but I don't have
the time to hang around with you.

Cut him down!

Yes, General.

I think it's time for me to handle
the Rambo situation permanently.


This should take care of Rambo.

Hold your fire!

That should take care of Rambo.

To the rear! Pull!

Let's go, Havoc.

I don't think Rambo
will bother us anymore.

Thanks for the lift, fellas.

[men grunt]

- Rambo! Stop him!


[men shouting]


What took you so long?

It's good to be home.

Rambo! You better
come take a look at this.

That is some mobile
bridge they have there.

I thought things were
going a little too easy.

Well, we can't sneak up
on them in the daylight.

So what now?

I figure we got about
six hours before

the General can roll his
tanks into Tierra Libre.

And I'll be waiting for him.

Don't worry. Everything
will be all right.

Not if the General's
forces cross the Rio Hondo.

I'm afraid there
is nothing left,

but surrender.

I cannot risk the
lives of my people

in a battle we
can't possibly win.

Rambo will win!

If you don't hurry up,

I'm going to be too
tired to drive this thing.

It's not a thing.
It's a tank buster.

I sure hope it works.

Are you kidding?

This baby comes with
a five-year, 50,000-mile,

or until it gets hit by a
tank shell guarantee.

I'm sold.

I think I'll take
it out for a spin.

I'm bringing it
back in one piece!

Come on. Keep it moving.

Get the lead out.

Follow me, men. On to victory.


I got a present
for you, General.


Get me out of here.

Blast him.

Let's see how tough
you are now, Rambo.

Ram him.!

You want to play chicken?

This time we'll end it.

Get in, Havoc.

This is where
you clowns get off.

Get your men
together and fall back.

Are we retreating, General?

No, we're advancing
to the rear, you idiot.

You heard the
General. Let's move it.

Looks like one of our
tanks made it back.

Find out who it is
and give him a medal.

And don't come back!

A toast to the
hero of Tierra Libre.

- Salute!

You don't look very happy.

It's not over yet.

The General will be back.

Evil never rests, so
we gotta be prepared.

To be continued.

(End Theme Song)

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