Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Who are you?

Who are you?

I think I have arrived
to a world 300 years later.

You came here with this amulet.

Is this right?

Ah, this is seriously...

I'm speechless, seriously.

Not knowing anything, why do
I have to encounter so much?

Every time I am facing a life or death
situation, time will pass. Is this what it means?

Really, why do you keep
appearing in front of me?

I'm looking for a book.
A chronicle.

That should be in the library.

What do you do if you want to share
your happiness with somebody?

You're also a player over there, right?

Is this the greeting you used
when you leave in this world?

Now do you understand?
I'm just abiding the customs.

Is this the greeting you use
when you leave in this world?


With any one and any where?

This is for you to remember.

Since we are here, I'll take you
to the park so come out.

Did you really like it?

Do you want to cause trouble?

Choe Hui Jin!

What are you doing here?

Why are you here then?

What are you doing leaving
your friend without saying your location?

Get out of the way.

How do you do?

I am Hui Jin's friend, stylist
and manager, Jo Su Gyeong.

It is my first time
meeting you, you are?

If you're not going to
shake hands then I will.

Let's go.

I'll give you a lift.

That's really...

Please get in.

I can go on my own.

He said he could go
on his own. Don't bother.

Didn't you say that you
would send him to the park?

I heard everything you said. Since you've
already said it, you should keep your promise.

Please get in.

I won't pressure you,
please get in.

This has always been my car.


Sit in front.

I'll drive. You go and sit behind.

Don't say anything to her,
she has good foresight.

Family name?

Gim Bung Do.

But why are you going
to the park at this time?

For an exercise. Why are you
asking about people's private matters?

Am I asking you? Why are
you the one answering?

It's an answer, anyway it's no big deal who answers.

But, what kind of relationship
do you have with Hui Jin?

I've never once heard of you before.


He is helping me
with my history studies.

-History studies?

In order to prepare for the drama,
because my history knowledge is inadequate.

What do you do for living?

A social studies university student.

He looks like
he's in the arts field.

He's a university student?

What about you? Do you
look like you're a stylist?

How can you judge
just based on looks?


You have an image that is
really close to Hui Jin's ideal man.

What are you saying
all of a sudden?

Please be careful.

While studying, she may come up with
excuses just to entangle herself around you.

Entangle? What does that mean?

It means you should be
careful with your lips.

This child is a little impulsive.

Are you crazy? Why are
you talking nonsense?

It was a joke.

Why are you getting mad?

Now you're saying this is a joke?

Saying these in front
of the teacher, really...

Someone is finding it interesting.

People are taking it as a joke and you're
the only one who is taking it seriously.

It was nice meeting you,
please walk safely.

Is the parting greeting
always normally like this?

What? What do you mean?

Not this but another.

What is the other?

Not shaking hands?

Ah, this. Goodbye.

So normally it's either this or
this kind of parting greeting?


Take care.

Please walk carefully.



You, don't you have something to tell me?

Who is he?

He is my history teacher.

Why are you exaggerating the
first time you meet people?

This is exaggerating?

The hospital is starting to get very noisy.

So why are you suddenly
showing up at the library?

Where did you meet each other?

Didn't I say I've met him at the library several
times and he's helping me in learning history?

Once the lesson ends we will have no
reason to meet anymore, let's just go.

Just up to this point, I'm really telling the truth.

By saying up until here, do you
think I would go easy on you?

Go easy on what?

I'm your manager, I have to
seriously manage your scandals.

Now you have to
organize In Hyeon's man.

Now you're... how... what...

Stop exploiting others, just hurry and go!

I'm keeping my eye on you.

How come there's nothing?

Didn't you say you were a scholar?

Lady Jang died, and you're ecstatic.

Then he should be at least an official.

Why wasn't it recorded?

Could he really be a psycho stalker?

That means I've done that sort
of thing to a psycho stalker.

What did you say?


Practicing my lines.

Why am I sweating so much?

Like a beggar.

Then what is the conclusion?

Am I being chased by an ancestor?

or by a psycho stalker?

Despite the conclusion, it is
still considered a misfortune.

What is all this?

It's Han Dong Min.

Tell him I'm sleeping.



The stalker wasn't caught.
We got scared and went home.

Yes, Hui Jin is sleeping.

Hey, did Hui Jin go to the library?


How did you know about the library?

There are photos uploaded on the internet.

On the internet?

That fast?

She went to look for some
information. Now she's at home.

But how come the stalker
has not been caught yet?


How could he have escaped
from the bathroom?

Not caught?

It's because someone was bewildered
by that woman's eyes that he got away.

Ah that's really not it.

I got it, see you tomorrow.

Han Dong Min, my eyes
were really opened wide.

Don't keep saying that
it was my mistake!

Leaving the nurse at the front,
someone was really guarding well.

Just by seeing a female,
is it that hard to have self-control?

This is the funniest joke
I've heard this year.

What about you? What about you?
What about you?

Forget it. However, it's really strange.

Didn't you see it too?

The shower door in the
bathroom was left like that.

But how is it possible that
he escaped quietly from there?

That punk.

If he were sent to the police
then I would be heroic, right?

I can do anything. But as a tough guy,
having the image of a tough guy is not enough.

Just at that moment and
it would've been perfect.

What a waste.

It's so bitter!

How is it so fast that
there are photos already?

Nowadays, there's no secret in this world.

So you should be careful.

Don't have pictures taken
together with that teacher!

One that can cause a scandal.

There's none.

Just books...

Before the broadcast, don't get involved
with issues regarding Yun Na Jeong's words.

If there's another scandal about
you again, you're dead meat.

Be careful.

Inside an elevator, is
there a CCTV?

Probably, why?

What is it?

What should I do? I only
thought of cameras but not CCTV.

The guard room should
be still open right?


There's no relationship of any sort, right?

Having no relationship and yet you kissed him
in the elevator and got caught by a CCTV?

There's no relationship of any sort.

That was just some confusion.

Having no relationship is
even more funny,

might as well have
a bit of a relationship?

Does being confused make any sense?

So embarrassing!

Hey, about that. This person
will unknowingly disappear.

It is also possible that
he won't come anymore.

How can you just trust someone that quickly?

In the beginning I didn't know it would turn out like this.

You don't watch action films?

In the movies, even if there's
tons of bombs exploding,

the lead actors will do
what they're supposed to--

That's in movies!


True. It's in movies.

Stolen by a thief?


My friend is a bit of a muddlehead.

Somehow it seems like it was
stolen inside the elevator.

Since it's very important,

please allow us to confirm it.

You'll have to report to the police first,
so we can get the police's authorization.

Yes, of course. The procedure
is normally like that.

Honestly, that brat could
possibly be my boyfriend.

If we report it to the police, I don't know
what would happen to our relationship.

Although I'm suspicious, but
there isn't really any evidence.

Pretty Agassi, why did you
meet with such a strange fellow?

That is why...

Even if we were to report him,
at least let us confirm it.

What time was it?

This evening, around 7 o'clock.

7 o'clock?

Aigoo. During that time the elevator's camera
wasn't working, there's no captured image.


Take a look, nothing comes out right?

We've called people to come fix it tomorrow.
Looks like there's no image captured after 6 onwards.

Really, what a pity.

Should have gotten hold of evidence.

What exactly was stolen?
You should first report it to the police.

I think that needs
to be reconsidered again.

Ajussi, please have this.
(Ajussi - uncle, older man)

We're sorry to have troubled
you, so we bought this.

There's even this...

My father is also
a guard at Mokpo.

Looking at Ajussi, it
doesn't feel like we're strangers.

Is that so?

Isn't it annoying having weird
people around in public buildings?

It's not that. Having to
work staying up all night,

because of drunkards wanting to cause
trouble is what gives people a headache.

Always complaining about the country,
they might as well complain to the president.

What abilities does a common guard have?

Yes, that's right.

Like I said, there are a lot of
these kind of thugs around.

You can't stand over there.

The camera will capture it.
Go hide at the back.

Can't you hear me?

Isn't it the time when no one
can come in, how did you...

You can't just come in even
though there's no one around.

Even if you don't see anybody anywhere,
there are still cameras monitoring.

That machine is monitoring everything.

Then, even me being here too...

When you were coming up here it recorded it all.

You should thank me that I came up first.
If this was reported to the police,

they would have come and immediately arrested you.

I thought that I made good preparations before
coming, unknowingly I'm doing foolish things again.

Why does this world have no blind spots?

Are you thinking that it's still the
same as 300 years ago right now?

Just hiding over at that side will do.

Go through here and
you won't get discovered.

I know now. But why are you here?


Thinking about it, I came
here all because of you.

Because of you I've been here and
there sorting things the whole day.

Because I didn't want to trouble
you that's why I came here at this hour.

But why is it that I'm seeing you
again when I'm here at this time?

Looks like our meeting is
not accidental but inevitable.

There must be a
reason why we met.

Don't say such words
in a serious atmosphere.

Even so, you're still a player.

Since earlier on you kept saying
that I'm a player. What is that exactly?

What did you come to see?

I've known the important part already.
Now I'm not curious about my life anymore.

Because of the Gabsul event,
your heart is soaring high?

What are you going to become?
A judge? Don't tell me, a minister?

Although I don't know
what I will be,

I am anticipating
for the moment.

Earlier on I was searching for
an unknown person in history.

Is that so?

Well, nothing much.

It can't be like this.

Please don't anticipate too much.

I'm sure you've seen wrongly.


Where are you? I thought
you were in the car.

My stomach really hurts so badly,
I had to go to the washroom.

Wait awhile for me.

I'm really defeated by you.

I came with that friend earlier on,
I have to get going.

Ah, go quickly.

Or else she will be suspicious.

Please understand.

I've said it already, I'm
famous so a lot of men--

No, not suspicious of me.
Seems more like she's suspicious of you.

What did you say?

Your passion towards
me has caught her attention.

Are you talking about our
parting earlier on?

Of course there are other
methods of saying goodbye.

There's shaking of hands.
This too and also,

what I taught you.

It's all the same, they're used frequently.

But what I taught you is
the most formal way of greeting.

I'm teaching it to you in order to get you
accustomed to the greetings here.

Do you understand?

Do you not believe me now?
Trust my words.

I trust you,

You really trust me?

I trust you. If not,
who else can I trust?

You're a teacher that
teaches me from one to ten.

Choe Hui Jin, are you in there?

Don't get discovered. Be
careful on your way back.

I will see to it,
you don't have to worry.

What are you doing?

Over here you won't get
discovered by that, right?

It shouldn't be.

Didn't you allow me to get accustomed to
saying goodbye? I'm complying to it.

But back where I live,
this is only done among lovers.

It's a bit strange that it is
applied as a goodbye here.

But I have an unconditional trust
towards your instructions.

Go quickly.

You asked what a player is right?

People who do these kinds of
things, are called players.

You're just like a player.

Hey, Choe Hui Jin.
Are you in here?

Didn't you say you went to
the washroom, why are you here?

I lost my way, so...

Does that make sense?

Doesn't it?

I'm bad at directions,
let's go.

What a relief. Like I've said,
Choe Hui Jin's luck is really good.

How could it be a coincidence
that the cameras aren't working.

I'm really going to
investigate that fellow.

Just recruit her already.

Nobleman in the past are certainly
lame and completely prejudiced.


Thinking about it, back then they had
lots of wives and there's also Gisaengs.

They understand women better than men
nowadays, there's no reason to not understand.

What are you saying?

If I see a writer, I'm going
to have a good talk with them.

They probably wouldn't understand either.

Year of Gabsul, 11th day of the 3rd month.
Officer Gim Bung Do met with the
Right Deputy Prime Minister to talk.

This is today's date.

Year of Gabsul 11th day of the 3rd month,
tomorrow is the day it will take place.

Half a month ago a body was found
at the Office of Special Advisers.

Half a month ago the body of a criminal
was found at the Office of Special Advisers,
who was discovered by Gim Bung Do.

He was immediately arrested for interrogations.

Might as well just push
all the blame on him.

Who dares to use a
sword in the palace?

This is clearly a conspiracy.

No matter who asks, don't tell
them that you saw me tonight.

That is the only way you will
both live. Do you understand?


Was it them who spread it?

Year of Gabsul, 15th day of the 3rd month.
When Gim Bung Do was interrogated,
the King said...

This is certainly a conspiracy.

Gim Bung Do is to be stripped of his official duties,
and interrogated by torture.

March 16th...

March 17th...

March 18th...

19th, 20th...

March 21st...

An official from Jeju wrote
a letter reporting to the members,

"Traitor Gim Bung Do who reached Jeju
the next day on the 24th of March,

suddenly fell ill and died."

Suddenly fell ill and died.

Suddenly fell ill and died.


Please sit, sit.

What is the difference between escaping
his own acts and dying because of illness?

I can't be assured that because of
the talisman, I can live.

Even if I'm able to survive,
what changes will happen later?


The fact that I died because
of an illness, is it the truth?

Yeo Un ah, two bowls of soup.

Quickly bring it out.

-What are you doing?

Today we'll avoid first,
and not enter the palace.

If it keeps on going on like this, we'll get
hunted and things will get worse.

First confirm with what's written in
the records, whether it is completely true.

What did you say?

If I was arrested as a criminal, both
you and Yun Wol will be in great danger.

Why would I?

Didn't you said that everything
is going to change smoothly?

I must first sort the
people by my side.

You must first bring Yun Wol
and leave for Hanyang.

I heard that you came.

Yun Wol left at dawn

I have matters to inform you
that's why I've been waiting here.

Now it is all right.

Leaving me to the matters of yesterday,
what significance does it have?

All I want is to be with you,
sitting like this facing each other.

My heart is moved till there
is no words left to be said.

Please forgive my boldness.

Seeing you, my heart is...

Cry to your heart's content.

I will accept your tears.

Your Majesty.


Very good.

The tone of voice is
good as well. Keep it up.


Slightly turning inside wouldn't
be bad idea as well.

Bring that over.

Move to the left a little.

Let go!


What's wrong?

Really... I think I'm starting to patronize you.

Bed scene. Bed scene. Bed scene.

Bed scene?



Gung Mi, come and change the line.

Seems like they're having fun.

You've improved a lot.

What are you doing?

Why are you glaring at me?

How could you be
disrespectful, My Queen.

I have always been disrespectful.

That stalker didn't turn up?

You don't have to worry about it.

If he dares try and
come near my wife,

I will beat him a
hundred times then...

I will drown him underwater.

-=CMS drama series. New, Lady Jang=-
-=Queen In Hyeon, Choe Hui Jin's waiting room.=-

I'm curious how the pictures
will end up looking like.

It must come out
prettier than Lady Jang's.

Hold on, when will it
come out after editing?

Su Gyeong.

How many days has it been
already since I started filming?

It has probably been more than half a month...


Confusing other people's life
and just disappearing like that.

Team Leader Yu.

Yes, it's me.

Yes, about the edited version...

Should I have left
him with my phone number?

Even if I did, so what?

He's an idiot who doesn't
even know what a phone is.

She's in here.

Miss Choe Hui Jin?

Writer Gim is here.

How do you do, seonsaengnim?


- Hello.
- Hello.

I came from the filming set.

Very beautiful, it fits you.

Thank you.

Really. I have been observing
Miss Hui Jin earlier on,

your tone of voice
seems very good.

If you continue on like
this, it's going to go well.

Thank you.

Is that true?

Of course, I have been vouching
for you since the beginning.

Is there anything that you don't understand
or find it difficult while looking at the scripts?

So far...

Right, there is something
I want to ask you about.

What is it?

Perhaps do you know if during the Gabsul event,
was there any officer called Gim Bung Do?

Gim Bung Do?

That's not someone I know of.

That's not someone who is in
the scripts, but why are you asking?

It's nothing. Just that while I was
studying for the drama...

I accidentally came across such person
so that's why I'm just a little curious.

Hold on, let me look
it up on the internet.

Hold on!

You can just find it
in the records.

You can find the
records on the internet?

Of course, the world has
become convenient recently.

Having this will fix it all.

Hold on!

Is that true?

Not knowing this and
even went to the library.

You went to the library?

Omo, Miss Hui Jin.
People will get touched.

Nowadays are there any female actresses who
go to the library just to study about history?

This is my first time
coming across this, really.

I like you so much I must
certainly find it for you.

Hold on, what was the name again?

Gim Bung Do.

Gim Bung Do? All right,
just wait a moment.

Gim... Bung... Do.

It's out, come take a look.

It's out?

Take a look at this

October 1686, Champion
of the Scholars examination.

Looks like he wasn't lying.

In 1692, he was appointed as an
officer for the Office of Special Advisers.

1694, he was involved in a conspiracy
and was questioned by torture.


Who in here is Gim Bung Do?

What is it?

Without explaining the reason,
all of a sudden...

I am asking who in
here is Gim Bung Do?

I am Gim Bung Do.

-Arrest him!

What's going on? How could you come
in direspectfully and arrest an official?

A witness testified saying that half a month ago
a dead body was found here and it is related to him.

His arrest is a royal order.

-How is this possible?
-Does this make sense?

He was then stripped of his official
duties and exiled to Jeju.


Before, I have cherished you
because of your talents,

is this how you return my favor?

This is clearly a conspiracy!

Gim Bung Do is to be stripped of his official duties,
and to be interrogated by torture.

After being exiled, he
died because of illness.


During Suk Jong's reign, the Minister of
Personnel was Gim Seon Yeong's son.

Which means when the state was in a mess,
the Western faction was in decline.


It'd still be fine even if we wait till the time
when Queen In Hyeon retake the throne.

How can they just die
before that time? Seriously...

If you were born in May 1667,
and died in March 1694...

Omo, his days were
gone at the age of 27.

At the age of 27?

Don't tell me he's
27 years old now.

It's March now.



Is it because of the incident that just ended?

It has been said clearly that time...

Have a look.

My name is written here,

Gim Bung Do.

This is my name.

Year of the Gabsul, 11th day of the
3rd month, is the day today where I live.

He said that day
was March 11th.

Then what day is it today?

Two weeks has passed so...


He's going to die tomorrow?

Queen In Hyeon, please be
on standby and get ready.

What's your name?

It's Yeo Jin.

How far is this place from the sea?

Walking northwards is enough.

I understand, you may leave.

You have to eat now
so I can take it back.

I understand. Go outside and wait.

Is there any news of Gim Bung Do?

He should be reaching Jeju shortly.

No matter how late, it's still a matter of today or tomorrow.

Wouldn't it be better if he
were to die in pain here?


Isn't it strange that he couldn't be
found when he was being hunted?

What else is there to say when the
evidence is coming out one by one?

His Majesty, who cherishes him so much,
has no other alternatives but to give up.

That's right.

Exempting the death penalty also
shows His Majesty's loyalty.

His life cannot be preserved.

Your Excellency, in a challenge, when
someone throws away their best cards,

what do you think the reason is?

No matter how you see it,
it is the best card isn't it?

What better cards I have is
what you should be afraid of.

If he is a fellow who gives up that
easily he wouldn't be saying those words.

Surely there is something suspicious.

Ignore what's mysterious,
his life is about to end.

Furthermore, was he not
banished far away to Jeju?

What is bothering you?

Far away Jeju.

That's right, the far away Jeju.


The far away Jeju is
what worries me more.

What happens there,

we only get to hear the
news after 2 weeks.

He must be waiting for an opportunity.

Wanting to plot something quietly.

Is he awake?

I don't know.

There's no movements.

Why don't you go inside and see?

Why do you look so shocked?

It's nothing.

There was no one to talk to,
I am asking because of boredom.

What do you think
I look like now?

Do I look healthy?



Then tell me what you think.

Me being like this thinking of the
other half day that I may probably die,

what illness would be good?


Should I consume poison?

Right, how about arsenic poison?


He knows everything.

Even knowing that he will die today.

I thought my heart
was going to explode.

Should we just kill him directly, Hyeongnim?
(Hyeongnim - respected old brother)

He knows everything already.

The moment I was
supposed to die,

my life was preserved
because of master's talisman.

As I've already said, you're
experiencing something mystical.

But when I escape the crimes
of death, I will face death again.

If I use the talisman again
before dying and live again,

what will the outcome be like?

Will I be able to live a
sheltered life until I'm old?

Or will I inevitably die?

What does that mean? How is it
that you know when you will die?

At first I thought that it was
something incomprehensible,

and now there are just
too many questions.

Why did the master
give me this talisman?

Hoping that all things
will eventually be achieved.

Is it a way of comforting me
so that I will not regret dying?

Otherwise, is it about the existence of a better
world, allowing me to prepare for such existence?

Me going there and meeting that lady,
is it really accidental or inevitable?

Can you sign your
name for me?


You look better in person.

Thank you.

I'm already starting to get nervous.

Should we have just gone home?

I wanted to see the premiere
together with the staff.

The waiting time is so long.

I'm fine.

Hey, why do you look so dispirited?

Finally, today is the premiere.
Choe Hui Jin's debut as a lead actress.

- Did something happened?
- Yes.

There is? What happened?

I can't say it.


If I told you, you would
say that I'm crazy.

No, it is also possible that you'll
pull me to see a psychiatrist.

I can't.

What is this? What is it?

I won't force you to
see a psychiatrist.

Say it.


Why do you have so little trust in me?

What is it?

Choe Hui Jin...

Someone I know has died.

Who is it?

Why? When?

Because he was a
criminal 300 years ago.

That is why I'm very sad.


You think that I'm crazy now right?

I'm crying because of a person who died
300 years ago. It seems ridiculous right?

Honestly, it is a bit ridiculous.

Stop crying.

A call came in.

Who is it?

There's only a number.

064 is from where?

No idea.

Then just leave it...

Others will think that there's
a problem with the broadcast.

Stop crying.

This brat is probably really dead.

What should I do? He died 3 days
ago and there's been no news since!

Hey, you can't contact a person
from 300 years ago who died 3 days ago.
What is this about?

Are you talking about
a bible story? This...

is it about Jesus' resurrection?

No matter how you put it,
I really have no luck with men.

Attracting me slightly, if he's not a
playboy then he is immortal. Really...

What is this?

Oh God...

Please say something that makes sense.


Excuse me...

The area code 064, where is it from?

If it's 064, wouldn't that be from Jeju?

Jeju Island?

Do you know someone from Jeju?

Jeju Island?

Do you want me to take it?

If it's a travel agency...

Give it to me.

Hello? Hello?

=Have you been well?=

You're alive?

You didn't die?

How did you know I was going to die?

How can I not know?
It was written in the book.

You were supposed to die 3 days ago.

I escaped.

How can I just die
like that feeling wronged?

Pretty impressive, isn't it?

While on my own, I've been
learning how to use the phone.

=It took me 3 full days. That's how hard it was.=

-=Next Episode Preview=-

The criminal has escaped.

You're alive?
You didn't die?

No, it's the first time
that I find you beautiful.

Disregarding the foam, resulting
in me wiping it. This is karma.

I have a book about
the standard language.

Good job.

Thank you.

That person is not a stalker.

He's my boyfriend.