Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Si. Do. Tong. Rae.

Gan. Pil. Gu. In.

This must be a joke.

Did you come as well?

Where were you staying?

Let's go.

-=Right Prime Minister Min Am and Officer
Gim Bung Do we're called over together.=-

I heard His Majesty is looking for me.

Yes, Your Excellency.

You may go inside.

That person came.


That person?

His Majesty and Gim Bung Do are together.

What were you doing before that person
requested to see His Majesty?

Weren't you sure that he would come
to find you before entering the palace?

It was you who said you
had plans, Your Excellency.

How dare you actually blame me?

Your Majesty...

Do you know what they're talking about?

I only know that he holds a letter in his hands.

Then, are you saying this will be my last?

The Queen is very worried.

The Inner Court will not be affected.

Announce me.

Your Majesty, the Right Deputy
Prime Minister has arrived.

Let him in.

What are you standing there for?

Come in, Right Deputy Minister.

Bung Do, whom we have been painstakingly
trying to find, has finally come.

He suddenly appeared and showed me this.

The Minister's hometown is Yeo Heung, right?

The Minister's hometown is Yeo Heung, right?
-=Yeo Heung, the current Gyeonggi-Do capital=-

-=Yeo Heung, the current Gyeonggi-Do capital=-

That is correct.

Officer Bung Do went to
Yeo Heung before entering the palace.

Though he's responsible for
interfering with public affairs,

he still wrote such a beautiful poem.

Say, what should we do?

You should also take a look, Right Prime Minister.


It really is a good piece of work, is it not?

What do you think about the description?

The scholar's literary talent
is well rounded, is it not?

It is a poem that matches his reputation.

It is as though my hometown is before me.

You are overpraising me, My Lord.

She's not here?

Yun Wol.

Where is she?

Yun Wol.

Is that Yun Wol?

Yun Wol, Yun Wol.

Yun Wol, Yun Wol.

Are you all right? Are you unharmed?

How come you are here?

I don't know either.
It's my lord who told me to come here.

He said he'd free you.

In the end, between the former
queen and the servant girl,

you have actually chosen the servant girl.

I really feel sorry for the former queen.

For such an extremely rare opportunity,

just because of your personal feelings,

it is wasted like that.

You are really pitiful.

Just like now, you are to wait obediently

and maybe you'll be able to live on.

You exchanged the former queen's life
for the life of a servant girl.

You also used your life in exchange for hers.

A smile?

You still dare to smile?

Your Excellency, on a battlefield,

if one were to throw out a card
that everyone thought was good,

why would that be?


Is it possible that one
has an even better card?

What you should be feeling afraid of

is the card that I have in my hand.

It may be hard to imagine,

but think over it for a bit.

My Lord!

Where's Yun Wol?

I took her back to the temple.

She should be fine since there
are many people looking after her.

Do not worry.

How is she?

She has gotten thinner,
but she is not wounded.

Well done.
You have to come somewhere with me.


You're saying it was Han Dong Min who
decided who'll play Queen In Hyeon?

No, just in case something happens,

as her manager, I should know about it.

Do I look like a wall decoration?

If we just listened to the main actors,

what would you need a director for?

That's not what I meant.

What you said is right.

I know that you don't mean that, Director.

It's just that Hui Jin is a bit worried.

Miss Choe Hui Jin,
does she have so little self-confidence?

How can we shoot the drama this way?

That's why I said.

She has been a nameless actress for too long.

She lost her confidence.

Just let her play her role.

No matter what the scandal,

if she acts well, there will be no problem.

Yes, of course. I understand.

So, I'll see you tomorrow.

Wait. There's no problem with
tomorrow's shooting, right?

Yes, yes.

I'm very sorry to have made you worry.

You've worked hard, Director.
You've worked hard.

Really? Did the Director say so?

Is casting a child's game?

Sure, Dong Min oppa could have recommended you,
(Oppa - older brother, boyfriend)

but if you did not have the talent,

would they have chosen you?

Yun Na Jeong only wanted to stress
you out and exaggerated the news.

Just to pressure you.

Do you get it?

Then that's fine.

She actually dared to do something to you.

As if people don't know she's Lady Jang.

She's started doing things that
Lady Jang would do. Really...

I'm going to meet Yun Na Jeong's manager now.

I will go and teach her a lesson.

I feel at ease having a manager like you.

You figured that out now?

But who was that?


The one who gave Yun Na Jeong a lesson.

They say it was a nurse.

=What kind of nurse bothers about this kind of thing?=

=He even treated the national fairy like that.=

Maybe he saw me being beaten helplessly

and pitied me.

There's no need to explain it to Yun Na Jeong.

Of course.

We'll cause her to faint.

Let's see if she still dares
to bully you in the future.

That's a good idea.

You really have a nice manager.

Do you know?

I know.

Right, who would believe this?

I also can't believe it,
even though I saw it with my own eyes.

If I keep saying this,
they'll think I'm crazy.

But how did he disappear?

It's not magic.


Last time he came out from
the place he disappeared.

Don't tell me he'll suddenly appear again?

It couldn't be...

I'm going crazy!

She said she'll forget it.

She said she absolutely won't tell it to anyone,

and not to make us worried.

Who was that person?

It must have been a reporter.

Reporter! Which reporter?

Don't know. She didn't say.

But she promised she wouldn't report this matter.

So, Nuna,
(Nuna - older sister)

don't cause any more trouble.

See what happened?
You let people know your weakness.

Luckily, Miss Hui Jin was kind
enough not to say a thing.

Hey, shut up.

Go and buy me a coffee.

How did things get so mysterious?

Moreover, who exactly is the victim here?

My Lord... What exactly...

What exactly do you want to do?

It should be nearby.

Yun Wol must be waiting for you.

Are you not going to see her?

She went through so many hardships for you.

Are you going to pretend that you don't know?

Why are you telling me this?

You're the one who fully devoted yourself to her.

Anyway, it's too late for anything now.

When I sent her away,

she didn't even glance back.

What devotion?

Feed it to the dogs!

If you were really thinking of me,

before she became a gisaeng,
(Gisaeng - female entertainer, prostitute)

you should have made her marry me.

I really blame you, My Lord.

If she doesn't like you, what can I do, you rascal?

I really do not know.

I do not know what you are thinking.

Now, at this time, here, wh-wh-

What exactly do you want to do here?


Gan. Pil. Gu. In.

The opening of time that
infallibly saves a person.

Every time I am facing a life or death
situation, time will pass. Is this what it means?

It's always like this every time.

If that is the case...

Han Dong.

Take the bow and stand over there.

Can you see me clearly?

Now listen carefully to what I say.

- Aim at me with that bow.
- What?

It won't work if you don't aim precisely.

You must hit the target with just one arrow.

You must accurately aim at my heart.

My Lord, what are you saying right now?

I am having you do this because
I know what I am doing. Hurry.

- My Lord--
- Hurry!

I can't... I... I can't!

It's been very hard for you lately,
so you seem to be a bit confused.

I will not be wounded by your arrow, so do not worry.

I will avoid it before it hits me.

Avoid it before it hits you?

My Lord, you also know you're
tired because of lack of food.

I know it too.

But this isn't something anyone can do.

Don't be like this, really.

It will be useless if you shoot mindlessly.

I said I can't!

Do I really have to kill you
to make you understand?

My Lord, why are you being like this?

If you don't want to die, pick up the bow.

There is no time. Hurry.

If you still haven't shot when I've count to three,
I'll aim at your throat this time.

1. 2. 3!

So this is what life after death is like.

So this is what life after death is like.
-=Life after death. When you die, you come to life.=-

-=Life after death. When you die, you come to life.=-

Choe Hui Jin.

Where did she go?

Hui Jin's not here. Go ask the nurses where she is.


Hey, you said we'd come with the director.

I bought it for nothing.

Put the umbrella down.

Are you going somewhere?

It's pouring outside.


=Hyeong, they said that Hui Jin went out with a friend.=
(Hyeong - older brother)

Then she'll be back soon. I got it.

Should I go looking for her?

I got you, you rascal.

You... Who are you?

What are you doing?

Why were you hiding?
What were you doing?

You punk, are you a stalker?

You're really a psycho.

You are so dead.

This punk... You...



Mr. Han Dong Min.


How exactly are you all doing
your job as a receptionist?

You don't even know that a psycho came in.

- What?
- A psycho?

Call the guards here.

He's definitely an insane stalker.

How can it be?

There's only one entrance.
No one passed by here.

What to do?

Yes, it's me.

Where are you?

It's not an easy thing to determine the position.

What is it?
Why are they in front of my room?

Where have you been?

Did something happen?

It's a good thing you went out.

There's a psycho stalker hiding in the bathroom.
You didn't know, right?

A major mishap almost happened.

A psycho stalker?

There are a lot of obsessed fans. Be careful.

What kind of obsessed fan could I have?

It's impossible not to notice this type of clothing.

I was constantly monitoring the security cameras,
but I didn't see him at all.

That's really strange.

If you want to come out, just say it.

Why aren't you talking?

I'm saying, it's not the first time
I've seen someone like you.

If you're not speaking,
we'll send you to the police station.

If you don't want to be embarrassed
in front of the whole nation, you better say it.

Oh, you're here.

You... What are you doing here?

Why are you here?
You're always butting into other people's business.

What would you have done if I wasn't here?

Sneaking in while you weren't here.
Waiting for an opportunity, this perverted punk.

You said you fainted because of some strange man.
It's him, right?

Now I understand it.

With this kind of appearance, of course you'd faint.

That's really...

I'll disinfect where you got hurt.

It really hurts.

Hey... it burns.

Hui Jin, I got hurt because of that guy... Look.

He was very brave.

Is that so?

He's not speaking. Let's call the police.

Even if we are going to follow the hospital policies,
we'll also have to report this matter to the police.

If the reporters find out,
it will be very troublesome.

He's not just some die hard fan. He's a pervert.

Look at his clothes.

Hui Jin is doing a historical drama,
so he is dressed like that to match her.

Did you see the mantle?

Calm down a bit. Let's ask a lawyer first.

Why are you going in?
Please don't go in.

I need to get something.

Then let's go together.

I need my underwear and that thing, so...

Well, he can't get out.
I closed the door very tightly.

Is that so? I'll be at ease.


Why did you come again?

It seems to be fate.
You always appear during embarrassing situations.


I'm the one who's embarrassed because of you.
What are you saying?

Did you get blamed by that violent
woman again because of me?

Violent woman?

It's not like that.

That's already settled.

That is really fortunate. I was worried.

But really, why do you keep
appearing in front of me?

This time, I came to see you.


I need your help.

Why do you need my help?

You are the only one I know in this world.

Also, are you not a good person?

You will help me.

Omo, whoever said I'm a good person?
(Omo - oh my)

This person really does whatever he wants.

You're talking to me even right now.

Isn't it the compassion that you have from
the fate that we share that causes you
to be unable to turn a blind eye to me?

Do you read a lot of books?
You really know how to talk.

Indeed, I do read a lot of books.

What kind of help do you need?

Will you help me?

What is it?

I'm looking for a book.
A chronicle.


Do you mean Chronicles of the Joseon Dynasty?

Yes. Do you know it?

Of course.

Chronicles. That should be in the library.

Is it a very difficult task?

If it is difficult, then it is no matter.

Help me get that envelope.

What exactly is this?
It's the same the last time too.

It's something that allows me
to appear and then go back.

You use this to return to the past?

I came here by risking my life. It's very troublesome,
but I don't have any other choice.

I have to get out of this difficult situation first.

You came here by risking your life?

It's very easy to leave,
but it's not so easy to come.

If you head north from this hospital, there's a park.

Can you find that place?

If you can find it, I'll help you.

My Lord, My Lord.

My Lord.

What exactly happened?
Where did you go?

How can I be so fortunate?


With only this, I can go across the world.

You can still laugh at a time like this?

I even wet my pants. See?

You did something you shouldn't have to me,
yet you can still laugh even now?

We will talk about this later.
Let's go first, we don't have much time.


What is the place north from here?

If you go north for about 4 kilometers from here,
you'll find the park.

Four kilometers is?

Right, the unit of measurement is not the same.

Wait a moment.

It is similar to 10 ri.
(A Korean ri is about 393 meters)

You must go for 10 ri in the northern direction.

The celebrities will probably be very afraid.

Things like this happen a lot, right?

They do.

For Miss Hui Jin too, there have been perverts
and stalkers ever since the beginning.

It's also hard for them to be
celebrities if they don't have guts.

It really is like that.


I've arrived.

Yes, yes. He's inside, inside. Take a look.

He's wearing a hanbok and-- Oh!
(Hanbok - traditional Korean clothing)

Where is he?

Omo, where did he go?

We were guarding outside...

If we're going to the north, it's in that direction.

Let's go.

- Hello?
- =What's this?=

I heard that a stalker appeared.
What is all this about?

It seems like it. I'm not very sure.

What? The stalker escaped?

Omo, what should we do?

Where are you?

=Where did you run off to at this time?=

It's so noisy right now.
I'm going to the cafe in front.

I want to rehearse my lines.

Yes, I'll be back early.

Come what? How could he possibly come?

Is he really a psycho stalker?

I've been deceived.
Why did he come to my place?

I'm so easily deceived.
What will you do, Choe Hui Jin?

I'm so worried about you.

I know how to open the door now.

The sky was clear over there,
but it is raining over here.

Why are you lying down?
Are you not feeling well?

It's so late. I thought you wouldn't come.

A horse is not as fast as this.

Also the roads are not as easy
to travel on as the ones here.

Where are these clothes from?

Whenever I am here, I become a thief.

If this keeps going on,
you'll really be arrested by the police.

Do police and constable have the same meaning?

That's right. You adapt quickly.

This is my only merit.

I can do this now too.

Now it should accelerate, right?

Though I didn't say it that day, I was really scared.

Is that so?

You got scared just by that?

How about by this much?

It seems you were truly scared.

Why did you stick your tongue out?

Don't you know this?

I'm laughing at you.

Where can I find information
about the Joseon Dynasty?

About the Joseon Dynasty?


-=Level 3, left resource room=-
-=86 History of Joseon=-


Let's go.

It's on the 3rd floor.
Let's use the elevator.

Such a big place must have a lot of books.

Anyone can read them, isn't that so?

There is more than one or two of this type of library.

If I could, I would really spend my lifetime here.

I didn't know time would pass like this.

You sure seem smart.

There are so many things to enjoy,
but you insist on spending time in a library?

=Please come in.=

It's on the 3rd floor, right?

How do you know Arabic numbers?

The last time we were
going to the 13th floor.

Come in.

We're going to the 13th floor.

Didn't you press the combination of these two?

Then this should be 1, this is 3
and the one in the middle is 2.

According to the order, the remaining
ones are 4, 5, 6, 7. Is that right?

You really do adapt very quickly.

Didn't I say that this is my only merit?

You must be very intelligent.

Were there National Civil Service Exams or something?

I placed first.

I don't like people who are good at learning.

=We have arrived on the 3rd floor.=

What is your occupation, Miss?

Didn't I say I'm an actress?


You may not know,
but I'm a person who has gained some fame.

I may become even more famous in the future.

What is your reason for becoming famous?

Because I'm pretty.

First of all, you have to be pretty to be an actress.

What's with that expression?

Miss, are you considered a beauty here?

You're saying strange things!

Then, are you saying that I'm not beautiful?

I even won in a beauty contest.

Is that so?

"Is that so"?

Oh God. I'm speechless...

Being able to see this with
my eyes, it is remarkable.

What are you curious about?

When Joseon was destroyed, maybe?

Didn't you said that it was destroyed
about roughly a 100 years ago?

I will not investigate the history after my death.

That is not something that
I can bear on my own.

So, then?

I just want to know of the era that I'm
living in and the reason that I'm alive.

Reason for living, what is that?

Abolish the disposal of the Queen,

return Her Majesty to her rightful throne,
and search for my family's honor.

Perhaps are you now
talking about Lady Jang?

Jang Ok Jeong.

Do you know the Jang Clan?

Is there a person who
doesn't know Lady Jang?

She's the most famous woman in history.

Her name is mentioned in
history for such a long time?

What is the reason?

Isn't it an eventful history?

From a palace maid to a crowned queen.
After that, she was exiled and poisoned to death.


Poisoned to death.

Suk Jong's 20th year, 10th day of the 4th month.
-=1694, the year Gapsul Hwanguk occurred=-
(Gapsul Hwanguk - the name of the event
in which Queen In Hyeon was reinstated)

Queen Jang was demoted to the rank of hui bin.
(Hui bin - royal noble consort)

The disposal of the queen was
abolished and she was later reinstated,

following an immediate royal decree
which was carried out.

Drink the poison.

Suk Jong's 20th year,
8th day of the 7th month.

Min Am was sentenced
to death by poisoning.

Suk Jong's 27th year,
8th day of the 10th month.

Lady Jang of the Jang Clan charged
with jealousy and attempted murder
was sentenced to death by poisoning.

I studied this recently because of the drama.

Queen In Hyeon was reinstated, followed by
the Southern Faction being completely removed.

Welcoming the flourishing period
of the Western Faction.

In other words, you are from the Western Faction.

I hope this is not a dream.

I already said that it wasn't a dream.

It seems all of this will happen
few months later, is that so?

Right now it seems completely impossible.

You seem to be very happy.

It sounds good.
Will getting a government post be easier now?

Is a government post important?

Over the past 5 years, for me, there has not
been even a day that my heart has been at ease.

What do the people here do at times like this?


What do you do if you want to share
your happiness with somebody?


Well, something like a hug.

In this time?

Of course.

Even among men and women as well?

Why does that matter?

It's a very nice world.

At times like this if you have no one to share
your happiness with, wouldn't you feel lonely?

Thank you for being by my side.

Have I made a mistake?

You said it does not matter, did you not?

You're also a player over there, right?

What is a "player"?

Why do I feel as if I've been captivated?
This attraction is so strange.

It's going to be tough this way, seriously.

Year of the Gapsul, 10th day of the 3rd month.
-=1694, Suk Jong's 20th year=-

Year of the Gapsul, 10th day of the 3rd month.

Right Prime Minister Min Am and Officer
Gim Bung Do we're called over together.

How long are you going
to keep looking at it?

I have to leave.

Have a look.

My name is written here.

Gim Bung Do. This is my name.

Year of the Gapsul, 10th day of the
3rd month, is the current day where I live.

Year of the Gapsul, 10th of the 3rd month?

Hey, isn't that Choe Hui Jin?

The model?


Yes, right. Queen In Hyeon!

Let's go, hurry.


Why were you whispering?

Because I'm famous.

Didn't you listen earlier?
I'm famous because I'm pretty.

I can't get captured in a photo with others.

Excuse me, hello.

Could you give us your autograph?

- Me too.
- Me too.


I've been your fan ever since you
were a model. Can you sign, please?


They said you were sick in the news.
Why are you here?

Do you really have a bad
relationship with Yun Na Jeong?


Wow, it's Choe Hui Jin!

- Can you sign your name?
- Can I take a photo?

- I'm sorry about that...
- Just one photo...

Wow, so pretty!

Could you please not take photos?

What is going on?

How come she's leaving?

I think I'm able to grasp
this situation completely.

I'm sorry.
It was because of the chaos out there.

I already said you're a player, seriously.

What does "player" mean, exactly?

I didn't know you were so famous.

I'm sorry causing you trouble.

It won't be even more troublesome
because of me, will it?

Maybe it will, if everybody knows
that I'm staying with a stalker.

There's no need to take me to the park.

I will leave by myself.

Are you going to disappear now?


I know where this place is.
I can figure out what to do myself now.

For everything, I'm really grateful.

Si. Do. Tong. Rae.

Gan. Pil.

What's wrong?

Well... What kind of gentleman
behaves so ungentlemanly?

You should bid farewell
properly before you leave, right?

Is there such an etiquette here?

Of course there is.

Got it? I'm only teaching you the proper etiquette.

Is this the greeting you use
when you leave in this world?


With anyone and anywhere?

This is for you to remember.

Since we are here, I'll take you
to the park, so come out.

-=Next Episode Preview=-

Where were you?

This is the first time seeing you.
What's your name?

I will handle her.

Don't say anything.
She's very perceptive.

Thanks to you, I've become a Taoist.

A person like that,
how could he be an idiot?

You don't have any type of relationship with him?

If you don't have any type of relationship,
would you kiss in the elevator and be
caught on the security camera?

First of all, go and seek shelter.

Take Yun Wol and leave Hanyang.

I am Gim Bung Do.

Arrest him!

What is it?

A person I know has died.