Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

I don't need this anymore,
so you can keep it for me.

In order not to lose it,
should I find a safe place to keep it in?

Yes, let's just do it this way.

I better go to the bank tomorrow

What's the matter at this time of the night?

Were you asleep?

I was lying down to go to sleep,
since I have to get up for filming
early in the morning.

You said you usually go to bed late,
so I thought you'd still be awake.
Sleep then.

It's okay, I am already awake.

Is anything wrong?

I have a question.


The long hand of a watch in the
9 position represents 45 minutes right?

That's right.

So if you divide 60 minutes into
12 portions, where each portion
represents 5 minutes,

60 minutes is one hour.

Repeating the 12 hours,
you get 24 hours in a day.

1 minute has 60 seconds.
And 30 minutes is often
expressed as "half."

So if it's 1:30 now,
it's half past one, right?

Right, but do you mean to say you
haven't been able to read a clock
up till now?

I was only making rough guesses
so I felt a need to verify it.

What does Christmas mean?

That's the day when Jesus was born.

Who's Jesus?

Um...how do I say it.
There's something called Christianity.


Looks like I'll have to read a book about
religion too.

And there's something I
was curious about since last time.

Words aren't written
vertically but horizontally.

And books are flipped
from left to right.

Why did it become like this?

Is there any special reason?

To me, this way is more awkward.

Why are you curious about so many
things in the middle of the night?

Aren't you tired? Get some rest.

I have to acclimatize as quickly as possible.

I can't keep doing silly things
that will be a nuisance to you.

Who said that? Why would it be a nuisance?

Since I came so suddenly without any preparation.

I have so much to learn that I'm worried.

I don't even know when I
will be able to remember all this.

Even if I do nothing but study, I think
it will take me several months.

Especially since reading Hangeul is
still awkward for me.

- Aigoo. This nerd, this nerd.
- Hanja has changed so much too that I think I'm going
to have to relearn it.
(Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god. Hanja - Chinese characters)

Is he planning on living in the library and
doing nothing but study every day?

Ah, right, the clothes you bought.

Yes, yes.

There's something called ties
among them. It seems like
all working men have them on.

What's the reason?

You're asking why people wear ties?

There must be a reason, since it looks uncomfortable.

People wear ties just because.
Does there have to be a special reason?

Just because?

It seems like people wear more practical
clothing here than in the past.

That's why I don't understand this tie.

The purpose of it is unclear.

Ah right, there is one!

There is a purpose for ties.
Want me to tell you?

What's that?

It's a little complicated to explain with words.

I'll come over now to show you.

You're coming now?


Wasn't that quick?

I just moseyed over here, but it didn't
even take 5 minutes.

The view is really great, isn't it?

The rent here is much more expensive than
my place.

You should know that I put a lot of thought into this.

I'm very satisfied with it.

Of course you're satisfied. I have a very
discerning eye.

Is it so.

Right. Didn't you ask about the purpose of a tie?

Hearing that, I ran all the way here just
to show you.

I'm really so courteous.

I wasn't that curious...

I might not be clear on other things
but I am very positive regarding this.

Come here.

About this...

In the old days, usually the wife would tie this for
her husband when he was leaving for work.

So, he would stand like this, and every morning
his wife would tie it for him.

As it was being tied, their eyes would meet
and a feeling would grow.

Then. This.
This is called the purpose of a tie.

You're not even surprised.

Did you ask me on purpose even though
you already knew this?

I feel that after
listening to you,

everything in the world seems
to just exist for kissing.

What kind of a lustful world is this?

Yes, it really does seem that way. I hadn't
realized that.

So, what, do you not like it?

How could I not like it?
It's lustful and very good.

What else should I explain to you? Are you
curious about anything else?

Are you curious about the purpose of that stand
over there? Should I tell you?

I am curious.

To see if you'll come up with another absurd
kissing explanation.

Come and take a look.

Aigoo. Must get up and get ready.

Where did she go?

Choe Hui Jin. Are you down there?

That crazy girl ran off again.

Ugh, this lovey-doviness is so disgusting
I can't watch.

Don't you have to leave now?

I can stay for 20 more minutes.
It only takes 5 minutes to get back.

What are you smiling at while dozing off?

It's amazing that we can see each other
within just 5 minutes.

Isn't it amazing?

You used to have to make a round trip across
300 years just for us to meet once.

But now, we're only 5 minutes apart.

I really can't believe it.

The fact that we can see each within 5 minutes...

Let's go on a date tomorrow.

Since I finish filming at 3.

You can do some reading
in the morning.

The remaining time is for
you to play with me.

I hate model students the most.

Remember that.

Manager Han wants to treat us lunch
to show his appreciation.

I'm not going.

You are going on a date again?

What do you mean, "again"? We haven't
gone on a proper date yet.

Meeting late at night wasn't a date?

That was because I had something to teach,
so I just went for a little while.

You must be kidding me.

Anyway, I am going to eat now, goodbye.

Have a good meal. See you
back at home.

Don't hang around in crowded
places and get noticed.

You have to be prudent. Prudent.

Okay, okay.

How did you tie it yourself? It looks great.

As a teacher, you keep teaching me
only weird things.

I had no choice but
to pick it up myself.

Do you want to place
your orders now?

Let me take a look first.


I'll help you to order, something that won't
stir your taste buds too severely.

I have already placed my order.

Creamy mushroom fettuccine.

Did you order that because you
know what it is?

I just casually ordered. It's not
like I will die after eating it.

You're regretting not accepting my
recommendation, aren't you?

You thought it wasn't possible, but you
look like you are about to die from eating.

Nothing of that sort.
It's delicious.

Why that expression if it's delicious?

It's so delicious that I've lost my soul.

Didn't you say we should go to Florence?

This is a staple food there. How will you
travel if you can't eat it?

That's why I said, it's very delicious.

It's delicious but you're only eating that much?

I am savoring it slowly because
it's so delicious.

Do you want to have this?
It's not too rich.

One more time?

I think I'm only going to eat this in the future.

Isn't that Choe Hui Jin?

Seems like it.

I guess so.

My filming will end in a month.

We should go to Florence as soon as it ends.

Wouldn't that be great?

You have time and money.
All these are good.

There's just one problem
and that's the passport.
The passport.

Solving that is going to get pretty complicated.

I'll take care of it, so just wait.

Even if you hadn't mentioned it,
I was thinking about it.

What book is this?

It's about how to craft one's fake identity.

No...You're going to break the law?

It's not like there are other ways.

I can't live without an identity.


Is that delicious?

Cotton candy?

Looks like you're going to lose again.
That is exceptionally spicy.

If it's exceptionally spicy, why does everyone look
so happy eating it?

It's so spicy that their souls have left
them. Just like someone here.

Then I'll just get one.

Get us three. I love spicy foods.

The second date will be at Seoul tower.

What's going on?

The number you have called does not exist.
Please check and dial again.

- We need to find a place to live.
- That will be difficult. Just hurry.

The number you have called does not exist.
Please check and dial again.

So full. I've eaten too much again.

Why are you like this? You have to stop
eating so much.


What is it? Why are you calling me in the
middle of a date?

What? Your box?

At the very bottom. That... there's only some bills.

It's not there?

There's nothing that looks like a talisman.

It's a yellow talisman. I put it there.

It's not here. There definitely isn't anything
yellow here.

Please carry this with you.

What is it?

It's a talisman from the temple.
It's a miraculous talisman.

It will protect you.

Just because I have written it, does not mean it will act according to my intentions.

It is filled with your sincerity, but it
cannot be controlled by your intentions.

Though it belongs to him, it cannot
be controlled by his intentions either.

Yun Wol returned to the Seryeong Pavilion.

- Where are you running to.
- You little.

I have a question.

Omo, this good-looking man is taking
notice of me.
(Omo - oh my)

How can I help you?

Where is Yun Wol now?

Are you Yun Wol's customer?

She should be busy right now.

Who are you?

I heard Yun Wol was here.

Really? Where did she go?

I haven't seen Yun Wol since a while ago.
Where did she go?

She went out saying she was going to change
her gayageum string, but I don't see her around.

Yun Wol.

Where did you go?

I'll pour it for you.

Cheers, Cheers, Cheers!

Who are you?

Just because my master is dead,
you have no worries now?

Shamelessly coming back here and
behaving wildly.

If not for you, things wouldn't have turned
out this way.

Don't come any closer. I will call people.

Call people.

Go ahead and call for help. Where?

Aren't you afraid of the consequences? You're
being chased by the royal forces. Go back quietly!


The person who should have been afraid of
consequences... is you, you bitch!

Yun Wol.

Where is the customer with a sword?


I asked, where is the customer with a sword?

That's enough. Let's go.

The musical performers will be here in a minute.

I don't feel like it today. Next time will do.

You... You stayed alive?

This is better, I will kill you with my own hands.



I haven't seen you in a long time.

What on earth is...

You're still alive?

Yes. I lived.


Yun Wol is dead.

What did you say?

I'm in a situation where I can't let myself
get caught. So I wasn't able to bring her
back here.

I think she would have wanted this to
be her resting place.

Do you think you could go back to the pavilion
and take care of Yun Wol's remains?


They died last night. We're still looking for their identities.

Who's the culprit?

No one knows, but they said he was asking
for a gisaeng named Yun Wol.
(Gisaeng - female entertainer, prostitute)

Then, where is that gisaeng Yun Wol?

That... She is already dead, too.


I heard that soldiers are looking for you everywhere.

You have stayed here long enough.
You had better hurry and leave.

I should be going.

If a person who's supposed to be dead gets
caught alive, there will be much blood shed
in the Royal Court again.

But I do not know whether I will be able
to leave this place.

Because the talisman has now become like this.

How did the color...

The moment Yun Wol died, it became like this.

Is that delicious?

Cotton candy?

That is exceptionally spicy.

If it's exceptionally spicy, why does
everyone look so happy eating it?

He will come. He will come.

He'll come.

Looks like it was because of Yun Wol.

I came here suddenly, without any warning.

That person will be looking for me continuously.
What should I do?

Do you think the power of "life after death"
will still work?

Where are you?

I'm sorry that I scared you.

Where are you?

At the park.

The park?

What on earth happened?

Why did you disappear when the talisman was with me?

Where did you go?

Something happened because there
was a problem with the talisman.

What's the problem?

Surely you didn't keep waiting here for me?

Then where else could I wait?
You disappeared from here.

Are you crying? Why are you crying?

Since I'm being chased, it is not a bad
idea for me to go far away.

Do you think the Great Master will be able
to help you with this matter?

Under the same sky in a different time.

Our sad love has entangled.

I place my earnest heart in the moonlight.

So I can shine brightly wherever you are.

My love.

Under the same sky in a different time.

This sad love can never be.

I will become your moonlight and shine a light on you.

So it will guide your way back to me.

Since I'm being chased, it is not a bad idea to go far away.

Do you think the Great Master will be able
to help you with this matter?

The only thing I can do now is to seek for him.

There's no other way but to find him,
no matter what.

Please take care of your body.

Darn it. Today we will settle this once and for all.

I'll get you real good for this.

What exactly are you doing?

Hey. We should have a serious talk.

Ever since you started seeing Gim Bung Do,
I think you've become a little strange.

It was just a few days ago that you were
so excited and happy.

Now, whenever you get a chance you come here,

or just sit in the public park.

Why are you being like that?

Do you really have bipolar disorder?

It is bipolar, you're bipolar.

That rotten bastard...

What did he do to make you like this?

If things continue like this, you're going
to be ruined.

At any rate, I'm going to have to fight him.

When will that bastard come home?

What should I do?


I think I won't ever be able to see him again.

You mean Gim Bung Do?

Why can't you see him?

It seems like that was the last time.

You said he went on a business trip.

What do you mean it has ended?

Where did he go exactly?

Did he go to a dangerous country?

How can it...

How can that have been the last time?

What is this? How is this kind of thing possible?

What's with you?
Don't be like this.

You rotten girl. Why are you like this?

Don't cry. Don't cry. This is why I told
you not to meet him, remember?

-=1 month later=-

You are looking for Master Seon Myeong from
the Hyeonam temple?

That's right.

Where is he?

What to do? You must have come a long way.

He entered Nirvana last month.

You must have come because of an important matter.

Then where else could I wait?
You disappeared from here.

What on earth happened? Why did you
disappear when the talisman was with me?

Where did you go?

When the tailsman was cut into two,

everything went back to square one in that world.

It became a time period in which I had never existed.

Except for her, everyone else forgot about me.

So I am very curious.

If I were to burn the talisman, what would happen?

Will she forget me entirely
this time?

There's someone who is waiting for
me with all her heart. But I...

I have no way of returning.

Whether it takes one year or ten,

if there is a way to go to her, I would.

However, there is no way to go there.

If she were to continue waiting for me sadly,

wouldn't it be better for her to completely
forget about me instead?

If I burn it, will all the memories
disappear entirely?

This is a letter that's written both
to you and to me at the same time.

I might forget that I had written this letter...

Or even this letter itself might disappear.

For me or for you, this letter is written for
whoever may live holding on to the memories.

When I first happened to come into
possession of this talisman,

I was very curious about
its cause and effect.

At first, I thought that the
realization of my dream
was the effect.

Shortly after, I thought
meeting you was its effect.

Then afterwards, I thought
that beginning a new life
in another world was the effect.

But it's only now
that I came to realize its effects.

If the cause was me surviving,
then me losing everything
was the effect.

My future.

My honor.

My values.

My people.

And you, too.

In order to preserve my life, I had to give up an equivalent price.

This only made sense.

That I thought I could keep even one of those
things was my own foolishness.

How much more will I lose
in order to repay the price?

Not being able to see you anymore,

I have now realized that even that was
a luxury.

I love you.

Memories. Our memories.

Because of you, I'm so thankful to you.

If us becoming lovers is the cause, what will
be the effect?

If us becoming lovers is the cause, what will
be the effect?

If us becoming lovers is the cause, what will
be the effect?

My love for you can never be expressed with words.

Though hardships can bring me pains and sorrows.

Our memories.

Though hardships can bring me pains and sorrows.

You're always there to protect me with your embracement.

Memories. Losing them is the final price
I must pay.

You're always there to protect me with your embracement.

Under the same sky in a different time.

Our sad love has entangled.

I do not know what will happen now.

Our sad love has entangled.

I place my earnest heart in the moonlight.

So I can shine brightly wherever you are.

Will we forget each other,

or will we live unable to forget, forever
in agony?

I place my earnest heart in the moonlight.

So I can shine brightly wherever you are.

~ My love. ~

Hey, where did you get
drenched in the rain?

Didn't you go on your date?

~ Under the same sky in a different time ~

This sad love can never be.

I will become your moonlight under the dark sky and shine a light on you.

So it will guide you your way back to me.

If I have a final wish...

it is to remember you.

In a life without aims, to not even have those
memories would be hell.

And you... as for you...

Even if you should happen to read this letter
someday far in the future,

I pray that you will not be able to realize whom it is for.

~ My first image of you is flashing across my mind ~

~ Thinking that I might not be able to see you again,
my heart is stinging with pain ~

~ If time was to repeat itself, and allowed me to see you one more time ~

~ "I love you" with all my heart ~

~ Will we be able to meet again
one time, for real? ~

~ When will this wish come true, really? ~

~ From time to time, I saw a glimpse of your shadow when I wandered into nothingness. ~

~ So I set off on the road again today. ~

~ Tomorrow, will you be someplace? ~

~ Are you not perhaps looking for me too? ~

~ I must see you at least one time ~

~ We must meet again, one more time ~

~ In case you might become reflected
in my tears if I keep on crying ~

The tears seem to be coming again today.