Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript

Look, it's him!

That's right.

- He has come back alive.
- How did he appear again?

He obviously disappeared.

Does this make any sense?

How could this bastard appear again?

Is he not human?

My Lord, where have you been?

Some things happened.

Prepare water for me to wash with.

My Lord, an arrest warrant has been issued.
Are you aware of it?

Isn't that blood?

Yes. I asked the Lord whether I should call a doctor,
but he declined.

What do we do?

My Lord, I am Yun Wol.
I am coming in.

Looks like you have grown more and more daring.
Stepping in without permission.

Weren't you shot by arrows?

How could you refuse to see a doctor?

I have almost recovered.

How could it be? It has only been a few days.
How could you have recovered so quickly?

You should quickly get treatment...

That world is beyond your powers of imagination.

It's not a big problem, so you don't need to worry.

What plans do you have on your return this time?

I regret not heeding your advice.

Just like you said, I have brought about
disaster because of my personal desires.

So I need to make everything right again.

Please leave.

Open the door immediately! I know Gim Bung Do is inside.

No matter what, you are going to leave eventually, right?

So why do you still return here?

Even if you prove that you are
innocent and safeguard your honor,

what meaning is there in protecting that honor?

Please leave.

Even if I am going to leave,
I have to do my part as best as I can.

Do you not know what the situation is
like in the capital?

There's a rumor that His Majesty is going to sentence
Her Majesty to death by poisoning, and it's the talk of the city.

If Her Majesty couldn't escape this,
how could My Lord...

The people are already seething in anger.

This is something you can't escape. I am
begging you to leave!

Didn't you get angry when I was going
to leave last time?

Because I was jealous.

I developed feelings that I shouldn't have.

Although I keep saying that I am praying
for the Lord's well-being and happiness,

the truth is I wanted to keep you by my side.

My Lord! The officers from the Royal Investigation
Bureau are breaking in. What do we do?

Open the door before all of you are dragged away, too.


My Lord.

Your Majesty, the situation isn't looking good.

There's no other alternative but to push all
the blame onto the Administrator.

Say that although he often came to seek Your Majesty out,
-= Queen In Hyeon =-

Say that although he often came to seek Your Majesty out,

Your Majesty rejected him with a firm hand.
The best plan is to say that.

-= Nam Gu Man. Chief State Councillor. West Faction leader =-
Your Majesty rejected him with a firm hand.
The best plan is to say that.

Your Majesty rejected him with a firm hand.
The best plan is to say that.

How can you say such words?

When everyone left me to preserve their
lives, he was the only one willing to put his
life on the line and save me.

Only the Administrator.

Saying that he harassed me is wrong.

Your Majesty.

I will not say what you all hope for.

So please do not expect anything.

If His Majesty doesn't believe me
and wants to punish me,

I will accept it willingly.

How can you say such words?

Your Majesty.

What's the matter?

Officer of Special Advisers Administrator,
Gim Bung Do, has just entered the Royal Palace.

I am your servant, Gim Bung Do. I have
finally come upon hearing Your Majesty's

You finally heard?

Forgive me. I lost consciousness after being
shot with arrows, and only woke up today.

You were unconscious after getting shot by arrows.
Then where have you been since?

I am sorry to say this, but I can only remember
as far as getting hit with the arrows.

When I awoke, I found myself held hostage
in a hideout by men I don't know.

It was only today that I was able to escape and return home.

You were held hostage?

But when I returned to capital city, I heard
rumors that your servant had used a talisman's
magical power to disappear,

and had been using the talisman to
travel around until now.

Hearing these rumors, your servant was disconcerted.

Your servant swears that the rumors were
started by the people who kidnapped me.

Your servant actually has an odd talisman.

But this is only a present from a
monk for your servant's safety.

How can this kind of talisman have
supernatural powers?

Don't such beliefs only belong to naive
women who go to the temple?

And the dirty rumors that are circulating
around the capital city....

The people who believe those rumors
clearly have rebellious ideas against
the Royal Family.

How could such a thing be possible?

When the Queen was in exile,

there were people who witnessed you at
her private residence. How do you explain that?

And at that same time, you disappeared
from the place of your exile.

How do you explain that?

You said you were going back to your
hometown, but you didn't.

And at this time, someone saw in
the Queen's bedchamber,

someone who looked exactly like you.
How do you explain all these?

Are you going to refute all these accusations,
deceiving me and creating more confusion?

This is all part of a plot by traitors, Your Majesty.

A plot by traitors?

So you are saying that the jailed Right Prime Minister
has planned all this and pushed all the blame onto you?

Don't tell me that you mean a dead Zhuge Liang
is going after a living Sima Yi?

All of this is the truth.

If what you're saying is true,

then all those in prison who aren't showing remorse
but are plotting to revolt,

should be beheaded immediately,
is that right?

What does our Minister think?

I can't believe either the Right Prime Minister or
Gim Bung Do.

Whom do you think I should believe?

None of you have an opinion?

Then let me decide.

Bring Right Prime Minister, Min Am,
out from prison immediately.

An amnesty order will be passed
down within the next few days.

It has been hard on you, Your Excellency.

It's not all over yet, so we can't rest easy.

Hasn't it already finished?

Considering His Majesty's temperament,
all that remains to be decided is how
the Queen will be killed.

You think there will be more to do after that?
On the contrary, you'll be released.

Regaining control in exactly a month.
It's only been a month since you were jailed.

This will be recorded in history
and remembered for centuries.

Come on out.

What's the matter?

There's an order to escort
you to the Palace.

Why the sudden order to escort His Excellency?

His Majesty wants a face-to-face interrogation
between His Excellency and Administrator Gim Bung Do.

Gim Bung Do.

Do you mean he's been caught?

He came to the Royal Palace on his own accord.

I need an answer from the Right Prime Minister.
Regarding Gim Bung Do's scandal and him
getting shot by arrows,

and all the rumors regarding
the talisman. Were they just part
of your evil plot?

Is that the truth?

This is obviously a set-up, Your Majesty!

I cannot do anything when I am holed up in prison.

How could I have planned so
many things?

Is that so?

I heard when I was in prison,

about the Administrator's sudden disappearance
in the marketplace.

But Gim Bung Do claims that
it was your underlings who abducted him.

Abduction? He disappeared in view of everyone.

How could it be abduction?
This has nothing to do with me.

I also feel that abduction is
not a realistic answer.

It seems like a despicable and shameless excuse.

Your Majesty, how can you believe the magic
of a talisman and ignore the truth?

If Your Highness gives credit to the rumors,

such superstition and sorcery
will be more widespread in the near future.

I have no use for long speeches!
Just prove your innocence with death.

Starting from the purges 5 years ago,
all the way until the matters of today,
cabinet officials have been conspiring

and continuously slandering and scorning me,

hoping to manipulate the Court.

I feel disillusioned.

So I do not wish to side with anyone
regarding these recent events.

Although I once admired you, I have
no intention of forgiving you this time.

Even if you are innocent,

you have caused confusion among the people,
and damaged the honor of the Royal Family.

Therefore, you must bear full responsibility.

Shoot an arrow at Gim Bung Do.

- Your Majesty.
- Your Majesty.

With only testimony and no evidence,
this is the best way to verify the truth.

Your Majesty, please head to the
Royal Palace for the time being.

Hear views from everyone before acting.

What views?

Can't you see he is using sorcery
to mislead me?

If I wait to hear those so-called views,
too much time will have passed.

What are you waiting for?
Raise the bows!

I publicly declare,

if he dies by the arrows,
with the talisman on him,

it will mean that it's an evil plot
by the Right Prime Minister,
and I will execute him immediately.

On the contrary, if you disappear,
you will live.

But this will mean that all
the rumors are fact.

You will never again be able to set
foot on the land of Joseon, ever.

All those related to this matter
will also be severely punished.

Place the talisman on Gim Bung Do
and shoot an arrow at him.

What are you doing?

Form up.

This is a strange feeling.

I never knew things would turn out this way.

But I feel that although this isn't the
best way, it isn't the worst either.

If I don't do this, my battle with you will never end.

You... Surely you don't...

Did you think I would bring the real talisman?

Let's die together. Since we won't be lonely
on the road to the underworld,

it won't be so bad.


Get ready and aim.



Can't help it then.

It's all right.

Yes, let's meet next time. Yes.

Ah, this is really irritating.

Han Dong Min's side has cancelled the poster shoot.

Isn't that too much?
How can he treat work like this?

Have I...

Have I once again fallen for his evil plan?

The Royal Infirmary.
Quickly take him to the Royal Infirmary.
What are you waiting for?



Let's go eat then? No?

Can you stop the car for a moment?


I feel weird.

Is your stomach upset?
You didn't eat anything this morning, right?

Should I go buy medicine?

Su Gyeong.


Can you look up something for me?

Look up something?

I don't think I'll be able to look.

What do you want to look up?

Chronicles of the Joseon Dynasty.
Suk Jong, 20th year, June 5th.

Just reading this will do?

Gim Bung Do who had been in hiding,
finally reappeared.

Ah, Gim Bung Do.
The same name as that person.

Gim Bung Do reappeared,

claiming that he was innocent,

and that everything was done by Min Am.

The King said that he slandered
and defamed the Royal Family,

and ordered that arrows be shot at him
to prove his innocence.

The King called his archers to
shoot him in front of everyone.

He was shot with 3 arrows and died on the spot.

When he was sent to my attention,
he had already stopped breathing.

He could not be saved.

Because of your evil schemes
I have caused the death of my own friend

and doubted the Queen's loyalty.

Do you think I will let you off?

- Your Majesty.
- Your Majesty.
- Your Majesty.

You can't do this, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

We should use extreme methods of torture on him.

All of you come to the Palace Hall.

Your Majesty.

The King, in anger, ordered Min Am
to be beheaded.

He also rounded up related
personnel again for interrogation.

Do you want me to continue?


Yes, Manager?

Oh really, I didn't know the time was changed.

Alright, I will head over right now.

Really, when was the schedule changed?

Looks like we won't be able to eat.

Do you want to stop by the pharmacy?

Are you really feeling sick to your stomach?

Hey, Hui Jin! What's wrong? Hey!

What do I do? Hey!

It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.

Be careful.

Nurse Lee, keep up this way.

Where is it most painful?

Leg leg leg.


Not there. My back. My back. My back.

Not there. My back. My back. My back.

- Excuse me.
- Back. Back.

Where are you hurt?

- Where are you hurt?
- My arm, my arm, my arm.

Tell me where it hurts. Can you hear me?

Please say something.

- You must talk so that the doctor can make a diagnosis.
- Take it lightly. Take it lightly.

Why are you crying? Where does it hurt?

Miss Choe Hui Jin. Miss Choe Hui Jin.

Hey! What's wrong with you?


What's wrong with you? What's wrong?
Why are you crying?

Please look carefully.
Where exactly is she hurt?

The family won't have anyone
to carry on the lineage.
What should be done?

What about the family members?

What else can be done?

It looks like this family is headed for a gradual decline.

Your Majesty, your servant worries
that you will hurt your health.


Han Dong Min!

What is it?

Hui Jin has gotten into an accident.
Aren't you going to see her?


She and Su Gyeong are both in the hospital.

Is she badly hurt?

Su Gyeong has to be hospitalized a month for her injuries.

Miss Hui Jin doesn't seem to be hurt badly,
but she has been admitted to the hospital as well.

Must have been feeling uneasy because we
called off the shooting on our side.

How could this have happened right after the call ended?

I keep feeling sorry for them.

What's there to be sorry about?
Hyeong, you are really ridiculous.

Have you gone mad?

You're the one who's crazy. They got in an
accident and you're not even going to see them?

Even if you don't, I'll go myself.

They say it's room number 1003... there it is.

Su Gyeong is over there.
Just look at her.

Miss Su Gyeong, we are here.
How are you? Are you badly hurt?

Ah, well, you know.
How did you...

Ah, careful. Just raise it up.
You fractured a bone?

There were cracks in the bone.

Why are you crying?
Is it really painful?

Be careful.

Hey, when did you come in?

Hui Jin is sleeping. Let her be.

Where exactly is she hurt?

Here and there, all over the place.

But she's fine. I'm the one who nearly lost my life.

It's a relief that you weren't hurt more seriously.
Hurry up and lie down.

This. This.


I'm tired to death.
Why are there so many problems?

Ah, seriously!

What's wrong?

Was I too severe? No, that's not it.
It was natural for me to be angry.

What now?

This is really... I can't stop worrying.

Looking like a fool.
Why was she crying?

I plan on getting discharged today.

I will call you again
once I get home.

They looked exactly the same. The actress,
Choe Hui Jin, was the guardian, remember?

They do look alike,
but how could it be?

I was that patient's nurse.

They even had the same scars.

Then why doesn't she know?

It seems like Miss Choe Hui Jin has
no idea about it.

At any rate, there's a lot of strange
things about the situation.

What's strange?

(Omo - oh my)

It's just that I'm curious since
you are talking about Choe Hui Jin.

It's not...

So what is it exactly?


There was a patient in the intensive care
unit who disappeared this morning.


You remember the person you signed
as a guardian for last time? The man.

He looks exactly like that patient.


They said that he looks
exactly like Gim Bung Do,

and just like him, he was wounded by arrows
and sent to the emergency room.

Where are arrows so numerous that
these kinds of cases are common?

Don't you find it strange?

Where's that man right now?

He disappeared.

He was about to die but was just barely saved.
But he disappeared this morning.

Disappeared without a trace.

How can a patient in the
intensive care unit walk out by himself?

The nurses are all very confused.

I will take responsibility for everyone.
I can do it.

No matter what, I will take care of
everything and return here.

-= 1 Month Later =-

Please come out.

Criminals Min Am, Mong Nae Seon, Moon Dae Hoon.

For trying to use conspiracy to corrupt the Royal court,

and for daring to conspire against the law
and insult the Royal Court, you are ordered
to be publicly beheaded.

-= 1 Month Earlier =-

Your Majesty.

Do you want to be beheaded?

I said not to enter!

Your servant does not dare. It's only that
just now, an arrow hit the front of the palace
with a letter attached to it.


Your Majesty.


Forgive me. For coming so late.

I had some doubts, but did you really
use black magic?

That's right.

Because of this talisman, my life was saved.

I took advantage of it to escape from exile.

It's also true that I visited Her Majesty.

You, how dare you...

Although it is true that your servant got
this talisman by chance

and used black magic,

my appearance at Her Majesty's residence that night,

was only to honor Your Majesty's wishes.

What did you say?

That night.

The person who used an arrow to inform
Your Majesty about the Right Prime Minister's
attempted assassination was me.

Even if you're now speaking the truth...

I cannot forgive a person who looks down
on the Royal Court.

Whether it's the dirty rumors about Her Majesty
or the setting up of pitfalls for the officials,

or your having deceived me and driven
the whole country into chaos,

this is high treason for which you should
be condemned to death.

I know well that I cannot receive forgiveness.

But knowing Your Majesty's will,

I did these things to carry out your wishes.

I do not feel guilty.

To reinstate Her Majesty and expose
the Right Prime Minister's crimes,

isn't all of that what Your Majesty hoped for?

Now, just because of some nonsensical rumors,
Your Majesty is doubting Her Majesty.

Order in the Royal Court had barely been restored,
and it had to be prevented from collapsing.

That is why I returned here.

You're right. All the events of that night were
things I had hoped for.

That's why I do not wish to expose the matter
nor entrust those men with power again.

But whatever methods you used, I must
punish you.

You have fooled the Royal Court with your black magic.
How can I possibly trust you?

You are right.

Please grant my wish of death.

What did you say?

Your servant should have been dead a long time ago.
Because I cheated death and attempted to prolong my life,

things have turned out this way.

Only by my death according to the natural order will
everything be returned to its rightful place once more.

Please kill me.

In this type of situation,

there is no way to clear all the people's suspicions.

Only my death will prove that
the talisman is fake.

That is the best method.

All that you have said.
You genuinely mean it?

Yes. I am sincere.

But along with my execution, I hope that
Your Majesty will also execute the Right Prime Minister.

He knows about the existence of the talisman.

As long as he's alive, he will take advantage
of it and conspire against the law.

Your Majesty.

Let's go.

You are seriously asking me to kill you
with my own hands?

You will not use black magic again?

How could you use your life to make such request?

My asking you to grant my death, Your Majesty,
is so that I can live.

I will live on. I really want to live.

That's why I'm begging Your Majesty
to let me die with honor.

In the future, I will not appear in this world again.

My Lord.

No one noticed you?

Of course not.

But what exactly has happened?

An arrest warrant has been issued.
What do you plan to do?

Remember this location well.

If I am shot dead by arrows in the palace tomorrow,

you must bring my body here, as quickly as possible.

What? Dead body?

Although death is a high possibility,
there's still a glimmer of hope for survival.

So you must bring me here no matter what happens.

You can't delay for even a moment.

Have I... have I once again fallen for his evil plan?

The Royal Infirmary.
Quickly take him to the Royal Infirmary.
What are you waiting for?

- Hurry.
- Yes.

Is he dead?

Although he's still breathing, there's no
possibility of saving him.

Then it won't be a problem if you say
that he already died.

Just say that there was no more pulse.


This is an order from the King.

My Lord.

My Lord. Hey...

Please look carefully.
Where exactly is she hurt?

Why are you crying?

Where does it hurt?


No pulse.

-=Resting place of Gim Bung Do of the Cheongpung
Gim clan, government administrator of the 5th rank.=-

I have returned.

Everything has been sorted?

The Official gave...

I can't read. So I asked him to make me a copy.

Please take a look to see if there is a problem.

Mak Dong's family said that they wanted
to stay in Hanyang. That's why they were
sent to Pak Jin Sa to work.

The rest said they will go to other scholars.

Yun Wol returned to the Seryeong pavilion.

The Seryeong pavilion?

It's good that she went back.

My Lord is not around. She can't even get married if she stays behind.

To Yun Wol...

I am sorry. I already told her.

You even concealed it from her. I think it's unreasonable.

I told her that My Lord is still alive,

but she won't be able to see you again.

What did she say?

Please understand it this way.

Even if you're not able to see him again,
at least you know that he's alive, right?

Yes, that's right.

The fact that he's alive, somewhere...

This is the end of everything, right?

Since you are all happily settling down...

I should also disappear.

You should go back too.

Let's go down.

Let's part here.

As a man, how long do you intend to cry?

Will I really not see you again in the future?

I am already a dead man.

It is right that I disappear from this lifetime.

My Lord.

Leave now.

Let's go.

My Lord. My Lord. My Lord.

You should head back too.

You've suffered many hardships all this time.

My Lord. My Lord.

Have you really left already?

My Lord!

If I continue to meet you, I might end
up being the one who can't live out
my normal lifespan.

Although I am a little late, I have returned.

Are you crying right now? What's wrong?

I don't know.

Even I do not know the reason.

There isn't a place for me to return to now,
so I feel like an orphan.

I had wanted to slap you when I saw you,
for making me so sad and worried.

But I can't say anything now that I see you crying.

See, you really are a player. You are
a natural-born player.

What's there to be lonely about?
Aren't I right here?

Me. You have me.

The world's most beautiful woman.

Has it all ended?

Everything is over.


It seems so.

There are many words that I don't understand,
and words that I am hearing for the first time.

But there's one thing that hasn't changed.


I love you.