Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript

My Lord, it's Yun Wol.

Come in.

Did you go to the temple?


You don't look well. What has happened?

Is there something you would like to say to me?

Do you really plan to leave this place?

Will you leave everything and everyone
to go to that woman?

A better life has only just opened up for you here.

You have finally fulfilled the wishes of
your father.

You are the only successor of your family,
how can you have such thoughts?

I didn't hope for this kind of conclusion,

or receive the talisman from the master
to be used like this.

I gave you the talisman, My Lord, for your safety,
not for you to give up everything for a woman.

And the talisman... If the talisman is used
for selfish desires, it will bring misfortune.

How could you make such a decision?

This is the first time that I have
seen you this upset.

I wasn't ready to hear this, but since
you are pouring out your grievances,

I am concerned.

Let's talk it out one-by-one.

You said the talisman will become a curse.
What do you mean?

Good. Mr. Player calls the Most Beautiful
Woman in the World.

Hello? Mr. Player?

How have you been?

Okay, the cell phone is all set.

You're up? Let's have brunch.
I haven't eaten yet either.

What's wrong?

I didn't buy this with my money. It was his money.

You saw, didn't you, how much money he has.

I'm just shopping on his behalf. Purchasing by proxy.

Wow. What an amazing performance.

You're expressing every feeling just by clicking
your tongue.

Annoyance. Anger. Dejection.


I'm speechless.

Before going to the film set, let's stop by the
real estate agency.


To look into apartments. Somewhere below
Namsam with a good view.

He's really making you do everything, that--

If he's going to buy the house, he should be
the one looking for it. Why ask you to do it?

He doesn't have an eye for what's nice.

Aigoo. A man who can't even find his own
house to buy...
(Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god)

Why are you dating him?

He has lots of money.

Take a look. Your favorite men are the ones
with lots of money,

so why are you being like this?

You said only guys with lots of money will do.

Hey. He might even have more than Han Dong Min.

Since he doesn't even know how
big his inheritance is.

A real rich man is someone who doesn't
know exactly how much his wealth is.

You said that, remember?

Since I shopped for him, I should take
this as a service fee.

This would only be worth a pack of gum to him.

Let's eat something delicious. My treat.

Ah, seriously...

Are you happy?

Dong Min sprayed water on you.
You lost all your commercial deals.

You get treated badly on the set.
You got labeled as a scandal maker.

And you're still happy? Are you really happy?

Yes, I'm happy.

Rotten girl. At least you are happy.

What are we going to do if you're so foolish?
Even if no one else is, at least you're happy.

That's right, you did well.

Even though love can't put rice on
the table, money can.

At least he has money.

It's unfortunately very fortunate.

When I received the talisman, there was
something the great master said.

Who is that girl? It seems that she comes
every day without fail.

She is a gisaeng. At the Seryeong house.
(Gisaeng - female entertainer, prostitute)

Gisaeng... what desire does the gisaeng need
that she prays so earnestly and with such

She has a very deep belief in the mercy of Buddha.

What do you desire so earnestly?

It seems that even a gisaeng
is no different than a monk.

Always dissociating from the secular world,
what desire of yours is so deep that every day
you stay up through the night?

I ask because your faith in Buddha is so
exemplary that I want to help you.

This person is surpassingly intelligent, and
has an end he wishes to achieve.

What are you praying for
on this person's behalf?

I pray for his safety and happiness.

However alas...

Because he is destined to face endless difficulties,
it will be difficult to preserve his life in this world.

Then what should be done?

A talisman can become a curse as well as
a blessing, so one must use it cautiously.

Just because I have written it, does not mean
it will act according to my intentions. It is filled
with your sincerity, but it cannot be controlled
by your intentions.

Though it belongs to him, it cannot be
controlled by his intentions either.

If he holds onto other desires, it could
bring great misfortune.

He clearly said that it could become a curse.

The master's writing of the talisman, and my giving
it to you was with the intention of preserving your life.

But now, if you were to use it for
your desire to go to that place,

isn't that against the original intention
to which the talisman was made?

Isn't that the selfish desire that the great
master spoke of?

There has never been even one time, My Lord,
when I did not wish for your happiness.

However, I had never thought that My Lord's happiness
would mean disappearing from in front of us forever.

Who are you?

I have come from the Royal Investigation
Bureau. For Administrator Gim Bung Do--

What's the matter?

This is a message sent by the Officer Yun Seong Mun
of the Royal Investigation Bureau.

In accordance with the information you provided,
we have made the notice describing the features
of the man named Ja Su,

and we immediately went through the procedures
with anyone who appeared.

But the search was not successful, so we
request your help.

Also, this is not an official matter, but there
was some trouble last night.


A few days ago, the Queen went to visit
her mother. Last night...

Who are you?


Outside, they are asking about your safety.

Nothing has happened here.
What exactly is going on?

Fortunately, the Queen's safety was not jeopardized.

How could such an incident still occur?

This is no doubt an act of the rebel faction!

Call forth all the royal guards!
Seize the remnants of the rebel faction,

and investigate whoever is
conspiring behind closed doors.

Interrogate the criminals again!

His Majesty is exceptionally furious.
That's why he wanted to see you.

Aren't you the only one who can
identify the head of the traitors?

But why would they do something so foolish?

That's uncertain. It's a dead end.
And the matter is incomprehensible.

We drew it according to the information
you gave us. Does it look similar?

There's no mistake on the general features,
but the shape of his mouth is very different.

Is that so? Then can you more thoroughly,
describe it to us?

This would be simple if we just took a picture.

Pardon me? What did you just say?

It's nothing. Did the person who invaded the house
of the Queen's mother resemble him?

They were only able to see his back. However,
it did not seem like the same man.

He was very tall, and was wearing
the attire of a nobleman.

Nobleman's attire...



Chase after them! They're on the roof!

The administrator! Where did he go?

- Did you not see? He disappeared.
- What did you say?

I saw it too. He just disappeared before the arrows hit him..

That's right. He was just here and then disappeared!

Does that make any sense?

Find him! He must be here somewhere.


- What's that?
- Where's the camera?

He's good looking.

When will it be broadcasted?

He's really tall.

In broad daylight in the middle of the street...

An assassination attempt in front
of officials of the Royal Investigation Bureau.


That was definitely a trap.

This is the work of a person who knows of the
existence and power of the talisman.

As expected, it must be Ja Su.

Events being manipulated by Min Am's
strategy from behind the scenes.

Cunning. Min Am's strategy.

If you give the order, even if
my life is at stake...

I will infiltrate Gim Bung Do's
residence to steal the talisman

and eliminate him.

No, no need.

If it's called "life after death,"

isn't it linked with
"death after life" in the end?


The talisman protects his life.

Likewise, everything

can be ended with that talisman.

However, it did not seem like the same man.

He was very tall, and was wearing
the attire of a nobleman.

Nobleman's attire...

Don't we know that he has been to the Queen's
private residence?

That day... I am sure that on that day he
visited the Queen's residence before coming
to my house.

But there was no evidence to prove it.

That's right.

Now, however, evidence has turned up.

All we have to do is recreate the events
of that day.

What do you mean by "recreate"?

What do you think the King, with his strong
pride, will be most unable to tolerate?

The one thing for which he won't be able to stand

not killing his trusted Queen and
Gim Bung Do with his own hands.


-=Slander - filth and ugly rumors.=-

It's slandering.

It's a slander.

I'm not sure if you can read this.

Mr. Gim Bung Do, you can
now, stop being a thief.

Be properly equipped when you travel.

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

Where would you like to go?

- Please take me to the library.
- Library... Which library is it?

Customer, which library are
you talking about?

The nearest one.

The nearest one... The national library
is nearby. Should we go there?



Ah, really...

Customer, the road is very congested here.

Do you think you could get off here? It's
only about 50 meters away.

Customer? Customer? Excuse me, customer--

Oh My, what's happening...

Hey ajussi! Ajussi!
(Ajussi - older men, uncle)

Oh dear...Ajussi...

Your Majesty, this is a lady's personal matter.
It's not something that you should be concerned about.

Pardon? Your Majesty, what do
you mean I'm jealous...

How could she lie about her illness?
I'm just teaching her a lesson.

How can you say this is a jealousy?

That's enough. No longer will I concern myself
with matters regarding the Royal Noble Consort.

What are they doing? Why is the assistant
director wearing the King's attire?

That's because Han Dong Min refuses to
film together with Choe Hui Jin.

They're filming separately.

- That's really Han Dong Min-like. Very Han Dong Min-like.
- Your Majesty,

This is a woman's personal matter.
Please trust me--

Let's take a break.

Your Majesty, you're quite impressive.

How could you cheat on the King?

You're a cut above me. You're the best.

It feels awkward to death with everyone
looking at us like that, really.

How can you film in that kind of atmosphere?

How long is Han Dong Min going to keep
causing trouble, seriously?

Maybe I should try to meet him with again.

Meet with him and face another of his temper tantrums?

Isn't it already enough being splashed with
water and getting hit in the face with a pillow?

What more do you want?

If he wants me to, I can
kneel down and beg him.

Why go to the extreme of begging?

You're not even engaged or getting married.

He wasn't like that before...

At first I felt sorry as well,

but now, seeing how petty he has become...

I don't feel sorry at all.
What a joke, seriously.

Why are there so many missed calls?

When did he come back?
Looks like he got the phone already.

Hello? When did you return?
Didn't you say that you would be a long--

=Are you the "Most Beautiful Woman"? =


=I'm asking if you're the
"Most Beautiful Woman in the World."=

Yes... But who are you?


What? Where is that?

Hey! Hey! Hey! Wait for me.

Excuse... excuse me, what happened to the emergency patient
who fainted in the taxi just now?

Are you the guardian?
By any chance... you are Miss Choe Hui Jin?

I'm the guardian. She just tagged along.

I am... I'm the guardian.

Where is he?

Where is he?

He was taken into surgery.

Hold on a second.

Please sign this document.

It was an emergency, so he had to go in even
though we hadn't received the consent.

Inside the taxi?

At first he seemed fine,
but then he wasn't responding.

So I turned my head to look and saw that
he was bleeding profusely and unconscious.

I was so frightened. I thought there would be death in my car

And then?

I looked into his wallet...

and there was money in it
but not an identity card.

And when I opened the phone,

only one person's number was saved in the phone.

What, "Most Beautiful Woman in the World"?
Then I--

So you are actually the "Most
Beautiful Woman in the World"?

That's not it. It's just a joke.

And then?

I kept calling, because it was a situation
where the other person has to pick up.

I was really worried to death.
I thought I was going to die.

Right now the entire
capital city is in chaos.

Is that so?

Yes. Many people saw the administrator
disappear, not just one or two.

There's no trace of him as of yet.

How can there be such a thing?
It's truly supernatural.

I heard people saying that he really
disappeared in the blink of an eye.

He was even shot by two arrows.
And disappeared into thin air--

Then the Royal Court also received the report?

Of course.

The administrator was on his way to the
Royal Investigation Bureau to help with
some matters when the incident happened.

If the other officials try to hush it up and are
later found out, who knows what could happen.

Yes. Of course it must be reported.

You say he disappeared just like smoke.
What does that mean?

You must speak honestly.

How dare you speak such nonsense here?

Forgive me. However, I swear that it was personally
witnessed by many people and soldiers.

Where is Gim Bung Do now?

We haven't been able to find him yet.

I already told the soldiers there to
carefully search the surrounding area,

and we looked everywhere he might have gone.

But even his family members have no idea
where he is.

Since he was shot by two arrows, even if
he tries to avoid us, there must be blood
or footprints left behind.

But there weren't any.

You don't think he was kidnapped by
the assassins?

That's not it either.

They interrogated the men who were caught.

They too were shocked and puzzled upon seeing
the administrator's sudden disappearance.

Then are you saying that Bung Do used
some kind of black magic?

Where on earth has Bung Do gone?


Quickly, quickly.

Can you see me?

Over here! He's woken up.

I asked if you can see me. Can you hear
my voice?

What did you say?


What? Check what?


What to do?

Over here!

Hold on a moment. Can you please go outside?

You should go back now.

It's already filming time.

Ah really, if you stay here, people will see you.

You've already created a shocking scandal by
having an affair and dumping Han Dong Min.

If it gets out that the man you had an affair
with was taken to the hospital dripping with

the entire country will be in an upheaval.

How far do you want this to go?

I'll keep an eye on him. They said
he's not dying.

I got it, I'm leaving.

Also, no matter how much I like money,

having a lot of money isn't everything.

Why does a student go around getting
shot with arrows?

Look at this.

Is he really a graduate student?

He's not, right?

Should I check with the school?

Furthermore, why doesn't he have anyone
he knows except you?

And okay, he doesn't have parents,

but he also doesn't have siblings or
even friends?

I don't even know what to tell the police.

That person, Gim Bung Do, just what is
he, really?

Revised script No. 32 has come out.

Revised script?

A few scenes were deleted.

Please check the parts with bold text.


What's this?

I don't believe this. What is this?

That son of a b--

You startled me.

What's up with you?

Really, haven't you already behaved too disgracefully?


No matter how angry you are, you have
to keep your public and private matters

How can you make the script change
because of what happened?

If you want to get angry, just get angry
at me.

Why do you keep on trying to ruin the drama?

Exactly what are you saying right now?

This isn't completely made up, these characters
were real people.

How can you change real characters according
to your whim just because you're not satisfied?

Is a Hallyu star that great?
(Hallyu - Korean wave)

Does killing normal people make your heart feel better?

What the hell are you talking about?

What wrong have I done?

Are you talking about the fact that Queen In Hyeon's
death was moved up a few episodes?

How should I know why it was moved up?

It looks like the writer doesn't want to
write about it anymore.

The problem isn't that it was moved up,
it's about the way she dies that is unreasonable.

What's unreasonable about it?

Did you not understand my words?

When did Queen In Hyeon die like that?

Then what, how should Queen In Hyeon
be killed?

Are you saying she should die from an illness?

What did you say?

I really don't know what you're saying
right now.

Have you been drinking?


What? Check what?


I was just going to let this slide,

but are you saying you want to fight for real?

Hey. Hey, where are you going?
We haven't finished!


Why are you like this? Why are you always
fighting every day?

This is so annoying, so annoying, so annoying. Really.

I am very annoyed!

Oh dear!.. you woke up.

Can you see me..?

Can you hear me..?

Where am I?

Your condition has improved, so we moved you
to the ordinary ward yesterday.

Wait ... I will call the doctor.

Omo, did you say he has woken up?


To see you smile, it seems like you're
going to live now.

If you hadn't had the cell phone,
a disaster might have happened.

Because your identity couldn't be verified, you might
not even have been able to undergone surgery,

and you could have died without anyone realizing.

Don't you think, I have a great feel for things?

I thought I should have hurried and put the
cell phone out there first.

How long has it been?

10 days.

10 days.

They said you could eat once you woke up.
Do you want some water?

More important than food, there's a book
I need to read.

You're referring to the Annals, right?

How did you know?

Don't you even remember?
You already told me.

Since you said you needed to check the Annals,
I checked it.

I had a look to see if anything had changed.

Has anything changed?

No, nothing.

The only thing that changed was Scholar Gim Bung Do
was shot by arrows on the street and disappeared.

Later, his whereabouts were uncertain.

It's really is written in that way...

After that, he never reappeared again.

So I thought, Ah, this is how he ended
up living here...

Other than that...


Everything else is the same.

Did you think you were that important of a person?

That the world would change just
because you disappeared?

You know what we call that here?

You think too highly of yourself.

Remember it. "Arrogant".

Aigoo. You've woken up at last.

Yes. Just a little while ago.

Let's have a look at how you are.

Please lie down.

Slowly, slowly does it...

Let's have a look.

All right... this is okay...

You didn't call Su Gyeong?

Is that so? We were together at the hospital.

You should be able to give her a call now.

Excuse me...

Yes. Give her a call then.

How is he?

We have to do an examination first.

We'll only know for sure after
a complete examination.

And the patient's has identity problems, as well.


Now that he's awake, we should inform the police.

Yes, the police. That's true.

Please come with me to the office.

There are some forms that you need to fill out.


We have to go to... the examination room--

Where did he go?

Aigoo, what happened?

Where are you going?

Where are you going?
You can't move around.

You have to go to the examination room.
Come over here.

Really, I'm going crazy.

Did you go to work and come back?

I was thinking of calling you to come over.

What's going on?

Where did Gim Bung Do go?

He must have gone for an examination.
They said he had to do that once he woke up.

He woke up a little while ago.

What examination? He ran away just now.

What did you say?

He ran away with his cell phone and
all his stuff.

I saw it with my own eyes.

Why would he run away? Didn't you
say he had a lot of money?

It's not that he would run away because he
didn't want to pay the hospital fee.

Seriously, he's getting stranger and stranger.

May 25th, 1694.

Yun Seong Mun, head of the Royal Investigation
Bureau, reported that Gim Bung Do was shot with
arrows by the assassins and suddenly disappeared.

May 26th.

Witnesses testify that the man who intruded
at the residence of the Queen's mother...

had the appearance that resembled Gim Bung Do...

The King became very angry and ordered
the witnesses to be punished.

May 27th.

Servants reported that the Office of Special Advisers
Administrator, Gim Bung Do, frequently visited
the private residence of the Queen.

In particular, he had appeared at the residence
on the same night as the assassination attempt
on the Queen.

I must see Her Majesty. Open the door.

May 28th.

It is confirmed that Gim Bung Do, who
had said he was going to his hometown
of Cheongpung, never went there.

May 29th.

It is reported that Gim Bung Do disappeared
for four days during his exile in Jeju.

June 1st.

It is reported that Gim Bung Do used
black magic in various locations throughout
the eight provinces in a single day.

Rumors that he used this magic to visit the Queen's
private residence and commit adultery cannot be
contained among the people.

As appeals for an investigation poured in continuously,
the King finally became enraged,

and ordered Gim Bung Do to be seized
and investigated.

June 3rd.

The King ordered the Queen to tell him
the truth about the rumors, but the
Queen did not give any answer.

The King was infuriated.

June 20th.

The facts of the Queen's malicious and
obscene acts have all been exposed.

She consorted with an immoral person
who uses black magic,

Not only did she commit adultery, but she
also bewitched me,

in order to return to her position as
Queen. This is high treason.

We will rescind the Queen's status again.

Thoroughly re-investigate the incidents
that happened in April.

Release Minister Min Am and the other prisoners.

July 2nd.

High traitor Gim Bung Do should be
punished along with the rest.

However, since he still has not been found,

it can't be helped.

Based on his disobedience and threat
of betrayal of the Royal Family,

his entire household is ordered to be
punished by beheading.

Publicly behead all of Gim Bung Do's household.

July 25th.

The Queen was stripped of her status
and beheaded.

They say he's not anywhere in the hospital.

Where on earth did he go?

He's probably at the library.

The library?

Why would he go to the library alone?

I have no way of knowing which library he
went to. What should I do?

I fear, my Lord, that the talisman will separate
you even further

from this world.

Since everything has worked out well,
I wish that you wouldn't look for it.

Please do not worry.

We will continue to protect
you until the end, Your Majesty.

He said that it could become a curse.

The master's writing of the talisman, and my giving
it to you

was with the intention of preserving your life.

But now, if you were to use it for
your desire to go back to that place,

isn't that against the original intention
to which the talisman was made?

Isn't that the selfish desire that the great
master spoke of?

Where are you?

=I'm at your house.=

What did you say?

Why are you there?

I came to look for the talisman.

Where is it?

What are you talking about?

Don't you have it?

I don't have the talisman. I burned it.

Did you say you burned it?

I burned it because I knew you would
be like this when you woke up.

There is no time. Where is it?

I already said I burned it.

You read the Annals, didn't you? You saw
that your whereabouts were unknown.

That's because I burned the talisman.

Even Queen In Hyeon has had her head cut off.

If you go back, you'll undoubtedly be beheaded.

Knowing all this, how could I just
let you go back?

That's why I burned it.

You know that I'm simple-minded.

I couldn't think of any other way.

I'm sorry that I didn't tell you this before,
but there was nothing else I could do.

Now, even if you want to go back to
Joseon... you can't.

You can't even really bluff well
but you always try.

This is not a bluff!

Don't get angry at what I am about to say.

I don't like simple-minded people.

You keep calling yourself dumb,

but in my opinion, you only lack knowledge.

You're not at all dumb.

=What did you say?=

When the talisman was torn in half,

I lost my memories and you had to
live the same life twice.

If that happened when the talisman
was only torn,

what do you think would happen if it was burned?

Do you really think nothing would happen?

Would we be forever unable to recognize
each other?

Would we just ignore each other even if we meet?
Who knows what would happen.

You also know this, so how could you
have burned the talisman?

You must have just hidden it carefully somewhere.

Thank you for thinking so highly of me,

but I'm really not that smart.

I'm really a stone. I was famous for it in school.

I was last in the class.

I found it.

You are not dumb,

you probably just didn't give your best effort.

Don't go. Wait a minute.

Don't go.

If you really go, I won't see you again.

Don't go, you jerk.

We saved you from death.
How could you do this?

Didn't you say you would be responsible for me?

After saying you'd take responsibility,

why are you saying two different things? You bastard!

I told you not to go.

Will you listen to my words for just a moment?

Although I made a promise to be responsible for you...

Five years ago, I made a pledge to protect
the Queen with my life.

But now, she was beheaded because she
tried to protect me...

I don't think I can live here happily with
that knowledge.

Furthermore, I have learned my whole life
that one shouldn't live like that.

So? I will take responsibility for everyone.

I can do it.

No matter what, I will take care of
everything and return here.

Open the door immediately!

Open the door.

Before all of you are dragged away too.

You must place all the blame on the administrator.

What's wrong?

Place the talisman on Gim Bung Do and
shoot an arrow at him.

What is the use of restoring the public's
confidence in him? He is dead.

He was shot with three arrows and died
on the spot.