Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript

What is this?

That's really rotten.
How could he do this?

How can he just leave
without saying a word?

Choe Hui Jin.

What is this? A letter?

What does this say?

That's not it.

Central... something.

South... something something.

Three... something something...

Oh seriously, is he trying
to test my intelligence?

If you're going to write a letter, you should think
of the other person and write in Hangul.

He doesn?t even know the
letters of the people, that snob!

What's this?

Is this considered riding well?

To ride like that in one or two hours
is learning it fast.

Young people are indeed different.

You finally woke up.

Be careful!

Are you okay?


Where did you get the bicycle?

I borrowed it from the owner.

Since you wouldn't wake up,

I was bored, so I decided to learn to ride this.

I like to sleep late in the mornings.

I thought you left after leaving me a letter.

A letter?

If you didn't leave,
why did you write me a letter?

That isn't a letter, it's your address.

I was afraid I might forget it,
so I wrote it down.

Central district 32, Namchang-dong,
U Rim Villas, No. 302.

You can't even read your own address?

You're even more ignorant than I th--

You don't even know how to ride a bike
so stop showing off.

I'm telling the truth. There aren't
any men here who don't know
how to ride a bike at that age.

Aren't you hungry?

I waited so long for you to wake up,
I'm about to faint from hunger.

You should have woken me up.

What do you want to eat? I'll go buy it.

Where are you going?

Wait for me, I'll just go and wash up.

I can go by myself.

Don't I need to go with you
since you don't have any money?


I have so much money,
I don't know where to put it.

Omo, did you sell it again?

It was hard to sell it the first time,
but it was easy the second time.

This heirloom is really from Yi Seong Gye's time.
(King Taejo - Joseon's First King)

That's right. This heirloom was received
by my ancestor from King Taejo himself.

But how did you manage to keep a
sword from the Joseon era so well?

It was well-protected.

What is it worth?

No matter how good the condition is,
this is the highest price I can offer.

Are you playing with me right now?

I pretended to leave and he offered me more.

If I sell it a third time, I think
I will be able to get even more.

I thought maybe I should buy you a car
again, but since you already have one?.

Forget it.

I don't want a car that will suddenly disappear
one day. I'd feel too uneasy to ride in it.

I will just remember your intentions.

Anyway, I'm not sure what would be good,
so why don't you tell me?

Then... milk... juice...

No... wait for me a moment.

Let's see how well you do.

Go to the supermarket and
buy what's on the list.

You won't understand what's on it,
so you don't need to look at it.

This is called English.

It's trendier then hanja.

Don't try too hard to understand it.

Hand this to an employee and
they will find everything for you.

I'm going then.

I'm so worried!

You don't even know the alphabet.

Be careful riding the bike!

Don't fall!

A foreigner must have written this.

It's not a foreigner. Just someone with
too much useless pride.

Orange juice and...

What is this? Is it curry?

This seems to be misspelled.

It should be C-U-R-R-Y, but it's written
here as C-A-R-R-E.

That's okay as long as you understand it.
Please give me whatever is closest to that.

3 minutes.

You have 3 minutes left, Choe Hui Jin.

There are only 3 minutes until we
separate forever.

If you don't want to regret it for the rest
of your life, call me right now.

Right now! Right n--

At least you're quick on the uptake.

Where are you?!

Do you seriously want to die by my hand,
you rotten girl?!

I'm sorry I didn't call sooner.

What about Dong Min oppa? Did he go quietly?

You're asking if he went quietly?

Where are you going without
even changing?

What do you think, would there have been
trouble or wouldn't there?

Are you really asking? You brainless girl!

I'm sorry.

But I couldn't lie in front of him.

It's worse to lie.

I said I was sorry.

I'm really sorry but--

He thinks that all this time I knew you were
cheating on him and tried to cover it up.

He was ready to eat me alive.

How on earth is it my fault?

Where are you?


Then... did you just spend the night with
your obsessive fan?

I said he's not an obsessive fan.

What were you thinking, seriously?

Didn't you say you would definitely be
on my side if that person really existed?


You saw that he does exist.

So, even if the whole world curses me,
you have to support me.

Isn't that right?

Don't give me a bunch of crazy nonsense...

Let's talk after I get back. See you in a bit.

Hello? Hel---

Are you writing a novel?

When did I say I was going to
be on her side? When? When? Wh--

You might as well really have an affair.

If you had an affair with a Gim Bung Do
who really exists, I would try my best to
understand you.

If it was a man that was real,
why would I do this to you?

If it's someone you like,
I would definitely be on your side.

I really did say that.

Why would I say something like that?
My big mouth.

I'm not sure if I bought the right things.

Let me have a look.

Let's see.

Milk. Fruit juice. Curry.

So you wanted me to buy curry?

Yes. That's right. Curry.

Oh... So it's curry.

Since I don't know English, I was worried
that I bought the wrong thing.

You got nervous because you don't
understand English, didn't you?

Curry was correct. You did well.


Sit down. I'll make you something to eat.

You might faint because it tastes so delicious.

This is something very difficult and is
made only once a year, usually on birthdays.

I'm making it especially for you today.

Just because the cooking time is short,
doesn't mean that this isn't skillful cooking.

In fact, it is a dish that requires the highest
quality of ingredients and skill.

-=Today's Dish: Curry Rice=-

Come. First of all, open the packaging.

-=Step 1: Tear open the package.=-

You have to make sure to tear
exactly at this line.

See it. Here is the opening.

You want to cut it here with scissors.

If you go just a little out of the line,
you will ruin the meal.

Pour it nicely and evenly over the rice.

-=Step 2: Pour the curry on top of the rice.=-

Like this. Beautifully. Evenly.

Cover with plastic wrap.

-=Step 3: Cover With Plastic Wrap=-

Cover with plastic wrap.

This is a technique that most housewives
cannot even attempt.

Okay. Last step.

Put everything into the microwave and
heat for 3 minutes.

-=Last Step: Heat in Microwave for 3 Minutes=-

-=Last Step: Heat in Microwave for 3 Minutes=-

It can't be 2 minutes 50 seconds or
3 minutes 10 seconds.

Exactly 3 minutes.

The best time is 3 minutes.

Oh, it's perfect!

Just like this. The ultimate dish,
curry rice, is completed.

Ah, I'm so tired.

No need to be too grateful.
Just eat it well.

Really, just because I don't know this world,
you try to con me too much.

What? What did you say? "Con"?

I have already been here a few months.
How dare this woman--!


By the way, what were you doing up at dawn?

What are you talking about?

You were definitely all dressed and standing by the door.

Right? What were you doing?

Were you dreaming?

It wasn't a dream.

You didn't go somewhere and come back
early this morning?

I will eat gratefully, but what are you talking about?

Where are you going?

You don't have much time.
5 minutes until you go in.

Have you finished showing off as a couple?

You seemed pretty excited at the awards ceremony.

Hey. Buy me a drink when we're done.

Buy you what? I'm speechless.

What, you leave your girlfriend and ask
me to buy you a drink?

What scandal are you making now?
You're making it difficult for others.

You cannot go home directly. Understand?

Dong Min, you weren't late to the broadcast
yesterday, right?

Sorry for ending late.

It's alright.

But Director, I have an extremely good idea.

How about poisoning Queen In Hyeon to death?

I think it would be completely amazing!

It was not me who proposed it,
Director. Please do not misunderstand.

It is my idea. What do you think?

Why kill Queen In Hyeon?

Because I'm sick and tired of her.

Sick and tired, wanting to kill your ex-wife...
that's a psycho, not a king.

But Suk Jong is a psycho, right?

Didn't he get tired of Lady Jang too and kill her?

At any rate, one of those two has to be killed.

Why not do something new by killing off Queen In Hyeon?

Nowadays, people really like the fusion type genre,

Director. Director? Director!

If it's a good idea, why not adopt it?

I'll have to speak with the writer.

Did you guys fight?

What? Really?

It hasn't even been one day since you were
acting so passionate at the award ceremony.

You... buy me a drink no matter what.

Just where are you losing your temper?
Everyone outside can hear.

I can't film in this mood.
Hurry and tell the director.


Hey! I said I can't film.

Now that I think about it,
you left out something.

You didn't buy instant coffee.
I clearly wrote that.

I purposely didn't buy it.

Why? I drink coffee after food. It's a must.

Let's go out to drink it, to commemorate
my learning how to ride a bike.

You're saying you'll give me a ride?

I was on the road just now.
The scenery isn't bad.

You're a beginner. How can you
give a ride to a woman?

Aren't you asking for too much?

Just to give that woman a ride, I have
been training and sweating all morning.

Get on.

But if we fall down, let's individually
take care of our own selves.

How can you say something so irresponsible?

Hang on tight.

You learn everything so quickly.
I'll admit that.

Didn't I say that's my only merit?

Even if you lived here,
I don't think you would starve.

Are you interested in teaching?

How about teaching Hanja?

If not, you ride horses very well.
A riding instructor is not bad either.


You can even just not work.

You can make lots of money if you put your mind to it.

Just sell one of your family heirlooms and you'll never have to
worry about food or clothing.

That's an enviable life.

Is that so?

Isn't it more fun here than there?

Be honest. Is that right?


Even if you're a great scholar in that time,

every day is a struggle. You never know
when the King might order you poisoned.

Even if you're successful there,

the medicine isn't well-developed, so
you would die early.

There's nothing good there. Isn't that so?

I guess so.

Oh, I have the talisman in here.

If I throw this in there right now,
you would have to stay here.

Should I just throw it there?
What do you think?

Since you're not saying anything,
you must agree.

I'm really throwing it. For real.

What have you done?

I told you I was throwing it.

See, you are scared.

You really did get scared that you
couldn't return.

You know that I am impulsive.
Take this before I really burn it.

What's wrong?

Just a moment.

This is Choe Hui Jin. You called...

=Ah, I couldn't get in touch with
Su Gyeong so I called you just now.=

I see. But what were you calling about?

=The whole filming schedule has been changed.=

=You can film a scene tonight, right?=

If I... really have to, but why?

=Dong Min was suddenly admitted to the hospital.=

Admitted to the hospital? Why?
What's wrong with him?

You've heard?

See what's coming of your actions yesterday?

He's really having stomach spasms?
Surely not because I stressed him?

No, I'm 100% sure he's pretending
to be sick.

But why? If he has something to say
he should say it to me, why obstruct
the filming?

Just now at at the filming set he asked
the director to have Queen In Hyeon
be poisoned to death. Because he hates
the sight of her.


It all comes down to this. Right now
Dong Min oppa's insides are all twisted
up like a bread stick.

Because he's too proud to endure being dumped even though he dumps other people.

It's hard to say what trouble he's going
to cause going forward.

What are you going to do? You rotten girl.

The director must have sensed that
something is going on because he asked
to meet me, so I'm about to go see him.

Looks like I have to pay a visit to the
hospital first. Where was he admitted?

I'm sorry, but it seems like we can't
go and have that coffee.

He is sick?

You heard everything?

He's obviously faking his illness. Are you still going to see him?

Whether he's faking it or not,
if he's in the hospital, I should see him.

After all, he's in the hospital because of me.

He doesn't seem like the kind
of person to get sick from this.

How do you know if he's that kind of person or not?

You seem jealous that I'm going to visit him.

Of course not.

I was right, you are jealous. You're making it obvious.

Are you worried that we'd get back together after I see him?

Don't be jealous, just stay by yourself
for a little while.

I heard he's away for some business. Even the
servants do not know when he's returning.

He can't possibly be going there...

Where is Gim Bung Do's hometown?

Isn't it Cheongpung in Chungcheong province?

If it's Cheongpung, he'll have to stay
away for at least 5 days to remain
consistent with his lie.

So for 5 days, he won't appear in person
in Hanyang.

Didn't the Queen go to her mother's house yesterday?

-= Bu Bu In. The Queen's mother =-
Didn't the Queen go to her mother's house yesterday?

Didn't the Queen go to her mother's house yesterday?

That's right.

Wait for the time being, until a day when
the Queen leaves the palace.

On that day, you must stop Gim Bung Do
from entering the palace at any cost.

Even the gods are helping us.

The timing is perfect.

Go at once to Gim Bung Do's hometown.
Get several people there as witnesses.

Follow orders and gather troops.
The more the better.

We are going to go to the house of the
Queen's mother tonight.

When I saw that gisaeng go the temple accompanied
only by a servant, I almost went after her and killed
her right then and there.

Leave her. His Excellency valued her.

Once everything is done, His Excellency
wants to deal with her personally.

Aigoo. How is this?

You guessed it. To be honest, he didn't
come here because he's ill.

It is because of an illness! A severe illness!
What kind of nonsense are you saying?

- Please wait. Someone's asking to see you.
- Tell them I refuse.
- It's Ms. Choe Hui Jin.

Hey, what should I do? She's downstairs.
Just tell her to go back?

Tell her to come up.

I'm warning you. Don't fight in the hospital.
If you want to fight, wait until you're out.

Ms. Choe Hui Jin, please come up.
Room 1506. Yes.

Who is it?

Oppa, it's me.

Come in.

You really make people worry.
Thank goodness it's not too serious.

Now that I think about it, it's all because
I was fooled by your lies.

Come in.

Once wasn't enough.
You had to do it twice.

As a couple, aren't you two equivalent
on the inside? You don't mind getting
sprayed on his behalf, right?

I don't feel wronged, but this is a bit childish.

You didn't know I've always been this childish?

You should have foreseen this from the
moment you started having an affair.

Oh right, I left something else out.
That's right, get hit. He also threw a pillow,
that bastard.

Want to see what it's like to be locked in
the bathroom? Right, come here. Quickly.

Go back and tell that bastard what I did.

Is he a gangster? Seemed like he fought so well.

Wait. Let's talk it out. I came here to talk
with you, not for something like this.

Talk about what? I don't need a conversation about this.
I saw everything with my own eyes. What more can be said?

I'll explain, I'm going to explain. I haven't
had an affair, nor have I lied. I'll explain
why things turned out this way.

You didn't have an affair and you didn't lie,
but things turned out this way?

Who are you kidding?

The director is here.

What are the two of you doing?


What's wrong with Ms. Hui Jin's face?
Is that water?

No, it's not that. Just sweat.

You used sweat to wash your face?

Director, have a seat first.

Why are you standing?
Lie down, lie down.

Director, what would you like to drink?

Please have some water.

How do you feel? You look alright.

No, I'm not okay.

Director, I have a solemn declaration to make.

I can't film with Queen In Hyeon anymore.
Please avoid all of those scenes.

This is a problem that has to do with feelings.

I cannot possibly act with an unfaithful Queen In Hyeon.

How can I act out a romantic
scene by looking at her deceitful face?

I refuse to film.

Hey. He had an injection just a little while
ago, so he's a little intoxicated...

Let go. I refuse to film with an
actress whose private life is a mess.

Director. These are my true feelings.

Either force Queen In Hyeon to drink poison.
Or just behead her.

Or instead of reinstating her, just let her
grow old and die there or something.

Please adopt some kind of measure.
Otherwise I can't film.

Hey buster, now is not the time--

That... Look here, Mr. Han Dong Min.

Pretending to be pure while hypocritically two-timing,

a scandalous queen. How can this
kind of person play Queen In Hyeon?

I guess you're going to be giving notice about
a dead Queen In Hyeon.

Haha! It doesn't make any sense.

I'm sorry, Director.

At any rate, leave him be.

I don't know who's right or wrong.

It's not even necessary to know that.

For now, until he's been persuaded, I'm afraid
you'll have to film in a separate location.

I am sorry.

Some time or other... I knew he would
cause trouble.

But I never thought it would be because
of something like this.

Director. You should be going.

Regardless, I'll see you on set in a bit.
I'll talk to you again later.


Ah, right, he must be waiting for me...

Yes? Ah, yes.

The man from room 201?

What? Where did he go?

=I don't know.=

- He is not here right now.
- Ah, I understand.

What is it? Did he go out
or did he return to his time?

I'm pretty sure that around daybreak too
he went somewhere and came back.

It wasn't a dream.

I'm really throwing it. For real.

What have you done?

I told you I was throwing it.

See, you are scared.

Surely... he doesn't keep coming and going
because he's hidden another woman in
the Joseon period?

He did acknowledge he is a player.

Do you know what a player is?

What is a player, My Lord?

Doing things like this is called being a player.

No way. That doesn't even suit him.

But then again, who knows? How they
lived during that time.

I can't go there and see for myself.

Have you come because of something to do
with the administrator?

I came because I thought you would be worried.

Even though we sent word of his safety.

I have seen him safe and sound in person.


He came and left again around dawn.


- Master.
- What brings you here again?

Because of me, you must have
gotten a scare the other night.

I already received news of your safety.

That is fortunate, but why
are you here at this time?

I couldn't sleep. I wondered if perhaps you
might be awake.

It seems like ever since he found the talisman,
his worries have increased.

What do you mean, worries?

Did something happen to him?

It seemed like he wanted to go to the new world.


Where are you?

At the park.

Is everything done now?

Park? I'm actually passing by there.

I got scare because they said you weren't
at the guesthouse.

What have you been doing all this time?

I was sightseeing in Seoul.

Sightseeing in Seoul?

Every time I come here, I'm always busy,

so I could never take a proper look.
I wanted to get a good look around.

Sightseeing in Seoul. Seems like you have good fortune.

I didn't know you'd be like that, so I worried needlessly.

Did anything happen?

What's the matter?

You weren't bullied by him, right?

Am I the kind of person to let myself be bullied?
Who am I?

As far as I know, you are the most easily
bullied person in the world.

If you were so worried, you should've come with me.

Didn't you say you'd be responsible for me?

I thought that if I went, he would get even sicker.

You're really playing the hypocrite.

You said you were going to take responsibility,
what's with the excuses?

You have no plan at all.

I thought about it, but there isn't a particularly
good mode of action.

We can only wait for him to cool down.

Is that kind of ridiculous reply even an answer?

Really, I'm so mad I could die.

You're not even kidding me right now,
you're being serious aren't you.

Are you in the car right now?

Don't change the subject. I'm really speechless.

Open the compartment on the right.

The right side?

How did that get there?

After I put it there, I forgot to tell you.

Wait a minute.

Why are you giving me the money?
You're even expecting me to do something with it.

Why do you keep acting like a chaebol from a comic book?
(Chaebol - rich member of a family that owns a
business conglomerate)

You're not even willing to take responsibility.

Can you spend that money for me?


I should stop using a pay phone now.

I don't like to keep wearing other people's clothes.

Nor do I like that every time I see you,
we have to hide in the countryside.

I hope to find a house near where you live.

Of course, I'd not only need a cell phone, I'd need some clothes as well.

That money should be enough, right?

Of course it's enough. But...

It's because I said I'd take responsibility for you.

To take responsibility for suddenly interrupting
your life and making things difficult for you,

just becoming your boyfriend temporarily... or buying
you an expensive car... or spraying water at that friend...

I realized that it's not enough.

I realized that to take real responsibility
is to stay always by your side.

What do you think? I couldn't come up with
any other conclusion.

It's an extremely... an extremely good conclusion.


I have a pretty good eye for people.

What is troubling you?

To save myself and also to protect the Queen,

I have been running straight ahead without stopping.

But everything is taken care of now.

Having recovered my memories...

What kind of problem do you have as a result
of recovering your memories?

This place where I live has already become the past to me.

With that being the case, can I still continue
to live a quiet life here?

Without intending to, I learned
the whole course of history.

Going forward, I have to live day by day
according to a preordained course of events.

Is this the fate I should conform to?

Can a person who knows his destiny truly
have a happy life?

The funny thing is, the future has become
the present for me.

As a result, I am wondering whether that
future is where I should live out my life.

I am full of doubts.

Even if you say that, how...

how can he have these kind of thoughts?

Although I'm not very sure,

it seemed like he has formed a relationship
in that time and place.

I think I understand how you feel, but in an
unfamiliar place where no one remembers you,

can you really have a happy life?

For man, there is nothing harder to
endure than loneliness.

Yes, that's true.

But if...

Suppose there were even one person
who remembered me,

wouldn't that life be different?

Then, does he really plan to leave?

It isn't such an easy decision.

But his heart has already headed there.

Is that an indisputable fact?


I have verified all of it with my own eyes.

Life after death.

Gim Bung Do has a talisman with supernatural
power, which causes him to live whenever he
is about to die.

That is how he has been disappearing in front
of our eyes time after time.

However, since the item is only effective for him,

once we obtain it,

it will be useless to us.

Is that so?

What do you think, your Excellency?

Shortly after seeing me, that man even
put out a description of my physical features
for me to be arrested.

Now, if another command is not sent down,

I can't do anything within the city walls.

At any rate, the talisman has to be destroyed, doesn't it?

If you give the order, even if
I have to sacrifice my life,

I will infiltrate Gim Bung Do's
residence to take the talisman

and eliminate him.

No, no need.

If it's called "life after death,"

isn't it linked with "death after life" in the end?


The talisman protects his life.

Likewise, everything can be ended with that talisman.

It's Florence.

Have you been to Florence?


It felt magical the moment I saw it,

so I wanted to go there and visit someday.

You can't even speak English, yet you want to go overseas.

Looks like I will have to be your interpreter again.

I think that if I study English for a month,
I'll be more fluent than you are.

Hey, where does this boundless
overwhelming confidence come from?

I studied English for years.

I'm confident I can learn it.

What allows you to make such bold claims?

How do you spell "curry"?


C - A - R - R - E.


It's right.

It was a chance encounter... a strange meeting that
began by chance at a gap in time.

The inevitable "cause-and-effect" of that
chance encounter...

that end was drawing ever closer.

-=Next Episode Preview=-

From Mr. Player to the most beautiful woman on earth.

Hello Mr. Player!

Have you been well?

Your Majesty, how could you cheat on the King?

You're the best!

Re-investigate the events of this past April.

Publicly execute high traitor Gim Bung Do
by decapitation.