Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

Who is it?

Hui Jin. Hui Jin.

Hey, what are you doing standing there?

You fool, you should follow at
the same pace with your partner.

You didn't even look at the camera,
your head was like elsewhere.

I thought I saw someone.

That... Gim Bung Do.

Please don't make that kind of face.

I know, it's an illusion.

There were too many people.
I must've momentarily hallucinated.

Going insane... seriously.

What? Who is Gim Bung Do?
I don't even know what he looks like.

Have you been well?

It's been a while.

Are you... Mr. Gim Bung Do?

Are you really Mr. Gim Bung Do?

Who exactly are you?

It's not like you're the real Gim Bung Do,
why do you keep saying that you're Gim Bung Do?

Besides, you're always looking for Hui Jin.

By any chance,
do you not remember me?

How could I possibly remember you?
This is our first meeting.

Who are you, really?

I'm asking you, who are you?

I feel disappointed.

I even thought that
we were really close.


And... the car too?

Hui Jin bought the car,

with her own money.

I've never seen you before.

How is it that I went to
bought a car together with you?

And when did I teach you how to drive?

Ah, seriously!

You're saying the exact same
thing as Hui Jin, how strange.

Right now, this situation is so absurd
that I think I'm going to be crazy.

I don't even know who you are.
It's also the first time I've heard your voice.

Hui Jin said that it was someone
she knows who appears in her dreams. No...

According to Hui Jin, you're someone
who really was in the history records,

how is it possible that
you're sitting right here?

You should be dead and buried
hundreds of years ago.

Don't you think I would find this absurd?

It is absurd.

Knowing that, why are you still like this?

Since you admit it, let's just be
open and have an honest talk.

You're a fan of Hui Jin, right?
I can tell with just one look.

Say it honestly.

As a manager, I've met
all sorts of fans.

What I said is correct, right?

Finally you admit it.

Now that I've said it so directly,
you have nothing to say.


Ah, yes.

I'm outside.

Just a moment.

No no, it's nearby. Yes, yes.

It wasn't memories that disappeared.
It was time that disappeared.

Gap. The gap in time, everything
disappeared through the gap in time.

The time started over again
from the beginning.

Yes, Hui Jin is at the lounge.

All right, I'll give you a call right
away when I get back. Yes.

He doesn't look like a bad person...

Anyway, what's going on?

Excuse me, something came up
and I have to leave first.

Yes, you may leave first.

Is there anything else
you don't understand?

No, I understand everything.

Choe Hui Jin is nothing special.

Even though she looks
really slim and great on TV...

if there's no makeup,
she's really ordinary.

She completely relies on
makeup and lights to look good.

I know because we live together.

It's not like you're not good-looking.

Why have the delusion
about being her boyfriend?

Based on your looks, I'm sure
you're really popular with the ladies.

Is that so? That's really comforting to hear.

Can I ask you some questions too?

Go ahead.

You said you are a
graduate student, right?

What do you mean, university?

I'm asking you where you study,
which university did you attend?


Sungkyunkwan University?


Starting now, tell the truth.


You said you are a
graduate student, right?

Which university is it?

I'm asking you where
do you study, the school you attend.


Sungkyunkwan University?

Is that true?

Didn't you say to only speak the truth?

Is that real or not?

Didn't you say to only speak the truth?

Where do you live?



It is said that the houses
there are really expensive.

- Is it by any chance a tile?
- It's a tile-roofed house.

- Then do you live with your parents?
- No.

They both passed away.

Aren't you a student,

how do you manage your expenses?

I have inheritance.


Exactly how much inheritance can...

Why are you laughing?

You're as straightforward as ever.


Having the same thoughts in the
same order every time like this...

Asking the questions in the
same order isn't easy.

You're quite consistent.


Then I'll ask one more question.

Does Miss Choe Hui Jin feel
that dream was just a dream?

Well, of course. A dream is a dream.

She has a boyfriend, what else
is there for her to think of?

She has a boyfriend?

You didn't know? Aren't you her fan?

Everyone knows about it.

It was because I wasn't
here for a period of time.


Han Dong Min.

Didn't you see earlier on?

Both of them walking together?

Even if you went abroad,
didn't you see it on the internet?

That's right.

If that number calls again,
do not pick it up.

Why not?

It's asking you to do nude modeling.

It's that number again.

Don't answer it.

Then I'll leave first.

You must keep your
promise regarding Hui Jin.

I won't call her.

You promised, for real.

I won't hurt someone that I like.

I won't make contact again.
You can rest assured.

Then... where are you going to go now?

Of course I have to return home.


In Bukchon, right?

Why did you come out?

Return my hand phone to me.

What are you doing?

Give it back to me!

What are you doing? Really.

Just now those phone calls weren't
about nude modeling, were they?

That phone call,
wasn't it Gim Bung Do?

It's him? It's him, isn't it?

I clearly saw him with my own eyes.

I was afraid you'd be like
this, indulging in a fantasy.


I did actually meet someone
claiming to be Gim Bung Do...

Where is he?

He left.

Where did he go?

He probably went home.

He already acknowledged that
everything was just you dreaming.

Hey, where are you going?

Hey. Where are you going?
The live broadcast is about to start.

How can you leave like this?

Hey! Are you insane? Do you
have a conscience? Come back!

Taxi! Taxi!

Ajussi, please drive faster.
(Ajussi - older man, uncle)

But agassi, you're an actress, right?


Turning left here is faster
to get to the public park.

That's right. It seems like I've seen
you before in one of those dramas.

Ah, Sageuk. You're acting
as a royal queen, right?
(Sageuk - Korean historical dramas)

Yes, ajussi. Please hurry up.

It's an honor to meet you. You're
much more beautiful than on screen.

But where are you
going wearing a dress?

It's not a dress that would suit a taxi.

Ajussi, can you please just drive faster?
Will you take responsibility if my life is ruined?

Step on the accelerator.

Agassi, taxi fare!

Please wait here. I will pay you
right away when I come back.

Did you get on
without money to pay?

I'll be right back, please wait.

Look here!

Who is it?

I'm a lowly monk from the temple.


Forgive me for my lack of manners at this late hour,
but Master Yeong Myeong has asked me to
ensure the safety of the administrator.


The young master is currently asleep.


Did anything happen to the young master?

He was at the temple earlier on
and something happened.

What? When did the
young master go there?

He should have brought me along if
he was going there. What is it again?

My Lord?

My Lord.

You weren't asleep yet?
Actually, I was about to call you anyway.

Didn't you go up to the temple?

How did you know that?

There is someone who was sent from
the temple, inquiring about your safety.

Is that so? I was also about
to send a letter, but already...

Inform him that I am well.

What exactly happened?

It's not something bad. Prepare to go
to the Royal Investigation Bureau.

R-Royal Investigation Bureau?

The head of the assassins is Ja Su.

Take advantage of them before they escape out
of the capital, they should hurry and arrest them.

Tell them it would be easier to
capture them according to Yong Pa.

{\fs12\pos(190,220)\b0}-=Countenance Records (Yong Pa) - Arresting a
criminal based on records of his physical features.=-

Tell them it would be easier to
capture them according to Yong Pa.


You were awake too,
I must've made all of you weary.

When did you return?

It wasn't even a quarter of an hour.

Did you find it?

I've found it.

This is a secret, so don't say anything,
not even to Master Yeong Myeong.

Now, knowledge of its existence
is becoming a poison.


Then... did you meet?

Did you meet that woman too?

What do you think happened?


Hey, I heard Hui Jin went missing.

That... she will be back.
There's still a lot of time left.

Where did she go?

That... I also...

And I thought she was fully recovered.

Why is she like this again? Did you finish
looking outside? How about at home?

Is it Hui Jin?


No, it's not.

Where are you?

Right now, I'm on my way back.

You have really gone insane,
do you want to die?

I'm only appearing for the later half
of the show, It's all right, I won't be late.

Surely you didn't meet that man?

He said with his own
mouth that he's not it.

No, I didn't meet him.

I looked for him but there's no one there.
That's why I'm on my way back.

But I didn't bring my purse with me.
Can you come out the back door in 10 minutes?

Why are you here?

Did you follow me here?

Did you meet that woman too?

What do you think happened?


Fortunately it was not an unforgivable
crime. Knowing this is enough.

Go to sleep. You must be tired.

Please rest.

Your Excellency.

What happened?

Gim Bung Do found out my identity.

I especially came to visit you
before going out the city walls.

How could you let him find out?

I'm sorry,

Although I was exposed by him,

I managed to find
out some information.

Find what?


The truth about his
disappearance on that night.

I have also confirmed
it with my own eyes.

Everything that happened
was because of the talisman.


Stop right there!

Sorry to trouble you.

I'm here to deliver a message from Administrator
Gim Bung Do of the Office of Special Advisers.

Who is it regarding?

It's a matter of the
Royal Investigation Bureau.

Open the gate!

Have you seen His Excellency?

Looks like what was said by
the ancestors was true.

Life after death, death after life.
It's interconnected.

{\fs12\pos(190,220)\b0}-=He who risks death shall live,
and he who seeks life shall die.=-

Doesn't it make sense after hearing it?

Let's go. We have a lot to do.

Mr. Dong Min.

Nice to see you. Cheers.

It's nice to see you too.

- Dong Min oppa!
(Oppa - older brother, boyfriend)
- Hello.

- Oppa, see this?
- Wow! That's cool. Congratulations!

Oppa, you were so funny today.

All those are ad-libs right?

Of course.

Have you ever seen me
reading through a script?

I knew it would be like this.

You're the best.

Oppa, come here and
let's have fun together!

Forget it. Have you seen Hui Jin?

My partner, where did she go?

I don't know.

You don't know?

- Then continue drinking.
- Oppa!


But your figure...

Let's meet later.

Because I'm going to be late.

I'm really sorry.

I also have to return because of
urgent matters, there's no need to be sorry.

Are we not leaving?

Looks like I'm going to have
to charge extra for this.

Mr. Bung Do, I can
make it by 12 o'clock.

Don't be late.

There's no other place to meet,
so I'll see you at my house.

Because of certain circumstances.

You must've heard it
from Su Gyeong already.

Anyway my house address is Seoul City Central,
Namchang-dong No.32, U Rim Street No.302.

I can't even write it down!

Ajussi! Don't you even have a pen?

I'll find my way there.

How can you?
You don't even know where.

Seoul City Central, Namchang-dong No.32,
U Rim Street No.302.

I have a good memory.

A cafe with a nice atmosphere...

What's your phone number?

Let me clarify, I didn't
intend to frighten you.

Why are you here?

Not outside?

I don't like this.

Didn't you tell me to
come to your house,

because people might see?

I definitely didn't intrude on purpose.

Looks more like you absolutely
intended to trespass.

This can be easily misunderstood.

I never thought a woman
would undress after entering.

You didn't know?

The people here are
all like this. It's normal.

Surely not...

There's a lot that you still don't know.

Didn't you trick me too often
because I'm unfamiliar with this world?

By the way, why are you standing like that?

It's a bit difficult to explain,

but wearing this takes a bit of effort.

It's different than wearing a jeogori.
(Jeogori - upper garment of hanbok)

I would help if it were a cloth string
like on traditional clothing.

You're certainly confident when it
comes to traditional women's clothing.

Go ahead and change
your clothes comfortably.

I'll wait for you outside.

You're going out now that
you've seen everything?

That is all there is to see,

I'm leaving now.

You keep insisting that
you're not a player,

but I was right all along, you're
the biggest player I've ever seen.

Wait a minute.

Give it to me, the talisman.

Why the talisman?

I'm not going to let you disappear as
you wish, and leave me confused anymore.

I will hold onto it until you leave.

Give it to me now.

So now I can't even
leave whenever I want?

Don't you think that's being a bit unfair?

I'm always left waiting for someone not
knowing when they might show up.

This way it's fair.

(Hyeong - older brother)

I came to pick up Hui Jin.

Come here to pick me up.

Where else would she be
if she's not hiding at home?

Didn't you go outside?
You're really a player.

By calling me a player so often,
you're making me into one.

But, that friend came.


Your boyfriend.


Why is he here?

He should be at the club.

Hui Jin.

Where's the talisman?

Don't go. You don't need to go.

He can't come in.

Choe Hui Jin.

Although I feel apologetic,

if I don't answer he'll probably leave.

Seems like he's opening the door...

Choe Hui Jin.

Aigoo, what happened inside of this house...
(Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god)

Hui Jin. Hui Jin.

Hey, Choe Hui Jin!

What is it?

You were at home,
why didn't you open the door?

I was falling asleep.

Why did you come?

I came here worried because I
couldn't contact our Hui Jin.

I left first because I was a bit tired.
What is there to worry about?

But the security code, how did--

I asked Su Gyeong, of course.

Hey, she's your manager she didn't
even know where you went to.

Sitting alone drinking alcohol,

does that make sense?

I secretly sneaked out,
of course she has no clue.

Even so,

if you're leaving, can't you
at least say something?

Are you going to keep
ignoring me like this?

There were too many people around earlier,
so I couldn't tell you. Sorry.

Let's go out. Let's go out.


Let's go to the coffee shop next door.

Why? It's pretty nice here.

It's too messy in here.

When was it ever clean?

I have something to tell you.

Can't you say it here?

It's not something I can say here.

It's serious.

But I don't want to
hear anything serious.

I said I have something to tell you.

Can't I hear about it tomorrow?

Ah, so cold!

What's this?

Is your place leaking somewhere?

Is it?

What kind of house still leaks?
It's not even raining.

Occasionally it's like this.

Maybe something is wrong
with the water drainage.

Where are you going?

Ah, it's cold!

What is this? Who is doing this?

Seems like it really is broken.

Frequently, there's a lot
of water like this.

Where? I don't see it.

It always comes pouring down just like
this whenever there's a rain water.

It doesn't seem to be here.
It's that side right?

Look! Your clothes are wet. What to do?

Is this sponsored?

- Wipe it quickly.
- Wait.

Where is this hole?

Go. I'll wipe.

What should we do?

Here, we have to wipe it quickly.

Hey, how can your house be like this?
Move out immediately.

Yes, that's right.

Wipe it neatly then come out.

Do you know you're unexpectedly childish?

I'm only curious as to what it does,
I was simply exploring.

What is this used for?

What are you going to do about him?

It's not his fault.

He doesn't know anything.

It looks like I punished the wrong person.

You're the one who's giving
your heart to two men.

What are you saying? Are you
saying that I'm having an affair?

I didn't do anything wrong!

I'm like this because of you, but
you say that I'm two-timing?

Compared to marrying the Prime Minister's daughter,
I'm much more innocent than you are.

Prime Minister's daughter?

How do you know about this?

Do you think there's anything that
isn't in the historical records?

I'm always watching you. What's wrong?

You must be very happy.

This is the opportunity you've been
hoping for to improve your status.

Plus, they say she's a peerless beauty.

To be honest,

looks like I should be
the one getting angry.

Can I take responsibility for you?


I'll come again after considering it,

how I should take responsibility.

Just to see Queen In Hyeon's face,

I risked my life to come here.

What else can I not do?

You practiced this beforehand, didn't you?

You talk too well, how unlucky.

I wanted to meet you too,
with a more stylish appearance,

but I just ended up taking
off my clothes. Darn it.

Where's the talisman?

I'll be the one to take responsibility.

Just make sure to keep
your promises from now on.

Hey, Hui Jin!

You'll come again tomorrow, right?

Hey, move to a new
apartment immediately.

You're a leading actress,
does this make any sense?

Aigoo, really. I will let Cheon Su
have a look into it.

It's okay, I'll figure it out by myself.

More importantly,
I have something to say to you.

How can you live in this kind of house?

Water rushing down like some waterfall.

Let's break up.

What did you say?

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Let's break up.

What did you just say?

I don't know how
to make you understand.

There's a person I used
to meet in the old days,

who suddenly showed up. So...

Someone who you've dated
before showed up again?

- Isn't that me?
- No, not you.

It was long before
we started dating again.

A man in your dreams wasn't enough,

now yet another man shows up?

You're not even just saying let's break up,

you're making all these excuses?

- It's that man.
- Who?

The man from my dream.

I thought it wasn't a dream,
and sure enough it wasn't one.

How should I explain this exactly?

It seems that I lost
a certain part of my memory.

What is it called... Amnesia?

Just understand and accept it as that,
that way you'll feel better.

At any rate, I started to see him again.

If you were to ask how long has it been,

that would be difficult to explain.

Anyway, it was before I started seeing you again.
It is definitely not a simultaneous meeting.

No matter what, I'm sorry
things turned out this way.

I also can't keep on deceiving you.

Hey! My patience has its limits too!

Because you fell sick after the accident,
I have been enduring all this while.

You! Don't you know I have a temper?

Even knowing how my temper has
been recently, you're doing this now?

So right now, who are you seeing?

That fellow called Gim Bung Do
from your dream

really appeared? Yes? Is it like this?
Is that what you're saying now?

From where? Where did
he suddenly appear from?

That...it's said to be very far way,
so there is no way of contacting him.

Bring him here. If I can see him with
my own eyes, I'll try to reconsider.

You keep talking nonsensical stuff
about someone who's non-existent.

If he really appears,
what are you going to do?

What you mean what to do? Will I
not care? I will kill him of course.

Bring him to me, that punk.
Ask him to come here right away!

It's not like I'm lying. I have been saying
this from the start. I can't forget that person.

Stop saying things
that don't make sense!

Didn't I quietly let you go before?

What did you say?

When you were two-timing.
Didn't I let you leave?

I never said a thing.
Didn't you say that it was cool?

Weren't you the one who told
me to be cool for once?

That when you really meet the one you love,
to be honest to your own feelings.

You said that it was better than
telling a lie, didn't you say that?

All that was your words, that's why
I'm honestly speaking right now...

Just because we switched
places, words changed--

Hey! Until when are you
going to bring those up?

Then, are you telling me that
you want to get back at me?

Is that why you started
seeing me again? You're really...

What the hell?

Hey! Until when are you
going to bring those up?

Then, you're really getting back at me?

Is that why you started
seeing me again? You're really...

What the hell?

You haven't left yet?

When you said that you'll take
responsibility, I felt uneasy.

I've done so many
things in order to save you.

You don't understand men.

What are you? Why... there...

Is that the punk, Gim Bung Do?

I am Gim Bung Do. I was also the
one who sprayed the water, sorry.

Bastard. You're dead.

I've always thought your easily
provoked nature was a problem.

How could you let your
emotions get to you?

Get away from Hui Jin. Bastard.

What is with you? Bastard.

You're that Gim Bung Do? Bastard.

It's fate that every time
we meet, we fight.

What? Fate?

I tolerated you twice. There's
no need for a third time.

This is golden advice, you should avoid it as you see fit.
I'll let you know the appropriate method. This way.

What nonsense is this
bastard saying? Really.

No, you better put that down.

Why are you being like this,
let's talk it out with words.

You judge well. You'll be safest there.

Bastard. Who are you?
What is with you? Really.

Didn't I say that I'm Gim Bung Do?

Hey, Hui Jin is my lover. Bastard.

The whole world knows and you
dare to suddenly appear. Bastard.

How can there be such acts?

Jumping into... what you
say isn't wrong. Hold on.

What do you call it when
you steal a man's woman?

What do men here say when
they steal another man's woman?

I apologize. Let me start again.

Of course, it's not wrong to say that I've butted in,
but if we consider it carefully, I was here first.


Furthermore, just because there's a goalkeeper,
doesn't mean you can't score a goal.

It would have been great if we had settled this nicer,
but since things already turned out this way,

rest here and calm down a bit.

I'm going crazy.

I memorized that and recited it to him,

but what is a goalkeeper?

- Let's go out.
- Go out where?

We can't let him stay
there forever, right?

If we release him,
he's going to be mad again.

Su Gyeong will come and release him.

We don't have to run away.

I said let's go.

Taking away the talisman and saying
let's go out, what exactly is your plan?

I already said I'm not very smart.
Don't keep asking me questions.

I think my head's going
to explode, seriously.

I heard your ceiling is leaking.
What are you going to do about fixing it?

Leaking? This is the first
time I've heard of it.

How can that be? He said the water is
leaking wildly like a waterfall.

What? What is it now?

Sometimes the water doesn't come out from
the tap very well, but we've never had a leak.

It's Dong Min oppa.

Hello? Ah yes, Oppa, I'm on my
way with Cheon Su right now.

Locked up? Where?
What? Gim Bung Do?

Some bastard called
Gim Bung Do just suddenly appeared,

and I get locked up here. What?
What was it that he said?

Something about, can a goal not be made
even though there's a goalkeeper?

After he said that, he left with Hui Jin.

What does that person look like?
Is he really tall, by any chance?

He's someone you know?
So you also knew about this?

That Hui Jin was two-timing?

All that stuff about him being from a dream,
are you the one who made that up?

It's not like that.
She's not two-timing.

Ah, but it's so hard to explain.

But, he left with Hui Jin?
Where did they go?

How would I know where they went?
That guy just left me locked up here.

Here! In the bathroom!

Yes, we'll come right away.

What happened?
What was that about two-timing?

No, it's not like that.

What is this? Really! Am I crazy?

Look, look at me. Do I look crazy?


Are two guests staying overnight?

No, just one.

Looks like there is a man.

That man is staying by himself.
I'm going to leave right away.


Here's the key. If it's shut, you won't
be able to go in so don't lose it.

There's a fridge, of course.
That thing, that's the fridge, got it?

You can use this phone. There should be
instructions somewhere in here.

Here. Now you should be able
to read some hangul, right?

Here. If you turn it towards the
red line, there will be hot water.

Same goes for the bathroom.
Don't be an idiot and burn yourself.

Also, feel free to use anything here
because there's no extra charge.

Right, do you know this kettle?

This one is very simple. See this button?

Here, it turns on the water.
Then, press this.

Are you... letting me sleep here by myself?

What can we do?
Everything's a mess right now.

I have to go back and clean
up the mess we made.

I'll come again tomorrow morning
when there's no filming.

But, I don?t think
I will be able to sleep.

How could just leave me to this
long, long night by myself?


You?re leaving me in this strange place.

And you even
took my talisman away.

Don't tell me you're really going to go?

If you're bored,
you can just watch the TV.

There are many interesting things.

Right, they're showing my drama again.

I don't know how much of
my bare face will come out--

What are you doing?
I have regained my sanity.

We shouldn?t be doing this
right now with no plan.

We still have many issues to settle.

Didn't you say that my impulsive
personality was a big problem?

Looks like I forgot to tell you something.


That impulsiveness of
yours is very attractive.


I didn't know it at first, but I think
I really am a player. I admit it.

-=Next Episode Preview=-

This place where I live has
become the past to me.

We have to take that talisman
and kill that fellow.

There is no reason to fail
because of one talisman.

You didn't have an affair and you didn't lie,
but things turned out this way?

Who are you kidding?

It seemed like he wanted
to go to the new world.

Even if there's only one person
who can remember me,

that life would be different,right?