Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 5, Episode 9 - Trilogy: Part 2 - June 14, 1966 - full transcript

Sam must save his leapee's fiancée Abagail Fuller from a mob after the disappearance of a child in her charge.

Theorizing that one could time travel
within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped
into the Quantum Leap accelerator...

and vanished.

He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own...

and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al,
an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form of a hologram
that only Sam can see and hear.

And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong...

and hoping each time
that his next leap...

will be the leap home.

I love you.

You two rabbits ought to be ashamed!

The wedding is tomorrow.

And in case you forgot how to
add, that's one more day.

Young lady, your father
is spinnin' in his grave.

Now cover yourself!
And you, Will Kinman,

if you don't get outta here
I'm gonna--

Well, I don't know what
I'm gonna do, but get out!

Will K-Kinman?

Sheriff, you think what, uh, L-Leta Aider
says about that kind of craziness is true?


I couldn't wait one more
moment to touch you.

You got five minutes to get
dressed and get out of this house,

or I'm throwing
you out buck naked.

You get him out of here!
You hear me, Abigail Fuller?


Oh, b-- Oh, boy.

Last week on Quantum Leap.

Must've scared the hell outta Abigail,
comin' up on a dead man like that.

Abigail Fuller, you told me
he was dead when you come on him.

- Stay away from her, you hear me!
- She watched him die!

Wanting someone dead and-and
killing them are-are two different things.

You didn't kill anyone, Abigail.

I wished Mr. Aider dead, too.

Did you hit Mr. Aider?

I don't want to talk
about it anymore.

Unless you tell me what
happened, I can't help you.

I didn't kill him!

I didn't kill either of 'em!

Do you think that Abigail--
a little girl like Abigail--

could be capable of murder?

- No!
- It was you who killed her, Abigail!

I didn't kill her!

Don't come back this way. She's
comin' up the stairs. Hurry up!

Find a place to hide!
Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Yeah. Oh, good. Good,
that's a good place to hide!

Okay. Now, don't make a peep,
Abigail! Not a peep!

- Abigail!
- Sam, she's hiding!

Where is she?

She's upstairs in the cabinet,
and Leta's right next to her!

No! No! Get away!
I-I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!

Hurry up!

- Abigail!
- Hurry up, Sam! Hurry up!

- Hurry up!
- Daddy!

- I'm coming!
- Help, Daddy!

- Hang on! Hang on!
- He's comin'! Hurry up!

Come on. Through the flames!
That's it!

Come on. It's okay.

Hurry up!

Put her on the roof.
She'll be all right out there.

- Okay.
- Get Daddy out! Get Daddy!

No. He'll be-- He'll be right behind us.
He'll be okay, Abigail.

Sam! Look out!

I b-better go.

Only because I know that after tomorrow,
you're gonna belong to me forever.

Promise me, Will.

Promise me
you'll be mine forever.

I... promise you that Will Kinman
will never leave you.

Ohh! Mm!

You got 30 seconds!

After tomorrow, there's not
anybody that can keep us apart.

I said, out!

Just take your skinny, pale behind
out of here...

'fore I call yo'mama and tell her
what you've been up to.

Come on. Just get out! Get out!
Get-Get-Get out of here!

I love you, Will Kinman!

Will you close this window?

Do you want the whole town to know
what a wicked child you are?

I'm not wicked, and I'm not a child.

And tomorrow, I'm gonna be
Mrs. Willis Gunnerson Kinman.

Deputy Willis Gunnerson Kinman's
brand-new wife.

I won't have to be
alone anymore, Marie.

Not ever.

Oh, you! Go to bed
and get some sleep.

I can't b-be back here.
I mean, Marie and Abiga--

Abigail all grown up.

And the house.

The house that was on f-fire.
I-I changed history.

She's alive. She's alive.
Abigail is alive.

There was a... fire
and a w-window and...

she got out, and I didn't.

But I'm alive.

I'm alive and I'm-I'm back here
as Will Kinman.


Why am I back here?

Does not make any sense at all.

What doesn't make
any sense at all?

To whom are you talking?

People are gonna think you're
cuckoo walkin' around like this.

- He's dead.
- Who's dead?

- Clayton Fuller's dead.
- Yeah.

I leaped and he died.

And I leaped into--

Um, in--


- You mean, you leaped into--
- I leaped in--

Do you-- Do you realize
where I-I leaped into?

- Yeah. Pottersville, Lou--
- No, that's not what I m-meant.

You're stuttering.

Yeah. Well, I think it's a
little r-residual from W-Will.

She's incredible, Al.

Her eyes and her face
and her hair.

- The way it smells, and--
- Mm-hmm?

- Her s-skin, when you--
- Okay, okay. Whoa, cowboy.

Oh, boy.

I know you leaped in here in
sort of intimate circumstances.

But you gotta be careful.

- Careful?
- Well, listen to yourself.

It's Will that's in love with
Abigail, not Sam.

I know.
I-I know that, I know that.

- She's so beautiful, Al. When you see--
- Uh, okay. Okay.

It's June 14, 1966,
and you've leaped back...

into Pottersville, Louisiana.

- That's all we've got right now.
- It's 11 years l-l-later.

- Abigail's 21.
- Yeah. That's right.

- And, uh, Will is 27.
- I feel like I'm 27.

I f-feel like I'm 17.
And I'm getting m-married tomorrow.

- No. Will is--
- Will is getting m-m--

- I gotta get you out of here.
- I belong here.

You got me worried big time.

- All right, Gooshie.
- What are you worried about?

Let's get to work on this.
Sam, do me a favor.

- What?
- Stay away from Abigail.

- Okay?
- Okay.

It had been 11 years,

and Abigail had grown from a frightened
child into a glorious young woman.

Al's request to stay away
from her was as absurd

as asking the sun not to
rise on their wedding day.

I know you're gonna be here, Al.

The question is, how close to the wire
are you gonna p-put me?

I know it's bad luck for the groom
to see a bride before the wedding,

but I don't believe in anything bad
ever happening to us.

Ever! Do you like it?

Do you really, really like it?

You look more b-beautiful
every time I see you.

I hope you're still sayin'
that when I'm 80 years old

and puttin' my
teeth in your glass.

I'll say it every day I'm allowed
to l-look at you.

Close your eyes. Don't you know
it's bad luck for the groom...

to see the bride
before the wedding?

I don't believe in bad luck,
and neither does Will.

Well, you should,

'cause ain't no good comin' from
the things you been doin' lately.

Will, I gotta talk to you for a minute.

Looks like there's some trouble
brewing outside, and-- Abigail.

- Sorry, I didn't know you were in here.
- She's not.

She was just leavin', 'cause it's bad luck
for the groom to see the bride.

All right, all right. I'm goin'.

I don't want any trouble touchin'
my Will on our wedding day.

Yeah. Well, tell you the
truth, Abigail,

I think you better stay
right here because, uh--

- We got trouble, Sam.
- Well, this concerns you, I'm afraid.

What's the p-problem?

It looks like you're gonna
have a witch hunt on your hands.

Well, seems Don Takins' boy
has disappeared.

- Oh, Lord.
- Disappeared? What do you mean?

What's this g-got to do with Abigail?

Well, according to Ms. Takins, Abigail
was the last person to see her son.

I was there, but I wasn't
the last one to see him.

- She was with me last night.
- Sam, watch it.

It's 1966 in a small Southern town.

She w-was with m-me last night.

Till midnight, and then he went home.

Abigail, did you sit
the Takins boy last night?

Yes, but I left at 9:30.
Mr. And Mrs. Takins came home.

- They paid me, and then I left.
- And where was Pervis?


well, he got upset...

and went up to his room
at about 8:45.

Why was he upset?

He was jealous.
He didn't want me to marry you.

He's seven years old, for heaven's sakes.

I tried to explain to him that we were
grownups and that we were in love.

But he just got upset.
Ran off to his room and wouldn't come out.

He must have run away or something,
and everybody's blaming Abigail.

Ziggy says you're here to control things
until they find the kid.

- We-We find him.
- Yes.

Yeah, well,
they haven't found him yet,

so I suggest that the two of you get across
the street and talk to Mr. And Mrs. Takins.

I've got a church
full of people out there.

Abigail, half those people are
outside my office right now

waitin' on what to
do to find that boy.

I suggest you put your
personal life on the shelf.

We'll figure this thing out.

Sam, I think you better
make an announcement...

to those people,
because this is gonna take some time.

I-I better...

go tell all the p-people what's--
No, no, no. I'll do it.

I'll do it. I want everyone to know
that I've not done anything wrong.

Well, you do that. But then the two of
you get across the street, all right?

Honey, you better start believin' in
bad luck, 'cause it sure believes in you.

This can't be happenin'. Not today.

- Everything's gonna be just fine.
- We're gonna find him, aren't we?

I would die if something
happened to that little boy.

We are gonna f-find him,

and then we're gonna get married
just as soon as you can say--


Now, I promise.

- Get goin'.
- I'll see you in the front.

Okay. Get goin'.

Al, what happens?

Well, the whole town
is after her, Sam.

We don't have much because of the '71
flood, but according to a letter...

that Will wrote to
the New Orleans Gazette,

Will said that they
turned into a crazed mob

when they couldn't
find this kid Pervis.

And tomorrow night,
they try to hang Abigail.

What do you mean, "they try"?

Well, in the frenzy,
she got shot in the back.

There's no reason for a boy
to react to a woman that way.

All right. Come on, Ms. Takins.
Just tell us what happened.

When I went to his room,
he was cryin'.

I tried to talk to him,
but he wouldn't. He just cried.

I held him till
he cried hisself to sleep.

All I told him was I wasn't
gonna be able to sit for him,

'cause I was goin'
on my honeymoon,

and he pitched a fit
and broke that little teapot.

Pervis had a crush on Abigail.

Just figured it was a seven-year-old's
fascination with a pretty girl.

I told him I was comin'
back, but he wouldn't listen.

Pervis told me you
were his only friend.

- Now why would a child say that?
- Pervis didn't have any friends.

Pervis had plenty of friends.

The kids use to tease him 'cause
you owned the funeral parlor.

- They said he smelled like dead people.
- That's a lie!

Kids can be pretty c-cruel at that age.

He used to tell you he had
lots of friends, but he didn't.

You sayin' my boy lied to me!

I'm sayin' he was a lonely
little boy who needed a friend.

And if you know so much about my son,
then why don't you tell me where he is?

Maybe if you spent a little more time
with Pervis, he wouldn't have to run away.

I am a workin' mother.

My daddy didn't leave me an
insurance policy to waste away...

- on my every whim!
- You didn't have a daddy!

- All right, all right.
- Look, look please.


All I'm sayin' is, she needs to
learn a little about being a mother.

- This is not the time--

Why don't you have your own
children, and stay away from mine?

Or are you afraid they'll be as crazy
as you and your mama?

All right now. All right.
Wait, wait, wait. Now just-- Please.

None of this is gonna
help us find Pervis.

If we can all just calm down, okay?

We'll figure out what--

I will not have her
talk to me like that!

Abigail, sit down.

Look, this isn't gettin' us anywhere.

Now, when did you r-realize
that Pervis was gone?

Not till he didn't
come down for breakfast.

And you called
all his friends?

Abigail's right.

Pervis didn't have no friends.

Did you s-search the house?

- You know, sometimes--
- Will. Will. Will, I swear to God.

I've never seen you
so take-charge in all my days.

Now, Will's right.
If the child's feeling's are hurt--

We searched the house. What are
we gonna do to find my boy, Sheriff?

What was Pervis wearing the last
time anybody saw him?

- He was in his pajamas, but--
- M-Maybe you should go back home...

and see if any of his
f-favorite clothes are gone.

You know,
like a j-jacket or a pair of jeans.

Pervis wasn't like that.
He didn't have favorite--

He loved that red gabardine jacket
I brought him from New Orleans.

Well, that's too small,
and I threw it away.

He had me pull it out of the trash.
He kept it under his toy chest.

Well, I'll go home and check right now.

If anything happens to my boy--

All right. Now I'll get the search
parties organized out front.

- Mr. Takins, why don't you come with me?
- What about my wedding?

Your weddin'? You can get married
any day of your life, missy.

Right now I want you to
stop thinkin' about yourself

and start worryin'
about that little boy.

All right. You comin'?

Yeah. Just give me
a m-moment.

All right.

- Why is this happening again?
- I-It's not happening again.

Yes, it is. It's Violet all over again.
I saw the way those people looked at me.

I've seen that before, Will.

- I understand.
- You hear?

Yeah, we'll find him.

Will? What is it?

N- Nobody's blaming you, Abigail.

- What is it, Will?
- That woman!

She's the one who
started the fire.

Will, let's not start this up
again, please.

- She tried to k-kill you.
- It doesn't matter anymore.

But it does. It does m-matter.

You and I matter.

- Will, we almost made it.
- We will m-make it.

We will find that little Takins boy...

and we'll have a b-beautiful wedding.

Will, can I tell you
something wonderful?

- I like w-wonderful.
- Last night, when we made love?

At first...

I thought, this isn't right.

You know, I thought maybe--

maybe all these years,
I'd been wrong about you and I.

- But then, something happened.
- W-What happened?

I know it was our first time
and everything, but...

when we started,
everything just seemed so--

so wrong.

And then-

All of a sudden you were--

you were different.

Y-You're imagining things.

- I'm-I'm sure it was just-
- Which is wonderful.

I was like in a magic flash.
We just--

We fit, Will. I mean, our bodies
were made to be together.

As if we were meant to be
in each other's arms for all time.

I know you like I've never known
anyone my whole life.

And I love you. I love you.

Will Kinman, get out here!

Why don't you c-call the church...

and tell the reverend
that we won't make it t-today.

We won't make it today.

Okay. Will.

Come to me tonight,
no matter what time.

I'll wait for you.

- She knows.
- She doesn't kn-know anything.

She doesn't.

I just heard what she said.
She felt it from the minute you leaped in.

She knows it wasn't just
Will she was with last night.

All right, Al. Just tell me
w-what happened to the Takins boy?

Oh, he gets found
tomorrow morning at 11:00.

- That's g-great!
- Great? Abigail still gets killed tonight.

That's not so great.

But I'll just tell the
p-people where he is and-and--

No, no. You can't do that, 'cause
we don't know where he is right now.

We only know where he
is when he gets found.

And we still don't
know when that is.

Do you remember Leta Aider?

The w-woman who started
the fire I almost d-died in?

I just saw her outside.

You did?

And-And Abigail said that
they didn't b-believe her.

Look, I want you to go back
to the waiting room...

and ask W-Will...

if he can remember anything
that happened on t-that night.

Okay. You know,
he's not one of the clearest people

we've ever had in
the waiting room.

Just ask Ziggy...

to find out what happened
to L-Leta Aider.


The search for Pervis went on for hours.

And even though Al and
Ziggy said he'd be found,

I knew I had to keep looking.

Not because I didn't believe them,
but because...

I knew if I went back,
it would be to Abigail.

I sure as hell hope we find this boy.
Last thing in the world I need...

is for my Sheryl Lynn to have anything
more to gossip about your Abigail.

Hey, Stanton. Why don't you and Will
take the Lebeau farm?

All right. All right. I'm headed.

Let me stop up here and get somethin' to
drink first. Then I head over that way.

- Here ya go.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

You should be grateful, Will.

Why should I be grateful,
Ms. Aider?

Don't you see,
it happened for a reason.

What are you t-talking about?

The weddin'.

My wedding's got
n-nothing to do with you.

It's in her blood, Will.

Like her mama,
and her mama's mama.

You know that as well as
everybody else in Potter Parish.

What happened with Abigail's g-grandmother
has n-nothing to do with Abigail.

She's cursed, Will.
Her own mother knew it.

It drove her insane.

You don't know what happened to
Laura Fuller anymore than I do.

I know she was crazy.
I know they locked her away.

Most of all, I know the whole
Lanchette family was cursed.

They bore one every generation.
First Teresa, then Rhetta, now Abigail.

She can't help what's
in her blood, Will, but you can.

- I don't believe in curses.
- Tell that to my husband.

And my little girl.

Your daughter, Violet, was killed
by a pack of wild dogs.

And your husband, Bart,
had a heart attack.

Now you c-can't bring them back,

but n-neither can blamin' Abigail.

It's all in the past.

Pervis Takins ain't the past.
He's the present.

And you are gonna have to live with the
future. And you know what that future is?

A lifetime of sleepless nights
watchin', waitin',

fearin' for your life
and the life of your children.

Well, none of that
matters now anyway.

What matters is the truth. And the truth
is, Laura's daughter killed my daughter.

That's why she was there.
She should've been locked away.

Abigail's not gonna be l-locked away.

No, this time she'll go to the electric
chair for killing that little boy.

But he's not d-dead.

He's hungry and he's f-frightened,

but he's not... dead.

Wild dogs sound
hungry today, don't they?

Maybe you should go find
that little boy's body.

- That's what you'll have to live with.
- And how do you live with it?

Abigail Fuller is not my cross to bear.

But the m-murder of Clayton Fuller is.

I didn't kill Clayton Fuller.

You set the f-fire that k-killed him.

You know that, and I know that.

I'm a bitter woman...

who's lost everything that's dear to me,

but I did not set that fire.

Ask Laura Fuller.

I had gone to see Laura Fuller before
looking for answers.

She had said nothing.

Now, 11 years later I had come back,
hoping for... something.

A glimmer of the truth.
Was Leta right?

Was Laura there that night?
Had she come to save her Abigail?

Is Abigail with you?

She hasn't come
to see me lately, you know?

Well, she was supposed
to get m-married today.

You remember?

Ask her to bring me some flowers.

I love it when
she brings me flowers.


I need you to remember
something for m-me.

Careful, Sam.

I need you to remember
what happened that n-night.

They all died.

- Died?
- She must know Clayton died.

Cassy, Taylor,

Sadie and Bobby...

and Marylou and Jessie.

All of them.

- That's her brothers and sisters.
- What happened to them?

And Mama did it.

But it wasn't her fault.

She gets so sad.

Daddy went away and then...

the rain came and then...

she cried and she cried.

What did your m-mother do?

Did she hurt th-the children?

Just there wasn't enough food.

And Jessie-- He was
so little and...

he was so hungry.

- God, she must've seen it all.
- Rained all night.

I love the rain.

I used to sleep with...

Sadie and Marylou...

and I'd always fall in the crack...

and roll under the bed.

That's how
your m-mother missed you.

I thought that it was...

raindrops that I was feelin',

fallin' on my hand.

You tell Abigail.

You tell her that...

that's why I couldn't come home.

Clayton said that I'm gonna hurt her.

You're gonna keep her safe.


That's what you came back for,
isn't it?

What do you mean,
why I "came back"?

- She knows you're not Will.
- How do you know that I'm--

She really needs you.

Laura. L-Laura?

Sam. Sam, she's right.

You've got to get back to town...

and set up a guard
at Abigail's front door.

I, uh-- I c-can't do that, Al.

You can't?
What do you mean you can't?

- They're gonna lynch her.
- Why do you t-think I'm r-really here?

Oh, Sam, you're here to keep
Abigail from getting killed.

It's a leap like any other leap.

B-But what if there's more?

I mean, what if that's n-not it?

What if there's--

I'm in trouble, Al.

- What trouble?
- I don't know what to do, I--

I want her.
I want her so bad, it's killing me.

I can't think about
anything else except...

h-holding her and-and touching her...

and tasting her and smelling her.

I feel like she belongs to me.

And that's all that m-matters.

What matters is
that you are Sam Beckett.

That's the reason
that you got this crazy job.

- It's not fair.
- All right! It's not fair. It's not fair!

Life isn't fair.
Who ever said it was fair?

Oh, don't s-stand there
and tell me that life isn't fair, Al.

You're here to save Abigail.
You saved her once before.

- You've got to do it again. That's it!
- W-Why me?

Because you're a hero.

Even heroes are human.

Abigail! Abigail!



Get up off that bed, boy!

Get up! Get up outta there!

Will! Will!

- Will!
- Cover yourself!

Now let's see--
let's see if Satan can save you now!

Sam, get up! Get up, Sam!

They've taken Abigail
and they're gonna hang her!

Sam, you gotta get up.
You've changed history.

Will was here last time,
and they didn't hang her.

But he isn't here now, and neither are
you-- especially if you don't get up!

Those yo-yo's are
gonna lynch her!

How many more have to die
before we see justice?


Gooshie, what's going on?
How much time has she got?

Twelve minutes! Damn it!
It's my fault.

I should have stayed.
How long before Sam comes around?

Ah, that could be too late.

Gooshie, center me on Abigail,
and figure out a way to find that kid!

- You murdered my son!
- I did not kill anyone!

- Why would I kill Pervis? I loved him.
- He believed you.

He listened to you better
than he did me or his mama.

She put a spell on him--

like some New Orleans voodoo witch.

This can't be happening.
This is a bad dream.

Gooshie, center me back on Sam.
I'll be right back.

Sam! Come on! Get up!
We're running out of time.

Sam? Sam! You can hear me!

Damn it, I know you can hear me!
Come on!

That's it!

That's it! You can do it!
Come on, kid. You can do it!


Yes! They got Abigail,
and they're gonna hang her!

They're gonna hang her in
nine minutes and 15.3 seconds.

You gotta get to the center of town
and talk some sense into these people.

Leta Aider.

Yeah. She convinced them
that Abigail killed that little kid.

- Now everyone's gone nuts.
- How many, Al?

Oh, there's 20 to 30 of
'em, mostly women,

and they're screaming like
it was the Inquisition.

Did Ziggy locate Pervis?

No. But when they find
that kid in the morning,

I wonder what those townspeople
are gonna think of themselves.

Sam, you're not stuttering.

As soon as I touched
Abigail, Al, it was me.

There was nothing left of Will--
Just... me and Abigail.

There's not gonna be anything left
of her if you don't get over there.

- Now hurry up!
- Where are they?

The center of town. They're gonna
hang her from that great big tree.

- Al--
- You got eight minutes.

Al, go to her, okay?

I don't want her to be all alone.
Okay, I will.

Go! Go! Go! Will ya?

Sam is on the way!

Bo, Ben, Sarah!
You've known me all my life.

They know you're
a cold-blooded child killer!

We have to put a stop
to the murder of our children.

Hey! What the hell
is goin' on here?

Mr. Stanton. Please, help me!

- Stay out of it, Stanton.
- You people lost your mind?

Let this girl go!

Good. There's someone
here with a brain working.

- She killed my son.
- Yeah.

Your son is lost.

Sheriff Loman and the rest of
the town out looking for him now.

Yeah. That's what the rest
of you idiots should be doing!

I suggest the rest of you people
either come out and help us or go home!

'Cause this isn't
gonna help us find the boy.

They're not gonna find him
because she murdered him.

I did not!

Murdered him and hid the body,
just like she did to my Violet.

Now, you don't know that.

- Listen to him. He's right!
- Now shut up. Stop it!

Stop it, all of you!
Just stop it!

I want you to hand
Abigail over to me,

or so help me, I'll file attempted murder
charges against each and every one of you.

Can he do that?

- Cody, give me a hand here.
- Abigail--

- Oh!
- No one's gonna save you now, you witch!

Let's do it!
Let's hang this evil woman!

No! Will! Will! Will!

- Sam!
- Let me go! I'm innocent!

- Will!
- This is murder!

Watch out, Sam, behind you!

- Let her go, Will. Get out of the way.
- I can't.

- You got no choice.
- The hell he doesn't.

I've got the same choice you
do-- to commit a murder or not.

And I'm not about to let you take
the life of an innocent woman.

- She's a murderer!
- Prove it!

- Let the courts prove it.
- That woman is a cold-blooded killer.

She's not a killer and neither are you.

- She killed my son.
- I say your son's alive.

- He's alive!
- If you hang her and he turns up...

how are you gonna live with her murder
on your head for the rest of your life?

You people aren't murderers.

You're good, decent people
with families and children.

Children that she kills.

Listen to me!
Listen to me!

Now, if she's right
and Pervis is dead,

then we'll turn Abigail over to the
state sheriff's office tomorrow for trial.

- What about justice?
- That is justice.


Like the justice her daddy held over my
Violet when he closed the files on her?

Only this time, when they don't
find that little boy's body,

it won't be her daddy
who closes the case.

But it'll be her husband.

Tell 'em to give you five hours.

Listen to me! Give me five hours.

Five hours.

If we haven't found Pervis,

- then I'll turn her over to you.
- No, Will!

- No. Oh, Sam, no!
- Will, in God's name, no! Will!

Listen to me. You've got to
trust me. You've got to trust me!

Kill her! Kill her!


- We won't kill her.
- She killed your son!

- She killed him like she killed my Violet.
- Your boy's not dead.

He's lying.
You have got to kill her.

He's my little boy!
And I don't want her murder on my head.

- You know where my boy is?
- Uh, Sam, Ziggy's trying to get...

a perimeter lock on where
Pervis was found.


And if he's anywhere near the location,
maybe she can get a heat lock.

I'm askin' you
where my boy is.

Got it! Got it! Send someone
to the mill off of Plantation Road.

Send somebody to the mill off
Plantation Road. He's there now.

- He's there right now. Go now!
- It's a trick!

Can't you tell that's a trick?

- How do you know my boy's there?
- If he's there, does it matter?

We'll wait right here
until you get back.

- She'll be right here.
- Go look, Donny.


I'll go with you.

You take this. I'll be right back.

No! No!

Sam! Look out!

No! No! No!
She should die! No!

- You all right? You okay?
- Yeah.

Oh, Will.
They won't hurt you.

- I promise, they won't hurt you.
- I love you.

No! She killed my boy.
She should die.

It's over.

- I don't have a lot of time.
- What are you talking about?

I love you.

And no matter what happens...

or whatever I say in the future,

just know that for right now,

for this... brief moment in time,

we belonged to each other.

Please know that.

I love you.

Baton Rouge Gazette. July 28, 1978.

Louisiana. It wasn't over.

My memory was fading,
but in my soul, I knew it wasn't over.

I was still in the South, and somehow
Abigail had summoned me back.

But for what? And as who?

- Bo, the child has legal rights!
- Wait a second. Wait a second.

- Larry Stanton?
- Hello, sweet cheeks.

Now, you come over here,
you hot-blooded Southern rebel,

and melt me down!

Tonight, Lawrence Stanton III,

I am Jane Fonda in Butterfeld 8.

Oh, boy.