Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 5, Episode 8 - Trilogy: Part 1 - August 8, 1955 - full transcript

As the sheriff in a Louisiana town, Sam must deal with two strange deaths and a girl named Abagail Fuller.

Theorizing that one could time travel
within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped
into the Quantum Leap accelerator...

and vanished.

He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own...

and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al,
an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form of a hologram
that only Sam can see and hear.

And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong...

and hoping each time
that his next leap...

will be the leap home.

Oh, boy.

Leaping in time has brought me
into many strange first encounters.

But coming face-to-face with a dead man
is probably my least favorite.

And it happened,
if I remember correctly, twice before,

and each time the same words
echoed through my brain.

"Too late.
Why am I too late?"

I found the canvas from that old tent
we used to take to the river.

Bart Aider.

Saints preserve us.

Looks like Bailer's
moonshine finally won.

- I'm the sheriff.
- You tellin' me or Bart?

I was just thinkin' that, as the sheriff,
I should probably know... somethin'.

I reckon if wearin' that badge
gives you all the answers,

there's still hope for me, huh?

Damn. Looks like he got smacked
right upside his head.

Now, who'd want to kill ol' Bart?

Looks like he was dead
before he got hit.

- How'd you figure that?
- Just a guess.


Well, Clayton, you gonna
stare at him all day or--

Uh, I guess we should get him
back to, uh, town.

Yeah. I think we should.

All right.
Here we go.

- One, two, three.
- Three.

Poor boy.

So what are you gonna tell Leta?

Mrs. Aider?

Yeah, she damn near ripped your ears
off last time you brought Bart home,

and he was alive.

Well, maybe we should get the
autopsy started before we call her.

Not an ice cube's chance in hell.

The Deveux's ain't got a phone,

and Doc Kinman and Daisy are out
in the boonies deliverin' her baby.

You think that woman can drop another
baby after havin' 16 of them things?

- Sixteen?
- Or is it 17? Cajuns.

Well, that must've scared the hell out of
Abigail, comin' up on a dead man like that.

I mean, I'm a grown man,
it gives me the willies.

You know, at 10 years old,
that daughter of yours--

She's seen enough grief
for two lifetimes.

- Is she all right?
- She what?

Abigail. I mean, uh,

I wanna-- I wanna go and
see if she's all right.

- I thought you wanted to take Bart--
- No.

I want to make sure Abigail's
all right.

Sure, Clayton, no problem.
Guess it means I'm drivin'.

I never like it when a leap starts out
at the bottom and goes downhill from there.

All I could gather from my deputy
was that I was in Louisiana,

and father to a little girl
who had stumbled upon a dead man--

a dead man that somebody had
bludgeoned and pushed into the water.

Where do you want me
to take Bart?

Uh, I guess take him to Doc's...

and, uh--

I told you, Doc Kinman and
Daisy are in west hell.

If you think Will's spendin'
the night with a dead man--

O-Okay, uh,
the-the funeral home.

Well, I guess he's gonna
end up there anyway.

Hey, you want me
to call Leta for you?

- Yeah, that'd be great.
- All right.

And c-call me if there
are any problems.

I will. I'll see ya'.

Daddy! Daddy!

Daddy, I'm so glad you're home.

She's been as nervous as a cat,
Sheriff Fuller.

Won't eat, and said she won't
go to bed until you got home.

He was there, wasn't he? Just
like I said it was, wasn't he?

- Yeah, he was.
- He was-- He was so mad.

He was yellin' at me,
and he was following me,

and I tried to hide,
but he wouldn't go away.

Abigail Fuller, you told me
he was dead when you come on him.

I just said he was dead,
and I ran away.

Was he alive?

He was yellin' at me to
give back her locket.

He said I had Violet's locket,
and I better give it back.


It was supposed to be my locket.

Everybody knew it.

Mama and I were saving all our money
to buy it, and they bought it first.

But I didn't take it. I didn't!

Miss Leta watched me search her
whole room. Here, I'll get it.

And Abigail didn't have that child's
locket. I know that for a fact.

Yeah, but why was
Mr. Aider yelling at you?

I don't know.
No one ever believes me.

Now wait a second.
I didn't say I didn't believe you.

He was gonna hit me,
and I pulled away.

When I looked back,
he was lyin' in the water.

Won't this nightmare ever go away?
First Violet and now her daddy?

Don't make me think
about it, Daddy. Don't.

Okay, I won't.
I promise you, I won't.

Take me on the swing, Dad.

You go on.
I'll take your stuff inside.

And I need you to fix the fuses.
Downstairs light is out again.

Yes, ma'am.

- Daddy.
- Yeah?

Tell me all the ways
that you love me.

Well, I love you like...
the stars love the sky.

Like the... sea loves...
the sand.

Like the flowers love the bees.

I love you, Daddy.

Sweet kid.

That's such a great
age, you know?

- Shh!
- Around nine, 10

So who's gonna hear me?

When's the last time a
hologram woke somebody up, huh?

Al. Al?
What's gonna happen to her?

Well, we're a little jumpy
tonight, aren't we?

Jumpy? Yeah, I'm a little jumpy.
It's been kind of an interesting day.

I mean, I leap in standing over
the body of a dead man,

and the last person to see him alive
is my 10-year-old daughter.

So, yeah, I guess that makes me
a little jumpy.

Why am I here, Al?

Uh, you're, uh, male, uh,
of the Caucasian persuasion,

uh, 40-ish, and you're, uh-

Let's see, what's th-- Sheriff-- You're
a Sheriff of a small town.

Al. I know that, okay?
My last name is Fuller.

I have a daughter named Abigail.

Now tell me something
that I don't know.

Uh, well, you see, there was
a huge flood here in 1971,

and it destroyed all the town records.

But, no, we-we can
piece things together. It's just--

- It's gonna take a little time.
- These are to Laura Fuller.

- Oh, is that the wife?
- Yeah.

They look like they're,
uh-- I don't know--

love letters or somethin' from
me-- uh, Clayton.

- But they were never sent.
- Daddy? Who are you talkin' to?

- Uh, what are you doin' up, honey?
- Don't blame me.

- I heard you talkin' to her.
- Talkin' to--

You still miss her, don't you?

- Miss her?
- I miss her too.

Oh. Sounds like the mother
must have died, poor kid.

You mean, your mother.

I talk to her sometimes.

Come here.

It's okay... to talk to people
that have gone away.

It helps us keep them
in our hearts.

Why won't she talk back?

Ziggy doesn't have anything
on these people.

- But, you know, the mother could have--
- Don't say it.

- Say what?
- Um,

see, it-it's just that sometimes...

people don't have to say anything for
us to understand them in our hearts.

- I love you so much, Daddy.
- I love you too.

- You won't ever go away, will you?
- No.

Promise you won't ever go away?

I promise I will be here
as long as you need me.

Now come on.
Get to bed. It's late.

Let's have a picnic
tomorrow, Daddy.

- A picnic?
- Just you and me.

And I'll get all dressed
up and pick you up.

Won't that be lovely?

That'd be lovely.
Now go get some sleep.

- Good night, Daddy.
- Good night.

She's a real sweetie, isn't she?

Don't tell me that she dies, Al.

No. No, Ziggy's got nada.

Well, find something, all right?

Uh, well,
that's what I'm tryin' to do.

You don't really think something's
gonna happen to that little girl?

Isn't that what you're
supposed to tell me?

I just told you.
Ziggy's got zip, zilch, zero.

Look, uh, I think maybe
she saw somethin', you know?

Uh, she saw somebody hit
or-or push this Bart Aider guy,

and she's in danger,
and that's why I'm here.

Bart... Aider.

Bart Aider.
He followed her, right?

They had an argument,
and then Abigail said he fell.


- Oh. This is the guy that died.
- Yes, this is the guy--

Well, how do you know
somebody pushed him?

- I don't know anything.
- Oh, you don't?

And I won't know anything until the town
doctor comes back and does an autopsy,

or you and Ziggy
get me some data.

Hey! Hey, take it easy, will ya?

I can't take it easy.
I'm frustrated, okay?

I've been tryin' to get answers all
day, and I can't get any from anybody.

Okay, just a second.
I'm doin' the best I can, you know.

Look. I'll go back and get Ziggy to
run a-a-a national cross-reference here,

to try and find some personal data
on Abigail and her father, okay?

- And I'll be back as soon as I can.
- Look, Al, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to come down
on you so hard. It's just--

She's so fragile, you know, and
I just wouldn't want anything to--

Okay, I understand. I understand.
I'll be back as soon as I can.

Night, Daddy.

Now let's see.
What do we have in here?

Sheriff's office.

Ooh, ham and cheese.

You know, from my point of view,

Bart didn't look any better
alive than he did dead.

Well, I guess anybody that, uh,
drunk that m-m-m-much...

was, uh, bound to waste away to nothing.

That's-That's what my daddy says.

Tell you, Will. I remember when Bart
was a model citizen in this town.

I thought he was gonna
run for mayor.

Sure would.

You'd have to burn down the parish
and have Truman run against him.


Beg your pardon?

was the president in '55.

That's right.
Still is.

That's why I figure it'd take
Truman to run against Travis,

on the account of he's the one
that's out of a job right now.

Oh, yeah.

Uh, L-Leta Aider just walked in.

Oh, Lord have mercy.

I called her in Baton Rouge last night, and
she was this close to bein' a basket case.

Mrs. Aider,
we're all terribly sorry.

- Where's my husband?
- He's with the doctor.

I just came from Doc Kinman's.

Doc's gotta check him out.
Now, you know that, Leta.

I want to see him, Clayton.

Look, Leta, why-why don't
you and I go and, uh--

Will, why don't you see if
your father's done with Mr. Aider.

I don't care if he's finished or not,
I want to see... my husband.

Would you like to sit down?

I don't think it's such
a good idea right now.

Doc's doin' an autopsy
to determine cause of death.

Bo told me he fell and hit his head.
Or is that another Fuller lie?

We don't know.

Until we get a preliminary autopsy,
we won't know.

Are you tellin' me his death
wasn't an accident?

We're tryin' to find out if he
drowned, had a heart attack--

Bart's heart was fine.

until I get a report,

anything I tell you right
now would be speculation.

Two years ago I lost my little girl,
and now the Lord has taken Bart.

And none of this
makes sense to me.

None of it.

Now, I want to see my husband.


Uh, D-Daddy said, uh, come on.

You sure she's gonna be
all right up there?

Leta? Oh, she's the
strongest woman I know.

When her little
girl disappeared,

everyone thought it would
be Leta that'd fall apart.

She stood steady as a rock.

Bart crumbled like old china.

He always thought it
was all his fault.

His fault?

They couldn't have any more kids
'cause of his prostate.

It was a miracle
they had Violet.

I don't understand.
How was that his fault?

Seems how I remember, Bart felt
it made him feel less a man.

So we talked a lot about it, and
I thought I got him turned around.

Until Violet died.

If only they'd have known
for sure what happened to her.

But never having found that child's
body, never knowing for sure--

Poor Violet.

Next to your Abigail, she was the
prettiest little girl in this parish.

Well, I-I don't need to
tell you that.

Can I get you somethin'?
A drink of water or--

No, I just need some
air, thank you.

I'd be happy to walk with you.
I'd rather be by myself.

Sheriff, I know there are
some forms to fill out,

but if you could just
give me a few moments--

I'll be in my office all day.

I don't need all day.

I just need some air.

Clayton, I-I need to have
a word with you.

Ohh, no. Dead people.

Oh, I don't like dead people.

I don't need this.

Nobody needs a murder
on their hands.


Oh, is this the dead body that wasn't
a dead body when Abigail found him?

- What are you sayin'?
- Bart Aider died of heart failure.

But what I can't figure is whether this
happened before or after the heart attack.

Are you sayin' this blow to the
head caused the heart attack?

Could be.

We're back to the
"somebody hit him" theory.

Did you say you found
an old oar by the body?


You didn't say anything
to me about an oar.

Look at the shape
of that bruise.

Well, couldn't that bruise
be caused by fallin'

and hittin' his head
on a rock or somethin'?

- A rock underneath the water?
- Maybe.

But if somebody hit him,
how come the skin isn't broken?

Depends on how hard
he was hit, uh,

as to whether the skin
would be broken, right?

That's right. But look
at his arm. Look there.

What is this, Sherlock Holmes
or somethin'?

You're-You're sayin' he had a heart
attack because someone attacked him?

Well, I don't know.

I- I think he had a heart attack,

and then, when he was falling,
he tried catch himself or somethin'...

and hit his arm,
and then he hit his head.

Yeah. Besides, you said that
no one was there except Abigail.

I'm just asking questions, Clayton.
I'm not accusing anybody.

Is he sayin' what I think he's sayin'?

- Sounds like it.
- Sounds like what?

Sounds like I should think about
all of this a little more carefully.

Look, all I'm sayin' is,
it's just a kind of weird coincidence...

that Abigail was the last person
to see Violet and Bart alive.

Sheriff, uh, Miss Aider's
all over your Abigail.

You gotta come quick!

You stay away from her! You
hear me? You stay away from her!

She was there!
She said she was out there!

Hey, everybody, let's just
calm down. Excuse me here.

Let's just start at the
beginning here, and--

Nobody called for a lawyer.

Just tell me what happened.
What happened?

I was workin' on
the death papers.

Abigail walked in.
She came back to your office.

Next thing you know, she's screamin'
at the child like a wild banshee!

She was smilin' that same evil smile
she had at the services for my Violet!

I just said I was sorry
that he died.

That's a lie!
She said she was sorry that he fell,

but if he hadn't
been as mad at her,

he wouldn't have fallen
and hit his head.

- She watched him die.
- Is that true, Abigail?

- You don't have to answer him.
- I told you!

- No solicitin' in the sheriff's office!
- Bo, the child has legal rights!

Wait a second. My daughter
does not need a lawyer.

He fell down and died! It's not my
fault, just like Violet's not my fault!

She's lyin', just like she was
lyin' about my Violet.

- Can't anyone see that?
- Daddy, let's go on our picnic.

Can't you see her
for the devil that she is?

- Leta!
- Can't you see?

Come on, Doc. Come on, Doc.
Let's get her out.

Everybody could use some air here.
Let's go. Come on.

You okay, Abigail?

I don't like her.
I don't like any of 'em!

- Not Violet, or her father, or--
- I'm sorry, Sheriff. I just didn't know.

- It's okay, Marie.
- Let's go, Daddy. Please let's go.

- All right.
- Sam, Sam. We gotta talk.

- I-I just need to do one thing, okay?
- Okay.

- Can you wait for me out here?
- Uh-huh.

- You'll be all right?
- Uh-huh.

- Will?
- All right. Come on, Abigail.

The picnic basket's on Delta's desk.

- I'll be over to fix supper.
- Sam.

W-What are you lookin' for?

The file on Violet Aider.

According to this, when Violet disappeared
the whole parish searched for her.

They gave up when they found
a sweater-- her sweater--

torn and covered with blood.

They thought that
a-a pack of wild dogs

that had been runnin'
in the woods killed her.

This says that they
killed the pack of dogs,

and Clayton Fuller called
off the investigation.

Oh, this is-- this is weird.
This is too weird.

Do you have anything yet, Al?
Anything at all?

Well, yeah, that's why I'm here.

Uh, Ziggy picked up an
item in your hometown new--

I mean, Clayton's hometown newspaper,
a place just south of Shreveport.

It said that tomorrow
Clayton and his daughter--

Burn to death in a fire at his home,

and the cause of the fire
wasn't... determined.

Al, do you think that Abigail,
a little girl like Abigail,

could be capable of... murder?

Murder is, by nature,
an ugly word.

But the thought that someone
as seemingly innocent as Abigail...

might be capable of such a heinous act
had left me feeling very confused--

Confused about the
needs of a lonely child

to create her dead mother's
vision in the night.

But more than a vision--
There was a woman.

I saw her. As insane as
it all seemed, I saw her.

Look at the flowers, Daddy.
Aren't they beautiful?

And they smell just like--

- What's wrong?
- They smell like my mommy.

She shouldn't have gone away.
It wasn't my fault.

- Of course it wasn't your fault.
- She said it was.

Your mother would
never say that.

But she did.

She yelled at you for a long time
before she went away.


do you remember what Mama
yelled at me about?

Could you tell me?
Because I can't remember, and...

it would help me
make sense of everything.

I remember the rain...
and lots of thunder.

Mama and I liked the thunder because we
could pretend the dinosaurs were comin'.

Do you like the rain, Daddy?

Yes, I do.

Mama would say
it'd make us all clean again.

- Oh, the thunder was so loud.
- What?

It was hard to hear,
but I heard Mama yellin'.

About what?

You remember.

No, Abigail.
I can't remember what she said.

- She said Violet lied.
- Violet lied about what?

Violet said Nana
Lanchette was crazy...

and killed all her
babies except Mama.

Said Mama was crazy and me too.

She said when I had kids,
they'd be crazy too.

Oh, no, no. You aren't.

You're not crazy, Abigail.

That's why I hit her.

You hit Violet?

She was teasing me
about the locket.

She said we were poor and crazy,
and I hit her.

I hit her until my hand hurt.

Her nose was bleeding all over
her new white sweater.

She started to cry.
She said she was gonna tell her mama.

Then she ran away.

No one ever saw her after that.

Violet's death was not your
fault, Abigail.

But I wanted her to die.

Wanting someone dead and-and killing
them are two different things.

You didn't kill Violet, Abigail.

I wished Mr. Aider dead too.

Did you hit Mr. Aider?

He was yellin' at me to
give the locket back.

- Where is Violet's locket?
- It's not Violet's. It's mine!

Mommy and I were saving up
all our money to buy it,

and Violet knew it.

- She bought your locket?
- She did it just to be spiteful.

Did you take the locket, Abigail?
I don't wanna talk about it anymore!

Unless you tell me
what happened, I can't help.

I didn't kill 'em!
I didn't kill either of 'em!

No one said you did.

Mama said you'd keep me safe.
She swore on her heart.

Safe from what?

Daddy, tell me all the ways
that you love me.

Please tell me.

I'm sorry. He's not available right now.
Can I have him get back to you?

Uh, Sheriff, can I get you to,
uh, s-sign these?

Okay. Yes, I'll make sure
he gets it.

Daddy says he's gonna have the coroner
from Sh-Sh-Shreveport come in...

and do a full autopsy on M-Mr. Aider.

Whatever he thinks is best.

Um, is sh-- is she all right?

Well, Mrs. Aider is goin'
through a rough time--

No, not her.

I, uh, m-m-meant Abigail.

Well, Abigail is very upset.
But I thank you for askin'.

I-I hate the way Miss Aider
t-t-talked to her.

- I hate those lies she's been sayin'.
- What lies?

All that stuff about M-M-Miss Fuller...

and Abigail bein' crazy--

crazy 'cause old Miss L-Lanchette
was crazy.

Well, you know, those stories
have been around a long time, Will.

Yeah, well,
long as I can remember.

But you don't think they're true?

W-Well, I wasn't around
when Miss Lanchette went, and, uh,

Cut her own... throat.

She slit her own throat?

I mean, uh, sometimes
it's-it's hard for me to believe.

I, um,
I probably shouldn't be, uh,

t-talkin' to you about
your family business.

No, it's okay. Uh, look, I'm kinda curious
about what you heard.

Why-Why don't you sit down, Will?

- Uh--
- Go on. Sit down.

Well, I, uh-- I kn-kn-knew
old Mr. Devareux.

He worked at
the hospital near Peach,

and, uh, he said that he, uh,

found all those children
with their... throats... c-cut open--

all of 'em except your wife.

Laura's mother killed her children
and then herself.

I know.

Old Mr. Devareux s-said that...

Rhetta Lanchette lost her husband...

and then lost all her m-m-money,

and then she lost her mind.

I-- The story goes that, uh,

sh-sh-she said she'd, uh,
rather, uh-uh,

kill her babies
than, uh, see 'em starve.

So is that true?
All that, uh, s-s-stuff, I mean?

That's what they say.

Sheriff, you-you think what, uh,

L-L-Leta Aider says about
that kind of craziness is true?

About Abigail bein', uh, touched...

because of her m-m-mama
and her grandmama?

Emotional breakdowns
are not hereditary, Will.

Leta Aider says that your wife
couldn't stand the truth--

Abigail is not crazy, Will.

I-I know, Sheriff.

Uh, well, I'll-I'll t-take care
of this paperwork,

and, uh, tell Mr. Takins to, uh,

drive, uh, Bart Aider
on up to Shreveport.

- Sheriff?
- Thank you, Will.

Sam, Abigail
still gets killed tonight.

She's not gonna get killed
tonight, Al,

because she's not goin'
anywhere near our house, okay?

She's spending the night at Marie's.
She's not gonna get killed.

Okay, well,
Ziggy has somethin' else.


Your, uh, wi-wife-Clayton's
wife, Laura, isn't dead.


Yeah. She's in a private
asylum just off the Parish Road.

It's called the Peach Hill,
uh, Home for the Mentally Ill.

That's great, Al. She'll be
able to give us some answers!

- Yeah, if she's not too mentally ill.
- Listen, Al,

I need you to have Ziggy find out
what happened to Laura's family.

The Lanchette family. Lanchette.

What do you mean,
what happened to them?

Well, except for Abigail's mother,
Laura, they w-were all murdered.

- By who?
- Laura's mother, Rhetta Lanchette.

And then she killed herself.

Get outta here!
She killed her own kids?

Yeah, she sl-- she slit their throats,
and then she slit her own throat.

This is too weird.

Well, a-a-at least we know that Laura
survived this, because she's alive.

It's no wonder
she's in the nuthouse.


Where you goin'?

To meet my wife.

Laura Fuller was alive.

Now Abigail's story of her mother's
departure began to make sense.

Laura had been
committed that night,

leaving her daughter and
some dark secret behind--

a secret that would set Abigail free.

That's her, Al.

- She's the woman I saw in the hall.
- She's completely gone.

You heard what the caretaker said.
She's been like this ever since you--

I mean, Clayton--
brought her here two years ago.

Hello, Laura.

I need to talk to you.

I-I need you to tell me what happened
the day that Violet disappeared.


If you tell me,
I can help your Abigail.

I gotta find some way to
unlock her mind, right?

So I can figure
out what she knows.

Well, maybe she
doesn't know anything.

Maybe she's just seen
too many bad things.

She knows somethin', Al.

I mean, she knows why Clayton
closed Violet's case, right?

She's gotta know why Leta Aider
is so angry with Abigail.

Well, we know that Leta thinks Abigail
killed her daughter and her husband.

Wait a minute.

Abigail told me that when she and Violet
were fighting that Violet called her crazy,

and said that her
mother, Leta Aider,

said that she shouldn't be allowed
to live and have more crazy children.

So it has to be Leta that starts the
fire and makes it look like an accident.

In her twisted mind,
she thinks it's a community service.

Check on Abigail, would you?

Yeah, well, you said
she was with, uh--

- Just check on her.
- All right.

- Oh, no.
- What?

Well, now Ziggy says that Abigail
still dies in the fire, and so will you.

- But Abigail's at Marie's house.
- No, she's not. She's at your house.

- You better get there.
- What?

Uh, Gooshie,
center me on Abigail!




Where is he?
You said my Daddy was here.

- I wanted to talk to you, Abigail.
- You told me he was hurt.

I want you to tell me the truth.

- Where's Marie?
- Marie's not coming, Abigail.

You said
she was right behind us.

I want my father!

This time it's just you and
me, Abigail.

No one to disturb us.

No one to hear your lies
and see your perfect, little performance.

I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

I want the truth.

I want Violet's locket.


They're all dead,
Violet and Bart, but not you.

- Let me go!
- Oh, not you.

- Everybody thinks you're so sweet--
- Stop it!

And so innocent,
but I know the truth.

You killed my Violet,
and then you killed my Bart!

- No! I didn't kill 'em!
- You had a fight with Violet.

- She said I was crazy.
- So you killed her?

- No! No!
- You killed my only daughter!

What is this?

I just wanted her to stop.

You hit her, and you hit
her, and you hit her.

Hey, hey, hey,
let her go, you witch!

Her nose was bleeding.

Yes, and she tried to run
away, but you grabbed her.

Oh, no.

And you tore that sweater
right off her back!

- No! I told you!
- Sam, you better get here quick!

She tried to run,
but you grabbed her and you hit her,

and you kept on until
she didn't move anymore!

Stop it, stop it, stop!
Please, you're hurtin' me!

Did Violet ask you to stop?
Did she beg you to stop?

Let me go!

Did my baby cry out
to you for mercy?

Gooshie, center me on Sam!

It was you who killed
her, Abigail!

I didn't kill her!

Sam, you gotta get there!
Leta's got Abigail.

She's accusing her of killing
her daughter and her husband!

- She's gettin' violent!
- How much time do I have?

- Uh, there's no way to know.
- How much time--

- There's no record, Sam!
- Until I get to the house?

Uh, seven minutes and 13 seconds.

Damn these back roads!

Well, if you could fly
you'd be there by now.

- Just hurry up!
- Go back to the house, Al.

- There's nothin' I can do, Sam.
- Just be with her.

Please, just be with her.

Did you hide it upstairs?

I told you.
I don't have her locket!

- You're lying!
- Don't you hit her!

Bring it to me, and I will know.

Abigail, just say you're gonna give her
the locket even if you don't have it,

just to get away!

Yes. You can have it. Just
don't touch me. Don't hit me.

- Where is it?
- It's upstairs in my treasure box.

- Okay, now let her go!
- I knew it.

Hurry up, Sam!

It's up in my room.
I'll go and get it.

- All right. You go.
- Oh, good, good. Now run!

No! Show me.

You take me up there,
and you show me where it is!


All right!
Now go, Abigail, go!

Oh, God.
Oh, no.

- Marie. Marie.
- Sheriff, she's gone! She's gone!

I was makin' supper
in the kitchen,

and there was somebody
callin' at the front door--

Ow! Ow! And Abigail was sitting
at the kitchen table,

and there was nobody
at the front door,

and when I came back
Abigail was gone,

and the back door
was bangin' open.

Marie. Marie.
You've got a broken leg.

But she's got to be around here.

- I know she is!
- She's at my house.

No, she can't. She can't. Why?

Marie, she's in terrible
danger, Marie.

- Well, you go to her!
- Marie, I can't leave you here.

I don't know if I can come back
and get you.

Put your arm around me.
I'm gonna lift you.

Now you're gonna be in a lot of pain,
all right? Now just come on. Come on.

Hurry up, Abigail.
She's gonna be comin'.

Good, Abigail.
Find some place to hide.

Come on! Find a place!
All right now. Be quiet.

Oh! Oh, she's lit a candle or somethin'.
She's gonna be comin' up.

Quiet, Abigail.

Hurry up, hurry up.

Don't come back this way.
She's-She's comin' up the stairs.

Hurry up. Find a place to hide.
Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Yeah, oh, good, good!
That's a good place to hide!

Okay, now don't make a peep,
Abigail. Not a peep!

Sam, come on. Get here!


Why don't you drop dead, lady?

Stay away from that!

- What the hell is that?
- Abigail!

Sam, don't call her name!
She's hiding!

Where is she?

Uh, she's upstairs in the cabinet,
and Leta's right next to her!

No. No, get away!
I'll kill you. I'll kill you all!


Hurry up!


Hurry up, Sam! Hurry up!
She's in this thing right here, Sam!

Abigail, he's coming!
Sam, come on, come on!

Daddy! Daddy!

- I'm comin'!
- Daddy!

Hang on! Hang on!

He's coming! Hurry up!
Come on. Move it, quick!

Come on. It's okay.

Hurry up!

No, Sam, not that way! Take her
out the window. Out the window!

Daddy, hurry!

It's jammed, Sam, break it! Take the chair
there and break it. Break it! Hurry up!


Put her out on the roof!

She'll be all right on
the roof out there. Okay.

Oh, my God!
Abigail's in there!

Please, go! Help her!

Careful! Careful!

Daddy, no!
Get Daddy!

He'll be right behind us.
He'll be okay, Abigail.

- Go on out the window! You too!
- Leta?

No, it's okay.
She gets out the back way!

Get out! Get out!
Hurry up!

Sam, look out!

I love you.

You two rabbits
ought to be ashamed!

The weddin' is tomorrow!
Now cover yourself.

And you, Will Kinman-- If you
don't get outta here, I'm gonna--

Well, I don't know
what I'm gonna do, but get out!

Will K-Kinman?

I couldn't wait one more moment
to touch you.

Now, you got five minutes to get dressed
and get out of this house,

or I'm throwin' you out
buck naked!

You get him out of here.
You hear me, Abigail Fuller?


Oh, b-boy.