Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 5, Episode 7 - Deliver Us from Evil - March 19, 1966 - full transcript

Sam discovers another set of leapers who are messing with history.

Theorizing that one could time travel
within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped
into the Quantum Leap accelerator...

and vanished.

He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own...

and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al,
an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form of a hologram
that only Sam can see and hear.

And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong...

and hoping each time
that his next leap...

will be the leap home.

Whoa! Watch out!

Shut the engine! Shut it
down! What, are you crazy?

You all right, Jimmy?

- Yeah, I'm fine. I'm sorry.
- Everybody all right?

- Yeah, we're okay.
- Yeah, we're all right.

Didn't I tell you to stay
away from the forklift?

You're not ready
to drive it yet.

- Frank?
- What?

- Is that you?
- Of course it's me.

Did you hit your head?

No. No, I--

No, I-I didn't--

Jimmy. Jimmy.

- I know you're Jimmy.
- And I'm back! I'm back, Frank!


Oh, boy.

Quantum leaping
is a lonesome business.

Just when you start to feel comfortable
somewhere, to fit in, you're gone.

But today, I found myself back
with people I knew and cared about.

Hi, guys.

- People who cared about me.
- That paperwork come in?

Yeah, it's over there.
Are you okay, Jimmy?

Yeah, he's fine, he's fine.

Yes, ma'am.
Yes, I'm fine.

Did you read
your newspaper today?

Uh, the newspaper?

Yeah. You know Mrs. LaMotta.

She always packs a little article
for you to read in your bag.

- This is it. Here it is.
- Mrs. LaMotta. Connie!

Connie. Her-Her name's Connie.

Yeah, her name's Connie.

- Are you sure you're okay?
- Oh, yeah. I'm fine.

- I am really fine.
- All right.

Okay, well, you, uh,
give me a call if you need anything.

Open docks.

When I leaped into Jimmy two years ago,
no one wanted to accept him.

They called him moron and retard.

Things sure seem different now.

Sam, this is amazing.

- In over 80 leaps,
- Keep it down.

You've never leaped
to the same place...

- Keep it down.
- More than once until now.

Oh, yeah. There's Jimmy.
That's really nice.

This is great!

Yeah, well,
Ziggy doesn't think so.

As a matter of fact,
she's freaked out by the whole thing.

Oh, Ziggy.

She's in maximum overload.

I've even had Dr. Beeks talking to
her, but it's not helping.

Look at this, Al. "Jimmy, read this,
and we'll talk about it. Love, Connie."

Jimmy's learning
about the space program.

What about the space program?

Oh, nothing. Just that Connie
gave me this article to read.

"Gemini VIII Makes Emergency Landing."

Great. She remembers your
article, but she forgets my lunch.

"Neil Armstrong guides craft
to a safe landing in the Pacific."

That's right. I forgot.

Armstrong was in the Gemini program
before he flew Apollo to the moon.

Flew to the moon? Jimmy, you been
reading too many of Corey's comic books?

Well, you know,
it could happen someday.

Yeah? Better not let Dr. Smithfield
hear you talking like that.

No. No, you're right.
I'm just kidding anyway.

I'm fooling around.
It's kind of--

Corey and I have this, you know,
fly to the moon game that we-we do.

You want to look at these
before you go, Frankie?

- "Frankie"?
- I want to put this off until tomorrow.

I want to get Jimmy home
early for dinner. What?

You've been eating
chocolate doughnuts again.

Connie's a great cook.

- I can't wait to see her.
- Yeah, I bet she is.

Come on, Frank.
Let's go.

This is not my idea of fun.

I hate cooking,
and I hate doing the wash.

We're in the dark ages, darling.

Hang those jockeys high. You're
really enjoying this, aren't you?

Don't take your frustrations
out on me.

I'm just a chick who loves the '60s.

I'd love to see you
play the good little housewife.

No, thanks, darling.

Not my style.

Mind you, looks as if it might
have some nice fringe benefits.

No, it doesn't.

Did I ever tell you about the hunk
who lives downstairs in my building?

He needed some laundry powder,
so I offered to wash his clothes,

as long as he took
them off first.

I don't have time for this.

He looked fab in bubbles.

Oh. Here's Frank.

Oh. Well, I better be on my way.

If you're a good little
girl, when I come back,

I might tell you about how I
helped the phone man pull cable.

I told him once, I told him
a thousand times about that bike.


Hey, you just gonna
sit in there forever?

He always leaves his bike there.

- What did you say?
- Nothin'.

- I'm coming. I said, I'm coming.
- Okay.

I'll get this.

- Hey, Jimmy!
- No, leave that alone.


You look--
You look just the same.

Just the same as what?

The same as you did
this morning at breakfast.

Jimmy, are you all right?

Yeah, he's still a little
shook-up, I think.

Shook-up? What happened?

Mr. Big Stuff nearly drove
a forklift off the pier.

- What? Are you okay?
- Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Being back at Frank and Connie's
felt just like going home,

except for the cooking.

Women's lib had hit suburbia.

I hadn't eaten a TV dinner
since I was 11.

Mom said they were disgusting, but I always
thought they were food from the future.

- I love these potatoes.
- You could have mine.

What, you're not hungry?

It tastes like rubber.
I'm sick of this stuff.

If you don't eat what's in front of you,
you can go to bed hungry.

Look, hon, can we--

can we try something different
for a change?

You want to have
something different?

Then why don't you stay home
and cook dinner, huh?

Okay. Then maybe you can go to work
for me around the dock. How about that?

I am trying to help Jimmy. It takes
a lot of time and a lot of effort.

Yeah, well,
you're pushing him too hard.

Did you read that stuff about the
space program I gave you today?


Did you understand it?

Gemini Vlll had to make
an emergency landing.

They had a problem
with their thrusters.

That's wonderful!
Aren't you proud of him?

All we have to do is push
him a little more. He's great.

Yeah, that's right, Connie.

And he nearly drove a
forklift off the pier today.

He could have killed himself. You
know, you're pushing him too hard.

You're trying to build up
a false confidence.

I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to help.

Just leave that to the doctor.

Your job is supposed to be
here taking care of the house.

I mean, look at this place!
It's a mess!

You know, maybe Corey and I could
help out a little bit. Right, Corey?


All right.
You can start by clearing the table.


When are you going to stop
acting like a spoiled child?

Just as soon as you
start acting like a wife.

What's that supposed to mean?
You know exactly what it means.

No. Come on.
Spell it out for me.


You need me to spell it out for you?
I'd be happy to do that!

Go ahead!
I'm sick of your threats!

You hear me?

I'm sick of coming
home to a dump!

- Then why don't you clean it up?
- That's not my job!

Hey, ball game's on
in a couple minutes.

Now it's Corey's fault. Why can't
you ever take the blame for something?

Why me? Why--

Think the Giants are gonna win
the pennant this year?

If I run away,
will you come with me?

Run away? Why?

Because of what happened in there?

- I hate it when they fight.
- Everybody fights now and then.

Even you and me.

But that's not the same thing.

- They're always fighting.
- It can't be that bad.

Oh, come on, Jimmy.
You don't remember last night?

You said all the yelling hurt your ears,
and you climbed under your bed.

- That was the third time this week.
- Wait. Wait a second.

Sometimes people-- parents...

go through some hard times,
and it makes them act a little weird,

but it doesn't mean
that they don't love you.

But... Mom doesn't love me.

Of course she does.

She used to,
but she's always getting mad at me.

Look, she's not--

She's not really mad a-a-at you.

But she acts like
I'm not even there.

Sometimes I feel it might be better
if I just went away.

No. No. Don't you see?

If you went away,
your mom would really miss you.

And-and so would your dad,
and-and I would too.

- Would you?
- Of course I would.

Besides, if you weren't here,
who would I steal mashed potatoes from?

I love you, Uncle Jimmy.

I love you too, Corey.

Sam, I think we better have a little talk.

Listen, why don't you go inside,
okay? Turn the ball game on.

I'll go around back to the kitchen
and find us something to eat.

Some ice cream.

Mom didn't buy any ice cream.

Well, there must be some kind
of junk food in there somewhere.

- What's junk food?
- Junk food. You know.

Uh, ice cream, potato chips--
junk food.

Oh. I think I might have
some ice cream sandwiches

left over from my
birthday party.

- Is that junky enough?
- That's the junkiest.


I would like to personally thank you
for introducing...

such an intellectually
stimulating colloquialism

as "junk food" to
the English language.

Al, I was wrong about this leap.
Things aren't terrific here.

In fact,
things are pretty lousy.

Tell me something
I don't know.

What does that mean?

It means that we still don't know
what the hell is going on with Ziggy.

Dr. Beeks got such a shock from her,
it knocked her halfway across the room.

Ziggy-- She's in a total state
of confusion.

Confusion about what?

Well, she's insisting
that history's changing.

So whatever you're doing,
you better stop it.

I ate a TV dinner.
Is that changing history?

No, but something sure as hell is
going on, because originally,

Ziggy said Connie and Frankie
lived happily ever after.

Jimmy got his own place.
Corey went on to Stanford.

- Everything fine.
- So what's changing?

Now Connie and Frankie break up.

Uh, and Corey--

Uh, we can't trace anything
that happens to him.

Jimmy. What about Jimmy?

Well, Jimmy blamed himself
for the breakup,

and three weeks after the divorce
he was institutionalized.

He-He never got out.

It isn't fair, Al.

Cupboard's bare. I mean, I
leap back to people that I know,

and everything
should be great, right?

But everything's wrong.

LaMotta Residence.

Who's calling, please?

All right, Shirley. Just a sec.
Frank's secretary?

I mean, uh, hi, Shirley.

- Shirley Constantine, 21, 25,
- How you doing? Yeah.

Sawyer Secretarial School,

- High school gymnastics champion.
- Yeah, uh--


Yeah, uh,
let me go get him, okay?

No, no! Don't do that!
Uh-Uh, tell her that he's not here.


Because Ziggy says that Frankie leaves
Connie for this one-- this-this Shirley.

Uh, Shirley?
Yeah. Look, I'm sorry.

I was wrong. He's not here.
He went, um--

- He went bowling.
- Bowling. He's bowling.

- Who is it, Jimmy?
- Uh, nobody.

It's just a friend of mine.

Remember, she's a gymnast.
They're very limber.

Okay. I'll call you back.
Thanks. Bye-bye.

Hello? Hello?

No, it's okay. It's, uh--
Jimmy was just fooling around.

Yeah. Hey, Jimmy, why don't you go
watch the ball game with Corey?

I gotta get some
ice cream sandwiches.

Hey. Yeah, listen, uh,

tomorrow might be tough.

- Yeah, I know I promised.
- Frankie, don't do it.

I thought your brother
was gonna help you move.

Good. That's better.
That's better.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

Okay, well, I'll, uh, be there first
thing in the morning, all right?

This is bad, Sam,
because when people are moving,

they get hot and
they get sweaty.

When they get hot and sweaty,
they start breathing hard.

When they're hot and sweaty
and breathing hard,

they're gonna want
to take a shower.

I'll be there.

Yeah, me too.

- I gotta go.
- Do something, Sam.

Bye. Bye.

- I'll help.
- Help?

Yeah, I'll help you move Shirley
into her new apartment.

- How-How did you know--
- I'm really strong.

Yeah. I-I don't think so.
I don't think so, Jimmy.

I bet if I ask Connie,
I'll bet she'll let me go.

No, no. You don't have to bother
Connie with this, you know?

Uh, I'll tell you what. Why don't-- This
will just be our little secret, okay?


What are you two
whispering about?

Hmm? Oh, nothing.
We were just--

We were just horsing around.

Look, the ball game
started five minutes ago.

That's mine, right? Huh?

Yeah, this is yours.

Frank! Frank, wait a minute.
Where are you going?

Just going to run some
errands, that's all.

He's supposed to
practice his reading.

Dr. Smithfield says it's important
for him to practice every day.

Yeah, you know,
she's got a point there, pal.

Why don't we, uh--
We should do what the doctor says.

I want to run errands.

Don't you want to get better?

He wants to run errands.

That heavy?

Bend your knees now when you pick it
up. It takes pressure off the brain.

Thanks, Al.
Thanks for the wonderful tip.


How's Ziggy doing?

Ziggy is still totally
overamped trying to catch up.

She still says history is changing.

How could history be changing?

All I've been doing is dragging
hundred-pound boxes...

up the longest flight of stairs
in the history of the world...

just so that Shirley can tell me
to go back down and get some more...

so that she and Frank
can unpack together.

Well, four airline crashes,
an outbreak of Rangoon flu,

Three earthquakes and 17 floods.

- All because I didn't bend my knees?
- Right.

I think Ziggy has finally lost it.

I just don't get it, Al.

I mean, I don't see how Frank
could even think about leaving Connie.

I mean, she's wonderful,
she's sweet, she's caring.

I don't think sweet and caring
is what Frankie needs right now.

Connie should realize that
sometimes it's easier to be a mother

than it is to be a wife.

How would you know?

My fourth wife used to try
and mother me all the time.

She used to cut my steak for me
when we went out to dinner.

- That's how come I don't eat meat.
- All I'm saying, Al, is...

that if I were Frank,
I wouldn't let this happen.

Uh, don't you think it's time you checked
on Romeo and the femme fatale up here?

Stop worrying about them. I'm
right here. What are they gonna do?

I'm worried, I'm worried.
It's my job to be worried.

It seems like you're worried
more than you usually are.

I'm worried because I can't figure out
what the hell is happening here.

And I'm also worried because...

I've never really cared about anyone
you've leaped into like I care about Jimmy.

Because... he reminds you
of your sister?

You remember Trudy?

Well, I remember you
telling me about her.

How-How she got sick.

Yeah, she got pneumonia.

Then they took her out of the orphanage
and put her in the mental hospital.

That was the last time I ever saw her.

I mean, Jimmy's a--
He's a good kid.

I wouldn't want to see
anything bad happen to him.

We won't let it, Al.
We won't let it.

That should do it.

It sure is nice having
a man around the house.

- Especially one like you.
- Hi.

Jimmy, be careful.

That's the last box.
I think we should go, huh?

Uh, Jimmy, could you be a
sweetie and go down to the market?

I bet we could all use
a soda pop about now.

No, thanks.
I'm not thirsty.

Come on, Jimmy.
Be a pal, will you?

- We really have to go.
- Didn't he-- Didn't he bring his bike?

No, he wanted to
ride in the truck.


Who's going to help me unpack?

Uh, well, that's okay then.
I'll just, uh--

I'll call Connie.
She'll come pick me up.

No, no, no. We-We don't have to do that.
I mean, I can take you back.

I'll take him back.

- Why are we lying to Connie?
- What do you mean?

You told her we were
gonna run errands.

There are some things
Connie wouldn't understand.

There are a lot of things
she doesn't understand.

Look, she's going through some
hard times right now, okay?

The '60s were a very tough--

The world is going through
a lot of changes right now.

Times are changing,
especially for women.

Don't tell me she's got you reading
articles on that stuff now.

No, this is something I heard
on the TV.

You know, they were saying that
people need to communicate.

You know? They need to
keep talking to each other.

- That's what they were saying.
- Look at me.

I'm listening to you like you were
a marriage counselor.

I gotta be crazy here.

Look, you and Connie
love each other, right?

- You've always loved each other.
- Hey, don't lecture me!

You save it for Connie. She's the one
who's having trouble communicating.

No, she isn't.

There are certain
things a man needs, Jimmy.

You wouldn't understand.

- Yes, I would.
- Give it a rest, okay?

Can't you at least try and understand
what she's going through?

I don't want to talk about it
anymore, all right?

You're running away, Frank.

You're running away
from your wife who loves you.

Enough, already.
Give it a rest.

Home, sweet home.

Frank, come on inside.

I'm going for a ride. I need to be
alone for a little while, all right?



I didn't hear you come in.

You know, these'll work better
if you leave the foil on, I think.

See, it--

Yeah, during the last 10 minutes of
heating, tear off the foil covering.

You know, for best results.

Gosh, it's getting hard to tell
the teacher from the student, huh?


How come, uh, we only got three?

- Corey's staying at a friend's.
- Which one?

Um, Timmy.

No, uh, Johnny.
Johnny Tisdale.

Look, Connie, we have to talk.

Sure, we can talk.

Did you see that book I put
on your night table?

It's a wonderful story
about the Arabian nights.

No. No. Not about fairy tales.
We have to talk about you and Frank.

Jimmy, that's the last thing
that you should be worried about.

Frank needs you, Connie.

He needs you now more than
ever, and so does Corey.

Jimmy, did Frank put
you up to this?


It's just that if you don't do
something fast, you're gonna lose him.

Listen to me, Jimmy.

Frank has a lot
of growing up to do.

He's jealous because
I pay attention to you.

Couldn't you pay
attention to him too?

It's never enough.

This is your time, Jimmy. I'm not
gonna let his ego get in your way!

I just want the two of you
to be happy, that's all.

- It's too late.
- No, it isn't!

- No?
- No.

Then why don't you tell me
where you went this morning?


Who are you?

Who are you?

How can this be happening?

This is incredible!

You mean that the whole time
that you've been--

Who are you?

I mean, what's your name?


- Alia.
- Mm-hmm.


Uh, I'm Sam.
Uh, Sam.

- Uh, Sam Beckett.
- Sam Beckett.

Where are you from? I mean,

Where did you come from?

- The future.
- Where?

I mean, when?

- Well, it's--
- Well, well, well, well, well!

So where did this
studly morsel come from?

Not-- Not now.

Not now? I just want to
know where you're from.

She's talking to
me, sweet cheeks.

I don't mind a little
afternoon's delight,

as long as you don't, uh,
forget your assignment.

- Where's Jimmy?
- He's Jimmy.

He used to be.

Excuse me.
Excuse me for a second.

Are-Are you talking
to a hologram?

You're talking to a hologram, aren't
you? You are a time traveler too!

What does he mean, "too"?

Sam Beckett,
I'd like you to meet my partner, Zoey.

Zoey. Hiya, Zoey.

- It's really nice to meet you, I think.
- Alia, what's going on here?

Uh, we're not sure.

Sam and I touched,
and then suddenly, he--

Listen to me. Listen,
you mustn't say anything to him about us.

Nothing. Do you hear?

- What did she say? Well, hey--
- Why?

Why? Because we don't know
anything about him!

I have to go back
and run this by Lothos.

Remember, keep your mouth shut.

- She's gone.
- Oh.

Do you have anyone helping you?

Well, um,
it's funny you should ask that.

Sam, I've been getting all kinds
of mixed data from Ziggy, and--

- Oh, hello.
- Alia.

- Uh-huh?
- This is-- This is Al.

- Alia.
- Hello, Al.

The pleasure-- What the hell's
going on here? Who's this?

You're not going to believe this,
okay? But Alia--

- Alia is--
- Yeah. Alia, yeah. Is who?

- Are you ready for this?
- Who is it?

Alia is a time traveler!

- Yeah, okay. Where's Connie?
- No.

Alia is Connie.

You're right.
I don't believe this!

I don't know how it happened,
Al, but it-it did.

You mean,
she can see you instead of Jimmy?

- Yeah. Isn't it great?
- Oh, that's terrific.

Does Al have any
idea what happened?

Um-Um, well, uh--

Ziggy is just as shocked as
you are about all of this.

- He's finding out.
- The best she can figure...

is that when the
two of you touched,

it set up some kind of magnetic
convergence or something--

He says that--

so that you could see each
other for who you really are.

He says that something
happened when we touched.

Oh, I know.
I felt it too.

No wonder I've been getting
weird data from Ziggy.

She's been sensing her.

- I got a bad feeling about this, Sam.
- Um--

Ziggy has no record
of any other time traveler.

You know what, Al? I think you should go
back and see if you can give her a hand.

- Are you all right?
- I never been better.

"Never been better." Well,
I'm gonna go see Ziggy--


And help find out who the hell
this is and where she came from.

In the meantime, you promise me
that you won't forget why you're here.

- You too.
- Me too. Okay.

- Oh, brother.
- Bye-bye. He's, uh-

- He's gone.
- Oh.

So, then I,
uh-I stepped into this accelerator,

which is what we call it, and--

- And you've been leaping ever since?
- Yeah. Yeah.

- What about you?
- Um--

Where are you from?
How did you get here?

Well, it's kind of hard to say.

I mean,
I was part of an experiment,

but to tell you the truth,
the details are all kind of foggy.

I mean, I can't exactly remember.
It's almost as if--

Is it like your memory
was Swiss-cheesed?


I mean, I don't have any control
over where I go or who I become.

- It's kind of scary sometimes.
- Tell me about it.

Do you realize
how incredible this is?

I mean that-- I mean,
not only do I come back here again,

but-but I meet you, and--

What do you mean,
"come back here again"?

I've been here before.
I've-I've been Jimmy.

- When?
- I'm really not sure.

From the looks of things, it couldn't
have been more than a couple years ago.

See, I got Jimmy his job on the dock.

- I saved Corey from drowning.
- Have you helped a lot of people?

Yeah. Yeah, see,
that's-that's how I leap.

I-I fix things that went wrong.

- How does it work for you?
- Oh, each assignment is different.

- What's your assignment this time?
- I came back for you.

I mean, Jimmy. To help him
become more independent.

What about you?

I came back for Frank
and Connie's marriage.

See, in their real history,
Frank makes a bad decision,

and the marriage is ruined.

That can't be right.

According to Lothos,
everything works out perfectly for them.


He's the artificial intelligence unit
that controls my assignments.

- You must have a similar unit.
- Ziggy.

- That's what we call her.
- Oh.

Are you sure your
data's up to date?

Positive. Zoey would have told me
if something was wrong.

Besides, Lothos is very efficient.

He doesn't make mistakes.

Yeah, well,
there's always a first time.

- What are you talking about?
- Is that Al?


On the way back from the chamber,
I popped into Shirley's apartment.

Frank is there, and it looks like
he's gonna fall off the fidelity wagon.

- Oh, no.
- What's wrong?

Frank went back
to Shirley's apartment.

Yeah, so you better get over
there before it's too late.

I gotta go.

No, you can't. I mean, there's just
so many things that I need to ask you.

There's so many things
that I want to tell you.

I told you everything's
gonna work out fine for them.

No, there's a 97.6% chance
that this is it.

I have to make sure myself.

- Well, then I'll go with you.
- No.

No, Frank sees you as Connie.

Look, I'll be back.
I promise.

Come on.
You don't have much time.

Just wait right here, okay?

As much as I hated to leave Alia,

I knew that if I didn't stop Frank,
I was putting Jimmy in danger,

and that was something
I wasn't prepared to do.

Please don't let me be late.

Jimmy, w-what are you doing here?

I need to talk to my brother.

I-Is something wrong?

No. I just need to talk to
Frank, okay?

He's not here.
Then what's his truck doing out front?

- I-I don't--
- Frank.

I-I tried to explain, but--

It's all right. It's all right.
I'll take care of it.

you shouldn't have come here.

Yeah, well,
that makes two of us.

Go home, all right?

No, I'm not going home
without you.

There's nothing there for me
anymore, Jimmy.

Nothing? How can you say that?
What about your wife and your son?

What about me?

This has nothing to
do with Corey or you.

Look, just get on your bike
and go home. Please?

Don't do this, okay?

I know you think that Connie doesn't
care anymore, but you're wrong about that.

She does care. She loves you,
and I think you love her too.

Don't throw it all away.

You may never find it again.

Please, just come home
with me now.

You don't understand, Jimmy.

I couldn't get through to him, Alia,
no matter what I said.

It's not too late. Maybe there's
something you can still do to help.

I-I just don't understand
why I haven't leaped.

I mean, at least if I got out of here,
you could continue working with Jimmy,

and maybe prevent him
from being sent away.

Do you always think
of other people first?

What do you mean?

I mean, maybe there's another
reason that you are still here.

What-What are you talking about?

You and me, Sam.

I mean, you're really the
only person I've ever met

that can understand the
longing that I've felt.

The emptiness.

The hunger for something.

Something familiar.

A touch, a smell, a taste.

Don't you see that--

Sam, I'm not Connie,

and you're not Jimmy.



But I am Jimmy.

I mean, at least a part of me
is Jimmy.

I know who you are,
and I want you.

Mmm. Make love to me, Sam.

- This isn't right.
- Why?

Why? Because-- I don't--

- I don't know. It just feels--
- Sam-Sam, we deserve this.

Tell me that you don't want me,
and I'll stop.


- Jimmy?
- Oh, no. Oh, no. Frank.

- Where is everybody?
- Here, get dressed.

Hurry. All right. Um-

- Hello?
- Oh, my God.

If he finds us like this,
he'll leave Connie for sure.


- Right after he strangles me.
- Jimmy!

Okay, we'll tell him that we
were talking, right? You decided--


What are you doing? Get your--

What are you--



- Frank!
- Alia--

- Frank, help me!
- Listen to me, Frank--

- Oh, my God. What happened?
- Frank--

It was Jimmy.
He tried to rape me.

- What?
- That's a lie, Frank.

- That's a lie!
- Get away from me!

I tried to stop him,
but he was too strong for me.

He tried to--
I-I thought he was going--

I thought he was going to k-kill me.

- No, Frank.
- You attacked my wife?

- No.
- My wife?

- No, I didn't.
- I took you into my house!

- I took care of you!
- I didn't, Frank!

- Don't lie to me! Don't lie to me!
- Sam, don't hit him!

Don't hit him!
He doesn't know what he's doing!

- Everything! Everything!
- I didn't do it!

No, you look!
Look at her!

Look at her!
Did she do that to herself?

Sam, he won't listen to you!
Just get away from him!

Now, you listen to me.

I'm not Jimmy. Okay?

And this-this is not Connie!

What did you say?

- She's not your wife.
- This ain't happening.

This is insane.

Keeping you here was supposed
to make a difference.

It was supposed to
be a good thing.

I'm telling you the truth, Frank.

No, you stop it!
Stop it! Stop it! No! No!

I won't let you lie to me, Jimmy!
I won't let you lie to me, Jimmy!

Frank, stop it!

Stop it! Stop it! It wasn't his
fault! Just please call Dr. Smithfield!

How can you defend him
after what he did to you?

He's your brother.
Please, Frank, just call Dr. Smithfield.

Please! Please!

Sam, what the hell happened here?

I don't know.

We were in the bedroom,
she started to scream,


Then Frank came home, and--
I don't know.

I knew this was wrong
from the very beginning.

She said she was
here to help Jimmy.

sure she's gonna help him.

She's gonna help him get put away.

I helped her.
How could I be so stupid?

Things are still changing here. It
doesn't look good for anybody though.

But you-you've got to
get out of here and stop her.

- You have to go and get him, Frank.
- How could I have missed this?

How could this happen?
I don't understand.

I didn't want to say anything before,
but this--

this isn't the first time
that Jimmy's tried something like this.

Why didn't you tell me?

I was afraid.

I thought that if I could just
get him out on his own and--

and that he'd be okay and that--
that you wouldn't have to know.

This doesn't make any sense.
None of this makes any sense to me.

Frank, you have to go
get Dr. Smithfield.

He has to talk to Jimmy now.
He has to see him like this.

This is my fault, Connie.

I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

"I'm so sorry."

- How pathetic.
- Frank, listen to me.

You have to go get Dr. Smithfield
and bring him here.

All right.
I'll call him again.

No. You have to go and get him
and bring him back here.

I'm not gonna leave
you here alone.

Would you get rid of him
so we can get on with this?

I-I can't go out like
this, Frank.

I need to take a shower
or something.

I'm not going to
leave you here alone.

I'm all right. He's locked in our room.
He-He-He can't hurt me.

Not anymore.
Please, Frank, go.

Hurry. Please go.

If he touches you again,
I'll kill him.

Bravo! Brava!

"He can't hurt me. Not anymore."

- You were exquisite.
- Why haven't I leaped?

Why am I still here?

Lothos has decided you've got
one more thing to do before you go.

- A little bonus.
- What kind of a bonus?

Seems you're to kill
the good Dr. Beckett.

Why? He hasn't tried to stop us.

Alia, my pet, do I detect
a tinge of pity in your voice?

I just want it over, that's all.

Then kill him and
be done with it.

Lothos has done a scan.

There's a. 38 caliber pistol
in the top of the front hall closet.

This could be the one
that gets you home.

Home, Alia!

I think I'll go and check
on Mr. Wonderful.

Oh, what a waste.

What an absolutely delicious waste.

Hurry up. Frank is on the way
to get Jimmy's doctor,

and they're gonna
put him in the asylum.

Where's Alia?

Don't worry about her.
She's coming.

Hurry up, darling.
He's asking for you.

- Uh-oh.
- "Uh-oh," what?

History's changing again. Uh--

According to tomorrow's paper,
Connie is arraigned for killing Jimmy.

The police report said that
she shot him in self-defense.

Get away from the door, Sam.

I'm coming in, and I've got a gun.


Do something.

Not until I know why
she's doing this.

Is Al here?

You bet your sweet ass I
am, sweetheart.

Yeah, he's here.
He says you're gonna shoot Jimmy.

- Why?
- I've got my orders.

Where have I heard
that one before?

So you were never
here to help Jimmy.

You gotta stop her,
because she's gonna destroy you

and Jimmy and the whole family.

- Where do you come from?
- What difference does it make?

You lost and I won.

So you're going to shoot me?

You're not the first
person I've killed, Sam.

- Get on with it.
- Why are you doing this?

- Because she's evil.
- Evil?

Now, there's a novel concept.

Sam, she's your counterpart.

You're good, and she's evil.
That's what she does.

No, I don't believe
that there's some force...

leaping her around, ruining people's
lives for the pleasure of it.

How deliciously naive.

- Then you're a fool.
- Sam, I'm telling you, she's evil!

Destroy people's lives? That's
what you do? I don't believe that!

The perfect hero.

Death in his face,
and he wants to deny its power.

And you're telling me that God
or time or--

or whatever has put us here
against each other?

Not God.

You can't kill me.

You'd be killing yourself, Alia.

I mean, think about it. I only exist
because you do, and you because of me.

If I die, it only makes sense
that you would too.

He's stalling. Shoot him.

What if he's telling the truth?

What if I kill him, and then I kill myself,
and then I can't go home?

- You're getting to her, Sam.
- Evil only exists because of good.

- If you kill me,
- Do it.

we cancel each other out.

- Kill him, damn it!
- Go on. Keep after her, Sam.

You can't kill me, Alia.

Because I know that
somewhere inside of you,

there's a woman who feels
the same things I do.

The same loneliness,
the same fear.

I felt it the first time we touched.
You felt it too.

This could be your ticket home.
This could be the way out.

- If I kill you, then I can go home?
- No. No, not that way.

Killing me will only add to his power
or her power. Whatever.

You have the power, Alia.

You can choose not to kill me.

He doesn't know what
he's talking about!

Lothos could send you back
to your worst nightmare

if you don't pull that trigger.

- There's got to be an end.
- Alia, we clawed our way...

out of hell to land simple assignments
like home wrecking and adultery.

Don't listen to her!

You don't want to go back to the
horror we've lived through before!

Listen to me!

No, I can't kill all those people again.

Then pull the trigger!

You're not evil, Alia.

Whatever trapped you in time is.

Pull the bloody trigger!

Do it, Alia!

No. No, I can't.

You stupid fool!

What have you done?

I swear we'll find you!

Come on, Jimbo.
Corey's gonna be late for school.

What's the matter?

Where's Connie, Frank?

She's still at her sister's.

You okay, Jimbo?

Yeah, I'm fine, Frank.

Good. All right.
Shake a leg then.

Truck pulls out in five minutes.

- What's going on here, Al?
- Wha--

Huh? What's going on?

I don't know.
Somehow we-we've lost two days.

Are you telling me
none of this never happened?

No, I'm not.
Ziggy is telling both of us.

- Where's Alia?
- Uh--

She's gone.

She's not gone, Al.

Alia is not gone.

Oh, boy.