Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 5, Episode 19 - The Beast Within - November 6, 1972 - full transcript

As a former Viet Nam veteran, Sam is mistaken for Big Foot in rural Washington state.

Theorizing that one could time travel
within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped
into the Quantum Leap accelerator...

and vanished.

He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own...

and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al,
an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form of a hologram
that only Sam can see and hear.

And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong...

and hoping each time
that his next leap...

will be the leap home.

No don't... scream.

Daniel, what's wrong?

It was him. He was here.

- Who was here?
- Bigfoot.

- "Bigfoot"?
- I swear it was him.

Oh, boy.

When I came into the room
he fell out the window.

God, you should have seen him.
He was gigantic.

I'll get my shotgun and take a look.

Al, where in the hell are you?

Shh! Shh! Shh-Shh--

I was startin' to worry about you, Henry.

You were?

We better get outta here
before Luke gets them dogs after us.

Are you coming?

- I swear it was him.
- Daniel, we've been through this before.

But, Mom, I'm not lying!
He was here-- Bigfoot!

- That's enough.
- He-- I saw him!

He looked exactly like the time
I saw him with Dad.

- Daniel, where are your glasses?
- Out in the truck.

So you didn't see whoever you
saw very clearly.

You don't believe me either.
You think I'm making this up.

- It was him.
- It was Henry Adams.

- Henry? Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure. I lost him in the woods,

but I found these outside the window.

I want you to take the truck home.
I'll meet you there later.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gettin' Jim
Curtis to take a look.

- I'm going too.
- No.

Um, you stay with your mom.

I don't want to hear any
more of this monster talk.

You okay, Henry?

Yeah, I'm--

I'm fine. Just a little tired
from runnin' uphill.

Oh. Okay.

Oh, man.

Over the years I have leaped
into a lot of hairy situations.

But this one
was more than I expected.

And even though I didn't know who I was,
I did know who I wasn't.

I wasn't Bigfoot.

from the look of things,

I wasn't far off.

I think we lost him.

You okay, Henry?

Yeah. I think so, yeah.

Reminds me of the time in 'Nam...

when I was, uh, flushin'
a tunnel near the D.M.Z.

Charlie comes
diddy-boppin' right at me, so, uh,

I duck into a crack no
bigger than a keg of beer.

Then I did just like you taught me.

- You did?
- S-Sure did.

You told me if I was ever trapped
to just shut my eyes...

and pretend I was invisible.

I'll be damned if those bastards
didn't walk right past me.

- So, did you get them?
- "Them"?

Don't goof on me, Henry.
You know I need them pills.

Oh, the pills.

- Uh, he's talking about phe-phenytoin.
- Phenytoin?

That's the ones.

I don't wanna have
anymore of them fits, Henry.

- So did you get them?
- Well, I had 'em.

Then that, uh--

that kid started screaming,
and I fell out the window.

I-I must've dropped 'em. I'm sorry.

- This ain't good, Henry.
- Listen, uh--

- Roy-Roy Brown.
- Roy.

Um, I-I'll get you
some more pills, okay?

When? I don't want them snakes
in my head again.

Uh, Sam, you can't let him get upset.

Uh, Ziggy says there's a 95% chance
he's gonna have some kind of a seizure.

- What are you talking about?
- God, I see them snakes!

Like when I was in them tunnels!

- Oh, Henry, I can't breathe!
- Okay, listen to me. Listen to me.

- You've got to relax.
- No, I can't!

- Yes, you can! Look at me!
- Can't--

I'm gonna get
you the pills, all right?

Right now, I want you to just
concentrate on breathing.

Now breathe.

Clear your mind of everything
except breathing.


I think he's coming around, Sam.

Good. There you
go. There you go.

That's it.
There you go.


- You better?
- Uh-huh. Thanks, Henry.

- You're gonna be fine.
- I'm, uh--

I'm just goin' down to the
river, wash my face.

- Okay.
- I'm okay.

What is goin' on here?

I don't know,
but that was kinda close.

Your name is, uh, Henry Adams, and the
little guy there is Roy-- Brown-Brown.

Roy Brown. You told me.
Wh-What else?

Uh, it's November 6, 1972,
and you're in the mountains...

- here in the state of Washington.
- Camping?

No. No, you live here.

You and Roy
were in Vietnam together.

Uh, Henry was a grunt,
and Roy was a tunnel rat.

What's a tunnel rat?

Uh, well, it's a little guy, uh--

Because of his size, he could burrow
down into tunnels and flush out the enemy.

See, it was one of the most
dangerous jobs we had over there.

In fact, Henry says that's
how come he got hurt.

What happened to him?

Well, they had tracked some V.C.
to a series of tunnels.

So they sent Roy down in there
to check the location.

But they knew
he was coming somehow, and he--

he got a bullet in the head,
and that's how come he's a little... slow.

Why are they living up here, Al?

Well, a lot of vets decided
they would stay away from people

when they got back home.


Simple-- no people, no war.

Well, then, why am I here?

Don't know yet.
Ziggy's still working on the data.

Why don't you go back and see
if you can speed her along.


Why don't you check
in the shack there?

There might be something in there
to help you figure this out.

You know, maybe we ought to deputize
a few more men and split into teams.


I'll, uh, find 'em myself.

Get a fresh start first
thing in the mornin'.

All right.

I'll see you then.

Putting the pieces of Henry's life together
wasn't going to be easy,

but this picture was a beginning.

I recognized Henry and Roy
right away.

But it was another face
that caught my attention.

It had been dark,

but I was sure this was the same man
that had chased me with a shotgun.

The question now was: Why?

"August 6, 1968.
We swept another enemy village today.

"Just like the one yesterday
and the day before and the day before.

"It still seems like a bad dream."

Check those hooches up by river!

I don't want to find a roach
movin' when we leave here!

All right! You heard him! Move out!

- Anything?
- We found a couple holes.

They were empty.

Yeah, but Charlie's been
here, that's for sure.

There's enough ammo down there
to light up half the jungle.

I'm gonna level this place.

What do you got?

Nothing. Just an old man.
Let's go.

Wait a second.

We got orders to secure this village.
That's what we're gonna do.

- John, it's just an old man.
- There's no young or old anymore.

- There's just us and them.
- Can't do it.

What did you say?

You heard me.
I can't kill anymore people like that.

Look, John, maybe he's right. I mean,
maybe we oughta bob it on outta here...

and let them flyboys
just scorch the joint.

Yeah. I'm all for that.
I got a bad feelin' about this place.


The man says this is a V.C. supply point,
and we're to secure it.

- You still don't get it, man.
- That's an order, Sergeant.

- That doesn't matter.
- It does matter!

It has to matter.

Then you do it.

John! John!

"We just stood there and watched it burn.

We never talked about it again."

You writin' in your book again?

No, just doing a little, uh, reading.

Uh, come on in. Sit down.

- Henry, you know I can't do that.
- He's right.

Uh, Henry says he's claustrophobic--
too much time underground.

I, uh, was just about to hit the sack.

And... I just wanted to thank you again
for helping me back there.

No problem.

Good night, Henry.

Night, Roy.

He must've seen some
pretty terrible things over there.

There was enough
to go around for everyone.

You think he's gonna
be all right sleepin' out there?

For the time being.

You found out why I'm here,
didn't you?

Well, you're here
to get Roy the medication.

Uh, but if you don't,
Ziggy says there's a 97.6% chance...

that tomorrow night
he'll have another seizure and die.

So, how long are you gonna
give me the silent treatment?

You don't believe me.

it's not a question of believing you.

It's just that there comes a time when
we all have to let go of our fantasies.

Bigfoot is real.

Mr. Hawkins said he saw him. He even
said he ate dinner with him once.

Daniel, I have told you to
stay away from that old man.

You could get hurt
up by that dam!

Mom, why do you always
treat me like a baby?

Just because Dad died,
doesn't mean I will too.

Gettin' cold outside.

Get you some coffee.

- Did you see him?
- Who? Bigfoot?

No, and I didn't see
the Loch Ness monster,

or little green men from Mars either.

Daniel, you can't go around
tellin' people you saw something...

that doesn't exist.
But, I did--

But nothing!

What you saw tonight
was a man named Henry Adams--

a very disturbed
and troubled man.

So I don't want
you goin' to school

and tellin' your friends that you
saw something that you didn't.

You think I made this up?

I think it's time
for you to grow up.

- Luke, don't--
- No.

Someone's got to say it.
Somebody's gotta be the father around here.

But you're not my father.
My father died in Vietnam!

- Oh, Daniel!
- No, let him go.

Was that absolutely necessary?

He's just a boy.

But not mine, right?

You can't expect him
to forget his father.

John may be dead,
but his memory isn't.

And do you think
I don't remember him?

Do you think I don't see his face
every time I look at that kid?

Henry's journal was as moving and honest
as anything I'd ever read.

And the story it told
was as unbelievable as it was tragic.

Piece of the puzzle?

I'm not sure I like the picture
I'm starting to see.

- What is this?
- Henry's journal.

Al, there were four of them who went
off to Vietnam-- high school buddies.

Why do I get the feeling this story
does not have a happy ending?

I can't remember the last time
I didn't have to tell you to go to bed.

You don't have a fever.

This picture was taken just
before he left.

Your father was so nervous
he could barely stand still.

God, it seems like a
long time ago.

Do you still love him?

Course I do.

Your feelings for someone
don't change just because they die.

I'll always love your father.

Then why'd you marry Luke?

Well, when your father died,
I was scared.

You plan to spend your whole life with
someone and then suddenly they're gone.

Luke was your father's best friend.
We shared the same pain.

I don't know, Daniel.
It's hard to explain.

Do you believe we saw him?

I think that you should go to sleep.

Daniel, I know all of this
is very confusing for you.

But Luke needs us now
more than ever.

I just hope you can be there for him.

I think it might snow tonight.

So what are you gonna do
about Henry and Roy?

I'm gonna do my job.

Henry didn't mean to scare Daniel.

He just wanted Roy's medication,
that's all.

If Doc Kramer hadn't died, he wouldn't
even of had to break in like that.

Kramer was giving Henry drugs?

You make it sound like
he ran an opium den.

Roy was sick. He needs the
medication to control his seizures.

Why didn't he see a doctor
like everybody else?

Because he knows you'll arrest him
and put him in jail.

- Karen! He's a thief.
- A thief.

He stole a couple of chickens
because he was hungry.

- Why can't you just let this go?
- Look. Look.

I don't make the law,
I just enforce it.

So, he thinks he was responsible
for the death of his best friend,

but then
he marries the friend's wife?

Look, according to the journal,

John Burke was the ranking officer
on all sweep-and-destroy missions.

Now, he tells Luke to go and secure
an enemy hooch.

But Luke refuses,
so then John goes in instead,

and there's an explosion.

Well, he could've been
brought up on charges.

If that journal is correct
he was disobeying orders.

Yeah. Except that...

there were only two witnesses,

and neither one of
them ever came forward.

- Yeah, Henry and Roy.
- You got it.

No wonder Luke wanted to
keep them out of the picture.

They're the only ones
that know what happened.

Unless maybe the wife--
Let's see, the wife's name--

Karen. Do you suppose she knew?

That's a good question.

You know,
it-it's-it's really crazy, Al.

A man refuses to kill,
and then...

spends the rest of his life
feeling guilty.

What the hell is that?

- Roy.
- What's happening?

I thought you said he didn't die
until tomorrow night?

Uhh, that's right, he does.

But the seizures must be getting
stronger or something,

the more he's off
of the medication.

What are you doin'?

Tryin' to keep him from
swallowing his tongue.

Ziggy says he's gotta just...

ride it out.


- That was scary.
- It's the...

trauma from the head wound--

affected the parts of the brain that
control the central nervous system.

The phenytoin must
keep it in check somehow.

I gotta get him into town.
He's gotta see a doctor.

- No. You can't do that.
- Why not?

Well, because there's
no doctor there to see.

- What?
- He died.

The doctor died a
couple of days ago.

They're bringin' up a replacement,
and he's gonna be here, Ziggy says,

uhh, the day after tomorrow.

And anyway, if you take him
into town, Luke'll arrest him.

For what?

- Stealing chickens.
- What?

And not only that. After your
escapade at the pharmacy tonight,

there's a warrant out on you too.

- Al, I don't have a choice on this.
- Just listen to me, Sam.

You gotta buy
an extra day or two for Roy...

Until this new doctor gets into town,

and not go into town yourself
because you'll get arrested,

and then he'll be a dead man.

- Lobelia.
- Who's she?

It's not a she. It's a plant.
An-An-An herb, actually.

What the hell you talking about?

You said I couldn't get the
medication from a doctor, right?


Maybe I can get
it somewhere else.

So, uh,

what the hell is it
we're looking for?

It looks like a weed, right?

But it's got blue and white flowers
that are split down the middle.

And how does it work?

Well, it's got this stuff in the petals
called chalcedonic acid.

Uh, they act as a relaxant that suppress
certain hormones released in the brain.

And the-the-the acid is supposed to help
with seizures or somethin'?

- Yeah. Well, that's the theory.
- Well, how does Roy take it?

- Does he... smoke it or snort it--
- No, no, no. Neither.

- Or rub it on his chest?
- I got to boil it down into a drink.

That way it'll be less toxic.
It won't be as effective as the phenytoin,

but it should buy us enough ti--

- That's the stuff?
- This is it.

What was that?

Probably just a little squirrel
or something.

I, uh-- You-You don't think
there's anything to this...

- Bigfoot stuff, do you?
- No, I don't, Al.

Look, I'm gonna go back and get
started with this, all right?


Yeah, you're probably right.
Probably just a--

a tiny little squirrel.

Last night I'd wondered what it
would be like to give up civilization...

and live life isolated from the world.

This morning I had the answer.

Good morning.

Can I get you anything?

I guess not.


Well, look who the cat drug up.

I thought you were
gonna sleep all day.

Yeah. Well, I guess my,
uh, alarm didn't go off.


- Sure smells good.
- Well, it's all yours.

I ate over an hour ago.

I got you some eggs for ya, too.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

- How you feelin'?
- Oh. Fit as a fiddle.

I don't know what was in that stuff
you gave me last night, but, uh,

I slept like a dead man.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I, uh--

I had that dream again last night.

- Dream?
- You know, about, uh--

uh, her.

You know-- You know, um, Wanda.

- Wanda?
- Come on, Henry. Wanda.

She sat behind us in history class.

Oh, yeah, Wanda.

Yeah. Well, you wouldn't be laughin'
if you knew how we was carryin' on.

Wha-What am I gonna do with you?

Don't shoot.

Better pack some extra ammo.

You expectin' trouble?

I don't know what to expect.

These two fellas are friends
of yours, aren't they?

Better go gas up the car.

Yeah, right.

Luke, he's gone. I went into his room to
get him up for school, and he wasn't there.

- Hold on a second. Who's gone?
- Daniel!

H-H-His room was empty. The window
was open. His camera was gone.

I think he's gone up
into the mountains.

Why would he do that?

- To get a picture of Bigfoot.
- What?

When we were talking last night,
he talked about proving us wrong.

He said if he had proof,
we would have to believe him.

God, I just thought he was angry.

God, Luke.
What if something happens to him?

It's-It's all right.
It's all right.

I'll find him.

You go home in case someone
finds him and tries to call.

- No.
- No, please. Do as I say.

You-You-You better slow
down. You're gonna get hiccups.

- Isn't that right, Henry?
- That's right.

How long have you been
wandering around up here?

All night.

You're Henry Adams, aren't you?

- And you're John's son.
- Daniel.

Daniel. Like Daniel Boone.

You know, he killed a grizzly
with has bare hands?


Anybody else know
you're up here, Daniel?

- They do now.
- Great.

Now Luke can add kidnapping
to the breaking and entering charges.

Luke says you two are crazy.

Luke said that?

You know, he scared the heck
out of me last night.

- Didn't you?
- I thought you were Bigfoot.


Well, come to think of it,
you do kinda look like him, Henry.

'Cept you're a couple feet
shorter and you smell worse.

Thanks a lot.

Have you seen him?

Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we seen him.

Great. Now he's hallucinating.

- You know, I saw him once.
- Oh, yeah?

Yeah. I was a kid and my dad
took me out to Willamette Peak.

Well, that's where we saw him!

You know, I just got them n-needles
shooting through my head again.

- All right. Just take it easy.
- Okay. I think I'm okay.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Hey, look. I'm gonna get
some stuff to make tea, okay?


- I'll be right back, all right?
- Yeah.

- It's not working, Al.
- What isn't working?

The lobelia is not strong enough.

He needs the pills. I'm gonna
go into town and get 'em.

No, but if you go into town
that-that Luke is gonna find you.

Yeah, well,
not if I find him first.

Listen, uh, Roy.
I changed my mind.

I'm gonna go into town
and get you those pills, okay?

And I think it'd be a real good
idea if you came along with me.


- What?
- I can't.

- Not till I get a picture.
- A picture?

Of Bigfoot. That's the
only reason I came up here.

To prove that me and Dad
were telling the truth.

Uh, Sam, I don't think it's a good idea
to leave Roy here alone.

All right. But you two gotta promise me
that you'll stay put, all right?

You won't go anywhere.
You got it?

Got it.

I understand that, Mrs. Jenkins.

But I can't come up there every time
your cat eats one of your birds.

I'm sure he was a very nice bird.

Tell you what, why don't you--

Mrs. Jenkins,
I'm gonna have to call you back.


You're full of surprises, aren't you?

- I think we should talk, Luke.
- Is that right?

I know you've had a lot of
things happen in your life

that you'd just as
soon forget about.

But they did happen,
and it seems to me like...

now is probably a good time to...

deal with it.

Deal with it...
like you have?

Look at yourself, Henry.
Look at what you've become.

And what have you become, Luke?

- What do you want?
- Roy's sick.

If he doesn't get his medication,
he's gonna die.

Wasn't too sick
to steal those chickens.

This has nothing to do with
stealing chickens and you know it.

Now, I know that things happened
over there-- terrible things.

But they're no excuse
for what you're doing right now.

Now, I want your word as a friend...

that if I bring Roy in for treatment
you will not take him into custody.

What do you say?

I say you're under arrest.

I'm tellin you, he had me
right where he wanted me!

My shoulder just about to touch the
mat, and wham!


Yeah. I flipped him on his back,
and I pinned him. Crowd went crazy.

Hurray! Hurray!

And your daddy
taught me that move.

Were you with him when he died?


Uh, yeah.

- Uh, I was with him.
- How'd it happen?

Didn't Luke ever tell you?

Well, he doesn't really like to talk
about the war.


Oh, uh--
Do you think I could hold that camera?

- Yeah!
- I could?

So, um,
did you really see Bigfoot?

Oh, yeah. I sure did.

I-I was climbing down
that ridge over there.

Past the crooked pine.

Jumped up on a rock
and there he was.

- He was looking right at me.
- Were you afraid?


You see, there was somethin'
about the way he looked at me.

Like-Like he--

he knew I wasn't there to hurt him.

And then he just turned
and walked away.

There was something about him.



- Help me find him.
- What?

You're the only one
that knows the truth.


Oh, I don't know.
Uh, Henry told us not to move.

Well, if I don't find some kind of proof,
Luke's gonna think I'm lying.

I owe it to my father, don't I?

You're making a big mistake.

You made a mistake when you
decided to come back here.

What are you gonna do now?

I'm gonna find Roy,
and I'm gonna end this thing.

Why couldn't you
just stayed up there?

Oh, sorry, Sam.

- Eh, we got trouble, Sam.
- Oh, no kidding, we've got trouble.

Well, we've got even bigger trouble.
I-I just popped into the campsite...

- and Roy and Daniel are gone.
- Gone where?

Ah, well, Ziggy says they're on their way
to some place called Willamette Peak.

- Well, how would Ziggy know that?
- Ah, well, history's changed.

There's a 97% chance that they're
both gonna get found tomorrow and--

and when they get found
that they're dead.

What do you mean
they're both dead?

Danny slipped and took a fall
into a-a crevasse or something,

and Roy was trying to help him,
but he had one of those seizures.

- You gotta get out there!
- I'm open to suggestions.

- Okay?
- Well, I don't know.

You should just go up there
and keep an eye on 'em.

- You gotta get outta here!
- I'll think of something.

I-I-I-Just go on.
Go be with 'em.

I'm open to suggestions.



- Thank you.
- Back here!

- Henry?
- Karen?

- Where's Luke? Was Daniel with him?
- Daniel is with Roy.

- Roy?
- Now, just take it easy, okay?

Daniel wandered into our campsite
this morning.

Now I think that he and Roy
are off looking for Bigfoot.

Henry, Roy wouldn't do anything
to hurt Daniel, would he?

No, not intentionally, no.

You know where they are. You
know where they are, don't you?

Listen to me.
Roy's seizures are much worse,

and if he doesn't get his medication,
he's gonna die.

And if he does,
I think Daniel might too.

What do you want?

I want you to get
me his medication.

Then I'll tell you anything you want.

I-I'll-I'll take you there if you want.



God, I feel like we were
walking straight up.

We have.

So are we near the spot?

We're right on top of it.

So what do we do now?

We wait.

Oh, good. You're all right.

Everybody just stay calm,
and we'll get out of here standing.

My mom may
probably be mad at me now.

Why don't you
tell him to go home?

Sometimes a boy gotta
break away from his mama.

On second thought,
don't say anything.

- Do you-you think he might be here?
- There's no way to tell.

He could be a thousand miles away.

Or he could be watching us right now.

I hope that hairy devil
can't see holograms.

Can I take a picture of you?

Of me? Sure!


Daniel! Where'd you go?

I gotta go down in there
and see what happened to him.

- Gooshie, center me on Sam!
- Daniel!

Well, that was stupid!

It wasn't your fault.
The buck came out of nowhere.

At least
we didn't end up in the river.

- Sam, you gotta hurry up!
- What's wrong?

- Everything!
- Daniel's fallen down. He's stuck...

down in a crevasse,
and Roy's really starting to lose it.

- Where are they?
- Good question.

Uh, they're over the
ridge, back there.

Come on. Come on!

Just hang in there, kid.
Help is comin'.

- Come on, Sam.
- Daniel!

Oh, over here, Sam!
Hurry up! Hurry up!

- Roy. Roy, here are your pills.
- Uh--

- Here you go. Where's Daniel?
- I don't--

- I don't know what happened, Henry.
- Where is he?

He fell and he was gone.
- Sam, he's down here!



He fell down, and he's stuck in there.
I checked him out.

Daniel! Honey!

He must've hit his head on a rock.
He's out cold.

- We gotta get him outta here, Al!
- Daniel!

- You're not gonna do anything.
- Luke.

Come on up here.

Luke, Daniel is hurt.

- What did he do to him?
- He didn't do anything to him.

He-He slipped
and he fell in this hole.

Now, why don't you put the gun
down and give us a hand?


Luke, John's death wasn't your fault.

It was a war.

Things happen in war.

And I wanted to tell you.


I just didn't know how.

- It's all right.
- No, let me-- let me finish.

- It was my fault that John died.
- Why?

Because you couldn't kill an old man?

You knew? But--

- You didn't say anything.
- I said, "I do."

I figured that was enough.


- Can you see Daniel?
- No, it's too dark. I can't see anything.

- I've got a flashlight in my pack.
- No. That's not the problem.

This hole's too small
for any of us to get through.

You take the pills?


You feel any better yet?

Look, Roy--

You want me to get in that
hole, don't you?

It's the only way
we're gonna save Daniel.

You can do it, Roy.

You can.

- Push. Push. I got him.
- Easy, easy.

- Hold it, hold it, hold it.
- Bring him up.

- Okay, careful with his head.
- Okay. Okay.


You did it.

- I knew you would. Okay?
- Uh-huh!

- Hey, Henry?
- Yeah?

I don't think I'm gonna see
them snakes no more.

Come on.

How is he?

He's in shock,
but his vital signs are good.

- How near's the closest hospital?
- Thirty miles.

- Damn it!
- What?

The truck is up on some rocks.

- I thought you said the truck was stuck.
- It was. I don't understand it.

Look, there's no time to figure
it out now. Come on! Okay.

Open up the tailgate.
We'll put him in the back.

Careful. Careful.

- You got him?
- Yeah. Give him to me.

- Yeah. Got him.
- Okay.

Watch his head, Karen.

- I don't know how to thank you.
- How about, "Thank you"?

- Oh. Thanks.
- Why don't you come with us, Roy?

- Huh?
- Let 'em check you out?

It's okay, Sam.
Ziggy says they'll be fine.

Go on. I'll be all right.

You're welcome to come with us.


I'll, uh-- I'll catch up to you down there.
I'm gonna walk down.

- Look, Henry.
- Luke.

It's okay.

Get him to a hospital, would ya?


- Hey.
- Huh?

- Got your pills?
- Oh, yeah.

- All right. I'll see ya in town.
- Okay.

Well, Sam, Daniel isn't hurt bad.
He's okay.

What about the others?

Well, Luke and Karen go on
to have a couple kids,

and Roy gets a job as a fire watcher
with the forest service.

- Great.
- That's great. And Henry?

Oh, you're gonna like this.

Henry takes that journal he's got,
and he turns it into a best-selling book.

- You're kidding me.
- No.

Well, that only leaves
one unanswered question then, Al.

How did the truck get off the rocks
and back on the road and turned around?

- The truck--
- Huh?

- I think I'm looking at it.
- What are you talking about?

I'm talking about... that!

Oh, boy!

- Fire!
- Fire!

Oh, boy.