Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 5, Episode 15 - Blood Moon - March 10, 1975 - full transcript

Sam leaps into Nigel Corrington, who just happens to sleep in a coffin and who Al is convinced is a vampire. Nigel is a well-known artist who has shocked everyone by marrying a homeless girl, Alexandra Hill, now Lady Corrington. It's the night of the Blood Moon - the night that honors one of the earliest recorded vampires - and the Corringtons are entertaining Victor Drake and his companion Claudia. Al tells him that unless Sam can change things, Alexandra will be found dead in the forest in two days time, completely drained of blood.

Theorizing that one could time travel
within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped
into the Quantum Leap accelerator...

and vanished.

He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own...

and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al,
an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form of a hologram
that only Sam can see and hear.

And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong...

and hoping each time
that his next leap...

will be the leap home.

No. Oh, no!


Did you sleep well?

Oh, boy.

Leaping in and out of new situations...

has taught me to be prepared
for the unusual,

but I suddenly had the feeling
I had left "unusual"...

and landed smack-dab
in the middle of "bizarre."

The night is torrid.

It's just as you said it would be.

- "It"?
- Blood moon.

I don't think I ever really saw the world
until you showed it to me.

I don't pretend to understand
everything about you, Nigel.

I only know that when you look at me,
I'm helpless.

You've given me so much
in the short time we've known each other,

and tonight, when the moon is high,

I will return that love
a thousand times more.

Nigel, did I say something
to offend you?

No. No, no, no, no, no. No.


Gosh, no. No.
I just, uh--

Everything is fine.

Really. It is.

Does the master wish
to inspect the livestock?

The, uh, livestock?

I had Horst bring up some sheep
from the village.

Oh. Sheep?

For the ceremony.

Right. Right, for--

The sheep for the ceremony.

- Easy, uh, boy.
- Vlad.

Take it easy. Uh-huh.

B-Be careful. That's a--

He must sense your excitement.

I'll take him with me.

Wait a second.
Wh-Where are you going?

I have to prepare.
The others will be arriving soon.



This has got to be
some kind of a joke.

Right? I mean the castle, the coffin,
the whole storm and everything--

Right? Horst?


Uh, Horst?

We're having, uh,
some kind of a party?

Right? That's-That--

Here. Let me help you.
Right? That's what's happening?

We're just gonna have
some kind of a little, uh,

party or something?

Will the master be needing
anything else?

"The master"?
Oh! The-The master.

Um, well, uh, no.

I just was wondering
about this, uh,

this whole "Blood Moon,"
uh, ceremony-ceremony.



Gee, I hope the sheep are okay.

What's the matter?

What are you trying to do,
give me a heart attack?

Give you a heart-- I'm
having a heart attack.

All right, all right. Okay.

Let me ask you this question.
Is it Halloween?


Is it Halloween tonight?

Not unless they moved it
to March.


Oh, uh, Sam--

- Hmm?
- Sam, have you, uh--

have you looked in a mirror yet?

Uh, no. I have--

No, I haven't seen any around.

Ah. Haven't seen any mirrors around.
Well, that's not surprising.

Well, what does that mean?

What does that mean?
I think you've leaped into a--

- A what?
- A vampire.

- A vampire?
- I know. It sounds strange,

but you should see the guy
in the waiting room.

He looks like a cross between
Bela Lugosi and a sick corpse.

He's got all the markings
of the undead.

And you have all
the markings of the brain-dead.

Now what does Ziggy have?

Well, it's March 10, 1975--

- Yeah?
- And you're just outside London.

You leaped out of the country.
I figured that out already.

- Now, what else?
- Yeah. Uh--

Your name is Nigel Corrington.

You're, uh, London's most
eccentric and expensive artist.


Your family has lived in this castle
for five generations.

And you just shocked the art world...

by marrying a homeless girl
named Alexandra Hill.

- Homeless girl?
- Yeah.

- Uh--
- Why am I here, Al?

Uh, well, um, I don't know.

We haven't run
the program that far yet.

Why not?

- Oh, uh--
- Because of the vampire?

You're not running the program because
there's a vampire in the waiting room.

Is that it?
Is that what you're telling me?

Wait a minute.
You should see this guy Corrington, Sam.

He's-He's a first-class flesh eater.

He's got all the classic signs.

He's got the pale complexion,
the beady eyes,

- the lustful stare.
- Al?

- You just described yourself.
- Ha-ha! Very funny, Sam.

Yeah. You're gonna laugh,
but I'm telling you,

you have leaped into a night stalker.

All right. All right. Now that's enough.
Now I want you to repeat after me.

There is no such thing as a vampire.

- Oh, come on, Sam.
- Say it.

- There's no such thing as a vampire.
- Okay.

It's all in my mind.
Go on.

- Uh, it's all in my mind.
- Right.

And I will never, ever bring up
the subject again.

- Sam--
- Al?

I'll never, ever bring up
the subject again.

Okay. Now maybe we can get on to
figuring out why I'm here, okay?

I'm just glad you didn't show up
when I was in the coffin.

- Aha! Aha! You see?
- Ah!

That's it. You're a--

You're a blood-sucking
ghoul from hell.

Go. Go away, and don't come back
until you find out why I'm here.

Go on.

Well, I just hope Tina remembered to
pick up my turtleneck from the cleaners.

There's something so powerful
in his eyes.

Don't you think?

It's hard to believe he stood in
this very room over 300 years ago.

Yes, well, I'm sure he'd be happy
to know that, uh--

Nothing's changed since he left.

Oh, here. Let me help you.

Uh, I hope you don't mind
me wearing this dress.

I found it in a trunk upstairs.

It must have belonged
to your great-great-grandmother.


Alexandra, could I ask you
a question?

- Anything, darling.
- Listen. It's about the coffin--

Uh, I was just--

Well, I can't seem
to figure out why I was--

- They're here.
- Huh?

Do I look all right?

Yeah. You look wonderful.

I want to make
a proper impression.

After all, I'm the lady
of the castle now.

Company, sir.

Lord Corrington, it is an honor
to finally meet you.

Yes. Well, hello.

Thank you.

Allow me to introduce myself
formally, sir. I'm Victor Drake.

Uh, this is my companion, Claudia.

My lord, it's an honor to join you
on this most sacred of nights.

Yes, well, it's really nice
to have you here too with us.

I must say,
I was quite surprised...

when you responded favorably
to my letter requesting...

the privilege of joining you
on the night of the Blood Moon.

Your name, sir, is legendary
among the followers.

Although I never expected to encounter
such a vision of beauty...

upon my arrival.

I'm sorry. This is my wife, uh, Alexandra.

A pleasure.

Shall we retire to the dining room?

I believe dinner is nearly ready.

That would be lovely.
I'm ravenous.

It's quite impressive.

I understand your family
has lived here for many years.

So I've heard.

I mean, yes, that's true,
of course.

Nigel's great-great-grandfather
built the castle.

There's a portrait of him
in the study.

Perhaps you'd like to see it.

I'd like that very much.

Uh, Sam?

Uh, I think we'd better
talk for a minute.

Would you excuse me
for just a moment, please?

I need to go, uh,
check on the dinner.

Darling, I'm sure Horst
has everything under control.

Yes, I'm sure you're right, but
it never hurts to double-check.

You know? So, just-just to be
sure, I sometimes--

I'll be right back.

- How's life in the netherworld?
- What is that?

- This?
- Yes, this.

- This is a cross.
- No. That.

- It's garlic.
- I know it's garlic.

Why is it around your neck?

- Hmm?
- No reason.

No reason. I thought we had all
this vampire stuff settled, Al.

Yeah, well, you may change your mind
after you find out why you're here.

There's a 95.2% chance that
you're here to solve a murder.

- Murder? Who?
- Yeah. Alexandra.

Her body's found in the forest
in a couple of days.

- And that's not all.
- What?

When her body is found--

- What?
- His--

- What?
- It's completely...

drained of blood.

What do you mean,
drained of blood?

I mean drained. Emptied.

Sucked dry. Arroyo seco, Sam.

Admit it.
You have leaped into a--

- a vampire.
- Oh, stop it with the garlic.

Al, I cannot believe that there are guys
out there running around in bad tuxedos,

biting people on the neck.

Now, there's gotta be
a more logical explanation.

What's logical about the walking dead?

Why is it difficult for you
to admit that I could be right?

Because it's insane, that's why.

I'm a scientist.
I deal in facts, not fiction.

Aha! All right. All right.

Explain the fact that you
woke up in a coffin.

Well, that's easy to explain.

Yeah? It's easy to explain?
Go ahead. Explain it.

Go ahead.

- A marketing ploy.
- What?

Yes. Yes.
Corrington is a painter, right?

- So?
- Right?

Well, he probably lives
this bizarre lifestyle...

to drive up the price of his work.

People love quirky,
especially when it comes to art.

Now, you gotta admit
I'm right there.

What about the murder?

I don't know, Al.

Does Ziggy have anything else?

No, nothing. She's trying to interface
with some of the British systems,

but it shouldn't be much longer.

Have Ziggy run a check
on something called "Blood Moon."

Blood Moon.

B-Blood-Bl-Blood Moon? What
the hell is that, "Blood Moon"?

It's some kind of a cult ritual thing.

And also, have her run a check
on Victor Drake.

- Uh, that guy in there?
- Yeah, yeah.

He and his girlfriend are big
fans of mine-- Corrington's--

and I guess they're here
to celebrate this Blood Moon ritual.

- You think Alexandra's part of this cult?
- No, I don't think so.

What's she hanging out
with a guy like Corrington for?

Look. You told me she was
a street kid, right?

She came from the streets. Now she's
all of a sudden queen of her own castle.

- Now, who'd wanna give that up?
- Uh--

And as hard as it is to believe, I think
that she really loves this Corrington guy.

Okay, Sam.
Just-Just be careful, okay?


Be careful because this leap is
getting weirder by the minute.

May I propose a toast?

To stab the hearts
of mortal men,

they spill their blood
like rain.

And to the night we offer ours,

to demons without shame.

To the Blood Moon.

- The Blood Moon.
- The Blood Moon.

To the m-moon.

Sorry. I wasn't paying attention.
I should have been.

I believe my husband is more excited
than he dare admit.

- He hasn't been himself all evening.
- Is that right?

- Nothing serious, I hope.
- No, no. Just kind of one of those days.

I trust everything's been
prepared for the ceremony.


Must be very satisfying
to experience such a sacred event...

with such a hauntingly
beautiful creature.

You flatter me, Mr. Drake.

I worship you, Lady Corrington.

To be honest, I'm not quite sure
what to expect.

I know that the ritual involves
some kind of...

- sacrifice.
- An offering...

to the beast.

It's quite simple, really.

Within each of us...

there lives a beast--

a power.

Some... choose to fear it.

Others, to deny it.

Then there are others...

who seek to embrace it--

to feed off it.

As with everything,
there is a price to be paid--

A sacrifice to be made.

We have hours before the moon is high.

Shall we move to the study
for cognac?


No. Uh, no.

I feel like we-- we should
clear the table first. You know?

I'm sure your domestic can attend to it.

Well, I'd rather do it myself.

Alexandra, would you
give me a hand?


Sorry. There we go.

We'll have this all cleaned up
in no time. Just the two of us.

- Nigel, what's come over you?
- Me? Nothing.

I just felt like you could use
some fresh air.

You seemed a little,
uh, distracted.

It's the ceremony--

You're having
second thoughts, aren't you?

Well, as a matter of fact, I am.

I knew it.

You don't think I'm worthy.


It's because of my past,
isn't it?

Nigel, you're the only one
I care for.

I want to be part of your world.

Why? You're so young
and you're so alive.

It has to be terribly lonely for you,
living here like this.

I never knew my mother and father.

They left me in a boot box
on the steps of a small church...

when I was only a few hours old.

I grew up in a room...

with 20 other girls just like me--

20 lost souls.

When I left there,

I lived on the streets.

Until I met you,

I was sure I would die alone.


Don't make me die alone.


I really think we should
call off the ceremony.

Call it off?

But the moon won't be
like this for another--

Forget about the moon.
I'm talking about your life.

I don't understand.

I hope you're not planning to monopolize
your lovely wife all evening, milord.

I don't mean to intrude,

but I was hoping I could
present you with a gift.

A gift?

Darling, isn't that wonderful?

It's so beautiful.

Wherever did you find it?

I bought it from an old peddler.

It belonged to Count Bathory himself.

I've never seen
anything like it.

- It must be worth a fortune.
- At least.

Victor is a very generous man.

It pleases you, Lord Corrington?

Yes, this is a very generous gift, but...

- I can't accept it.
- I insist.

I'm sure you'll find it
very useful in the future.

Yes, well, I'm sure it has a great deal
of sentimental value for you.

Value can only be measured
by the individual.

Don't you agree?

Are you all right?

Will you excuse me for a moment?


I need to freshen up.

I can see why you chose her.

She's really quite vulnerable,
isn't she?

We're all vulnerable
in our own way.

So we are.

We have hours before the ritual.

I wonder if I might bother you
for a more secluded location,

where we can prepare.

Yes. There's some rooms upstairs.

- I'll have Horst take you up.
- I don't think that'll be possible.

I took the liberty
of excusing him for the evening.

I hope you don't mind.

Uh, well, I guess, uh--

- Join us.
- What?

I want to bathe in your power.

You do?

I can assure you,
Claudia is quite...


Yes, well, I'm... sure she is.

Some other time perhaps.

Of course.

Well, that proves it.

They are definitely vampires.

- What are you talking about?
- I'm talk-- Look at this.

Proves-- "How to Spot a
Vampire, by Dr. Laszlo Fang"?

- Where did you get that?
- It's not funny.

- Where'd you get this book?
- This is one of the--

This is the world's
foremost expert on vampires.

- Oh, that Dr. Laszlo Fang.
- Yes. Yes. Now listen to this.

- Please, read something to me.
- I'm gonna quote to you from chapter six.

- Please. Please do.
- All right. Shush. Listen.

"Vampires are not
merely blood seekers.

Oh, no.

"They are sexually obsessed,

"and many of them possess
insatiable carnal urges...

"beyond the grave."

Now, what does that tell ya?

It tells me that vampires and
holograms have a lot in common.


You are not gonna laugh
when I tell you about the--

- the Blood Moon.
- What about it?

Yeah, the Blood Moon.
The Blood Moon--

It's this very sacred night that
happens once every 10 years...

when the walking dead...

honor the name of Count Bathory.

- Victor mentioned Bathory.
- Count Bathory--


This is one of the first
vampires in recorded history.

Legend has it that he was
personally responsible...

for the ritualistic deaths
of 650 virgins.

He believed that their blood
would rejuvenate him...

- and give him eternal life.
- Al--

Well, they caught this guy,
and when they caught him...

the townspeople walled him up
inside his own bedroom.

- Hmm.
- And he lived in there.

He stayed alive for three years
drinking his own blood.

- That was in the book?
- Huh? Yeah.

- This Dr. Laszlo Fang book?
- Yeah, and they say that that night--

- This is a good book. I gotta read this.
- They say that that night...

the moon turned blood red.

And ever since then,
it's been required for the vampires...

to offer up a sacrifice
in his name.

And this is what Ziggy
thinks happened to Alexandra?

You tell me.

According to Scotland Yard, the cause
of death was acute loss of blood...

due to a puncture wound
in the carotid artery,

which is right-right here.

- I know where that is, okay?
- Yes. Yes.

Yeah, and the murder weapon
was found near the body.

It was a silver dagger.

- A what?
- A silver dagger.

Something like this?

Are you saying that Corrington
sacrificed his own wife?

- No.
- No?

No. No, if it was Corrington, then history
would have changed as soon as I got here,

because I'm him and I'm not
gonna kill her, right?

Right. Well, wait a minute.

- Al--
- Uh, wait. Let me check--

- Oh! Drake.
- Well, of course Drake.

But do we have anything
on this guy yet?

Uh, well, no.

It's these English frequencies.

This country hasn't been
the same since the Blitz.

Al, this is crazy--
this whole leap.

I leap in, and I'm in the
middle of a Stephen King novel.

I don't even know
what I look like.

- Oh, well, that's no problem.
- What do you mean?

You wanna know what you look like, just
look at the portrait over the fireplace.

- What are you talking about?
- What am I talking about?

Yeah. That's the guy in the
waiting room. That's you.

No, no. That's impossible.

Alexandra told me that that guy
has been dead for over 300 years.

Dead... or undead?

Don't start with that again, Al.

Sam, you've been here
long enough.

You gonna tell me there's
nothing weird going on here?

Weird, yes. Living dead, no.

Now what is it gonna take
to convince you of that?

This is ridiculous, Al,
absolutely ridiculous.

But if this is what it takes to prove
that he's not undead, then I'm gonna do it.

Good, Sam.

- There it is.
- Yeah. I know "there it is."

Well, I guess I'll open it then.

I guess so.

When you see his bones in here,

I don't wanna hear anything
more about vampires.


Gooshie, get me the hell
out of here!

What is it? What's wrong?



Look at his throat, Al.

I see. The throat.
What's left of the throat.

Who could have done
something like this?

Maybe it wasn't a who.
Maybe it was a what.

Is everything all right?

I heard a scream.

How did it happen?

I was just about to ask
you the same question.

You don't think I had anything
to do with this?

Alexandra must be very upset.

Perhaps I should speak to her.

She's my wife. I'll handle it.

Of course.

I'll await you both
in the study.

- Alexandra?
- I'm sorry I ran off.

I couldn't bear to look at--

It must have been terrible,
finding him like that.

I don't understand. Who could
have done something like this?

I don't know.

Listen, I-I've been thinking
about tonight.

I think we should call off
the ceremony.

- Because of this?
- Because of a lot of things.

But it's so important to you.

It's what you've waited for
ever since we met.

It's all you've talked about.

Well, it's not as important as you are.

I don't understand you.

You're at once frightening
and exciting.

I find myself wanting to run away,

yet I'm drawn to you
like no other.

You've gotta trust me on this.

- What about the others?
- They're in the study.

I'll go tell them.

- I'll come with you.
- Are you sure?


Lady Corrington--
I hope you're feeling better.

Yes, thank you.

The moon is nearly high.
We have much to do.

I've decided to call off the ritual.

This is quite unexpected.

Are you sure that there's nothing
I can say to change your mind?

Yes, I'm sure.

- Well, then. I think we should be going.
- I think that would be best.

I hope, at least, you will allow me...

the honor of a final toast.

Well, uh, under the circumstances,
I suppose it's the least we can do.

- What shall we drink to?
- Destiny.


Alexandra? Are you--



the count will be pleased.

Instead of one offering,
we shall give him... two.

You greatly
disappoint me, Corrington.

I must admit, I never imagined you
the type to fall for a pretty face--

especially one
with such a sordid pedigree.

You drugged me.

You'll wish you'd stayed drugged
before this night is over.

You've done a very foolish thing.

The count will be displeased
with your lack of commitment.

Where is Alexandra?

She's tied up at the moment.
Don't worry.

Soon you'll be together again...

for eternity.

- What do you want?
- Isn't it obvious?

I want your soul--

more directly, your blood.

- You can't be serious.
- I'm more than serious.

- I'm compelled.
- But that's murder.


The soul can never die.

It can only be...


My dear,

we've been waiting for you.

The moon is high, my love.

Yes. It's time.

I envy you.

Soon you'll know the secrets
beyond the grave.

Claudia, you have to untie me.
Victor's gonna kill Alexandra.

- I've gotta stop him.
- You heard him.

He said you were the chosen one--

the one that would take us
through the forest.

But you're just like the others.

You're weak and afraid.

This is not some gothic novel.
This is real life.

And unless you untie me,
innocent people are gonna die.

It's too late.

Tonight will see the evil of man reborn.

Victor says our fates
are preordained.

I don't know how to break this to you,
but Victor is insane.

Victor is a genius!

He is my king.

And soon... he will be yours.

- Al!
- Oh, my God, Sam!

- Sam.
- Al.

Shh. Don't speak.
I want you to hear the sound of our union.

- No, don't do this.
- It's already done.

She's a vampire!
Oh, no, Sam, do something!

- Horst.
- Are you all right, sir?

Thank God you came back. I thought
you'd gone home for the evening.

- Forgot my cap, sir.
- Where's Alexandra?

I don't know, sir.

I can't get a fix on her.
Must be the lightning.

- Go find her, Al.
- All right. Gooshie.

Center me on Alexandra.

Horst, I want you to go
to town and get help.

- But, sir--
- Go!

Yes, sir.

You're not real.

And I'll prove it.

They're fake.

Huh? What's fake?

Your vampires are fake,
unless they got a dental plan in hell.

Now, did you find Alexandra?

Yeah, yeah. Victor's got
her staked up on the roof.

You better hurry up
because he's gonna start the service.

It's just as it was
in the beginning,

when Bathory ruled the night.

I've awaited this moment
my entire life--

to bridge the gap
between the living and the dead,

to fly with fallen angels
and to soar into the night.

And you--
oh, you shall be my wings.

So delicate, so fragile.

And soon you will be...

with the master.


Stay where you are.

I know you want to believe...

that this is all real,

but we both know the truth.

What are you talking about?

- You killed her.
- No.

But I'll kill you if I have to.

You still don't understand, do you?

You can't change this.

Why do you reject
your own destiny?

Because it's wrong.

End this, Victor. Let her go.

Yes. She shall be released.

We shall all be released.

Pass softly,

my love.


The young lady has indeed
confirmed your version of the story,

and, uh, seeing as you and your family
have lived her for many years,

I really don't see much point
in bringing you in at the present time.

Would you mind waiting, though, for a
few minutes? I'd like to talk to my wife.

- I don't see any harm in that.
- Thank you.

Well, it, uh, certainly looks
as though the storm has passed.

Yes, I sure hope so.

Yes, indeed.

Al, I don't think she should be here
when Corrington gets back, do you?

No, of course not.


Uh, are you all right?

I've been thinking.

I think you should leave here.


You don't belong here.

You don't belong here.

And what happened tonight
should convince you of that.

I know. I know.

Where shall I go?

I want you to take this,
and sell it.

You should get
a lot of money for it.

And I want you to go
as far away as you can from here.

You hear me?



Now go on.

The police are waiting
to take you to town. Go.

I don't think I'll ever
understand any of this,

but I'll love you for all eternity.

Don't feel bad, Sam.
You didn't have any choice.

You couldn't leave her
with that-- that that.


Ziggy says she's fine.
She's-She's just fine.

She doesn't end up
on the street again, right?

Well, yeah. She--
Yeah, she ends up on the street.

But-- She becomes a missionary...

- on the street, see.
- A missionary?

She's fine.

A missionary.


Ha-ha, what?

You gotta be feeling a little silly
right now, huh?

You know, with your garlic and
your cross and all that stuff,

considering how
everything turned out.

I wondered how long
it would take you

before you'd try and
rub my nose in that.

- I don't wanna be an I-told-you-so.
- No. I just got a little--

little carried away.

- "A little carried away"? Al!
- Yeah. Just a little.

You were scared to death.
"A little carried away."

I just hope that this proves to you,
once and for all,

that there are no such things
as vampires.

Hmm! Okay?


I'll finally find out
what I look like.