Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 4, Episode 5 - Permanent Wave - June 2, 1983 - full transcript

Sam leaps into the body of Frank Bianca, a hairdresser in Los Angeles just as there's a shooting at the pharmacy next door. He lives with Laura and her son Kyle and he has just let the boy go next door to get some candy. The boy is unharmed but the pharmacist is killed and Kyle may be the only witness. Laura refuses to let Kyle cooperate with the police since her husband once witnessed a crime and was killed before he could give evidence. The detective on the case desperately wants to speak to Kyle but Sam can't convince Laura that they should do the right thing. Time is running out as Al tells him that both Kyle and his mom will be killed in the next 48 hours and he's there to stop it.

Theorizing that one could time travel
within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped
into the Quantum Leap accelerator...

and vanished.

He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own...

and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al,
an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form of a hologram
that only Sam can see and hear.

And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong...

and hoping each time
that his next leap...

will be the leap home.

Hey, Frank! I swept the floor
and took out the trash.

Uh, can I go to Phil's
for some candy?

- Sure.
- Really?

- Yeah.
- All right!

- You haven't rinsed her yet!
- Oh. Oh, yeah.

- Frank. Frank. It's too hot!
- Ow!

- Yeah, uh...
- Where's Kyle?

He went to, uh, Bill's
to get some candy.

- You mean Phil's?
- I'm sorry. Phil's. That's right.

Frank, are you crazy?
Laura never lets him go out alone!

Why not?

Oh, boy.

Get down!
Get away from the door.

You okay, kid?

Shh. Shh, shh, shh.


Stay here. All right?

We got a white male, D.O.A.
Shot through the heart. Unknown assailant.

Leaping around in time, I've been able
to change people's lives for the better.

But this time, it looked like
I leaped in a little late.

Please back up here.
Go on back to your business, please.

You okay, sweetie?

Can you believe
someone shot Phil?


It's gonna make it hell
getting prescription refills.

Why'd he shoot Phil?
He was a nice man.

Sometimes bad things happen
to good people.


Kyle. Kyle, honey!
Are you okay?

Yeah. Chloe just called me.
What happened?

I saw a man shoot Phil.


I was in the pharmacy,
and a man came...

Shh! Shh.

- You saw the man who shot Phil?
- Weren't you with him?

No, I let him get some candy.

You swore to me you wouldn't
let him out of your sight!

He wanted to get some candy.
I thought it would be okay. I'm sor...

No, you didn't think.
I told you, he isn't allowed out alone!

Mom, Frank thinks I can
do things by myself now.

Frank is not your father.

And what about the police?
Do they know?

No, they, uh...

They wanted to talk to us,
but I told them to wait until...

I've got to get him out of here.

Come on.

- Wait a minute.
- No.

He saw the killer.
He's got to give the police a description.

Not unless you tell
them he was a witness.

Other people had to
see him go in there.

Well, tell them it was
some other little boy, not mine.

I have been through this once before.
I can't go through it again.


We'll talk about this
at home, okay?

Hey. You okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm-I'm okay.

- Frank.
- Huh?

- You gotta call Mrs. Lamb.
- Mrs. Lamb?

- Okay?
- Okay.

Mr. Bianca?

Frank Bianca?

- Yeah.
- Detective Ward.


I understand you ran next door
when you heard the gunshot.

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

- Did you see the gunman?
- Not really.

Not really?

Well, you see,
when I ran in, he shot at me,

and I ducked and hid
behind a counter.

Then I heard him running
out into the alleyway,

but when I got there,
he was already gone.


Well, can you describe him?

No. See, he was behind me.
He used a silencer.

- You're sure?
- Yes. Yes, I'm positive.

Because when he fired the shot at me,
I never heard it.

- Well, how many shots did you hear?
- Two.

Yeah, the druggist
got off two rounds.


Uh, do you remember
anything else?

No. I'm sorry.

Look, if you do remember anything
else, would you please let me know?

- Uh, yeah. Sure.
- Uh, hold on a minute.

Let me give you my home phone.

Anytime, day or night,
just give me a call.

- All right?
- Okay. Thanks.

A woman says she saw a little boy with
a leg brace go into the pharmacy...

just before the shooting.

Yeah. That would be
my girlfriend's son.

He went over there
to get some candy.

- But he didn't see anything.
- He didn't?

No, no. Uh, when he heard a shot,
he hid behind a counter,

and that's where I found him.

- Well, do you mind if I talk to him?
- No. No, that... that would be fine.

Could you tell me
where he is, please?

I'm sorry.
Uh, he left with his mother.

But, uh, I-I got your card,
so I'll... I'll have him contact you, okay?

Well, can I have
your home address, please?

My home address?

Yeah, you know, the place where you live.
Yeah. Yeah.

Well, uh, I'm sure it's around
here someplace. I just have to...

You forgot where you live?

Uh, look, it's... it's been
a rough day, you know?

- Look, Mr. Bianca.
- Huh?

Nobody likes to get involved
with a murder case,

but other than the little boy,

you're the only one
that I can place at the shooting...

besides Phil Hartman,
and he's not talking.

Uh, here we go. Here we go.

Uh, 8624B Canon Drive,
Beverly Hills, California.

Uh, Mr. Bianca,
this is 8624A Canon Drive.

You live upstairs?

Uh, yeah. Yeah. I-I do. I, uh...
I thought you wanted the exact address.

That's why I was tellin' you
about the-the "B."

Uh... My nerves are really shot.
I'm sorry.

No, I understand.
I understand.

I'll be in touch.

And so it was time
for Future Boy...

to step back
into the time machine...

and say good-bye
to Captain Galaxy!

- Ready to go?
- Yeah.

All right. Step into the time
machine, Future Boy.

Step right up. There you go.

Now, prepare to activate...

the time machine!

Step into the time accelerator!

Begin the countdown!

Ten, nine, eight, seven,

- Goodbye, Future Boy!
- Six,

five, four, three...

- Get ready to leap!
- Two, one, zero!

Hey! Hey!
My glasses are on my chin.

You all right? Here. Come here.
Come here. I got 'em. I got 'em.


All right, all right. Bedtime.

- Aw. I want to hear another one.
- No, no, no.

Yeah, come on. How about a bedtime story?
Ooh. I love bedtime stories.

Especially the way this one Swedish
stewardess named Ulla used to tell them.

- Al.
- She used to act them out.

Al? Al?

Al... good little boys
have got to go to sleep.

- Oh, boy.
- Come on. One more story.

No, no, no, no, no.
Tomorrow night, we'll continue...

with the further adventures of...

Captain Galaxy and Future Boy!

No, don't turn off the light.

Okay, okay.
I-I'll leave the light on.

Everything's gonna
be okay, Kyle.

He's not gonna come back
and hurt me?

No, no. Whoever killed Phil
is far, far away.

- You sure?
- Positive.

You saw Phil today
in the pharmacy, didn't you?

He was yelling at a man.

Yeah. Did you see
what the man looked like?

Does Mom get to read you a bedtime story?

Yes, please.

- Okay.
- Okay. Second shift. Good night.

- Good night.
- Future Boy.

Good night, Frank.

Okay. Oh, there are lots
of good stories in this book.

There are funny stories
and romance stories.

But I don't think we'll have
a scary story tonight, okay?

- No.
- Okay.

Nice pad, sort of.

I'm a hairdresser.

You're not just a hairdresser.
You are the hairdresser.

Frank Bianca.

Yeah, well, he changed his name.

You can't become the hottest
hairstylist in Beverly Hills...

with a name
like Maurice Lipschitz.

This is a nightmare!

What are you complaining about?

All day long,
all these gorgeous women...

dressed in these little bitty wrap robes
covering their little lacy things...


And their only desire
is for you to pamper them...

and play with their...


With their hair!
With their hair!

The only thing I played with today
was a dead body,

a terrified little boy
and a distraught mother.

Yeah, well, the... the body was,
uh, Phil Hartman, local pharmacist.

Yeah, and I'm assuming that,
due to my timing,

I didn't leap in to stop Phil's murder.

Uh, no, but Ziggy says it's 86%
you're here to find the killer.

Well, I... I didn't see him,
but I think Kyle did.

No. According to police reports,
he never identified the murderer.

That's because his mother
never let him talk to the police.

Well, she never had a chance.

What do you mean?

- They murdered her too.
- "...Benedict was in love with her."

- Do you understand?
- Kind of.

What do you mean, "kind of?"

I know it's a little difficult
to follow, but you'll learn.

"The prince was Leonardo."

They both die?

- Sometime in the next 48 hours.
- "But what is your name?"

His body is found on the way to
Arrowhead, and hers is never found.

"And I am with you always.
And with that'"...

What's at Arrowhead?

Oh, they got a nice restaurant.
They got rooms there, a lake.

Al, why did they go there?

Oh, well, you got a...
Frank has a cabin there.

Well, you know, maybe they
were goin' there to hide.

Yeah, yeah.
So, whoever killed them must know them.

Yeah, or... or, you know,
they know him or somethin'.

Laura said somethin' about "This
has happened before." What's that?

Well, her-her husband, Sal,
witnessed a mob hit...

when they were living in Bensonhurst,
New Jersey, about three years ago.

Then he I.D.'d the killer. He was gonna
testify, but they gunned him down.

Oh, my God.

And she's afraid that the same thing
is gonna happen to Kyle.

Well, she's right.

Looks like Ziggy's gone to sleep
here or something.

I'm gonna go give the
memory banks a kick

and see if I can get
some more information.

Remember, you've got 48 hours.

He's finally asleep.

- Oh. That's great.
- Hmm.

What a day, huh?


I hope this doesn't
bring back that nightmare.

- What nightmare?
- Hmm.

When Sal was killed,

he'd have these night terrors.

He'd just wake up screaming that someone
was chasing him, trying to kill him,

and he couldn't...

couldn't get away
because of his brace.

Took me hours to calm him down.

You know, he hasn't had them
since we moved in with you.

You make us feel so safe, Frank.

That's what I'm here to do.

Thank you for not telling
the police about Kyle.

Laura, I'm not so sure
I did the right thing.

I mean, without Kyle's help,
they may never find the killer.

I don't care. I really don't care.

I just want to protect my son.

I want to protect him too.

Let's get some rest.

I have to start inventory
for the summer sale tomorrow,

and it's your busiest day
at the salon.

Yeah. Right.

Come on.

Do whatever you want, Frankie.
I know I'm in good hands.


Okay. Well...


- Go ahead. Just cut a little off.
- You better close your eyes.

Yeah. Little more.
Go ahead. Snip.

Yeah. Perfect.

But you didn't do anything.

Why mess with perfection?

Uh, why mess with perfection?

Oh, Frank.

Ah, well.

You are a genius.


- How's the girlfriend?
- She's great.


- Ciao.
- Ciao.

- Frank!
- Huh?

Which one of these did you
mix in the stripping solution

that you put on Charisse?

- Uh...
- All of 'em.

- Uh, all... all of 'em.
- Have you been breathing vapors?

- Ah, he's into punk.
- What?

I said,
have you been breathing vapors?

- Tell her to rinse it.
- Uh, just tell her to rinse it.

Yeah, well, let's
just hope there's something left to rinse.

Oh, great!
The Van Berg sisters are here.

- Which one do you want first?
- Both.

Uh, both.

Rinse her!

Hi, Frank.


I thought you'd never get up the
courage to do us both at the same time.

- Wow!
- Uh...

I thought you were doing
the boyfriend thing.

Wow! Wow!

Uh, actually... actually, uh,

I'm doing the, uh...
the hair thing right now.

The hair thing? What a waste!
The hair thing.

But let me ask you, ladies...

What is it exactly
that you have in mind?

Well, Elsa and I have a
political function to attend.

- Mm-hmm.
- And we thought...

- Something, uh, wild?
- What is this?

- Or something free?
- Hey!

Is that part of me still in
you, or what?

- Maybe.
- Stop this!


Maybe we should make
some of those uptight...

political types really suffer.

So why don't you ladies...

get out of those clothes,
slip into some robes?

We'll wash you.

We'll rinse you.

And I'll think up something
really nasty for your hair.

Ha! You're drooling!

Of course I'm drooling.
Why are you doing this to me?

I never had my own
little set of twins.

- Because you deserve it.
- Huh?

You nag me if I don't resist women,
and you nag me if I do resist.

- You're doing this to torture me!
- Yes, and it's working.

Al. I know what
you're thinking.

Do not go in there.
Do not go in there!


I can't believe...

Oh, I'll tell you what...

They are totally alike.
Down to the least little curve.

I don't want to hear about it!
Would you forget about the twins, please?

- I can't forget about the twins.
- I can't believe you...

- What has Ziggy got?
- Huh?

Oh. Uh, well, he says you gotta
get Kyle to talk to the police.

Yeah, I've been thinking
about that.

If I can get Kyle to tell me
what the killer looked like,

I can tell the police
that I saw him.

You know, I was afraid to testify...
that sort of a thing.

No. Then how are you gonna pick
out a suspect from the lineup?

That's not a good idea, Sam.

Kyle is the one that saw the killer,
so he has to be the one to identify him.

- What...
- Oh! You got it on sale!

- I grabbed it for you.
- Thank you!

It's just that pink pantsuit
she's had her eye on forever.

Oh! You gotta come with me!

- What's that all about?
- Clothes.

- How you doin', big guy?
- Okay.

Listen, uh, I'm gonna
take a break right now.

- You... You wanna go with me?
- Yeah, sure.

Come on.
Let's get outta here.

Hey, Frank.
I made up a Captain Galaxy story.

- You did?
- Yeah. You want to hear it?

Um... Well... Sure. Why not?
I'd love to hear it.

Sam, go for it. Ask him now,

because she might come out
any minute looking for him.

But first I want you to finish telling
me about the man you saw yesterday.

- What man?
- The man who killed Phil.

Uh, I... I can't.
It makes me afraid.

Look, I'm not gonna let anybody hurt
you, okay? Sit down over here.

All I want you to do
is just tell me...

tell me what this man
looked like, that's all.

- I don't remember.
- Come on, kid. You can remember.

Okay, okay. L-Let's forget
about that, all right?

Close your eyes.
I'm gonna tell you another story.

- Of Future Boy?
- Close your eyes.

No, this is a story about
Future Boy's best friend Al.

Best friend, huh? Thanks.

- Al is invisible.
- Really?

Right. Everywhere he goes,
nobody can see him.

Oh, cool.

Yeah. And yesterday,
he walked into Phil's.

Well, no, actually, I didn't.

I was with this girl that works in
the car wash, and the water was...


He walked into Phil's, and none of
the people inside could see him.

- Could I be invisible?
- Absolutely.

You were there,
totally invisible,

moving through the pharmacy
with your good buddy Al.

Nobody could see you;
nobody could hear you.

And then all of a sudden, you saw Phil,
and Phil was yelling at, uh, some...

- A-A man.
- A man.

- In a suit.
- Right. A man in a suit.

And he said, um...

He was telling him...

that he didn't need any more
of his junk money.

Junk, junk. Junk bonds maybe?

Wait. Junk or junkie?

Junkie. He didn't need any more
of his junkie money.

- Kyle?
- Uh-oh.

- What are you guys talkin' about?
- Look, Laura.

- You promised me.
- No, I didn't promise.

Mommy, it's my fault, really.

No, honey. It's not your fault, honey.
It's Frank's.

Come on.

- Laura...
- No, no, now's not the time.

You think Phil was selling drugs
without a prescription?

Well, let's see.

He was president
of the Rotary Club.

He sang in the Bap...
Baptist... Baptist choir.

Uh, he declared Chapter 11
a year and a half ago.

Had a lot of creditors.

But get this...
He paid them all off, with interest,

and he died with $200,000
in his account.

Sounds like drugs to me. All right. Have
Ziggy go through all of his bank records.

See if he had any big transfers
or anything like that.

Wow. He got 600,000 from
an outfit called "E-Loch." Eloch.

- Six hundred thousand?
- Six hundred thou...

And, well, maybe he
was supplying drugs...

to this Eloch outfit...

until he got out of debt,
and then he terminated business with them.

Then they terminated him.

So you believe Phil was selling drugs
to a company called Eloch?

Yeah. And, uh, when he wanted to
stop, they killed him.

And you can't tell me where
you got this information?

No, no.
But it is accurate.

But even if you're right,
I still need a witness to the shooting.

All I got is you and your gal's son.
I need to talk to him.

- He's with his mother.
- That's what you said the last time.

Look, I want you
to bring the boy in, Mr. Bianca.

We can look at a few pictures.
I promise, I won't scare him.

It's not Kyle.
It's his mother.

See, about two years ago...

Yeah. I know. I know, I know.
I ran a check.

I know what she went through
with the Veducci case.

Look, bring her and her son in,
please, so I don't have to.

I won't let 'em get hurt.

Okay. I'll talk to her.

You promised you wouldn't
go to the police.

- They came to me.
- And you told them about Kyle.


- You stay here.
- Laura.

Laura, people saw him
go into the pharmacy.

- It could have been another little boy.
- With a leg brace?

- Who is it?
- It's me!

- Hi, guys.
- Hi.

- Is Kyle here?
- In the kitchen.

Can I borrow his brain for a minute?
I got this thing. It's driving me crazy.

Kyle. Hi. Sweetie,
I got something to show you.

Sylvia gave me this, okay? I mean,
it's giving me a major headache. You mind?

If you can help me out here,
uh, I'll take you out to dinner.

- What do you say?
- What is it?

Well, you're supposed to line it all up and
get the, uh, colors to match on every side.

Get down!

- Kyle?
- Whoa. What the hell?

Get down! Get down!
Get on the floor!

- My son!
- Mommy, Mommy!

He hasn't been hit. Just get him up
against the wall and keep him down!

He tried to kill me!
That son of a bitch tried to kill me.

- Chloe. Chloe. Get down, get down.
- He tried to kill me!

Let me see. All right. It's not so bad.
It just abraded the dermal layer.

- What?
- It's a flesh wound.

Put your hand here,
press on this and don't move.

Don't worry! I ain't budgin'!

Sam, I swear we didn't know
this was gonna happen.

- Where'd the shot come from?
- I don't know. I didn't even hear them.

He's usin' a silencer. I think it's
comin' from over there on the, uh...

Gooshie, center me on the
rooftop across the street!

- What are you doing?
- Calling 911.

- No.
- Laura, someone is shooting at us.

- I don't want to get involved!
- We are involved!

If you call the police,
I swear I'll take Kyle and run.

I swear it. Hang up the phone.

Stay down till I get back.

- Where are you going?
- To see if the sniper's still there.

- Sam!
- Did you find anything?

No, there's no spent casings or
anything around. The guy must be a pro.

- Aah! Don't do that!
- What?

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, I'm sorry. I popped in too close.

- Okay, I'm sorry. I won't do that again.
- Yeah.

Look, I thought you told me they
were supposed to be killed tomorrow.

Uh, Ziggy made a mistake.

Yeah, Ziggy did make a mistake, and it
almost cost Kyle and Chloe their lives.

Well, maybe you changed history.

Ah! Aha. You did. See, look.

Kyle's body is no longer found
on the road to Arrowhead.

- That's great.
- It's not found at all.

He and Laura disappear,

Okay, whoever he was,
he's, uh... he's gone.

You okay? Huh?
Let's see, Chloe.

You see?
You see what happens?

I see what happens when we
don't do what needs to be done.

If Kyle had talked
to the police,

maybe they would've caught that
wacko before he shot at us.

- Kyle, get ready for bed.
- I'm almost done...

- Now, Kyle!
- No. I need to talk to him now.

He is my son.

He's my responsibility as
long as he's living here.

Well, we can change that.

Mom. Frank, don't fight.

I'm sorry. Kyle.

We just want to do
what's best for you.

We can't seem to agree
on what that is.

But, please, Laura, I've done it your way.
Now let me try mine.

I'm... I'll get that aspirin
for you, Chloe.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

Let's talk about this man
who shot Phil.

I don't remember much.

Would you know him
if you saw him again?

Um, I don't know. Maybe.

Well, was he...
was he white? Black?


What color was his hair?

Did he have any hair?

I don't remember.

When he shot Phil,
I ducked behind the counter.

I could only see his shoes.

- What did his shoes look like?
- Shoes.

Oh, yeah.
He hid money in them.

- He hid money in his shoes?
- I could see it peeking out.

Why hide money in your shoes?

You know, I used to hide money in
my shoes when I was on liberty,

in case I got
three sheets to the wind.

- You know what I mean?
- No, I don't know.

Well, you wouldn't.

Gee, this place kind of reminds
me of my thir... four...

third father-in-law's place.

- He had a pharmacy?
- No, a funeral parlor.


Uh, why are we, uh,
pussyfootin' around here like cat burglars?

I don't know. I'm just lookin' for
something the police might have missed.

What else can I do?

I don't know.
You can get Kyle to remember better,

but of course, you...
you know...

This is where I found him...
right down here.

He's right. The only thing you can see
from here would be somebody's shoes.

Al. Al, would you
stop this, please?

I was just tryin' to get a closer look.

Uh... I was just tryin' to be helpful.

The killer must have
stood over here, right?

But, uh... I don't know.

- Huh.
- Huh?

What's this?

- A penny.
- Yeah.

Well, keep it. Keep it because
we need all the luck we can get.

We should have waited for Frank.

We didn't have time.

He won't know where to find us.

Well, Chloe will tell him
we headed for the cabin.

- Still should've told him.
- Enough, Kyle!

Oh, baby, I... I'm sorry.
I'm just edgy today.

Ah, that's okay, Mom.
I'm edgy too.

Kyle? Laura?

In here.
I tried to stop her, Frank.

- Oh, Sam. I don't like this.
- But she wouldn't listen to me.

- Where'd they go?
- She said something about...

- Oh, not Lake Arrowhead!
- Lake Arrowhead?


Your cabin's up there, isn't it?
What are you doing?

Calling Detective Ward.

Frank, she said she didn't
want you callin' the police.

I have to. The killer...

Yes, Detective Ward, please.

- The killer might be following her.
- What?

Gooshie, get me a location
on Laura and Kyle.


Yeah, okay. Uh...

A woman called him 20 minutes ago,
and he's on his way to Lake Arrowhead.

Well, Laura must have come
to her senses and called him.

Did Laura make any phone calls?

Well, not that I
remember, but, you know,

I was in the bathroom
part of the time.

Way to go, Gooshie! Okay, they just
turned onto Angeles Crest Highway,

and I'm out of here.

- Al.
- Al?

Do you have a car?

- Yes. The one you helped me buy.
- Oh.

I'm beginning to wonder which one of
us got hit in the head with a bullet.

I'm sorry. I'm a little distracted.
Can I borrow it?

As long as I go with you.

- Chloe.
- Hey, she may be your girlfriend,

but she's my connection
to 50% off on Armani suits.

Okay, now, you're still alive.
That's good.

Now, how am I gonna
do this? Uh...

Laura, you gotta turn around
and go right back to L.A.,

or else you're gonna get killed.

And you can't hear me.

Well, if you were a couple of
years younger, you could hear me.

Did you hear me?

- The road's empty, Mom. No cars.
- No, he didn't.

I certainly don't have to worry
with you riding shotgun.

Laura, watch out,
watch out, watch out!

Oh, boy.

Are you okay, honey?

- Oh, I'm fine. Just check the kid.
- You sure you're okay?

- Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay.
- You're not hurt?

- Frank, slow down.
- You're goin' too fast, Sam.

- You want to get in an accident too?
- An accident?

That's what we're gonna
have, if you don't slow down.

They're all right. They're okay.

It's just that Laura blew it for
a second and went off the road,

onto the shoulder,
broke the A-frame under the car.

They're about 10 miles
from the cabin.

- How far are we from the cabin?
- I don't know. It's your cabin.

At this speed?
About an hour.

I wonder how far behind them
Detective Ward is.

- Detec... That's a good idea.
- Uh-huh.

Detective Wa... Gooshie,
center me on Detective Ward.

Well, how's it goin', flatfoot?

Oh, there's the lake.

You must have got on the road
ahead of them.

Well, uh, now I gotta figure out a way
to get you to turn around and go back...

'cause they're in trouble
back there.

Let's see. Mind over matter.
Mind over matter.

Why don't you take
your flatfoot off the gas,

put on the brake, turn...

Take your flatfoot
and your penny loafer off the gas,

put on the brake.

Take your flat foot and your penny...

Kyle said the killer
hid money in his shoe.

Oh, boy.

You murdered Phil, and now you're
gonna kill a nine-year-old kid.

You pimple.

- Sam!
- Hey! You scared 10 years off me!

- The cop shot Phil!
- What?

- At my age, I can't afford 10 years!
- Detective Ward!

- How'd you find out?
- I lied about my age.

- He's wearing penny loafers.
- I'm really 33.

- Penny loafers?
- Yeah, pennies, pennies.

Remember the penny you found
on the drugstore floor?

It came out of
his penny loafers!

So whoever Phil was supplying drugs
to must've paid Ward to knock him off.

- Oh, my God.
- Well, it isn't that bad.

But it's okay, because he's almost to
the cabin, and they're 10 miles back,

and her car isn't goin' anywhere.

Thanks for the ride. I didn't want us
to be stuck out there tonight.

Look, right here
will be just fine.

We really appreciate the lift.
No problema.

- Thanks, man.
- You're welcome, man.

- It got dark fast.
- It does that in the mountains.

Don't worry. Our eyes will get
accustomed to it pretty soon. Come on.

Turn the lights on, Mommy.

The fuse must be out, honey.

There's no flashlight.

Look, you wait here.
I'm gonna go check the box, okay?

No, let me come with you.

No, honey, the stairs are too steep
for you, especially in the dark.

You'll be safe here.
I'll only be a minute.

- Okay? Hmm?
- Okay.

That's my big boy.

Oh, come on.

No fuses. Kyle!


Oh, lock the door.
Good thinking!


Get up, kid. Come on.
Better hurry!


Uh... Uh... Come on, kid.
We gotta get you outta here!

Think of something! Go through that
doggy door. Yeah. That's it, kid. Go on.

Attaboy. Attaboy. That was good thinking.
Now, with your leg...

What is it?
Oh, your leg is stuck.

Oh, well, pull it hard.
Pull it. Attaboy!

- No! Hey, let him go! Hey!
- Get away from me! Get off of me!

- Let him go!
- Let go! Let go!

Take off, kid! Take off!

Hurry up, Sam!
The kid got away, and he's running,

but he can't run very
fast, and the cop's...

- Stay in the car!
- Frank!



Let go! Let me go!
No! No!

Shh, shh. It's me.
It's me. It's me.

It's okay. It's okay.
You're safe.

I don't think so, Sam.

You don't have to do this.

- Yes, I do.
- You bastard!

No, look. Kyle.

This is the detective
who's looking into Phil's murder.

- Have you ever seen him?
- No.

Are you sure?
You're sure? See? See?

He doesn't even...
He doesn't even know who you are.

But you do.



What happened?

That'll teach the bastard
to take a shot at me.

Chloe. You are
one hell of a woman.

- Uh-oh.
- Too bad Ward didn't realize that.

You called the police,
didn't you?

Sort of. I told them I was
Laura and on my way up here.

Then she knew that
that dirtbag was the killer?

- You hired him, didn't you?
- And I thought you only gave good hair.

Then she was behind
the whole thing.

You own a company
named Eloch, and...

Eloch. Eloch is
an anagram for Chloe.

- How could we have missed that?
- How could Ziggy have-have missed it?

- We can't all be geniuses.
- Mommy!

I'm afraid Ward
bashed her brains out, kid.

I really hate doing this.

- You're actually a pretty cute kid.
- Look, just wait a second. Okay?

What... Who-Who were
you sellin' the drugs to?

Oh, she was sellin'
to-to-to your customers.

Oh, you're stalling for time.
Okay, I'm sorry.

No stalls, Frank.



No! Don't make me do this.

Mommy! Mommy!

Well, you've got a concussion.

We're gonna have to
sit up with you tonight

and get you to a
hospital tomorrow.

You, on the other hand...

You do not have a concussion.

- But she's gonna be all right?
- She's gonna be fine, Sam.

In fact, she starts a support group
for victims of violent crime,

and, uh, she helps
a lot of people.

Yeah, she's gonna be just fine.

I think I'd like to hear
that from a real doctor.

Oh, well, I am.


A very good doctor,
for a hairdresser.

- You're a very good man, period.
- Yeah.

Hey, Sam, get this...

Kyle wins the hundred-meter butterfly
in the 1994 Special Olympics.

- I didn't think you could swim.
- I can't.

Is it my concussion that is making
this conversation seem so weird?

Uh, well, probably.

- Will you teach me to swim, Frank?
- Yeah, that's who teaches him.

Sure, I'll teach you.

Or better yet, you know, we'll get you
in some really good classes at the "Y."

Oh, now you changed history.
Now he... now he wins the gold.

Well, see, that's the difference between
a father teaching his son and a pro.

- Father?
- What are you saying, Frank?

- Um...
- That's okay. Frank and Laura get married.

I guess... I guess
I'm asking you to marry me.

Frank. M-Me.

You guess?

I guess "guess" is not
the best choice of words, Sam.

- Will you marry me?
- Yes!

Yes. Yes.

Everything's gonna be okay.

It's all over. You did just fine.

Multiple contusions, vaginal
perineal tears, perineal lacerations.

Well, uh, I...
I don't think that...

She's still dazed from the attack.
It's gonna be okay.

- Just give it a little more time.
- You folks all done with her?

Oh, no, not again.


Have you been raped before?

Oh, boy.