Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 4, Episode 3 - Hurricane - August 17, 1969 - full transcript

Sam leaps into the body of Mississippi Sheriff Archie Necaise who along with his girlfriend, Red Cross nurse Cissy Davis, are trying to get people to evacuate the area due to the impending arrival of a major hurricane. They have to deal with quite a number of people who simply won't leave and some are actually having a party as they plan to ride out the storm. He also has to deal with his old girlfriend, Lisa, who obviously still has feelings for him and is heartbroken over their break up. However, Al tells Sam that he's there to save his girlfriend Cissy's life. Sometime later that day at the height of the storm, she will return to her home for reasons unknown and be struck by a piece of flying debris. Sam's plan is simple: keep her close by and not let her return home. It doesn't quite work out that when they get a call to evacuate someone in distress. Sam manages to partly change the future, but when Al learns that Cissy will now be shot, Sam races to rescue her.

Theorizing that one could time travel
within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped
into the Quantum Leap accelerator...

and vanished.

He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own...

and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al,
an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form of a hologram
that only Sam can see and hear.

And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong...

and hoping each time
that his next leap...

will be the leap home.

That's the last of it.

Comin' through.

Thanks. Thanks a million.
I don't want to hang you up anymore.

I just didn't know
how I was gonna do it alone.

It's hideous, isn't it?

I know it's silly, but I'd just die
if anything happened to it.

It's... all I got left from my dad.

Then you sure don't want to
leave it behind for a hurricane.


Oh, boy.

Oh, man.

- Archie, are you okay?
- Oh, my God.

Yeah, I'm all right.

I'm so sorry.
I never should have called you.

Are you sure you're okay?
Maybe we should take you to a hospital.

- No, I'm gonna be...
- Just let me see.

- That's weird.
- What?

I almost swear I saw
a hint of green in your eyes.

Green? In my eyes?
Ha, ha. That's weird.

Here, kitty.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.

So, where you gonna
go, Miller's or Clanton?

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

- Archie?
- Huh?

What do you think?

Well, uh, the way
the wind is pickin' up,

and with the hurricane comin' and
all, you know, I think that...


You should probably head
inland as far as possible

and-and-and as quick as you can,

and then get out of
the path of the storm too.

- Thanks. I mean it.
- Uh, sure.

Boots? Boots?

Boface! I swear, if I didn't love that dog
so much, I'd get rid of him.

Now, you're gonna be all right,
aren't you?

We'll be fine.

Strangely enough, the thought
of being in a hurricane...

was somehow
comforting and familiar.

I guess that's because
every time I leap,

I feel that strange, unseen forces
hurl me wherever they want to,

and there's nothing I can do
to stop them.

So that for me, life,
like storms, is unpredictable.

She's really kind of sweet,
isn't she?

- Who?
- You know who... Lisa.


No horns, no hooves.
She's just nice.

I didn't expect that, especially after
the way she kept buggin' you.

"Oh, Archie, I'm so scared.
Won't you come over and help me evacuate?"

I'm not sure
she'd like to hear that.

When did you know you loved me?

First time I saw you.

Oh, I am glad.
Because I love you too.

Still, it must have been tough.

But it's just like you said...
sometimes things don't work out.

Sometimes people need
more than you can give.

Harrison to 28. Harrison to 28.

Arch, you there? 10-4 me.

- Duty calls.
- Yeah.

Harrison to 28. Come on in, Arch.
I know you're out there.

Quit foolin; Arch, put your clothes on
and get out the backseat. 10-4?

I swear!

Yeah, 28... here.

Twenty-eight, you got a 10-22
to 3-0-5-sixer on U.S. 90. 10-4?

Uh... 10-22, huh?

Arch, haul butt over
to the Gulf View Apartments on 90...

and make sure
everybody's outta there.

Manager said
some of the people won't go.

And after that,
swing over to Unabelle's.

Make sure everything's goin'okay.

Okay. Uh, this is Arch.

Twenty-eight... out.

Growing up in Indiana,
I had seen plenty of tornadoes,

but none of them
had prepared me for a hurricane,

and they certainly didn't prepare me
for the terror of driving through one.

I just hoped that if
I stayed on Highway 90,

I could get to the apartments
before the hurricane did.

- Mr...
- Hello there, "Occifer."

Lejeune? Uh...

Uh, Mr. Lejeune, I'm Cissy Davis
of the Red Cross. This is Deputy Necaise.

We've come to warn you
that this whole area is being evacuated,

and you and everybody here are...

Are gonna have to leave.

Oh, hell's bells.
The steaks ain't even done yet.

You can't have a barbecue
without some steaks!

There's a hurricane comin', folks.

Yeah, and don't that play damnation
with the charcoal.

I had to give up the Weber
and start grillin' 'em indoors.

Well, you're gonna be grillin' 'em under
water if you don't leave here soon.

Man. Strange.

Depending on which eye I use,
you look different.

Brown hair, black hair.

- Brown hair, black hair.
- Brown, black, brown, black.

Pretty weird.

Makes you seem almost like two different
people. Now ain't that somethin'?

Yeah, well...
I don't know what you're talkin' about,

but you all have to
get out of here now.

Son, let me tell you.

About two years ago, this place went co-op.
Y'all know what that means?

I don't know. Uh, you gettin'
ready to sell for a profit?

Hell, no. I'm gonna wait
three years before I do that.

What it does mean, though,
is that this deluxe, three bedroom,

two bath,
shag carpeted piece of heaven...

Is private property.

I own it.
You can't make me go.

But a hurricane can and will
if you stay here.

I been through a lot worse
hurricanes than this.

It's all just
a bunch of rain and wind.

So thank you kindly,
but, uh, we gonna be just fine.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I got a hurricane party to attend to.


- I guess it's on to Unabelle's.
- Yeah.

Driving along the coast to Unabelle's,

it was easy to see why people
needed to be evacuated.

With each passing minute,
the hurricane drew closer and closer,

and it seemed like nature
herself was punishing the land

for some unknown transgression.

I just hoped that I wasn't
going to be punished with it.

You know, in a way I can't blame him
for not wantin' to leave.

I mean... Most of your life,
nothin' ever happens.

- Now, we're livin' on the edge.
- Literally.

God, can't you feel it?

The-The power, the possibilities.

Oh, I don't know, I...

Ever since I was a little kid,
I-I always felt so charged up...

whenever there was
a thunderstorm or somethin'.

I just feel... more alive.

Able to leap tall buildings
in a single bound?


Move mountains, right wrongs,

travel through time,

grow 10 feet tall and run forever.


We better get inside.

Cissy? And Archie!

- You both here to join us for the ride?
- If you'll have us.

That's the good thing
about being a designated shelter...

lets you catch up with folks
you haven't seen for a while.


Cissy, you can help me
fill the tubs with water.


And, Arch, fill this and finish pumping
those lanterns, would you, please?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Well...

Duty calls.


- Oh. Hi, Sam.
- What's the matter?

- Huh?
- What's wrong?

I was just goin' for a walk and...

What happened?

Oh, I had a fight with Tina.

Oh. I can never figure out
when life is so short...

how we always find time to argue.

You'd think that we would look
at the good things around us.

- Carpe diem.
- Seize the day.

And that's the way it should be.

But we don't seem
to remember those things.

- Speaking of which...
- Oh, uh, yeah.

It's, uh, August 17, 1969,
and you're in...

- Jackson's Point, Mississippi.
- Jackson... Okay.

Your name is... Archie Necaise.

You're a deputy sheriff,
and, uh, according to Ziggy,

there's a 96.2%--

- six point...
- Al.

Two percent, uh,
chance that you're here...

to save a nurse named... Cissy Davis
from getting killed by Camille.

- Who's... Who's Camille?
- No, it's no "who." It's a "what."

Camille is a hurricane.

I don't remember anything
about Hurricane Camille, Al. What happened?

It was a killer storm, Sam.

There were winds
up to 190 miles an hour.

More than 360 people were killed.

I remember the head of
the National Hurricane Center...

said that this was the greatest storm
of any kind ever to affect this nation.

And we're in its path.

No, we're a little off to the
side, thank God.

It's still gonna be
a big deal here though.

How much time do we have?
Well, no. No, I mean...

I mean, what-what time
did the storm hit?

At 10:15, all the power lines,
all the telephone lines go down.

At 10:30, a three-story high
wall of water...

is gonna come over the seawall
and flatten everything in its path.

- But not here.
- No. No, we're fine here.

Well, then where
does she get killed?

She goes back to save
that hurricane party, doesn't she?

No, actually you d...
Uh, Arch... You, Archie,

did evacuate some people
from the hurricane party...

just before the wall of water came
and leveled the entire apartment building.

You were a big hero.
You saved 12 people's lives.

But unfortunately, Cissy was killed
across town while you were at the beach.

Some object came smashing
through the window of her house,

hit her on the head, killed her.

That's the shingles.

The wind must be flickin' 'em
off the roof like potato chips.

Why did she go back
to her house?

Ziggy hasn't got a clue about that.
But I can tell you this.

The coroner's report
fixed the time of her death at 10:30,

because she was wearing a
wristwatch that got smashed

and that was the
time on the watch.

She must've gone back to rescue
somethin' from the storm, right?

Well, then you better
tell her to forget it.

If it was that important,
she's not gonna forget about it.

No, I-I gotta get her to go back
and do it earlier.

Oh, my. If we get up
any earlier to do it,

we might as well
not go to sleep.

Which might not be
a bad idea after all.

What I... What I was thinkin'
was that, uh...

Since we're gonna be
so busy today, you know,

evacuating people
and-and doin' all kinds of work,

that if there's anything at your
house that you need, we should...

we should go back and get it now.

- Oh, that's slick, Sam.
- Okay. Uh...

First I'll have to think
of something to get.

Okay. Well-well,
you do that, all right?

I'm sorry, Sam.
She still gets killed.

So you better stick with her
until she's back here, safe and sound.

I'm gonna go back and see
if I can find out some way

to figure out what it
is she went back for.

Now you stick with her.

Archie, I know. I know.
I said I was goin', but...

Well, it's just... seein' you again
made me think...

I mean, what I want to say is,

maybe you and I could go
to dinner some night, you know?

Oh, Lisa.
I... I don't know, um...

You're right. You're right.

I'm sorry, you know,
a-about things.

It's just you...
You wouldn't answer my phone calls,

and I-I called you at the
station, and...

I... I keep wonderin'... what if...

- W...
- What?

What if... we'd stayed together?

What if I'd never met Cissy?

But I did, and...
I can't change that.

Some things you can change,

and then there are some things
that... you can't.

I know. I just... thought...

I seem to have bad luck with men,

just like my mom.

All the ones I like leave,

and I... I just thought...

I can't eat.
I just think about you and...

My daddy wouldn't even
stay with my mom, and...

Wow. The wind is really pickin' up.

Yeah. Yeah, it is.

You look good.

So do you.

What's his name?

Oh, uh, Boface.

Hmm. He's pretty.


If you ever...

You know...

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

- You gonna be okay?
- Yeah.


Are you sure you don't
want to stay with us?



I couldn't help but wonder
if maybe I shouldn't

have tried harder
to make Lisa stay.

She seemed so lost and confused,
but at the same time oddly determined.

Whatever Lisa felt for Archie
was too strong to let it rest,

and not even a hurricane
could stop her.

Hello. Anybody home?

Hi, Archie. Come on, Daddy.
You're lettin' the storm in!

Don't worry about me.
I'll be there. I'll be there.

- Need some help?
- You could give Joe a hand.

Somebody forgot to turn off
the weather outside.

- Where's the cake?
- Is this Joe's house?

We told 'em we were going
to Joe's house for a party.

It's the only way we could get 'em
to leave their place.

- Oh, you are real strong!
- Today is their 61st anniversary.

Thank you, boys.

You know, if you could make
the earth spin the other way,

you could unwind a hurricane.

Oh. Is he your husband?

Uh, no. Not yet.

Well, you got a mighty
cute figure on you.

You oughta make him marry you.

Hey, what do you think
about that?

You oughta snatch him up
before some other gal does.

Hey, this ain't Joe's place.

- What're we doin' here?
- There's a hurricane comin.

We can't stay here then.

I gotta go back home and hold
the house down. Otherwise,

we might come home and
find we got a new address.

- D! Get me some water!
- You can't be gettin'...

- Here we go now. Let's go.
- Where are we goin'?

You know, if we was smart...

we'd figure out some way to
harness the power from a hurricane.

- Let nature do the work.
- There's a hurricane comin'.

That's why we invited
everybody over for the party.

That way you wouldn't
have to leave.

- Party? What kind of party?
- What kind of party?

- It's your anniversary party!
- We've lots of cake and ice cream.

- You gonna be there?
- Oh, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

What's everybody screamin' for?

Is it my birthday?

You can just put me right over there,
next to my sweetheart.

Fetch some sodas from the
cooler, would you, please?


You know, I don't like you
wearin' that cold, wet...

- I'm all right.
- Don't be so picayunish, Mama.

- Well, I'm not picayunish.
- Well, stop harpin' at me.

Can you believe that?
They got married after only two weeks.


Do you marry someone
after only a couple weeks?

If it was the right someone,
I'd marry 'em after a couple of hours.


Nice? I'll bet it was nice.

You should see a doctor
about that cough.

What cough?

What do you got for me, Al?

Well, I hate to interrupt
your hanky-panky here...

What do you got, Al?

But Ziggy's come up
with a new wrinkle.

It seems that one of the people here
is one Joe... Deever.

Yeah, yeah.
He just got here a little while ago.

He came with his grandparents,
his wife and two kids. What about him?

- Uh-uh.
- Uh-uh what, Al?

He came with his sister
and her two kids.

Okay, he came with his sister
and her two kids. So what?

So this is the kind of guy

they're gonna be writing box-office
smashes about 20 years from now.

He's one of Cissy's ex-boyfriends.

He's got a hot temper, he's a violent
type, and he's insanely jealous.

And according to Ziggy, Cissy is last seen
leaving Unabelle's... with him.

- Where's Cissy?
- She and Joe just left.

Cissy, what... Joe?

What were you guys
doin' out there? I...

- Archie, are you okay?
- Here. Let me get the door.

Yeah, I'm fine, uh...

I... I was just comin' out
to look for you.

- Well, here we are.
- Well, thanks. This is the last of it.

Didn't have time to
load up much else.

Joe, why don't you go put
that over in the bait shop?

Sam, I don't get it.
Nothing's changed.

He's still the last one to see her.
She still gets killed.

- Cissy?
- Yeah?

You better get this jacket off,
huh? Come on.

- Thank you.
- Yeah. Listen, um...

Are you... Are you sure you got
all your stuff... from your house?

Archie, what's the matter with you?

You've been actin' strange
all afternoon.

Is it because
you saw her again today?

- No.
- Her?

- No. No, no.
- Who, her?

You mean there's
another woman involved in this?

- That has nothing...
- Why didn't you tell me?

Who is she?

Lisa came back here...

a while ago, just before Joe
and his family arrived.

What'd she want?

Well, she wanted to make
contact, I guess.

Honey, I know you're a nice guy,

but y-you just can't go
around encouraging her.

I wasn't encouraging her.

Don't worry.
He's the original Boy Scout.

You know what I mean.

Look, Lisa's hurt because
you guys broke up, and she's lonely,

and-and she doesn't wanna let
a good thing get away.

And neither do I.

Next to Boface,
you're the male I love most.

How do you feel about holograms?

So that puts me pretty near
the top then, right?


So then... it's pretty much over
between you and Joe, right?

What's that supposed to mean?

She's defensive, Sam.

I just... wanna make sure that...
it's over, right?

How many times do I have to tell you?
That is ancient history.

Yeah, but is it ancient history
with him?

Look, Ar-Archie, are you...
Are you afraid he's gonna do something?

No, no.

That is exactly what
we're afraid of. Yes!

Well, I-I'm just a little worried that he
might want to take something out on you.

I know he's got a temper.

But we grew up together.
He'd never hurt me.

He never even touched me
when we were goin' out together.

- That shoots that theory to hell.
- If it's true.

Course it's true.

You're just...

What was that word I read?

Projectin' your fears.
It's just not gonna happen.

Well, something certainly is.

Projecting my fears?
You sound like a psychologist.

Well, that's me... Doc Cis.

Oh, ex-boyfriends, current boyfriends,
ex-girlfriends... I can help 'em all.

When you've been a nurse
as long as I have,

you-you start to realize that a...
lot of people's problems aren't physical.

Did you ever think about
becoming a psychologist?

- Me? No.
- Yeah.

When I was in nursing school,
I-I used to dream about being a doctor,

But, uh, now it's too late.

No, it's... It's never too late,
not if you want something bad enough.

Sam, psychologist, seismologist.

She's not even gonna have a
future unless you figure out...

- Archie, phone.
- what's gonna happen to... her.

Okay. Thanks.
It's never too late.

Hello. Yeah, this is Archie.

Yeah, Sheriff.

Heck of a night.

Yes, it is.

Reminds me of Audrey
back in '57. Remember?

When we stood up on the seawall or
when we climbed up into the trees?


It's just like we were
seven years old again.

Swayin' in the wind,
back and forth,

hangin' on for all we were worth
40 feet above the ground.

Our parents went crazy
lookin' for us.

And us havin'
the times of our lives.

He treatin' you right?


Just lookin' out for you is all.

I appreciate that.

But you want me to butt out.

I want you to be
the friend you've always been.

You know what the three worst words
in the English language are?

"Let's be friends."

Joe, come on.

It's just hard watchin' you
with him, that's all.

Particularly since we are...
since we were so close.

No, they're havin'
a hurricane party...


- Cissy, hold on.
- Uh, Sam.

- Yeah?
- Sam. S... Wait. Look.

Just hear me out. Hear me out.
I'm not gonna bite you.

Archie, what... What is it?

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Tell this nozzle to take a hike.

We, uh...

We gotta go back
to the hurricane party.

Don't let me stop you.

- You looked like you were gonna...
- I know. I know. I just...

I just thought...

I don't believe you did that.

My knight in shinin'... khaki...

Chargin' to the rescue.

Look, I'm sorry.

I-I just...
I overreacted a little bit. I, uh...

You know, sometimes, uh, knights
would get rewards from the damsel...

- when they helped them in a...
- I like seeing you jealous.

I think you're gonna get a reward.

It's kind of sweet.

Sweet, yeah.

Yeah, but you know, Sam, I don't think
in the... in the closet there, uh...



You gotta make it a king.
You gotta put the king...

Sit down.

Here you go.

Come on. Come on.

Isn't it gonna get
a little hot in there?

Oh, we should...
We should go now...


All right, Sam. I'll see you later.

Don't forget the... hurricane.

I'll, uh, meet you at the hurricane party.
I'm goin' to check on them now.

Uh, bye.



Joe took him to the
kitchen for some water.

He was scratchin' to go out
so I let him.

Wait, wait, wait.
Where-Where you goin'?

That's where Boface is headed.

Come on, Sam.
You better hurry up.

I know! I-I know where he's headed.

- I'll go get him.
- I'll get him.


Look, I'll go get Boface and I'll go
over to the apartments, all right?

But you can't do both.

It's too dangerous for everybody to
be runnin' around outside right now.

You stay here where it's safe,
and I'll come back as soon as I can.

You won't even know I'm gone.

- Want me to go with you?
- No, thank you.

I'll see you.
You be careful!

Get it closed.

What's everybody
slammin' doors for?

I didn't know why Joe
let Boface out into the storm,

unless it was to lure
Cissy back to her house.

But I figured that as long
as I went there instead of her,

Cissy would remain alive,
and that I would leap out of here...

as soon as I returned with Boface.

That is, assuming I survived the storm.



Boface. Here, boy!

Here, boy! Boface!

That-a-boy. There you go.

Easy, Boface, easy.

Come on. That's it.

Ah... Come on.
Come on, Boface.

We're almost there.

Ah. Come on. Come on.

Come on, Boface.

Yeah. Easy, Boface.
Easy, easy.

Easy, Bo. Easy, Bo.

How's it goin', Sam? Boy, it's
really blowin' out here, isn't it?

Oh, I see you got the dog.
That's good.


I don't know.
You must've changed history, Sam.

Cissy still dies, but this time
it happens back at Unabelle's!

How does Cissy get killed
back at Unabelle's?

A hunk of debris
bonks her on the head.

Al, let's...

Uh-oh. It's 10:15, Sam. All the power
in Jackson's Point just went off.

That means that in 15 minutes,
that giant wall of water...

is gonna come over the seawall
and flatten everything in its path!

If I go back and save Cissy,

does Archie have enough time to go to
the apartments and save those people?

Uh, that's a negative, Sam.

No, if you save Cissy at
Unabelle's and leap out,

Ziggy says there's
no way in hell...

that the real Archie could
get back to those apartments

to save those people
from the wave!

- Then what the hell am I doin' here?
- I don't know.

Uh, maybe it's tryin'
to fix somethin'

that the real Archie didn't
do or somethin'. I don't know!

This is 28 to base, over!

Archie, where the hell are you?
You should've been 10-39 an hour ago.

Uh, that means
back at the station.

Look, it doesn't matter. I need you to
send a car over to Gulf View Apartments...

to get those people out of
that hurricane party. Over.

Everybody's up at the other
end of the county already, Archie.

And you better get your butt up
there, too. 10-4?

You can't do both, Sam.
You can't.

All right, listen to me. I need you to get
in touch with my girlfriend, Cissy Davis.

She's at Unabelle's Bait and Rest.

Tell her to stay inside. I know it sounds
crazy. Just do it, all right? Over.

Arch, we got phone lines down all over.
I don't know if we can do it. 10-4?

Then send somebody!

Everybody's out.
You're the only one even close.

Where you headed? 10-4.

Gulf View Apartments.
10-4. Over and out.

All right, Al. What does Ziggy say is
the closest safe place to the apartments?

Uh, well, some people would say that's the
Gulfport Bank. It's... two blocks away.

All right.
I'm going to the apartments.

You go find Cissy, all right?
Stay with her.

Okay. I'll stay with Cissy.
Good luck, Sam.

Come on, Boface.

All right? All right, let's go.

Open up. Open the door.

Hold your horses. I'm comin'.

All right. Everybody out!
Let's go!

- Get outta here right now!
- Look, I told you before.

I don't have time to discuss it!
Get the hell out of here!

If you don't, you're all
gonna be killed in a few minutes!

Now, Sheriff, simmer down.
Nobody's goin' nowhere.

Get the hell out of here. I mean it!

Hey! Go to the Gulfport Bank.
It's two blocks from here.

Don't stop for anything! This whole
area's gonna be flooded in eight minutes!

- Hey!
- What?

You're one mean son of a bitch.

Yeah. Well, I just saved your life.
Now get the hell out of here.

- All right. Okay.
- Go on!

Come on, Sam.

Come on. Hurry up!

All right!
Everybody up!

What's the ruckus about?

Away from the windows!
Come on!



The causeway to Clanton was washed out,
and... I didn't know where else to go.

Did you see Archie out there?

No. No, I didn't.

Now wait a second.
That causeway wasn't washed out.

- Let's get to the back where it's safe.
- You know, I'd like some coffee.

Okay, I-I'll get you a towel
and some coffee.

You wait right there.

I got a funny feeling about this.

Hmm, who is she?
Come on, Ziggy.

Give me... Uh-oh.
Uh-oh, Ziggy.

- Give me some information here.
- Lisa?

Archie used to take me fishin'
all the time.

How 'bout you?

Uh, no. Uh, we haven't
gotten around to that yet.

You know,

everything was fine
until you came along,

until you stole Archie.

Lisa, I didn't steal Archie.
He-He made up his own mind.

No, he didn't.

Oh, I don't like
the looks of this.

Cissy, you better get out of here.
Get out of here! Get out. Get out!

Sam, you gotta hurry!

Lisa's back at Unabelle's
and she's got a knife!

- What?
- Yeah! She's goin' after Cissy!

- Lisa, come on. Put the knife down.
- No.

- Put it down.
- It's too late.


Cissy, get up. Get up!
Get up! Get up!

No. Let go of me!

No! What are you doing?

You said sometimes there
are things we can change,

and sometimes there are
things we can't change.

Well, I wanna change things.

I want us back together.

You can't do that
by killing Cissy.

But then we'll be together.

- Lisa!
- I'm gonna kill her!

No! Cissy.

- You all right?
- Come on. Come on!

Sam, behind you!

Lisa, put down the knife.

I love you. Can't you see?

- I do, but...
- No, you don't!

Everybody hates me. Everybody leaves
me, but I'm not gonna let you!

I'm gonna kill you, and you're
gonna have to kill me to stop you,

and then we'll be together!

Shoot her, Sam. Shoot her!

I love you!


There you go. Bye, everybody.

- Bye.
- Bye, y'all!

Everybody's leaving except me.

I don't know.
I don't understand it.

You saved Cissy. You saved
the people at the hurricane party.

You should have been out of here
a couple of hours ago.

What do you think's
gonna happen to Lisa?

- Lisa? Well, um...
- Oh.

I don't know. I think, um...

Well, I think with the right help,
she's probably gonna be...

She'll probably be okay.

Don't look at me.

That's on the nose, Sam. Yes.

After a couple of years
of intensive therapy,

she turns out to be
pretty much okay.

Look, I'm not saying
that you would help her.

I'm just saying that
with the right training,

maybe you could help a
lot of people like her.

I mean, look. You're caring.
You're perceptive. You're smart.

You've got every good trait
to be a psychologist.

Oh, but then I'd have
to go back to school.

So what?

I don't think I could face that.
It's kind of scary.

What have you got to be scared of?

You just lived through a hurricane and you
were almost killed in the middle of it.

- I had some help.
- Well, yes, you did. That's true.

- But...
- But what?

Maybe if I had some more help,
I could get through school too.

Well, that's what the sheriff
department's here for, ma'am.

Thank goodness
I've got their number.

Ah, bingo.

Yep, she goes back to school, Sam,
and she becomes a psychotherapist.

I'm just so glad we're together.


Me too.

And we shall dedicate our lives...

to the preservation...

of the purity of the white race.

We fight to the death
to resurrect our country...

from the fires of racial degradation.

And now,
by the powers vested in me...

as a Royal Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan,

I dub thee, fellow Klansman.

Oh, boy.