Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 4, Episode 20 - The Curse of Ptah-Hotep - March 2, 1957 - full transcript

At an archaeological dig in Egypt Sam has to deal with an approaching sandstorm and a 3000 year old curse.

Theorizing that one could time travel
within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped
into the Quantum Leap accelerator...

and vanished.

He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own...

and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al,
an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form of a hologram
that only Sam can see and hear.

And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong...

and hoping each time
that his next leap...

will be the leap home.

Come on, Dale. Get movin!
Let's go, let's go.

Hey, come on. Wiggle your butt.
I wanna see.

Dale, come on.
Give me a hand here. D-Dale?

Dale, come on.

- Oh, sorry.
- Not in my eyes!

God, I'm sorry.

Hey, what's gotten into you, huh?

I guess I can't believe
where I am. That's all.

Oh, my God!

You can say that again.

Oh, this is incredible.

Hey, what'd you find there?

"As for anyone who will disturb
the tomb of..."

"King Ptah-Hotep."

"Death will swallow him."

Oh, boy.

This is definitely the tomb
of Ptah-Hotep II.

This is definitely his cartouche.

I don't believe this.

We're standing in the tomb
of Ptah-Hotep.

I've dreamed about this
my whole life.

Wait a minute.

Where's the sarcophagus?

Where's Ptah-Hotep?

He's probably in
some other chamber.

No. Somebody beat us to him.
Look at this.

Scratch marks on the floor
where the sarcophagus was.

Who's gonna steal a sarcophagus?
Not even a desperate tomb robber.

Well, they do when it's solid gold.

They probably broke it up
and took it out in pieces.

That's right. That is right.

Both the Deir el Bahri
and the Ineni Papyrus...

both talked about a sarcophagus
of solid gold,

but everybody thought it was a myth.

- W-W-Wait. The Ineni Papyrus?
- Yeah, yeah.

Keller and Hoskins
discovered it in 1963.

Six years from now?

1863. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I must be confusing it
with something else.

Yeah, I'd say "confusion"
is the operative word.

Oh. Oh, damn, look at this.

Oh, yes, this is incredible!

I wish that Ptah-Hotep was here.

He is.

- I feel it.
- Dale?

Hey, hey, Dale. Uh...

Come on. Why don't we give this place
another five minutes to air out, huh?

I thought it smelled okay, but, uh...
I don't know... maybe it's getting to you.

Let's go, okay? Come on.

Oh, Dale, Dale.

Hey, we did it.

We found Ptah-Hotep.

I can't believe it.

All right, Dale.

Four more minutes.

Man, what an ugly horse!

What a gorgeous woman!

Ooh, I love shorts, Sam. Look at that.
Look at that. It's awesome.

- Al?
- What?

- Which tent do you think is mine?
- Huh?

- Which tent?
- Tent?

Uh, well, I'd say that one
with the shaving mirror on it.

- Great.
- Let's see.

- Your name is Dale Conway.
- Uh-huh.

You're a professor of archaeology
at Kansas State University,

and you're here on a... on a dig...

In Egypt.

- In... yeah... Egypt.
- In Egypt. Listen to me.

You're not gonna believe this. We just
found the tomb of King Ptah-Hotep II.

It's incredible!
Go inside. Go inside.


- Incredible!
- Well, Ziggy says it's unbelievable,

because this has never
been reported.

Then I didn't just forget about it?

Well, no. As of 1999,
it's never even been discovered, ever.

you're here on an expedition...

with one Ginny Will.

Uh, she's a professor of Egyptology at...

- Ginny Will from Brown University?
- Yeah.

That Ginny Will? Oh, my...
How did y...

She's famous.
I mean, I've read all of her papers.

- She's brilliant. Wait a second.
- Yeah. Okay. Here it comes.

She and Conway disappeared
on a dig in 1957...

That's this dig... and they were
swallowed up without a trace.

"As for anyone who will disturb the tomb
of King Ptah-Hotep,

"death will swallow him."

That was one of the inscriptions
we found in the tomb.

I'd say he's a man of his word.

No. No. There are thousands of inscriptions
like that in thousands of tombs.

It's just put there
to scare the tomb robbers off.

Okay, I'm scared. Let's go.

No. Wait.
This is bigger than King Tut.

We can't walk away from this now.

I did a thesis on this guy.
This is a chance of a lifetime.

Well, so's inventing a time machine,
but, you know, quit while you're ahead.

All right. Look, tell me exactly
when they disappear.

How much time do we have?
Sometime between now and March 15.

That's when the authorities become
alarmed, then they start hunting for you.

Well, the way to find out what happened
is to stick around.

Oh, sure. Yeah.
And get swallowed up.

Dale? Dale, time's up. You ready?

Yeah. Uh, I'm sorry.
I'm almost...

I just was practicing what I was gonna say
to the press about the tomb and the curse.

Yeah, well, I can just see
the headlines now.

- They are going to love this.
- Yeah, I can see 'em too.

"Genius Has Death Wish. Nobel
Prize Winner is Really a Knucklehead."

Maybe they'll give us enough money
for a proper dig.

Oh, and speaking of which...

- Hey, what happened to Jerry Lee?
- Uh... Oh, look at this.

I guess he flew the coop.

Oh, a little birdie?
Oh, that's too bad.

All right, all right. Okay.

- Don't move. Don't move.
- Careful, Sam.

Effendi, effendi!
Everything okay?

What happened?

What's the matter?
Why did you scream?

- Why did you scream?
- This is kind of hinky, Sam.

There was a-a cobra here, and it ate
Mr. Conway's canary. It's gone. It's gone.

The same thing happened to Howard Carter.

He's the guy that
discovered the tomb of...

- King Tut. That's right.
- Mm-hmm.

Conway, effendi,
we must leave this place.

It's evil.
I told them about the curse.

No, wait a second. Wait a second.
There is no curse, okay?

This is all just a coincidence.

Nothing else bad is gonna happen.

Hello! Anybody home?


Dr. Will, Dr. Conway,
how nice to see you.

Dr. Razul.

I see that you changed
the location of your campsite.

Imagine my surprise
when I found that out...

how do you say...
the... the... the hard way?

Uh, well, yes,
it wasn't really a big move,

and we started to run out
of time and money,

and it was such a long trip
back to Luxor, and, well, frankly...

You didn't want to go back
and waste your time...

filling out
endless mountains of paperwork.

- Yeah.
- I quite agree.

It's frightfully annoying.

Sam, Ziggy says
this must be Mustafa el Razul.

He's head of the Department
of Antiquities at the Luxor Museum.

They're partners in the dig.

It was with the
greatest good fortune...

that I saw the smoke this morning,
and I decided to follow it.

It's taken me all day to find you, and now
it appears you have found something too.

- Ptah-Hotep.
- The II.

Is it possible?

Yeah, but it seems that somebody
beat us here by about 3,000 years.

Tomb robbers!
They are the bane of our existence!

But Dale thinks he's still here.

And why is that?

I don't know.
I just, uh, got a feeling about it.

Yes. Let's hope
that you are right.

I, uh... I would like to take a look,
with your permission?

Oh, certainly.
We were just going back down.

Now, if you'll look over here, I think
you'll see what I was talking about.


As you can see, all things point
to this being 18th Dynasty.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, I tend to agree.

You wouldn't happen to have
a better light, would you?

Oh, of course. Gamal?

Sam? Sam!

Sam, I don't like it here.

- Why don't you go upstairs?
- Uh, good idea.

- I'll meet you topside.
- Ah.

"Let both record
the pureness of my heart."

And for a good time,
call Nefertiti.

Over here
is what we told you about.

Ah, yes. "As for anyone
who will disturb...

"the tomb of King Ptah-Hotep,
death will..."

Over here, Sam.
In the supply tent.

Damn insects!
Holy terrors, one and all!

- He's dead.
- Oh, my God.

Allah be merciful.

Sam, it's the curse.

Sam, I'm telling you.
It's the curse of Ptah-Hotep.

It's not the curse.

Dr. Conway, my dear friend,

you are a student of Egypt,

but you're not one of its sons.

And until you have heard what I have heard
and seen what I have seen,

I would not expect you to believe that
such a thing as a curse could be true,

but it is.

3500-year-old dead men
don't just get up and walk around.

Not him, my dear boy. His ka.

That's his spirit body.

I know what it is. Of course you do, but it
could still be standing guard in his tomb,

and it's now protecting him.

That would mean that Ptah-Hotep's body
is still nearby.

Yes, yes, yes.

Perhaps you are right.

Legend has it that Ptah-Hotep
had a diamond scarab...

the size of a cow's eye...

called the Heart of Ptah-Hotep.

Supposedly he used
it to work magic.


And with it he would
one day walk again on earth.

- He's already doing it.
- Hey, wait a minute.

Ali is dead.

Look, I know that we're on
to something amazing here,

but I really think that
before we do anything,

we ought to take
care of Ali first.

You're right. You're right.
I'm sorry. I...

I guess the first thing to do
would be to notify his relatives.

It will be my honor
to convey his body back to his family.


All right. You're, uh... You're all set.

I will return as soon as I can.
We'll be here.

One of your steering rods is bent.

- Damn!
- Ptah-Hotep strikes again.

If anybody can fix it, Gamal can.
He is a whiz at this stuff.

Yes, yes, I could fix it,
but it will take some time.

As Allah wills.

You know, Sam,

did I ever tell you that one time
I dated an Egyptian girl?


She thought she was the
reincarnation of Cleopatra.

- Uh-huh.
- But, boy, she had a nice asp.

- I...
- Mmm!

Al, if you can't be helpful,
why don't you leave, okay?

- Helpful? I'm being helpful.
- Yeah.

I'm keeping you company down here
in the tomb of... King Heebie-Jeebie.

- It's just a room.
- Yeah, it's a room.

Well, how about the canary?
How about Ali? How about the car?

Those were just coincidences,
I suppose?

- That's right.
- Yeah?

- Unless...
- Unless what?

They were all planned.

What are you telling me?
You think that Ali was murdered?

Well, a lot of people would do it
for a room full of treasure,

and that would explain how come
everybody disappeared.

- They were all murdered!
- By whom?

Well, somebody... somebody that got in here
and looted the place...

and tried to sell it
on the black market,

or else they used this place
as their private piggy bank.

Ziggy says there's a history of
tomb robbers that used to do that.

So who's been acting
the fishiest lately?

Oh. Nobody, really.
I mean, Gamal, earlier,

when we came down here,
he had that little bit of an argument...

with Ali about who would get the light,
but that wasn't...

Well, that's it. That's perfect.
He set up the scorpions.

And I'll bet he invented
that whole thing

about the steering rod
on the car breaking too.

- No.
- You didn't see that happen.

No, I didn't see it happen. But you
were there. You heard the big clunk.

You can find scorpions.
They live around here.

No, no, no.
That's just a coincidence, okay?

Yeah, well, if I were you,
I would sleep with my eyes open tonight.

- Thank you.
- All I'm saying is this place...

gives me the willies big time, and I
think you should get the hell outta here.

Look, I know this place bothers you,
but if you would just help me find...

the real burial chamber,
you could leave.

I'm a hologram.

- I'm not a vampire bat.
- Huh?

I can't see in the dark.
If I walk through a wall...

or I walk into a dark room,
all I see is black.

That's it! And I'm sure as hell
not gonna bump into anything.

Yeah, all right. Okay.

- Oh, great.
- What?

Now Ziggy's saying we can't
do a spatial comparison search

because some chip is acting up.

So, I guess, for the time being,
I'm more or less...



I'm sort of suffering from some downtime.
That's all.

Let me ask you this question.
You're a pharaoh, right?

And you wanna hide
this secret entrance.

Where do you hide it?

You know, there are legends
about Egyptian magic...

that say that, uh, if you recite
the proper incantation...

or inscription,
you can make invisible objects appear.

No incantations.

I was just kind of thinking
everything through out loud.

Yeah. Look, dinner's ready.

Not hungry. Thanks though.

- Dale.
- Mmm?

We gotta make nice-nice
with the company.

The museum is footing half our bills.

- Okay, I'm-I'm coming up.
- Okay.

Okay, well, in the meantime,

I'm gonna go back and see if Ziggy can
dig up some more on your disappearance.

Uh, h-happy hunting.

5,500 years ago,

other men and women...

sat around campfires near here,

waiting to bury their great pharaoh.

And now...

And now they're like
the grains of sand around us.

It makes one wonder
what all our efforts are about.

When I was a kid,

I couldn't believe that there was anything
as old as the pyramids.

And all the pharaohs with them.

I mean, reading about 'em
and studying about 'em...

I mean, it was...
To me, it was very cool.

It's kind of like leaping back in time,
you know?

A journey to the other side.

Uh, speaking of journeys,
how's the car?

- One, maybe two more hours.
- Mm-hmm.

I will be on my way tomorrow.

They must've smelled
something in the wind.

Sam, Ziggy's got a new theory
on why everyone disappeared here.

Apparently there's a major sandstorm
moving into this area sometime tomorrow,

and it's gonna leave everything
buried under 50 feet of sand dunes.

So I think you better think
about scramming outta here.

Does anyone else feel like there's maybe
a sandstorm coming?

No. It's just the breeze,
like every night.

Well, it is.
Now, come on. Let's talk.

Yeah, you're probably right.

I'll be right back, okay?
Excuse me.

Al, we can't leave now.

This is a major, major discovery!

This is gonna be a major,
major catastrophe.

What are you being so stubborn about
this one for? It's crazy.

Ptah-Hotep was never found.
We can't lose him now.

Well, that's no problem.
Ziggy'll locate it...

right after we get this chip business
straightened out.

And then, in 1999, you can...

I knew it, I knew it.
"Uh-oh," what?

Well, there's a 99.8% chance
that Ptah-Hotep's tomb...

is gonna be destroyed when they
build the Aswân Dam in the '60s.

Okay, so, see, I gotta stay.

Look, I promise you, in the morning,
we'll leave with Razul.

But until then, I gotta do everything
I possibly can to find Ptah-Hotep.

- You going back down?
- Every minute counts.

All right. I'll be there in a bit.
I just wanna write up my notes first.

Yeah, okay.
I'll yell if I find anything.

- Yeah, you better.
- Okay.

I don't know, Al. Maybe...
Maybe I'm overthinking this whole thing.

And this just occurred to you?

I mean, what if the door
were hidden in plain sight?

Uh... Oh.

That'd be like that Edgar Allan Poe story,
"The Purloined Letter."

Uh, yeah, whatever.

I mean, what...
what if the answer were just...

What if the answer
was staring us in the face?

When a pharaoh died, his ka was
said to inhabit the burial chamber.

The Egyptians would carve a false door
or paint them...

on the walls of a nearby chapel
or upper chamber...

through which the ka
could pass to gain access...

to the grave offerings
of food and drink.

Now, what if this time...

the false door was the real door?

Sam, I don't think...
You better not...

I wouldn't go in there, Sam.

Sam, are you all right?


The jack must have slipped.




Well, at least we know
that Gamal isn't the killer.

I-I just heard this thud. I...

I had no idea.

I was writing my notes in my tent...

I will be very glad to leave this place
in the morning.

You will be if Lucrezia Borgia here
will let you live that long.

- Al.
- Sam,

- I knew it was her all along.
- "Al" what?

Or him.

I'll be very glad to
help you with the car.

No, no, no, no, no. I should've been
the one under it in the first place.

I will take care of it, thank you.

You'll take care of it the
way you took care of Gamal.

I'll bet you pushed
the car off the jack.

He did it, Sam.
I can tell from his eyes.

God, this... this is so crazy.
This is just too much!

Of course, if I were the killer,

I might pretend to be really upset
just to throw everybody off,

in which case, it's her.

- Stop it.
- What are you talking about?

Ali and Gamal are dead.
They're dead! Don't you get it?

Nothing is gonna bring 'em back!

Look, I know how you feel.
I feel... I feel terrible too,

but you can't blame yourself.

None of us can blame ourselves, all right?
It was an accident.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Oops! It was an accident.

I accidentally killed everybody.

Now I'm stuck with this secret
load of secret treasure.

Oh, I'm gonna have to give up
my measly poor-paying professorship...

and go somewhere and live a life
of peace and luxury somewhere else.

Give her an Oscar,
and let's get the hell outta here.

Come on.
I wanna show you something.

Uh, n... No, Sam.

Come on.

Oh, it's incomprehensible.

Not even Tutankhamen or his glory
had anything like this.

The wealth of a kingdom
buried with their god.

It would take me a million years
to earn this much money.

But we're gonna share this
with the rest of the world, aren't we?

- Yeah, sure, sure, sure.
- It will be the crown jewel of Egypt.

Let's open it.


Yeah, come on. Come on.

W-We've got the room.
Let's do it.

- All right. Let's do it.
- Yeah!

I'll get the block and tackle.

I understand your
enthusiasm, my friend,

but we must take our time
and do this properly.

Photographs mapping the exact location
of the artifacts,

not to mention contacting the museum
and the government.

I don't have the time.

Look, don't you see,
when we go back with Ali and Gamal,

there are gonna be a lot of
questions, a lot of delays.

And when the word gets out...

to the press
about what we've found here...

I mean, they're gonna be
breathing down our necks.

We're gonna be swamped.

So I would like it if,

just for the moment,

we kept this to ourselves,


My heart hears you.

Some moments are not meant
to be public.

- I'll get my camera.
- Yeah.

Ptah-Hotep intact!


You can say that again.

Sam, did I tell you that...

this place gives me
the heebie-jeebies?

- Only about a million times.
- Yeah, well, now you know.

Yeah, well, if you don't wanna be here,
you can go, you know?

Yeah, well, no.

I wanna, you know,
watch your back, and...

Anyway, I wouldn't wanna miss
a one-of-a-kind of any kind.

- Yeah, well, suit yourself.
- Dale, I got another crowbar.

- Great.
- How we doing?

- Uh, just about ready.
- Good, good, good.

The breeze is picking up a little.

Perhaps a sandstorm is approaching
after all.

Yeah, uh, Sam, Ziggy says
the sandstorm will be here in 15 hours.

All right. Now, that's it.

Draw upon 'em.

Now, I'm gonna pry open the lid, okay?

When I do,
I'm gonna yell "pull."

You guys pull like crazy.
We'll see what happens.


One, two, three, pull!

Again! All right, all right.
All right. Just hold on.

Okay, ready?
One, two, three, pull!

One more time.
One, two, three, pull!

It is magnificent!

It's incredible!

It's even more amazing
than the sarcophagus.

- Wow.
- I gotta get my camera.

Well, so far, so good.

- Oh! Damn it!
- What? What?

I gotta go get more flashbulbs.
I'll be right back.

All right. Well, hurry up.
We stay.

What do you say we
pull out the pins?

Yes, the pins.

Uh-oh, Sam. Ziggy's revising
the E.T.A. for the sandstorm.

It's speeding up apparently. It should
get here in about 12 or 13 hours.

- After that, it's sayonara.
- Yeah.

Well, just another pin or two here,
and we'll be ready to open her up.

- All set.
- Great.

Okay, here we go.
Ready on three.

One, two, three!

Come on. You got it. Go.

The Heart of Ptah-Hotep.

- What on earth?
- I got it.

- Oh, my God!
- I bet I know what happened.

Oh, no!

- No, Dale! What are you doing? Stop it!
- Ali and Gamal are in there!

- It's too late, Doctor!
- It's not too late!

It's too late!

This is... This is like
some horrible nightmare.

I know how this started, Sam.
She started this fire...

just before she came back
after reloading her camera.

- I don't believe that.
- I know, my friend.

It is too much tragedy to understand.


- Unless it's the curse.
- It's not the curse!

It's the curse!

How many times do I have to tell you?
It's not the curse!

Look, a spark from the fire blew over there
and landed on the tent, okay?

The kerosene that was in the tent
for the lanterns caught on fire.

Kaboom! That's what
happened, all right? Okay?

- Of course! Of course!
- Ziggy says the odds...

against all that stuff that's happened
happening as a coincidence is 40,000-to-1.

- It's not the curse. I can't tell you...
- Yes, it is!

All right. I'll prove it to you
once and for all it's not the curse.

- Dale? Dale!
- Come on!

Dale, what are you doing?

All right. Now, listen.

I'm gonna prove to you once and for all...
both of you...

that this is nothing more
than an ordinary mummy, okay?

Now, if Ptah-Hotep's ka is
still guarding this place,

Oh, Dale.

What could make him angrier
than someone stealing his Heart?

No, Dale...

See? You see? Nothing happened.

Let's get out of here.

Oh, boy.

All right.

Too heavy.

We need a longer lever.
A really long lever.

Just take a little rest,
and then try it again. You'll get it.

Come here.
Give me a hand. Come on.

No, it's no use.

I guess we're stuck here.

Sam, the thing you gotta do now
is you gotta be cool.

That's the first thing you learn
as a pilot...

is you gotta keep a level head
when those warning lights go off.

Dr. Will! Dr. Conway!

In here! Hello!

Hey, we're in here!

- We're in here!
- Hello!

- Are you all right?
- Yes, we're fine! Yes!

Can you see a way
to move this block?


He's not an engineer.
He doesn't know.

How long till the sandstorm?

What are you talking about?

- How long till the sandstorm hits?
- Huh? What?

You got about 12 hours.
So, Mustafa,

he could go to the nearest town and maybe
come back just in time with help.

Dr. Razul, you have to go
and get help!

- Do you understand?
- Yes! Yes! I will go get help!

Don't worry!
I will get you out!

- He's on his way.
- Yeah.

Oh, let's hope
that steering rod holds.


Well, Sam, uh, Ziggy says
that you got plenty of air in here.

You got at least
two days' worth of air.

But, of course, you'd better
get out of here before then,

because you'll be buried
under 50 feet of sand dunes.

- Sorry.
- Come on.

Let's, uh, see if there's
a back door to this place, huh?

Yeah. Wouldn't that be nice?
Oh, boy, I hate to say it.

But sitting here looking at these walls
makes me a little claustrophobic.

It's hardly a good trait
for an archaeologist, huh?

Maybe this'll take my mind off of it.

That's... That's funny, isn't it?

A claustrophobic archaeologist.

She probably saw the walls
closing in on her, the poor kid.

That'd be the frosting on the curse,
wouldn't it?

Walls closing in?

The room getting smaller
and smaller...

and smaller...

till you couldn't, uh, move
or breathe or anything?

Uh, Sam?

Sam, I think I'm gonna, uh, go back...

and-and get with Ziggy and see...

if we can find something
on tomb design there...


Or maybe something on how to get around
the booby traps in here, you know.

Okay. Yeah.

But I'll be back, Sam. I'll be right back.
You know, you can... you can count on that.

open the imaging chamber door.

What do you mean you can't?
What's wrong with the backups?

What's back with the wrong-up...
What's wrong with the backups?

No, he...

Well, he says there's kind of a gridlock
with the signals through the door...

that were maybe caused by that chip that
malfunctioned and set off a chain reaction.

Well, I guess until they figure it out,
then you're gonna be...

You're just gonna be stuck here
a little while.

- Huh? What?
- I just said, uh,

at least things can't get any worse.

Well, there's the optimist.

You know, uh,
there was a point there,

and, well,
it was just for a second.


You're gonna hate
me for saying this.


I thought that you might be behind
all the stuff that was happening.

- Me?
- Yeah, well, I know, I know.

It sounds crazy, but...

The gold, the glory.

A lot of people have done a lot more
for a lot less.

Yeah. Well, for awhile,
I thought it was you.

- Me?
- Uh-huh.

Just for a second.

Okay, let's pretend
you're Ptah-Hotep, okay?


And-And you really believe
that you're gonna come back to life.

And you also really believe
that there's a good chance...

that tomb robbers
are gonna break into your tomb.

So what do you do?

You put out some bait.

Yeah, and we get the trap
like the proverbial rat.

Right. But, eventually,
you wanna get outta here too,

- right?
- Uh-huh.

- So you build a back door.
- We already thought of that.

Or you build it so that
you can reopen the trap.

Either way, you need a key.


- Hopefully.
- Maybe.

Where do you keep your keys?

- I keep mine in my purse.
- I keep mine in my pock...

Or, in this case,

in the mummy.

God, this is incredible.

- He's far better preserved than Seti I.
- Or Yuya.

Yeah, well, yippee, Sam.
Find the key. You gotta get outta here.

You know, it's odd.

There... There are no incision marks
on the body.

And there are no canopic jars
either for the organs.

It's like he figured he was gonna
walk around again,

and he wanted to keep
everything with him, right?

Yeah. Yeah.
But where is the key?

The sandstorm is coming, Sam.
We gotta move!

I know it's here somewhere.

Well, Sam, that's not a key.

- "May Nephthys and Isis"...
- "Guide my way."

Nephthys and Isis.

- Hold this.
- Yeah.

It's moving.

Sam, the hands are opening it.

Dale, you did it! You did it!

Here, let me... Let's get outta here
while it's resetting, huh?

- Come on.
- Sam!

Well, well, well.

Well, that was a quick trip.

Actually, I had every intention of going,
but then I thought...

perhaps things would work out
a great deal better for me if I just...


I think you mean "richer," don't you?

Sam, I knew it was him all along.

That is so crass-sounding, but, yes.

So you killed Ali and Gamal.
Now you're gonna kill us.

My dear Dr. Will,
I have never killed anyone in my life.

I actually thought it was
either you or Dr. Conway

who had dispatched
with the others.

Perhaps they were just accidents
after all, huh?

Which is all about to change now.

A king's ransom could let one live
like a prince...

for a very long time.

And with the Heart of Ptah-Hotep,

I think it's time we go inside, huh?

Stall him until me and Ziggy
can figure something out.

Two questions, Dr. Conway.

What set off the booby trap?

And, uh, however did you
get out of here?

Just stall, Sam, stall.

I haven't got anything on here yet.

Well, sometimes it's not a good idea
to tempt fate twice.

But if you really want to know,

we, uh, took out the Heart...

and then put it back.

Thank you, Dr. Conway.

I hope you appreciate
your accommodations.

You did it, Sam.
Great! You did it!

- You okay? You sure?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Get this.
No matter how hard you try,

- you... I mean, Dale... and Ginny...
- You sure you're all right?

Never find the tomb
of Ptah-Hotep again.

- What about Razul?
- Uh, I got nothin' on him. Nothin'.

Dr. Will, Dr. Conway,
I can't get the Heart back in!

We can't...
We can't just leave him in there.

you must help me get out!

Sam, that sandstorm's
gonna be here any second.

All right, all right.
Go to the back wall.

Now, this is weird.
You know that chip...

that opens the imaging chamber door,
it didn't fail.

Look for Nephthys and Isis.

The whole thing was caused
by a new program that Ziggy just got...

From Egypt.

All right! I've found them!

Put your hands on their faces.


And push.

It's working!

Dr. Razul! Dr. Razul!

- We've gotta get in there.
- Don't look at me.

- Dr. Razul, what is happening?
- Al, go!

- No, you can't get through here.
- Go!


I really don't like this.

He's killing him.

- Ptah-Hotep is killing him.
- What?

Better get outta here, Sam!

We gotta go. Come on. Come on!

No, what are you doing?
What about Razul?

- He's dead.
- Go.

Ptah-Hotep killed him. Go!

- Go!
- Go!

So, what did the cop say?

Probably said you should
get yourself a day job.

Hey, buddy, what did you do?

Escape from a home
for the comedically stunted...

or just the hopelessly stupid, huh?

- Stay with me, will ya, Davey?
- Uh, yeah.

Well, this cop said that...

- He was hauling you in.
- He was hauling me in.

- And-And I was...
- Naked.

Naked. And then...

- Hiding in the bushes.
- Hiding... Hiding in the bushes.

- And, uh, well...
- And you were holding this sheep,

and then you said...

Oh, boy?