Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 4, Episode 18 - It's a Wonderful Leap - May 10, 1958 - full transcript

As a New York City cab driver, Sam has to win a contest to get his own taxi medallion. Sam also has the help of a woman named Angelito who knows about Sam and claims to be an angel.

Theorizing that one could time travel
within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped
into the Quantum Leap accelerator...

and vanished.

He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own...

and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al,
an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form of a hologram
that only Sam can see and hear.

And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong...

and hoping each time
that his next leap...

will be the leap home.

Oh, boy.

Leaping around in time,
I've run into many people,

but never over one.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, no. Oh, God.


Are you crazy?
What are you doing to me?

I thought you...
I was trying to save your... life.

By running me down
and beating me up?

No, no. I thought...

I thought that your
heart had stopped.

I was just trying to get it started again.
That's all.

Oh, why don't you back over me
a couple more times?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I thought...
I thought you were dead.

- Dead?
- Yeah.

Did you hear that?

- That's a good one.
- I feel terrible.

You feel terrible?

I'm the one that's lying here in the
middle of the street like a dead dog.

Come on. Help me up.

- You shouldn't move.
- You shouldn't drive.

We need to get you an ambulance.

For you,
if you're not gonna help me up.

Just take it easy.
E-Easy. All right. Oh!

Ahh! All right. Okay. All right.
Are you all right? Are you sure?

Oh, sure, I love taking a siesta
in the middle of 34th Street.

Oh, my God. You know,
this is a miracle that you weren't hurt.

I mean, I ran over you.
There's not even a scratch on you.

No, except for a skid mark
across my culo.

Across your... Look.

I'm very sorry, okay?
I didn't see you.

You should be looking ahead
and not at yourself.

Aw, this wasn't supposed
to happen this way.

- Happen what way?
- Us meeting.

Well, what's your name?

Angelita Carmen Guadalupe Cecilia
Jimenez, a sus órdenes.

But for you... Angela.

- Angela.
- Sí.

Well, Angela, um,
thank you for...

You're welcome.

- Angela...
- Sí.

I was... Ooh,
let me get your hat for you, okay?

- Okay. Thank you.
- All right.

This must be yours.
You must have dropped it.

Sorry. I, uh...

Sorry. I...
All you have is makeup.

When a girl has her lipstick,
what more does she need?

- To see a doctor.
- A doctor? Why?

You see me. I'm okay.
I can still Charleston. Look.

- It's a miracle, no?
- No. I mean, yes.

- No. Yes.
- Yes.

Max. Max, are you there?

- Will you excuse me? Just a second.
- Oh, sure, go ahead.



I'm hope you're coming back.
Lenny's waiting for you.

- Lenny?
- Your father?

Oh, yeah, that Lenny.

Ha, funny. You better get that
cab back here for the night shift.

You know, Frank will disqualify
anybody from the contest

who works more than
a double shift.


Uh, listen, um...

I gotta get the car
back to the garage.

- Can I give you a ride somewhere?
- Okay. Where you going?

No, that's not what I meant.

I mean, can I give you a ride to
your home or to your work? You know.

Oh, no, I no have...

You no have... Oh, well, um...
Do you have someplace to sleep?

Excuse me.
You are a-speaking to a lady.

Uh, are you...
Are you all right?

Oh, it's okay.
A bug flew in my mouth.

Oh, it's okay.

- He's gone now.
- Angela. ¿Adónde vives?

- What?
- Where do you live?

Oh. Well, it's nice out,

and the stars,
they make a good shelter.

You're going too fast.

You're lucky
to be alive, you know.

I'm serious. I thought you were dead
when I couldn't feel your pulse.

Oh, I brake for holograms, huh?

Why'd you go and do that for?

Uh, testing the brakes,
that's all.

- With my head?
- I'm sorry, Sam.

I had a little trouble
pinpointing your location.

- You lost?
- Are you lost?

I'm sorry. I am having
a little trouble...

remembering the address
for the cab company right now.

Yeah, I thought you were.
Try the glove box.

- Look in the ashtray.
- Well, don't listen to her.

The cabbies always keep their
business cards in the glove box.

No, the ashtray.

There it is.

See, you should listen to
Angela, no?

Who is this?

O'Connor Cab Company,
121 East 55th Street.

Oh, that's easy.
It's just up here.

- You're gonna take a...
- Right.

No, you're gonna take a left.
I'm sure of it.

There it is. See?
Down that street.

She's right.
There it is.

It's right there on the left.

27, 28, 29, 39.

Hey, that's mine. Forget about
the Yankee game two weeks back?

- Of course he forgot. He lost.
- He always forgets.

No, I don't.
I'm sure I didn't take the Sox.

- Wanna bet?
- Ah, cute.

Don't worry.
I was planning on it.

What are you
still doing here, Lenny?

- Waiting for Max.
- He's not back yet?

He should be here any minute.

Better be, because there are
no triple shifts.

You know, he's gonna get himself
disqualified from this contest.

No, he's gonna win it.

He's only 50 bucks short of
the $15,000 mark by tomorrow,

and then the medallion is his.

He'll be a free man.

It'll be worth it
if it means seeing you go too.

Laugh now, Frankie.
Tomorrow's Max's big day.

Yeah, yeah, big talker.

Hey, Tony!

- Junior's gonna fire him.
- Again.


There he is.

Who the hell's Max got in there?

- Queen Elizabeth in town?
- Maybe it's the pope.

- Don't forget your trip sheet.
- Huh?

It's on the clipboard
on the seat there.

That's got all your fares
for the day.

You're not gonna open
the car door for me?

- Oh, I didn't know.
- Gracias.

She's got a broken arm.

Hey, kid,
how'd you make out today?

This is your father, Lenny.

- Or Max's father.
- Fine, Dad.

- Dad? When'd you get so formal?
- Try Pop. In '58, it was Pop.

I'm sorry, Pop. This is Angela.
Angela, this is my dad.

- Oh...
- Lenny. Pop.

You see, chivalry is not dead.

Come on.
We gotta talk in the wings.

How'd you make out?
How much you make?

Tell him you gotta
total your trip sheet.

I gotta total my trip sheet.

Okay, me and Lenny,
we're gonna go mingling, okay?

- Okay.
- Angelita Carmen Guadalupe...

That's good. Now, let's see.
Sam, you are...

I know. I know. I'm a New York cabbie.
My name is Max Greenman.

Yeah, that's right.
And it's May...

May 10, 1958.

Well, I guess you don't need
me around here, do you?

And you probably already know
why you're here too.

- Yes, I do. I do. For her.
- Why?

- What?
- Yes.

For Carmen Miranda
without the banana hat?

- Yes.
- Come on.

I'm sure of it, Al.
That's why I ran over her today.

- Over?
- Yes.

What, you mean with your cab?

It was an accident. I...

Well, I wasn't assuming
that you did it on purpose.

Although, come to think of it,
considering her attitude...


- Hey, you know what?
- What?

She could have thrown
herself in front of your cab.

- Oh, come on.
- No. There's lots of people do that.

They make millions of dollars staging
these phony accidents for the insurance.

Al, she's homeless, okay?

Now I want you to run a check...

on Angela Carmen Guadalupe
Cecilia Jimenez.

- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah.

Sure. There's gonna be a lot
of them in the phone book.

Sure. Sorry,
Ziggy says nada.

Must be here to help her find a home
or a shelter or something, I guess.

Sam, this is 1958.

People still refer to the homeless
as bums and vagrants.

A woman on the street like that,
she's not gonna find shelter...

unless it's in a jail
or a mental institution.

You should not be tempted
to listen to that devil.

He don't know
what he's talking about.

And which devil
might you be talking about?

The one in the horrible red suit.

You can see him?

Well, he's hard to miss
in that monkey suit.

- Hey!
- I don't believe this.

- Yeah, I don't believe it either.
- Yeah, well, listen to me, Charo.

You're not exactly decked out
for the cover of Vogue.

Mm, no?

Oh, this dress was the
craziest in my day.

Yeah, well,
it's even crazier now.

That's how come she can see me.

Have you been able to
see him the whole time?


Then why didn't
you say anything?

Well, I thought if I ignored him
that he would go away.

You know what?

This, uh... This flapper is
beginning to get on my nerves.

Yes, well, he gives me
the "jeebie-beebies."

- It's heebie-jeebies.
- What?

It's "He gives me
the heebie-jeebies."

You too?
You see, you make us both sick.

This is incredible.

- Yeah, no, it isn't, Sam.
- Yes, it is.

No, you forget.
Small kids, animals and...

- Can see me.
- And don't forget about angels.

- You're an angel?
- Sí.

- What?
- I'm an angel.

See, that does it. Case closed.
Driver, take us to Bellevue and step on it.

What about you? You walk through cabs.
You appear out of nowhere.

- That's because I'm from the future.
- And I'm crazy.

You're serious
about this angel thing, aren't you?

Yes. I told you
when I said my name.

Angela is Angel in Spanish.

I was born Angelita,
which means "little angel."

But as you can see, I grew up.

Yeah, they must serve
plenty of sweets in heaven.

You're never gonna get there,
so you're never gonna know.

- What do you mean? Why not?
- There's a dress code.

You know, if I wasn't
a gentleman and a hologram...

Okay, okay, okay.
Would you excuse us a minute, please?

Okay. I'll go chit-chat
with the cabbies.

Okay, you go chit-chat.

- Come here.
- Chit-chat.

Hey, boys, I'm back.

Sam, don't tell me.
You think she's an angel.

I-I don't know.
I don't know.

All I can tell you is I ran over
her with my car, and she's alive.

Give me a shot at her
and see how she comes out.

Well, whatever she is, Al,
she needs help.

No Shinola.
But you're not here for her.

You're here for Max.
Tomorrow night,

Max gets shot in a robbery
and left comatose...

- for the rest of his life.
- All for lousy cab fares?

Yeah, yeah, his life
riding on 50 bucks.

That's all he needed was 50 bucks
to get his own medallion.

What medallion?

His med...
Like that right there.

- See that?
- Yeah?

Well, every cab in New York has
one of those bolted to the hood.

And they're limited in number,
so they cost big bucks.

Back in '58,
they were going for 20 thou a pop.

Yeah. And Frank Jr.,
who's the owner of the company,

he set up a contest and promised
to give away a medallion...

to the first cabbie that earned
$15,000 for the company in the year.

- So that's a good price?
- Yeah, but it's almost impossible...

because they gotta split the fares
50-50 with the company.

So that means they gotta
make $30,000?

15,000 for themselves and
15,000 for the company?

That's right.
That was a lot of money back in '58,

but he did it doing double
shifts, weekends, holidays.

He worked hard.

I, uh... I grossed $50 today.

Okay, well, that means
your total is up to $14,976.

- So you only need...
- Twenty-five more dollars.

- I got it.
- No, 50. You have to split.

- 50-50, 50-50 with the company.
- Yeah, yeah, all right.

So I need 50 more.

So you need 50 bucks to make the
mark of 15,000 by tomorrow night.

But if I drive tomorrow night,
I'm gonna get shot.

- I can't drive tomorrow night.
- Yeah, but it...

Well, you're gonna have to
if you wanna get him the medallion.

And the offer runs out
tomorrow night at midnight.


First we gotta figure out a way
to get rid of Chiquita banana.

You're never gonna guess
who invited me to dinner.


- Okay, Max?
- Cute.

Are you sure we can't get you
to eat anything?

Oh, no. You know, I feel bad
having you just sit and watch us.

No, thank you.
I-I can't.

Why not? You on some sort
of air diet or something?

Oh, no, I just...
I don't eat.

- Why?
- I'm an angel.

- You sure are.
- Oh.

Isn't she, Max?

Oh, yeah, yeah,
she sure is, Pop. Dad. Pop.

So, how'd you two meet?

Well, um...

Max ran over me on 34th Street.

- He did?
- Some way to meet a lady, no?

No. Max, you're supposed
to pick them up,

- not run them down.
- Well...

- Hey, how about a toast?
- No, thank you.

I don't... I don't eat. Oh.

- First, here's to new friends.
- Oh.

And here's to my son,
who's gonna get what I never could.

Be his own man tomorrow night.



Well, uh, shall we?

It's all yours, kid.


- You know you got...
- Oh. Oh. Oh.

- How embarrassing!
- Oh, no apron?

You come up with anything
on Angela yet?

No, Ziggy's drawing a complete blank.
It's like she never existed.

What do you mean never existed?

But that doesn't mean
that she's an angel.

I'm not saying it does, but if you
don't have any information on her,

I mean, who knows?

Lookit. If she was,

she really blew it the first time
when she let Max get shot, huh.

I've been thinking about that, Al.

What if I'm here
to correct her mistake.

Well, if that's true
that means that there's

a whole flock of guardian
angels out there,

and they're all
slacking off on the job.


And that's why you leap in...
to fix their mistakes.


- Kinda like God's clean-up crew.
- Yeah.

Will you stop this
about the angels?

- Come on, Sam.
- It's fun to think about.

Wouldn't that be great?

Start thinking about how you're gonna
avoid getting shot tomorrow night.

- Have you thought about that?
- Uh-huh.

- What?
- What time do I get shot?

Uh, 11:32.

- Where?
- Where?

Uh, 43rd and Broadway.

At 11:32, I won't be anywhere near
43rd and Broadway. How's that?

Besides, I'll be okay. I've got two
guardian angels looking after me.

Either I've had too much Chablis,
or you're talking to thin air.

I'm talking to thin air.

Good. I can have another drink.

Well, I'm gonna go back and see if I can
find something more on... on... on...

You seem to be
in a really good mood tonight.

- Ah, no, I'm not.
- You're not?

Okay, then what's
with the whistle?

I haven't heard a woman's laugh
in here in over three years.

I kinda like the sound of it.

- It's a beautiful song, sí?
- Yes.

I found it in the piano bench,

and I thought that you might
like to hear it again.

Thank you.

You knew that was their song.


Before I came here,
I-I learned many things about you...

and your family.

I know many things.

Like your father needs you now.

Hey, Pop.

Go away, Max.
I don't want you to see me like this.

It's okay, Pop.

She was beautiful, huh?

You have no idea, Maxie.
No idea.

She was only 18
when we took this.

A little photo shop
down in Atlantic City.

I remember the first time
I ever kissed her.

Like breathing in life.

You miss her.

Yeah. You're all
I've got left, kid.

- And we're gonna show 'em, right?
- Yeah.

Waited 42 years for tomorrow.

You won't let me down.

Good night, Pop.

Night, Son.

Okay. It's gettin' kind of late.

Oh, that's right.
Tomorrow's your big day.

Yeah. Is there, uh,
someplace I can take you?

Oh, I-I like it right here.

Okay, okay,
you can stay here tonight.

But after tomorrow, we're gonna find you
a permanent place to live, all right?


Never mind. Good night.

Good night.

Oh, look at that sign...
West Side Story.

You know, that's a musical
about Puerto Ricans in New York.

And you know what? They got Puerto Ricans
in it. I got tickets, front row center.

- How'd you get 'em?
- Oh, I got connections.

- Hi, Sam.
- Oh, just when we were having fun.

- What's up?
- Oh, nothing much.

Just ran some checks...
way, way back in the records.

And it turns out there was a
singer named An-An-An-Angelita.

Angelita. Uh-huh.

Uh, yeah, in Spanish
Harlem, back in the '20s.

Of course.

- Uh, small problem with that though.
- What's that?

Uh, well,
she... she died in 1928.

Oh, boy!

- How... How could she be...
- Dead?

Well, there's gotta be a
logical explanation, of course.

We just...
I am an angel.

Ay, ay. All right, if you were an angel,
where's your halo, under your hat?

You're the devil,
but I don't see no horns.

One for the angel.

But she doesn't look
anything like an angel.

Angels are... lighter.

I got stuck in limbo too long.
I got hungry.

- I make a little angel joke.
- Funny.

I always thought angels would be like that
guy in, uh, uh, It's A Wonderful Life.

Clarence? Clarence!

You know, he ruined
this job for all the rest of us.

Yes, because every time I show up,

everybody wants to know,
"Where is Clarence?"

I don't know, I think it'd be kinda
neat to have an angel like him around.

You know, one not so loud.

I'm not loud.
I'm just Puerto Rican!

So, anyway,
how'd you wind up an angel?

Okay. I was known
as a Puerto Rican Fanny Brice.

But I got tired of
playing the cuchifrito circuit,

so I got this audition
for a big Broadway show.

Oh, it was so exciting.

So there I was, I was singing my guts out,
and I went to hit that big, high note,

- and I went esplat.
- Esplat?

Yeah, I took a dove 15 feet
into the pits.

I bet you shook the theater down.

That's not funny.
You see if I laugh when you die.

So, that's how
you became an angel.

- I did not ask for this job.
- It was assigned?

- Sí.
- Uh-huh.

They said in life that I was too vain,
that I-I had too big an eggo.


Yeah, well, whatever it
was, it was too big!

So I was sent here to learn
how to help other people.

And you're the one
that needs the help.

You better watch it, chico.
I know the boss.

Do you know what you're
here to help me with?

No. I was not told.

Well, you see there?
An angel would know the future.

Oh, that's not the way it works,

I only know that something bad is going
to happen to you sometime in the next day.

- How do you know that?
- I'm your guardian angel.

I think Sophie Tuckerita here
was eavesdropping on us.

- What happens after you help me?
- I move on to my next assignment.

I know that feeling.

And in this time,
no one will remember I was ever here.

I don't know, Al. I mean...
I mean, it could be possible, you know?

Hey, hey, you wanna talk to me?
I-I'll meet you outside. Alone.

Thank you.
I thought he'd never go away.

I'll be right back.

I can open my own car door.

That's a wonderful thing.
Now stay here.

Oh, she can open the door herself.
That's a miracle, huh? Angels, miracles.

This is pretty
incredible, you know it?


- Sam, don't tell me you're buying this.
- Somehow it all makes sense.

I mean, her old-fashioned clothes, uh, her
intuition, which has been pretty amazing,

the fact that she never eats.

- Believe me one thing, Sam.
- What?

She eats big-time.

How did she survive that accident
without a scratch? Hmm?

Angels do not exist.

Holograms didn't exist
until 20 years ago.

Sounds like an angel to me.


- Well. Well?
- Well?

Ehh, yeah,
she-she sings like an angel...


But that doesn't mean
she is one.

Well, whatever, we have to
find this woman a place to live.

- Okay. Sure.
- Okay?

But you have to get through
tonight and get Max's medallion,

and then tomorrow we'll take
care of the chubby cherub.

Hope you don't mind sharin' a cab.

Oh, no. No problem. It's just right
up ahead here, on Fifth Avenue.

This street has changed
a lot in 30 years.

So where you goin'?

A broker's meeting.
New York Realtors.

Oh, well, you know, there's gonna be a lot
of money made in real estate in the future.

Really? Where?

Oh, um...

Well, I bet there are gonna be a lot
of taller buildings all around here.

And, uh... Hmm.

Might even be some big glass tower
right there next to Tiffany's.

- Here you go. Come on, Donald.
- Thanks.

Hello, Mr. Trump.

- Trump?
- See ya.

35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.

Countin' tips,
I'm $10 away from makin' the 50.

And I can make that easy
in the next two and a half hours.

- Sam!
- Oh, look what the pig dragged in.

- It's cat.
- You never lived in Puerto Rico.

Save the insults, Charo,
we got trouble.

- The robbery's gonna happen any minute.
- What are you talkin' about?

It's 9:32. You said the robbery doesn't
happen till 11:32. I got two hours.

Yeah, but Ziggy forgot to
calculate Eastern standard time.

You're two hours ahead.

Well, at least I'm nowhere
near 43rd and Broadway.

- Well, maybe they came lookin' for you.
- Maybe they came...

Why'd they turn their lights out?
It must be them.

- Oh, uh, Sam, uh, take a right and a left.
- No, it's a dead end.

It's not a dead end. I'll prove it.
I'll meet you down there.

She was right.
I don't believe it.

It's not called
a dead end for nothing.

Uh, gee, Sam, they must've just
recently turned this into a dead end.

Take this.

No, hey, wait,
you can't give her the money.

- That's for Max's medallion. Sam!
- Go hide behind those boxes.

- Don't come out until I tell you. Go!
- They can't hurt me.

- Charo, get out!
- Oh, pushy, pushy.

Sam, here they come.
Look, they're driving away.

I guess we overreacted.
I guess so.

Turn the engine off.

- Uh-oh.
- Turn it off, and get out of the cab.

Uh, you better do it, Sammy.
He looks nervous.

Turn around. Raise your hands.
Turn around!

Turn around.

Put all your money on the hood.

Hurry up. Hurry up!

- Where's the money box?
- It's right here.

Lay it down on the hood.

What are you doin'? Put it on the hood.
Put it on the hood.

- It's okay. He cannot hurt me.
- Stop! - Put it on the hood!

- Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Don't! Don't move!

- Sam, where'd she get shot?
- I don't... I don't know.

I'm not findin'
any kind of a bullet...

What the hell?

You okay?
Sure, if you stop tickling me.

Wait a second.
Wait a second.

We saw you... Come on, come on.
We saw you get hit.

But you can't hit me
if I'm already dead.

You all right?

But we saw a bul...

Al, there's a bullet hole
right here.

There's a bullet hole,
and there's nothin' in...

And there's a bullet hole in the back.
There's a bullet hole right here...

- and one in the... in the back.
- Oh, all right.

I know what happened.

- Sam. Sam, listen to me.
- But there's nothin' in the front.

There's just a bullet hole
here, and she's...

Sam, I figured it out! Let me tell you
what happened. Here's what happened.

The guy's pulling the gun out, and he's
gonna shoot, and she spun like that.

- No, she didn't spun like that.
- Yes, she did, and her coat flew open...

and the shot went right like
that, right under her arm.

- No. No.
- It came out the back,

and it never even touched her.

Do you not know a miracle
when you see one?

Look, all that matters
is that you're not hurt.

Oh, but, Sam, you changed history.
Now Max doesn't get shot.

Yeah, well, he doesn't get
his medallion either.

No. You still gotta be here
to help him get that.

Oh, man.
Are you kidding me?

No. That's... That's how
I lost all the money.

That's terrible.

- But at least you're still alive, right?
- And I want that medallion.

I mean, I had all the money tonight.
Well, till I got robbed.

So, Mr. O'Connor, what I need is for
you to extend the deadline one more day.

Look, Max, I'm not gonna B.S.
you or anything.

I'm glad I didn't have to
give that medallion away.

I can broker it for 20 G's
on the street tomorrow.

The only thing I'm sorry about
is seeing you lose it in this way.

Oh, sure he is.
Ask him about company loyalty.

Lenny started working at this company
for his father over 42 years ago.

You know... Lenny started workin'
with your father over 42 years ago.

- What's my father got to do with this?
- He gave you the company.

Well, nothin',
except that I-I feel like...

the time that Lenny and I
have put into this company...

deserve some consideration,
that's all.

What more do you want?

I let him hang out here
and waste away his retirement years.

He misses his friends.

A man should know when
it's time to move on.

Unless he's forced
to move on before his time.

Look, it's a sad fact of life,
but it was Lenny's time to retire.

- That's your opinion, not his.
- I'm the boss.

Yeah, thanks to your father.

My father may have started
this business, but I run it.

I'm carrying on in my family's tradition,
just like you did tonight by losing out.

Lenny's not a loser.

No, just a big talker.

He'll never accept that the two of youse
was meant to work for someone else.

I know, it's a hard fact
to live with.

How would you know?
You had your whole life handed to you.

Goodbye, Max.
It was nice workin' with you.

I'm so proud of you. Huh?

Hey, that's my boy!

Hey, hey, Max.

I didn't make it.

How could you miss?

You... You only needed 50 bucks more.
Come on, you were...

I was robbed.
They took all my money.

- Robbed?
- Yeah.

Well, we have to talk to Frank.

I mean, you worked so hard.

We'll talk to Frank.
He'll understand.

- He fired me.
- Hmm.

¡Qué lástima!





- What's up? Where is he?
- I don't know.

- I don't know. Look at this.
- Huh?

Life insurance policy. Bullets.

- Bullets?
- What are the bullets for?

¡Madre de Dios!
He's going to kill himself.

No, no, no, I don't think so.

Yes, I have handled
this many times before.

He's going to do it so
you can have the money.

He's got to know that there's a
suicide clause in the insurance policy,

- so Max wouldn't get a nickel.
- All right, all right. Okay.

Where did he go?

Where'd he go?
Uh, where'd he go?

- Come on, Al, where did he go?
- I know where he is.

- Where?
- Yes. He is going to kill himself.

No, no! He went to kill Frank,
unless Frank gives up that medallion.

No, it's a suicide!

Look, I-I have seen this
too many times before.

They always do it by the waterfront
so they can fall into the East River.

No. No, no.

That way, the gun gets lost in the
water, and it looks like a murder, sí.

No! Sam, who are you
gonna listen to,

after all these years?

Okay, let's go.

- Well, I'm outta here for the night.
- Yeah, so soon?

Yeah. Chinese,
you and me, Friday.

- Oh, I'd love to, but I gotta wash...
- Wash your hair. I know.


- Get inside.
- Hi, Lenny.

Hello, Dolly.

What are you doin'?
You crazy?

Hey, what's the matter with you?

Hello, operator?
Get me the police, quick!

- What do ya got?
- He's here, Sam.

- I told you I was right.
- Well, there's always a first time, okay?

- I'm trying to get some more stuff here.
- Just stay here, all right?

It's Lenny.
He's gonna kill Frank. Huh?

And it's all my fault.

We've got officers
movin' around the building.

We can go into position
around the alley window.

- No, no, no, wait. Wait a second.
- Who are you?

I'm his son.
I-I can talk him out of this.

- You got two minutes.
- Thanks.

Even if I gave you the medallion,
they're gonna lock you away.

You think I care anymore?

- Pop?
- Go away, Max!

- He's holding a gun on Frank, Sam.
- I'm comin' in.

You listen to me, boy!

So you can get yourself killed?

Get your dad outta here, Max.
He's acting crazy.

What's goin' on, Pop?

I'm just getting what's owed you.

Take it easy, Sam.

For that you're willing
to give up your life?

Ah, it's over anyway.

- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is.

Rose, my job.

I got nothing left.
You got me, Pop.

You're who I'm doin' this for.
Now get outta here.

Listen to your father,
and go away!

You hear me?

- I need you, Pop.
- For what?

To be my partner.

No one's gonna hire me now.
Not after this.

- I will.
- But you lost the money.

I know how to get the medallion.
But you gotta trust me.

You gotta give me the gun.

Give me the gun, Pop.

Sam, look out!


- Set it down!
- Uh, s-slowly.

And I guess they got mad
'cause I didn't give them the medallion.

It's not my fault he got robbed.

- Sam, this guy is a liar.
- This man, he's a liar.

I mean, uh, how do I know he
didn't take the money himself?

Because you took it.

I was here workin'
the whole time.

I know.
So you sent somebody else.

- Didn't he?
- What?

You said this whole thing
was your fault.

You robbed me,
and you thought that you shot her.

That's why you went all white
when you saw that she was still alive.

I am not a ghost.
I'm an angel.

Well, whatever he did,
I know nothin' about.

But he used your gun.

A chrome .38
with a pearl handle.

Same one that was used
in the robbery.

Are you gonna listen
to this guy?

Yeah. Why don't we go inside
and talk about it?

- No, I'm not takin' the rap for you.
- Just keep your mouth shut!

No, no.

- What happens to Lenny?
- He gets probation.

But only after Frank is charged
with being an accessory to the robbery.

So, then Frank's gonna
go to prison, right?

- No.
- N-No?

No, he gets probation too.
But only after a plea bargain,

and the judge forces him
to surrender the medallion to Max.

And then Lenny and Max
form the Greenman Cab Company,

but they can only
ever afford just one taxi.

- But that's all they ever wanted,
- That's all right, yeah.

- so yeah.
- That's all right.

- I'm sorry, Max.
- It's okay.

Besides, I got a feeling everything's
gonna work out just fine.


- You seen Angela?
- I think she went down the alley.

Oh. Yeah, thanks.
I'll be right back.


What are you doin'?
Where you goin'?

- Well, it's my time to leave now.
- What are you talkin' about?

Oh, yeah.

Oh, is this the part where nobody's
gonna remember you were ever here?


Well, not you, uh,
but people in... in this time.

You're gonna forget about me,

but I will always
remember you, Sam.


Who do you think I was sent here
to really look after?

You're not really gonna
let her go, are you?


Who? Angelita!


- Do I know her?
- Huh?

Do you know...
Do you know her?

- Quit foolin' around, Sam.
- What?

You know what I'm talk...
I'm talkin' about Angelita, the angel.

The angel? Al, come on,
there's no such thing as angels.

We're losing her, Doctor.

Do something!

- Doctor? Doctor, are you all right?
- Uh...

Yeah, I just need a
second to figure out what...

She's in full arrest!

Oh, no.

She's gone.

- No, she can't be.
- Oh, no.

- It's your fault.
- What?

She trusted you, and you killed her!
You bastard, you murdered my wife!

Oh, boy.