Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 4, Episode 16 - Ghost Ship - August 13, 1956 - full transcript

Flying through the Bermuda Triangle strange things occur as Sam must get a sick passenger to a doctor.

Theorizing that one could time travel
within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped
into the Quantum Leap accelerator...

and vanished.

He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own...

and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.

His only guide on this journey is Al,
an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form of a hologram
that only Sam can see and hear.

And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong...

and hoping each time
that his next leap...

will be the leap home.

Uh, oh, boy!

Whenever you fly,
they tell you in emergencies

to put your head
between your legs.

I guess that makes it easier
to kiss your butt goodbye.

Whoa! Hang on, Eddie.
Hang on.

Come on.
Come on. That's a baby.

That-a-girl. That-a-girl. Easy.

All right.

- What happened?
- Huh?

The automatic pilot
flip out again?

Well, uh...

Didn't you squawk it
after the Miami run?

Squawk it?

- Write it up in the maintenance log.
- My God.

I forgot you didn't go to
military flight school, did you?

I don't think so.

turn that damn black box off.

We're gonna fly this baby to
Bermuda the way God intended...

by the seat of our pants.

We're goin' to Bermuda?
By the seat of our pants.

- You okay, Brackett?
- Yeah. I'm fine.

Well, even if you're not,
you better learn to act like you are.

- Reassures the passengers...
- Yeah.

Which you should do
before they panic.

Tell 'em we hit a, uh, air pocket.

- No such thing as an air pocket.
- Well, we know that. They don't.

Okay. Air pocket. Got it.

After you turn off
the automatic pilot.

The little silver box
with the green light.

What the hell's the matter with you?

Well, I gotta... say.

I was just wonderin'
why that compass is... is doin' that.

- Must be a magnetic disturbance.
- Ah.

Without a, uh, gyrocompass
we'd be in... big trouble.

Get on the bird dog.
See if you can tune in Bermuda.

- The bird dog...
- The radio compass.

"Bird dog" must be
what you called it in the...

the navy.

- Now we should be in range, unless...
- Unless what?

Unless the autopilot
flew us off course.

Uh, you know, it's easier to tune it in
if you use the headset.


Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, yeah. Sorry.

- Everything okeydokey?
- Oh, just fine, hon.

Then one of you better get
back there and tell Junior.

I don't know who's paler...
him or his new bride.

You better get back
there, Brackett.

Grant Jr. Strikes me as the
same kind of ass as his daddy.

Coop, what if he heard you?

I'd get fired,
and you'd have to support me.

- Oh, yeah?
- You guys are married.

And you're actin' like it too.

Uh, excuse me.

Hey, what really happened
a minute ago?

Uh, w-we hit an air pocket.

Oh, he's lookin' a little green
around the gills. Wet too.



"Brackett." Huh.

Now that you know your name,

maybe you can tell me why I'm wearing
my mai tai and not drinking it.

I'm sorry.
We, uh... We hit an air pocket?

Why is it we don't hit air pockets
when my dad is on board?

Just lucky, I guess.

Yeah. Look.
Will you freshen this up for me?

I'm gonna go to the john, and...

tell Michelle
we're not going to crash.

Yeah. Okay.

Is he grouching
like his old man?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.

- He... He wants an-another mai tai.
- Ah.

Aye, aye, Captain.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah. Fine.

- Did I say congratulations?
- Um, when we came on board.

Oh. Well, once is never enough
when you're...

a new bride, so...

Thank you... Mr., um, Br-Brackett.
Uh, Eddie. Ed. Ed...

Call me "Ed" or "Eddie."
It's fine.

Listen. That little, uh,
dive back there...


That was... That was because
we hit an air pocket.

And, uh, I'm really sorry about that. You
want me to get you another one of those?

Uh, no, thank you.
Don't wanna wear it like Grant.

Oh, no. Don't worry about that.

It's gonna be smooth sailin'
from here on in, I'm sure.

Okay. Oh!

- What's wrong?
- Oh, nothing.

What is it?

Oh, it's nothing. It's just, uh...
just stomach cramps.

Guess those mai tais didn't mix very well
with the crab cracker things.

Just don't tell Grant.

- If you're ill, we can...
- No. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Hi, sweetheart.

Where's our drinks, Eddie?

The stewardess is makin' them.

Stewardess? That's gettin' awful
formal, calling Wendy a stewardess.

I'm sorry. Wendy is making yours.
Your wife doesn't want one.

We are on our honeymoon.

I'll have another mai tai.

You sure?

Yeah... um,
just none of those crab crackers.

You heard the lady, Eddie.
Another mai tai.



Ask them to do anything except fly
you from point "A" to point "B,"

and they act like they're
doin' you a favor.

Oh, right now, I just want them to get to
point "B." That's all I want them to do.

Mrs. Cutter, you are still thinking
like a Michelle Temple.

Only you fell in love
with Michelle Temple.

That I did.


Stewardess lesson
number one, Eddie:

Don't argue if the
passenger wants a drink.

She just doesn't look
very good, that's all.

Who does after that dive?
Except Coop, of course.

Ooh. A Grumman Goose,
and converted for executive use. Nice.

What a bird. They don't make
planes the way they used to...

or stewardesses.

I'll fix you and Coop a
sandwich after I deliver this.

Oh. Here.

Yeah. Hey, you could fix me a
sandwich anytime. In fact...

- Where the hell have you been?
- You... Huh?

- I almost crashed this thing a minute ago.
- Hey, take it easy.

You're a movin' target. You're lucky
that Ziggy was able to find you at all.

Oh, look at this plane.

My gosh.
Do you know that in World War II...

the Grumman Goose was used
to chase down German U-boats?

As a matter of fact, it helped...
it helped save thousands of...

Al, Al, give me...
Give me the history lesson later, okay?

Right now I need to know
what I'm doin' here.

- Okay.
- Okay.

It's August 13, 1956.
You're a copilot by the name of...

- Eddie Brackett. Right here. Oh, yeah.
- Francis Edward Brackett.

Uh, you're a fledgling,
airborne limo driver.

Maybe he is, but I'm not. In case you
don't remember, I don't drive these things.

Well, you did great as a...
as a rocket test pilot.

I crashed.

- Not before you broke Mach 3 first.
- Among other things.

Come on. It's easy. It's like...
It's like ridin' a bike.

Yeah. Only, when you fall off of a
plane, you crash and burn.

Uh, it's called "buying the farm."

Well, whatever it's called, you're dead.

Okay, okay.
So my analogy isn't perfect.

It stinks.

You're, uh, flying,
uh, Grant Cutter Jr,

who's the heir to a huge pet...


Oh... petroleum company, and his new bride.
Isn't that nice?

To Bermuda. I know that.
Yes, it's nice. Yeah.

Only you never get there.

- We crash?
- No. Calm down.

- We crash?
- No. You don't crash.

You turn around,
and you go back to Norwich, Virginia,

which is where
you took off from.

Why? W-We have some kind of engine
trouble or somethin'. Is that it?

Well, I would imagine there's some kind
of a problem, mechanical, or else why...

why would you go back?

- Ex-Except...
- Except... Except what?

Well, uh,
it's only an hour to Bermuda,

and it's four hours back to
Norwich, Virginia,

so why, you know... if you got a problem...
go all the way back?

- Why... don't we ask Ziggy?
- Huh?

- Ziggy.
- Oh! Ask... Ask Ziggy.

Well, okay. I'll ask Ziggy, but I'm having
a lot of problems with it today.

- What? What's wrong with it?
- Uh, Ziggy says... I don't know.

- You got a sick pass...
- Huh?


Passenger. Michelle. Yeah.
She's got a stomachache. I know that.

- Oh, no, no. She's got...
- Huh?

- Oh. She's got acute...
- Huh?


- "Appen-dicki-tis"?
- "Appen-dicki-tis."

- Appendicitis! Appendicitis?
- What's cute about that?

Al, Al, would you...

If we're only an hour
away from Bermuda,

why don't we just go there,
to the nearest hospital?

Well, that's probably
what you're here to do.

Well, I...

Al, we're turning.

Yeah. Well, we're probably turning
to go back to Norwich.

Why are we turning?

Our compass is out; our gyro's tumbled.

And I can't reach Bermuda on the bird dog.
We don't have a choice.

Flyin' west,
we can't miss the mainland,

but flyin' east,
we sure as hell can miss Bermuda.

The compass seems to be settling down.

That's because we're
flyin' back out of it.

Out of what?

The Bermuda Triangle.

We're flying in the Bermuda Triangle?

Ooh, not for long. We're flyin' due
west, so we should be out of it soon.

Then we'll get our compass and radio back
and be able to set course for Norwich.

If the wind hasn't changed, we should
set down in, uh, three and a half hours.

Yeah, but we're just
an hour from Bermuda.

We can't find Bermuda.

You gotta be able to see
hundreds of miles... at this altitude.

I mean, I would think if we just
turned around and headed back east,

we're bound to spot Bermuda.

It's gotta be right there with...
We'd see it.

We don't know how far the
autopilot's taken us off course.

Now Bermuda could be
over the horizon, north of us.

I got a feeling that... the autopilot
wasn't that far off.

Eddie, you haven't been flyin'
long enough to have gut feelings.

Now what is the rush to get to Bermuda?
Now we'll... we'll return to Norwich.

We'll get the autopilot fixed

and take Junior and his
bride to Bermuda tomorrow.

- She may not have a tomorrow.
- What do you mean?

She's got stomach pains.
I think it's appendicitis.

Oh, damn.

That's why we gotta get her to the
nearest hospital, and that's in Bermuda.

Well, not if we can't find it.

Look. Go back.
Check on her again. Uh,

tell Junior we're returnin' to Norwich
due to, uh, mechanical problems.

- Look, Coop. I don't think...
- Look. That's an order, kid.

Al, Al, what's wrong?

- What are you doing?
- This thing has gone blooey on me.

I can't get anything on it.

It's because we're in the...
Bermuda Triangle.

It's because the hand-link
always goes blooey.

Not this blooey.

You're not gonna tell me that you
believe all the myths, are you?

Sam, a lot of freaky things
have happened out here.

There are ships that disappear,
planes vanish,

even on clear days... like this one.

Disasters at sea are not that uncommon,
even on clear days like this one.

There's theories that say...

that it's either
electromagnetic vortices, or else it's...

Or sea monsters.

- How did you know?
- Right. I remember.

Giant prehistoric lizard fish
have been seen by sailors...

In the Ber... What's so funny?
What are you laughin' about?

- I'm just joking, okay?
- This is no joke, Sam.

If I wasn't a hologram,
I wouldn't be caught dead out here.

Oh. It's back.

And we've flown...
out of the Triangle.

How do you explain that?

Could be that U.F.O.
that's been circling us.

Oh, you... What U.F.O?

You... What U.F.O? Where's the...
I don't see a U.F...

Oh, boy. The Triangle
swallowed him up. Sam...

- Sam, where the hell did he go?
- Al...

- S...
- Oh, no. Come on.

That's not funny, Sam.

Oh, Al, what's wrong with you?
Now come on.

Give me a heart attack.

Now that Ziggy is back, could you at
least tell me what happened to Michelle?

Can't believe you.

Uh, well, back when this
happened originally...

Yeah? What?

- Oh.
- What?

Her... Her appendix burst,
and she died.

She died on board?

Yeah, an hour before
they landed in Norwich.

She must have gone hypotensive.
Hyp... Yeah, uh, h-hypotensive.

Al, we gotta get her to Bermuda...
to the hospital there.

How you gonna find it?

Well, I can't, but you can.
Have Ziggy get us a heading.

Eddie, you better
take a look at this kid.

She's startin' to scare me.

I thought she'd feel
better after she threw up

and we got her a change of
clothes, but...

- She's really hurting.
- Hey.

- Can I take a look?
- I'm a married woman.

That's okay, honey.
Eddie's a married man.


- Yeah. I... See, I am, so...
- Okay. See.

Ooh. Look. Um, you tell me if you
feel any pain, okay, and where it is?

No! I can't...

Yeah, there's a little
swelling right there.


I'm gonna check the medical kit

and see if I can find
something to relieve the pain.

- She gonna be all right?
- Yeah, she's gonna be fine.

It's just a little upset stomach.

Well, actually, it's a little...
upset appendix.

- Appendix?
- Yeah.

You sure?

Eddie went to med school for a year
before becoming a pilot.

Yeah, well,
that doesn't make him a doctor.

Yeah, well, maybe not, but I've...
seen these symptoms before.

Got a fever, swelling, tenderness.
Odds are it's her appendix.

- Well, what should we do?
- Get her to a hospital.

- Mmm, it's all my fault. I'm sorry.
- No. It's not.

Yes, it is. I knew there
was pain before we boarded,

and I just thought
it would go away.

I didn't want to ruin our honeymoon.
I'm sorry.

You're not ruining anything.

- And I bought this nice lace negligee.
- Wear it in the hospital.

Yeah, sure. You can shake up
all those stuffy British nurses.

Oh, we're not gonna go to...

Uh, that... That would shake 'em up,
all right, if she wore a... a negligee.

You keep her quiet,
all right, Grant?

And, uh, I'll send Wendy back in a
second with something for the pain.

- Thank you, Mr. Brackett.
- Eddie. Call me Eddie.

- How am I gonna keep you quiet?
- Mmm.

We're flying back to Norwich.

She's not gonna make it back to Norwich.
Excuse me.

- She's that bad?
- Yeah. She's that bad.

- What are you looking for?
- Uh, we have a medical kit

- or something like that?
- Here.

There's gotta be some
aspirin in here or something.


Okay. Give her three aspirin...
uh, that should help with the pain...

and a hot water bottle, okay?

- There's not one on board.
- Well...

All right. Heat up some towels
in the microwave.


Take some towels, put 'em in hot
water, and use 'em on her, okay?

- Okay.
- I'll go talk to Cooper.

They're back.

Who's back?

Compass and gyro.

I told you.

Then we can fly to
Bermuda, right?

Don't start, Eddie.

You know what, Sam?
This guy has got the right stuff.

You just have to convince him that the girl
is gonna die unless he gets to Bermuda.

Look. Michelle's appendix is gonna rupture,
and when it does, she'll die.

You know, the docs took
my appendix out when I was 16.

Turned out all I really had was
a gastritis attack.

But since they had me open,
they took it out anyway.

Now what if... what if all Michelle
is sufferin' from is gastritis?

This is not gastritis.

This is an attack of acute appendicitis.

I'm not gonna risk her life and everyone
else's on your medical judgment, Eddie.

Oh, Sam, I've got our location.

We're a hundred and thirty-seven
miles southwest of Bermuda.

And you just take a heading of 077...
It'll take us right into Hamilton Harbor.

Look, Cooper, I... I've been doing a little
figuring, and I think I know where we are.

- If we take a heading of 0...
- 77.

77, that heading will run us
smack dab right into Bermuda.

- You've been doin' some figuring.
- Yeah.

Well, I've been flyin' for 20 years,
and I don't know where the hell we are.

Uh, Sam, Sam, I need to talk to you
in the galley right now.

Lieutenant, my compass is spinnin' faster
than a West Texas twister.

Uh, this is Shark Two.
Roger that, and my gyro's tumbled.

Shark Three. Roger that.

Stay cool, Sharks.
I know this pond like my bathtub.

Skipper, I got a Liberty ship
at my 10:00, steamin' northeast.

She'll bring the U-boat up.

Watch for a periscope wake
east or west of her.

In 1944, Cooper located and sunk
seven U-boats in the Bermuda Triangle.

This guy has spent more
time in the Triangle

than half the ships
that disappeared.

Well, then why is he so reluctant
to fly back into it?

Well, maybe because he respects it,
or he knows how lethal...

It can... it can be.

- Uh-oh.
- Uh-oh?

Uh-oh. In November of that year, Cooper
and the three aircraft he was leading...

disappeared without a trace.

Disappeared without... Al, the guy's
right here. He's flyin' the plane.

Yeah, yeah. Well, eight days later,
he was picked up,

still wearing his Mae West,
by a passing tanker.

It was a miracle.

But no one knows what happened to the
rest of his flight... not even him.

He couldn't remember anything
that happened that day.

Shark One. You see the squall line
movin' in from the south?

You'll never spot that U-boat
watchin' squall lines, Boyle.

It, uh, just really looks weird, Skipper.

Skipper, Shark Three.
My instruments are bouncin;

Engine temp, R.P.M.'s, cylinder head...
they're all swingin' from peg to peg!


Cooper, you okay?

Fine. Just tunin' in Norwich
on the bird dog.

Uh, tell him to tune in Bermuda.

Try Bermuda.

Got it loud and clear.

I was right about the heading,
wasn't I?

Yeah, you were right, kid.

I'm right about Michelle too.

I know this pond, Eddie.
Today is not the day to push into it.

If we don't, Michelle is gonna die.

- You really believe that, don't you?
- Stake my life on it.

No. You're stakin' all our lives on it.

Aw, what the hell.

You know, Sam, flying like this
is like writing with a quill pen...

when you could be using a...
a computer.

We're crabbin'.
Got a bit of wind out of the northeast.

- Yeah. Eleven point six knots.
- About, uh, 10, 12 knots.

Hey, he's good.

Uh, look. No tellin' what's gonna happen
when we re-enter the Triangle. Uh,

better have a look
at this appendicitis of yours now.

- You take her.
- Take her?

The plane, Sam.
He wants you to fly the plane.


No, the gremlin behind you.

Oh, no. W-Wait a second. I-I-I...
I gotta go to the john.

- Head.
- Head.

Hold on until I check Michelle.
She's all yours.

Gently, Sam. Gently...
as though you're holding a woman.

"Like a woman." Why did I know you
were going to say, "like a woman"?

- Well...
- What?


The controls... you gotta
handle 'em gently, like a woman.

- When's that baby of yours due, kid?
- Baby?

- Baby? Baby? Um, uh...
- A month.

A month.

You hang in there.

I'm gonna have a baby.

No, Sam.
You're not gonna have a baby.

Your wife, Carol, is gonna have a baby,
and your left wing is drooping.

Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up.

- Ohhh! Aaah!
- Don't overdo it!

- What's going on?
- Uh, just takin' a new heading.

I wish he would make up his mind.

He just did.

Thank God for autopilots,
but this is weird, Al.

- Weird?
- Yeah. This is...

When you were flapping
your wings up and down

before we went on automatic
pilot, that was weird.

Now, you better, uh,

vector around this thunderstorm
that's comin' up off your nose.


Just turn that knob.

No, not that one. That one.
That one. Turn it to the left.

That's enough.

Okay. Good.

I can fly.

You can dial.

Wait till we re-enter the Triangle,
and the automatic pilot goes on the fritz.

Then we'll see if you can fly.

She's feeling a little better.

- That right, Mrs. Cutter?
- I'm tryin'.

I can see that. Well, we'll be landin'
in Bermuda in just over an hour.

Eddie said that a long time ago.

Well, we had to detour around some thunder
bumpers, but we got clear sailing now.

We're goin'back to Bermuda, right?

So that means that
Michelle is gonna make it.

Well, the odds have picked up a little
bit but it's still not a sure thing.


Oh, look, Sam.
There's a ship.


It's a ship.
That's a Liberty ship.

- That's a Liberty ship, Sam.
- A Liberty ship?

Yeah. Geez, even in the '50s,
there weren't very many of those left.

You know, they were manufactured during the
war, and they were made out of concrete.

How do you build a ship
out of concrete?

The airlines almost never hire
pilots that talk to themselves.


Uh-oh... Uh...

Excuse me.

What about concrete?

Uh... Oh, I was just, uh...
Just that old freighter...

- Liberty ship.
- Uh, Liberty ship down there.


Where? It's right...

It's right...

- It was just there a s-second ago.
- Uh-oh.

Hey, what are we doin' on automatic pilot?
You know it's malfunctioning.

Look at this:
We're 15 degrees off course.

No, no, Sam. We vectored south, uh,
to get away from that thunder bumper.

We just vectored to get around
that thunder bumper up there.

Yeah. You keep flyin' with black
boxes, kid, you're gonna end up in one.

Yes, sir.

- She's feelin' better.
- She is?

Yeah, the pain's eased up considerably
in the last couple of minutes.

That aspirin you gave her
must have taken effect.

I guess.

- Where are you goin'?
- Uh, to the john.

- Head.
- Head.

- Eddie...
- Uh-huh.

You sure it was a Liberty ship?

- Positive.
- Yeah.

- Which way was it headin'?
- Northeast.


Skipper, I got a Liberty ship
at my 10:00, steamin' northeast.

She'll bring the U-boat up.

Now watch for a periscope wake
east or west of her.

Skipper, my panel is goin' nuts.
Everything is spinning.

Ignore the panel.
Fly by the seat of your pants.

We're ba-a-ack.

I guess it was the crab
crackers after all.

Yeah, she's feeling much better.

Is that right?

Yes. The pain's almost gone.
It's just sort of a dull ache. Whew.

- Yeah, well, the swelling's gone now.
- She'll be fine now.

Just feeling a little dizzy.

Who wouldn't be,
after what you've been through?

- Still beating?
- Yeah. Yeah, still beating.

I want you to lay here and get some rest.
Get her a blanket, will you?

I mean, it's hot as hell in here.

Oh, I am cold.

There you go. There.
Scoot down a little bit.

Okay. All right. Great. Thanks.
And get her some water to drink.

Get me a scotch too?

Maybe you should concentrate on
making your wife comfortable, okay?

Yeah, sure.

- Thanks.
- All right.


If you're looking for the
aspirin, I've got it.

No. I'm looking for
an angiocatheter.

- A what?
- An angio... No. Not in '56.

I thought you said she was getting better.

- Her appendix has burst.
- Oh, God.

Yeah. That's why the pain has gone.
She's goin' into shock now.

Her blood pressure's dropping,
and I've got to get a saline I.V. into her,

and there's no saline solution,
and there's no damn I.V.

Did you boil that water?

Yeah, for tea, but it's cold.
I can heat it up.

No, no, no. Wait a second.
Wait a second.

Get me some salt, okay?
And put another pot of water on to boil.

We'll use the boiling water
to sterilize this syringe...

and whatever else we can find
to improvise as an I.V.

I need tubing
and a funnel of some kind.

I've got something.

Sam, what are you doin'?
You don't have time to be fixin' dinner.

- We're in the middle of the Triangle.
- Al, Michelle's appendix burst.

Oh, no.

Yeah. She's goin' into shock now.
That's how she died, Al.

But if I can get this
saline solution into her,

it'll elevate her blood
pressure until we reach Bermuda.

- Will this work?
- Oh, boy.

She's been out for 10 minutes.

She should be comin' around.
Her pulse is getting stronger.

Yeah. Here she is.

- What happened?
- You passed out.

- Where's Grant?
- Right here, honey.

- Oh, um, uh, sorry about that,
but it saved your life.

I'll get you a glass of water, all right?
No, no. You just hold this.

- What's up?
- What's up.

- You losin' contact again?
- What's up.

Of course I'm losing
contact again.

We're in the middle of the
stupid Bermuda Triangle.

You ask me if I'm... if I'm losing contact
again. Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait.

Ah! I got something.

- We changed history.
- Michelle doesn't die.

Huh? No.
I don't know. I don't know.

- But now...
- What? What?

The plane and everyone in it...


Skipper, we can't hold this heading.
It's takin' us right into the squall line!

My gyro's tumbled. No compass!

Hey, I'll get you through.
I'll get you through.

Al, how can we just disappear
without a trace?

Because we're right, smack dab
in the middle of the Triangle.

Whole ships disappear...
Planes, boats, jets, fish, birds...

- Al...
- What? What? What?

- You're disappearing.
- I'm not...

Sam, I'm not...
I'm not disappearing,

but you are.

You got that water, Eddie?

- What?
- The water.

Oh. Yeah. Um, sorry.

Coop said it'd be clear sailing.

Yeah. Well, um, just a little weather,
but, uh, everything's gonna be fine.

Is Michelle gonna die?
Because, I mean, I heard that...

when your appendix burst, you die.

Not with proper treatment, which
is what she's gonna get in Bermuda.

I-I'll never forget you for this, Eddie,

and I'll make sure my dad doesn't either.

You'll always have a job with us.

Just what I need: A lifetime job
flying in the Bermuda Triangle.

Torpedo wake off
the freighter's starboard bow.

- Coop?
- Oh, my God. She took it amidships.

- We got a U-boat at 1:00.
- Huh?

He's runnin'
for the squall line.

Follow me!

Coop, wait a second. Wha...

Wh-What's goin'on?

- Coop, what are you doing?
- He's submerging. Stay with me.

There's no U-boat down there.
The war's over.

Release on my count.
Release on my count.


- Five, four...
- Coop!

- Three, two...
- Coop!

One! Bombs away!
Bombs away!

We got him. We got him. Let's go
home, Shark Flight. Let's go home.

You got Bermuda on the bird dog?


Wha... Uh, no.

I'll, uh...

I'll try and tune her in.

What happened?

We hit a squall line.
We'll punch out in a few minutes.

A squall line?
Coop, we damn near dived into the ocean.

What are you talkin' about?

- You dove on a U-boat.
- I did what?

You were back in the war
reliving your last mission.

That's real funny, Eddie.

Why don't you just get on the bird
dog and see if we can tune in Bermuda

before we run out of fuel?

"U-boat, 1:00,
runnin' for the squall line. Follow me."

Oh, my God.

- I never said that.
- Yes, you did,

in your sleep.

You were reliving your last mission,
weren't you?

He doesn't remember
that mission.

The doctor said it was too traumatic.
He blocked it all out.

He's unblocked it now.
He remembers.

- I don't. I don't.
- You don't want to, but you do.

- No! No.
- What happened, Coop?

What happened
that made Shark Flight disappear?

I lost them.

I told them I'd get 'em
home, and I lost 'em.

Oh, God.

I killed them. But they're out there.
I've seen 'em. They're beckoning me:

Chuck, Deeter, Max.

They want me to join 'em. That's why all
this is happening: The... the instruments,

the... the squall line,
the Liberty ship,

the music.

But after we sunk the sub,

I picked up a song on my bird dog.

I thought it was Radio Bermuda
and tried to home in on it.

But, just as I was about to get a
fix, I lost it.

- What happened next?
- A lightning strike!

- Lightning?
- It set my engines on fire.

Hit the fire bottle!

- Hit the fire bottle!
- It's too late!

- You've got to put it out!
- Coop!

Pull! Get her up, Eddie.

Help me, Coop! I can't do it alone.
You gotta help me!

- They're out there waiting for me!
- Are they waitin' for all of us?

Are they waiting for Wendy?
Is it her turn to die?

Come on, sweetheart. Help us!

I don't want you to die,
but I killed them!


You didn't kill them.
The storm did, not you, Coop!

The storm! You got hit by lightning.
You crashed. It wasn't your fault!

Come on, sweetheart. Please!

I got you. I got you.

Help me, Coop! I can't do it alone.
You've gotta help me.

Yes! That's it, Coop. You can do it.


That's it, Coop. You're doin' it.

Look, I can't climb on one engine!
We gotta lose weight.

You got it?

Okay. Go! Go!

Come on, baby. Just a few more feet.

What's happening?

We lost an engine.
I need your help.

Stay with her.

What are we gonna do?

We gotta lighten the
plane as much as possible.

Come on, baby.

We just bought all this
for our honeymoon.

Which would you rather have in the ocean...
you or your luggage?

- Oh...
- Get it out the window!

Come on, baby.
Just a few more feet.

- We need more.
- What? Everything else is bolted down.

- Then we'll unbolt it.
- Come on, baby.

Come on.

Come on. Come on.


Come on, baby.
Just a few more feet.

Attagirl. Come on.

Come on.

That-a-girl. Come on.

That-a-girl. Come on.

We threw out everything
that wasn't tied down.

Yeah, and a few things that were.

Well, it bought us 300 feet.
We're livin'.


Is that Bermuda?

What the hell else could it be
in the middle of the Atlantic?

I guess it wasn't our day to die.

Coop is radioing for an ambulance.

I'm sorry I caused so much trouble.

I know you're Mrs. Grant Cutter Jr,
but I didn't know you could cause a storm.

A doctor and an
ambulance are on the way.

Will you need assistance docking?

Assistance would be appreciated.
Five-five-niner out.

I don't figure this.

I mean, your radio's workin' now.

The instruments are all working.

Everything is back to normal.

Well, I guess we're
out of the Triangle.

Technically, he's right, Sam.

See, Bermuda is on the
northernmost point of the Triangle.

- Where have you been?
- What?

I was just thinking, you know,

that's what the Custom guys are
gonna say to us when they see us.

- "Where have you been, you guys?"
- Caught in the Bermuda Triangle.

Yeah, uh, that's why
you and I disappeared, Sam.

Although Ziggy says there
was a power failure,

and that's why we lost connec...
but, I...

It was the damn Triangle that did it.

You really believe in
the Bermuda Triangle, don't you?

- Yes.
- I don't know.

I swear my boys were out there
flyin' just off our wing.

And could that've all
have been my imagination?

- No.
- Yes.

I mean, the instruments, the Liberty
ship and everything happening again?

or scientifically explainable.

- Aw, Sam.
- Look. It's obvious that...

there's some sort of an electromagnetic
force operating in this area,

but that doesn't make it supernatural.

I mean, isn't the North Pole
an electromagnetic disturbance?

But we don't say that
it's caused by ghosts.

What about the Liberty ship?

In 1956, there had to be
a few Liberty ships still in use, right?

And the music...

was the music the exact same music
that you heard on your first mission?

- Maybe not. I...
- What side are you on?

And the lightning. I mean,
we're flyin' a plane in a thunderstorm.

Planes get hit by
lightning all the time.

Sam, I don't believe you.

And most importantly,
everything didn't happen again.

You didn't crash, and you weren't in
the ocean for eight days in a Mae West.

Although, uh, I wasn't in the water
those eight days in '44.

I was picked up by the U.S.S. Cyclops
the day I went in.

Seven days later, she was torpedoed.
Went down with everyone but me.

A freighter, the Michael Z.,
picked me up the next day.

Now twice, in eight days,
I was the only survivor.

Well, that is quite... a coincidence.

Yeah. I guess so.

Uh, Sam, the U.S.S. Cyclops...

disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle
in 1918...

26 years before Cooper was picked up.

- Hey! Hey, wait a minute!
- What about the First Amendment?

- Yeah!
- "Congress shall make no act...

"respecting an establishment
of religion...

"And prohibiting
the free exercise thereof!"

Hey! That doesn't include animal
sacrifices and you know it!

- That's...
- Hey! Tell him!

Oh, come on.
You know what I'm talking about!

- No. Tell him!
- You push me, pal.

You push me...

Hey, hey, hey. All right.
J-Just leave it, all right?

- Ohhh, boy.
- We got lawyers!

- We've got lawyers and we're gonna sue!
- Freedom!

- Freedom! We do as we please!
- Fight for freedom!