Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 3, Episode 8 - The Great Spontini - May 9, 1974 - full transcript

Sam leaps into the body of Harry Spontini who, as The Great Spontini, performs as a magician in cheap nightclubs. His assistant is his precocious 12 year-old daughter Jamie who has great hopes for the act. His wife Maggie, who left Harry three years before, suddenly reappears asking for a divorce. Sam decides that he's there to reunite the family but has to re-think this idea when he learns - in a Judge's chambers - that she's actually out to get custody of Jamie as well. Al tells him that unless he can change what happened, Jamie will become a runaway living on the street. Sam's main obstacle to reuniting the family is Maggie's lawyer-boyfriend Steve.

Theorizing that one could
time-travel within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into
the Quantum Leap Accelerator

and vanished.

He woke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own,

and driven by an unknown force,

to change history
for the better.

His only guide on
this journey is Al,

an observer from his own time,

who appears in
the form of a hologram

that only Sam can see and hear.

And so Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong,

and hoping each time
that his next leap

will be the leap home.

While leaping through time,
I found myself

in some pretty tight spots,

but this was
definitely the tightest.

And now for the Sword of Doom!

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Great Spontini!

Oh, boy.

Harry, the saw.

Oh, the saw.

Harry, what are you doing?

The head frame.

Turn me around.


Turn the table around.

Turning the table.

Still turning.


And stop.

Harry, the saw.

Do you have to make
it sound like that?

- Okay?
- Put the dividers in.

She's okay, folks.

Now here's
the dividers, thank you.

And the first divider is in.

And now comes
the second divider.

Pull my head.

Now, I will attempt
to open the doors.


Now, I will...

Push me apart!

And now, I will

put her together.

Closing doors.

Turning table.

That was the Great Spontini!

What was that?

I'm not sure.

It was Phoenix all over again.

You better not be
getting that weird flu.

Here, hold these swords.

You don't have a fever.

Come on, let's go.

Thank God we're in Oakland.

We'd never get away
with that in Vegas.

How's your stomach?

Fine. I'm feeling
a lot better now.

Okay, because we've
really got to nail

that Bill Bixby
audition Thursday.

We're auditioning for
The Incredible Hulk?

Harry, I don't think
a great actor like Bill Bixby

The Magician, is gonna play
a green comic book character.

Wait, The Magician,
Bill Bixby's TV show.

Starring The Great Spontini
and his Table of Death.

Table... table of Death?

Worth $3,500 if we get on,

and $10,000 if we win
for greatest illusion.

With that money in the kitty,

we'll have the hottest
magic shop on the west coast.

This time we'll have
all the magic on our side.

Come on.

Time for my
quick-change routine.

Just give me a minute, okay?


Hmm, let me guess.
You're a kleptomaniac.

No, no, Al. I'm a...

I'm a magician.

I-I'm sorry I missed your act,

but I caught
a better one next door.

Let me guess.
Women's dressing room.

Take pity on me, Sam.

I haven't been myself lately.

Tina's been away for a couple
of weeks visiting her mother,

and I do have
my needs, you know.

God forbid you should
have two weeks downtime.

Yeah, well, I mean...


Come in.

It's Elaine, from next door.

She's got the cutest little
butterfly tattoo, and it's right...

Oh, she seems to
like you a lot, Sam.

I begged my agent
for three months

to get us booked
at the same place.

Four week run together.

It'll be heaven, baby.

Oh, go for it.

You're still thinking about her.


What difference does it make?

Don't play dumb with me, Harry.

You just can't get her
out of your head, can you?

Well, th-these things,
they... they take time.

Three years?
That's long enough.

You hurt her feelings, Sam.

Now beg her forgiveness.

- What?
- I said, that's long enough.

I can't compete
with Maggie's memory.

Say you're sorry
and make up to her.

I'm... I'm sorry,

You mean it?

Because I can help you forget
her if you just let me try.

There you go, kid.

Now you're back on the burner.




Deny everything.

So mommy dearest comes back.

You could have at least told me.

Well, I... I
didn't really...

He's been waiting for you
like a dog by the door, honey.

Guess I should have knocked
a little louder, huh?

Well, I...


- This is Maggie.
- Hi, uh, Maggie.

Hi, baby.

You have gotten so big.

She ran out on Harry
and the kid three years ago.

I've missed you so much.

I suppose that's for me?

Yes, it is.

I don't know if
it's quite right.

You missed me
when I was this size.

A lot changes in three years.

I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'll take you shopping and you can
go pick out a larger size, okay?

Hi. Steve Slater.
Nice to meet you, Harry.

I caught the end of your act.
I really enjoyed it.

Oh, well, thank you.

Yeah, you're really great with all
that illusion stuff. You're good.

It can never top
your disappearing act.

Where're you going?

I gotta feed the rabbits.

We knew this was gonna be tough.
It's gonna to take a little time.

I can't find out why she
came back after three years.

Harry, I want a divorce.


- Divorce?
- Margaret and I are engaged.

We'd like to get
the paperwork moving.

Steve's also my attorney.

Watch your wallet, Sam.
Here it comes.

Harry, I want to make this
as easy as I possibly can.

Trust me, I don't want it to
get blown out of proportion.

Blown... My guess is that Steve
here is providing the plutonium.

Well, uh, couldn't...

Couldn't we talk
about this alone?

I think we said
it all three years ago.

Nothing's changed, Harry.

Well, you're... you're here,

and we don't need
a lawyer to talk.

No, we'll talk about it tomorrow
in Judge Mulhern's chambers.

County courthouse, 2:00.

This is a formality, Harry.


I don't like that guy, Sam.

He reminds me of my second
wife's divorce attorney.

Cost me every nickel I had.

And according to Ziggy, Harry spends
his life savings on attorney's fees.


I think I'm here to
reunite this family.

- What makes you think that?
- Well, you heard Elaine.

Spontini never
stopped loving Maggie.

And I think she still loves him.

I mean, you can
see it in her eyes.

She left him and the kid.

She went on to school,
got a real estate license.

She started a whole new life.

- But she came back.
- To get a divorce.

I don't think so. I think she came
back because she still loves him.

We are here to review
the case of Harry Spontini

and his estranged wife,
Margaret Spontini.

Mr. Spontini,
as I see no counsel present,

I assume you've chosen to
represent yourself in this matter?

Yes, Your Honor.

And I'm sure that
Mrs. Spontini and I

can work out a solution
without taking up your time,

Guard shark here.

...if her counsel would just allow
us a few moments alone to talk.

Your Honor, my client and I are
prepared to waive our rights

to spousal support
in this matter.

Sam, this is not
about a divorce.

However, we do believe Harry
Spontini to be an unfit parent

and that my client,
Margaret Spontini

should be given sole
legal and physical custody

of the minor, Jamie Spontini.

See? She's after Jamie.

This was supposed to be about a
divorce, not a custody hearing.

Your Honor, I'd like to show
you some of the examples

of the unacceptable
living conditions

Mr. Spontini has subjected his 12-year-old
daughter to in the last few years.

These photos will demonstrate the need
for temporary placement of the child

in Mrs. Spontini's custody
as soon as possible.


Yeah, the shark hired a dick to follow you.
I warned you.

I don't wanna hear it.

I'm afraid you'll
have to, Mr. Spontini.

May I see those, Counselor?

Custody hearings are the worst.

I remember my third... Fourth?
Third wife, Sharon, and I,

we fought for over eight
months over Chester.

- You have a son?
- Dog.

He's a good dog,
and she got him.

I tell you, family court,
women have all the power.

Mr. Spontini,

how many residences have you
had in the last five years?

You live in a trailer.

We have one residence.

A one-bedroom mobile home that
changes locations from week to week

can hardly be considered
a suitable residence.

My work forces me
to live on the road

and I feel it's better
for Jamie, my daughter,

that she's with me
and I don't leave her.

- That's good, Sam.
- Do you travel a lot or a little?

Uh, well,

Say, 30 weeks out of the year.

Lie a little on this one.

I'm employed about 30 weeks
out of the year.

Your daughter doesn't
have her own room?

She has a sleeping area.

But she's happy.

But she's a very happy and
well-adjusted young girl, Mr. Slater.

I'm sure you feel that way, Mr. Spontini,
but do you think it's appropriate

for a maturing young girl
to share a common sleep area?

Well, uh, no.

But we are trying
to buy a business

that will enable us
to settle into the area.

A magic shop?

Uh, yes, that's-that's correct.

Mrs. Spontini, were you aware
of this business purchase?

Uh, yes, I was.

And how many years has this
purchase been a consideration?

Um, well,

since I first met
my husband in '61.

He's working her, Sam.

Your Honor,

at this time we are very close
to having a down payment.

That's very nice,
but this hearing is not about

your future situation.
It's about Jamie's present.

Now, can you tell me
how many schools

Jamie has attended
in the last, say, two years?

Well, let me think.

Come on, don't let me down now.

Mr. Spontini?

Uh, well, Your Honor,
I would probably...

I have to check my records.

Battery looks good.


I'll slug you!

Why are you doing this?

Something perhaps
as simple as a birth date?

Come on.

Well, it's '74 now.

She was born in 1962.

Perhaps you can recall a date?

A date.

Oh, here. Th-th-there.

She attended
the Bedford School for... No!


I think I killed it, Sam.


I have... I've never really
been very good with

dates, um, and birthdays.

I mean, sometimes I have trouble
remembering my own birthday.

Um, but whatever the day was,

uh, I just think it's important
to note that I was there.

You work as a magician?

Yeah, yeah,
you saw me last night.

Who takes care of your
daughter while you're working?

Well, she's my assistant.

Your 12-year-old
daughter works with you?

The third photo is
of the Blue Mamba Club

where Mr. Spontini and his
daughter are currently employed.

You Honor, Mrs. Spontini and I
visited the club last night.

I want you to note the
incontinent living conditions

this child is being subjected to,
both physically and emotionally.

Mr. Spontini,
would you care to respond?

She ran out on Jamie.

Your Honor,

I think that Harr...
that I... that I have

been a good father to Jamie.

I love her.

And I've been there
for her every day

and I would hope that
that would count for something.

Now, maybe,

I'm not really very good with the
details and... and things like that,

but I just...

I didn't walk out
on my daughter.

Hey, I didn't have a choice.

I am trying to make
a better life for myself,

and I'm trying to make
one for Jamie, too.

Fight for her, Sam.

Don't you think
that's what I'm doing?

I understand, Mr. Spontini.


considering the fact that you have no
permanent residence or steady employment,

I have no choice but to
award temporary custody

of the minor, Jamie Spontini,
to her mother,

pending a formal
hearing on the matter.


Why don't we ask
Jamie what she wants?

She's a minor, Mr. Spontini.

My client searched for two and a half
years before locating her daughter.

We feel Mr. Spontini may flee with
the child if given the opportunity.

Oh, Your Honor, please.

- I'm not gonna flee. I swear.
- If I may finish...

We believe it's in
the best interest of Jamie

that her father
be denied visitation rights

until a formal decision is made.

I don't believe it's necessary

to deny Mr. Spontini
access to his daughter.

Thank you.

However, visitation shall be
limited to Mrs. Spontini's home.

Mr. Spontini, I'm sorry,
but by 5:00 this afternoon,

you shall deliver custody
of the minor to her mother.

And Mr. Spontini,

I suggest you retain legal
counsel before the actual hearing.

Thank you all.


Come on, Harry, don't make me add reports
of physical abuse to this hearing.

Steve. Please, Harry.

I just wanna talk
to my wife alone.

She doesn't wanna talk to you.

I think it's best if you let
Jamie be with me for a while,

you have to believe that.

I don't. And I don't
think you do either.

I want my daughter.

Come on.

So she wants a divorce?

She doesn't belong to us
since she ran away.

We'll be okay.

Your mother wants to
take care of you, Jamie,

and the judge wants you
to live with her for a while.


Today at 5:00.

I don't wanna live with her.

Now, it's only temporary,
until the hearing is over.

- Don't I have a choice?
- No.

Not on this one.

But I'll be back here
first thing in the morning.

You know, I figured out where we're
blowing the Table of Death illusion.

The judge says you
can't come to the club.

Didn't you tell him
you need me for the act?

He doesn't think that
a nightclub business

is a good place for
a young girl to be working.

Is he nuts or something?

I'm learning a trade.

He wants you in a real home.

That's why I'm taking you
to your mother's in two hours.

We can run away.
I can pack.

If we don't show up,
the police will throw me in jail

and you'll end up at
your mother's anyway.

Harry, don't let
them take me away.

It won't be forever, okay?

I'll find a way for the two of
us to be together again soon.

I promise.

Now, I want you to do
something for me, okay?

Will you go to your mother's and
stay with her for a couple of days,

until I get this all
straightened out, okay?


On one condition.

I reworked
the shackles to open at once.

It'll be a snap.

If it's such a snap, uh,

why do they call it
the Table of Death?

'Cause two guys
have died doing it.

Two guys have died?

You're better than them, Harry.


We have an extra 15 seconds
before it hits the final latch.

Then all 900 pounds of canopy
comes slamming down

and splattering your guts
all over the place.

Jamie, listen,
th-th-there has got to be

a better way to
get the magic shop.

We need this to
get on The Magician.

Watch this.

I told you it would work.

Hey, Sam, did I ever tell you
that when I was in the orphanage,

they used to call
me Al "The Pick"?

Fail-safe on.

60 seconds, Harry. Go.

Uh, is... is there
a way to stop it?

Gee, I'd like to do
a trick like this.

What're you doing?

I mean, you can pick
locks in your sleep.

Just back off.
I know what I'm doing.

20 seconds.

Don't worry about me, Sam.

I'm having a good time.

10 seconds.

What's wrong?

I can't get the feel of it.

I can't...


I couldn't do it.

You're doing this on purpose.

You don't want
me around anymore.

Do you know how many hickies
I got from using that stuff?

I got a million hickies.

I almost got killed back there.

Hey, I was the guy in the rack.

I can't do that trick.
You saw, I cannot do that trick.

Well, you've got to, Sam,
unless you want Harry to lose his kid.

Well, maybe, maybe
that's for the best.

Well, but it's not.

Maggie wins custody
and she marries Jaws.

Jamie runs away from home
trying to find her father.

She doesn't, she ends up
on the street, stealing.

You can't let that kid's life be
ruined by an egocentric lawyer

and an inept woman
who didn't deserve

to be Jamie's mother
in the first place.

Al, I'm not gonna let Harry
lose his daughter, okay?

How are you going
to keep it from...

Oh, I get it.

You're gonna go make
nice-nice with the mother.

Well, it's worth a shot.

I know that kind of woman, Sam.

You're wasting your time.

Al, maybe if your mom thought she
had a chance, she would've come back.

Maggie made a mistake.
I just wanna give her a chance to fix it.

You're losing it, Harry.

I think you're supposed to wear that
stuff, not drink it.

Well, I had
a little accident and...

You ready to go?


It's a great house.

Yeah, if you want to live
with Wally and The Beaver.

- Hi, Jamie.
- Hi.


- For you.
- Oh, thank you.

They smell like Aqua Velva.


Well, you wanna come in?

Do I have a choice?

You know, this is really...
it's a big change for her.

And maybe if I could...

Sure, Harry, come on in.

Great, great. Come on.

Well, make yourselves at home.
I'll be right back, okay?


Just try,
okay? Please?

Give it a chance.

Lemonade with water,
not too strong, not too sweet.

Where did Jamie go?

Um, backyard.

Oh, Harry.

I'm sorry this is
happening the way it is.

Steve thought that it
would be best if I...

I just wanted Jamie back.

Listen, I'm sorry, too.

I said some things
that I wish...

You... you didn't say
anything that wasn't true.

I just want a chance to make it
up to her before it's too late.

I know.

And that's what I wanted
to talk to you about.

This is a rough neighborhood.

Oh, my God!


Where's your sense
of humor, Maggie?

I think this is just
Jamie's way of saying

that she's really glad
to be here. Come on.

Why don't we, say...

Why don't go look
at your new room, okay?

My room is in
our trailer in Oakland.

Wow, Maggie,
you've done a terrific job.

Thank you.

Yeah, not a dust bunny in sight.

Hey, hey, look at this bed, huh?

Come on.
Isn't this great?


I thought I lost her,
and you had her all the time.

Jamie, I had her...

I took her because I needed
something that was a part of you.

And Sarah made things a little
easier for me for a while.

I like the bed.

Listen, what do you say

we get you unpacked
and settled in, all right?

It's a great idea. Here's the
dresser, and the closet's right there.

Which drawer is mine?

They're all yours.

I'll only be needing one.
I'm not staying long.

You look really nice.

Is that so?

Thank you, Harry.

You know, Maggie,

you have to admit that we had
some pretty terrific times.



Yeah. Like that, um,

that trip.

Which one?

Virginia Beach or New Orleans?

New Orleans.

I knew that you'd
say New Orleans.


You were incredible
that weekend, Harry.

I've never been able to look at
a balcony the same way again.



Oh, I... I feel the same way.

You want some brownies?

They're the kind
with the marshmallows.

Remember, we ate a whole pan of these
the night before Jamie was born?


I just burned myself.

I'll go get some butter.

Here, here. Wait,
wait, wait a second.

Let me look at it.

Come here.

Come on, come on.

Feel better?

Why is it you always
know what to do, Harry?

Oh, Harry.


This custody battle, it's crazy.

You know, I mean...

I know.

We can work these
things out by ourselves.

Right? I mean, as soon as I get
the magic shop, everything...

Oh, the magic shop?

Then you're gonna settle down and you're
gonna buy a real home, right, Harry?

I heard that before.
I heard it for eight years.

And I'm not gonna hear it again.

So you walked away?

Do you think that
I wanted to leave my baby?

God, I didn't
have a choice, Harry.

I couldn't sit around waiting
for your fantasies to come true.

So I left her.

And I went out there
and I made it happen, Harry.

And now I can give
her all the things

that we always
wanted to give her.

Nice clothes, good schools...

Why don't we give her
these things together?

You let him inside the house?

Well, not that it's
any of your business,

but I was talking to Maggie,
who's still my wife,

about Jamie, who will
always be my daughter.

He was just leaving, Steve.

Good. Because talking to you
without your lawyer present

could jeopardize his case.

Just a little free legal advice.

I don't want your advice,
I want my family.

Frankly, Mr. Spontini,
other than a few signatures,

your family doesn't exist.

Harry, just leave.

Why don't you ask him to leave?

Keep it up, I can pretty much
guarantee you no visitation rights.

You can't keep me
from my daughter.

Don't count on it.
I always win.

That's what this is
about for you, isn't it?


You don't care about Maggie.

I know you don't
care about Jamie.

Come on.
Come on, stop!

Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

Look, maybe you
both should leave.

Come on, Maggie.

I think that's
probably a good idea.

Come here.

See you tomorrow,
sweetheart. Okay?

You, too, Steve.

Smile and enjoy it, Jamie.

Because when I finish
with him in court,

it'll be a cold day in hell before you or
your mother ever lay eyes on him again.

I don't need a baby-sitter.

Oh, honey, I feel bad
about leaving you,

first day home.
You gonna be okay?

No sweat.

Don't you worry about
a thing, Mrs. Spontini.

I've been taking care
of babies all my life.

I am not a baby.

How about if we go
shopping later today?

Okay, Maggie.

How about "Mom"?

Oh, give me a chance, Jamie.

I'm sorry, baby.

I'm sorry that I
can't give you back

the years that I
wasn't with you.

But I can give us
a future together,

if you let me.

What about Harry?

Who's gonna take care of him?

Harry's gonna be okay.

You don't understand.

We know each other's thoughts.

We're a team.

Well, maybe we
could be a team, too.

And Steve?

Is he part of our team?

Steve loves me very, very much.

And he takes good care of me.

And he's the reason
that you're with me again.

So you gotta give
him a chance, too, okay?

Do you love him?

I love you.

And that's all that
matters to me right now.

I've gotta get out of here
before I'm late, okay?

Oh, baby.


Looks like she
got you again, Sam.

She's a good kid, Al.

I hate to see her
going through this.

Yeah, divorces are
always hardest on the kids.

I think I've really messed this leap
up, haven't I?

I mean, maybe, maybe I
should have hired an attorney.

No, that's how Spontini lost
everything in the first place.

You're doing this right, Sam.

You go into court,
and you just talk through your heart.

The judge has got to
give you joint custody.

I got a bad feeling about Jamie.

What kind of feeling?

I don't know. I just... I... I... I
got a bad feeling.

Well, I'll check in on Jamie

and you get ready
to go to court.

The last thing you
want to do is be late.

Jamie, get off that table!

This is a mistake.

This is not gonna work, Jamie.

Ziggy says you're gonna die.

Isn't it true that during your
marriage to Harry Spontini,

you and your child were dragged

from one slum
nightclub to the next?

I... I object.

This is not a trial,
Mr. Spontini.

We are only trying to
establish a few facts.

Why don't you rephrase
the question, Counselor?

Yes, Your Honor.

Were you able to maintain any
sense of a normal home life

when you were married
to Mr. Spontini?

Well, being
a professional magician...

Yes or no?


And when you could
no longer tolerate it,

you were forced to leave.
Isn't that correct?

Well, I left so that
I could complete my education,

get a job and provide
a stable home for my child.

Something your husband
could never do.

Now, Jamie, uh, uh,
just stay lying there.

Don't touch anything,
don't do anything.

Why am I talking
when she can't hear me?

I gotta get Sam.

You still have no steady job or permanent
residence. Isn't that true, Mr. Spontini?

Uh, I can't hear you.

Yes, that's correct.

Yet you selfishly believe that you'd
be the best choice for custody.

Look, I know that

at this time,

society does not
consider fathers

to be the best choice
as single parents.

But there's no law that says a
woman is a better parent than a man.

A simple yes or no will do.

The important thing here is that
the child's needs are being met.

Now, anybody who knows Jamie
knows I've done just that.

- Sam, it's Jamie!
- What about Jamie?

That's what we're here
to decide, Mr. Spontini.

She's trying to do that
Table of Death trick.

- What?
- Mr. Spontini, are you all right?

If you don't do something
about it, she's gonna die.

Ziggy says you've
got 14 minutes.

I... I gotta go.

You can't leave in the
middle of proceedings.

Mr. Spontini, you sit down or I
will find you in contempt of court!

I can't explain.
I think my daughter's in trouble.


Maggie, sit down.
We've got this thing won.

No, if he says that she's in
trouble, then I believe him.

Hurry, Sam. It takes
10 minutes to get there.

We've got 13 left.



Harry, stop!

Come on, come on.
Hurry up.

- Where are we going?
- The club.

Harry, why are we
going to the club?

That's where Jamie is.

- I left her with Mrs. Futrell.
- She's gone.

You're just gonna have to trust me, okay?
I know she's in danger.

But what's she
doing at the club?

The Table of Death trick.

She thinks that if we can do it,

then we'll get on TV and then
we'll get the magic shop.

Oh, great.

Look out for
the kid on the bike!


I didn't do anything.

Oh, no.



Come on, break this lock!

The stage door.


Sam, down here!
Hurry up!

Daddy, get me
out! Hurry!

No, no, you can't stop it.
Get the pick.

Over here, the pick
is on the floor, Sam.

Now, just try and stay calm.

Steady hand.
You can do it, Sam.

Seven seconds.


- Harry!
- Harry!

Four, three seconds, Sam.

Two, one!

Oh, you did it, Sam.

Oh, my baby.

I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.

Are you okay?

Oh, God.

Your Honor,
Mr. Spontini's actions

demonstrate his inability
to raise this child.

You don't know
anything about it.

He encouraged Jamie,
for his own professional gain,

to experiment with a potentially
lethal piece of equipment.

We believe this man should face
charges for felony child endangerment.

No, he shouldn't.

Your Honor,
Jamie was in my care.

If anybody endangered
my child, it was me.

What are you saying?

Look, Jamie has been trying to tell
me, but I just didn't wanna see it.

They're too much
a part of each other, Steve.

- Sit down.
- No, it's over.

I can't...

I can't take her away from you.

Your Honor, my client is under
duress due these circumstances.

You're making a big mistake.

Look, I made a mistake
three years ago.

I'm not gonna make another one.

Your Honor,
I would like to withdraw my petition.

Are both parties in accord?

- Yes.
- All right.

This case is dismissed.

I'll reinstate the proceedings for
the divorce first thing tomorrow.

I don't think so, Steve.

You've got to be kidding.

You have to understand that
I can't go through my life

wondering if I'm throwing
something very special away.

I guess you and I have a different
definition of what's special.


Looks like you're
out of a job, butthead.

My sentiments exactly, butthead.

I'm really sorry I put you
through all this mess.

I hope that someday
we can be good friends again.

I don't know.
What do you think?

And you'll never go away again?

I promise you,
with all my heart.

- I love you, Mommy.
- Oh, I love you, baby.

Well, Sam, it looks like Maggie
makes good on her promise.

She and Jamie turn
out to be a great team.

And Maggie finds a wonderful
deal on a little magic shop

right around
the corner from her place.

Do Harry and Maggie
end up together?

No, that's not
in the cards, Sam.

Well, then maybe we're just
gonna have to change the cards.

I promise you.

This is amazing.

It's changing.

Yeah, they fall in love again

and they get back together
one year from today.


Watch out!

Oh, boy!