Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 3, Episode 22 - Shock Theater - October 3, 1954 - full transcript

Sam leaps into a patient at a Mental Hospital and undergoes electroshock therapy. The treatment causes Sam to act like other people he's been. It also weakens his link to Al. Al must find a way to get his friend back to normal, and figure a way to carry out Sam's mission.

Theorizing that one could
time-travel within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into
the Quantum Leap Accelerator

and vanished.

He woke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own,

and driven by an unknown force

to change history
for the better.

His only guide on
this journey is Al,

an observer from his own time,

who appears in
the form of a hologram

that only Sam can see and hear.

And so Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong,

and hoping each time
that his next leap

will be the leap home.

Hey, hey, hey,
what's going on here?

Nobody punches me and gets away with
it, Beederman.



What are you doing?

Dr. Masters wanted me
to calm him down

so I'm gonna calm him down.

You're not giving him
shock treatment?


You watch me.

Wait, you know the rules.

Only a doctor's allowed
to administer shock.

A doctor told me to do it
and that's close enough.

J-just wait a second.

I want to go get
Dr. Masters, okay?

No, you can't do that.

That's too high.
You'll kill him!

Butcher, baker,
candlestick maker.

Butcher, baker,
candlestick maker.

You're the butcher.

I know you're the butcher.

See, everybody?
Mr. Beederman's back.

He's feeling much better now.

Any more of you lunatics
take a swing at me,

you better believe I'll make
sure you feel much better, too.

Man, he's been in recovery
for four hours.

Dr. Masters must've zapped him
a good one.

Yeah, he did.

- You kill him?
- Not today.

You tried to, though,
didn't you?

Go finish your puzzle, Tibby.

Didn't you? Didn't you?

If I'd have tried, Tibby,
I would've done it.

I mean it, Tibby.

Go play with your puzzle otherwise
you won't get ice cream tonight.

I mean it.

You don't like him?

That's why you keep
hurting him, ain't it?

I keep hurting him 'cause
I don't like you, Tibby.

So if he dies,
it's gonna be all your fault.

That ain't Mr. Beederman.
It ain't. It ain't.

Yeah? Who is it, Tibby?

I don't know,
but it ain't Mr. Beederman.

Yeah, well,
maybe Beederman's dead

and I brought back a stranger
in his place. Eh, Tibby?

No, he ain't dead,
but, but, but that ain't him.

Yeah, well, when you figure it
out, you come tell me.

I won't. I won't tell you nothing.
Nothing, nothing, nothing.

You better not
make me mad, Tibby.

You don't like it
when I get mad.

You shouldn't have come here,

These folks are crazy.

They... they won't help you,
you know.

They're just looking
for a chance to make you die.

They... they... they are.

No, we're not, Tibby.

Butcher's trying to kill him,

Go to your spot, Tibby.

Go to your spot right now.

It is kind of weird,
don't you think?


What's happened with
Mr. Beederman since he got here.

I mean, he was a little down
at first and all of a sudden...

Oh, what happened to Mr. Beederman
happens to lots of people.

Yeah. They get committed
and then go crazy.

Personally, I think he'd be
better off if he just went home.

You get my vote on that one.

Well, then it's good for Mr. Beederman
that you're not a doctor yet, Freddy.

Yeah, well, I hope he isn't
stuck here until I get to be one.

I've been a nurse at Havenwell
for 10 years, Freddy.

I've seen all kinds.

And Sam Beederman
is a classic depressive.

He's in here now
because he needs our help.

Sam, you get to use
your own name this time.

That's why he's here with us.


I thought the guy in the
waiting room looked bad.

Sam, you look terrible.

Hey, how you feeling?

I feel...

He's had kind of
a rough time, Freddy.

He might not recognize you
right away.

Of course
he wouldn't recognize him,

he's never seen him before.

Sam, uh, you're Sam Beederman.

You're in Havenwell Hospital for

"a cute... a cute..."

I hope it's a nurse.

"Acute depression."

It's Nurse Chatam, Sam.

A-and you recognize Freddy?


Sure, we're old buddies, right?

You want to say hello, Sam?


You know where you are, Sam?

Of course he knows where he is.
I just told him.

Sam, tell them you know where you are
so they won't think you're a nutcase.

I'm a nutcase?

No, no, you're not.

No, you just had a treatment
and now you're a little tired.

The guy that's in
the waiting room, uh,

I think he's got
some chemical problems.

He seems a little more
disoriented than usual.

Maybe you should go get
Dr. Masters.

I've got Dr. Beaks
working full out on this,

but she won't have any results
for like 14, 16 hours.



No, don't leave me here.

Sam, just cool it.
You got a lot of stuff to do.

Don't leave me here.

Freddy will be right back.

He'll be right back.
It's okay.

You shocked me.

Sam, they gave you
electro-shock treatment.

Oh, God.

I don't want to stay here.

No, don't worry.
I'll get you out.

Sam, I'm very sorry
about what happened today.

Sorry? It looks like
you tried to kill him.

Sam, everything's
going to be all right.

It won't happen again.
I promise.

I don't want to stay here.

No. Please, you're still weak.
You need to rest.


Sam, take it easy.
I got Ziggy,

he... he's working overtime
on this.

Please, Sam.
If you don't calm down...

I remember you.
I remember you.

You gave me el-el-electro-shock.

I'm sorry, Sam.
It shouldn't have happened.

Uh, uh, Sam, all we have to do

is, uh,
figure out why you're here,

and then all you have to
do is what you have to do,

and then
you get the hell out of here.

- Everything's going to be okay.
- Okay.

Well, then you tell me now

so that I can go.

What, what do you want me
to tell you?

How to get out.

Okay, but first we got to get
rid of Florence Nightingale here.

And the way to do that, Sam,
is you got to chill out.

OK, Sam, Dr. Masters is
going to be here in a minute.

Oh, I forgot
she called in the cavalry.

And when he gets here

I... I want you
to be calm, okay, Sam?

Promise me? Sam, stop it.

- Sam, do you promise?
- Okay.

Okay. Come on back down.

You got to promise.

- All right, Sam. No more shock.
- No more...

No more shock.

Does he know who he is?

Uh, he, uh, he seems to.

He-he's not Mr. Beederman.

You get him away from me.

Get him out of here.

- Stay back, boys.
- Get him.

Do you know who I am, Sam?


Do you recognize Nurse Chatam?


I don't know anyone.
And I don't care what he says

I don't have to help anybody
do anything. I don't. I don't.

Who the hell is he talking to?

I told you to stay back.

Who don't you have to help, Sam?

Sam, listen to me.

These people can't see me.

I am a hologram
tuned to your mind.

I'm here to help you.

They can't see you?


Then how are you
gonna help me get out?

Do you know who you are, Sam?

You are Sam Beederman.

- You have a wife, no children.
- Oh, no.

You're here because you have
an acute case of depression.


Do you remember
who you are, Sam?

- No.
- You're Sam...

No. No, I'm not.

I'm Sam... mantha.


Samantha Stormer.


Oh, my.
Oh, my, what a storm.

I'm an executive secretary

at the National Motor Company


in Detroit, Michigan.

You know, that's silly.

It's 1961,

and, um,

I'm 26 years old.

And one day...

Some day I'm going to join the
design program with Gloria.

I'm here because I hit Buddy
Wright, aren't I?


That's it, isn't it?

Isn't it?


That's it.

My God,
they've pushed you over the line.

I can't believe
this is happening.

I really shouldn't be punished,
you know that, don't you?

Buddy Wright deserved a lot more
than a punch in the jaw.

Could I have a cigarette?

Don't tell Gloria.

She doesn't let me smoke in
the apartment. Thank you.

Of course, they don't let me smoke at
work, either, so...

Oh, thank you.

Get Dr. Wickless
up here immediately.

Gushie, get Dr. Beaks on the
scene as soon as possible.

We got problems. Big time.


How long has he been like this?

Well, uh...

He was a little disoriented

when he first woke up from
his therapy, but he seemed...

So, you see, it's all just been a
misunderstanding, and I'm sure that...

Sam, you are a scientist
named Sam Beckett.

Dr. Sam Beckett.


I knew a Sam Beckett
back in Elk Ridge, Illinois.

- Indiana.
- Indiana.

Who's Sam Beckett?


Just a boy
I knew a long time ago.

Yeah, you were a boy,
and then you grew up

and then
you built a time machine.

Was he a friend of yours, Sam?

You called it
Project Quantum Leap.

I don't remember.

You don't remember whether
he was your friend or not?

Of course he remembers.
And when you completed it,

you tried an experiment

that sent you
traveling back through time,

uh, reliving little pieces
of other people's lives.

Samantha, can you hear me?

Doctor, is he in a trance?

Try to remember, Sam.

I think
he's listening to someone.

Well, what's he looking at?

The guy. The...
the guy in the red jacket.

You can see me?

Sure. Nice jacket.

Oh, great.

I'm tuned into little kids,
I'm tuned into dogs

and now I'm tuned into
the mentally absent.

Why not blondes?

What is it, Tibby?

Don't you say anything,

or they-they're gonna put you in
a hole so deep under this place,

you'll never get out.

Nothing. Never mind.

I don't understand
what's happening.

I think Mr. Beederman is splitting
into a very rare psychosis

known as
multiple personality disorder.

When... when the human mind
can't deal with something,

it creates a whole new
personality that can.

But, but why?
I mean, what could happen...

Oh, great.

Now they think you're Sybil.

We've got to talk, Sam.


- Samantha.
- Mmm?

I want you to tell them
that your name is Sam Beederman,

and that you're very tired
after your therapy.

And Samantha, if you don't,

you'll never get out of here.

Tell them.



I'm Sam Beederman,

and I'm very tired
after my therapy.

I was just wondering,
could I take a nap?

But I would like to
talk to, uh, Samantha.

Well, yes,
I... I know, but I'm really...

I'm so very, very tired
from my therapy.

Couldn't I just take a nap,

Okay, Mr. Beederman.

You rest for a while
and we'll talk later.

Okay. Thank you.

Don't tell Gloria.

- No.
- Okay.

Oh, he's looking at you
like you were a frog in Bio 101.

But you did well, Sam.
You did very well.

I don't understand
what just happened.

I think the voices
he's been listening to

told him to say he was Beederman

so that we would go away.

I want an observation room
prepared for him immediately.

What is happening here?

Mr. Beederman's
showing signs

of multiple personality

Now, now what?

Well, I can't locate Dr. Beaks.

She's the shrink.
I need her.

You... you said you could
help me get out of here?

I don't really like it here.

Sam, the only way you're
gonna leap out of here

is if we can keep
Beederman from...

I mean, if we can keep you

from getting your brain fried
by Dr. Frankenstein!

Who are you?

I'm Al. I'm your buddy.

I gave you your first break.

And you're the only person
that believed in me

when I gave up
believing in myself.

You brought me on this project.


Why couldn't anyone else
see you?

Well, it's like I told you,
I'm a hologram,

and I'm tuned into
your brainwaves.

Look, see, I can't touch you.

I can't touch anything.

You, and everything around
you, is a hologram to me.

How did you do that?

Because I'm not here,
I'm 43 years in the future.

Hey, keep your hands out of
me, will you? God.

I got to check my medication.

Can anyone else see you?

I don't... Uh...

Can any of you guys see me?



He can.

Are you really from the future?


My name is Tibby.
Tibido Johnson.

I-I'm from right here
in Havenwell, Pennsylvania.

Am I in the future?

Yeah, sure you are.

Sam? Sam, Sam.

Now he's gone to sleep.

Well, what is it like
in the future?

What is it like?
I mean, is it...

Is it real clean?

Are there cars
that float on air?

No, uh, the air is filthy

and the cars are
still on the ground.

But we're working on it, Tibby.

Like your threads.

Gushie, where the hell is Beaks?

Who's Gushie?

Uh, the programmer.

Well, never mind, damn it,
I'll find her myself.

Listen, Tibby, when Sam wakes
up, would you tell him...

Her, her, her.

Him, him, him.

Tell him
that I'll be right back,

and not to talk to anyone, okay?

But please,
will you tell me about the future?

A little later, okay?

Keep an eye on him for me,


Oh, man,
I love that future stuff.

What if he's developed
more than one personality?

Well, that's what I hope
these tests will show.

Yesterday, Mr. Beederman was a...
a manic depressive.

And now he's, uh, created
a whole new world for himself.

It's amazing.

Samantha Stormer
seems so real to him.

A distinct secondary personality

with her own life,
job, friends, problems.

8 years in the future.

Well, it doesn't follow
any cases I've read about.

The Cooke girl was the only, uh,
multiple personality disorder

I've actually interacted with.

But hers was a... a result of...
of a childhood trauma.

But Sam,

he's created a whole personality

totally unrelated to anything
he's ever experienced.

And everything takes
place in the future.

I mean,
this has never happened before.

It's the aspect
of... of time displacement

that fascinates me.

Perhaps, uh,
we should perform some of these tests

under, uh, sodium amytal.

Dr. Masters,

Mr. Beederman is still a patient
here in need of our help,

and I'm a little worried
that this type of research

may overshadow our interest
in him as a person.

If I become overzealous,

I'm sure
Dr. Wickless will let me know.

Thank you.

Hi, Al.

Hi, Tibby.

Oh, a-any word on my future?

Uh, yeah, actually there is, uh.

It's not all good,
but that can be changed.

A-as a matter of fact,
you're the reason

that Sam ended up in this
asylum in the first place.

She was here to get me out?

He. Yes, yes.

But now I'm gonna do it, okay?

Oh, okay, okay, okay.

H-how did you get in here?


Uh. I used to get real bad
headaches when I was little.

I-It used to make me crazy.

My folks brought me here
to get fixed.

They never came back.

Too many kids, not enough food.

I-I'm not mad at them, though.
I'm not.

How's your head now?

Oh, I still get them,
but I don't tell nobody.

No. No. No.

Well, Ziggy says you've
got mild Down's syndrome.

Let's see, you're out of here in seven
years and you end up in the streets.

Well, if we could find a way
to change that...

Oh, Sam, I'm glad you're awake.

Listen, I think
we got it figured out.

Ziggy says there's a 94% chance
that you're here to help Tibby.

You're here to help Tibby.
You are? You are? You are?

He's not gonna be able
to help you

if you keep talking like
you're missing a few bolts.

Help Tibby do what?

Well, what we got to do is make sure
that when he gets out of this loony bin,

he doesn't end up
on the streets.

You know, set him up with a job.

Hey, Beederman.

You get your things together.

I'm in a loony bin?

We like to call it an institution
for the mentally unstable.

Sam, let me know what's going on

inside that noggin of yours,
will you?

Sam? Who you talkin' to?

Right. Samantha.

Just get your stuff together.
Masters wants you moved.


My name's Tyler.
Jesse Tyler.

Now, I only sat down at that lunch
counter because I was hungry.

I don't belong
in no... no loony bin.

Oh, no, Sam.

No is right.

I don't think you should punish
people 'cause they're hungry.

I had money. Yes, sir.

Now, I know that color matters to
you, but it shouldn't.

'Cause I had...
I had money.

I better go get Masters.

Don't do this, Sam.


Sam, it took us full power

to get me back here this time.

All you have to do is save Tibby

and then you can leap.

I can't leap.

Son, I can't hardly walk.

I got the rheumatism, you know?

Sam, Ziggy says
there's an 82% chance

that if you keep
switching in and out

uh, to these people
that you've leaped into

that we could lose contact


Would you like to play
a little game with me, Jesse?

I'm too old to be playin' games.


I can't read.

No, no,
y-you don't have to read.

I just want you
to look at some pictures

and tell me
what you think you see.

Please. Sit down.

It's okay, Sam.
I got power. I'm here.

This is Jesse Tyler,
a second personality.

He seems to be
a 70-year-old Negro

who feels unjustly persecuted

in some sort of
civil rights disturbance.

He believes he's living in 1955.


You just tell me what you see.


A mess.
This ain't no picture.

He wants you
to use your imagination, Sam.

Sure, there is. Come on.
Look a little closer.

Burnt chitlins.

A whole mess of burnt chitlins.

All right, all right.
It's whatever you see.

Now this one.

Try this one.

That's blood.

What blood, Jesse?

That's Nell's blood.

They ran my granddaughter
off the road and I found her.

She was bleedin' bad.

Miz Melony and me,
we took her to the hospital.

But it was the white hospital in
Legada and they wouldn't take her.

Miz Melony told them,
"You had just better."

I knew what to do.

She's in shock,
lost a lot of blood.

I think she's severed a couple of
arteries, needs a transfusion...

I knew
the proper medical procedure

and I told those doctors...

That's because
you're a medical doctor.

But I thought
you said you couldn't read.

Sam Beckett is a medical doctor.

What is it, Jesse?

Just leave him alone.

Sam, you've got seven degrees.

I can't read.

Yes, you can.

Then you couldn't know
the proper medical procedures.

Jesse can't, but you can.

No, I can't.

No, sir. We were...
we were sharecroppers.

My folks been slaves.

They didn't do
no readin' and writin'.

- No, sir.
- Who's he talking to?

Dr. Masters believes
it's a hallucination.

His name is Al.

Dr. Wickless, this Al,

is that another one
of his personalities?

No, an external personality

would be the aberration
of a schizophrenic

not someone with M.P.D.


But one thing about Willis,
he tried teaching me, you know.

But, no.

I'm stubborn as a mule
and twice as slow.

Uh, Sam, sit back down

and if you have to talk to me,

don't look at me anymore.

Why not?

Are you having a problem
with your friend, Jesse?

Because this nozzle here
can't see me

and I don't want him to think

you're even more crazy
than he already thinks.

So please,

just let Dracula here
finish drinking your brain.

- What?
- I said,

"Are you having a problem
with your friend?"

Just sit down, finish the test so
we can get the hell out of here.

Got no problem.

I'm gonna sit right down here

a-and finish this test

so we can get
the hell out of here.

And I don't know who Dracula is

but I got me
a powerful thirst, too.

Now, what does it take
to get a man a glass of water,

huh, around here?

We'll have, uh,

we'll have water in this room
from now on.


What do you see?

Well, this here is the
sub-atomic structure of a quark.

What the hell is a quark?

I don't... I don't know
what a quark is, Jesse.

A quark is a micro-particle
of a proton or a neutron.

You've got a degree
in quantum physics, too, Sam.

Micro what?

Just tell me what comes to mind.

Please, Jesse.
Come on. Give it a try.

Jesse, Jesse, it's okay.

This is part of
what we're doing.

Ambush! Ambush!
Pull back! Pull back!

It was an ambush,
the whole company!

We were set up by
the chieu hoi! Oh, man.

Get out.

I didn't do nothing to him.

Get out.

Oh, man, oh, man,
I lost my weapon.

Who are you?

Where are you?

V.C., sir! Oh, man.

Who are you?

Oh, man, man.

- Who are you?
- V.C., sir!

Just give him your name,
rank and serial number.

Signalman First Class Herbert
Williams, United States Navy

serial number D-195-686.

Who are you?

Signalman First Class Herbert
Williams, United States Navy,

serial number D-195-686.

Can you tell me what year it is?


'70. 1970.

- 1970?
- He's in the future again.

Uh, Signalman, uh,
tell him that all's clear

and you just want to
secure for the night.

All's clear,
and secure for the night, sir!

Sleep. Sleep.

All right, you'll rest,
you'll stay here.

You'll have a room of your own.

No, no. You want to get
back to your own camp!

No, I got to secure
our own position, sir.

- Stay right here.
- No!


- Okay, okay.
- Sleep.

- Sleep.
- Whatever you say.

Sam, you awake? Sam?

Listen, I figured out what
we have to do to help Tibby.

All I have to do
is teach him to read.


nobody ever tried
to teach me nothin'.

Yeah, well, I...
I'm gonna try and teach you to read.

But I can't.
I... I... I can't read.

I can't learn my A-B-C's.
I never could.

I... I can learn music.

I learned, I learned all
the words to Pig Foot Pete,

and Scrub Me, Mama,
With A Boogie Beat.

The very first time.

Well, that's good.

Could you teach me
a song from the future?

Yeah, I could teach you
a song from the future,

but that wouldn't help me
teach you...

Now, wait a minute,
maybe it would.

Hey, Sam, you remember that song
we put in Ziggy's memory banks

a few years ago when we were...
No, you wouldn't remember.

We were fooling around
with a rap song there.

Now, if I could just
access this and maybe...

Maybe even get it
to play through the handle,

that would be pretty good, huh?

That-that's... that's

No, this is rap.

Now, I got to make up words.

What the hell is going on here?

What're you guys doing?
You think this is a party?

Oh, man!

Stop this!

What, you think this is funny,
Mr. Johnson?

You geeks are gonna have to
clean this place up. Right now.

Stop it!

Rap music.

Sam, that's right.
You remember.

You used to hate rap music.

Name's Stratton, little buddy.

Captain Tom Stratton.

This is a loud hospital.
Did I auger in here?

Oh, no, not again.

What happened to the X-2?
Did I do it?

Sam, it doesn't matter
what you did.

I just saved Tibby.

He's gonna learn how to read

and, and he's gonna get
a good job when he gets out.

You feeling all right?

And Tibby's gonna be okay.

So get ready to leap.

Look, all I want to know is,
did I break Mach 3?

Come on, Sam, you got to leap.

We're running out of time.
You got to...

Maybe it was the storm.

I sure as hell don't remember...

Where did you go, little buddy?


Hit him, Sam, hit him!
Pop him. Pop, pop, pop!

Sam, Sam, it's okay.
You're just dreaming.

I'm right here now.
Sam, stay calm.

Ziggy's only got 10 minutes
of emergency power.

I've got Dr. Beaks here,

and she's got a theory
to get you to leap.

Where is she?

She's right here.

But you can't see her

because she isn't tuned into
your brainwaves.

Would you like to see her?

Uh, uh, yeah. Sure. Okay.

I can see her,
but, uh, I can't hear her.

Well, you can't hear her

because touching her
just brings in the image.

It's kind of weird.

Yeah, this whole leap
is weird, Sam.

The name's not Sam,
it's Kid Cody, okay?

You keep saying Sam, I keep looking
around for somebody named Sam.

Okay, we don't have time
to argue about that now.

If you want to get out of here,
you got to trust me, Sam.

Yeah, I want out.
You got that much right.

I definitely want out.

Everyone here thinks
you're Sam Beederman.

But I'm Kid Cody.

No, you're not Kid Cody.

You just said I was Kid Cody...

And you're not Samantha Stormer.

You're Dr. Samuel Beckett.

You're a quantum physicist

and you've been leaping
in and out of people's lives.

So at one time or another,

you have been Samantha Stormer,

you have been Jesse Tyler,

you have been
Herbert Williams...

- And Kid Cody?
- And Kid Cody, yes.

And when you did what was needed

to change these people's
lives for the better,

you leaped out.

So, uh...

So I'm a good guy?

Oh. Oh, yeah,
you're a damn good guy.


But now you're Sam Beederman.

And before you had a chance
to change his life,

they gave you
electro-shock treatment.

Hey, no more shock.

Now, the treatment
kicked out your ego

and left a valley,

and it's a valley
that's being filled

by the memories of all these
people you leaped into.

I tell you what, I feel a little
punch-drunk, that's for sure.

Yeah, well,
that's a good definition of it.

Hey, what's going on?

Sam, I'm going to have to
let Dr. Beaks go

because it's draining
too much power.

Say goodbye.


Bye, Doc.



I think you can probably see

we're in danger of
losing contact with you.

Look, I don't want you
should lose contact,

you know what I'm saying?

Yeah, well, then you have to
do exactly what I tell you.

Okay, w-w-what do
you want I should do?

Dr. Beaks says

the only way
you're gonna get your ego back


...is if you take another one of
those electro-shock treatments.



- No, no, no more shocks.
- Yes!

I just said no!

No more shocks. No way, pal.
No more. Forget it.

You can forget the whole thing.

It's the only chance
of getting out of here.

- Forget it. No way.
- Sam, yes!

You sure been spending
a lot of time with Masters.

I'm a nurse, he's a doctor.

We both happen to
work at this hospital.

I just didn't want you
making any mistakes.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about

Masters finding out what
happened to Beederman yesterday.

Mr. Beederman came in here
as a depressive.

6 weeks later,
he's showing signs of violence.

And now he's split into not one,

but several personalities.

And if what you did yesterday
had anything to do with it,

I will tell Dr. Masters.

You were there, too,
weren't you?

Or did you forget that
little bit of information...

You lied to me.

You told me that Dr. Masters
gave you permission.

You know the rules,
Nurse Chatam.

It's too bad
you didn't try to stop me.

I did try to stop you.

But you didn't.

You could have killed him.

We could have.

He told us this morning
his name is Jimmy LaMotta.

He says he has a real job.

Again, this personality
lives in the future.

We... we can tell from
his speech patterns

and his physical impediments

that the personality
of Jimmy is retarded.

He calls himself
a "special person."

Did you pinpoint yet what first
brought on this change in behavior?

Dr. Masters suspects that the
electro-shock therapy yesterday

might have triggered some
traumatic childhood memories.

And, uh, Mr. Beederman's inability
to cope with those memories

opened a... a floodgate
of people.

People in his mind?

People he invented
to protect himself.

Well, wait a minute, from what?

According to his family history,

nothing traumatic occurred
in either his childhood

or young adult life that would
merit anything like this.

Unless those traumas never
registered in his conscious mind.

- Hello, Doctor.
- Hello, Jimmy.

- Hiya. Bye, Freddy.
- Bye, Jimmy.

- Hi.
- Hi.

When's lunch?


Uh, want to build a ship?

What kind of ship, Jimmy?

Uh, uh...

A spaceship.

It's time, Sam.

Tell the doctor that you
want another therapy session.

But I don't.

You have to have it
or I won't be able to come back.

You come back!

Then tell the doctor you
want another shock treatment.

Is that your friend Al?

Al says
you better give Jimmy a shocker,

or he go back
to the future forever.

Al, don't leave Jimmy.

Tell him to hurry.

He's not gonna leave you, Jimmy.

What's happening?

Through all
the personality changes,

two things
have remained constant.

An invisible friend named Al

and the memory of his last
electro-shock therapy session.

Sam, I'm running out of time

and Ziggy's running out
of power.

He's using all he's got
just to keep us connected.

Come on, come on, Jimmy.
Jimmy, Jimmy, let's sit down.

Let's sit down.
Play some games.

Tell him!

Al says,
you give Jimmy shocker now,

or Al go away!

Al won't go away
unless you want him to.

Yes, I will.

We need to restrain him, stat.

And it's all
Dr. Masters' fault!

It's your fault.
All Doctor's fault.

- Jimmy!
- All Doctor's fault!

I'll be gone forever
unless you get another shock.


Give Jimmy shocker!
Give Jimmy shocker, now!

Come on, get off him!

Give Jimmy shocker!

It's okay.

Help Jimmy. Help.

I can't help you
unless you get another shock.

Get me a straitjacket!

He doesn't need a straitjacket!

I'll give you a shocker,
you freak!

Prep for electro-shock.

- Yes, sir!
- What?

That'll be two sessions
in... in 48 hours.

You could kill him.

- Nurse Chatam,
- Doctor!

I said prepare
the electro-shock room!

Let Jimmy go.
Let Jimmy go.

Come on!

No! No!

Let Jimmy go.
Let Jimmy go.

Come on!

No! No!

Al, don't leave me.

I won't, Sam.

Don't leave.

I won't, Sam.

Set the voltage at 90.

Doctor, I really think
after his session yesterday...

You can't perform
as a professional.

I don't need you
in this therapy room.

Do I make myself clear?

Sam, tell him you got to have
the same voltage as yesterday.

Tell him.

We're all set, Doctor.

It hurts.

Tell him!

Everything's gonna be fine.
I promise.

turn the power up on Ziggy.

Turn it up to the max.
You got to keep me here.

Come on, Sam, tell them, buddy.

I can't hang on much longer.

- Same shocker as yesterday.
- No.

Same shocker as yesterday!

It's got to be the same again.

The same as
Butcher put yesterday.

What was the voltage
Dr. Wickless set yesterday?

It wasn't Dr. Wickless,
it was Butch.

- Butch?
- Yes.

You administered electro-shock
without a doctor present?

I don't remember.

What was the voltage set?

It was set at 200.

Now, Sam, now.

Give shocker now.

He got angry because Sam hit him

and so he punished him
by turning it up.

That's a lie!

You had the audacity
to take that kind of control?

Do it!

Save Jimmy.

Save Sam.

Now, that was outrageous.

Please, 200.

No, that's too high.

Time all gone.

...a doctor,
not a registered nurse.

Oh, God.

I don't care!

Not without medical procedure.

...audacity to take
that kind of control...

All right.

Why did you lie, Butch?

Do it!

You've been here
long enough to know

what's proper medical procedure.

I was doing what you told me!

I told you never to do it
without medical staff present.

A doctor,
not a registered nurse.

Put your head down, Sam.
Put your head down.

You ordered me to...

I have never ordered you
to administer shock therapy.

Do it!


Sam, you okay?


You okay? Huh?

You must've leaped with me.

Oh, we did it, Sam.



what the hell am I doing
in this uniform?

What's going on, Sam?

I think...

Come here.

Sam, what the hell's
happening, huh?

Oh, boy.