Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 3, Episode 18 - A Hunting Will We Go - June 18, 1976 - full transcript

Sam leaps into the body of Gordon O'Reilly, a bounty hunter trying to return his prisoner to the Sheriff in Decatur. He's arrested Diane Frost who was charged with forging her boss' signature on a million dollars' worth of checks and then skipped bail before going to court. According to Al however, Sam and Diane will be killed that very night. According to the information he has, Diane will shoot Gordon and will then herself be shot trying to run away. She proves to be quite a handful and tries to escape at every opportunity. The truth is that Sam is becoming quite attracted to her and when she reveals why she stole the money, he realizes that he may have put her in danger by turning her over to the local Sheriff.

Theorizing that one could
time-travel within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into
the Quantum Leap Accelerator

and vanished.

He woke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own,

and driven by an unknown force

to change history
for the better.

His only guide
on this journey is Al,

an observer from his own time

who appears in the form
of a hologram

that only Sam can see and hear.

And so Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong,

and hoping each time
that his next leap

will be the leap home.

Gordon? Gordon?

Gordon, will you listen to me?
Are you there, Gordon?

Listen, will you pick up the
phone and talk to me? Right now.

Oh, God, please help, help!

Someone help me,
please! Please!

I'm being kidnapped!
He's my ex-husband.

He's gonna kill me!
Please! Please!

Ex-husband? What?

- What are you...
- Let her go, boy!

- Gordon?
- Oh, boy.

Looks like we done
caught us a kidnapper.

You think maybe there's
a reward out for him?

There should be.

What he done to me is criminal.

You're not in any danger,
and I'm not a criminal.

- Will you let me go?
- No! He'll kill me!

- I'm not going to kill you.
- Liar!

He's been threatening me
for years.

When... when he wasn't
trying to beat me.

I don't know
what I would've done

if you two handsome gentlemen
hadn't come along and rescued me.

It's a pleasure, ma'am.

Look, I'm sure there's...

I'm sure that there's
been some mistake.

Pipe down, wife beater!

- You're the one who made a...
- We'll get the Sheriff.

No, I don't want
to cause any trouble.

We don't allow
such treatment here.

If... if you'd just be so kind
as to reach into that pocket

and grab that key...
No, the other one.

What's this?

Oh, p-p-please just get the key!

It says here
it's an arrest warrant.

Well, that's a phony.

- Who's it for?
- It's for her.

I'm telling you it's fake!

Says here you're wanted by the
authorities in Arkansas for...

She's a... a crook!

What do you know?

She's a fugitive from justice.

Well, that makes you, uh,
one of them, uh...

What d'you call it,
uh, law, uh, uh...

Bounty hunter!

- Yeah, a bounty hunter!
- Bounty hunter?

What'd you do,
grow up around a nuclear reactor?

Well, I guess you gentlemen
can let me go now.

Hey, we're real sorry, mister.

Yeah, well...

Looks like you're going
to jail, little lady.

Oh, that's what you think.

Come on, Bill.


What are you doing?

Will you cut it out?

What is all...
Gordon, will you please get on the phone?

This is Sheriff Michaels.

Gordon, will you listen to me?

Yeah? Operator?

This is not the doggone
operator, it's Sheriff Michaels.

You had me worried, boy.

Tell him we'll meet him
at the station. Right.

I'll meet you
at the bus station.

W-W-Wait, w-w-w-which one?

The Decatur bus station.

L-Look, uh, are you
sure you're okay?

I... I can call
the local sheriff.

No, no. I'm fine. I...

Okay, Decatur bus station.

We'll be there.

Not according to Ziggy.

Pretend you're still
talking on the phone.

That way, we can talk.

This is terrible.
I've been beat up, kicked...


What am I doing here?

You're Gordon O'Reilly, bounty.

Hunt... bou... hunt...

Bounty hunter.
Oh, you're a bounty hunter!

I know.

And that's Diane Frost, who...

Come on, come on, hurry up.
My feet hurts.



She looks exactly like Maxine,

my fifth...
Fifth? Yeah, fifth wife.

Did I ever tell you
how I met her?

It was in a tattoo parlor in Jersey
City, she was getting a...

Al. Al!

Ah, oh, sorry.

Uh, I don't believe this!

- What?
- Well, this Diane was arrested

for forging her boss's name
to $1 million worth of checks.

She jumped bail and went
on the lam for four days.

She... she looks so innocent.

And you're the... you're the
third bounty hunter on this case.

What happened to the other two?

Well, the first one's got a dislocated
shoulder from falling off a cliff.

And the other one is in the Fort
Worth General Hospital in a body cast.

Accidents happen.

Doesn't sound like
an accident to me.

Well, the good news is that
both of them heal their wounds

and they go on to lead
an... an almost full life.


Yeah. And... and your job is to
make sure that she doesn't escape.

So far, so good.

Al, this is
a very dangerous woman.

What, this dainty
little thing here?

Yeah. Ow!

Get out of here.
You can handle her.

Hurry up. The sun
is giving me liver spots.

Now, as soon as Ziggy gets
more data on Maxine, I'll...

I mean Diane, uh, I'll be back.

In the meantime,
get her on the bus to Decatur.

Hi, ma'am.


- Not so fast!
- Will you cut it?

Oh, mercy!

I'm really sorry, ma'am.
It was an accident.

I... Really, I'm sorry.
What are you doing?

Hey, bub.

Couldn't help but notice that
trouble follows you around.

Over there, and now here.

Yeah, you're telling me.

If there's any commotion,

- I'll throw you off. You got it?
- Yes, sir.

Don't worry, sir, I...
I won't give him any more trouble.

Here you go.

Thank you.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I behaved badly.

I guess I deserve
what's coming to me.

Y'all have to change buses...

Have a nice trip.

I think I'm gonna throw up.

I have this thing about buses.

Yeah, okay all right.

They make me sick.
I need fresh air.

That's just too much, okay?

That's just too much.

Wait a minute. Wait, uh,
uh-oh, uh-oh, uh...

Get some air.
There, okay? Better?

Please. Please.

You just... you just stay by
the window there, get some air,

and I'm gonna go
take a little walk.

Stretch my legs, you know.
You okay?

I'm feeling better already.

- I don't believe it.
- Okay, I...

Hi, Sam.

This way.

Now, listen, Al...

Maxine, Maxine, Maxine.

Do you mind?

- Oh, sorry.
- Sorry.


Her name is Diane, not Maxine.

Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm
sorry, I know that.

Her resemblance to Maxine
just blows my mind.

What else have you found out?

Well, uh, Diane is innocent and...
and you have to clear her name.

And that's what Ziggy said?

Uh, that's the way
I interpret the data.

Al, just tell me
what Ziggy said.

Ah, he says there's a 99.9%
chance that Diane stole the money.

I knew it!

But she's innocent,
just like Maxine.


Yeah, the reason
I divorced my wife, Maxine,

was because
I was 99.9% sure

that she was cheating on me
with another guy.

And a Marine.

Oh, and don't tell me.

After you got divorced from her,
you found out that she was innocent.

Yeah, she was.
And so is Diane.

That is the stupidest thing
I ever heard.


I can see it in her eyes.

You do not.

You may feel it in your loins but you
definitely do not see it in her eyes.

- Sam!
- What?

I feel it in my loins.



Sam, Ziggy says tonight
you and Diane get killed.


Well, the official history
is that she shot Gordon,

- uh, that's you,
- Yeah?

...and then she was running away,
and she got killed trying to escape.

But that doesn't make sense.

She doesn't seem
the cold killer type.

That shows how much you know.

Yeah, but she must
have been framed.

Al, I don't care.
I don't have time to find out.

I got to get her to the Decatur
sheriff before she kills me.

Now, will you excuse me?

OK, fine. I'll get
out of here. See you.

Oh, oh, I'm sorry.

Hey, watch my hat.

Just go to sleep.
I'm sorry.

- Come on.
- Sorry, sir.

- No... no... no... no... no!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!

What did you do that for?

Get your hands off him!
He was right!

About what?

He said any man with a head
that fat and a wife that ugly

doesn't deserve such a nice hat.

No, no, no, no.
I didn't say that...

Hey, there's a man back here
molesting an old woman!

Hey, what's that racket
back there?

Pipe down!

I thought I told you
to knock it off!

Who started this?

This is great.

Sure is.

You want to throw my hat, too?

I'm stuck out here
in the middle of nowhere

handcuffed to a woman
who wants to kill me

and my best friend is
trying to work through guilt

about his fifth wife.


Can life get any worse
than this?

It's freezing.

Take my jacket.

I don't want your jacket.

Don't argue with me about it.
If you're freezing, you're freezing.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Must be an old abandoned
stable or something.

No kidding.

You get an advanced degree
to do this job?

As a matter of fact, yes, I did.

Was it one of those
mail-order deals?

Have you always been this mean?

No, just recently.

My luck.

Look, I haven't slept in a week.

I'm tired and wet.

I'm only human.

That's a matter of opinion.

- I guess I deserved that.
- Yeah, I guess you did.

You think that doesn't hurt?
That I don't have feelings?

No, I didn't...

Well, you're wrong.
I am a woman, damn it, and I feel things.

Like your hand next to mine.

Well, it's handcuffs, you know?
I mean, it's nothing.

- It's just, uh, handcuffs.
- Is it?

On the bus I felt your leg
rubbing against me.

Now, come on,
I fell... I fell asleep.

Well, we were crammed
like sardines in there,

and... and I probably just...

Don't pretend you don't
feel something, too.

What I feel is... is
m-my skin crawling.

The way you watch me...

Come on, you're my prisoner.

You make me feel so vulnerable.

You got the gun
and the handcuffs.

It's the middle of the night.

We're all alone.

If I were to cry out for help,
nobody would help me.

But I wouldn't cry out.

For help, that is.




I'm gonna put you on this end of the
barn, and I'm going on the other.

Did you think I was stupid
enough to fall for that, huh?

Gordon. Gordon.

Look, come on, I don't...

You're so predictable!

I'm predictable?

Well, I'm gonna predict that you're
gonna spend the next 15 to 20 years

- in the state pen!
- Don't bet the farm on it!

Are you okay? Gordon?

What am I doing?

Sam, what are you
doing down there?

This is no time
to take a snooze.

Hurry up and get up.
She's trying to get away!

Look, look, she's trying
to get out the door!

Oh, it's locked.
Hurry up, Sam.

Look, here she comes!
Grab her, grab her, grab...

Grab her, grab her!

Look, she's going up
the ladder, Sam!

Sam! Oh, wait,
I got an idea!

Pull the ladder away from there,

and then she's gonna be
stuck up on top.


She's trying the windows.
They don't work.

As she comes down the ladder,
you'll be able to catch her.

Here she comes.
Catch her, get her, get her!

Hurry, Sam!

Oh, man!

What is this stuff?


Boy, I'm glad I'm a hologram,
and I don't have to smell you.

You must really reek.

- I stink.
- You can say that again.

You stink.

You don't think you overdid it
on the ropes around her?

No, I don't.

My nose itches.
It's killing me!


Al, I've been lied to,
punched, kicked,

thrown off a bus, flipped,
kicked again, and knocked out,

and the worst thing is,

I can't breathe
around my own self.

This is the leap from hell.
When will it end?

- I've never seen you act so weird.
- Weird?

you're fighting all the time with her,

just like I used to fight
with... with Max...

Maxine? Oh, don't tell me.

- Bingo! I got it!
- What?

You're falling for her,
big time.

Get out of town!

Admit it. You're falling
in love with her.

That's ridiculous.

In love with her?
I can't stand the sight of her.

I can't stand the sight of you.

She wants to kill me.

It's a textbook example of love,

and you are
in the first stage: Denial.

- First stage?
- There are five stages of love.

The first is denial,
then the second is sex,

then there's acceptance,
then there's divorce

and then there's more sex,
if you're lucky.

Who wrote this textbook,
you or Zsa Zsa?

Well, it's not a book,

it's... it's a theory of mine,
and it's a darn good one, too.

And in my estimation,
you are on the verge of the second stage.

- Sex?
- Ha!


See? She wants it, too.

Al, I don't want to talk
about this anymore, okay?

We're stuck here tonight,
but tomorrow we're gonna hitchhike

to the nearest town,
I'll call the Decatur sheriff

and have him come
and take her away.

Don't do it, Sam.

- Don't do what?
- Don't turn her in.

Don't start.

- Sam, I'm right about this.
- Don't start.

I can feel it in my gut.

My gut, plus the bump on my
head, and the cracks in my ribs

tell me that she's guilty!

Now unless you come up
with hard-line proof

then Ziggy,
for the first time in his life,

is right about this,
and she belongs in jail.

- You are wrong.
- Oh, Al, I'm not...

You're wrong about all of this,
and I'm gonna prove it to you.

Okay, fine, go ahead.
Prove me wrong.

Okay, I will.

Okay, I will.

You want to sleep
in your chair or in the hay?


Hey! Oh, come on!

Don't do this, Gordon.

Don't leave me
tied up like this.

Even though it kind of seems
like I'm a ruthless criminal,

I just want you to know that
I didn't steal that money.


Rodney, my boss,

he was running this phony
gold-share scheme.

He knew I was on to him.

I was framed.

I'm really innocent.

Yeah, well, that's something
for a judge and jury to decide.

In Decatur, Rodney owns
the judge and jury.

Yeah, well, okay.

So now I know.

Good night.


Here you go.


You threw them off?

Section 503P
of the regulation book.

If it looks like I'm gonna
die, I can throw people off,

don't matter where.


Simmer down, Rodney.
It wasn't his fault.

He was just doing his job.

That's right.
Y'all have a good day.

Much obliged.

Sheriff, that woman's got a
million dollars of my money

stashed away somewhere.

I know that.

Well, she'd do anything to eliminate
that bounty hunter to get to my money.

I wouldn't be surprised if she
was in Rio de Janeiro by now.

Well, that seems a little
far to go in one night.

Probably just got a little
sidetracked, that's all.

They'll show up.
You just give them a couple of hours.

Are you just gonna sit here
and do nothing?

No, no, no. I...
I was thinking about getting a haircut.

What do you think, just...
just a little off the sides?

- Sheriff...
- Oh, all right, all right.

I'll ask Florence to call down
to the Arkansas State Police.

Thank you.

Then you and I
are gonna get some breakfast.

This is Sheriff Michaels,
Florence. Do you read me?

I read you, Sheriff,
loud and clear.

Oh, well.
Here comes another one.

It's the handcuffs.
No one will pick us up if they see them.

All right,
I'm gonna take them off.

But don't even think
about bolting.

Frankly, I don't have
the strength.

I didn't get any sleep
last night, thanks to you.


Do you know that you grind
your teeth when you sleep?

I thought I was in a saw mill.

Well, you snore.

I thought I was sleeping
next to the hogs.

That's what my mama says.

Oh, we both smell like hogs.

What I wouldn't give
for a shower.

You live with your mother?

Yeah, the last couple of years,

after my daddy had a stroke,
she needed some help.

Here comes another one.

You've never done this
before, have you?


Oh, yeah. I used to...

That's what I thought.

Maybe there's something
wrong with my thumb.

It has nothing
to do with your thumb.

It's your style,
it's your charisma,

it's the way you present
yourself that says:

"I am worthy of a ride
to the next town."

Are you kidding me?


Like you would know
about charisma.

Last one there's a rotten egg!

Howdy, ma'am.

It's my ex-husband.
He's gonna kill me!

Rotten egg!

Step on it.

Yes, ma'am.

Sam? Sam?

Sam! Get up out of there!

Up, up, up, up, up, up, up!
Come on!

If she gets away, you both die.

I don't know what's
happening to me on this leap.

You know, I'm like...

I'm screwing everything up.

It's Diane, you know.

She drives me crazy.

Hey, nobody said this was
gonna be easy, you know.

Give yourself a break.
You're closer than you think.


Okay, Al.
You have Gushie

center you on Diane.

Okay. Gushie,
center me on Diane!

Sam, she's here! She's here!
Get up out of the mud!

She's hiding
around the corner, Sam!

Hurry up!

Oh, no.

Hush, Sam, hush.
Quiet, quiet!

She's right here
behind the tree.

The guy that picked her up must've
smelled that manure all over

and threw her out.
Couldn't blame him.

She's hitchhiking. Get her!

No! No!

All right. Now watch out for that
bush behind you, it's full of...

Ow! Thorns!
All right.

What do you have,
a homing device in your pocket?

No. Ow!

That does it.

Sheriff Michaels
is gonna be on his way.

What now?

Well, he said he's not gonna
be here for an hour, so...

And we're both tired.
Excuse me.

And need to wash up.

You're getting us a motel room?

Diane, if you were the last woman in
the world, I wouldn't come near you.

I can't wait to get rid of you!

Well, the same goes here!

- Well, fine!
- Fine!


I'm hungry.

I'll get you something to eat
when I get you to the room.

I have this hypoglycemic thing.
If I don't eat, I get faint.

All right, all right.

Could you get us a room, please?

And, uh, what kind of sandwich
do you want?

Tuna, extra pickles.

Here you go.
And one for you.

And some cola.


And some toothbrushes.

Some toothpaste,
some bandages, antacid.

Okay, okay. That's fine.

Oh, now, here we go.

Thank you.

All right, let's see,
we've got, uh, the key,

and we've got two sandwiches,
two bottles of soda,

some bandages, toothbrush,
and liniment.


Now that comes to $9.25,
plus $16.50 for your room,

so that'll be $25.75.

Poor baby. Did I
work you over hard?

I can take it.

Aw, honeymooners.

Here you go, sir.

I just love this Bionic Woman.

It's my favorite TV show.

Ain't that something
to aspire to?

Oh, really?

I would've thought the demolition
derby was more your style.

Howdy, pards!
This is your old friend...

I always thought
it would be kind of neat

to be one of those undercover
agents like Lindsay.


Well, the way I understand it,
if you're a crook,

it's kind of hard to pursue
a career in law enforcement.

I am not a crook.

Are you saying you didn't forge
$1 million worth of checks?

No, I admit I forged
Rodney's signature.

Am I missing something here?

It all ties in with that
phony gold shares scheme.

The phony gold shares
scheme, right.

He preyed on
all these old people

who trusted him
with their retirement money.

And my mama was one of them.

Want your pickle?

No, you can have it.

I was his accountant, anyway

and I sold the shares, even.

You knew they were phony?


But when I found out,
I realized these people were ruined.

I mean, suicide time.

I couldn't just stand by
and do nothing.

So you forged the checks.

I had to do something brave.

It was the first time in my life

I ever had a chance
to make a difference.

Only I did it badly.

So here we are.

Why didn't you go to the police?

I told you,
Rodney owned the police.

But even if he didn't,
it'd be one, maybe two years

before it came to trial,

and by then, the money
would be long gone.

Where is the money?

It's hidden.
I was about to give it back...

Yeah, when I caught up with you.

You know, I got a feeling that
the money is already long gone.

You don't believe me.

Look, Diane, it doesn't matter
if I believe you or not.

If you escape,
you're gonna be hunted down and killed.

If you take me back to Decatur,

I'm as good as dead anyway,
so what's the difference?

Oh, man.

Better get out that liniment.

Oh, darn it.

Let me help.

It's fine, I can do it myself.
Thank you.

Why? You afraid
I'm going to bite you?

Bite me?

No, I'm not afraid
you're gonna bite me.

You've already kicked me
and punched me,

thrown me into a pile of manure,

and bashed my head in
with the side of a car door.

Why would I worry
about you biting me?

Let me help you.
I can see you're in pain.

I feel bad.
It was my fault.


Okay, but only
because I can't reach.

Come to mama.

What are you doing?

Moving away
any possible weapons.

It is a terrible thing
not to trust.

You're unbelievable.

How's this?

It's okay.

How about that?

It's fine.

You are such a liar.

You should talk.

Cut it out!


Maybe we ought to, uh,
cool this, huh?


Still think I'm a crook?

I don't know.

As soon as I start
to trust you...

I clobber you.

Yeah, you...

You clobber me.

Maybe you're right.

I'll go see if my dress is dry.

Oh, man.

What am I, crazy?

How could you do this?

I trusted you.
Don't you have a conscience?

I am a criminal, remember?

I knew from
the very first time...

Put them up.

Turn around.

I'm not afraid to use this.

What're you gonna do,
shoot me in the back?

I wouldn't put it past you.

You're hurting my feelings.
Over there.

Get out your handcuffs.
On the trellis.

Don't do this, Diane.

- Your life depends on it.
- Shut up.

Higher! Higher!

Please, Diane,
you got to believe me.

Be quiet.

That's not my gun.
Where'd you get that?

That's it.


Isn't that great?

It's got
a thousand and one uses.

You can take it camping,
you can light your cigarette.

Stick up a convenience store.

Oh, make that
a thousand and two.

Got it at the motel gift shop.

I did not acquire it honestly,

so I guess now
I really am a crook.

I don't know how I'm gonna
be able to live with myself.

Have a nice day.

Oh, here, this is
for the lighter.

Oh, you are the bounty
hunter from hell!

- What was that all about?
- Nothing.

You were paying for the gun,
weren't you?

What of it?

Well, well, well,
ain't you two a pretty sight?

Got a little sidetracked,
huh, boy?

Yeah, well...

Now, don't you worry.
I... I'll take over now.

I'll see that you
get paid for this.

Expect you're pretty happy to see
the end of this little lady, huh?

Come on.

Yeah, happy.

Where's she going?

What difference does it make?

I did what I was supposed to do.
She's still alive.

What difference does it...
Yeah, but not for long.

She dies in 20 minutes.

Sam, Ziggy says that she
gets shot trying to escape.

But that doesn't make any sense,

because she's already
in custody.

Where's Diane's boss?

Rodney Owens?


Look, Al, have Ziggy center you on Diane.
Find out where she's going.

I have a terrible feeling that,
wherever the Sheriff is taking her,

Rodney is gonna be close by.


I got the...

How much is he
paying you, Sheriff?

That's none of your
business, darlin'.

I'm not your darling.

Hey! You slimy punk!

Come on, Rodney, don't hit her.

That's telling him, Sheriff.

You knock her out,

she won't be able to tell us
where she hid the money.

You scum.

That's telling him, Diane.

All right, Diane, I'm gonna
ask you once, nicely.

Where's the money?

You said nicely, you rat!

Why should I tell you?
You're just gonna kill me!

Diane, sugar, I give you
my word of honor.

Tell us where you hid the
money and we'll let you go.

Yeah, right into
a speeding bullet.

Stop, stop. I'll talk!

All right, she'll talk.

I said I'll talk!

You promise you'll let me go?

- Yeah.
- Word of honor.

Don't tell them, Diane.

Travel Town.

Travel Town? Whereabouts?

In a train.

Which one?

There's so many,
I don't remember exactly.

You don't remember where
you hid $1 million?

Silly me, I was in such a rush.

I guess I'll just
have to show you.


Hang in there, Diane.
I'll bring help.

She's in real trouble, Sam.

How close am I?

They're about three and a half miles
ahead of you, so step on it, Sam.

- How's Diane? Is she all right?
- Yeah, she's okay.

But that Rodney
almost twisted her arm off.

What? Damn it!

She told them
where she hid the money.

Some place called Travel Town.

So I guess you were right, Sam.
She's a crook.

No, no. She's not.

- But she just...
- No, she took the money.

But she took it
in order to give it back

to the people
that Rodney swindled.

I hope.

But how do you know that she
didn't take it for herself?

Because she couldn't even steal a toy gun.
She paid the owner.

That's not something
that a crook would do.

See, I told you! And she didn't
kill that bounty hunter, either.

It's all starting
to make sense now.

Gordon must've been on

to whatever Sheriff Michaels
and Rodney were up to

and he followed them
to Travel Town.

That's where they killed him and
made it look like Diane did it.

And she gave the money,
and they killed her.

- Except... Except this time...
- What are you doing?

...you're not Gordon now,
you're Sam.

What are you doing over there?

And you're gonna get killed
unless you think of something.

I don't suppose you care about
those people you ripped off.

They knew their investment
was highly speculative.

Everyone was aware of the risks.

Mrs. Bridges and
Mr. Henderson weren't.

My mother wasn't.

Oh, closed Monday.

I guess we'll have to come
some other time.

I don't suppose we'll get
arrested for trespassing,

do you, Rodney?
Up you go.


All right, all right.

Now, where did I put
that silly money?

Now, Diane, don't be
wasting our time.

I remember now.

It's... it's, um,
right up here.

In the boiler thing.

Hey, Rodney, you follow her!
I'll go this way.

Hold it right there!

That was none too smart, missy.

You're forcing me into doing
something I don't want to do.

Go ahead, kill me.
I don't care.

Well, then, how about your mama?
I could kill her.

You leave my mother out of this!

I'll be glad to.

Just show me where the money is.


Have Ziggy center you on Diane.
When you find her, call out

and I'll follow your voice.

All right. Hurry, up.
You've only got about two minutes.

Sam, over here!

- Can you hear me?
- Here it is.

She's only got about 20 seconds!


You promised to let me go.

- Only about 10 seconds!
- Is that right?

That's right.

Well, who's stopping you?



All right, all right, hold it!

I never thought
I'd be so glad to see you.

You okay?

That's it, Sam, you did it.

You saved their lives.

Now the odds are dropping down

the other way for some reason.

That's not a gun,
it's a lighter.

Wow! Thank God my wife Maxine
couldn't kick like that.

I'm holding $1 million here.

Don't even think
of taking even one dollar.

Look, this may be hard
for you to believe,

but I'm not here for the money.

Okay. I trust you.

Tell you what.

There are gonna be a lot of happy people
when they open up their mailboxes.

Better than a letter from
Publisher's Clearing House.

See, I told you. From the start,
I told you she was innocent.

Boy, she looks a lot
like my fifth wife, Maxine.

Well, that does it.
Ready to turn myself in.

Maybe I'll get better treatment
from the State Police.

You've done it, Sam.
The charges against Diane get dropped,

and Sheriff Michaels and
Rodney get 15 years in the pen.

Well, I guess this is it.

Yeah, this is it.

I hope you're not sore
for too long.

Yeah, well, me... me, too.

Well, goodbye, then.

Oh, man!

So long.

- Why haven't I leaped?
- Did you say something?

Well, you've got some
unfinished business with Diane.

Diane, uh...

Are you gonna be okay?

Yeah, I'm gonna be okay.

I just got to figure out
what I'm gonna do.

Well, you know, after seeing
some of the tricks

you pulled on me
the last couple of days,

you know, maybe you ought to be
a bounty hunter or something.

A bounty hunter?

Well, you know.

I could be a bounty hunter.

No, I... I... I was just kidding.

What's the matter,
you couldn't stand the competition?

She does okay, Sam.

She becomes one of the best
bounty hunters in the business.

Wait... wait... wait a minute.

Wait a minute,
there's been some kind of a mistake.

You're the one
who made the mistake, Jesus.

No. Jesus? No.

Just try to think
of some place far away.

Let it be known

that on May 12, 1971,

in the presence
of these witnesses,

that Jesus Ortega was condemned
by the State of Florida

to death by electrocution.

Oh, God!