Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 3, Episode 17 - Glitter Rock - April 12, 1974 - full transcript

Sam leaps into the body of Jeffrey Mole, a 1970s rock musician and member of a band that has as its trademark heavy makeup. Al tells him that in two nights time, a crazed fan will stab and kill him. The fan in question, 16 year-old Philip Silbart, is emotionally disturbed and has run away from several foster homes. Strange things begin to happen however - like a stage prop falling on his head - which leaves Al and Sam wondering if someone other than Philip may be out to get him. Sam begins to suspect the band's business manager of fiddling the books but it also turns out that Jeffrey is probably Philip's father.

Theorizing that one could
time-travel within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into
the Quantum Leap Accelerator

and vanished.

He woke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own,

and driven by an unknown force

to change history
for the better.

His only guide
on this journey is Al,

an observer from his own time

who appears
in the form of a hologram

that only Sam can see and hear.

And so Dr. Beckett
finds himself

leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong,

and hoping each time
that his next leap

will be the leap home.

You gonna do it or not?

Come on!

Oh, boy!

Okay, we're comin' through.

Move it!
Just get out of the way.

Whittler, Whittler, the guitar!

Okay, I got it.

Come on, get out of my way!

What the hell was that on stage?

Uh, what do you...
what do you want to go do another encore?

No, I don't want to go back
and do another bloody encore!

You were supposed to play my
song tonight, and you didn't.

Yeah, well, uh...

I'm s... I'm... I'm sorry.
I... I... I... I... I just forgot.

- You forgot!
- Yeah.

Well, the next time you forget,

I'm gonna knock your bleedin'
head right on the ground.

Okay, okay, let's get all
these people out of here.

Hey, Whittler,
get them all out of here.

You heard him. Come on.
Everybody out.

Excuse me, ladies.
Thank you very much.

- Way to go, Dwayney boy.
- Out. Now.

So much for
tonight's entertainment.

Yes, you, too.
Out of here.

Well, what about me?

Well, the more the merrier,
I always say.

- You'll just have to remind me.
- I'll have to remember that.

Hey, hey, Tonic.

What are you doing?

Just gonna take my makeup off.

How many times
do we have to go over this?

The makeup adds an air of
mystery, and mystery means...

Record sales!

You don't take off
the makeup until...

...we get back to the hotel.

Before me,
you guys were nothin'.

So were you.

Nothin'? I came up with
the idea for the makeup.

And now look, you guys are
playing in front of 90,000 fans.

So let's not spoil
a good thing, okay?

Come on, give us a kiss.


We hear and we obey, Dwayne.

Oh, come on, the limo's
waiting. Let's go.

Guard it with your life.

Hey, Tonic, what the hell were
you doing tonight on stage?

You guys sounded horrible.

- Maybe it was the lyrics.
- But you wrote them.

Hey, come on, lads,
get ready for this.

Okay, let's do it!
Let's do it!

Oh, God,
I hate being a superstar.

Bug off, you bunch
of bleeding piranhas.

Maybe you ought to take it a
little easy with that stuff, huh?

Just 'cause you can't
hold your own liquor

is no reason to go sounding
like a bloody bumper sticker.

You don't want to pass out
and miss all the fun, huh?

I am the fun!

Especially when he's snoring.

I bet that you've never fallen
asleep on a girl, have you?

Uh, well, a... a gentleman
would... would never...

never tell.

Unless he's alone
with his mates.

You can bet your pounds on that.

Speakin' of which,

how much are we making
tonight, Dwayney boy?

- We did okay.
- Okay?

We had 80,000
screamin' fans out there.

And 80 tons of equipment,
and 80 roadies and crew.

Not to mention
the hotels and the limos...

Or... or t-shirt sales.

Or your personal living expenses

which have to be paid for
by the corporation.

Which is us, right?


Right, Tonic?

Yeah, right.

And I say the corporation
wants to buy me a Ferrari.

Don't you think you'd be smarter

investing your money
instead of wasting it on toys?

I don't want to invest.

Flash McGrath wants to spend!

That's, like, really smart.


I... I... I think what Dwayne
means to say is that, uh,

we should all save our money
for a rainy day, that's all.

Let it pour.

We have more money than Croesus.

We're going to make
the Beatles look like ants.

Huh, yeah.
Aren't we?

I don't remember.


I'm... I mean,

uh, that's what people
are going to be sayin'

about the Beatles:
"I don't remember them."

You know, what do they...
what do they think?

I mean, the Beatles?
Like, insect infestation.

Yeah. We're the bloody

I'm comin', I'm comin'.
I'll be right there. Who is it?

Room service.


Listen, do I...
do I know you girls?

All right, this is enough,
you better get out of here.

How did you girls
get past security?

We used our feminine wiles,
if you know what I mean.

And we'd like to
use them on you, too.

Look, I'm very flattered, okay?

But right now, I'm really...

Too tired? Well, I know
how to wake you up.

No, no.

Well, I must say,
this is a neat way to get undressed.

No, no, no,
don't do that! Don't do that!

Leave those on!
Leave... leave those on!

Listen, girls,
you're gonna have to...

you're gonna have to...

You're gonna have to leave.

No, we don't want to leave!
We want to stay!

Thanks for coming.

- But Sam, they just got here!
- I appreciate it.

Oh, no!
Don't make us leave!

Goodbye. Goodbye.

I want to stay!

Oh, goodie, I get you alone!

Can I keep your hat?

No, no! You can't.

I love you, Tonic!

Sam, what are you doing?

You're throwing away a
perfectly good fan sandwich!

Oh, Sam!

Sometimes, you are just pitiful.

Why, because

I won't take advantage of
some deluded girls

Who are throwing themselves at
me like some bad writer's dream?


Look, Al,
this is demeaning to them.

This is worse than when
I was a Chippendales dancer.

Yeah, but they're dying to be
demeaned with you.


I swear, it boggles the mind.

Yeah, look,
I'm gonna boggle you.

Now, uh, uh, tell me,
what is going on?

Not much.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

April 12, 1974.

The name is Geoffrey Mole,

and you're the lead singer in an
English rock group called King Thunder.

King Thunder. Yeah.

I never heard of them before.

Well, you were kind of a nerd back then.
You wouldn't know them.

Uh, your nickname is Tonic,

which is short
for, uh, Vodka Tonic

which relates to
some drinking escapade

you had early in your career.

So what?

I'm here to help them play
Madison Square Garden

or become bigger
than the Beatles, right?

- No, no, you don't remember?
- What?

Well, this was big news.
It was in the papers, on TV...

- What?
- Well, two nights from now,

right after the concert,

some crazy nut stabs you

just as you were
getting into your limo.

You get killed.

So who kills me?
Who kills Tonic?

We don't know.
He disappeared into the crowd.

How can you stab
somebody in front of

hundreds of witnesses
and then just disappear?

I mean, that's impossible.

I'm just trying to tell you what happened.
I can't explain it.

It was probably some nut case
like that Mark David Chapman.


The rat that shot John Lennon.

Al, I...

I saw somebody like that today.

You did?
What did he look like?

Uh, blond.

Uh, young.
Uh, uh, 16 or... or 17.

Uh, he had on
an army jacket and...


Well, kind of...
kind of a haunted expression.

Well, Ziggy can't find anyone that fits
that profile in your probability matrix.

It must be a stranger.

Why would a complete stranger
want to kill me?

Now that doesn't make sense.

You're the one with all the Ph.
D's. You tell me.

Process schizophrenia.

Yeah, that's a possibility.

- Oh, yeah... yeah, sure.
- Uh-huh?

Process schizophonic, yeah.
What is that?

No, no, process schizophrenia.

Most schizophrenics
never become violent

but in process schizophrenia,

a person's sense of self
is slow in developing.

It's kind of like they...
they don't have a complete personality,

so they kind of fill up
what's missing

by imitating something
that they see or know.

Ooh, like that kid
who shot President Reagan.

- Oh, Hinckley.
- Yeah, Hinckley.

Yeah, he repeatedly watched Taxi
Driver, the movie,

over and over again,
about this guy

that stalks
a political candidate.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

And then, uh, the rest
is history, as they say.

Yeah, right,
but we don't even know

if that's what this guy is or...

According to Ziggy,

these anonymous killers
come in all types.

Most of them are obsessive,
and some of them are loners.

And if you ask
them about their lives,

they say one thing but...

But the truth is
completely different,

something totally different.

And this one is apparently
obsessed with you, with Tonic.


Listen, on this leap I want
you to stay really close, okay?

'Cause if we see him,
I don't want to take a chance losing him.

I'll stick with you like glue.

Rock and roll!

WFGF. We got the beat,
and we got the heat, man.

Hey, you're back on the case
with Elliot Chase.

Listen, we're broadcasting
live today from a rather, uh...

Uh, rather tacky establishment.

Yeah, thank you.

Yes, it is a rather
tacky shopping mall here.

But, listen, if you're just tuning
in, man, you have been missing out

because my very special
guest with me right now

is King Thunder!

All right, all right, Tonic,

let me talk to you
for just one second here.

Your last album, Five All Night,

it was heavy, man.

And the best track on it,
by far, was Fate's Wide Wheel.

How did you write that song?

With a pen.

Yeah, yeah, but I mean,
what was going through your mind?

Nothin'. He hasn't got one.

Honestly, though,
Tonic's got a great mind.

Oh, yes.

It's just a bit of
bother to get him

to think about
something besides, uh...

Besides women.


Yeah, well, who can blame him!

But if I can get back on track
for just one second, Tonic.

What were you thinking
when you wrote:

"As I travel in space and time

"I want to stay, I want to go

"You can see my face,
but it's not mine

What you can't see,
you'll never know"

What can't we see?

Our ugly faces, for one thing.

Why do you think we wear this
bloody makeup all the time?

Well, uh,

I guess what I...
what I really was,

uh, meaning, uh,
to say was, uh, that

Uh, we all live
our lives behind masks,

but the real point of living
is to get beyond,

to break through those masks

from the outside
and from the inside

so that we can
really communicate.

Un... unfortunately,
most of us don't.

That's so true.

Great. Great.



You got something
for me to sign?


Lucky this is radio.


You come back soon!


Got him.

Excuse me, Tonic?

Oh, I... I thought I saw

someone that I hadn't seen
in a really, really long time.

But I... I guess
it really wasn't him.

Gushie, he's still movin'.

Keep me centered on him.

Tonight's gonna be your next-to-last
concert in Detroit, right?

Right, and we'll be world-premiering
some new songs which I've written.

Really? Well, that's...
that's a first.

You must be excited.

Oh, not at all, actually.
'Cause I know

Tonic's gonna do a bang-up job.

It should really be exciting.

- Looking forward to it.
- Yeah.

All right, kid,
what is your story?

What are you up to?

Let's see.

April 23, 1974.

This is Room 23.

So, according to the records,
your name... your name is

John Doe.

Damn. That's a big help.

Well, let's see.

There must be
something around here

with a name on it.


Can't you give me a little
hint, a little clue?

A little clue?

What's your name?
Gimme a break.

I don't know how
those private eyes do it.

What was that?


"Philip Silbart.

"Born July 27, 1957.

"Hastings, Nebraska."



Leaping about in time has put me
into some pretty unusual situations,

but some leaps are definitely
more difficult than others.

It's one thing to study lyrics
and guitar charts

in the privacy of
your hotel room.

But it's another thing
to remember them

when you're in front of
80,000 screaming fans.

Where have you been?

I've been... I've been
running some scenarios

through Ziggy on
this kid Philip Silbart.

Hey, you found out his name.

- What else have you got?
- Of course I found...

Oh, uh, well, he was born
in Hastings, Nebraska.

Uh, he was raised by his
mother, Priscilla, and is...

Uh, that poor kid's

Anyway, his mother died in 1970,

two years, uh, after they lost this
little farm they were livin' on.

And since then
he's been running away

from a series of foster homes
and county agencies.

His social worker says
he's emotionally disturbed.

Anyway, uh, uh, Ziggy thinks
he's gonna end up homeless,

and he's a perfect candidate...

Well, look, Al...

Tonic, uh, some bank bloke
called for you

from Utah about a ranch.

A... a ranch?

He wanted me to
give you a message.

He said,

your check bounced

and unless you
give him another one,

you can't do your escrow.

Okay. Thanks.

Anytime, Your Highness.

Here we go.
Here we go again.

Come on! Let's get this bleeding
sound check over with. I'm starving.

Al, I... I gotta talk to Philip.

Sam, this kid doesn't want to talk to
you, he wants to kill you.

Now, come on.
You gotta rehearse the song.

Rock The Redhead.

Now, plug that in.

One, two, three.

Oh, look!

- Tonic, Tonic, you all right?
- You okay, Sam?

I think so. I just
banged my head a little.

Oh, man.

You're lucky
that bar didn't hit your head.

Too bad it didn't.
Might've knocked some sense into it.

Where's Philip?


Well, maybe it did
hit him, after all.

No, he's still back
in his hotel room.

He couldn't have done this.

Tonic, you okay?

How the hell did this happen?

Something must've come loose.

Oh, no kidding, Sherlock.

Maybe it was just an accident.

Unless somebody else did it.

A good rest, a hot shower,
and you'll be as good as new again.

Whittler, I want you to find out
who's responsible for this,

who got sloppy,
and then get this thing back up there.

And this time,
make sure it stays.

- Yeah, sure.
- Right. Everyone back to the hotel.

Okay, come on.

We've got a big night
ahead of us.

The only safe place
for these drums is off stage.

Maybe Philip set
this thing up in advance.

Nah, he... he couldn't.

Well, even if he could have,

how could he have triggered
that thing to make it fall?

And how would he know when?

Especially since
he's not even here.

Well, he couldn't.
Not unless he's psychic,

like one of those guys
that can bend spoons.

Okay, so Philip didn't do it.

So we're back to it
either being an accident,

or somebody else setting it up.

It had to be someone
who could get past security.

Unless security did it.

Does Ziggy have
anything on Whittler?

Rode with a biker gang.
A bunch of arrests.

Uh, did two years
for armed robbery.

Oh, and once he... he was arrested
for attempted manslaughter.

But he wasn't convicted.

He's real
buddy-buddy with Flash.

Now Flash would become
the leader of this band if...

Yeah, if you went up to
the big amplifier in the sky.

That's it.

Get it done. Now.

- Who is it?
- Tonic.

Oh, come in, Tonic.
The door's open.

Tonic, what are you doing here?
You're supposed to be resting.

Yeah, well, I know.
I just wanted to talk to you.

- You got a second?
- Sure. What's on your mind?

You know that ranch
I'm buyin' in Utah?

Ranch? What ranch?

My bank called today and told me

that... that the escrow
check bounced.

Of course the check bounced.

I don't leave money lyin'
around in your checkin' account.

- I've got it working for you.
- I understand that.

Look, I've told you
a million times

not to go off on these
wild spending sprees

without talking to me first.

That way, I can transfer

the right amount of money
to your account.

Okay, okay, the damage is done.

Why don't you tell me how much
money you've blown this time?

Uh, well, a... a lot.
Sort of.

Now it's a ranch, eh?

What do you want
with a ranch, anyway?

I just want a ranch.

There's no problem
with the money, is there?

No, no. It's just tied
up in long-term stuff.

If we cash in right now,

uh, well, we won't make quite
as much money as we could have.

But you don't need to
worry about that.

You just give me
the name of the bank,

and I'll give them
a new check right away.

Y-Yeah, well,
I... I got it, uh...

I got the number
back in my room,

so I... I... I'll just go
and get it to you later, okay?

Right. Then I'll call them,

and then you can go and play

Roy Rogers to
your heart's content.

Now, go and get
some rest, Tonic.

You've got a big night tonight.


This is WFGF radio here
with you King Thunder maniacs

partying down at
the Berzing Arena!

I want to give a special welcome

to all of you fans...

Hidin' out, Sam?

- Why do you always do that?
- Sorry.

Al... AI, look at me.
I cannot do this.

I am not a rocker.

You can do this, Sam.

I can't do it.
I can't do it.

I'm gonna go out there,
and they're gonna

hear me sing, and they...
they're gonna kill me.

I mean, I don't sing
like those people.

I... I... When I grew up,

I listened to... to
Simon and Garfunkel, didn't I?

Sam, Simon and Garfunkel
are a far cry from...

All you do is you go out there

and you make a complete
idiot out of yourself.

- Oh, fine... fine.
- They'll eat it up.

That's what they
expect of rock stars.

I don't have the faintest
idea of how to act.

I mean, these people, uh, you know,
uh, they... they've got a whole style.

Well, do Hendrix.

You take the guitar
like this, and you go...

You know, he used to pick
the guitar with his teeth.


Or oh, oh, oh, do Townshend.


- That's right.
- What is?


I don't know.



Yeah, that's right.
Pete Townshend of The Who.

- Of the what?
- Never mind.

Look, he used to do
the windmill.

Like that.

And if it really gets desperate,

and they start
chargin' up on the stage

and they're gonna
rip your clothes off,

you stick your tongue out
as far as you can

and you wiggle it.

Sticking my tongue
out is gonna make them stop

from ripping my clothes off?

No, no, that'll make them start
rippin' their clothes off.

Then you can take the guitar
and you can smash it to pieces.

That always gets them.

Al, with my luck,
they're gonna want an encore.

And I'm not gonna have a guitar.

Don't worry, Sam.

Just go out there and cut loose!

I'm gonna be with you
the whole time.

Oh, that...
that's very comforting.

If worse comes to worse,
do Milli Vanilli.


That's what I suggested
in the first place!

Now, get out there!

Go on.

We love you, Detroit.

Nice party.


Hey, hey, hey!

What's goin' on?

We thought you could use
a bit of cheering up, Tonic.

Well, what I really
could use is a little quiet.

Hold on, no problem.


No problem, mate.

Oh, hi. How...
how you doing?

Listen, I... I...
I'll talk to you later, okay?

Hey, hey, hey!

There you are. Come here!

How about a nice
little vodka and tonic?


No, thanks, I'll pass.

Pass. That's good!

Oh, man,
you ought to be on Carson!

He's right, mate.

Uh, listen, I'm sorry.

Excuse me, excuse me.
Oh, hi, Sandy.


You want to do it again?

Oh, well, uh, uh, no.
Not... not really.

You know, Tonic, I've got this


Hey, take a look.

Your babe, huh?

Come on. Hold on.
Come on.

Well, I'm... I'm sure that
Flash can handle it.

Well, Flash can handle
just about anything except

a real woman.

Yeah, well...

You know, I... I really
don't think it's wise

to go swimming
in another man's pool.

I'm not in another man's pool.

Especially if that man is Flash.

Uh, look... look,
San... Sandy, uh,

Uh, well, I'm sure that
whatever the thing is,

the problem is,
that he can handle it,

and if you just
give him a chance.

Oh, but I want to
give you the chance.

Oh, well, thanks... thanks. But w-w-why
don't we talk about this tomorrow, okay?

Or next week.

I want to do more
than just talk.



Ciao. Oh, wow!

Al, it's 5:00 in the morning.

Don't these people ever go home?

- Hi, Tonic.
- Yeah?

What are you, lost in space?
It's your party, mate.

Yeah. Great.

Ziggy says
there's a 60 percent chance

that Dwayne is
embezzling you guys.

That's how come
your escrow check bounced.

Uh, the trail is kind of fuzzy,

but it appears
that he's been trading

and losing more money on the stock
market than he makes in a year.

What about Whittler?

Ziggy says, a 17 percent
chance he'll knock you off.

Al, there's gotta
be a prime suspect,

so just have Ziggy
go over the scenarios again.

Well, it looks like
a... a... a three-way toss-up.

Uh, everybody seems to be, uh,

equally lookin'
guilty or innocent

depending on which
way you look at it.

Yeah, well, then we're just gonna
have to keep a close eye on everybody.


Where's Philip right now?

I don't know.

Uh, Gushie, center me on Philip.

Gushie, quit foolin' around!

I'm tryin' to find Philip.

He says he's here.


He also says there's a 50-50
chance that you get it now.

- Now?
- Yeah, at the party.

- Hey, hey!
- Whittler!

- You're hurtin' my arm!
- What's wrong?

How'd this kid get in here?

Uh, he must have slipped by
when Eddie was on the door.

These kids are all alike.

They get in here
and steal everything they can.

I didn't steal anything.

- Hey, what do you call this?
- That's part of your costume.

Better see what
else you've got on you.

What about this knife,
here, huh?

Hey, take it easy,
take it easy, would you?

Look, I don't want to hurt you,
but I don't want to get hurt, either.

I'd never hurt you.

You're my father.

You're his father?


Next time, be sure
to check your raincoat,


Come on, G.I. Joe.

Wait a second, wait a second.
Now, listen, uh...

I want to talk to
this... What's your name?

Philip. Philip Silbart.

Philip, here.
It's cool.

Come on.

So what makes you think
that I'm your father?

My mom told me.

She always had
your picture around

and... and your albums,

and one day she started
crying, and... and she told me.

Told you that I was your father.

She said that,

you know,

you did it after
your concert in Omaha,

the first time you guys
came over here from England.

Well, Sam, King Thunder
did play Omaha 16 years ago.

Of course, then
they were called The Dingles.

Things do happen after concerts.

Look, Philip, I was in Omaha

a long time ago,
but that doesn't mean...

- I sound like you.
- What?

I can play guitar just like you.

I sing just like you.

That's because you're my father.

A lot of people have
very similar voices

that sound alike
when they sing...

Look. You and I
have got the same hand.

See, I've got this, uh, little
web of skin, just like you.

I don't want any money from you.

I don't want anything. I just want
you to admit that you're my father.

According to Ziggy,
even though Philip and I

shared a set of webbed fingers,

there was still only a 50 percent
chance that I was his father,

but a 99 percent chance

I was still going to get killed.

That meant that to
catch the killer,

I was still going to
have to do the concert.

What the hell is that?

Ah, somebody nicked
my bloody wig.

I had Rose go out
and fetch another one.

Stupid fans.

Just remember,

tonight we do my songs, right?



Then let's get this bleedin'
thing over with, all right?

- Right.
- Right. Bloody right.

Hey, Cav, where are we?

Uh, Detroit.

Hello, Detroit!


Hey, Whittler, will you
take this up for me?

You bet.

Be right out.

I just... I... I just...

I think that... I think that
you should bail out of this.

I can't bail out of this, Al.

I've gotta... I've gotta figure
out who kills Tonic and stop him.

Yeah, well, I...

Hey, Tonic, what are you doing?
We're ready for you.

Oh, yeah. Well,
I'll... I'll come right out.

Hey, Dwayne, uh, let me
talk to you for a second, huh?

Listen, uh,

how much money of ours have you lost
on the stock market so far this year?

None. I mean,
stocks go up and down, but...

Dwayne, I had a friend
check into your private account.

Now, you've been gambling
away more than you make.

That money's
comin' from somewhere.

And I'd hate to call for
a personal audit right now

because I think we both know
where that money's comin' from.

Tonic, it... it just got
a little bit away from me.

Ah-ha, see? I told you.
He's the killer!

- You little weasel.
- I can get it back.

You just gotta give me
a little bit of time.

You... you can have all
your money right now,

you... you've just gotta
give me the chance.



Thanks, man.

And, Dwayne,

tonight, when we leave
after the concert,

I don't want to ride
in the same limo with Flash.

And... and bring all the limos
around to a different exit,

you know, because
I... I... I hate that exit.

Okay, whatever you say.

- Okay, I'm sick of it.
- Okay, um, thanks, man.


You know that idea
about the limos is great.

I always say, play it safe.



Don't be coy with me, Tonic.

I can see it in your eyes.

You were just
pretending last night.

You want me and I want you.

- What about me?
- Oh, boy.

You got it.


Dwayne told me you were here.

Get out! Go on!

Look, Flash...

You are a dead man.

- I told you!
- I don't believe this.

It's Flash!

He's the killer.

And he doesn't want to
kill you about his songs,

he wants to kill you because
of that girl... that Sandy.

Al, you've been certain about
three different people.

Yeah, but this time,
I'm really certain.

And now you don't have
to know who to look for

because it's definitely him.

Or Dwayne.



You done?


Don't forget,
this is the last number.

You gonna do
my song tonight or what?

Don't worry about his songs.

They never even got published.


There's the song!

Thank you.
We love you, Detroit.

Move it.

Hey, hey, hey, we're not
supposed to be going this way.

Just keep movin', come on.


Sam, don't go that way.



Dwayne! Have you gone
bloody daft?

I had to bloody do it
to shut him up.

I could have got your money
back, but you couldn't wait.

You couldn't wait.

I knew it was you,
you greedy twerp!

What about our money?

Dwayne's gambled
most of it away.

You've been losin' our money?

I only took what I deserved.

All you did is sing,

but I put you guys
together in the first place.

I'm the one who made you big.

I'm better than all of you put
together, but you never saw that.

All you thought
about was your egos.

So I took what was mine!

Yeah? Well, let me...

Should have let me kill him,
the bleeding twit!

Oh, killed him.
No, no, no.

We should've killed him,
brought him back to life,

and killed him again,
after what he did to us.

What did he do? I mean,
besides attack Tonic and all.

He stole our bloody money,
that's what he did, you bleeding idiot!


We can always make
more money, can't we?

There's only one Tonic, right?

We don't want to lose him.

- Thanks, Nick.
- Yeah.

I always knew he was
a shifty little twerp.

And in my bleedin' wig.

We ought to kill him
for that alone.


You know, you are one lucky
geezer, you know that?

He's right.

It had nothing to do with luck.

Actually, Philip helped me out.

- Me?
- Yeah.

What the heck were you reaching
for in your pocket, anyway?

I mean, I... I... I saw you,

and... and then I saw somebody
else reachin' in their pocket

and... and then you yelled, and...
and that made me jump back,

and that's why Dwayne missed me

and if you hadn't
done that, I...

I just wanted to give you this.

Is this your mom?


And you. It was taken
after your first concert.

Not bloody likely.

He was sick from drinkin'
too many vodka tonics onstage.

Spent the night in the hospital
gettin' his stomach pumped.

That's why we call him Tonic.

He's right, Sam.

Tonic went straight from
the concert to the hospital.

Look, Philip, I'm sorry.

Oh, I remember her.

She came with you backstage
before the concert.

She was a bit of all right,
as I recall you tellin' me.

Before the concert?

He couldn't even stand
after the concert.

Sam, if Tonic went bingo-bango-bongo
with Philip's mother,

there's a 98 percent chance
that you're the father.

Maybe... maybe
I am your father.

Hello, Dad.

Didn't know
you had it in you, Tonic!

Nice, very nice.

Oh, how sweet.


Wait... wait... wait,
where... where you going?

I just wanted to meet
my father. I met you.

Time to go.

Wait a second, after all these years.
You don't have to go now.

I told you, I don't
want anything from you.

What? If I stayed,
what would I do?

I... I heard you playin'
Tonic's Stratocaster.

- You got pretty good hands.
- Great hands.

Not as good as my dad.

Are you daft?

I've been
carryin' him for years.

Haven't we all?

Oh, yes, indeed.

What do you say,
maybe, you stick around,

and we'll get you
a job as... as a roadie,

and... and, uh, maybe you can
teach your old man some new licks.

I'd say you better.

Huh? What do you say?


Sam, Tonic gives
the kid a break,

and the kid becomes one of the
hottest studio musicians in London.

Ta-ta, Sam.

Gordon? Gordon?

Damn it,
Gordon, what's goin' on?

Gordon, are you there, Gordon?

Oh, God, please help!

Someone unlock these things!

Please, I'm being kidnapped!

He's my ex-husband!

He's gonna kill me!



Oh, boy.