Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 2, Episode 2 - Disco Inferno - April 1, 1976 - full transcript

Sam has to save his host's younger brother from his obsessed father who wants him to go into the family business as a movie stuntman.

There are moments
when I leap back in time that remind me
of the evening of my senior prom.

Some of the songs are soft and slow,
and there's always a guy
who didn't bring a date...

and wants to dance with your girl--
guys who don't take no for an answer.

Andjust when everything quiets down,
and you find a song that
you want to dance to forever,


Oh, I'd rather be dead.

Chad, you all right, guy?

I've been hit.

And cut! Cut it! It's good. Print that one.

Oh-ho-ho, babe! Good job!

Loved it. Okay.
Okay, next shot is, uh, over here.

Come on. Let's go, let's go.
We're an hour behind here. Let's go.

I'm a stuntman.
Almost a dead one.

I told you to check that safety pad.
I did!

Well, then how come it was moved?
I don't know. I double-checked it.

You almost got
your brother's head caved in.

Whoa, whoa.
Wait-Wait a second. I'm okay.
Stop standing up for him.

Somebody must have moved it
while I was workin' the ratchet.

Come on, guys, huh? Out of the way.

I got shots to get, all right?
Not till I find out
who moved my safety pad!

Hey, not my problem, babe.

Someone gets killed on your set,
it will be. Let's go, guys.

Oh, whoa, whoa.
What's your problem?

You're more concerned about your schedule
than whether somebody gets hurt.
Hey, hey, where you goin'?

- Off this picture.
- Oh, no. You can't quit on me.

Watch me.
Hey, hey, hey.
I already paid you for Friday's stunt.

So I'll pay you back.
All right.
What about you two guys?

- What?
- That's right. You quit, not them.
How about it guys?

You want to work in the disco?
Look, pal, I'm the stunt coordinator here,
and these are my boys.

I don't work, they don't work.
Well, why don't you
let them decide?

Yeah, right. How about it, you guys?

Uh, no, thanks.

How about you, babe?
I mean, uh, this fire thing was
your first big stunt, wasn't it?



Okay, okay, what's everybody gawkin' at, huh?
Stop gawkin'!

Line up. Okay, roll playback.
I double-checked it, Chad.
I swear.

Uh, just forget it, okay?
And... action.
Dad won't let me.

Rick's been laying into us for three weeks.
I don't know why Dad had to quit now.

It's two days before my big stunt.
I could have got my union card.

Maybe you could talk to him about it.
Make him change his mind.

Uh, to Dad?

Yeah, get my stunt back for me.

Well, yeah, okay.
I'll-- I'll try.

Are you for real? You're crazy.
I like that in a guy.

He's done stunts
you wouldn't even dream of.

I don't know.
I've got a pretty vivid imagination.

Traci Duvore, Aquarius.

Boogie Town Records.
We're handling all of the music
on this movie.

You're Chad Stone. Leo, right?

I guess-- I guess so.

I knew it! Oh, you've got ''king of the beasts''
written all over you.

Thank you.

Ever, uh, break anything... vital?

Are you kiddin'? He's--
He's broken every bone
in his body.

Every bone?

I gotta get, uh, a...

Mm-hmm. Come with me, baby.
Come on.

Excuse me.

Hi, Chad.

Aren't you gonna introduce me
to your new friend?

Oh! Uh, yeah, sure.

This is Traci. Traci, this is--

I'm sorry.
I'm blanking on your name.

Well, you didn't blank on me
in your trailer last night.

Nice to meet ya.

Hey, Chad, nice hit.


No matter how hard you look,
it doesn't get any better.

- Nice hickey.
- Hickey?

- All right. Well-- Huh! I guess
we'll have to--
- I got a hickey.

Well, it isn't a monkey bump.

Look, Traci, uh, I'll, um--
I'll talk to you in a little bit.

Where you goin'? Sit down.

What're you doin'?

Giving you my mood ring.

A mood ring from
the self-obsessed '7 0s, when everyone
was getting in touch with their feelings.

It's for getting in touch
with your feelings.

Jade green means you're ultra-intense.

Roll playback.

Blue means you're feeling ecstasy.

And reddish brown means
you need to chug some sangria. Hm!

Oh, it's turned black!

That means you're tense,
disoriented, harassed.

Maybe these things work after all.

Call me, and I'll turn it blue.



Al, would you--

Would you cut that out?
Would you get over here, please?

He's a real killer, huh?

His clothes are the killer,
and all those gold chains have to go.

That's my brother.

I guess bad taste isn't genetic.

Does he usually talk to himself?.

Aw, he's just goofin'.

Every girl I've ever met
goes crazy for him.

I'm not every girl.


What kind of guys do you like?

More natural.

You know, jeans, cowboy boots,

a blue denim shirt with,
uh, pearl buttons.


That's it. All right. Yeah.
Please, cover the floor.

Al, this is worse than anything imaginable.

What're you talkin' about, Sam?
You're on the set of a low-budget
disaster movie, Disco Inferno,

with lights, camera,
plenty of action.

You know, I think I saw
this movie once on cable.
We're talkin' two thumbs down.

I'm back in the '7 0s.
Yeah. That was one of
the happiest times in my life.

You had disco, swinging singles,
hot tubs, EST,

uh, mantras, Farrah Fawcett,
eh, edible underwear--

The ''Me Decade, '' where everybody
had the morality of two dogs in a park.

What're you doin'?
What's the matter'?
Ah, my mood ring is stuck.

Oh, gee. Looks like you're
in a bad mood, Sam.

Where am I?
Uh, you're in, uh,

Burbank, California,

April 1, 1 97 6.

What, are you tellin' me
I'm the butt of some
cosmic April Fool's joke?

What does Ziggy say
I'm here to figure out?



Oh, uh-- Oh, Ziggy,
he crashed on us the other night.

Ever since,
he's been doin' screwball things,

like he put extra zeros
on everybody's paycheck.

So half the staff
rushed out on vacation.

Why didn't you go?
I can't go.
I gotta be on standby for you.

Besides, this is like a vacation for me.
I always wanted to be in the movies.

Great. That's great. You're starstruck.
Al, would you just find out what I'm here to do?

Well, before Ziggy crashed,
he did come up with one thing.

In the next two days, uh,

Chris is gonna die.


Yeah, Chris.
He's your little brother.

He dies? How?
I don't know.

Cut it. Cut it, please. Cut it.
Well, when?
I don't know.

I don't know.

Will you find out?
I don't know anything
until Ziggy gets fixed.

In the meantime,
you just gotta play big brother,
uh, for a couple of days.

Make sure Chris doesn't do
any stunts or race any fast cars, or,

you know, that he doesn't--


Al, I-- I have a big brother.

Oh, hmm. I was wondering when
you were gonna remember that.

Tom. His name is Tom.

How could I forget
that I have a brother?

The leap Swiss-cheesed
your memory.

I don't remember
anything about him.
Where is he? What's he doin'?

Sam, you know the rules.

I can't tell you any of that.
I don't remember anything.
Come on, Al. Help me.

Sam, just worry about
the little brother down there...
who's gonna die...

in two days.

Toby? We're ready for you.

Toby? We're--

Uh, we're-we're ready.

Hey, Chad.
You're lookin' dy-no-mite.

I ain't gonna let that hack
put us all in jeopardy.

Hey, you gotta understand
this ain't my fault.

We could've finished the show.
One more day wouldn't have
made a difference.

You want to work for me, do what I say.
Otherwise, go to work for someone else.
Got it?

Got it.

And ease up on the door.
He's tryin' really hard.

Well, that ain't good enough.
One false move in this business
you're dead, and you know that.

But he won't listen.
Maybe if you wouldn't yell.

What do you want me to do,
baby him like his mother did?

- Well, I'm-I'm not sayin' that--
- What are you sayin'?

You know, just ease up on him a little.

Hey, kiddo, gonna wear
that frown all day?
Come on. Come on.

Come on! Come on. Get set.

Gonna beat yourself. Oh-ho!
Gotcha! Come here, boy.

Look, Chris, the director
in there is dangerous.
He takes too many chances.

You gotta trust me on this.
You'll get your shot soon enough.
I promise.

Yeah? When?

How about it, Chad? We got that stunt
comin'up on Earthquake tomorrow.
You think the boy's ready?

- Well--
- Come on, Chad. I can do it.

- Uh--
- It's your stunt. It's your call.


Chad, you know I'm ready.
It's just a little fall.
Not this time.

- A fall?
- Yeah, it's a piece of cake.

Look, I can't give it to you.
I'm sorry. Uh, next time.

That's it.

It's not that tough a gag, Chad.

5:30 call tomorrow, boys.
Don't be late.

And I could've got my union card
with that stunt.

You'll get it next week.
I've been hearin' that
for nine months.

Look at these old eight-track tapes.

You just bought those.

Yeah, well, they get old pretty fast.

Barry White, the Village People,
Donna Summer, Neil Sedaka,
Kung Fu Fighting.

Wow. Hey, wait a minute!
I'm supposed to drive!

Chris raced back to the marina, with me
telling him to slow down the whole way.

He hardly said a thing.
Can't say I blame him though.

I remember how mad I'd get whenever
I thought Tom was bossing me around.|

I see now it just comes
with the job of being a big brother.

Tom played basketball,
high school varsity.

He was All-American,
Indiana State Championships--

It was 1 965-- uh, no, '64--


what happened?

I want to remember,

but... I'm afraid.

Of what?

There's a thing called knocking.
You might want to try it sometime.

You're good.

Too bad you can't
make a living at it.

Why not?

I can't play that disco garbage.

Disco's not gonna last forever.

I got a feeling it's probably
gonna die in a couple of years.

How do you know?
Just a feeling.

Maybe in a couple years
those disco maniacs...

will become urban cowboys.

How come you didn't
give me my shot?

I got my reasons.
You know, there's still time.

You can just call Dad and tell him
I'm the one who's gonna do it.
Chris. Chris.

I'm doing the stunt.|

You know, you're some big brother.
You're always there when I need ya.

You know, it's funny. Uh,

big brothers sometimes
do things that...

little brothers can't quite understand.
Like what?

I knew these two brothers.

The older one was a terrific athlete--

basketball, track, football, the works.

The younger brother was good,
too, but his real gift was in physics.

But the kid fought it.
You know, he wanted to be
just like his big brother.

But the brother knew.

He pushed that kid
to follow his talents,

convinced him to go to MIT.

Kid won a Nobel Prize.


Well, I'm not winnin' any Grammys.

You don't know unless you try.

She showed up!
I-I can't believe it!

Shannon, the girl I met
on the set today!

Uh, listen, Chad,

do me a favor, will ya?

Just don't hit on her.
Why would I hit on her?

Because you hit on everybody.
Promise me.

Yeah, okay, I promise.
I won't hit on her.|

Cross my heart.

What heart?

Sandwich. All right.
That's acceptable. Okay.

Twelve people said sandwich.
All right, Connie:
something that people like to bite.

Mmm, the big one.

Bite the big one. All right.

- Does our audience bite the big one?
- Proceed.

Something you eat with eggs.


Okay, Beldar. Very interesting.

You're on quite a roll there, fella--
no points, no money.
Don't feel bad about it though.

We'll be back tomorrow,
and you'll have another chance
at the fast money.

Until then, everybody, remember old people
are our greatest natural resource.|

So check in on one today
and push 'em around the block.|

So long, everybody.|

- Ladies and gentlemen,
the President of the United States.
- Oh, this-- this next one is great.

Chevy Chase
imitates President Ford.

This show is live.

Uh, yeah, but it's also
on a three-hour tape delay.
My fellow Americans.

I had a friend back East call me,
and he told me about it.

You don't know anybody
east of Vegas.

Ford popularity is certainly
on a sharp rise here,

whereas the--|

If Ford falls one more time,
there's no way he's gonna beat Carter.

Well, what makes you so sure
that Carter's gonna win
the Democratic nomination?

He won Illinois by 48%.

He's pulling way ahead of
Wallace, Jackson and Udall
with the delegates.

Well, you-you could be right.

You're sure up on this election.
I work for the League of Women Voters
at school.

President Ford's speaking
on campus in a few weeks.

If you guys want to come,
I'll get you special passes.
That'd be great.

Since when were you
so interested in politics?

Uh, it's always been
kind of a special... interest--

secret-- for me.

Chad, the last time you voted
was for homecoming king,

and you voted for yourself twice.
The point is:¡
Do I really know what the issue is?

Relevant, irrelevant, fault, default--
These arejust hard words.

Yes, Hank.

I need to get some fresh air.

Take your time out there.

Hi, Sam.


Where did you dig up that... costume?

Sam, wake up and smell the '7 0s.

You're looking at genuine
1 00% high-grade virgin polyester.

The only thing that got me
more women was my space suit.

This comes from the days
when I was king.

I had outer space behind me,
Star Bright Project ahead of me,

and I was a dancing machine.

- You had a purse!
- Get outta here! Purse!

This is a man bag.
You owned a man bag?

Yeah. My pants were always
too tight to carry a wallet, so--

Hey, the women loved it.

Is Ziggy fixed yet?

We're havin' some problems with him.

Uh, right now he's--|

right now he's Japanese.

He's Jap--

Well, I mean,
he's spitting out everything in Japanese.

That's what you get for feeding him
those foreign microchips.


How was he killed?


What do you mean, ''Who?'' Chris.

- Yeah.
- Right. Well, we're checkin' on that.

Uh, we know that it
happened sometime...

in the next two days.
Al, this kid has got a future.
From what I just heard, it's in music.

- You like the kid, huh?
- Well, yeah.

Kind of has that same drive to prove himself
that I had with Tom.

You know that Tom
talked me into goin'to MIT?

Really? Uh, no.
I didn't know that.

Yeah, I remembered
when I was talkin' with Chris.

Hey, tomorrow you're on
the Earthquake set.

Chuck Heston, Lorne Greene and...

Ava Gardner.

Yeah, I know, Ava Gardner.
And I'm supposed to be doing a stunt,
and I don't even know what it is.

Wha-What, the stunt?

- Yeah.
- Oh, I hear it's-it's just a little fall.

This is a little fall?

Well, for a stuntman.

We're almost ready!

Look, Al, I-I-- I don't--
I don't think I can do this.

Well, you got to
if you wanna leap outta here.

To what, my death?


Is that all you have to say,


You don't remember me,
do you?

Wrap party,
Poseidon Adventure.

I came as a giant clam.
You were Aquaman.

I-I'm sor-- I don't remember.

Take two. Background. And action!

Maybe you were the flying fish.






It's Ben!

It's Ben Cartwright!
Sam! Look, look! It's Ben Cartwright!

- Al!
- Ooh! Step back.

Sam, hang on!
Ben Cartwright is gonna save you.
I don't believe it!


Yeah! Yeah!
You looked great!

That was great.

He did it again, huh?


Not bad.
Chad, you okay, guy?

Huh? You okay?

He's clear. Let's flatten the air bag.

Once a screamer,
always a screamer.

Don't throw that open!

Get the best boy over here
to hook this up.

Look, Chris--
I could have done it!
Had my card right now!

Is that what you want?
Your stuntman's card?

What do you think I've been
workin' for all this time?
I thought it was your music.

What in the hell you talkin' about?
Music's just for kicks.

Look, what I heard last night
wasn't for kicks.

Yeah, right.
Can you see me telling Dad
I'm gonna be a musician?

Dad? Come on. It's your life, not his.

Listen to you!
What've you been doin'
the last few years?

Yeah, well, that-- that's me.

I mean, uh, it's-it's what I love to do,
but it isn't you.
You've been playing guitar.

Look, you wanna make Dad proud?
Then do what you do best.

It'll take a lot more courage
than jumping off buildings.

Yeah. But what do I know
about the music business?

By the dark of the moon

But there came an early snow |

Mort Greenblatt. He's the A&R V. P.
on our country and western label.

Hm! The only Texas cowpoke
ever born in Brooklyn.

He's kind of a sleaze-ball,
but he can make things happen.

Thank you for doin' this for Chris.
Oh, I didn't do it for Chris.

See you Saturday.

We'll be ridin'


... fire

Where's Dad?
Don't worry. He'll be here.

He's up next.

Yeah, yeah. Okay.

But there came an early snow

There's a hoot owl howlin'
outside my window now

Hey, big time.

How long have you been in here?

About a six-pack.

Come on. Chris is on.
I can hear him just fine from here.

All he wants is to
make you proud of him.
Oh, I am proud.

Then show him.
Go in there where he can see you.

We'll be ridin' Wildfire

Why are you doin' this?

What have you got against him?|

He got born weak.

Weak. Premature.

After your mom and I split,

she raised him all wrong.

I'm gonna make a man out of him.

That's great, Dad.

Next up is a young man from Montana,

just been out to Hollywood
less than a year.

Please welcome to the stage
Chris Stone!

Summer nights
fallin' around my shoulder

Oh, the desert wind
blowin' across my mind

Hold me tight out on the borderline

It's a long way there
down a one-way trail

To the love that I left behind

Out of sight
Can't see past you and me

I'm haunted like a wanted man

Out of mind
Don't think I can take another night alone

Ah, out of time
Too late, my mistake

But you gotta understand

I've been dealin'with the pain
oflovin'you the best I can

And I'm just another stranger
lookin'for the promised land

Oh, yeah
Can't see past you and me

I'm haunted like a wanted man

Out of mind
Don't think I can take another night alone

Hey, out of time
Too late, my mistake

But what you gotta understand

I've been dealin'with the pain
oflovin'you the best I can

And I'm just another stranger
lookin' for the promised land

All right, Chris!

Ow! That was Chris Stone,
a young man who's gonna go far!

All right! Excellent.

Well, what'd you think?

I think you're wastin' your time.

Oh, come on, Dad.
He was good tonight.
Everybody loved him.

You know, he got more applause tonight
than I did on my stunt this morning.
Chad, forget it. He doesn't care, okay?

Oh, come on.
Did I hurt your feelings, kid?

Come on. Put up your dukes.
Come on, come on. Don't you
wanna box with your old man?

Take it easy, take it easy.
Don't worry. Just playin' around.
Afraid I'll whup ya?

- If I'd have raised you
instead of your mom, you'd be--
- Chris!


The boy do know how to punch,
doesn't he?

Lucky for him
that you was holdin' me.

Lucky for you
he only threw one.

Yeah, hello?

Yeah, Rick, it's Chris Stone.

Hey, man, you don't call
the director at home.

Look, I know my dad quit on you,
but you got anybody
for the fire stunt tomorrow?

Huh! Babe,
I don't have a Stone.

You got one now.|



Cute kids.

Al, look,
I gotta get outta here.

There's somethin' about this leap
that's drivin' me crazy. I mean,
I don't even know what it is.

- Chris givin' you a hard time?
- No matter what I tell him,
you know, he won't listen.

Well, sometimes it's tough
bein' a big brother.

Yeah, now I know how Tom felt.

I always thought he was putting me down--
you know, trying to tell me what to do.

But by the time I figured out
he was just lookin' out for me,
it was too late, because he--

Tom's dead, isn't he?

Come on, Al.


He was killed in Vietnam.

That's one part of your memory
I was hoping you wouldn't get back.

No date?

Well, you're usually droppin' off
some skirt this early in the morning.

Look, Chris didn't come home last night.
I was hoping he came by here.

What for?
To admire the damage?

I'm worried about him.

Well, if I know my boys,
he's out with that little brunette.
He'll be home in a couple of days.

What makes you so sure
he'll come back?

What the hell else is he gonna do,
be a musician?
Why not?

I thought we went
all through this last night.
No, we didn't settle it. Chris was great.

Sure, he was good.
Well, he needed
to hear that from you.

Look, that don't mean that
I want him to go and ruin his life.
Yeah, but don't you see?

That's exactly what you're doing
by forcing him to become a stuntman.

I don't know.

You know, sometimes I find myself
doing the same thing to Chris
that my daddy did to me.

I can't seem to stop myself.

Your granddaddy was a stuntman
so I became a stuntman, because I
had to prove to him that I could do it.

And I did.

I don't know. I guess--
I guess provin' things
is in the old Stone blood, huh?

Like Chris proving
he has to do that fire stunt.

Come on. I don't care. Just wire it --

Rick, here's your coffee.
I don't have time to do
anything like that.

Ugh! Yo, uh, Hoss.

Come here.
Yes, sir?

I tell you three lumps of sugar?
Three. I mean, you get that, right?
Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah.

I mean, you understand that?
Good. Then do it. Okay?
Yeah, I understand.

All right. You got it.
Geez, who do I gotta sleep with to get
a decent cup of coffee around here?

Chris, babe! You made it.

And, uh, you brought us
a cheerleader, huh?
Uh, no. This is Shannon.

Hey, nice to meet you,

Now, listen, we're gonna be up
for you in about 1 0 minutes, man.
Hit wardrobe. Hang tight. Let's go.

You, come on. Let's go.
All right. Let's-- Everybody, let's go!

Time is money! I have to say it again?
All right. Come on. This is a difficult stunt.

Chris, are you sure
you want to do this?

What do you mean?
I don't know.

I mean, shouldn't your father be here
to check this out or something?

Look, I already
checked it out, okay?

What about your brother?

He told me to do
whatever I wanted to do.

So I am, all right?

Come on. Take me up!

Let's go. Be careful.

Okay. Uh, what's his--
what's his name? Chris!

Chris, look, as you run there'll be
some more squib hits on the wall.

Okay, as you run across
there'll be a flash-pot blows up,

forcing you over to here,
which is where you hit the mini-tramp.

And that's where the big explosion
takes place, okay?

You fly over the ledge;
you crash down on the boxes.

You got it? Huh?

Good. All right. Come on.
Take me down.

Come on. I hate this thing.
Let's go, let's go, people!

We're an hour behind. Come on!
Rick, Rick, shouldn't we,
uh, get a rehearsal first?

Ah, hell with it.
We'll shoot the rehearsal, all right?
We are ready!

Come on! I said, we're gonna
shoot the rehearsal! Let's go!
We're gonna shoot the rehearsal!

Come on.
Can I get off of this thing?

All right. Come on. Positions! Let's go!

- Okay, come on, come on, come on. Stand by
to roll cameras. Ready, special effects.
- Stand by to roll!

- Ready, Chris, babe?
- Yes, sir.

Background, stand by! Quiet on the set!

- Roll cameras.
- ''A''camera rolling.

And... action!

- Hey, Chad!

What happened?

- Chris!
- Go! Get out, get out! Move it!

Come on!

Chris! Chris!

Chris! Chris is in there!
Dad, get back!

I gotta get him out!
I know.

Let go of me!
Dad, I'll find him.

Come on, guys. Take him out.
Don't! Let me go!

Let me go!

Sam, I found Chris!
You can't get through this way!
Go around!

I can't see.
I can't see anything.

- I'm over here. Follow my voice.
- Keep talkin'.

I'm right here.
Keep comin'straight.

I can't see you.
I'm right over here.


Get outta the way! Get out of the way!

His leg is pinned. Hurry up, Sam!

Hurry, Sam. Come on!
You gotta hurry up!

You got him.
Now, pull him outta there!

Come on, Sam.
Al! Lead us outta here.
We're dyin' in here!

This way, Sam! This way!

Come on! You can do it!
We're comin'.

Thank God you showed up.
I can't believe it. I want you to-- Oh!

What the hell was that for?

Check his leg.

I think it's broken.

Looks like I got my stunt card,
huh, Dad?

Oh, look!

You were exposed to all that heat,
but your mood ring's bright blue.

You know what that means?

I guess I'm in a good mood.

Get it! Get it! Ohh!

Get it in to the-- Get it, get it! Ohh!

Come on. You gotta get
those offensive boards.

Great defensive move there. 1 02-79.
Just listen to the hand that they're getting.

Doesn't look good.
Does not look good, Dad.

My pocket's gettin' full already.
Another beer?
You bet.

... great defensive play.|

Did you see that? He missed another
one! Why do they keep passin'it to this guy?
Another one.

Come on! Get it in the key!
Come on!

He starts to drive, plays it off to Gibbons,
and he scores!

Oh! Al.

Hi, Sam. How's it goin', pal?

You tell me.
Why haven't I leaped?
Get it!

Well, Ziggy's workin' on that.
What's your rush?

Things seem to be lookin' up here.

Come on, come on!
Oh, I-I don't know.

I just, um--just feel
a little homesick, that's all.

You know, sometimes I can't
help but think about--

Well, you know I hope that
maybe I'll leap all the way back.

Uh, forward, you mean.

Yeah, well,
I don't even remember...

where I lived, or, you know,
who my friends were
or if I had a dog or--

No. You don't have a dog.

Well, you know, just sometimes
you kind of feel alone, that's all.

What do you mean, you're alone?

I mean, it's not much,
but you got me.

Uh, Sam--

Sam, uh, I--
I shouldn't do this, but...


It's Tom and me.

Oh. I'm sorry, uh--

I promise I'll save this for you.

Thanks, Al.

Come on.
Don't you want to watch the game?

Jump shot!

- What happened?
- It's over.

This thing is drivin' me nuts.
You'll get it off soon enough.

And then what?

He's got his card.
He'll come to work for us.

What about his music?

He's real good, Mr. Stone.
Real good.

Well, yeah, I guess he's okay
for a stuntman.

Uh! Look, no offense, Chris, but...

- he shouldn't be a stuntman any more than--
- We now switch
to a live broadcast of the president--

Heh! Gerald Ford.
Look, Chris's future is in his music.

- Now you know the future.
- Sam.

I--Sam, I remember this.

- He trips at the bottom of the stairs.
... in good spirits after their flight,

waving to the crowd
of some 600 spectators.
Uh, yeah.

Dad, I do know the future.

- Ford's gonna trip down those stairs.
- No, no. Not again.

- No way you know what he's gonna do.
This is live.
- I'll bet you Chris's future I do.

- What?
- That's brilliant, Sam, brilliant.

I say that Ford's gonna trip down these stairs.
And if I'm right, you get behind Chris
becoming a musician.

- And if you're wrong?
- I get behind him becoming a stuntman.

- Wait a minute. This is my future we're--
- Relax. Trust me. I know what I'm doin'.

You're on, bud.

You sure this is where he trips?

Ehh, pretty sure.

Thank you, Linda. You think we should
include this unofficial information?

- Well-- Oh, just a minute.
They're coming down the stairs now...

to great applause
from the spectators, and--

- Oop!

What a memory, huh?
What a memory!

It looks like he'll be okay.
Uh, Linda, do you have visual
of the president at this time?

Oh, my God. I'm Popeye!

Summer nights
fallin' around my shoulder

The desert wind
blowin' across my mind

Hold me tight out on the borderline

It's a long way there
down a one-way trail

To the love that I left behind

Out of sight
Can't see past you and me

I'm haunted like a wanted man

Out of time
Too late, my mistake

But you gotta understand

I've been dealin' with the pain
of lovin' you the best I can

And I'm just another stranger
lookin' for the promised land