Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 2, Episode 10 - Catch a Falling Star - May 21, 1979 - full transcript

Sam leaps into the body of Ray Hutton, a working actor in the touring company of Man of La Mancha. He's the understudy to a renowned actor, John O'Malley, who's a bit of lush. His task is to keep the man from suffering a tragic fall during an upcoming performance. Sam is distracted when he sees his first love, Nicole, his one-time piano teacher. Although only 15 years old at the time - and she 25 - Sam adored her. She also at one time had a relationship with Ray Hutton and Sam is having difficulty differentiating between the two.

Quantum leaping around
in time has taught me...

how right Shakespeare was
when he wrote,

"All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women merely players.

"They have their exits...

"and their entrances,

"and one man in his time
plays many parts."

Keep still. Ray!

But this... this is ridiculous.

Ray, you're all tense. What is it?
Relax. You look great.

I got a good feelin' tonight
is gonna be your big night, Ray.

Come on.

Hmm. Here.

Ah, for cryin' out loud, Ray!
Hold still!

- One minute! Places!
- Geez. Stop screaming.

I am not screaming!
He's on in 50 seconds!

On? What are you...


Don't do this, Charlie. We're not
launchin' any rockets. It's just a musical.

- Forty-three! Let's go!
- Break a leg, Ray.

Get these off. Hurry.

Five, four,

three, two, one.

You're on.

Oh, boy.

Where's Manny?

Manny? Manny!

Gimme a yard on Blue
Baby's nose in the fifth.

- Are you nuts? Manny, we're on!
- Gotta run, Ma! Love ya.


I got here. Good.
How are ya, Ray?

Ya look like you're gonna puke.
Up the stairs!

- The stairs!
- Oh, boy.

Break a leg, Ray.

Oh. How can you keep
turnin' that doll down?

- I'd kill just to do her laundry.
- Go!

I am I, Don Quixote

- The Lord of La Mancha
- John! John, John, John.

Are you sure you can go on?



My public awaits.

Thank you, dear boy.

Sorry, Ray.
Yeah, there's always tomorrow night.

Aw, this is so fabulous. The theater.

Man of La Mancha.

The stage. The lights. The music.

The girls.

- Al. Al!
- Huh? What?

- I'm an actor.
- You lucky dog.

I'd love to be standing
in your makeup.

I love the theater!

The roar of the greasepaint,
the smell of the crowd.

- I think that's the other way around.
- Mmm?

Oh, you...
you never did summer stock.

Who is this guy?

Um, Ray Hutton.
He's a touring actor.

He's been all over the country...

with road-show companies
of South Pacific,

uh, Annie Get Your Gun,

Oh, Oklahoma!
That's how come he was hummin',

♪ Chicks and dogs and pigs ♪
♪ better scurry ♪

- Ducks.
- When I... Ducks?

It's ducks and geese,
not pigs and dogs.

- Ducks?
- Yeah.

Are you sure it's...
it's not pigs and dogs?

They scurry too. Hey, you should
take your makeup off with cold cream.

And use that stuff there for the
sticky stuff for your mustache.

How do you know so much
about the theater?

Hey, it got me
outta the orphanage.

Other kids, they went into boxing
or they studied or they stole.

I thought
I'd give the theater a try.

You were an actor?

Don't say it
like it was a disease.

Acting is the world's
second-oldest profession.

Maybe the first.

Yeah, prostitution could be
considered kind of a performance.

In fact, there's a lot of acting
goes into a good...

Al, we were talking
about Ray Hutton.

- Oh, Ray. Yeah, um...
- Yeah.

Well, Ray,
he never really quite made it.

As a matter of fact,
the closest he ever got to stardom,

was understudying John O'Malley.

- Who, by the way, is quite brilliant.
- And a boozer.

Oh, Sam!
Sam! Hey, you gotta see this.

...to become a dauntless knight...

known as
Don Quixote de La Mancha!

♪ Hear me now, oh thou bleak ♪
♪ and unbearable world ♪

♪ Thou art base ♪
♪ and debauched as can be ♪

♪ And a knight with his banners ♪
♪ all bravely unfurled ♪

♪ Now hurls down his gauntlet to thee ♪

♪ I am I, Don Quixote ♪

- ♪ The Lord of La Mancha ♪
- I'm his understudy?

- ♪ My destiny calls and I go ♪
- Yeah, you go on when he can't.

When he ca... When he can't go on,
I can't go on. I'm not an actor.

♪ Oh, whithersoever they blow ♪

♪ Whithersoever they blow ♪

♪ Onward to glory I go ♪

♪ I'm Sancho, yes I'm Sancho, yes ♪

- I don't even know the lyrics.
- Of course you do.

- I do?
- Yeah.

♪ To dream the impossible dream ♪

♪ To fight the unbeatable foe ♪

To bear with unbearable sorrow.
To run where the brave dare not go.

- ♪ Whithersoever they go... ♪
- That's all I remember.

It will come back to you.
That was our song.

- Our song?
- Yes. When we started Quantum Leap,

we're building the
imaging chamber,

that's the only disc you ever played...
Man of La Mancha.

Well, even if I remember
the lyrics, can I sing?

Not as well as I.

But then...

who can?

You are giving
a terrific performance.

I am giving
a terrific performance.

Fair chatelaine.

Gentle knights, if there be any
among you who require assistance,

you have but to ask and my good
right arm is at your service.

I hate to say this,
but he's terrific.

Mmm. But not for long.

In three days,
at a benefit performance,

he does a Gerald Ford impersonation
on that stairway right there.

Shatters his leg, his hip
and his career.

So all I have to do is stop him
from tripping down those stairs.

Mmm. Simple, huh?

No. No, it's not simple.

How do I get a guy like that
to dry out in three days?

- Good point.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, maybe you should
help him get so drunk...

that he won't even
be able to go on.

- If he doesn't go on, I do.
- So?

So? I... I can't go out there
and... and sing.

Sam, this is Syracuse.

It's way, way, way
way, way off Broadway.

For Syracuse,
you can go out there and sing.

Besides, even if you can't,

how could you pass up
the chance to be a star?

To stand in the spotlight.

To know that every eye
is focused just on you.

♪ Dulcinea ♪

♪ Dulcinea ♪

- It's Nicole.
- Nicole?

She was my piano teacher
when I was a kid.

She could
tickle my ivories any time.

She was the first woman
I ever loved.

How old were you?

I was 15 when she left for New York.
I wonder what she's doing in Syracuse.

I bet a lot of people
ask themselves that question.

She recognizes me.
That's impossible.

- I'm tellin' you, she recognizes me.
- I'm telling you that's impossible.

Everybody here
knows you as Ray Hutton.

How can you explain the way
she's smiling at me?

Not you. Ray.

She obviously knows Ray.

Boy, you must have had
a hell of a case of puppy love.

Yeah, I guess I did.

I was 15. She was 25.

I felt like I was hit by a...

A truck.

Al, I'm not 15.


She was too old for me then,

- Sam.
- She's not now.

♪ And the world ♪

♪ Shall know thy glory ♪

♪ Dulcinea ♪

♪ To attain ♪

♪ The attainable ♪

♪ Star ♪

Ohhh. Oh, God.

It's been so long.

How did you know it was me?

Did you think
I could ever forget you, Ray?

I... I can't get over
how young you look.

It's been a few years since
I've played the ingenue.

And how pretty. I...

You're even prettier
than I remember.

Oh, Ray.

You're so sweet.

So what... what...
what happened to Juilliard?

What do you mean?
We left Juilliard at the same time.

I mean, after Juilliard.

Well, um,
the first two years you know.

Or did you forget my letters?

How could I forget your letters?

I don't know.

When you stopped writing,

I thought maybe
you'd forgotten me too.

I could never forget you, Nicole.

2:00 rehearsal tomorrow, okay?

Okay. Okay.


I kept track of you
in Variety...

until you did Camelot in London.

- Then I lost you.
- Yeah, well,

you know how the road is.

You tend to leap around a lot.

- How about you?
- Well, uh, I'm back teaching piano...

or I was until today.

I was cast this afternoon
to understudy Dulcinea.

Hey, that's great!

That's great. When I saw the
ad for the open audition,

I just had to give it
one more try.

And when they hired me, well...

Oh, Ray. What if
we got to perform together?

Oh, wouldn't that be terrific?

Yeah. Well...

Dear God!
It is she.

Sweet lady.

Fair virgin. I...

I dare not gaze full upon thy
countenance lest I be blinded by beauty,

but I implore thee,

speak once thy name.

- Nicole.
- Nicole.

Is an old friend of mine.

- Mr. O'Malley...
- Uh! John.

I... I know this is gonna
sound so hokey,

but, uh...
but you were my inspiration.


is never hokey, my dear.

- You sing?
- I'm understudying Dulcinea.

Splendid! Oh, I...

I look forward...

to performing with you.

Oh, it will be a thrill.

I assure you, the thrill will be all mine.

And now that you are a member
of our illustrious troupe,

you must attend
our obligatory opening-night party.

It promises to be an evening
of merriment and, uh,


Come along, Ray.

I told ya he'd go for her.

I wanted to introduce you.

♪ And this is my quest ♪

♪ To get to the bar ♪

♪ No matter how crowded ♪

♪ No matter how far ♪

Ah, Dulcinea.


♪ I see heaven when I see thee ♪

♪ Dulcinea ♪

Have you met Nicole,
our new Dulcinea?

Well, Anita.

Does that mean I'm the old one?

I really don't see
how that's possible.

Uh, well, Nicole is
your new understudy.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

I hope you like Sunday matinees,
because, um,

I'm usually not worth a damn
after Saturday night.

Am I, Ray?


Ray, be a friend and...
and freshen up our drinks.

What is your pleasure, Nicole?

Um, wine spritzer.

Oh, Nikki, Nikki, Nikki.

One cannot have misadventures
on wine spritzers.

- Two of the usual.
- Don't you think you've had enough?

Dear boy, one can
never have enough.

Come on, Ray.

A wine spritzer.

I thought that
little affair was over.

They're dating?

Well, one could call it that.

I don't think they've
ever made it out of the hotel.

Four zombies. Two zombies,
a wine spritzer, and a dry...

A dry beer.

- A what?
- Anything you got on draft.

Michelle, please. You gotta stop that.
Could you, please?

Come on, Ray, let's go upstairs.

Michelle, please.

Am I interrupting?

- Yes.
- No.

- Michelle, I know you want me.
- No, I want Ray.

Ray wants o-o-out.
Excuse me.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

- He passed out.
- Have the drinks arrived?

- Not for you.
- My dear Ray,

I will decide
when I have had enough!

- Oh, Sancho!
- Here, Your Grace!

My armor! My sword!

They await upstairs!

♪ My destiny calls and I go ♪

♪ And the wild winds of fortune ♪

♪ Will carry me onward ♪

Oh, another night, sweet lady,

when I have not, uh, battled so long.

♪ My destiny calls and I go ♪

I guess he decided
he'd had enough.

Well, yeah. I would agree
with him about that.

To Dulcinea.

To old friends.

Old friends.

Al might call it puppy love,

but I knew it had been
something more.

You get over puppy love.

Orange spice, right?

My favorite.

- Uh, this is great.
- Those are my kids.

We had a recital a few months ago.

Oh, that's funny. Someone I know
used to warm up with that exercise.

One of your students?

I guess. I've had so many over the years.

♪ Dulcinea ♪

♪ I see heaven when I see thee, ♪
♪ Dulcine... ♪

♪ Nea, and thy name ♪

♪ Is like a prayer an angel whispers ♪


We don't have to worry about
school security anymore, Ray.


Remember all those nights
we'd sneak into the practice rooms...

and have to sing like this
so that nobody would catch us?

- Oh, yeah. Juilliard. Uh...
- Oh, God, those were great years.

We had everything ahead of us.

And now?

We're older, wiser.


May we rest in peace.

I wish I'd had you here
when Grease folded.

That's how you ended up in Syracuse?

I couldn't go back to New York.

Got tired of the auditions,
seeing the competition get younger.

I just couldn't do it anymore.

Those who can, do.

- Those who can't...
- I had a piano teacher once.

- She had quite an impact on me.
- How?

I was, uh, 15 and... in love.

You had a crush
on your piano teacher.

Well, it was an epidemic.

I, uh... I can't believe
some of the dumb things I did.

Aw, she probably thought
you were adorable.

I don't know what she thought.

She never embarrassed me
by letting on that she knew.

She was really great.

Sounds to me like...

maybe you just have a thing
for piano teachers.

Oh, Ray.

What's wrong?


It's been a long time.
I mean, if there's someone else...

No, no.
There's no one else.

I'm not the Ray
you fell in love with at Juilliard.

I know.

And I'm not the same Nicole.

I knew it was ridiculous, but...

every time I looked at Nicole,
I felt like I was 15 again.

Well, uh, maybe a little older.


Come on, let's go.

- Uh, I'll go get John.
- No, forget it.

John doesn't rehearse.
Come on, we don't have all day, okay?

Oh, boy.

Okay, Nicole, we're gonna
take this from where you

enter the courtyard on your
way to see Pedro, okay?


Don't have that too high.

Uh, I'm sorry.
What page was that?

Okay, let's go. Let's go.

I got the first line?

Yeah, you're on your
knees and you say...


"Be, uh, just to all men and
courteous to all women." You know.

Be just to all men
and be courteous to all women.

I got the next line too?

I'm blanking. It's just...

"Live in the vision of that one to..."
What is it, Delores?

"Live in the vision of that one
for whom great deeds are done."

"That one, uh,
for whom great deeds are done.

"That who is called Dulcinea."
Come on.

Live in the vision of that one
for whom great deeds are done.

She that is called Dulcinea.

Why do you call me that?

- My lady.
- My lady.

Get up from there!
Get up!

Get up, get up, get up, get up.

Why do you call me by that name?

You got a photographic memory.
Start reading.

I know thee, lady.

My name is Aldonza,
and I think you know me not.

All my years, I have known thee,
thy virtue, thy nobility of spirit.

Take another look.

I have already seen thee
in my heart.

Your heart doesn't know
much about women.

It knows all, my lady.

They are the soul of man,
the radiance that lights his way.

A woman is... glory.

Gee, that's...
that's pretty good acting, Sam.

I'm impressed...
that is, if you're really acting.

What do you want of me?

What do you want of her?

- Nothing.
- Liar.

- I'm with her.
- I deserve the rebuke.

- I ask of my lady...
- Now we get to it.

That I may be allowed to serve her.

That I may hold her in my heart.

That I may dedicate each victory
and call upon her in defeat.

And if at last, I give my life,

I give it in the sacred name
of Dulcinea.

Bravo. Brava.

Ray, I have never seen you
perform with such passion.

You were positively inspired.

And now I see why.

Charles, do you suppose
we might hear Nicole sing?

You're the star.

How about, um...

"What does he want of me?"

Take five, Ray.

It's fine.

You got me through
the hard part.

Uh, Nicole, you're supposed to come in
on the downbeat of the third measure.

I'm... I'm sorry.

♪ Why does he do ♪
♪ the things he does ♪

♪ Why does he do these things ♪

♪ Why does he march ♪
♪ through the dream that he's in ♪

♪ Covered with glory and rusty old tin ♪

♪ Why does he live ♪
♪ in a world that can't be, oh ♪

♪ What does he want of me ♪

I've seen that look before, Sam.

What look?

That "last night,
the earth moved" look.

♪ "Sweet Dulcinea" and
"missive" and such ♪

You're out of control, Sam.

In case you haven't noticed, it's been
a long time since I've been in control.

You know what I mean.

You can't tell anyone
who you really are.

You can't change your personal history.
You can't...

I can't have a life.
All I do is live someone else's life.

Right their wrongs, fight their fights.
Geez, I feel like I'm Don Quixote.

He... He loved pure
and chaste from afar.

Well, that part was
never big with me either.

I love her, Al.

Oh, Sam.

Does she know that?

- ♪ The things he wants ♪
- After last night, she does.

♪ Why does he want these things ♪

She spent last night
with Ray Hutton.

I may look like him,
but she was with me.

My heart, my soul.

- You can't stay here with her, Sam.
- Why not?

It's not up to you to stay here.
It's up to him.

♪ What does he want ♪

♪ Of me ♪

Never since Joan Diener on Broadway...

have I heard anyone
sing the role of Dulcinea like that.

Charles, I have a terrific idea.

Why don't we let the local girl do
the benefit performance on Wednesday?

That's a fabulous idea.
It's just... fabulous.

I don't know what to say.

Thank you.

Thank you, my dear.

That bastard.

How dare he give my part...

to Miss... Amateur Hour?

Michelle, h-he's the star.


Who wants to get a little.

- What's wrong with that? Mmm. Mm.
- Manny, you're drooling.

Two more zombies.

- Hi, Ray.
- Hi.

Manny, do me a favor.

- Who do I kill?
- You'll see.

Looking for trouble?

Uh, no... Nicole.

Uh, she's meeting me here
for dinner.

Well, I'm sure she'll be down soon.

Why don't you come have
a drink with us?

She went upstairs looking for me?

Where's Nicole?

I said she'll be down soon.

The old boy's never good for
more than half an hour.

What are you talking about?

Uh, rehearsals.

You know, John's private rehearsals
for female understudies.

I did good?

Better than good.
Now I'm gonna go to my room.

When Nicole shows up,
tell her I left with Ray.

Uh, Michelle?

Come up after you tell her.

Ray, uh...

Uh, could I,
uh, speak to Nicole?


Yeah. Michelle said
she was up here...

rehearsing with you.

Why, yes. By all means,
uh, come in. Come in.

She'll be out in a minute.

Uh, gin?

Who was that?

Oh, nobody, Anita.


♪ To right the unrightable wrong ♪

What are you gonna do, Sam?

♪ To love pure and chaste from afar ♪

I don't know.

♪ To try... ♪

You're gonna save John from
fallin' down the stairway.

Let him break his neck.

Ya know, even if you don't save him,
you could still leap.

Who wants to stay?

I don't get it.

Nicole, um,

rehearsed with John
in his hotel room last night.

She rehear...

Oh, you mean
"rehearsed uh-huh-huh."

Oh, women!
You can't trust 'em.

They just... They don't
understand the double standard.

Let's just do what you're here to do
and get the hell out.

I'm not saving
that arrogant ass.

Well, you don't have to do it for him.
You do it for us.

Look, you just said that I might leap
whether I save him or not, right?

Yeah, well,
you go for the sure thing.

You don't wanna
hang around here being Ray, do you?

Do you?

Well, is that a yes or a no?

Oh, nervous, huh?

No. Just terrified.

- It's been a while?
- Five years.

Tsk. Ah! You'll be great.

Here we go.

- And if you're not, what can they do?
- Three minutes, everyone.

Throw a little garbage?
Get the hook? Huh?

Excuse me.

Oh, just help yourself.

Ohhh. This hangover's
worse than Philadelphia.

You had to get loaded
to perform last night, huh?

Two minutes, everyone.

You gonna let her go on like that?
What's wrong?


I guess you do the best
with what you've got.

Don't mind her, honey.

She's just embarrassed about
what happened last night.

- What happened?
- Huh!

You must be the only one
who didn't hear.

She spent the night with Manny.

- Manny?
- Yeah, can you believe it?

But I thought that
she and Ray were close.

Ray? Whoo!

Ray wouldn't touch her
with Don Quixote's lance.

I can't figure why she
let Manny in though.

He must have done her
one hell of a favor.

Okay, one minute!
Places, everybody!

Hey, Manny! Manny!
Yo, Manny! Where's Manny?

- Here, Your Grace.
- Okay, you got 50 seconds, Manny.

Dulcinea, Dulcinea.
Forty-five seconds and no Dulcinea!

Forty-four seconds.
Here's your Dulcinea.

- All right.
- Ray.

I'm sorry
I missed you last night.

- Are you?
- Okay, 40 seconds!

Uh, could we make up
for it tonight?

I wasn't planning on sticking
around after the show.

Thirty seconds.
Come on. Go! Go!

Thirty seconds.

I guess this is your big night.

♪ I am I, Don Quixote ♪

Guess not.

♪ The Lord of La Mancha ♪

♪ My destiny calls and I go ♪

I'm sorry to disappoint you again,
old boy.

♪ Dulcinea ♪

♪ I see heaven when I see thee ♪

♪ Dulcinea ♪


Break a leg.

Aaah! Oh, God!

Are you all right?
I don't know.

- Anything broken?
- No.

Are you okay?

Can you go on?

I am John O'Malley.

After 763 performances
of Don Quixote, I shall...

not sally forth tonight.

Ray, Nicole wasn't rehearsing
with John last night.


And when Nicole
came looking for you,

- I said you had left with Michelle.
- Why?

Michelle let me...
you know.


Break a leg.

Is anything wrong?


The accommodations appear...

quite interesting.

♪ Hear me now, ♪
♪ oh thou bleak and unbearable world ♪

♪ Thou art base and debauched as can be ♪

♪ And a knight with his banners ♪
♪ all bravely unfurled ♪

♪ Now hurls down his gauntlet to thee ♪

♪ I am I, Don Quixote ♪

♪ The Lord of La Mancha ♪

♪ My destiny calls and I go ♪

♪ And the wild winds of fortune ♪

♪ Will carry me onward ♪

♪ Oh, whithersoever they blow ♪

♪ Whithersoever they blow ♪

♪ Onward to glory I go ♪

♪ When I see thee, Dulcinea ♪

♪ And thy name is like a prayer ♪

♪ An angel whispers ♪

♪ Dulcinea ♪

♪ Dulcinea ♪

♪ Oh, the trumpets of glory ♪

♪ Now call me to ride ♪

♪ Yes, the trumpets are calling to me ♪

♪ And wherever I ride ♪
♪ ever staunch at my side ♪

♪ My squire and my lady shall be ♪

♪ I am I, Don Quixote ♪

♪ The Lord of La Mancha ♪

♪ My destiny calls and I go ♪

♪ And the wild winds of fortune ♪
♪ shall carry me onward ♪

♪ Oh, whithersoever Oh, whither... ♪

My Lord!

♪ Whithersoever they blow ♪

♪ Onward to glory I... ♪


My Lord!

He'll never be as good as you.

I love you, Nicole.

I love you too.

♪ To dream the impossible dream ♪

♪ To fight the unbeatable foe ♪

♪ To bear with unbearable sorrow ♪

♪ To run where ♪
♪ the brave dare not go ♪

♪ To run where the brave dare not go ♪

♪ Though the goal be forever too far ♪

♪ To try, though you're wayward and weary ♪

♪ To reach the unreachable star ♪

♪ To reach the unreachable star ♪

♪ Though you know it's impossibly high ♪

♪ To live with your heart striving upward ♪

- ♪ To attain... ♪
- You gonna be all right?

What matter wounds
to the body of a knight-errant?

For each time he falls,
he shall rise again and woe to the wicked!


- Here, Your Grace.
- My armor, my sword.

- More misadventures.
- Adventures, old friend.

Oh, boy!