Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Right Hand of God - October 24, 1974 - full transcript

Sam Beckett leaps into the body of a boxer who has a shot a winning the championship. The man's contract is owned by local nuns who inherited his rights from a boxing promoter and their hope is that they could make enough money to build a chapel and drop-in center for the poor. What they don't know is that the boxer's 10 bout winning streak is the result of fixed matches and an unscrupulous boxing promoter now wants him to take in dive in the championship bout. Sam comes up with a clever solution that he hopes will satisfy all parties.

It all started when a time travel
experiment I was conducting...

went... a little caca.

In the blink of a cosmic clock,
I went from quantum physicist

to air force test pilot,

which could have been
fun if I knew how to fly.

Fortunately, I had help,
an observer from the project named Al.

Unfortunately, Al's a hologram,
so all he can lend is moral support.

Anyway, here I am,
bouncing around in time,

putting things right
that once went wrong,

a sort of time-traveling Lone Ranger
with Al as my Tonto,

and I don't even need a mask.

Oh, boy.

You know, this leaping about
in time has its advantages.

Like being able to reunite
the love of my life with her father.

And even though I wasn't supposed to
affect anyone in my personal future,

I figured the big guy upstairs
would understand.

Then again, maybe he didn't.

Get up.! Get up,
Kid.! One, two, three...

- Get up! Up!
- four, five, six,

Get up.! Up.!
seven, eight, nine

- That's it. That's it.
- You okay, Kid?

Come on.

Come on. Stop it. Knock it off. Come on. Stop it.

Get back.

Go to a neutral corner. One, two...

Sorry, I...
Go to a neutral corner.

Three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine...

You're out. The winner.

How about a statement?
Turn this way, would ya?

Hey, everybody outta here.
Give the Kid some air.

Chalky, get them outta here. You're
fighting Tiger Joe Jackson in a week or two,

Out! Out! Chalky, have a heart come on.

Kid, Kid, we need one statement for
the press. He'll talk to you later.

Now, come on. Give us a break here

What happened?
You almost lost our last fight together, Kid.

Hold still. You know, I hardly
touched him with that punch.

Funny how fast
he went down.

You okay, Kid? You know
where you are and everything?

Why wouldn't I know
where I am?

Well, uh,
he hit you pretty good.

- Too good, if you ask me.
- What do you mean "too good?"

Hit the shower, Kid.

- You're right on time.
- Promptness is a virtue. Congrat...

Congratulations on your victory
this evening, Mr. Cody.

That surprise punch
in the last inning- it was inspired.

"The last inning. "
Real good.

Your owners are
a lot of laughs, Cody.

You sure Duke Ludden
left Cody to you?

It was legally determined that he left
some of his estate to Saint Mary's Church,

including Mr. Cody's contract.

What about my, uh, guys?

You kidding? Them nuns
is poor as church mice.

We'll have that last be
another time. Okay?


Um, I suppose things are happening
rather abruptly for you.

Uh, well, I'm getting used to it.

This is the north wall where
the stained glass window will go.

The poor box here. Uh, that section over there
is for feeding and shelter for the homeless.

And, finally, this area here...

The main chapel area, open
to the poor 24 hours a day.

That way, God's available
to anyone at any time.

Oh, it'll be so beautiful.

Just imagine the sun streaming
through the stained glass window...

blues and golds and reds.

And the polished cherry wood of the pews
and the golden tassels on the hymnals.

- Can't you see it?
- But what's this got to do with me?

You're providing it.
After all these years of prayer,

all we need now is for you
to win your next prizefight.

Uh, Sister, um, I'm, uh...
I'm not too good.

Don't be so modest, Cody. You won your
last 10 fights. All by a knockdown.

Just... Just...

don't count on me too much.

I am counting on you. So are all
the other sisters at Saint Mary's.

Cody, you are going to beat
Tiger Joe Jackson...

and become the next
California Heavyweight Champion.

Then we'll have enough money
to start our chapel.

Sister Angela, I would strongly
suggest that you hedge your bet.

Have faith, Cody. It's all going
according to God's plan.

Yeah, but is God going
according to Ziggy's plan?

He figured this leap would land you
in Texas, somewhere in the mid-'50s.

- Oh, great.
- That's the spirit.

Now, um, until you win,
we're going to be scarce on funds,

so, we'd really appreciate it
if you could move in with us

to save us on food and housing expenses.

Sounds better than rent control.

Uh, well...
It's done then.

Why don't you go get your things, and
I'll meet you back at Saint Mary's.

Have faith, Kid Cody.

You know, I have a feeling
that between you and I

and a couple of guardian angels,
we're gonna get this job done.

- Who, who does she remind you of?
- Ingrid Bergman.

No. You.

You and me both back in the old days when we were
trying to raise funding for the imaging chamber.

We were poring over the blueprints
and that was our dream, you know?

Our chapel. Remember? Nah, you don't
- you don't remember.

Oh, this is... Look at this.

"Sacramento, California".

1974. Tell Ziggy that's a long way
from Texas in the '50s.

Well, Ziggy figures it's just
an unscheduled stop.

Well, in case you and Ziggy haven't
noticed, they're all unscheduled stops.

The only thing I'm scheduled to do here
is to get my brains knocked out.

- Don't fight.
- What if that's what I'm supposed to do?

What if I'm here to win the championship
so Sister Angela can get her chapel?

Well, then, uh...
You're in big trouble, Sam.

Am I boring you, Al?

I just...

I got this nut for a
neighbor who sleeps all day,

and then at night he's rebuilding
the engine on his car.

From 2:00 am, all I hear
is vroom, vroom... vroom.

Okay, that's fine.

He's got more holes in his
muffler than you've got in your memory.

I complain, uh, this guy...
Oh, yeah, and he's a big guy.

Tells me to blow it out my tailpipe.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Hey, Kid?
Hey, Kid.

Mr. Edwards wants to see you... now.

Come on.

What the hell were you doing in
that ring today, Kid? Nothing.

That's what it looked like,

I won, didn't I?
That's good.

That really is good. I didn't
know you had a sense of humor, Kid.

Well, I, you know, I've been
known to tell a joke or...

Turn it up.

In an attempt to become
the second man in history...

to regain the World
Heavyweight Championship...

The 32-year-old Ali will fight 25-year-old
George Foreman in a 15-round bout with...

I put a couple of bucks
of my own on that one.

Not as much as I'm gonna be
betting on your championship.

I'm-I'm not sure that I'd do that.

What are you trying to
tell me, Kid?

Well, I...

I've been thinking about retiring.

You know, I don't wanna end up...

Like, like...

"Charley, I could been a contender,
instead of a bum. "

Is that...

Quitting right now
would be a bad idea.

Look, come on. You would- You-You'd-You'd
kill a guy 'cause he wants to quit?

No, I don't kill people.
What do you think I am?

We blow off your kneecaps,

give you a little, wooden board with roller
skate wheels for the rest of your life.

You know, I think you're right.

I think... I think quitting
would just probably be a bad idea.

Besides, I never could skate.

What'd you think? I was gonna set you
up for 10 fights, let you retire now?

You're gonna go
in the tank with Tiger Joe.

I'll tell you the round later.
Now get outta here.

Here's your money.

Hope you know what you're doing.

Great. I'm on the take,
wear polyester clothes...

and live above a bar in
an apartment decorated like a gym.

If I've got a roommate,
he probably has cauliflower ears.

- Hello.
- Hi, honey.

Oh. Honey, I'm sorry
I didn't get to see the fight.

The creep I work for
wouldn't let me off early.

A bunch of soldiers came in, and he
made me dance an extra 45 minutes.

Are you hungry?
I made your favorite for dinner tonight.

My favorite?

Oh, thanks.
I really like my favorite.

It's my...
It's...It's one of my favorites.

I see Mr. Edwards came through. I'm gonna
put it in our secret "hidey-hole," okay?

Okay. Oh.

Soldiers tipped pretty good today.

Looks like we're
ready for that rainy day.

Are you serious? We're gonna need
about $20,000 for that doughnut shop.

You can't go on
fighting forever, Kid.

And I certainly can't go on being a topless
go-go dancer for the rest of my life.

The mountains are starting to
come to Muhammad, you know?

Well, I-I, uh...

You look great to me.

I love you, Cody.

You're the first man who's ever trusted
me with his money and his future.


- It's Roscoe.
- Roscoe.

Damn it, Cody.
You promised.

Hey, it's only three "C" notes, Dixie.
It's not so much.

If that nag had come in, I'd be
paying you guys eight grand right now.

Honey, did you try to get it all at once? Well.

Honey, you know the quick way
never works.

Come on, Kid.
You can't welsh on a bet.

He's right. We might as well pay him,
otherwise he'll just wind up beating you up.

I'll get it.

you come between us and a jelly-filled,

sugar-glazed and sprinkles
on top one more time...

and I'll bust your nose!

Oh.! Damn it.
Oh, you broke my nose.

You want a beer?

Um, I don't have time.

What do you mean
you don't have time?

Well, my contract was inherited-

I know.
By the nuns. So?

Well, they want me to move in to Saint
Mary's and train for the championship.

You know, to save money. You'd rather
go live with the nuns than with me?

I... I don't know what to say, Dixie.
Um, I...

They own me.
Well, honey, I thought I owned you.

And you owned me.

Amazing grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch

Like me

I once was lost

But now I'm found

Was grace that taught

My heart to fear

And grace

My fears relieved

How precious did

That grace appear

The hour I first...


Through many dangers


- Al?
- Denise. Denise, get in the closet.

Oh, no, there's
no other girl here, Tina.

I swear, honey.
No, don't, Tina.


- Oh, hi, Kid.
- Hi, Al.

You know, people with monogamous relationships
don't wake up with guilty consciences.

I know.
They don't have any fun either.

Anyway, the problem
is not Denise.

The problem is
the muffler from hell.

This guy is driving me nuts with
his vroom, vroom, vroom all night.

Denise? Yeah, she's a writer.

Uh, she's gonna write
my life story.

A writer?
What's she written?

Uh, I don't know.
I met her at a party.

She's got the most incredible
pair of...

Al. Al, you're in a church.

Oh. Of, uh, matching
boxing gloves.

What'd Ziggy come up with? He says there's
not enough data on this guy next door...

to do me a damn bit of good.

Oh, so-sorry. You meant you? Yeah.

Yeah, you.

Well, Ziggy thinks that
given all the unknown variables here,

that your winning the championship and
getting the chapel for the good sisters...

is your best shot at quantum leaping-
What unknown variables?

Well, if we knew the unknown,

the unknown wouldn't be unknown.

Let me give you
a few known variables, Al.

I don't know how to fight.
I'm out of shape.

I've got a nun for a trainer.

I can fix that.

I'll train you myself.
Put 'em up.

No offense, Al, but I need a
real trainer, not a hologram.

What are you talking about?
Put 'em up.

Hey, when I was 16, back in the
days when the dinosaurs ruled the planet,

I was the Golden Gloves
regional champ.

Come on. Put 'em up.
I'll train you myself. Come on.

Who could train you better
than me? Put 'em up. You?

Hit my hand.

I'll get you a sparring partner.

- All right?
- It's not gonna work, Al.

What do you mean it's not... Hey, come on.
Give it a chance, for crying out loud.

Where you going?
To get a real trainer.

What do you mean,
"a real trainer"?

Hey, who taught you
everything you know?

I was good too.


Here's your T.K.O., Kid.

Next time... next time, uh,
let it breathe a little.

Why won't you train me?

I'm tired of training fighters who take dives.

Well, what if I don't take a dive?
What if this time...

What if this time?
That's the booze talking.

No, it's...
No, it's me talking.

If you come back,
I'll give it everything I got.

That's what I like to see,
a fighter in training.

Hey, bring us another round
for my guys.

Gotta keep 'em sharp
for the championship.

Hey, Kid,
you listen to him.

Yeah, this rumdum
was one of the best.

He could take a swan into the canvas
better than any other fighter I ever owned.

That last fight of yours- ooh-you
should got an Academy Award.

You mean that, Kid? Kid? Huh?

You mean that? I'll give it my best shot.

You got yourself a trainer.

A pro shouldn't spar
with an amateur.

Oh, Father Muldooney will love it.
He'll be talking about it for years.

Can you give me some instructions?
Yeah, don't trip on his beard.

Hi, honey!

Is it okay if I watch?

Uh, Dixie,
this is Sister Angela.

Sister Angela,
this is my Dixie.

How do you do?
Hi. Oh.

Cody, I think you have enough people
in your corner, huh? Are you ready?

Here you go.
Come on. There you go.


Hit to the right.

I'm really excited to be
working with you, Mr. Gomez.

I've never done anything like this before.

Attaboy, left, left.

Get him!
Did you change the Kid's style?

No. No.

In the breadbasket.
Right in the belly.

- Watch out.
- Come on, honey. Kill the bum.

Hit 'im! Hit 'im!

Kill the bum!

Honey, are you okay?
Are you all right?

- Is he dead? Say something.
- Honey?

Okay, watch out.
Everybody out of the way.

Get 'im up.

Is he all right?
Oh, I'm sorry, Kid.

I guess I just got in a lucky
punch. Give us some room.

- I know what's going on here, Kid.
- You do?

You haven't had
a straight fight in a year.

You're out of shape,
out of wind and out of luck.

You don't need a trainer.
You need a miracle.

Let's pick it up for another mile. Pick it up?

Gomez made me swear that I would
push you hard. Now, come on. Let's go.

Give me a break, Sister.
Just five minutes.

How did you ever get to be a prize
fighter? Just kind of fell into it.

All right. Five minutes.

But we're gonna walk fast.

Deal. We're not gonna lose our chapel
because you were lax on your roadwork.

Why's this chapel so important to you?

That should be obvious
by now, Cody.

Well, it seems to me
there's more to it than that.

It's a long story.
I got five minutes.

You have four minutes
and 32 seconds.

I got four minutes and 32 seconds,
31, 30, 29...

All right. All right.


When I was a child, I, um...
I lived in a castle.

A pretend castle.

It was actually
a tree house in the backyard.

My mother and my brother used to call
me a princess. I really felt like one.

And one night I went to sleep
dreaming all these sweet dreams,

and I woke up
coughing into the face of a fireman.

My mother and...

and my father
and both my little brothers were killed.

For some unknown reason,
I was spared.

So I was shuffled around for a while
from uncle to uncle and...

it seemed I was a princess
without a castle.

Um, some really bad things happened,

and I ended up out on the street
doing whatever I could to survive.

I began to hate everybody.
Even myself- even God.

And then one night, I... I kind of stumbled
into this skid row chapel in San Francisco.

I was looking for a place to sleep,
and a nun found me and she took me in.

And she... Well, maybe
she didn't save my life,

but she absolutely
saved my soul.

She gave me new hope
and self-respect.

She even gave me
faith in God again.

And I decided at that moment
that I would create a chapel someday...

in the most destitute part of the city
to help people like myself.

To make a memorial for my family.

Another castle.

Our time's up.

Come on.
Let's get back to work.

Pick up those bricks.

She's trying to kill me.
Five more miles?

Lift up your knees.
What about mercy?

That's not bad, Kid.

- What?
- Uh, I'm done.

Work on your timing.
I'll be with you in a minute.

Come on.

Al, it's good to see you.
Where you been?

Mm... catching up
on my sleep.

Looking pretty good, Sam.
You're trim, moving well.

Gomez is doing a good job.
Yeah, they both are.

Oh, um, Ziggy finally
came up with some data for you.

The fight. Did Cody win
the fight? He took a dive.

Are you sure?

Yes. October- when was it-
29, 1974.

"Kid Cody is knocked out by Tiger Joe Jackson
in one minute, 10 seconds of the first round. "

What about Sister Angela's chapel?
No. No chapel.

"Today that vacant lot has got a,
uh, mini-mall with a tanning salon,

"a convenience store that's been
robbed five times already this year.

A singles...only gym"...
She never got her castle.

Wait a minute though.

All you're giving me is what happened then.
I'm here to change all that.

How? You gonna beat Tiger Joe
for the championship?

- Why not?
- I'll tell you why not.

You're holding your left too low, that's
why not. Get your left up and pop! Pop, pop!

Get on the balls of your feet. That's it.
Can't punch anybody flat-footed.

Th-That's what Gomez keeps telling me.

Uh, anything else you wanna know?

- You gonna make it to the fight?
- Uh,yeah.

Yeah, probably.

It, you know... It depends on whether
I can do something to stop the...

The vroom-vrooming. You know,
Al, I've been thinking about that.

What if you taped it at night and then played
it back the next morning while he's sleeping?

That's a good idea.

Thanks, Sam.

Okay, Kid, let's go.

Come on. Jab.

Richard Nixon, although
pardoned, has become

the central figure in the
Watergate cover-up trial.

Being accused by both
prosecution and defense attorneys

Hey, where's your T.K.O.?

I'm in training. One beer a
night. Yeah. That's what I heard.

Link here says you're training hard
- like for real.

You aren't getting in
the habit, are you, Kid?

Those are lethal weapons.
You hit me. I can have you arrested.

No more jokes.

I'd rather see a fighter
turn rumdum than to get religion.

Ooh, hey, look.

It's a streaker.

Oh, I got a couple of dames
I'd like to see doing that.

Ah, now that's what it's all about.

A couple of guys ducking it out.
May the better man win.

You're gonna take your dive
in the first round.

Can't do that, Mr. Edwards.

You got cauliflower in your ears?
I gotta win the championship.

You ain't got a prayer.
Then bet against me.

For even money? Ha!
I get 20-to-1 betting a round.

And the round is numero uno.

What if, um
- What if I tell you what round to bet?

On you?
No. No, I'm not that stupid.

This is crazy. We can get
20-to-1 betting the round.

Honey, this is our life savings.

God's on our side.
We can't lose.

Of course, we have to share
the winnings with the church.

You mean Sister Angela.
For the chapel.

Well, I don't see you asking her to
streak. I couldn't ask a nun to streak.

No. Just a tramp like me.


you're not a tramp.

You're a stripper.
That's a profession.

So's hooking.

Don't do this.

Your streaking's the only chance
I have to knock Tiger Joe Jackson out.

I need you, Dixie,
to win.

And after that,
it'll be nothing but...

jelly-filled, sugar-glazed, and, um-

Sprinkles on top.

Sprinkles on top.


Sister Angela.

What's wrong?

A Mr. Edwards
was here to see you.


He couldn't stay, but he
wanted me to give you a message.

He said that...

I wanna make sure
I get this exactly right.

He said that he's thought it over,

and he's decided that he wants to
call the rounds, not you.

You're supposed to
take a dive in the first.

And he left this for you.

There's a thousand dollars in there.

I hope you don't think
too badly of me for looking.

Sister Angela.

I thought that God
sent me a champion.

But he sent me a cheat.

I don't expect you to believe
anything I say, but I've gotta say it.

I'm not the Kid Cody whose fights
were fixed for the last year.

And more important,
I'm not the same Kid Cody...

who is gonna
take a dive in the first round.

You're telling me you're going
to win tomorrow? I'm damn well...

'Scuse me. I'm gonna try.

I would like to believe you, Cody.

But I can't.

I just don't think I can
believe in anything anymore.

Then I don't have
a prayer of winning.

What do you mean?

As long as you believed in me...

that I could win... I believed it.

I mean, maybe that's all winning is,
having the right person believe in you.

Don't give up on me, Sister.

Not if you want that castle.

This is the main event of the evening.
Twelve rounds for...

the Heavyweight Championship
of the State of California.

The challenger in
the blue corner to my left,

wearing white trunks with gold stripes,
from Sacramento, California,

at 185, Clarence "Kid" Cody.

In the red corner,
wearing gold trunks,

from Hawthorne, California, at 207,

the Heavyweight Champion of the State
of California, Tiger Joe Jackson.

Now you both received your
instructions in the dressing room.

Are there any questions?
Uh, no.

- Touch gloves and may the best man win.
- Get ready to take a nap, boy.

Who are you looking for, Kid?
Just a friend.

Guess he couldn't make it.
Wishing' you didn't? Go on, Kid.

Go get 'im, Cody!

- Cody, get up!
- Two, three,

four, five, six,

- seven...
- That's it.

- Come on, Cody!
- Okay. Where you at?



- Come on, Cody. That's it!
- That's the way, sweetie. Get 'im!

Come on, Cody!

Oh, no.


Look, it's a streaker.!

Helluva fight, Sam.
Right on the button.

Al, I didn't think you'd show. Are you
kidding? I would never miss a fight.

- Five, six.
- Uh-oh, I think you made him angry.

Course I made him angry.
I knocked him out...

Come on, now. Stay on the balls of your feet.
Keep your guard up and pop him with the left.

Come on. Let's go. Pop, pop, pop
with the left. Pop 'im! Pop 'im!

Pop, pop 'im again!

Downstairs! Bring his guard down!
Get 'im in the gut!

Ain't this a kick in the butt.

Where'd that come from?
God knows.

Keep it going. Hit my hand, Sam! Hit my hand!

Hit it! Hit it! Hit it!

Here come the jelly-filled, sugar-glazed
and sprinkles on top!

We won. Yes. In the eighth
round just like you predicted.

What are you talking about?
Muhammad Ali.

We bet everything we had that he'd knock
out Foreman in the eighth round in Zaire,

and he just did it a couple of
seconds ago. That's the round...

you told Edwards to bet on.

Only I didn't believe him.
How'd you know, Kid?

Well, uh, when you're fighting
for the Lord, you get inside tips.

It was fixed. It was fixed
and somehow you got wind of it.

It wasn't fixed. Then how
else would you have known?

Say I got a hunch
and had faith.

Mm. I did too.

You and me had a deal. You were
gonna go down in the first round.



I got your money.
It's just not here.

We bet all of our savings and...

the thousand dollars you gave me
to take a dive on Ali in the eighth.

Roscoe here, he owes us
a grand total of...

Forty-eight thousand dollars.

Twenty for us, 20 for Sister Angela's
chapel and eight for you, Jake.

If that's not enough,
I guess you're gonna have to kill me.



Looks to me like you owe
I and my partners here some money.

Yeah, well, okay. You take
a check? Shut your face.

Oh, look, forget about it. I'm just
kidding. I was telling a joke there.

Hey, I'm gonna go get the money. Dixie.

- Yeah?
- Hurry back.


Looks like
you're gonna get your chapel.

And, there's gonna be
a little extra.

I, um, I took the liberty of...

betting a little money,
and, well...

I am so ashamed for doubting you.

Well, that's all right, Sister.
You didn't doubt God.

But I did.

Last night in church, I gave up.

When I saw that man hit you and you fell down...

I just didn't believe in anything anymore.

But then when you got up, I saw
that you were telling me the truth,

that you were really trying to win.

At that moment, all of my faith
just came flooding back into my heart.

And I didn't care whether you won or
lost, because you were really trying.

Thank you, Cody.

Thank you for my chapel.

Thank you for giving me back
my faith.

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