Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 6 - AQUILINE - full transcript

At the Farm, the trainees learn their next task is to decide on a drone strike, which triggers Alex's memories of Simon's sacrifice. Meanwhile, Shelby and Leon's relationship reaches the ...

Previously on "Quantico"...

- You know that woman?
- Dayana Mampasi.

I know some of the others,
too. Harry Doyle, Lydia Bates,

León Velez, and Sebastian Chen.

We trained together at The Farm.

- There's a new recruit?
- Leigh Davis.

- She's a wedding planner.
- I'm with MI6.

Now look, I swear to God
you better come clean.

I saw you at the club. You
enjoyed being so close to danger.

- Didn't think you were coming.
- Oh, I wasn't.

You tried to kill yourself, didn't you?

Someone close to me
struggled with the same thing.

Only he actually did go through with it

- What do you want?
- I want those names.

Your weakness... doubt.

- Alex?
- How the hell did you get out?


What happened? We heard gunfire.

They traded the Federal Hall
hostages for one man... Eric Boyer.

Why so many people for Eric Boyer?

They didn't say.

All I did was translate their demands.

Oh, so you helped them,
then. Well, that's brilliant.

No, no. I tried.

I wanted to help the hostages.

Was Ryan part of that group?

I haven't seen Ryan for hours.

Who fired the first shot?

- One of the terrorists.
- Then why haven't they released us?

Please, lower your voices.
They're standing outside that door.

Some of us in here must matter to them.

I don't hear them. Think they left?

Of course not. They must
be planning something.

- We need to get the upper hand.
- How?

Figure out why they're keeping us.

As León said, we're here
for a reason, but what?

How are we all connected?

They could be listening to us right now.

We know they pose among us.

So, maybe as we speak,
we'll expose them.

- Why should we trust you?
- Because Alex and Ryan do.

It's a risk we have to take.

I'm Harry Doyle. I'm
MI6, Officer Rank 4.

I was part of a pilot program between
the CIA and my government last year,

but I was attached as
a British delegation

to the G20 as a security
asset from my country.


Dayana Mampasi. I'm
a lawyer for the HRF,

and I do contract work for the
government from time to time.

- So does he.
- Dayana.

Is there anyone here
who's not with the CIA?

I'm a journalist for CNN.

I'm an ambassador for UNICEF.

- I'm an event planner.
- I'm an interpreter.

That's one theory
down. Let's keep going.

León Velez. I'm a
photographer covering the G20

because the President of the
World Bank was gonna speak.

Who's next?


- We're all still here.
- I'm always with you.

Shelby and I spoke with
Miranda about Harry Doyle.

He is MI6, and the CIA
does know about him.

Yeah, but I still don't trust him.

Just because we know his secret
doesn't mean we should share ours.

He practically held us at
gunpoint that first night.

He wouldn't let us leave the
room until we told him everything.

Okay, we told him nothing,
and he let us leave.

Yes, but every day we don't fess up

is one day closer to him
telling the agency or Owen Hall.

We told him that Miranda
was out of town on business.

He gave us till the end of the week.

Which is today.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

You're five weeks into this mission,

almost a third of the way through
The Farm, and totally behind.

If Owen Hall is recruiting AIC,
he should have done it by now.

What about Leigh?

Just because she didn't plant that
bug does not mean she's in the clear.

She's too busy Internet parenting
to be plotting against America.

- Scottie keeps pushing me.
- Yeah, well, Scottie's an idiot.

Ignore him, sweet pea.

Can you do that for me?

I just wish you were here.

And Dayana?

I feel she's completely
fallen off your radar.

'Cause she hasn't done
anything this week,

I mean, besides train, sleep, and
try and make it through a little life.

If she's hiding something,
she's really good at it.

If recruits are training
together in private for the AIC,

they could forge new bonds.

Notice anyone getting cliquish?

Harry and Sebastian.

All right, stop, stop, stop, stop.
You're not planting this right foot.

This foot here, you got to plant it.

Look, you're really good at this,
but you just plant that foot,

because a proper punch, it
starts from your legs, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Since we can't talk to Harry,

maybe we try Sebastian.

They are getting closer.

Is anyone keeping a weird schedule?

- Sneaking off, doing their own thing?
- You mean like us?

León hasn't slept at the
house the last few nights.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, where
do you think you're going?

I should've left hours ago.

You always leave.

Okay, so text me later when you're
free, and maybe I'll come back.

So, we have a lot of suspects
doing a whole lot of nothing.

We also have someone riding our ass

that could blow our entire
op any time he wants,

- so what are we doing about that?
- What are you doing about that?

- You're the handlers. Handle it.
- You need to give him something.

If not the truth, a good cover story.

- He'll know it was a lie.
- Not if it is convincing.

Make it personal.

A cover that plays on a mark's
emotions makes them buy it more easily,

like when you used your daddy issues
in your cover for Alex at Quantico.

Thanks for the memory.

Just find something
about his life and use it.

Get James Blonde off your
back once and for all,

or you're done at The Farm.


You want something.

Eggs in a basket is what you made

every time you were leaving town.


Guess you thought it would take
the sting out of seeing you go.

Well, thanks to you, I have the list
of sources from the story that named me.

And wouldn't you know it,
half of them don't exist.

You think they're
aliases from the company.

And you want me to use my
security clearance to find out.

I wasn't burned. I was
taken out by our people.

That could be proof.

Next time you want something, ask.

Instead of trying to bribe me.

It didn't work then,
it doesn't work now.

Actually, I think it kind of did.

Alex, this is the third
time I've asked you.

You were supposed to come to the
media office and submit your statement.

The press might ask where you are,
and we need something to tell them.

I'm sorry. I just haven't
gotten around to it.

- Um, I'll do it right after class.
- See that you do.

Look, I know it sucks, but you
really should get that done.

I will.

All right. Listen up.

Everything we've taught you thus
far has been about your survival.

While protecting your
own life is paramount,

as an operative in the field, you might
one day have to end someone else's.

This is the MQ-9A Reaper drone,
and it is the deadliest weapon

in our unmanned aerial weapons arsenal.

Deadly force requires deliberation.

Sometimes you make the right
decision. Other times, you don't.

Either way, you have to live
with it and its consequences.

The question is, can you?

It's not always our actions, but
their aftermath that haunt us.

So today we're gonna
find out who among you

is strong enough to face themselves.


Where did you get that sat phone, Alex?

Until you answer my questions,

I'm not answering any of yours.

Trust has always been a foreign
concept to you, hasn't it, Alex?

Like truth with you.


How'd you get out of where
they were holding you?

I escaped after the hostage exchange.

Then why are you still
here and not miles away?

And risk setting off
their biological weapon?

I also happen to like my head.
I'd like to keep it on my body.

The only way I'm getting out of here
is by putting an end to the crisis,

and believe it or not, that
sat phone you have is how.

It contains the 25-character
code to a safe in Federal Hall.

In that safe are all
the encrypted hard drives

each member state of the summit
brought to New York as a show of faith.

So, you're telling me
the hostages, this attack,

the bio weapons, the First
Lady is all for computer drives?

Those drives contain
decades worth of intelligence

gathered through surveillance systems
the leaders were here to dismantle.

Classified intercepts,
clandestine operations,

millions of e-mails, text messages.

You want to get to them
before the terrorists do.

The terrorists already have them.

They're useless without someone
capable of decrypting them.

Someone like Eric Boyer?

We have to destroy the drives

before the terrorists figure
out how to decrypt them.

How do I know you're not
leading me into a trap?

You don't.

They're in this building.

I heard the First Lady talk about it.

She escaped. I was taking her back.





Trust me now?


Lead the way.

This isn't working. There's
nothing that connects us...

- except the fact that we're all here.
- We need to look deeper.

Maybe it's not why we're
here but where we've been.

I mean, do we unknowingly know
these terrorists from our past?

Where has everyone
been in the last year?

- Since The Farm?
- Yeah.

On the road the past six months.

Managua, Mexico City, Havana, Singapore.

- Freelance photography work.
- Oh, really?

No employer outside of the media has
taken you to those exciting places?

I've been landlocked. In-house counsel
for the Human Rights Foundation.

I haven't seen the
outside of a courtroom

except for two weeks vacation
I took in Bali after The Farm.

Okay, not that I see why it matters,

but I've been all over
the place the last year.

Planning the U.S. Ambassador's
wedding in Hong Kong.

I was in Maui with Reese and her family.

Jakarta for the Lunar New
Year. Want me to keep going?

I mean, I'm a human passport.

Oh, I had a layover in Brunei.

I don't know, it's a
possible connection.

I mean, I was in Phnom Penh in March.

Brunei, Jakarta, Singapore. They
were all in the sphere of Indonesia.

Maybe that's a starting point.

Maybe we should stop listening to you.

- Give him a chance.
- Why?

I know Harry Doyle
better than anyone here,

and I know he'd manipulate a situation
to serve himself any chance he got.

If anyone's a terrorist
hiding amongst us, it's him.

What you're all doing right now

is giving him reason to kill you.

I missed you, Alex.

Yeah, well, that makes one of us.

Still bitter over being kicked out?

I wasn't kicked out,
Lydia. You threw me out.

I don't regret what I had to do.

Why would you?

With me gone, your
prize pupil rose fast.

Ryan made his own choices.

My father, on the other hand,
didn't have a say, did he?

- I tried to apologize for that.
- Try it in person next time.

Federal prisons allow
visitors once a month.


The decision to launch a drone
strike in order to kill an HVI,

or High Value Individual, is
not one to be taken lightly.

Before a strike, CIA protocols dictate

that seven criteria must be satisfied.

To that end, each team will examine

one of these criteria and decide if
a drone strike should be authorized.

All seven teams must agree

in order for the strike to proceed.

This case was active in 2011,
so let's travel back in time

to before the destruction of Aleppo.

First question... is there
legal basis for the strike?

So, our HVI does not reside or operate

in a NATO treaty country, and
the target's crimes include

the execution of American journalists.

This qualifies as legal basis.

Is the target an imminent threat?

I saw you this morning in the kitchen

Skyping with your son.
This must be hard for you.

My parents are surgeons.

From them, I learned how to
focus on the task in front of me

so I can focus on home when I'm home.

Question three... will there be
minimal non-combatant casualties?

So, Nasser's pattern of life activity

suggests he's rarely near civilians.

I think there'd be next to no
casualties outside of our target.

- Hey.
- Yes?

So, I heard you still haven't given
your statement to the media office.

Sorry, I haven't gotten around to it.

We need to give the press something,
in case they ask where you are.

You risk being exposed, and
I'd hate to see you leave

when you're finally starting
to come into your own here.

Four... after communications
with military forces in the area,

you must determine, is on
the ground capture impossible?

That would be a big fat yes.

His compound is too well protected.

It's a, uh... a locked box.

Not unlike my good
friend Ryan here, huh?

- Now's not the time.
- Oh, really? Not the time?

Should I get my calendar open?

Maybe I can find something a
little more convenient for us both.

Yeah, well, you of all
people should understand

the meaning of need to know,
and you don't need to know.

Not yet.

I'll tell you what I can when
I have the clearance to do so.

Now lay off.

Will weather permit the
drone to deliver its payload?

Clouds, rain, snow, they all can obscure

our weapons-sighting
systems and cause a misfire.

The weather in Aleppo is optimal.

Average wind speeds
are 4 miles per hour,

cloud cover 39%, 10 hours of daylight.

We can sign off.

My background research
on Nasser's a little thin.

Nil, actually.

I couldn't finish it because
I was occupied all weekend.

Not a fan of cheating.

Oh, she and I are both single.

Promise there's no cheating.

I'll help you this time.

Next time you fall behind, it's on you.

Six... is there enough confidence

in the relevant government
that they will not

or cannot retaliate?

Intelligence indicates
the Syrian government

does not have the ability to retaliate

against U.S.-backed forces in the area.

Good work, Sebastian.

Is a drone strike the only option?

U.S. special operations
forces are in the area,

but only in an advisory capacity.

We can't get him. Drones can.

It's our only option.

Very good. Thank you, team.

You know, I'd steer clear of the,
uh, Artful Dodger if I were you.

I'm not trying to play
peacekeeper or anything,

but there's more to him than you know.

Oh, I know. Trust me.

What I mean is the whole Artful
Dodger thing, it's just his bluster.

He's had pain in his life...
real pain, like everyone.

Sure he didn't just give
you some story to play you?

He's the kind of guy that'd
do that sort of thing.

No one would lie about suicide.

Family member?

His boyfriend.

You know that personal
detail from Harry's past

we've been looking for
to create a cover story?

I just found it.

MI6 has done nothing but tell us Harry
Doyle is an officer in their ranks.

I can't even find proof
that he exists beyond that.

They have covered his
tracks nice and good.


Did I tell you you
could look at my phone?

I have a license to snoop.

Oh, well, not without a warrant.

Is he here for the ceremony?

Oh, maybe that's him.

It's Ryan. He found something.

Finally something to work with.

You seem to have made a
unanimous decision to strike.

Well, I have no doubt you all feel

incredibly confident
in your answers, but...

what happens away from the desks?

You go home.

You turn on the news, and you
see what your report has wrought.

Why feel guilty if
the target was guilty?

Sometimes you make a mistake.

Sometimes the powers that be slant
intel to justify their intentions,

but, you know, you're
using the wrong tense.

Question should be,
is the target guilty?

We never got Nasser in 2011.

He went underground.

And after the bombings in
the Philippines last year,

we found him again, so...

leaving immediately, we'll be going
to the Drone Command Center at Langley,

where you will be making the
actual decision to strike.

That is a live POV from the ball,

the onboard nose camera
of the MQ-9A Reaper drone,

in flight and on its way
to the target in Aleppo.

This was launched from a classified
partner air base in the region.

The CIA techs you see are working
in conjunction with drone pilots,

out of Creech Air Force Base in
Nevada, to execute this strike.

Do we kill a man today or not?

Red light or green light. You decide.

The window to execute the
strike closes in 22 minutes.

Now that you know that it's not a drill,

re-evaluate the criteria
and make the true call.

Today, someone's life is in your hands.


How do you know what
happened to me today?

- Do you know where we're going?
- I speak Swahili.

I overheard the
terrorists talking in ab...

Help me.


Put your head down.

Careful. Don't move.

So, Saint Sebastian
thinks I'm a terrorist.

- What proof have you got?
- Did you or did you not...

spend your time at The Farm as an
undercover agent for a foreign power?

So what? Everyone knows that. It was
sanctioned by the Director of the CIA.

Yeah, but you successfully kept
it from all of us there with you.

Good. That was the point.

No, the point is who knows what you're
successfully keeping from us now?

Who knows what anyone's
keeping from anyone?

You're as much a suspect as I am.

I'm not a killer.

- I've never killed anyone.
- No, you almost killed me once.

Who knows what you've done since then?

Okay, that's enough.

Hey, I'd back down if you don't
want the spotlight on you next.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, he's right.

Apart from me and him, you have whole
areas of your life unaccounted for.

Oh, they're accounted for.
Just maybe not accurately.

This coming from a man

who spent a decade as a
voluntary witness for murder.

I record history, I don't make it.

You think that clicking the shutter

is any less of a crime
than pulling the trigger?

You let people die in front of you,

and you did nothing to stop it.

Hey. You're supposed to be
trying to stop these terrorists.

Not tear each other apart.

She's right. Whatever your
issues with each other are,

they're not helping us
solve our problems now.

And why should we listen to you?
None of us even know who you are.

The only people who did have been
taken out of here to who knows where.

Why are you here, Sebastian?

Everyone else has said why, but not you.

This has got to be tough on you.

Especially given the timing.

I'm fine.

Given my statement and everything.

All right, you have 17 minutes.

Does the target live or die?

Hey, I think I found something
to create a cover story.

It's from the Williamsburg Gazette.

Three years ago, there was an
apparent suicide at Camp Peary.

They don't say if it was an
employee, recruit, or a soldier.

It doesn't matter. We can use it.

Caleb again.

Good timing.

I just got clearance to talk to you.

Where, here?

As good a place as any.

Okay, well, I'm all ears.

Truly, and also.

What do you think happens when
there's a death at The Farm?

I guess they plant the
bodies at a social club

and get the recruits to play clean up.

The FBI investigates. We police the CIA.

But sometimes the CIA doesn't like that.

Three years ago, a
recruit killed himself.

The Bureau suspected foul
play, but got shut out.

And that's why we're here.

To find out what
happened and get justice.

Well, that's good.

Justice, yeah. That's important.

Good friend of mine killed
himself a few years back,

and that suicide haunts
me to this very day,

so I feel sympathy for you
and your quest for justice.

At least that's how
this was meant to go.

Right? That's what
you was hoping I'd say.

If you're gonna use my
past to manipulate me,

make sure it's not a story I made
up to manipulate someone else.

Strike two.

Try again, Ryan.

You miss the next one, and you're out.

Let's go back inside, shall we?

Our answer stands.

There's no viable
alternative to a strike,

so Owen's getting a yes from our team.

Yeah. We agree.

The Syrian government
will not retaliate.

Leigh, no phones, remember?

We support the strike.

Well, you're not gonna
get a yes from my team.

The target is not an imminent threat.

He hasn't been directly
linked to anything

since the bombing in Manila last year,

and even that evidence is shaky.

But he has been indirectly
linked to many things.

I vetted the entire scenario,

and it will stand up to legal scrutiny.

- It's a yes from us.
- What about moral scrutiny?

- Can we really live with this?
- Well, we could an hour ago.

All the relevant criteria still
points to a yes. Nothing's changed.

But things have changed.
This isn't academic anymore.

This is real.

We can't afford to make a mistake.

I assume no one's made a mistake before.

Yeah. Seems open and shut to me.

Owen said the powers that be sometimes
slant intel to justify their reasons.

How do we know Nasser's as
guilty as we've been told?

We didn't conduct this investigation.

We have whatever the
CIA's given us on paper.

We can't be sure of anything.

This paper tells a
pretty dark tale, okay?

So, it's a yes vote
from my group, as well.

We're talking about a human life here.

Yeah, of a dangerous man, a murderer.

Is this about Nasser, or our
feelings on the death penalty?

Because while I don't believe in it,
that doesn't matter in this scenario.

I'm just saying we don't
have enough information.

Now that we're actually talking
about whether or not to kill someone,

- I have to agree with Alex.
- Sure you do, Saint Sebastian.

This isn't about faith.

I know it isn't because I was
raised Catholic just like you were,

and I believe God would
want this man dead.

You don't speak for God.

You shouldn't even have a voice in this
conversation. You didn't do the work.

Okay. So, it's a no from
me, Sebastian, and Leigh.

The strike isn't gonna
happen. We're just not ready.

What do you think you're doing?

You think drumming up no votes
is gonna advance our mission here?

The AIC recruits assassins.

I'm going with my conscience, Ryan.

I know this is probably easier
for you. You were a soldier.

You think killing doesn't weigh on me?

Taking a life is never easy.

But this isn't about
morality. This is about duty.

Look, I know you're upset, okay?

I know that today is also
not just about this scenario.

- But try not to bring that into this.
- How can I not?

Because it's been a year.

Because it's our job and because
saving that man won't bring back Simon.

The drives are in there.

Hand me the phone. I'll input the code.

Time to put an end to this.

Is this how it's always gonna be?

On pins and needles waiting
for them to report back?

It reminds me of the agony of waiting

to swap out with Raina
when we were undercover.

Do you miss working with her?

We were so close.

We had, like, a sixth
sense about each other.

But now I can't even help her through
the pain she must be feeling today,

the anniversary of losing
the man she deeply loved.

Wait, are you not speaking?

We do, but it's not the same.

I'm a reminder of all that pain.

I know you're hurting.

I am, too.

Is that why you've been
avoiding Caleb today?

I called Miranda.

She told me you were
invited to the ceremony.

Claire Haas made sure of it
herself, and you didn't go.

There's a lot of reasons
that I am avoiding Caleb.

They don't have to do with Claire.

Do they have to do with León Velez?

Because his cellphone number is saved
under Caleb's name in your phone.

I'm a snoop.

I told you.

I watched you key in your code,

and I looked at your phone
when you went to the restroom.

I have only four yes votes. I need
a consensus, and I need it now.

Request permission to sparkle
once we get PID of the truck.

I see the vehicle.

Permission to sparkle affirmative.

We are live and ready. Are you?

We still have three minutes to decide.

There's no reason to cut it close.

Yes, there is. There's a
man's life on the table.

There's every reason.

Leigh, have you changed your mind?

I wish I could say yes, but I can't.

I prefer a clean conscience.

Unless someone can give me
incontrovertible evidence

that this man is a terrorist instead
of just conjecture and intuition,

then I'm gonna have to keep with my no.

And if this man lives
and brings more violence

to his people, to your doorstep,
to your children, Leigh,

will you regret that?

You're right. You're right.

This isn't about conscience.

If the law's on our side, I vote yes.

Systems ready.

Standing by for your go order.

Come on, Sebastian,
what are you waiting for?

God to say it's okay?

If you were standing by
that target right now,

you'd be setting up a tripod
instead of warning anyone.

And you'd be sitting
here using your religion

to make a choice for you because
you can't make it yourself.

Much like I imagine you've done
in other aspects of your life.

Isn't that right, Harry?

It is one thing for
you to make fun of me,

but to bring other people
into it as if it's fact.

Yeah, okay, well,
that's not what I said.

No, once and for all,
Harry, I'm not gay.

I never was, I never will be.

And just 'cause I'm the
first man you met in your life

that didn't drop on all
fours after meeting you

doesn't give you the right
to assassinate my character.

I vote yes.

The guy's guilty.

90 seconds to target.

Alex, we all know what today is for you.

Anyone with access
to the Internet knows.

But don't make this about
what happened to your friends.

Make this about guaranteeing
another day like that

doesn't happen to the people of Syria.

Do the right thing, like
you did a year ago today.

Of course you'd have a hard time
making a choice like this today.

Another life taken a year to the day?

Look, Alex... maybe you
should recuse yourself.

Owen would understand.

I just don't want to say yes
without all the information.

Well, you never have
all the information.

There's no way to. You
have to go on instinct.

I have that.

I just don't have it here.

It has to be unanimous, doesn't it?

If you're not feeling
it, then I'm not, either.

Look, unlike the rest of them,
we're actual agents, aren't we?

Well, I'm an officer.

But the point is if a
fellow officer said to me

she felt her instincts were
saying this was the wrong call,

I would trust her on that.

- Okay.
- What?

I change my vote, too.

- Don't do it for me.
- This is what we do.

We get information,
we weigh the options,

we talk about it, and decide.

We're not lone gunmen. We're a team.

- And I'm on your side.
- Yeah. So am I.

It's a no.

10 seconds until target is in range.

So, that's it? What
happens now? Is it over?

Of course not.

- Do it.
- Yes, sir.

Reaper, you are free to engage.

Three, two, one.

Confirmed. Target is neutralized.


These need to be destroyed.

No, we have more leverage
if we hold on to them.

We can use them to negotiate
for the other hostages.

No, we can't. These are too valuable.

They have to be destroyed.

What is that?

What is it?!

That's a remote control for the collars.

I stole it off the terrorist I killed.

I had to convince you I was a victim.

You can put the gun down now.

You only have one round left.

Are you really going to risk it?

Yeah, Sebastian, we all told the truth.

What about you?

I don't want to give them
anything they can use against me.

You could be one. Anyone could be.

- What are you hiding, Sebastian?
- Nothing.

No? Then why are you here, huh?

- Why are you here?
- I'm here with my wife, okay?

I'm her guest.

You're here with your wife? Why
was that such a big deal to say?

I guess it wasn't.

We need to keep looking
for the connection.

Harry in Phnom Penh, Dayana in Brunei,

me in Surabaya, but we're
not getting any closer.

- You said Jakarta.
- Right.

Jakarta, but I connected
through Surabaya.

- _
- What? No!

Oh, my God, no!

Where are you taking me?!

No! Harry!


So, that's why you
were late this morning.

That's what you've been
doing the whole week.

Sleeping with the man
who could get you fired.


Why compromise the
entire mission for sex?

You don't get it.

I don't.

He doesn't know me, Nimah.

He thinks that my
parents are still alive,

that I have a sister I'm close to,

an ex that I stayed friends with,

a simple job in a small town

where no one died and I
didn't make terrible decisions

that I'm gonna have
to live with forever.

When you and your
sister played each other,

you got to escape.

I have never been able
to escape anything.

Damn it.

How close did you get?

Does he trust you?

I don't know. I mean, we don't
talk that much, but I think so.

Did he give you his real name,
where he lives, where he's been?

Yes, he did.

Maybe you can get somewhere with him.

What if I talked to Miranda
about you going undercover?

Are you serious?

You might just be the break we've
been waiting for in our case.

Being an operative means
living with pain you cause.

I don't mean hurting someone's feelings.

I mean taking a life.

Betraying a friend.

Breaking a heart.

Pain doesn't know right and wrong.

It lives with you regardless.

I know you had doubts
today. I know you faltered.

But I want you all to know the
target that was killed was guilty.

There was no doubt.

Then why tell us you weren't sure?

It's easy to live with a righteous kill.

But making that same
decision with uncertainty

is what makes you worthy of the CIA.

We killed a man today.

- Yeah, a man who deserved it.
- That was this time.

- But next time?
- I've had to do worse.

So will you if you stay here.

He's right.

Haven't you noticed?

The lessons are getting
harder, not easier.

And you're okay with that?

With what the CIA's doing here?

Training people to kill
and just be okay with it.

I like reading my kids bedtime stories

about princesses fighting
monsters and saving their kingdoms.

I don't want to be that monster.

You're not.

You're the princess that fights them.

How do you know?

How can you be sure?

Peace offering?

- It's good whisky.
- Yeah? Penderyn.

It's about the only nice
thing to come out of Wales.


You and Alex today, I
totally respect that.

You don't see passion and
purpose in most people these days,

and what I said to Alex is true.

As officers, we may not
always have all the facts,

but we do always have intuition.

When you do it enough, you can
channel all of your pain into it.

A mistake today stops
you making it tomorrow.

And... death teaches you
the weight of that mistake.

Look, Ryan...

whatever you and Alex are into here,

I'm not gonna stand in your way.

Okay? Just consider that
professional courtesy

from one undercover agent to another.

Thank you.

Well, when I said I
wouldn't stand in your way,

I didn't mean I wouldn't
find out. I do outclass you,

so my people are going straight
to your boss, but on the flip side,

at least you won't be
responsible for telling me.

Alex must be feeling
particularly down after today.

She should be with someone she loves.

And what makes you think she loves me?

Go on.

I'll cover for you.

You're one of them.

I knew you wouldn't believe
me if I tried to explain.

I'm CIA.

I have a duty to secure these hard
drives instead of destroying them.

It's a matter of national security.

I'm so glad I didn't become who you are.

But the next time I see
you, I will kill you.

You won't see me again.

Goodbye, Alex.

They weren't CIA aliases.

I'm sorry, but at least now you know.

You're lying.

You found those aliases in the database.

You know who they belong to,
yet you're keeping them from me.

I've given these people my life.

I've spent 15 years making them
the perfect soldiers they asked for,

and I do it because this is the
closest I can get to what I want,

to what I lost.

So if you know right now
that what I've been doing here

is a carefully curated falsehood,

- I'd appre...
- You need to drop this!

- For your own good.
- I don't need protecting.

I need answers.

And if it happened another
way, I want justice.

You think just because you
teach everyone what to do

you'd survive a day out there?

What's your cover?

A tenured professor? A widowed judge?

Where's that going to get you in
Bangladesh, in Egypt, in Syria?

No matter what information I give
you, the answer will be the same.

Your field career is over,

and everyone at the
CIA knows it but you.

All this time away from the field,

I thought you'd have
learned perspective.

And I'm right here in front of you,

and all you can focus on are
the dreams that didn't come true.

I'm sorry.

I was so focused on today's scenario

that I lost sight of how
much you were going through.

And that focus was my way of not
feeling the pain of last year.

Maybe I need to forget.

Move past it.

It's not going away.

And we need to honor that, honor him.

Are you ready?

What is this ceremony called?

An unveiling.

A year to the day of
death in the Jewish faith,

the tombstone is inscribed.

And what are those?

It's tradition to place
a rock on a headstone.

It's a symbol of the lasting presence
of the deceased's life and memory.

Tradition also states that those closest
should recite the Mourner's Kaddish.

But we don't have 10
people for a minyan.

I won't tell if you don't.

Can you do it?

Yit'gadal v'yit'kadash

sh'mei raba b'al'ma di v'ra khir'utei.

V'yam'likh mal'khutei
b'chayeikhon uv'yomeikhon,

uv'chayei d'khol beit yis'ra'eil,

ba'agala uviz'man kariv v'im'ru, amein.

Y'hei sh'mei raba m'varakh

l'alam ul'al'mei al'maya.

Yit'barakh v'yish'tabach
v'yit'pa'ar v'yit'romam

v'yit'nasei v'yit'hadar

v'yit'aleh v'yit'halal sh'mei

d'kud'sha B'rikh hu.

l'eila min kol bir'khata v'shirata,

toosh'b'chatah v'nechematah,

da'ameeran b'al'mah, v'eemru, amein.


The story I told you,
it wasn't a story, okay?

I only told Ryan that because,
well, it's none of his business.

I'm sorry if I made
you feel uncomfortable.

I wouldn't want to do
that to anyone, ever.

I don't care.

Leigh. Leigh, are you okay?

What happened?

They just asked me questions about
where I've been for the last year.

I told them I was only in
Surabaya my way to Jakarta.

I don't know why they cared.

What's that sound?

- No, no, no, no, no!
- Oh, my God.


Raina, I was in Surabaya.
I don't want to die.

Don't worry.

I promise to stay with you.

Where are you taking us?

Harry! Help me!


Oh, my God!

I'm with you. I'm with you.


No, no!

You were right.

Dayana may be one of them.

Thank you. Your plan worked.