Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 4 - Kubark - full transcript

The recruits go through a training drill to test their stress levels; Alex attempts to gain information and get close to Owen; in the future, the terrorists make a demand that could possibly end the stand-off.

- Previously on "Quantico"...
- Why is there interference?

There's already a bug in there.

I hope you don't mind, but I sleep naked.

Hope you don't mind. I pray.

It was a blessing you got benched.

That someone probably leaked your name

to make sure you never screwed up again.

I'm in. Tell me what I do next.

"We are the Citizen's Liberation Front.

We've taken control
of a five-block radius

in lower Manhattan."

Six months ago,
after you shut down the op,

- I wrote a report.
- This is your president.

I'm ordering a full pardon of Eric Boyer.

Alex is alive.

How you doing? You okay?

Don't talk to me.

You're still mad at me.

Not another sound.

Not another word.

Another hour, another move of hostages.

We shouldn't be wasting our
time hunting one person.

1,700 Federal Hall hostages need food.

Food? Are you kidding me?

We have to cut the dead weight,
or we'll never succeed.

Forget everything
you think you know

about these terrorists.

Don't even call them terrorists.

Think of them like actors,

and everything you're seeing
since they took the G20 hostage

over four hours ago is a play.

These are rogue intelligence operatives.

Their tactics and M.O. match a group

that several FBI agents tried
to infiltrate last year.

It is too close to be a coincidence.

And if this is a group
that we called the AIC,

then these people have a goal,

and I don't know what that is yet,

but I do know this...

Everything that they do is a distraction.

They're broadcasting again.

In one hour's time,

the Citizen's Liberation Front

will be prepared to trade 1,667 hostages

in exchange...

for the delivery of
Eric Boyer to their custody.

Why would they want a hacker?

What part in the play is this?

They wanted Boyer the moment
the president pardoned him.

They didn't ask for him
just for him to be pardoned.

This doesn't make sense.


and this crisis will soon be over.

Resist, and more blood will spill.

What will you choose?

These are my
agents who are in danger.

Look, we can't end this mission

just because you found
this bug in Alex's room.

Yes, it's CIA. No, I can't trace it.

But, for all we know,
it could be Owen Hall

on behalf of a faction.

We're not calling it a
faction anymore, sir.

We call it the AIC.

Owen is most likely
recruiting new AIC members

from your class as we speak,

and this could be his
way of vetting them.

Give me one reason... One reason...

Why I shouldn't just roll
this thing up right now.

Sylvia Erlich.

She was a young operative

working out of the Berlin station.

We suspected that
she was selling secrets

to Russian Intelligence,

so I had people watching her,

gathering facts, building a case,

until last Friday,
when she took her own life.

At least, that's
what we told her family.

Her suicide was staged by professionals

using techniques you're
gonna learn at The Farm.

A CIA operative was murdered by
people inside our own Agency,

people we trained not 10 miles
from where we're standing.

If we don't find these vigilantes

who've infected the Agency
and stop them before long,

they will become the Agency.

Well, we didn't sign up for this

because we thought it would be easy.

What's the countermission?

There is no countermission.

This week, you lay low.

Let this bug thing blow over
while we do some research.

I don't want to lose momentum.

And I don't want to lose my agents,

like you lost yours in Berlin.

You lay low. And no slipups.

One false move at The Farm

could be the difference
between life and death.


You're still on the phone.

You've been in here half an hour, man.

Sorry, Mommy. Sorry, Daddy.

Harry needs to take a shower now.

Listen. Do you want to
take a shower together

and conserve the water?

Why are you even calling me?

I notified the firm. I'm on leave.

Your witness is
recanting her testimony.

Recanting her testimony?!

She can't do that.

She's Mr. Mbuinga's only alibi
from the night of the attack.

- We have her deposition!
- They claim you falsified...

So, this is what you've
been up all night

- worrying about?
- I could get disbarred!


Just put me on with the New York office.


Alex, I don't think
it's smart if we're...

It'd be more suspicious if we don't.


Well, if we get caught,

just pretend I told a joke or something.

Or you could actually tell me a joke.

Booth, sign for this.

Thank you.

What's that?

Department of Justice..

See you in class, Parrish.


Are the monitors all charged?

They're paired with the system,
and your notes are ready.

We're good to go.

You are never this pleasant
unless there's a reason.

It's called adaptation.

Once I realized I was stuck here,

I figured I should find the bright side.

But if you'd rather fight the whole time,

I'd be happy to oblige.

Let's look at our
Murder Board standings.

Don't feel bad.

Someone's got to be
in last place. Why not you?

Because I was two
spots higher yesterday.

What happened overnight?

At the bottom twice. Shouldn't I be cut?

Ask the man behind the
curtain. It's his call.

But I'd move up fast, or you're out.

All right.

Who can tell me what those are?

- Vital signs?
- No.

They're emotions.

My emotions.

Tension, dread, fear...

These are things that can be measured.

With practice, they
can also be controlled.

A border guard catches you in a lie.

An asset calls your bluff.

A surveillance team shakes your cage.

Being able not just to
conceal signs of stress,

but to avoid feeling them
in the first place...

That is integral to being an operative.

That little piece of
government-engineered plastic

on the desk in front of you
is a window to your soul.

Green, yellow, red.

Your multitude of indicators

boil down to three simple
colors we'll measure today.

The challenge... To stay green

in the most tense of situations.

Just how much do these
little things measure?

Well, they didn't say anything
about late-night wrist movements,

so I think you're in the clear.

I like stress. I feed off it.

Researchers at UC San Diego

invited elite Marines, Olympians, and me

to undergo stress tests in 2011,

and I beat all of them.

Malcolm Gladwell used
me for his latest book.

Okay, now you are stressing me out.

I don't know, man.
This feels like Big Brother to me.

If you're feeling paranoid,
Alex, you should be,

because I am after you.

All of you.

I'm gonna rattle each
and every one of you

and measure the results.

I'm gonna learn your vulnerabilities

and show you how to turn
them into strengths...

'cause, even though we
all have our weaknesses,

it all comes down to fear.

Conquer that, and no one can conquer you.

My turn. I'll watch her.

In Swahili.


You speak Swahili?

I've just been listening.

I took a chance. Are you okay?

- Yes. I'm okay.
- Okay.

They took Ryan. I don't know where.

I'll find him. I promise.

The terrorists... They haven't killed us.

They threaten to, but don't.

I know.

What about the people
left in Federal Hall?

- Are they still alive?
- Yes.

But the terrorists don't
seem to be interested

in anyone else but you and
the 100 people with you.

112 so far. I've counted.

But all the world leaders from the summit

are in Federal Hall.

They don't want them. Why?

I'm not sure.

Sit down.

All I know is, the hostages
from Federal Hall

are getting too much
for the terrorists to handle,

which is why they want to
trade them all for Boyer.

You can't let that happen, Raina.

But that's almost 1,700 hostages.

- You don't want them rescued?
- Of course I do.

But whatever they want Boyer for

has got to be much worse, right?

These 1,700 people are their
weakness, their stress point.

The longer we can force
them to hold onto them,

the weaker they get,

and the better our chances
are at stopping them.

Eric Boyer can't get inside.

Why are they speaking Swahili?

I think they're using it

to hide that they come
from different places.

I think so, too.

Why do they keep moving you around?

Because they're hiding among us.

Like a game of three-card Monte.

This is how Ryan calls it.

They're confusing us so
they can swap in and out

without us noticing it.

I couldn't even tell you
how many they are.

I counted 23 on the floor. Killed 2.

Half of them could be posing as hostages.

That is why this trade
can't happen, Raina.

This is just posturing.

They're begging the FBI

to take these hostages off their hands

because they're dead weight.

They're slowing them down.

Look at these terrorists.

Look at their planning.
Look at their preparation.

Look at their skills.

Whatever they want,
we can't give it to them.

What can I do?

Get them to include you in the trade,

to speak for them so they
don't get voiceprinted.

Then give the FBI an abort code,

something only Miranda would understand.

Um... tell her it's like the
boiler room down here.

- You remember?
- Yes.

Where she found Liam's decoy
bomb after Grand Central.

A fake threat luring us into real danger.


But, without Ryan, I'm scared.

Find Lydia Hall.

We don't get along, but she's
very good at what she does.

She'll get you through this, okay?

- Okay.
- You got this.


Of course we make the trade.

Why is this even up for debate?

Trades require trust.

They threw theirs away when
they murdered the First Lady

on national television.

They upped the ante with 1,667 hostages.

I think they earned a second chance.

And you think the AIC will
actually go through with it?

Agent Wyatt, you studied these
people. What do you think?

I think they have been steps ahead of us

since this crisis began,

and if you think this trade

doesn't play into their end game,

then you are not paying attention.

Make the trade. Decrease their leverage.

That's the play.

This hostage exchange

gets us eyes inside the
perimeter for the first time.

And if we find out they're lying,

then we're that much closer

to knowing who we're dealing with.


I'm right.

Get the mobile command center rolling.

What about Boyer? Do we have eyes on him?

Since the second he was pardoned.

He arrived at LaGuardia an hour ago.

Now he's in Queens looking at apartments.

It's like he knew this was gonna happen.

He's a free man.

How are you gonna get
him to turn himself in

to a group of terrorists?

Let's find out.

Controlling stress reactions

starts with establishing your base line.

Now, this is you at
your stress-free best.

If you want to make him crack,

ask him about all those
secret phone calls

he makes from the pisser.

Then we throw some common
stressors into the mix

to see how far they move the needle.

Did you see me up there?
Cool as a cucumber.

So, I guess there's
nothing on your mind.

Not even that special delivery?

You do you, I'll do me.

Underreacting is just
as bad as overreacting.

The key, as always, is balance.

Your heart rate will go down
if you actually breathe.

I'm being subpoenaed for a
mistake I know I didn't make.

Well, nothing you can do about it here.

That's exactly what I'm worried about.

Why is the infirmary needing
me for another blood test?

I mean, what are they looking for?

Is it hepatitis? Syphilis?

Look, can I just go to my own doctor?

I've got a really good doctor.
He's very cool.

Our infirmary, tomorrow.

That's all you need to know.

Hang on.

There was in incident at
Cefereso... an escape.


I'm the reason he went to prison.

- If he finds me, he's gonna...
- No.

We got people working with the
Policiá Federal as we speak.

They'll catch him.

Okay. So, we're done with these, right?

Who said you
could take those off?

Isn't the test over?

The test is never over.

Hang on.

We're not gonna be wearing these
fascist little flibberty-bits

for the next five months, are we?

Nope. Just this afternoon...

at Langley.

Wait. Langley? Does that
mean we can get dressed up?

Because I'm tired of pants.

Well, we want you looking
your best as you rub elbows

with some of the most accomplished

former and current
case officers at the CIA.

They like to meet the new kids,
kick the tires, find the lemons.

And I take their feedback very
seriously, and so should you.

Ruffle the wrong feathers
or fail to impress,

you might find yourself chained to a desk

for the rest of your careers.

Stressful situations, stress monitors.

- I get it.
- You'd better.

If anyone hits red,
they don't even get the desk.

They just go home.

And, hey, I will be watching you.

Ryan, these dishes aren't
gonna wash themselves.

Can we make it quick?

Yeah. I have an idea.

A dangerous one, it looks like.

This is the idea, these monitors.

Look, I know we're supposed
to lay low for a while,

but Owen just gave us a gift,
and he doesn't even know it...

A countermission no one
could have planned for.

I'm listening.

Mr. Boyer.

Miranda Shaw, FBI. Come with me.

Nice try, but I'm a free man now.

You can't touch me.

You're right.

I'm sorry.

You're under arrest.

For what?!

I got a presidential pardon, remember?

That was before you jaywalked.

What? Are you kidding me?!

Has anyone heard of the Fourth Amendment?

You gonna let her arrest me?

She's my boss, and I like my job.

What do you want from me?

Mr. Boyer, you have the power
to save thousands of lives.

But that's only if you trade yourself in

to the terrorists that
are holding them hostage.

That's gonna be a hard pass.

I think you'll change your
mind once I make my case.

Stay here.

You didn't live up to
your end of the bargain.

You're one of them?

Consider me a representative.

You knew what
you were supposed to do,

and you didn't do it.

And so now I'm going to have
to turn you over to them,

which we both know is
going to be far worse.

If you do, it's suicide.

Not for me.

He agreed.

Babysit him. I'm phoning it in.

Since I might be dead in a couple hours,

I'd like to take this
moment to apologize to you.

For hacking more dangerous,
highly classified Intel

than the Panama Papers
and WikiLeaks combined?

For hacking McGregor-Wyatt in 2012.

Great system. I enjoyed the challenge.

I swear I didn't read any
of your personal messages,

but if I make it into
that building alive,

you might want to.

Let's go.

Nice to see a familiar face.

No, we've never met.

Lydia Hall.

You also know Alex Parrish, don't you?

We've... crossed paths.

So did we. Just 10 minutes ago.

She's here, fighting back against them.

They're preparing for an exchange...

The Federal Hall hostages for Eric Boyer.

Alex wants to sabotage it...

cripple the terrorists
and stop what comes next.

If you want to cripple them,

take away the leverage all
the hostages give them.

That's not what Alex thinks.

She's not a government agent.

I am.

But I know Alex.

I don't know you.

You knew Simon Asher.

You know he and Alex made many mistakes

along the way to saving the day,

including not turning to
the authorities for help.

We need to save as many
people as possible right now

and figure out the rest after.

Clearly, Alex told you
you could trust me.

Trust me.

Remember, I'm gonna be
able to see everything you feel,

so stay in control and
don't go into the red,

no matter who you talk
to or what they say.

I'll see you guys later. Thank you.

Easy scenario for you.

A bunch of desk jockeys

who want to meet the
woman who saved the world.

No stress there.

Good thing we have a countermission

to keep things more interesting.

Check it out.

Next-gen handheld cell tower simulator...

courtesy of our guardian angel.

Well, I'll give him one thing...
The CIA's got cooler toys.

- That they do.
- How's it work?

I get close enough to Owen,

and his phone thinks that
mine's a local cell tower.

It gathers all its data,

and soon enough, we
have his phone cloned.

And everything he's got
on the stress monitor.


I just have to stay close enough
for the cloning to complete.

And you have to make our fellow
recruits very uncomfortable.

Ask them about the AIC
as indirectly as you can.

- I'll record every word.
- Okay.

And, once you get his phone,

we'll see who spikes when I prod them.



We're good at this.

You seem surprised.

My father's been chatting up

some very interesting
friends here tonight...

Stoller, Lufkin, Laveriere.

In counterintelligence.

I thought it was odd
he changed the scenario

to bring the class here tonight.

Now you know why. He's digging.

We don't know that he's digging.

Don't be hard on yourself.

Every lawyer makes mistakes.

But I didn't.

I mean, at least I don't think

I would have falsified testimony.

Worst case... You're disbarred.

But you've left the law
behind. Who cares?

Look, if you want to fight this,
the Agency will support you.

I promise.

You may have to ride
a desk until it's over.

But that could take years.

Like I said, we'll support you.

Two years on the Mexico desk.

I've never even met a man who
came out of Cefereso alive.

Did you hear about Anaya?

I did.

The Federales will grab him.

The Federales let him go.

Obviously, he made some sort of deal.

What? Did you hear he escaped?

Who escapes Cefereso?

So, about that next drink...

I'll get it for you. Excuse me.

Bad night.

- And getting worse.
- Don't let it get to you.

Back when I EOD'd, you could be gay.

You just had to keep your head down.

Now they're recruiting us.

You know, I can think of
someone who's zero feet away.


No, I'm just making a little
timeline for myself...

Who, when, where, and how far did I go.

That's quite a chat history.

You know the Agency covers PrEP now.

Yeah. I know firsthand.

But, just in case I skipped
a dose, I'm making a list.

Ooh. You look stressed.

- I just have a lot on my mind.
- Yeah.

Well, I've already charmed
half of Langley

with a career's worth of
cocktail-party chatter,

and I'm still green as a solar farm.

You better keep up, or you'll look bad.

I'll try and remember that.

Hey, Owen. Um...

This hard for you, too?

You know... Your prize recruits
under the microscope.

If we fail, you fail.

You should worry less about
me and more about you.

Bottom of the Murder
Board, poor attitude.

Listen, excuse me.


I'm just curious what I can do better.


Any pointers?

I see what you're doing.

You do?

You're hanging around me, no spikes.

I'm your teacher, you
know me, I'm harmless,

and you're good with teachers,
aren't you, Alex?

But I don't play on
that side of the pool.

Not with my recruits.

And if you don't start doing better,
next cut, you're out.

For every 10 hostages you release,

we'll take one foot forward with Boyer.

When all the hostages have been freed,

we'll fall back and leave
Boyer in your custody.

Come on, Raina.

Don't do it, Raina.

Let's begin.

This way! Come on, people. This way.

So far, so good.

Let's go. This way.

- Right through here.
- Release the next 10,

and we will take a step forward.

We're at 1,250.

We will take a step forward.


Come on, come on.

Taking a step forward.

You can do this.

Now's the time, Raina. Come on.


Stepping forward.

Come on.

It's hot...

like a boiler room.


The boiler room. Remember?

I'm sorry, Raina.

I don't understand.

You have Boyer now.

Give us the rest of the hostages.

I didn't know you'd be here.

I had to see a
genuine Owen Hall scenario

on its feet with my own eyes.

You do good work. Always have.

So good you're here to
offer me a field assignment?

Even I can't fix what happened.

Depends on what really happened.

A journalist revealed your name.

It's a matter of public record,
not a conspiracy.

Public record's always conspiracy.

But nothing to be done about it now.

At least the Agency has me housebound.

It's a living, breathing warning

to never trust the people closest to us.

Especially journalists.

Them, too.

Spending more time with your
cellphone than our hosts.

Not what I expected from you.

I'm just bored.


Or distracted?

That little envelope

you got from the estate of Liam O'Connor?

Every piece of mail that comes
into The Farm is subject to...

Do I really need to finish?

It's just a key to a P.O. box.

- Where?
- A couple miles away.

The world's most infamous terrorist.

Wonder what he left you.

As if all the drama weren't enough.

If you need someone to go with you...


I'm not getting anywhere with Owen.

You have to take over.

You'll figure it out. It was your idea.

You can't leave. We're supposed
to be working this together.

I did what you asked. I prodded everyone.

- I'm done here.
- What is going on with you today?

I'll see you back at The Farm.

My parents didn't do it.
The hospital didn't. I...

Is this how you're gonna pass the test?

- By skipping it?
- Yep.

None of them is gonna have
anything good to say about you.

And they're not gonna have
anything bad to say either.

You're gonna be a blast in the field.

"Bartender, one chocolate milk,
shaken, not stirred."

Why are you bothering me?

Because you're wasting your chance.

And what's the point in living
if you're not gonna live?

You might as well do everyone
a favor and kill yourself now.

I usually pray for men like you.

I do.

But in your case, why bother?

You don't like me? That's fine.

You want to shame me?
You can keep trying.

But I deserve an explanation.

I don't make it a habit to explain anything

to recruits who won't
be here very long.

As far as I can tell, the Hall family

is my only obstacle that I'm up against.

First, it was your
daughter. Now it's you.

For the record, this isn't my first round

with a teacher who's had it out for me.

At least, last time, I knew why.

Tell me, Alex... Are you still
haunted by what he did?

For how he used you?

The mistakes, the doubt...
That's why you're here.

You ran from it. Ran all
the way to the CIA.

The choices you made saved lives.

The fact that you could make them,

stick your neck out when
no one else would...

That's your greatest strength.

That's also the source of your
greatest weakness... doubt.

The doubt that you did the right thing,

the doubt that you could have done more,

the doubt over if your
friends really had to die.

As long as you let that doubt
run wild, it will own you.

That's what this scenario is all about.

It didn't start when you put these on.

It's been all week.

You were testing us.

Last on the Murder Board for no reason.

Not just you. Everyone.

We've been manipulating you all week.

Even people here are in on it.

To see how we handle it.

Good for you.

You figured it out,
but just a little too late,

like usual.

You're always this close to measuring up.

Shots fired! Shots fired!

- Down!
- Move, move, move!

No, no, no.

Move, move, move!

We've got all the hostages.

Let's go.

All right, move out!

Come on, let's go!

Well, thank God that was all a dream.

You exploited us.

Yes, we did.

When we said we were gonna
shake your cage, we meant it.

We lied...

invented crises that were close to home.

Come on. Gunshots, tough questions...

Anyone can conquer those.

Each of you have one stressor
that can do real damage,

one the enemy will always try
to find to make you crack.

Maybe it's disgrace...



or your past.

Maybe you're easy to manipulate.

Or maybe you're plagued with doubt.

Whatever it is, identify it, accept it.

Your greatest weakness
can't be conquered,

but if you embrace it,
it can't kill you either.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

The Agency made me think
that I screwed up a case

and I was getting disbarred.

Of course, I didn't.

But they knew how to get me.

I mean, I could have.

I've made mistakes.

We all make mistakes.

No, you don't get it.

Making mistakes is my biggest weakness...

my fear.

And Owen and Lydia know that.

They know things...
not just facts, but feelings.

They know what we're afraid of.

How? What test showed them that?

Well, the CIA made me think

that a very dangerous man
had escaped and was after me.

And they knew that fear of mine, too.

Hey, maybe after we get out of here,

we'll be able to look at people

and find their weaknesses like they do.

What if you don't want that?

Doesn't it seem awful to know
everything about everyone?

To see their pain?

Isn't it worse not to see it?

What did they trick you with?

They asked for my medical records...


I was 14.

You tried to kill yourself, didn't you?

Yeah, they tried to use
medical records with me, too.

So I guess we're roommates for a reason.

Look, I know you don't care,

but someone close to me
struggled with the same thing.

I mean, he actually did
go through with it

in the messiest way possible,

right in front of me.

And, you know, people ask
what could they have done

to prevent it, but, no, I don't.

All I can think is, "Well,
why wasn't that me?

Why did he feel all that conflict,

all... all that pain?

Why was it so easy for me

and so hard for him?"

I'm not gay.


That's what he said, too.


This is yours, I take it?

Thank you.

These aren't easy to replace.

There's no gift shop...

like at the FBI.

You must be pretty proud of yourself.

Little bit.

My dad and I had a bet.

He thought you would get it

before going to the post office.

I made $5.

- I'm not haunted by O'Connor.
- Yes.

This late-night confrontation
is really doing a lot

to prove your nonchalance
over the matter.

I built a career following orders,

and I almost followed them into tragedy.

If it weren't for Alex,

thousands of people would have died.

Is it hard, working side by side

with the reminder of the
mistakes that you made?

It's probably easier than
working with my father.

Round three?

What you said in class hit me.

- I don't doubt it.
- Cute.

I knew throwing you at the
bottom of the Murder Board

would make you spin out.

Do I belong here?

In your mind?

Simple question, really.

I was the one who recruited you here.

I believe you may be special.

And you keep working as hard as you are,

and we're gonna have a talk.

Very soon.

Yes, we will.

Bring everyone down
to the set that you can.

I need I.D.s and interviews
on all the hostages

before they're released.


I can't hold nearly 1,700 hostages,

including world leaders.

One of the terrorists could be
hiding with them... or more.

That's why I said "interview."

You told us this trade was a trap.

It wasn't.

There was panic,
but there were no casualties.

And the terrorists are falling apart.

You heard those gunshots.

Almost 2,000 hostages were freed,

including the president
of the United States,

who, obviously, is not
in very good shape.

All it cost us was Eric Boyer.

I respect you, Shelby,
but I'm following Miranda on this.

I'm sorry.


So, a doe walks out of
the woods and says,

"That's the last time I
do that for two bucks."

My God. That's terrible.

You asked for it.

I didn't ask for it.

And you did it.

We did it.

Or at least I hope so.

You got the audio?

Here you go.


All right. Let's see.

There it is.

Look at us.

Finally alone,
and we have nothing to say to each other.

Actually, I have... I have a lot to say.


They didn't correctly
identify my weakness today.

It's not Liam.

And it's not issues with authority.

It's you.

Worrying if you're okay,

worrying if

worrying you're ever really gonna trust me,

or if we're gonna make
it out of this together.

And I-I've been pulling
away from you lately.

I know it's true, but...

I have to.

Alex, if we're...
If we're gonna succeed at this thing,

they can't see how connected I am to you.

I guess what I'm trying to say is,

I have to figure out a way to
go through this thing alone,

even when you're 10 feet away from me.

I get it.

Thank you for telling me that.

Okay. Let's get back to work.

Tough day?


Did you find what you were
looking for at Langley?

Or I guess we don't talk
about things like that.

What do you think I was looking for?

The same thing I was...

The truth about why you were benched.

You think you got burned on purpose.

You want names.

You talked to Matthew.

He cares about you.

Doesn't want you barking
up any wrong trees.

Thinks injustice is your weakness.

Last week, you told me the
CIA was better off without me.

I was angry.

And I'm beginning to
think they want me to be

so I can do their work for them.

Are you?

I thought you slept naked.

And I thought you prayed.

I haven't seen you do that for weeks.

I do it.

Just when you're not around.

Yeah? Well, I just felt
a little cold, that's all.

All good.

He's dropped it.

Thank you, Lydia.

We'll get you back in the field soon.

Now tell me who you
think did it, and why.

Ryan, come here.

Check out these stress spikes.

They're Leigh's.

Play the audio from when
you were talking to her.

One step ahead of you.

Wonder when they'll teach us
about surveillance around here.

Surveillance? What do you care?

You've never used a bug?

Why would I have ever done that?

Wait. Look at that spike.

All red.

She's been listening
to us this whole time.

Get to it. You promised.

That was before you did all this.

It wasn't supposed to go this far.

That's not up to you.


But this is.

What happened? We heard gunshots.

They're gone. Everyone's safe.

You were right to do what you did.

I told Miranda to
stop it, but she didn't.

And I don't know why.

And I don't know what happened to Alex.

She's in the building.

Shoot on sight.

Okay. Let's do this.