Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 2 - LIPSTICK - full transcript

The new CIA recruits begin running counter-surveillance ops at The Farm while Alex and Ryan navigate their new relationship with each other. In the future, Ryan and Raina try to disrupt the terrorists' plan to blend in with hostages.

- Previously on "Quantico"...
- Welcome to The Farm.

This is the CIA's training facility.

Sending in two former FBI agents

undercover in the
CIA, that's uh... that's...

That's insane!

My name is Owen Hall.

If you make it into The Farm today,

I will be your lead instructor.

Parrish? You're... You working
the summit for the FBI?

No. Just a civilian.

How are you planning on this working?

There's only a dozen of you.

There are more of us here than that.

They're hiding among us.

The United States
does not bow to terrorists.

Then they will execute your wife.




Damn it.

Look, I want any and all
raw intel no matter the source

until further notice... Got it?

This is a nightmare... Has to be.

You wake up from nightmares.

He says we are to remain in this room.

If anyone tries to run,

our collars will be tightened remotely

...until we are killed.

You know that woman?

Dayana Mampasi.

I know some of the others, too.

I just don't know why they're here.

Harry Doyle...

Lydia Bates...

Le?n Velez, and Sebastian Chen.

We trained together at The Farm.

Six CIA operatives don't just end up

in the same place without a reason.

I agree, which means
you're the only person

I know I can trust in this building.

What about Alex?

She could still be here somewhere.


You have no service.

Oh, I wish that were true.


Delivery in 10 minutes.

Yes, yes. Okay.

Our food will be here in 10 minutes.

I'm not hungry.

You know that's the signal.

Miranda will be here in 10 minutes.

Well, then, that'll give us 10 minutes

to work up an appetite.

You've moved into the house.

So which of your roommates
would Owen Hall,

if he's in charge, tap for
the rogue faction in the CIA?

Harry Doyle... Alongside Ryan,
he's on top of the Murder Board.

Tell me about him.

Well, he's smart, cunning,

charming when he wants to be...

Wake me up when it's time for class.

Sebastian Chen?

He's like a park ranger...
A little too good to be true.

It's time for class.

Yeah? Good.

I'm still rolling.

Le?n Velez... My roommate,

and apparently a former guest
of the prison system.

Which one?

I'm working on it.

Le?n's hard to reach,
plays by his own rules.

Look, I'm gonna have to call you back.

- Okay, I'll be in all day.
- All right.

Alex, what about your roommate?

Dayana? She wouldn't be my pick.

She's too tightly wound to go rogue.

See anything you like?


But I see that you do.

The FBI has to have files
on these people, right?


Once you're enrolled at The Farm,

all your records are
automatically redacted

by the agency, including you.

So, we have to build profiles?


Do what you can to blend in,

gather all the intel you can

from anyone and everyone you meet,

learn their strengths,
learn their weaknesses,

and you know the drill...

Do all this without getting noticed.

Or getting killed.

This will be the last time

that I'll be meeting both of you here.

Well, we're getting
a handler, aren't we?

Handlers... You will each have one.

You may be on the same mission,

but you are not on the same team.

I'll let you know
when they've been assigned.

They report to me.

Look, this is the toughest assignment

that you have had to date.

You cannot let anyone at The
Farm know the real you,

which means you have to
take care of yourselves

and not each other.

You got me?


We can do this.

We have no choice.

First day of spy school...

I wonder what they'll ask us to do.

Remember to breathe.


Alex, Ryan, Thanks for joining us.

Yoga teaches
balance, focus, and awareness.

It can improve not just
your mood but your intuition.

We teach you yoga
to clear out the noise.

Late for your first day
of official training...

Good first impression.

Maybe I should have
pretended to be someone else, like you.

Maybe you should learn to fall in line.

If grabbing
attention is all you're after,

you're not going to last long here.

Someone wanted me here,

and I'm gonna prove worthy
of their decision.

Prove it to yourself first.

Forget any prior training you
may have had in the military,

government, even in your own family.

Here at The Farm, it doesn't matter

who you used to be or who you are.

All that matters is who
we teach you to be.

Stop trying so hard.

Out of everyone here, you're
the one I'm most curious about.

Your fellow former agent over
there was ousted by your Bureau.

But you?

You just walked away.

And yet, you're here.

Perhaps if I focus in on
it, I'll find the answer.

They say they never got it.

They're looking to dismiss
I'll call you.

Sorry, I didn't mean to...

Interrupt? No, of course not. It's fine.

We didn't get a chance
to meet last night.

Well, we could have met this morning

if you'd actually slept in our room.

I just slept on the living-room couch.

You know, went for a early run.

- Okay.
- Look, I don't mean to pry.

Last night, you seemed really upset,

and if there's anything
you want to talk about,

I'm a really good listener.

As if this doesn't feel
enough like a reality show.

I didn't come here to make friends.

Excuse me.

Show of hands, and be honest.

Who knew they were being followed?

In our line of work,

you must always assume
someone is watching.

Even when you're the watcher.

Surveillance is the
foundation of intelligence gathering.

It requires
patience, focus, and awareness.

And while other agencies
like the FBI or NSA

may emphasize how to run surveillance,

we at The Farm also teach
you how to avoid it.

Evading surveillance
without drawing suspicion

will become second nature to you.

But it takes time to become invisible.

Even the most experienced
agents still get caught.

But if you do it right,

invisibility just might save your life.

- Hey.
- Hey, d-don't come near me.

It's me. It's fine.
You're okay, you're okay.

I'm Alex Parrish.

We met earlier, remember?

Yeah, I remember.

Okay, what's your name?


All right, Carl.

- I'm gonna need your help, okay?
- Yeah.

This entire area's been cut off

from the rest of the city
by the terrorists.

But you're one of New York's finest.

I bet you can help me figure out a way

to communicate with the FBI.


There's an emergency NYPD bunker
underneath this block.

I think I know where it is.
I just have to remember.

But we're sitting ducks
the second we step out of here.

Let's go.

Alex, I don't know
if you're still downtown

or if you got out,
but call me or text me

as soon as you get
this. I'm worried about you.

But President Todd
authorized the release

of the prisoner they asked for.

It doesn't make sense.

Boyer's release was
a diversionary tactic.

They planned the assassination
all along.


To create fear...
To disrupt the countries

of the G20 as they
dismantle their surveillance programs,

to prove that not only
spying was necessary,

but they have to
escalate it in order to prevent

exactly what they're doing
from happening again.

Director Shaw, I would
advocate action over reaction.

I've got Hercules Teams ready to breach.

The insurgents have wired

every exit at
Federal Hall with explosives.

They've lined all entry points

for three blocks with bio-weapons.

They're using hostages on the
39th floor at 28 Liberty

as human shields to prevent our snipers

from having a clean shot.

So at this moment, there is no action.

It's my call, Commissioner.

Wyatt, I need a 20 on
Vice President Haas, please.

Uh, Secret Service shows
that she's on Air Force One.

My superiors at MI6 request access

to any and all actionable intelligence.

You know I can't do that.

The Prime Minister
is inside Federal Hall.

It might be your
jurisdiction, but it's both our problems.

You and I can stand here
debating all day if you want.

Or we can start saving lives.

Director Shaw's right.

Paul Burke, Deputy Chief,
National Security Council.

I just got off the phone
with Vice President Haas,

and the first thing she's requested

before any decisions are made

are eyes on the inside of that building.

Do we have any?

- Okay, come on.
- Okay.

- How much further?
- It depends.

On what?

If they find us.

First step of counter-surveillance

is learning to run SDRs...
Surveillance detection routes.

We start with
learning the proper formation

of "the box."

The "rabbit" is the person
being followed.

Stay focused, Dayana! Start again.

The "eyes" are the ones
doing the surveillance.

They make up the four
corners of the box.

The eyes are the visual perimeter.

They never move from their position

unless they need to
re-frame the formation.


Who gets to decide who
re-frames the formation?

Ah, the "trigger."

The trigger always has
the rabbit in their sights

because they're inside
the box with the rabbit,

following the most closely
without getting spotted.

Start again!

When the rabbit moves,

the trigger signals for
the eyes to move with them.

Which means, if you're the rabbit,

you better find your
trigger and your eyes.

If you're the eyes, don't lose
the rabbit or get spotted.

Any and every agent meeting,

dead drop, or intelligence gathering,

you have to assume you're not alone.

Find your path, know it
backwards and forwards.

That's how you survive.

I once ran a live SDR
for 38 straight hours.

And you probably will, too, one day.

This wouldn't be spy school
without a little homework.

Get to know our
neighboring town of Williamsburg.

It's where you'll practice your SDRs.

However, after many years,

the residents have gotten
hip to our training.

So we let them play "Spot the spy."

If they clock you,
you got no business here.

You're out, understood?

All right, get out of here.

We'll run live scenarios
tomorrow and see how you do.

- Alex.
- Yeah?

I'm Angie, one of your instructors.

It seems like you're the last
recruit to not have opened

your new bank account
for Agency activity.

I'm sorry. I didn't know
I was supposed to.

Lydia said she
mentioned it to you this morning.

Better get on it.

Just trying to get our attention.

You look down too much.

...problem, I'll call you right away.

Excuse me?

Three years ago in
Islamabad, I was moving through a market

when I realized I had eyes on me.

I got so nervous I
kept my eyes on the ground.

Ended up walking in circles
till the local police

approached me and started
asking questions.

Good thing I had the right answers,

but it never should have got that far.

I should have kept my eyes up.

Why are you tell me this?

You wouldn't be here if I didn't
believe you had potential.

Potential for what? I'm a lawyer.

You worked at an NGO for two years

after graduating top of
your class at Harvard Law.

After that, you went to
work at your father's firm,

focusing on the human rights
work they were doing in the DRC.

You have purpose here.

Hey, Lydia.

Hey. What are you up to?

Apparently, I haven't opened
a company bank account.

- Have you?
- Yeah, of course.

Do you want some
company, grab a drink, maybe six?

You know, you've got a lovely smile.

You don't do it enough.

Are you flirting with me?

Wh... Well, if you have to check,

I'm obviously not doing it right.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I just thought that you were...

British? Sober?

Ah! There's that smile again.

Now you're just teasing me.

Okay, I can't tell if you're
actually asking me out,

or you just don't want to drink alone.

Uh, I'm...

And you need a ride.

Come on.

EOS 5D Mark III.

Nice piece of equipment.

Got me my last World Press Photo award

and one of the finalists
for the Pulitzer.

I found your Nat Geo
profile... Pretty impressive stuff.

I noticed their was a gap in your work

between 2014 and this last April.

Did you burn out?

The last credit
before it was a photo of a...

gang in La
Independencia, Monterrey, Mexico.

Isn't Topo Chico down there?

That where you did your time?

I'm supposed to tell you
we got an assignment.

What is it?

Not what, who.

Tu novia... Alex.

The Joint Chiefs weighed in.

They're mustering
SEAL teams and Delta teams

and sending them to
Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn

and awaiting orders
from the Vice President.

What the hell, Paul?

The military option is on
the table here, of course.

The prevailing fear-driven wisdom

is that we're not gonna wait around

for the terrorists to mobilize
on their own time.

We have to take action.

You're sounding like a politician.

I'm talking like
someone who's taking charge.

We have no idea what's
going on out there... no idea.

Any action... overt or covert,
even... could risk innocent lives.

There are a thousand people in there.

And I intend to save every one.

Excuse me.

The Vice President is on the secure line

from Air Force One and
wants the latest SitRep.

- Thank you.
- Uh, not you, ma'am.

Just Mr. Burke. Would you follow me?

I should be in there.

Miranda, I think Alex
might be inside the crisis zone.

At least she was an hour ago.

I've been trying to contact her,

and her phone is going
straight to voice-mail.

The terrorists have blocked
off eight city blocks,

jammed phones, radios.

I know, but I am pretty sure

she was inside that
perimeter when the attack happened.

Who have you told?

Just you.

Keep trying to reach her.

If she's in that building
and she's still alive,

we can stop playing politics
and get some real intelligence.

Where'd you serve?

Iraq, two tours.

Oh, God!

I don't think I can get you there.

Yeah, you can. Come on.

God, you sound so certain.

That's 'cause we don't have a choice.

You know, I had a captain in Mosul.

You remind me of him.

One ugly day, we were
doing a sweep-and-clear,

and we got jumped from the rooftops,

took brutal fire. There
was a lot of casualties.

I tried to find cover.

You're... You're not
as pretty as he was,

but you have the same certainty.

We got about 100 feet more to go...

and there's a gray door

- with a keypad, okay?
- Shh, shh, shh!

- What?
- Wait.

Come on.




We're surrounded.

That's the fourth time
they've cycled out hostages.

And this group
includes one of your friends.

She's not my friend.

These two terrorists who just returned

have Swahili accents that are different

than the last two who were here.

I think they're cycling terrorists out

and bringing them
back in dressed like us.

We cannot tell who
among us is one of them.

They're smart.

They've planned it perfectly.

Yeah, well, we're smart, too.

We can disrupt that plan.

It's only matter of time till
one of us gets cycled out.

What's it like to be hero?

I never felt like a hero.

That's a pretty disappointing
thing to tell your fans.

Well, I was in government service.

I wasn't a celebrity.

No? Well, you look like one.
Not a hair out of place.

Seriously, when you were
a fugitive on the run,

you look like you were
flitting between your hair salon

and your manicurist.

Seriously, though... You're a...

You were in the national spotlight.


It took its toll.

Then they fired you.

Well, they had to.

I was too famous to do the job.

But not for the CIA?


Well, no one's ever gonna
suspect that I'm a...


Hiding in plain sight. I love it.

But what about you?

Very thick accent for an American.

Well, you're one to talk.

Well, 15 years of
speaking Marathi and Hinglish

is gonna do that to you.

But you...

Well, you know...

gets me laid better.

Here's to hiding in plain sight.

And what we don't show.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

I mean, I used to
love everything about them,

then they just got
so full of themselves.

All that anti-electronic-
dance-music stuff...

- "Fancy attire requested"...
- Yeah.

...the stadium shows,

songs about how technology
is super scary?

Come on. You're not Bowie,
you're not Radiohead.

You're just some "Kinfolk"-reading

thrift store
mannequins tunefully whinging over

a bloody mandolin.

Wasn't that the bank back there?

Check your 3:00.


We're being followed.

Mm-hmm. It's Ryan.

I just don't think he's alone.

Oh, tricky, The Farm.

They put us in a live
SDR without telling us.


Okay. So what's the plan?

Find the other eyes, for starters.

Dayana by the movie theater.

Mario Testino sipping a latte at 6:00.

Mm. Sebastian by the alleyway.

Okay, that's four.

Where's the fifth?

I don't know.

But if this were a real SDR,

they'd be trying to
figure out where we were going,

which means they'll be tailing me

until I accomplish
my mission at the bank.

Ah! They want the secret
to free checking.

Do you want to have some fun?


Let's split up and see
if we can evade them.

Rabbit on the move. Who's got eyes?

She's eastbound. Anyone else?

Le?n, do you have her?

She just turned down a side street.

Got you covered.

Rabbit heading south.

Copy that, El Chapo.

Dayana, she's headed your way.

I don't have her.

Neither do I.

We're about to lose her.

Dayana, do you have a visual?

Dayana? Da...

I don't care.

Just put me through right now.

Yeah, right now.

It's a work emergency.

Huh, that's funny,
'cause I thought your job

was right here with us?

Look, I have one
last case pending trial,

and unlike this useless pantomime,

someone's life is actually at stake.

Keep your focus where it needs to be

and multitask on your own time.

But never mind
though, 'cause we lost her.

I'll find her.

Jason Bourne, how's spy school?

- What?
- Don't worry.

I'm not gonna rat you out.

But you need to pay closer attention.

That guy's been following you
for the last two blocks.

It's an odd time for vanity.

It's not for me.

If our hunch is correct, in
order to identify a terrorist

when they return as a hostage,
we need to mark them.

What are you gonna do,
kiss him on the cheek?

No, something they can't wash off.

If I'm correct, I'll be cycled out soon.

So when a terrorist comes back in

with my group as a hostage,
we'll know who they are.

Well, let's hope
they don't see it coming.

So, I lost my four eyes.

Yeah, well, I think I may
have found your trigger,

coming out of the Gold Leaf.

Someone I don't recognize,
possibly from another class.

They always say
there's a twist, don't they?

I was told to wait till
you were alone in town, I'm...

As I live breathe, Alex Parrish!

Oh, my niece is your biggest fan.

She has your Time
magazine cover framed on her wall.

I'm not even kidding.

She calls you a real-live action hero.

- Hi, there.
- Hello.

I'm so sorry, but would you mind?

- Of course.
- Oh, thank you so much.

You're just such an inspiration...

A true American.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I'm sorry again. Sorry.

Of course.

And you make fun of my accent.




What is this?

Some game?

I'm just trying to
understand you, and I'm starting to.

Yeah, what exactly is it you understand?

Well, I think one of the
reasons you left the FBI

is because you have a
hard time trusting authority.

And I think you have
good reason for that.

O'Connor's dead and gone.

He was your closest
friend in the Bureau...

Your mentor and your partner,
and he betrayed you.

Now, look, I know you
don't... You don't even know me yet,

but in time, I think that you'll find

that we're more alike than you'd expect.

That's why I selected you to train here.

You wanted a former FBI agent

who couldn't spot a terrorist
under his nose for years?

Maybe I want to make sure
you're the Ryan Booth

who's more than just a good soldier,

who follows his instincts
instead of orders,

who, no matter how many
times he gets shot for it,

still wants to serve his country.

There's a lot I can teach you
when you're ready to trust me.

I'll wait.

That was more adventure
than I expected on day one,

but we pulled it off.

I wouldn't have been able
to do it without you.

Uh... actually, you'd have been
a lot better off without me.

What do you mean?

Well, I told you I was good
at hiding in plain sight.

I was the trigger,

and you led me right to your drop.


And all that time we spent together,

what, I was just your mark?
Hey, hey, come on.

I like you.

You're smart, you're fascinating,

you are lovely to look at,

but this is... this is work.

And you're not here to make friends.

As far as I can see,
when it comes to the CIA,

it's every man for themselves.

Today, you were the rabbit.
Tomorrow, could be me.

This is what it's gonna take
to get us through training.

Either you're on board with that, or...

What's going on?

I think they're moving
in a patrol pattern.

And if I'm right,

we have a 60-second window
until it happens again.

And if you're wrong?

We'll get a clear path in just a moment.

Get ready, okay?


Okay, now!


We have to run!

Hurry, hurry!

- It's that door.
- Okay.

- Damn it!
- I thought you had the code!

I thought I did. Come on!

They know we're here.
We're never gonna make it.

- Okay, we're in.
- Come on.

They know one of us is here.

No! Carl!

All right, come on in.

- Rough day?
- You too?

Come on. Today you all
experienced your first live SDR.

Some of you were the hunters,
and some were hunted.

Refining your
surveillance detection skills

is something we're gonna drill into you

time and again over the next six months.

When you're not eating,
you'll be running SDRs.

When you're not
studying, you'll be running SDRs.

When you're not
sleeping... I think you get the picture.

We do this unit first
because avoiding detection

is an essential part of
all clandestine operations.

If you do your job correctly,
nobody even knows you're there.

Those operatives who do get caught

can pay the ultimate price.

Congratulations to those who
succeeded in this scenario.

And to those who didn't, try harder.

You don't have to
lecture me about multitasking.

The Murder Board made the point.

I came to tell you not to give up.

What if I'm supposed to give up?

Just because they recruited me
doesn't mean I belong here.

I know the feeling.

I find that hard to believe.

You seem right at home.

Well, six years ago, I
didn't feel so at home.

I had just finished another tour
when the FBI recruited me.

And here was this amazing opportunity

right in front of me.

And you know what I was thinking?

"How soon can I get back
over to Afghanistan?"

Because as ironic as it sounds,

it felt safer to me, because I knew it.

So what made you take the leap?

Fear... Fear that I'd never actually

do something new, that I'd never grow,

that I never actually make a difference

and just be another soldier
in a roll call.

But what if...

What if I can make more of a difference

by staying at my practice?

Yeah, but that job's
always gonna be there

when you want to go back.

But a shot at this... This...

It isn't just once-in-a-lifetime,

it's one-in-a-million.

They see something in you.

You need to find out if
you can see it in you, too.

You did well today.

No, I didn't.

I failed.

I didn't I.D. Harry as my fifth eye.

Four out of five is better
than I did in week one.

Most first-weekers

don't even notice they're being watched.

I thought you only reserve your flattery

for the other recruits.

You want to know why I'm hard on you?

There was a study
which said women do better

with positive reinforcement,

while men do better with admonishment.

But you don't trust a compliment
any more than I do.

If I didn't think you had
it, I'd let you slide.

I saw how you handled yourself

during the Grand Central bombing,

the Quantico crisis.

You pushed through when
most people would give up.

You do your best work under pressure.

That can be an asset.

I hope I get to feel that someday.

I hope so, too.

So, I thought I was
getting close to Harry,

but clearly I was wrong.

Ryan's working Le?n,

um, but I don't know
how far he got with that.

He should be here anytime soon.
You can ask him yourself.

Ryan has his own handler. I only
care about your progress.

You requested this?

Miranda asked me.

She said that the
best handlers are agents

who are close to their operatives,

so that you feel safe,
have a place to open up

and be yourself for a minute

before you have to go back undercover.

I don't understand.

Just the other night,

you were talking to me
about doing something

more exciting, and here
you are babysitting me?

This is exciting, Alex.

What you're doing...

It is better than busting
bankers and hauling in hackers.

You... You are finding the next
Liams before it's too late.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you
about where I was working.

No, you're doing your job.

And you know what? I had no idea,

which is why you're gonna succeed here.

Okay, let's, uh...
Let's go over the people

you haven't told me about yet.

Who's this guy?

Hey, come here. Come here.

I don't know why I'm crying.

It's just day two.

Um... but, you know, at Quantico,

we were training to do good.

And at The Farm,
training means manipulating,

lying, deceiving.

I mean, what if all of this
goes horribly wrong?

We won't let it.

Where is Ryan?

He was supposed to be here by now.

Maybe he's with his handler.

Any idea who that is?

A Petite Sirah?

You've got a lot to learn.

Nimah? What are you doing here?

I'm your new handler. We need to talk.

Can it wait?

Your rendezvous can.

I have new intelligence from Miranda,

and we need to debrief now.


I'll talk to you later.

Okay. Hey. Thank you.

Hey. Everything okay?

Hey. I'm sorry. I-I can't make it.

You're with your handler.

You know I'd give anything
to be there with you right now,

but I... I just...

It's okay.

We were warned.

They told us that we were
in this on our own.

We'll make time.

This is gonna be harder
than we thought, isn't it?

I love you.

I love you, too.

38 hours, huh?

I may have embellished a little.

It was 22.

I was going to say, "I had you beat."

Now I don't even have to.

What did you miss that time?

The recital where you played
Chopin's "Valse," Opus 62 No. 2.

Your mom recorded it for me.

No, wait! Don't!


They marked you all because of me.

I'm sorry.

They came in and did it
while you were gone.

Why haven't they killed me?

They should have killed me.


Miranda, thank God. It's Alex.

Are you...

I'm in a tunnel under Federal Hall

in an NYPD emergency bunker.

Oh, my God. You have to get
yourself to safety right now.

If I wanted to do that,

I would have done that already.

We don't have much time.

I'm the only one on the inside.

No phones are working.

I think they're jamming everything.

- Alex...
- Miranda...

they're moving some of the hostages

from Federal Hall into another building.

I don't know why, but it's 28 Liberty.

- Calm down.
- I don't know how many they've moved.

We're gonna get through
this together, all right?

Now, look, we're blind
in the crisis zone.

We need to know how many
terrorists there are,

how many hostages they're holding,

what kind of weapons
they have... exact numbers.

Things are moving fast here,

and if we don't give Vice
President Haas and the NSC

some actionable intelligence fast,

some innocent lives might
be lost in the process.

Yes, but I leave this room,

I don't know how I'll
make it back to call you again.

You have to take that chance.

We have to know
what's going on out there.

I know who one of the terrorists was...

Jeremy Miller.

All this time, I thought he was dead,

but he just jumped out of a window

at 28 Liberty in front of me.

This is exactly the kind of attack

we thought they'd perpetrate one day.

So then let's put an end to it.

I'm gonna look around and
see what I can find, okay?

I'll call you back.


good luck.