Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 17 - ODYOKE - full transcript

One of Alex's friends needs help when they're framed for a terror attack. With a vote in the House for Muslim registry bill, the Collaborators are stirring fear to pass the registry, our team heads to the Hill to turn the votes. Meanwhile, Alex and Owen track down an assassin.

Previously on "Quantico"...

The AIC is the hand
of a much larger body.

I'm forming a select team to fight it.

A covert joint-task force.

Roarke is the man in the
government that we've been looking for.

That's the Speaker of the House.

Why'd you leave Russia?

This isn't first-date material.

We're just worried about you.

Yeah, well, you should be
worried about me getting killed.

Raina still hasn't spoken to me,

and I don't know if she ever will.

I don't want to die for this. I'm sorry.

Goodbye, Harry.


You okay?

Need a minute?

You want some water?

I missed you, too, Felix.

You're also missing a lot of shots.

I guess you only knew
your way around a court

when you used it to hook up.

It was boarding school.

You were there... Squash courts
were the only place

to take girls on campus
without people finding you.

I hope you were better at that
than you are at this.


How is the Iron Mommy?

The President is good.

And the Sith Lord?

The Speaker of the House
is happy, rested,

and ready for a big day.

I'd heard Roarke was bringing the
Muslim registry back to a vote.

I mean, I get it.

It's gone down twice.
Why not make it a TKO?

We need to keep your country safe.

Henry believes extraordinary times
call for extraordinary measures.

- And what do you believe?
- Whatever he does.

He's the boss.

You're a senior legislative
assistant to the Speaker.

That's a very big deal.

You've been there for a year.

You have to know
who your boss really is by now.

You really want to hitch
your wagon to that horse?

You won't be happy till I'm a Democrat.

You used to be one.

I'm just looking out for you.

Well, you should be looking out
for yourself.

I heard everything
about your new co-worker.

Maxine talked about Shelby?

Better me than a mediator.

I can't believe we're
going back into the real world.

I just wish we didn't have to.

But after what happened
in New York, we can't expect

the Collaborators will hit
the cache anytime soon,

so we have to go back
to our cover lives.

Adios, muchachas.

Ooh. Shelby, do you still have
those ski gloves?

- Have fun freezing your butt off.
- Thank you.

Ski gloves? Since when do you ski?

I don't know. Since high school.

This is a prank. Is this a prank?

'Cause he doesn't ski. You don't ski.

Well, I guess you never really
know someone, do you?

And who's gonna wear
these dainty little things?

I'm pretty sure it's not you.

An asset I'm developing...
a reporter from the Journal.

The one who exposed Sean Gregory?

Well, someone's got to find out
how that happened.

See you next time the world explodes.

Since when does Ryan ski?

Um, your ex-fiancé
is most likely dating someone

for the first time since you...
a likely asset...

and that is your headline?

I just thought I knew everything
about him.

Oh, you can never know
everything about anybody.

We just learn what we learn
as we learn it.

There's always more.

Yeah, I could definitely use
a break from this fishbowl.

It does things to your head.

You know, it's... it's not the bowl.

It's the fish.

I will be away from him, too.

You stay at summer camp too long,
you end up regretting something.

Now all I need is a 90-minute massage

and six hours at the gun range,

and I will be back to the real me.

Call me when you get to New York.

Will do.

Wow. You should really have
a plaque on this booth.

Same breakfast every day,
same place, same time.

Are you saying I'm boring?

I would never do that.
I just think you're predictable.

What are you doing here?

Well, Nimah asked me to meet
her, but she's not here yet.

Well, have a seat.

Right. Thanks.

So, how was your visit?

Well, we talked...


I-I wouldn't say we used full sentences.

Lydia didn't have a lot to say, huh?


I'm the one who didn't have
anything to say.

I can't ask her
what I really need to know.

Was it my fault?

Did I make her into this person?
Did she just make a mistake?

Is this who she really is?

Anyway, you must be excited.

You all get to go back to your lives.

You've got your fancy
New York apartment.

Shelby has her D.C. townhouse.

Harry has... whatever it is
he ran away to.

But me? This is my life.

No friends, fractured family.

Hey, look, I could, um...
I could stay for a while.

Thanks, but I'll see you
when you get back.

Okay, sure.

Wow. Rebuffed again.

I told you you were predictable.

Alex... go home.

At least you still can.


What are you doing here?
Didn't you see me walk in?

Is he gone?



Give me a second, okay?


I went to see Raina. She isn't here.

Her apartment is full
of anti-American propaganda,

blueprints for a shopping
center, bomb components.

It looks exactly like
yours did last year.

I-I don't know where she is.

I do, and she's safe.

Let me call you right back, okay?

Your sister's really worried
about you... Raina.

I've never done something
like this before.

What, ski? Oh, it's easy.

It's expensive, but it's easy.

No. Going away with a man I've
only had a half a date with.

Locked away for the whole
weekend with no distractions,

it means that we'll get to know
the real us faster.


And we'll spend a whole ton
of money getting cold, wet,

and bruised up in the process.
Sound good?



Let's do it again soon.


Have fun cleaning President Mom's boots.

Say "hi" to Voldemort for me.

What's going on?

Are you in trouble?
What happened to your hijab?

I was attacked.

A man and a woman... they put
things in my apartment, Alex.

I think they're trying to frame me.

We interrupt with breaking news.

Details are just
emerging from what appears to be

a deadly terror attack on
American soil in Dayton, Ohio,

this morning, where a bomber struck

the Gallow Green Shopping Center.

- Wait... wait here.
- At least 15 are dead and dozens wounded.

The Islamic Front has claimed
credit for the Dayton attack.

Authorities believe

they are close to identifying
the actual bomber,

who is described as a female
wearing a hijab.

They are moving to identify her based
on CCTV footage from the scene.

Looks like it's time to get
you out of here.

- This attack comes after a long period
- Come on.

of a national soul-searching
in the wake of the G20 crisis.

- Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me.
- What is the nature of terror in America?

What and who should we fear and why?

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This attack could not have come

at a worse time for President Haas,

whose once-sterling
national-security credentials

have come under attack

- from a more confident GOP.
- I don't get it.

Everything the Collaborators
have done so far

has been under the radar,
so why a shopping mall?

How does this fit in to their endgame?

Could just be a terrorist attack.

- And we don't know it was them.
- Yes, we do.

...are necessary in order
to protect this country...

Cache ping from last week.

A confidential white paper from the NSC,

breaking down potential terror
attacks against soft targets...

I-I looked into it,
but nothing came of it.

So, I figured it was part
of a plan they abandoned.

I'm sorry to see that wasn't true.

Why bomb a mall?

To create panic? To generate fear?


To play politics.

Today at 8:00 p.m.,
the House of Representatives

has a vote scheduled on S-322,

the National Entry/Exit Registry System.

You mean the Muslim registry?

Technically, it's a system
to allow Homeland

to register and track
non-citizen visa holders

from countries of concern.

Those countries just happen to
be exclusively Arab or Muslim.

But NEERS already failed twice.

Why now?

Terror, fear, spilt blood
in the heartland,

and a Muslim immigrant
mastermind framed for the crime.

She has a name... Raina Amin.

Raina came to us on the run from
a team that staged her apartment

to look like she could have
planned an attack like this.

This isn't a coincidence.
We think she's being framed.

I'll put money the FBI releases her
name as a suspect within the hour.

This attack is about one thing...

pushing Congress to pass the registry.

This team was created to put an end

to the rogue group of agents
within the CIA

working on behalf of
eight power players in America.

Today, that mission takes on
this form...

make sure S-322 goes down in flames.

That registry cannot happen.

We cannot allow the Collaborators

to take the next step
in their long-term plan.

You're talking about FBI agents
and CIA operatives

actively interfering
with the democratic process.

Look, I know that we cross a lot
of lines, but that's a big one.

The Constitution isn't a suicide pact.

The Collaborators
took the gloves off first.

We're just following suit.

How does that fit in
to their long-term plan?

And what is that plan?

Shouldn't that be what
we're trying to figure out?

Well, we will when we have
the luxury of time,

but for now, we got to stop this bill.

It's been out of the Senate for months.

The House is the holdup.

We have a few things
we need to figure out.

Where are the votes? Who are the swings?

And how do we push this thing to defeat?

We also need to figure out
who's framing Raina.

If they work for the Collaborators
and we expose their hand in this,

maybe we could reverse this wave
of fear fueling the vote.

Good. Take point on that.

The rest of you, huddle up.

This is now our war room.

Golden Boy's back in his element.

After watching you
kick down doors and shoot guns,

now you get to see what I can do.

This is the playing field.
435 votes decide the game.

So, how many Republicans
do we need to flip to vote "no"?

Depends on how many Democrats
we can flip to vote "no," too.

The Democrats are voting
for the Muslim registry?

My state representative's
a Democrat. He voted for it.

Law and order's one of those
issues that crosses party lines.

9/11, Iraq.

It's hard to vote against fear
when fear's so fresh.

So, how do we I.D. our targets?

Good question. Tough one, too.

This is a radioactive issue.

People will hide their votes
until the last minute.

So, the key for us

is to know these men and women
for who they really are,

strip away politics,

figure out how they play
when the chips are down.

And how do we do that?

The FBI and the CIA

don't exactly keep oppo research
on lawmakers.

No, but I do.

No, no. Go back. Her.

Ginny Kearns, ex-military.

And she was working the G20
as a security consultant.

She has to be connected to the AIC.

Gun for hire, maybe?

And if she had a partner, it has
to be someone that she trusted.

Pull up K.A.s.
Maybe I could recognize him, too.

Known associates. Good idea.

I don't understand something, Raina.

The government covered up
everything that happened at the G20.

They didn't release your name.

Why are the AIC after you?

Because I was investigating them, Alex.

It should have never been covered up.

Someone had to try to expose them.

- Raina...
- I called the other survivors.

I tried to put together
the real story of what happened.

León Velez... you know him, right?
He was doing the same.

We were supposed to meet,
but he never showed up.

Um, I think I should leave.

It's best if you stay.

I want to talk to you alone.

I'll be upstairs, and you'll be fine.

- I'm glad you're safe.
- Good.

Now that you know I'm safe,
you can leave.

We haven't spoken for weeks,
and that's all you have to say to me?

There's nothing left to say.


all I wanted was to hear your voice.
If something had happened to you...

Something did happen to me,
and I survived it without you.

I don't need you, Nimah.

And you need Alex?

I trust Alex.

And you can't trust me?

The person who used me
at the G20, manipulated me,

and lied to me?

I'm still your sister.

And you know very well
who I am beneath my mistakes.

That's the problem.

Hey. You okay?

Just came to change my clothes.

There's not much need for long johns

if I'm gonna be hanging out
in the bunker all day.

You look disappointed.

Who would've thought you liked
to ski so much?

It bothers you.

I just don't believe it.

Why didn't I know about it?

Well, maybe you never asked.

- I'm... I'm...
- I know.


Alex Parrish?

This is Tyler Dinucci, Baltimore P.D.

I'm calling about León Velez.

All right, we've narrowed
down the representatives

who can make or break this vote.

The Honorable Kyle Stutz...
Republican, California.

When he supported marriage equality,

activists tried to primary him,
and they lost.

He will buck party lines again
if we can give him a reason to.

Jihane Hassane...
Democrat, Michigan's third,

a Sikh who needs to prove
she's tough on terrorism.

Jim Kreigsman... Democrat, Ohio.

He lost a son in Afghanistan.

Gold-plated NatSec credentials.

If we can get him, the rest
of the Dems will fall in line.

And finally, Meredith Cardenas,

the first and only member of
the Republicans' Latina caucus,

who understands Latinos
could be the next ones

in the cross hairs of this registry.

That's a lot of names and not much time.

We knew it was gonna be
an uphill battle.

Let's not give up now.

Shelby, Nimah, Ryan, you're with me.

How do we know they're the key votes?

I've got a friend
in the Speaker's office

who can tell us
if we're on the right path.

You mean Henry Roarke's office?

That better be one hell of a friend.
His boss is a Collaborator.

The asset I've been working used to
report on Capitol Hill lifestyle.

She can fill the gaps on our oppo work
and tell us what we're missing.

Fold her in. We can use
all the help we can get.

Any luck I.D.'ing Raina's attacker?

We have a name... Tony Vincent,

a buddy from Ginny Kearns' unit
in Afghanistan.

They found work together
as hired hit men

after their enlistment ended.

Alex and I will find this man,
question him,

and clear Raina's name.

Do it.

You worried?

Don't be. I got you.

No, no. Th-That's not it. Um...

So, Raina told me she'd been
in contact with León Velez,

but he'd gone dark.
So, I made a few calls.

His landlord just found him an hour ago,

dead in his bathtub.


They got to him, Owen.

The same people who are trying
to get to Raina.

I... I didn't want to alarm
anyone, so...

No, no. You're right not to.

We'll just let them do the work
right now

while we track down whoever
killed León and attacked Raina.

All right?

Hey, you still have that friend
in Capitol Hill Police?

I need credentials
on Sasha Barinov, fast.

I can make the call.

- Is her record clear?
- Of course.

Good, because if she has
any skeletons in her closet,

they will find them.

All right, everyone,

the fate of 3 1/2 million
Americans rests on us.

That's how many Muslims
there are in this country.

The only people that can stop them
from losing their civil liberty

are standing in this room right now.

The vote's in six hours.
Let's get this done.

Good luck.

- That's not what we agreed upon...
- Guess someone's in a hurry.

It's a big day. Places to be,
civil liberties to erode.

So, what's the plan?

The registry is on track
for an 8:00 p.m. vote,

so we have little time to stop it.

We need to make sure
the swing votes we I.D.'d

will indeed swing.

Oh, Sasha's here.
Credentials came through.

I'll connect with her and see what
she knows that we don't, all right?

I don't understand
how we're gonna do this.

Even if we have all of the right names,

what can we do to talk anyone
into voting "no"?

I've got access to the President
to offer.

You've got the purse strings of
an important defense contractor.

And I will put a face on this registry

and remind them of what really matters.

But first, we start with Felix Cordova.

Why would he help us?
He works for the enemy.

He's my friend.

I know him. He'll play ball.

Looking for a better view
of the foliage?

What do you think
is waiting for us there?

Just a man who needs to answer
a few questions. That's all.

How do we know Vincent's even there?

Well, the land is in his name,
power and water are running.

What if he doesn't talk?

This man is the only person
who can point his finger

at all the Collaborators.

He'll talk. I'll make sure of it.

This seems easy for you.

I mean, I know you've taught this,

but you haven't done anything
like this in decades.

Well, that's why it's so easy.

I've spent 20 years
with my wings clipped,

not being allowed to be the man
I knew I really was.

Now I can.

I'm sorry I'm late. Big day.

You brought friends.

And you are...

Nimah Amin.

Would you like me to spell this
for your little registry?

You're funny.

It's not funny to us.

And it shouldn't be to you, either.

There's no way the guy I know

believes in singling out an
entire religion as the bad guy.

I'm not in charge.

You're an immigrant.

How can you come to this country

and then work to deprive other
immigrants of their rights?

You live in a bubble.

Elites like you don't understand the
concerns of everyday Americans.

Says the guy with a family crest.

I am an everyday American.

Hey, we know you're
in a bind here, Felix.

Publicly, you have to support your boss,

but secretly, maybe you're
hoping this whole registry

goes down in flames.

We can help make that happen.

All you have to do is give us the names

of the swing votes
you're targeting to win.

We will do the rest.

No one will ever know.

Stutz? Cardenas? Kreigsman?
Mullen? Hassane?

Who are we missing?

Tell us.

I can't.

I can't tell you about Abelard
or Bowers or Charleton.

I can't tell you about Dowery or Gomez.

And I definitely can't tell you
about Folte.

Let's move.

Come back anytime, Ms. Amin.

I'll wait for your funeral,
you right-wing sellout.

Hands where I can see them.

Who are you? Why are you here?

You're about to find out.

Hey. What's the word?

Oh, not even a "hello"?

Clock's ticking. My team needs to know
what's happening with the vote.

Your names check out on my end,

though you can take Mullen off the list.

Roarke finally okayed the money
for a regional airport

with his name on it.

Now even God couldn't
change him to a "no."

Well, it's nice to see you
in your element.

Well, I'd rather be out of it with you.

We'll get there.

Grab me when you know more, okay?

Did you know this was gonna happen?

Am I just an asset you're working?

Not "just," no.

But an asset, first and foremost.

Look, people like us... we help
each other out when we need it.

Doesn't mean everything else
doesn't matter.

No, I guess it doesn't.

- I got to go, okay?
- Mm-mh.

- When this is over with...
- The lift tickets are on you?

That's fair.

- Go.
- Okay.

Mullen's out.

That takes one name off
the list, a name that we need.

If our math is right,
we'll have to convince

all of the remaining targets
to vote "no."

What "Black Mirror" episode
did we wake up in?

How can any American
support the Muslim registry?

Most everyone I grew up with would.

My sorority sisters would.

Hell, once upon a time,
I would have, too.

FBI work taught me better,
but still, I understand.

You're apologizing for those people?

Those people are a part of this country.

If you ignore their voice, how
can you expect them to hear yours?

Look, I'm not saying they're right.

I'm saying they have a right
to their opinion.

Ah, the real America...

two blond people arguing
the merits of my freedom

instead of letting me have it.

The fact that this is even
happening is an atrocity.

We've learned nothing from history.

Turn those votes.

Ms. Wyatt, I'm not afraid
to cross the aisle

when it matters, but the nation

is already reacting on both sides.

Pro- and anti-Muslim protests
are already forming.

I can't afford to alienate my base.

You won't be if you give
your district a big enough win

on the employment front...

say, a new McGregor-Wyatt plant

and a thousand jobs to go with it.

I have to worry about my job first.

I just can't take the risk. My apologies.

I'm not just a Sikh or a woman.

I'm a red-state Democrat.
That's three strikes.

The last thing I can do
at a time like this

is vote my conscience
over my constituents.

Well, you may not want
your faith to define you,

but this bill defines my people
by theirs.

- How is that okay?
- I'm sorry.

I've made it too far to lose it all now.

Look, Congressman, you know me.

I briefed President Todd on
the threats of Islamic terror.

I've personally had boots on
the ground in these countries.

I know a dangerous policy
when I see one.

- A list isn't dangerous.
- No, in and of itself, no, it's not, okay?

But when you create a list, you're
also creating a recruitment tool.

It's making it easier for a kid
to choose a life of suicide vests

over anything else.

Believe me when I tell you

this is making us
more vulnerable, not less.

America is scared, and so am I.

They want action.

My vote is "yes," and I'm not sorry.

Why is it every time a Muslim
kills someone in this country,

he's a terrorist, but, you know,
if a white man does it,

he's simply disturbed?

Save that claptrap for
your buddies in the lamestream media.

My vote's "yes," and it's rock-solid.

Your mother should know better than
sending you in here like this.

It's embarrassing.

This is impossible. No one's budging.

If these are the swing votes,
we're screwed.

- What's the play?
- I don't know.

You don't know?

- I thought you were the speech writer...
- Hello?

...strategist of our generation.

Jon Favreau would know what to do.
Maybe we should call him.

You have a problem.

What's wrong?

FBI counterintelligence
has Sasha Barinov flagged

as a possible FSB asset.

She's not a Russian spy.

Well, my Capitol Police friend
just heard back from the FBI

after helping us
with Sasha's credentials.

I thought you should know.

Sir, we've received a complaint
and have been instructed

to escort you out of the building.

Complaint? From whom?


He sent us after the wrong congressmen.

Did you have a nice field trip today?

It's nothing personal, just politics.

But I want to say thanks.

I had a lot of undecideds
who hate your mother,

and seeing you do her dirty work
helped bring them home.

It won't even be a narrow margin now.

Sir, we have to go.

Come on.

Who do you work for?

You're gonna find out yourself
the longer you keep me here.

Did you kill León Velez?
Frame Raina Amin?

That was you in Central Park.

You put Rebecca Sherman up to that?

That's a "yes."

You better stop asking questions
and start answering them.

No. You better get out of here.

I messed up.

They'll be coming for me.

They? Who's they?

How'd you mess up?

The cops were supposed to find
Amin's body in the mall.

She got away.

The people who hired me
are gonna find me and kill me

unless you let me grab my go-bag
and we all get out of here.

You let me go and I will
tell you everything...

who I work for,
who's next on their list.

Harry Doyle...

He's still alive!

Two shooters, maybe three.

- Who's out there? Who hired you?
- Cut me loose and I'll tell you.

- Tell us now!
- Or what...

What do we do now?


Owen, we need a plan!

I know. Just... let me think.

Owen, listen to me.

Break Tony's restraints.
Put your gun in his hand.

I'll cover you.

I got it.

How'd it go? Did what I give you help?

- Oh, can't use it.
- Why not?

Well, because I don't know
if I can trust you.

Why does the FBI have you
flagged as a Russian asset?

- That's ridiculous.
- No, no, no. You don't get on that list

without a major paper trail
to back it up.

They know something.

Who are you?

- Ryan, you're scaring me.
- You better start talking right now.

- I'm leaving.
- Are you working me?

Did you compromise me?

Who do you work for?

It's not what you think.

You're watching the
House Session vote on bill S-322,

the National Entry/Exit Registry System.


My mother sends them every week.



Even if I wanted to stop this vote...

and I don't... it's already happening.

We won.

You can get on the phone,
beg, plead, lie.

They will listen to you because they'll
think you disagree with Roarke.

Why would I do that?

Because there's more at stake
than we can tell you...

and because deep down,

you know that singling out
an entire faith is wrong.


Okay, what if I tell you
one of the chocolates

in this bowl could kill you?

Would you play it safe?

Or would you take a chance and grab one?

These are people we're talking about,

not cheap political props.

It wasn't my choice.

I hated Russia, what they do
to their people.

I got out as soon as I could,
but my parents are still there.

They're too poor to leave,
too weak to protect themselves.

All I have to do is help the FSB
with a little information

from time to time and they stay safe.

That's all.

Did you tell them about me?

Of course not. I would never.

Ryan, please, you have to believe me.

You grew up here... with real
freedom, without fear.

You don't know what this is like.

I've seen firsthand what people will do

to protect the ones that they love.

I know you're not lying.

I know who you are.

Mr. Cordova...


You're from Madrid, right?

Your father is the ambassador
to the United States.


You lived in Madrid in '04.

What are you still doing here?

If memory serves, your sister...

she died at the Al-Qaeda train bombing.

Okay, this is not about my sister.

All hate comes from somewhere.

I do not hate, Ms. Amin.

I just know myself what terrorism
can do if it's not eradicated.

So do I!

So do I.

It can spur violence
against innocent men and women,

destroy families, stoke imaginary fears

against the other.

It's already too late.

S-322 passes by six votes.

It's out of our hands and
into the President's now.

The president will veto it.

That's what I told Roarke.

He said he doesn't care.

Of course.

That's what this is about.

This is about keeping America safe...

Shut up.

Excuse me.

- We have to leave right now.
- Why?

They identified the bomber.

I know what you're gonna say.

We're safe now.

- Doesn't matter.
- I got in my head and you didn't.

I got grounded years ago
because of a simple mistake.

I always told myself it was a fluke,

could have happened to anybody,
but it didn't.

It happened to me...

because I screwed up.

And I've spent all the years since then
landlocked on the Farm,

safe from discovering
what we both learned today...

that I don't have what it takes
when it comes down to it.

That is not true.

I'm not the man I wish I was.

Where are we?

Where are we? We failed.

Raina Amin's been framed, a bill
to create a Muslim registry

is sitting on the President's
desk waiting to be signed,

and the worst part is, we never
stood a chance to stop it.

This has always been about
Claire, always has been.

She's what the Collaborators want.

I mean, this... this isn't about
religious freedom or... or liberty.

It's about forcing the last
person standing in their way

to veto this bill,
which they know that she will.

Whatever happens next
will be perceived as her fault.

I should have seen this coming.

These people planted the seeds
for this for months, years.

I mean, they're playing chess,

and we can't even find the board.

Where are you going?

I have to call the President.

- What's this?
- Our room.

- I'm not living with you.
- You have no choice.

As far as the world's concerned,
you're guilty of that bombing.

If you leave the Farm now,
you're as good as done.

At least here I can keep you safe.

I'm trapped... again.

And again, it's because of you, Nimah.

If I leave now,

I'm gonna have to pay for
a crime that I did not commit.

And if I stay here,
I'll be in prison anyway.

What if I turn myself in?

For a bombing they said I did?

Just until this team
proves you're innocent.

I'll be you in custody,

and you'll be me, free in
the world, helping fix it.

You would really do this for me?

You just said you're in
this situation because of me.

Let me take the hard part.

- Nimah, you can't...
- Please...

let me fix this.

Going somewhere?

Are you in trouble?

I could ask you the same question.

My asset didn't get flagged
by the CIA as a Russian spy.

Well, Sasha hasn't been accused
of any crime.

She doesn't have to be.

She's compromised, Ryan.

You have to drop her.

- What? What? Say it.
- Well, no, Sa...

No, Sasha's compromised because
she's on some list somewhere?

The same way that your little
backpacking buddy from India,

Amir Salaam, was on a list?

Does that make him compromised?

Does your association with him
make you compromised?

You're putting all of us at risk.

Look, I'm not your soldier, Alex.

I'm not your asset,
and I'm not your fiancé.

You think Sasha's trouble?

Okay. I'll be careful.

The rest is up to me.

And with this veto,

President Haas sends a clear
message to the American people.

"You're on your own."

Now, the rich are safe in their mansions

and their gated communities,
but common, everyday Americans

are left to fend for themselves,

unsure of when the next
jihadist will strike.

And when they do...
and they will, mark my words...

it will be on that woman's shoulders.

And when that happens, you ask her...

That wasn't just rhetoric.

Roarke's laying out his game plan.

Sooner or later, the Collaborators
will stage another attack,

and when they do,
your mother will be done.

Her V.P. nominee has languished
in the Senate for weeks now.

It's not hard to see why.

If she resigns... when she resigns...

we all know who's next in succession.

The Speaker of the House...
Henry Roarke.

A Collaborator as President.

They'll have it all.

I know that veto hurts Claire
in the short term,

but it was the right thing.

It wasn't what I wanted.

You tried to talk her into signing it.

She didn't listen.

Wow. I am disappointed.

Days like this... they show you
what you're really made of.

Now I know.

So do you.

I know that Congress is willing and able

to work with this President
to help Americans,

but she needs to be
willing to work with us,

the majority Americans elected
to protect them...

to protect their interests.

We will not back down.

You're right.

I should have a plaque made.

Someone took my booth.

Something happen?

More than what's already happened?


- Just some friendly fire.
- Ryan.

- How'd you...
- I can see it on your face.

I might think twice out in the field,

but I've been reading people in the
classroom since the Clinton years.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

Wow. Look at us, smiling
after almost being killed today.


And toasting while Rome is burning.

To our own cleverness,

instead of being honest with ourselves.

Alex, I froze today. I thought too much.

- No, don't.
- My instinct... No.

My instinct is gone.

Now, you... I mean, you have...
you have doubts.

We've been over that. But you act first.

If I'm gonna make it out of here alive,

I need to learn to do the same.

And I think maybe
you're the one to teach me.

Me help you? That's...

What a smart man does
who knows his limits...

asks for the help he knows he needs.

So... help me.

Help me trust myself again.

Help me be... who I was...

instead of who I am right now.

The finest Pinot grigio that
your local supermarket sells.

Mm. Funny. I pegged you as more
of an Old World red kind of guy.

I don't even know what that means.

Is the FBI right behind you?

Well, if they are,
they're after me, not you.

I'm trusting you, until you
give me a reason not to.

Trusting is a very stupid
and dangerous habit,

and yet I keep doing it.

You put your neck on the line
to protect the people you love.

You shouldn't have to pay for that.

You gonna open that or what?

Caleb, it's Shelby.

I know you probably
don't want to hear this,

but I think your family
needs you right now.

Proud of yourself?

No. But my boss and my father are.

I'm sorry, Clay. It isn't personal.

Yeah, that's the problem with your side.
It never is, and it should be.

I know what he's doing.

You didn't have a chance to win this.

When I find something you can,
I will let you know.

Remember... always to the right.

I won't let them know we switched.

You will get me out of there
as soon as you can, right?

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx