Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 12 - FALLENORACLE - full transcript

The recruits break into the NSA to delete their personal information; the hostages plan an escape to make the terrorists reveal themselves.

Previously on "Quantico"...

So you made the
choice to leave The Farm?

You have a lot to be
proud of. Few make it this far.

I hacked Lydia's e-mails.

He deserves to pay for
what he did to Elliot.

Your friend who died...
What was his name?

His name was Elliot.

Once I met Carly, I
realized what you are.

You're here to tempt me.

You're Carly, aren't
you? Sebastian's friend?

- Yes, that's right.
- I'm not a killer.

You almost killed me once.

You're FBI, both of you.

It's okay. You don't have to
talk, but you do have to see me.

I'll be over in an hour.

I have proof now that Lean
Velez is not loyal to the cause.

He'll be gone within the week.

Eric Boyer edited a service tunnel

out of every digital map in this city

in case they needed a way out.

Something's wrong. There
are more people here

- than there were before.
- They're bLeanding in.

- They're amongst us.
- All right, everyone.

We're getting out of this building.

Let's go.

Okay, Alex, now what?

Hostage Rescue is gonna be

breaching the perimeter any minute.

That means they'll rescue us.

Well, the FBI concluded that everyone

who is still within the perimeter

is a potential terrorist in disguise.

They're gonna be expecting
us armed in suicide belts.

They're coming in weapons free.

That means shoot on sight.

Okay, well, now
might be the part where

you tell us how to get past
all those itchy trigger fingers.

Well, there's a tunnel
no one knows about.

It's under the building. It
goes outside the perimeter.

We go there now. We go there together.

Or we stay here and take our chances.

Right, and walk out arm in arm, happily,

and let the terrorists get away with it.

No, they tortured me,
and they killed Leigh.

They killed Leigh because she
was a traitor to this country.

A rogue CIA operative
party to a conspiracy

to undermine the United States.

So was everyone else
the terrorists killed.

Yeah? And how do you know?

I know because I helped find them.

It was my job to figure
out who was an insurgent

and who was innocent.

I just didn't know that
they would kill them.

Are there any insurgents
you still need to find?

Yes. I don't know who
they are or how many,

but I do know how to find them,

and if we make it out of here
alive, that's what I'll do.

Follow me.

We have to get to the tunnels right now.

Okay, so, this is interesting.

Look at this e-mail from her.

Who Lydia recruited for the AIC and why.

We still don't know who
she's writing to, though.

Alex Parrish... Pinned for backup.

She's dedicated,
strong, a natural leader,

but uncomfortable in gray areas.

Why am I even paying for a therapist?

This is why you haven't been
brought into the inner circle.

All this right under my nose.

Lydia knew how to play me.

She knew how to make me look over there

while she was operating right here.

It's always the ones
closest to us, isn't it?

Look, you want a laugh?

Read what she wrote about Leigh Davis.

My top pick, highly
strategic and competitive,

should go far at The Farm.

So who did make the cut?


Lydia admires his poker face

but fears it conceals a divided soul...

The mercenary and the man
who wants penance for it.

You sabotaged the mission in Munich.

It was a woman's life. It
was the right thing to do.

If you want immunity,

you have to deliver us evidence
that we can use against them.

We told you this.

I know.

I have to be a spy, an
assassin, and a traitor

all at the same time. It's not easy.

I thought you ended that.

Well, I'm not answering, am I?

And Dayana?

Lydia thinks she's fiercely loyal

and acts as the others' enforcer.

You were right.

Lean is a problem, one
we'll handle together,

if your feelings don't get in the way.


For Lean?

He didn't just betray you.

He betrayed us.

I want him gone.

What about Harry Doyle?

He'd be my pick.

Yeah, well, she
didn't recruit him.

She knew he serves no
master other than himself.

And Sebastian?

Too afraid to draw outside the lines.

Harry and Sebastian aren't even

talking to each other right now.

So that's it?

That's it? I think we have a lot.

We know who's involved. We
know what her priorities are.

No, it isn't enough. It's eavesdropping

and only hearing parts
of a conversation.

We need something real...
Who they're working for,

what are they working towards?

We need to catch them in the act.

Are you really ready to
take down your own daughter?

You didn't come home last night.

How's Lydia?

Okay, look.

We're going after the
AIC... Owen and I...

On behalf of the CIA,

even if they don't know about it yet.

And you're telling me this because...?

Because I don't want you to
go down with them when they do.

You still have time to get out.

Okay, so you're doing me a favor.

No, I'm not. I'm just...

You got nothing on the
AIC, and you know it.

Shouldn't you want me to?

Don't you want them to get caught?

Tell me what you see here.

North American suburban sprawl

in all of its soul-crushing spLeandor.

That's exactly the point.

Because what looks like
just another office park

in fact houses one of the
National Security Agency's

most important data
collection facilities.

But you wouldn't know
that because everything

about this building,
from its flat facade

to its manicured grounds,
is designed to misdirect you,

to make you look the other way.

Now, when you can do the same,

when you can make a mark look
over there when you're here,

then you can
get away with anything.

And that's what we're doing to the NSA.

You'll be breaking in and getting out

without them ever
knowing you were there.

- Thanks.
- So those are your briefings

being handed out.

Learn them backwards and forwards.

We'll reconvene in an hour.

Hey, Owen.

Um, so, this morning you said this class

was gonna be about
impersonal communication.

I found something after you left.

So the AIC wants something
from inside the NSA.

And we're gonna help them get it
and then catch them in the act.

It's the only way to
be sure of stopping them.

- Thank you.
- You bet.

Do you know what
you did back there, Will?

You just painted a big,
fat target on your back.

The people these terrorists have hunted,

well, they're a vicious lot.

They could take out
everyone in a locked room

as if they were never
there, and you've just said,

"Hello, mates.

I'm the only thing standing
between you and freedom."

Look, I hate to be
brutal, but the chances

of you surviving this
without some attempts

on your life are
officially slim to none.

I'm counting on it.

We're gonna keep walking
until the AIC shows themselves.

Come on.

You've constructed this misdirection.

You lot want to know
who the terrorists are.

You've goaded them into action
for the chance of catching them.

But you're bait. You'll die.

- Harry.
- I've made a lot of mistakes,

including sleeping with you.

Consider this my atonement.

All we need is
one to go after him.

One will be enough
to uncover the others.

Well, here we go then.

One step at a time.

I think it's time to see
what Mr. Doyle is really taLeanted at.

Come on up here.

You have a particular
set of skills, don't you?

Well, who
have you been talking to?

Picking someone's pocket
is misdirection in action.

When you can take something from someone

without them even knowing you
took it until you're long gone,

then you can misdirect
anyone in any situation.

So, Harry, teach us
the art of the steal.

- What's your secret?
- My secret?

My secret would be charm,

wit, and chemical attraction.

Yeah? You think I'm kidding?

You, sir, you are very polite.

I'm gonna hand you my jacket.

The weight in your arms
disguising the feeling

of your old leather wallet being lifted.

Pay attention to this man

because you'll be putting his
lessons to the test tonight.

- Give me my wallet.
- Aah.

You know, people see a pretty girl,

they're not thinking
about their valuables.

I'm so sorry.

Could you pass me a tissue, please?

Be a good Samaritan,
make someone trust you.

Excuse me, guys. I'm sorry to interrupt,

But last week, my friend
had her purse stoLean

from this same exact seat,

so you might want to move your bag.

Just saying.

Sometimes confidence is all you need.

But sometimes all you need is a plan.

Okay, so, how'd the
fishing expedition go?

Lydia apparently touched
down at Andrews two hours ago,

and she wants to see me.

Crowds can be a great distraction.

It's crazy in here.

You sure you're okay?

I drove 2 1/2 hours to see
you, and I'm seeing you.

I'm great.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

But sometimes all you
need is to be alone.

Wow. I feel so proud.

No, hang on...

Who took a pepper spray off someone?

That's not good.

Let's get ready
to be briefed on the NSA.

Interested in a little quid pro quo?

Well, depends on the quid.

The pound's not doing
too good these days.

Well, I just need a little
help on my side project.

Nothing too difficult.
Just another pair of eyes.

Okay. Well, what's the quo?

Name your price.

You're desperate.

Well, it's not last
call on this guy, love.

I'm not.

You have nothing I want.

The point on misdirection is to control

what and how people see so you
can do what needs to be done.

Are we really breaking into that place?

You bet you are.

Care to tell them why?

Because it's hard.

Because they don't want us to.

Because we can.

I'd have taken "because I told them to,"

but yours are good, too.

Welcome back, Lydia.

It's good to be back, Dad.

Owen doesn't know it,
but he's just given us

exactly what we need...
Access to the NSA.

So, Lydia will be playing assist today

on your op inside the NSA.

I'll be at my father's
side, keeping him busy,

while you execute your mission.

Your objective... to remove
your digital footprint.

Our objective... To tap the NSA.

Every e-mail and call
you've made at The Farm

has likely been intercepted and recorded

by an NSA listening post.

Send an e-mail that
might compromise you later

or made a phone call that
could tip off a foreign power.

We're giving you a
gift of a clean slate,

but you've got to clean it yourself.

While they're busy
deleting their intercepts,

you'll be planting a sophisticated tap

in the heart of the
facility's data infrastructure.

Now, since you'll be breaking
into a highly guarded,

clandestine facility,
you're gonna need to use

all the tools of
misdirection you can muster.

We want the NSA to know you were there,

just long after you're gone.

If you do your jobs right this time,

we'll have access to
every phone call and e-mail

sent or received on
the eastern seaboard.

And if you fail...

It's prison.

For all of us.

You, you knew Lydia was coming back.

You knew this was coming.

Maybe I did. So?

So, what are you really doing?

So now I suddenly have
something that you need.

Are you in?

Yeah, fine.

While the class is erasing their SIGINT,

I'm gonna see what the
AIC wants from the NSA.

So, anything MI6 might
like along the way?

Ooh, you've thought this through.


Sir Laurence Bishop.

The British shipping magnate.

That's the one.

Anything and everything

a lawless and godless NSA has on him.

And in return?

Keep your eyes open in there.

Let me know who from the
AIC makes a move and when.


Hey, get back here.

I can't find my husband Tony.

He was with me for a second,
and then I turned my back,

and he was gone.

There was a man next to
me, French, gray hair.

He's disappeared, too.

Okay. Everyone, backs
against the walls now!

We need a head count.

Let's go. You, come with us.

Are you okay?

You tell me.

I'm trapped down here

with people who are trying to kill me.

They're not gonna stop just
because we've changed location.

131. There are two missing.


Do you recognize him?

His name is Tony Gomez.

He's a former S.E.A.L.

and a member of the
Citizen's Liberation Front.

You know what this means, don't you?

We came down here to draw out the AIC,

and they aren't taking it sitting down.


Now they're hunting us.

Hey, excuse me. Hi, I'm...

Alex Parrish.


You seeing the assistant director?

Just an interview on
the background for my book

on the Grand Central crisis.

I'm so sorry.

I'm such a klutz.

Thank you.

Okay, this will get
you up in his office.


Selfie before you go?

It's for my husband.

He's really into you.

Sure, but maybe on my way out?

- Okay.
- Okay, great. Thank you.

You dropped something.


You took Carly's wallet?

I was gonna drop this in the mail.

Yeah, I wanted to ignore
it, but I was too interested

in the kind of person she is.

Turns out she's an organ
donor, a Red Cross volunteer,

proud auntie, I'm assuming,
by the photographs.

Just a decent person
who deserves to know

the kind of man she's dating.

Are you threatening me?

The fact that you feel
threatened is the problem.

I'm not your friend who died.

No, you're not.

You're why he died.

South entrance clear
for exit in two minutes.

West entrance will be
ready for secondary exit.

Clock begins on my mark.

You are cleared for jamming.


In from the AlLeantown
facility for the day.

Still getting my bearings.

Alex, your temporary
access to the secure floor

starts in 30 seconds.

Any activity?


Ryan's in the system,
accessing the secure data.

Hasn't moved yet.

Ping me when he does.

Remember your end.

Everything on Bishop.

Parrish in position.
Deletion process initiated.

In and deleting your
classmates' personal data,

just like that.

You folks are good.

What's wrong?

The west door panel, it's,

it's configured differently
than it was in the plans.

Do you mind if I see yours?

I'm worried mine might be wrong.



All right, I know... I see what you did.

Thank you.

Okay, Ryan is on the move

and not where he's supposed to be.

Sir? What are you doing here?

I'm with, Shore Atlantic P&E.

There's a problem here on this grid,

taxing the local transformer.

Can I see your work order?

Chen, do not move.

I'm just here to do my job.

Keep the jammer in position.

So am I.

It's my job to keep the premises secure.


I think I left the
work order in my truck.

Why don't you go get it then?

Chen, stay in position.

Doyle, I need backup. We've
lost our jamming signal.

I need someone to run
interference here, fast.

Sorry, mate. I can't leave my desk.

Got a woman watching my every move.

Alex, he's coming up to you.

I think he's going
to the control room.

I'll stay on him.

Keep your comms open.

Booth, can you help out Chen?

Where is Booth?

Booth, respond.

Chen, you have to come
up with the solution.

My truck is all the way
over in the South lot.

I told you I need that work order.

I don't get overtime if
I have to come back for this.

Just cut a guy a break, please?

I need two minutes to finish,

and I will show you my work order.

Two minutes.


Okay, Alex, you're clear.

Go find out what Ryan was doing.

There's a panel
that's loose up here.

Yeah? What is it?

I think they're tapping the NSA.

Then you should tap their tap.

You can trace where it's going.

Already on it.

Why are we moving in circles?

Don't think I haven't noticed.

We just need to get out right now.

We're almost out.

This was supposed to
be the safe way out.

She was supposed to save us.

We can cast blame later.

For now, let's just stick to the plan.

- Why?
- Just keep calm and keep moving.

Don't worry. Come on.



- Alex!
- Ryan!

We got to get the lights
back on. Come on, let's...

Ryan, stop, stop.

My gun.

I think someone took it.

Parrish has gone dark twice.

Must be an interference issue.

Let me see if I can
get a fix on her signal,

find out where she is.

Hey. Why did you come back?

I was in town. I swung by.

Not because of Munich,

not because I almost
got myself killed there?

Lydia, I understand now all those years

you lied about how I got
benched was to save me,

because you knew I wasn't
strong enough for the truth,

and I wasn't, and I'm
still not sure I am.

- Dad...
- I used to tell myself

that I had so much, but the truth is,

I have nothing, and once
you leave, I have even less.

Parrish's signal is back on.

Two minutes.

Proceed to primary exit.

We've got a problem.
Primary door is jammed.

Check the wiring.

Yeah, wiring's fun.

León shorted it.

Primary exit is blown.
Proceed to secondary.

In position and standing by.

- Camacho clear.
- Booth clear.

- Brady clear.
- Mampasi clear.

- Doyle clear.
- Ellis clear.

- Chen clear.
- Ortega clear.

Velez is compromised.

Parrish, get clear, now.


Miss Parrish?

Parrish, get out.

You promised me that selfie.

Of course.

Parrish, where are you? Your
exit's been compromised.


- Thanks.
- Say hi to your husband.

Parrish is clear.

So, before I give you what
you asked for, you lied to me.

Well, you're gonna have
to be a bit more specific.

You see, the U.K., Canada,
Australia, New Zealand,

and the U.S. are part of
this thing called Five Eyes.

We share signals
intelligence, which means MI6

didn't need whatever's
on this, and if they did,

they could've asked for it themselves.


So I did a little bit of Googling.

Sir Laurence Bishop
had a son named Elliot,

who died in 2008.

Your Elliot.

Yeah, details of my personal
life were not part of our deal.

I hope you get whatever
you need from that.

So do I.

León Velez left
himself no other choice

but to present his
endorsement card to the NSA,

thus ending his
training here at The Farm

and his future at the CIA.

It's as simple as that.

Today was a good day.

You completed the op.

Your SIGINT is but a memory to the NSA.

The NSA, National Security
Agency, you beat them.

You won.

So take some pride in the fact

that you're all one step
closer to being ghosts.

What we do here is more than just locks

and scanners and passwords.

It's about people.

So if you can't make
people look the other way,

you don't deserve to be here,
but if you can misdirect someone

for just a second, the right second,

then you can commit an act of treason.

That's exactly what you did today.

Remember that line I told you about

when you first started training here?

You've just crossed it.

You could've helped me today.

Yeah. You're right.

I could have.

You almost got me thrown out.

You called him my friend.



You said you were not
my friend who died.

Yeah, I did.

So what?

Well, he wasn't my friend.

He was my partner.

My lover.

I used to hate those words,
but his father hated them more,

so I grew to love them.

Elliot's father, you
may have heard of him.

Sir Laurence Bishop.

No? He owns just about
everything in the U.K.,

including his family.

When we first met, Elliot
was messing around with boys

in the back rooms of bars,

all the while dating appropriate women.

Appropriate by his father's standards

because they were women.

I didn't mean to fall for him.

I'd never falLean for anyone.

You see, I-I-I'm quite
surprised you haven't heard of.

Sir Bishop because he's a
good old fresh and righteous.

Anglican who wanted his
only son to be so, too.

It's his... his legacy.

You see, we still believe

in that kind of stuff where I'm from.

But when he found out that Elliot and me

were more than friends, he cut him off.

Closed every door.

Said if he wanted back, he
had to come back a man and...

Well, Elliot hadn't
worked a day in his life,

so he had nothing.

Well, he had nothing but me.

And that lasted about three months,

and then he was gone.

I tried to see him.

But I couldn't find him.

His family wouldn't talk to me.

I reached out to his sister, who tried,

but they got to her, too,

and he stopped returning my calls.

So I stopped calling.

A year goes by.

In the mail, a wedding invitation.

"Sir Laurence Bishop
invites you to attend

the wedding of his son."

And I think, "Is this a joke?"

Is s-someone... someone trying
to s... to screw with me?"

Or m-maybe it was him, you know?

Maybe it was a cry for help.

But whatever it was, I didn't answer.

Six months later, I come
home from a night out,

and there he is, in my house,

looking like the wrath
of God had hit him.

He was a strung out or drunk.

Couldn't tell.

Wanted to know if I still loved him.

Wanted to know why I didn't stop him.

Couldn't help him.

But whatever I said,
it didn't matter because

he realized then that he
couldn't have them and me.

He had trapped himself in.

There was no way out.

And before I knew what he was doing,

he grabbed a knife
from the kitchen counter

and ran himself through with it.

Well, not once, not twice.

Three times.

I tried to save him.

I did.

But there was so much blood.

Just be true to yourself, Sebastian,

whatever that is.

Yeah, there may be sin inside of you,

and that's what you
treat it, believe it.

It'll be there forever.

If there is, then tell her, okay?

Tell her like you told me

because then you won't
be in prison alone.


What are you doing?

Like you haven't figured it out.

Like you didn't bring us
down here to make this happen.

You wanted to draw us
out. Well, it worked.

- Here I am.
- You're AIC.

This is not ending well for me.

AIC. What a stupid nickname.

I prefer CIA operative.

Just like you wanted to be, Alex.

The only difference
is I had what it takes.

And what is that?

To create a hostage crisis?

What we tried to do with the G-20?

Sure, some people would've
died, but in the long run,

we would've saved many
more lives, and instead,

how many of us are dead?

People who've given their lives
in service to this country,

true patriots, picked off
like roaches in a kitchen.

No one needed to die,
and you are not a patriot.

Anyone who thinks they can take the law

into their own hands
is nothing but a terrorist.

Except when it's you, right, Alex?

You can go rogue
whenever you feel like it.

The only difference between
you and us is we're organized,

and we're not letting Will
Olsen out of here alive,

not while he knows how to find us.

So you can give up Will

or you can watch your
good friend Harry die.

Carly! Don't do this.

Harry didn't do anything wrong.

Didn't do anything wrong?

You can name a lot of things he did.

You've told me.

No, no, no, no. Don't
listen to her, Sebastian.

She's trying to get to you.

You know me.

You have a choice to make.

You've made it before.

Me or him.

I love you.

This doesn't change any of that.

You want to come with me,
we can escape together.

If you want to save him...

This is interesting.

She's lying to you, Sebastian.

She was not a senator's aide.

She never was. She's CIA.

She's a rogue operative, and
she only married you for cover.

That's not true.

I love my husband.

I understand him.

I let him be who he
wants to be, unlike you.

Give me Will, or this is it.


- Sebastian.
- Two.

Please, just... just drop
the gun and we can talk.

To hell with this.


No! No, no, no!

No, no.

They kicked you out?

Yeah, thanks to you.

I'm not mad.

I'm relieved.

I don't want to kill
anybody ever again,

not for them, not for my country.

I follow orders. You don't.

That's why you're leaving and I'm not.

What did they do to you?

I was lost.

They found me.

They brainwashed you,

just like you were
brainwashed as a child.

You know, I care about you, Dayana.

I don't have to punish you.

You're already doing it yourself.


I noticed that you tapped the cables

at the NSA's control room for the AIC,

giving them complete access.

Whatever they wanted.

Yes, I did.

Look, he FBI is playing the long game.

You know that.

And I have to stay under cover
until they're ready to act.

We just gave them information.

It's not like we killed someone.

Not yet.

Who knows what the AIC is gonna do

with whatever you gave them.

You think it's just information.

It could be complete misdirection.

Who knows what doors it's gonna unlock.

Ryan, you're not working
for the FBI anymore.

You're working for her.

And who are you working for?

Want a drink?


I leave tonight.

Next time you want to see me,

maybe try e-mail instead
of attempting suicide.

So you're just gonna...

Do my job?


Unlike you for much longer.

You know something I don't?

Sending trainees into the NSA.

It's ballsy, I'll give you that.

But you didn't teach them anything

they couldn't learn breaking
into the Kiwanis Club.

Why'd you do it?

Just to throw yet another
middle finger to the agency?

Did you hope Lean would
get caught so that the NSA

would think the CIA was after them?

Or did you just want to see
if I'd let you hang yourself?

Is there anything in
there besides anger?

I used to think so.

But whatever you are, whomever you are,

you're a stranger to me,
and you don't belong here.

Sebastian, can you feel the ground?

- Are you steady?
- No, no, no, no, no.

He's bleeding out. Unless
we're condemning him to die,

we need to keep moving. Faster now!

Okay, Lean.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Hey, hey, where's
Will? I can't find him.

- I thought he was with you.
- He was.

But in the middle of
commotion, we just...

- We lost him.
- Wait, wait, no.

Carly was the misdirection.

She sacrificed herself
so they could get him.

Come on.

This is the FBI.

Please move in an orderly fashion,

with your hands visible,

and continue to the holding tent.

This is the FBI. Please
move in an orderly fashion.

Did you hear what John said?

There are laws. We
can't just ignore them.

We can't bend
the laws to our will.

It's just such an ordeal
for so little reward.

Come on!

Tracer's working?

Yep, right to where Lydia's
team sent the information.

It's 15 minutes away.


Look, I'm sorry. This must be just...

It isn't, actually.


Yes, hello, Alex.

You, you didn't deliver
on your side of the bargain.

This cannot have been all you got.

Um, I put the name in, and
that's all that came up.

Okay, well, did you spell it correctly?

Are you kidding?

No, I'm not, because this is crap, Alex.

It's complete crap.

There was nothing here!

Everything okay?

Seems like I'm disappointing
a lot of people today.

You wanted to talk?

I want to know what this is, or I walk.

I don't care what you do to me.

16 hours ago, the NSA
intercepted chatter

indicating Russia was
sending suicide bombers

into Syrian refugee camps.

Normally that kind of intelligence

takes days to run down.


The tap you placed
allowed us to find out

about the threat, send in a
team, and stop the bombers.

The president signed off on it.

Is it really so hard to
believe we're the good guys?

We serve America.

It's just better America not know how.

Yeah, like killing the
great enemy of the state,

the municipal parks worker.

Robert Meyer is an
employee of the company

and still very much alive.

Our team just needed to know you'll do

what it takes when we need you to.

It was a test.

When you grabbed him, you
didn't feel the squibs.

Lean never checked the gun.

Dayana never saw the body.

You were misdirected.

And you got our loyalty.

You can do a lot of
good in this world, Ryan.

We could, together.

If you want to join,

I'll get you a meeting
with President Todd.

Just say when.


I guess you heard.

You were right.

Ready to go home.

I fell for him, Nimah.

I fell for a mark.

Let's go.

- Harry.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

- Now's not the time.
- I told her.

You did?

I told Carly everything.

And she understood.

Said she'd help me stay
strong, whatever I needed.

That we should go to
church and pray together.

Right. Well, that's great, isn't it?

Just what you wanted.

I wasn't like this before I met you.

Like what?

I didn't feel like this.
I didn't think like this.

You... You did this to me,
just like you did this to him.

No, Sebastian, that's really not...

What are you doing,
Sebastian? What are you doing?

What are you...


What are...

Are you okay?

All right, it's that door right there.

What the hell is this place?

You got to be kidding me.

Did Lydia do this?

No, she's in these photos, too.

So what is this?

Maybe this isn't the AIC.

This is someone with an obsession.

It's not a high-level
operative like Lydia.

Something isn't right.

I smell it, too.

Come on, we got to get
out of here, now. Come on.

I'd like to report a gas leak.


Hey, Ryan, I can't talk right now.

Alex, we were wrong.

There is no AIC.

Lydia's running a
sanctioned black ops program.

There's no rogue faction at The Farm.

There's a gas leak on the corner of...

Hey. Hey, stop!

Hey, wait, wait! Stop!

Whoa, hey, hey, no!

Excuse me.

Do you have a manifest of the survivors?

Because someone's still
missing... Will Olsen.

I need to speak to
someone in charge, please.

That would be me.

Thank you.

This way.

Of course you got away with it.

Do they know you have the drives?

Do they know you tried to get me killed?

If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead.

You just got your ass kicked.

I knew the terrorists wouldn't kill you,

and they didn't, did they?

Where are the drives, Lydia?

Well, thanks to you sending
dozens of terrorists after me,

I was forced to hide
the summit's hard drives

- in a safe place.
- And let me guess.

You're the only one who
knows where they are.


I'm afraid a terrorist has found them,

the same person who
kidnapped Will Olsen.

And if they manage
to upload those drives

to whomever's waiting for them,

it'll make a hostage crisis at the G-20

look like the best news all day.

Please, Alex, you're the only one

I can trust to go back in.


Because the person still inside

is your old roommate...

Dayana Mampasi.