Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 1 - KUDOVE - full transcript

While training at the CIA, Alex finds herself in the center of a deadly conspiracy that threatens countless people around the world.

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Alexandra Parrish, my name is Matthew Keyes.

We hear you're looking for a job.

Can I think about it?

This offer expires the second you step out of the car.

It is my belief, as it is many others who work for me,

that the FBI treated you terribly,

and then they hung you out to dry.

So, are you ready for what comes next?


- There you go. - Thank you.

Raina. What's up?

Making sure you're okay.

I'll be better when it's over.

I'll have time once they're done with the first meeting.

I'm one building away.

I've left a pass in your name.

Are you still there?

I thought I saw something, but I'm sure it's fine.

I'll see you in an hour. It shouldn't take that long.

Okay. Bye.

Monday through Friday, the Financial District bustles

with businessmen and women moving at a breakneck pace.

On this Saturday, the buildings are empty,

but the streets are full of world leaders

who are gathering under high security

to ask the question

"Should we put an end to global surveillance?"

President Todd, here with his wife,

First Lady Elaine Todd

is ready to deliver the keynote address.

Parrish? You're...

I was. A long time ago.

You working the summit for the FBI?

No. Just a civilian.

Well, welcome inside the perimeter.

Excuse me.

Thanks for coming. It's my only day in the city.

Yeah, I heard.

You made it onto the president's daily briefing team.

As of last week.


Thank you.

My team's waiting for me in Federal Hall, so...

- How is she, Ryan? - Alex.

You're right.

I-I shouldn't. I'm sorry.

- It isn’t… - It's not?

Did you bring it?

You know, sometimes I wish we'd said no…

to the mission, to all of this.

There was no mission, Alex.

We were chasing ghosts.

They weren't ghosts, Ryan. They were just smarter than us.

You gonna give it to me or not?

Looks like she needs you.

The briefing takes 15 minutes.

You'll be here when I get back?

Please clear the checkpoint area.

Please clear the checkpoint area.

- Hi. - I know we're not supposed to speak,

but I need a favor from you.

Of course you do.

I need you to use the database to run someone's photo for me.

Alex, I can't just

I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important, Shelby. Please.

Important how?

I just saw a dead man.

Okay, what man, and what makes you think that he's dead?

'Cause I'm the one who killed him.

Director Keyes, I was going through this Intel report,

and I thought...

Not what you were expecting when the CIA recruited you, huh?

Probably thought James Bond,

not Mike Judge

I was in the basement my last job.

How long have you been down here?


To whom should I make this...out?

*You really messed up everything*

Welcome home.

Thank you.

Sorry I'm late. What'd I miss?

Just me complaining,

and you get enough of that at home.

She had to do the agent update today.

- It's fine, really. - It's not fine.

It's not fine.

You finally speak Shelby! I'm so proud of you!

Well, I am happy at headquarters. I am.

It's a big deal, and I lobbied Miranda for it.

But, being asked to write up

what our former classmates are doing… it's mean.

Okay, I have to ask.

Nimah busted a cartel in Arizona.

Iris got a conviction on that trafficker in Miami.

Brandon got promoted to behavioral analysis.

My job? The company Christmas letter.

Even Caleb is having more fun than me.

Berkeley Law? I doubt it.

Maybe if he'd gone to Boulder.

And then Alex,

who was the most famous FBI agent in decades,

is also stuck behind a desk at a security firm.

What is wrong with these people?

From "Call of Duty" to carpal tunnel.

What about you?

No, hold on. Let me guess.

You are going undercover at NASCAR.

Or the White House.

Or no… maybe on tour with Beyoncé.


I couldn't tell you if I wanted to.

All I know is that it starts tomorrow.

I don't get back until this weekend.

Well, Netflix and I will take good care of her.

We'll make it work.

I don't want to wait for a drink. Anyone want one?

- Drown me. - I’m driving, so...


Okay. Where is it?

You were right to go with the rose-gold band

and the vintage cut.

I just did what you told me to do.

Which is why you have my blessing.

Are you gonna do it tonight?

Shut up! Quiet!

Thank you.

Be right back.

Alexandra Parrish, you have been chosen to test for training

in the National Clandestine Service.

You need to leave the bar right now.

You will receive directions shortly.

So, of course, there's an emergency at work.

One of our clients might be getting hacked.

They're calling everyone in.

Well, do you have to leave this second?


Hey, I don't know how late I'll be.

Um, I might miss you.

Well, it'll just make the weekend that much better.

Go save a company.

And you save the world.


In 100 feet, stay to the left.

Drive through the gate.

The security guard will wave you through.

Welcome to The Farm.

This is the CIA's one and only training facility.

If you're here, that means you're very good,

but that doesn't mean you'll stay.

Over the next 24 hours,

you'll undergo a battery of tests

to determine who will go from Agency asset to operative.

Follow us.

Are you kidding me?

This is your undercover assignment… to spy on me again?

What are you even doing here?

I can't tell you that.

Well, I can't tell you, either.

You said you were going undercover.

I am. I’m…

I'm here for the FBI.

So am I.

Summit starting in one minute.

Please clear the checkpoint area.

I ran your photo. It is not Jeremy Miller.

It belongs to someone named Paulo Silva,

who is very much alive and works for Embratel in Rio de Janeiro.

Are you sure?

Customs shows he landed at JFK yester…


Can you get a signal?

I got nothing.

Everybody, get down now!

Thank you very much.

Let's move! Let's move!

What's happening?

We need to get the president and the first lady out of here.

- I’ve been working this for eight months! - You fired her publicly!

- And you-you lied to me, - You knew we were in a relationship!

pretending to work at some…

- some security company, - You knew I was lying to him!

- Yet you couldn't be bothered - knowing this would happen

- to tell me when I get here - and we'd be right where we are now.

he's gonna be here, too!


You don't have time for this. You have to be back before dawn.

You could've just told us

we were both getting this assignment, Miranda.

I had to keep you in the dark.

Under whose orders?


Alex, Miranda had to let you go

so that no one would suspect you were still FBI

if you got into The Farm.

And what about Ryan? Was he fired, too?

No, Ryan's face wasn't all over magazines and TV screens.

Look, while I can recruit analysts,

I don't control The Farm.

I put you at Langley in hopes that you'd get invited,

but it was taking too long, so I put Ryan on their radar,

hoping he'd get tapped, and he did.

The fact that it was at the same time,

that's just coincidence.

- There's no such thing. - There's no such thing.

That's what the FBI teaches you,

but at the Agency, we rely on them.

Right place, right time -- that can save your life.

And now, with both of you here, that just doubles our odds.

Look, the FBI and the CIA

used to be able to do whatever they wanted

in the name of national security,

but over the years,

laws have been passed rightfully --

to keep us from crossing the line.

We believe that some people in the Agency

decided they're done with these laws.

They want the old ways restored --

no accountability, no rules, no oversight.

Now, whoever this rogue group is,

they've been growing within the CIA for years

with their own nefarious agenda, and we need to stop them.

The recruitment is happening on The Farm,

and we believe Owen Hall, who is the head instructor,

is finding the right candidates

and indoctrinating them while training them

right alongside the other students.

So we need you to get close to your fellow recruits,

figure out who may be chosen,

and, if you can, get chosen yourself.

The only way for us to know who's in charge is if you get inside.

Well, won't sending in two former FBI agents

who are in a romantic relationship

raise some red flags as to the reasons we're there?

Well, they don't know you've been romantic.

You just have to maintain a professional relationship

in the eyes of your fellow recruits and your instructors.

And if you had a prior working connection,

that's a good thing.

It's that type of coincidence

that can actually throw people off a scent.

Look, I know it's the Bureau's job

to police the intelligence community,

but undercover in the CIA,

surrounded by a bunch of future anarchists?

That's, uh -- That's --

That's insane!

I know.

I know -- calling this a challenge

is the understatement of the century,

but everyone in this room has experienced firsthand

what one rogue agent can accomplish.

Now, can you imagine

what a conspiracy of them could do?

Can we rely on you?


Figured we should get to know each other

since we're the only women here.

Oh, there might be more.

We're not the only recruits testing today.

- I'm Alex. - Alex Parrish.

You're not someone who ever has to introduce herself.

Why do you even have to go through this? You're a shoo-in.

Yeah, well, depends on what "This" entails.

Physical, personality tests, polygraphs, and a psych eval.

I interview a lot of ex-Company for my work.

Jeremy Miller -- famous author of the "Skyforce" Series

and now living it in real life.

Apparently, my scenarios were so accurate,

they recruited me to come up with new ones.

And you are...?

Not a fan - of yet another male action hero

with a long-suffering wife

who prays he makes it through his next mission.

Well, thank you for reading them.

Hope your research pays off --

'cause it ain't fiction.

That man is staring at me.

Stare right back. Everyone else is.

You got your own admirer.

Not your type?

This is nothing like the Bureau.

I mean, don't get me wrong.

All those people were in great shape, but this?

It's like a CrossFit leaderboard in here.

The only time I went to SoulCycle,

I ended up in the E.R., hooked to an I.V.

I'm so not gonna do well here.

Are you a good person?


Who says no?

Have you ever felt like no one believes you?

Have you ever committed a crime for which you weren't caught?

Only in Kansas, Kentucky, and Texas.

Ever damaged government property?

Does peeing in Central Park count?

Have you ever deceived a family member?


I'm doing so right now.

Ever looked at pornography?

Have you updated these questions since Truman?

Have you ever aided a terrorist in any way?

Okay, you got me.

"What color best describes you?"

How do you even answer a question like that correctly?

I'm pretty sure it's subjective, and if it isn't,

then I am really freaking out right now.

All right, just relax, okay?

You're more in control than you let on.

The CIA is gonna see that.

Is it some moth-to-a-flame thing, or do you know that guy?

I just met him a few times at the Bureau. That's it.

Surprised to see someone I know.

Well, good to see you again, Ryan Booth.

This is Lydia, um...

I'm sorry. - I don't know your last name.

Rumor is, we're not supposed to have them.

It's Bates.

Nice to meet you.

Pleasure's mine.

Something else - we're not supposed to have.

No, that was in the FBI.

Apparently, in here, we can do whatever we want.



My name is Owen Hall,

and if you make it into The Farm today,

I will be your lead instructor,

a position I've held for the last 14 years.

The CIA only recruits those we believe can help our mission.

As such, I've hand-selected everyone in this room.

I saw something in each one of you that makes you valuable.

And before this day is over,

some will prove me right and move in,

and others will be sent home.

The NSA and FBI want to make sure you have no secrets.

We here at The Farm need to know you can keep them.

All right, one by one, you'll be asked the same 20 questions

you were asked earlier during the polygraph,

only this time, you will tell a lie instead of the truth.

If you can't tell a lie and get away with it, we will know.

And you will hear a very unpleasant...

If I hear more than five buzzes...


Is your father alive?


Did you spend two years in prison?


Do you respond well to authority?


Is your name Ryan Booth?


Do you have three sisters?


Did you grow up in Hawthorne?


Were you in Afghanistan?

No, sir.

Huh. No one's ever gotten a perfect score before.

Nothing turns me on more than some mystery.

That right there might be a too talented Mr. Ripley.

What are you doing here, Raina?

I'm an interpreter for the summit.

Where is Alex?

I knew she was coming to see you.

She might still be in the area.

Well, let's hope, for her sake, she's not.

I hope for ours she is.

I do.

We are the Citizen's Liberation Front.

We've taken control of a five-block radius in lower Manhattan...

And our demand is simple.

There are individuals around the world

who were unjustly persecuted for breaches of global security,

and before the day ends, they have to be pardoned,

or many will die.

Any attempt to cross our perimeter

will result in the release of a biological agent

that will devastate the area.

Please await further instructions.

If you obey, it will be over soon.

We will begin with America.

The United States does not bow to terrorists,

and neither do I.

Then they will execute your wife.

They're speaking Swahili, but judging from their accents,

none of them are remotely from that region.

I've never heard of the Citizen's Liberation Front before.

Have you?


These guys are well-trained and way too organized

for this to be a first run.

Doesn't add up.

What are you going to do?

What I was trained to do -- lie.

I'm special advisor to the president.

If you want him to comply with your demands,

you're gonna need my help getting him there.

Elicitation -- the art of extracting information

from a target without raising their suspicion.

This is the site of your final test --

Williamsburg's Gold Leaf Bar and Grill.

You'll each be handed a card

with one single item written on it.

This item is a key piece of information about a fellow recrui

Your goal is to figure out what it means

and match it to the correct recruit

by writing their name on the back of the card.

When trying to elicit from a target,

you want to make sure your mark is relaxed and comfortable.

So drink up.

The booze is on us.

My card just says "Cleveland."

Like, is that a name or the city?

And now we all know what you have.

Elicitation's about not raising suspicion.

But, you guys, no one's

gonna give up too much on themselves anyway.

But you can't expect to get info on someone

without giving up information about yourself.

So how do we win?

Well, by getting well and truly drunk

until somebody slips up.

Let's do it.

Her name was Hannah.

She was smart, beautiful, strong --

stronger than I'll ever be.

We were talking about starting a family together.

And then... car accident.

One day she was there, and then...

What about you? You ever lose anyone you love?

Mm. My husband and our two sons.

That's -- That's how you do it, isn't it?

Your B-plus story and your C-minus conviction.

If you're gonna give me the widow trick,

please give me something I haven't seen on American telly.

Anyone ever tell you, you have a really thick accent

for an American?

Everyone -- apart from my mum,

who moved us back to London after I was born.

Excuse me.

Tragic story about your ex-wife.

I wonder what she'd make of it.

Should we call her and ask?

Elicit without being elicited is the point.

Lying isn't the only strategy.

I'm playing it close to the vest.

Plus, I already have a hunch on my card.

Mm, well, why don't you play it your way, I'll play it mine,

and I hope to see you on the other side?

Oh! I will be there.

Actually, I got the Edgar for the first "Skyforce" Novel

when I was living hand-to-mouth as a high-school English teacher.

Jeremy Miller?

Jeremy freakin' Miller -- the millennial Tom Clancy?

Wow. I am a big fan.

Do you know who this guy is?

Do you fancy a chat?

I was getting somewhere with him.

Yeah, on the road to elimination.

That was a total cock-up.

Don't give information about yourself.

You're...helping me? Why?

You have an honest face.

- Thank you. - No, that's not a good thing.

Till you have a dishonest heart to go with it,

you're gonna have to learn how to cut corners.

Now, do you know why barmen never go home with anyone?

'Cause they've seen everything.

Talk to him.

Wesley is from Mobile, Robin is cheating on his wife,

and Leon is uncircumcised, which I didn't hear from him.

What did you have to share to get all that?

Nice try.

Look, I'm just doing my due diligence.

Besides, I've already pinned the card on my donkey.

Cards up so we can talk freely?


I don't know any other Andy except...Warhol and Cohen.

Guess we can chat. Yeah, this isn't mine, either.

Another game?

You gonna actually try this time,

or you really think that letting me win

is gonna get me to give something up?

Oh, I'm that transparent, huh?

You and Alex -- deeper history than a shared employer.

Yeah. We brought down Liam O'Connor together.

But that's not what's in your eyes

every time you hear her name.

She might not be the card you were holding,

but she's your key piece of information --

your weakness.

I was holding back. This time, you're going down.

So, how does an ex-actuary

take a swing at a job like this?

My mom was an alcoholic.

I never knew what she'd bring home with her --

a man, a few.

Sometimes she never came home at all.

Living like that made me grow up fast --

responsible, sober, always on call, never spoke up,

never went to a house party, never jumped in a pool,

never even learned to swim.

So I'm here to prove to myself

that I am capable of taking risks.

And I am not afraid.

I don't see any fear in those eyes.

You got this.

Means a lot, coming from the great Alex Parrish.

Why are you here?

After everything that happened last year...

the world called me a hero,

but I never felt like one.

I missed signs, made mistakes.

Friends died.

My best friend died, actually.

So, while the world might call me great,

all I feel is guilty.

So I'm here...

to actually become the hero the world already thinks I am.

Hand in your cards. Let's see who's still standing.

Manus, Garabedian, Springer,

Velez, Ellis, Doyle, Booth,

you all correctly matched your cards to the proper recruit.

The following people, step forward --

Manus, Heyward, Steiner,

Springer, Garabedian, and Gordon.

A van is waiting in the parking lot to take you to the airport.


Why am I out?

You just said I matched my card to the correct recruit.

Yeah, but another recruit got information from you

to match their card back to you.

Sorry, Springer. I did enjoy our little chat.

Call you when I'm done here? Yeah?

The true aim of the exercise wasn't eliciting information out of each other,

but who was able to protect their own information from getting out.

The winners never gave yourselves up.

No one matched a card to you. Very good.

How did you know?

Well, look, when I go out,

I get numbers and I never give mine.

I just figured the same rules apply here.

You're not done with your final test.

Sober up quickly.

In one hour, you're jumping out of a plane.

Now it's a party.

What are you doing in here?

Mr. President, I lied.

I told them I can convince you to communicate their demands.

Well, you're about to prove very persuasive.

As much as it pains me, I intend to do exactly that.

No. You can't give in.

Don't do this to protect me.

When you swore to serve this country,

it was an oath we took together.

And if I don't give in, they kill you, start on me,

then the rest of the world leaders,

sending the world into chaos without end.

Sir, I thought you and Vice President Haas had a firm policy --

America doesn't negotiate with terrorists.

Don't be naive. We always have.

The world just doesn't know about it.

Time is up.

My aide can assist you in setting up a pardon for Eric Boyer.

Not to me. To the people.


Your effort won't be forgotten, Ryan.

Thank you.

Good morning.

This is your president speaking.

Moments ago, the G20 Summit was taken hostage

by an armed militia called the Citizen's Liberation Front.

We are being held in Federal Plaza,

and I am assured there will be no casualties

as long as the United States grants the immediate release of one Eric Boyer.

If we don't, my wife will be the first to be executed.

I am ordering a full presidential pardon of Boyer

to spare the lives of these brave men and women inside

to put an end to this hostage crisis before anyone is killed.

Thank you.

God bless America.

This is a C-47B Skytrain aircraft.

We are cruising at an altitude of 15,000 feet.

You are about to embark on a high-altitude, low-opening jump.

This is HALO school,

and I will be your jumpmaster for this course.

It is a test of your courage.

Now, mark 60 seconds on the watch altimeter we gave you.

When I say "Go,"

Start the timer and exit the aircraft.

You have approximately 60 seconds to pull your chute

before you reach unsafe altitude,

and I don't have to tell you what happens

if you don't pull them in time.

Is everyone clear?

- Clear, sir. - Yeah.

Forget the watch. I need new pants.

Do you think Jake Eagle would be scared?

Jake Eagle is fictional.

Do you want to write about things or live them?

I want to live to write about them.


This is your adventure now.

Don't think about it. Just do it.

I'll go first!


Yeah, yeah, it's not my first time.

You just got to close your eyes and go.

He'll be right behind me.


I can't do it.

Now or never, Miller.

I can't!

All right. You're going home.

Who's next? Let's go!

Leon, you're up.

My harness isn't connecting.

What? Let me see.

You need to tell Owen.

- Go! - And risk getting cut? No way.

You saw what just happened to Jeremy.

Are you kidding?

There's a big difference between bravery and suicide.

You're gonna fall when this chute engages.

You need to go and tell Owen -- get it fixed.

Go! Tell him!

Bates! Let's go!

Well, I'm glad you made a friend.

I'm just trying to keep myself away from you.

Yeah, well, it's not working,

'cause Leon has pieced together

that we're a little bit more than just colleagues.

I'd be lying if I didn't say this was a little weird for me,

watching you slip in and out of your cover so perfectly,

being able to lie so easily.

I mean, it just --

We were in such a good place, Ryan.

Yeah -- with you lying to me.

When did Keyes contact you, huh?


Six months ago?

Well, if anybody should be having trust issues,

it's me, not you.

- I didn't have a choice. - No, I didn't have a choice, either.

You think I want you seeing this side of me?

You think I want you doubting me again?

Alex, I never want you doubting how much I love you.

Before you ran off last night, I was gonna let you know that.



Lydia, no!

Let her go!

I can't! Her rigging's not latched!

We gotta bring you back in!

Take my hand!

You can do it!

I will not let you go! Take my hand!

I can't! I can't!

Here! Grab my pack!

- Ryan! - Come on, Lydia!

Try not to do that again.

You two still have to go.

Well, you all made it.

Very good.

Alex, come forward.

Maybe he's got a Silver Star handy.

Shut up.

Don't you ever ignore my instructions again.

You interfered with a fellow recruit.

Had it been an op, you would've compromised it.

I'm sorry. I saved her life.

No, you didn't.

I've made that jump 57 times.

I'm not a recruit.

I'm a case officer --

and your co-instructor.

I put myself amongst you

to observe you throughout the day.

So there was nothing wrong with your rigging.

No, it was a test to see who would try and play a hero during an op.

I had a feeling it might be you.

And after that little story you told at the bar,

I was certain.

The FBI might train you to be a hero,

but in the Agency, the mission comes first.

You don't.

Bit of an extreme example, isn't it?

Or not enough of one.

I've watched operatives get shot right in front of me,

and if you even blink,

you're next.

That said,

everyone standing here just barely made the final cut.

Welcome to The Farm.

Your mother wasn't an alcoholic, was she?

You just read up on me.

Do you think this is the Girl Scouts,

where we're all in it together?

This is the Central Intelligence Agency.

You're not training to be a border guard

or a beat cop or an FBI agent.

You're training to be a case officer.

If you do it right,

you'll be forced to make tough choices

that could save countless lives every day,

and you'll be doing it on your own.

I believe in trusting the people around me.

Without them,

last year would've turned out very differently.

If you ask me, last year could've been prevented.

The FBI reacts when something happens.

We stop it from ever getting that far.

Think of all the people who would still be in your life

if you did what I do.

Oh, and, by the way, you had my card.

Andy was my favorite Goonie.

Who are you, and what do you want?

What are you planning?

Answer me!


How is that possible? You -- You're dead.

You're wrong about a lot of things, aren't you?

Well, if you think you can stop this,

you're wrong about that, too.

I only wish you hadn't been here.

Now you're gonna have to die, too.


You almost died today.

And you almost got pulled out with me.

Can we really pull this off?

Six months of lying to each other?

We've done that before.

I hate it.

I hate it, too.

I mean, I can learn how to lie better,

how not to trust the people around me,

but we're in such a good place.

I don't want to have to lie to you again.

How were you gonna make sure I never doubted you?

Stop. Oh, my God.

I -- I don't want to see it.

Not yet.

When this mission's complete

and when we've gone through this together,

show me then.


And even though we have to lie to everyone else back there,

we don't have to lie to each other.

Here, in this room,

this'll be the one place we always tell each other the truth.

I love you.

And I love you.

The Central Intelligence Agency

will teach you how to be someone else --

for all intents and purposes, a criminal.

Everything you'll learn is a capital offense in every country,

including this one.

For the next six months,

you'll train in the art of deceit,

learn tradecraft, and paramilitary skills

to ensure that those of you who become case officers

have what it takes to survive.

You'll notice you've been joined by two other groups,

who passed the same tests this week.

And while you didn't get a chance to meet each other,

you'll soon be well-acquainted.

Every week, we do a class ranking,

affectionately known as the Murder Board,

so that everyone knows where they stand.

If you're at the bottom more than once, that's it.

This week...

Good luck.

You'll need it.

Bicol Express --

vacuum-packed, straight from Malate.

Thought you'd enjoy it.

Burn The Witch - Radiohead

One of these days, customs is gonna catch you.

Whoever they catch, it won't be me.

Could you grab this for me, Dad?


They put the top two in the class in the same room.

Since I'm number one, you mind if I choose a side?

Sure. Go ahead.

You know, I got no intention of being number one.

Put yourself in first place,

all eyes are on you.

You know, Alex and me --

you were right.

But it's history and it's private,

and I don't want to wreck her chances here on a technicality.

I got it. You can trust me.


what were you in prison for?

Didn't say I trusted you.

I hope you don't mind, but I sleep naked.

Hope you don't mind. I pray.

He's out.

Boyer has been granted his pardon.

You've done well.

"It's time for the next phase."

What are they saying now?

They're counting. We're being separated.

How are you planning on this working, huh?

There are hundreds of people here.

There's only a dozen of you.

"There are more of us here than that.

You just can't see them."

They're hiding among us, Ryan.

What are you doing?

I did what you asked!

At the very least, let my wife and the other hostages go!


Wait! No!

Elaine! No! Stop!

Mr. President, no!

No! No!

No! No!