Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 4 - Kill - full transcript

Ryan reports to Liam he can't find serious fault in Alex, but is instructed to make sure she does terribly in the hostage situation exercise, after which she intends to leave Quantico, already weakened by guilt over killing her hero father, but Ryan also reports to Miranda. Gay analyst Elias Harper makes clear to Simon Asher he won't give him any reprieve. In the present, Alex is stunned how helpful Simon also brings in other former Quantico classmates in present capacities, like Shelby Wyatt, who now runs a key company.

My name is Alex Parrish.

Protecting our country
had always been my dream,

but my life took a turn.

It all started nine months ago
on my way to the FBI Academy.

My father was
a special agent.

My mother
didn't shoot him.

I did.

ALEX: You think one of
these people is a terrorist?

We're pretty sure
they already were a terrorist

when they got to Quantico.

I never thought
before I'd save our country,

I'd have to save myself.

No one's gonna believe
you're the same person

unless you match.

Maybe we should have never
come here.

This is the only
piece of evidence that's real.

Agent Asher.

I need to find the truth.

She's my daughter!

- SITA: Get out!
- No!

Tell her the truth!

For once, Sita!

The truth about you?


[breathing heavily]

[Andrew McMahon's
"Canyon Moon" plays]

♪ The sun ran out
on a cold October ♪

- ♪ Somewhere under the canyon moon ♪
- LIAM: Up and at 'em, people.

Mandatory gun test
in 10 minutes.

That's 10 minutes.

- ♪ California in her rear view ♪
- Well, you're already up?

Can't stop.
Won't stop.

What time is it?
What's going on?

Oh, just a little
pre-dawn gun test.

I'm exhausted.

You should be, too.

You were up late
reading your dad's file again.

I was just going over it
one last time before I throw it away.

You're already dressed.
Uh, you're making us look bad.

And you're making it easy.

- We have just 10 minutes. Come on.
- 10 minutes, people!

- [pounding on door]
- Nimah?

Up and at 'em, people.

Mandatory gun test
in 10 minutes.

- ♪ She disappeared ♪
- That's 10 minutes.

- [pounding on door]
- ♪ Take all your troubles ♪

♪ Put them to bed ♪

♪ Burn down the mission ♪

- ♪ The maps in your head ♪
- 10 minutes, people. Gun test.


♪ Shot like a bullet ♪

- ♪ Don't know the way ♪
- RYAN: Hey.

How's it going?
You good?

Better than ever.

Hey, look.

I know that reading
that file was rough.

I don't know
what I would do

if I found out my dad was a hero
instead of a deadbeat.

- I feel...
- You know what?

I wanted answers,
and I got them.

Now I have closure.
It's behind me.

♪ Then the road ♪

- ♪ Turned into desert everywhere ♪
- [gunfire]

Next string of fire
is from 25 yards.

- ♪ The leaves are falling ♪
- 5 rounds, 15 seconds.

- ♪ The church bells ringing ♪
- Three standing, two kneeling.

- ♪ She disappeared ♪
- [beeping]


Got to be faster
on the trigger, Amin.

I'm missing
my morning prayers.

I'm losing
complete track of time.

My body's
not used to this.


We've been going at it 24/7
for like a month.

- ♪ Take all your troubles ♪
- Repeat that string again.

♪ Put them to bed ♪

- ♪ Burn down the mission ♪
- [beeping]


Excellent work, Parrish.

You have a perfect target.

Check out Alex's target.

It's what you should
all be aiming for.

Next team.

Someone's been
on their game lately.

And here I thought
it would come down

to me and you
for Top Gun.

She's like
the Terminator.

When we're not
in class,

she's at the library,
the pool, the gym.

She doesn't stop.

Maybe she's
a blue flamer.

That's what they call NATs
who start raring to go

but crash and burn
before the finish line.

No, that's not Alex.

At least
I don't think it is.

NEWSCASTER: It's been 24 hours since
the Grand Central bombing

and the whereabouts of the
prime suspect, Alex Parrish,

an FBI special agent,
are still not known.

Just released
a picture of Parrish.

They hope this photo
will help track her down.

Wouldn't shoot a man with
a cherry scone, would you?

I'm so sorry.
I'm... I'm just on edge.

Guess you don't need
the coffee.

You've been busy.

So, I tracked down
all the information I could

on all the NATs
in our class.

SIMON: That couldn't
have been easy.

Did you know Paul Winters
spent time in Iran?

And Graham Nelson
married a woman

whose brother
was a Chechnyan rebel.

And Elias... you know how many
FBI persons of interest

he's defended
in his law career?

And got most of them

You didn't get much sleep,
did you?

What we really need
is to find a bomb technician

to take a look
at this wire, Simon.

It's the only thing I have
pointing to...

whoever's framed me.

I might know a guy.

Former IDF,
now lives in Williamsburg.

Y-You think he could figure out
where this came from?

- I...
- [cellphone ringing]

Uh, it's work.
Let me, um...

[ringing continues]

- [cellphone beeps]
- CLAYTON: We're sending in ESU

and Hostage-Rescue Teams.

Keep her there.

Just... D-Don't you think
that's a little hasty?

Ju... She trusts me, all right?
I can get information from her.

just give me time.

They're already en route.

You'll get a heads-up
when they're 60 seconds out.

Do you copy?

Copy that.

Trainee Amin.

I've noticed it's just been
you the last few days.

Is your sister okay?

Nimah has the flu.
I've been doing double shifts.

I'm sorry to hear that.
I'll check in on her after...

Oh, no, it's fine.
She's much better now.


If the stress is getting to her,
you can tell me, okay?

NATs get homesick
after the first four weeks.

It interferes
with their training.

Not to mention
the stress of you two

trying to pass
as one person.

Don't worry about her.

This is what she always wanted,

Hey, Booth.
Good news.

- You're going home.
- I'm what?

Your mission,
it's over.

You don't seem relieved.

Well, maybe 'cause
I haven't heard the catch.

Alex Parrish
has been flagged

as an unfit candidate
for the FBI.

I don't need
your eyes on her anymore.

Just need you to get her
to quit the Academy.

Quit? Why?

A good soldier knows
how to follow orders,

not question them.

I was told to make this happen.
Now I'm telling you.

Alex is at
the top of her class.

She's as determined now
as she's ever been.

The only way you're getting her
out of Quantico

is if you kick her out.

It's in
our best interest

that you help her
make that decision herself.

And how am I
supposed to do that?

You saw her
with that file.

Trust me, she's more fragile
than you think.

Just give her a push.

RAY: Hostage Rescue is,
at its essence, a mind game.

Operators need
to feel comfortable

amidst violent confrontation.

They need to be able to storm
into the chaos of crisis

and make clear
and calm decisions.

Now, ultimately, you will
all find yourselves

at the same moment
in your careers

where a split-second decision
can save people's lives.

Sometimes you have to make
that difficult decision

for the greater good.

This week... we're giving you
a taste of what it's like

to serve on
the FBI's most elite squad.

We're gonna put you
in high-stress situations

to see if you can overcome
your wiring

and make the right
split-second decision.

We don't want to see what you do
on your best day.

We want to see what you do
on your worst.

Because when
the stakes are this high...

one moment
can change everything.

Let's see who you are
when it's do or die.

Will you freeze,
or will you fire?

VASQUEZ: Save America Militia,
Sovereign Citizen,

Syria, and Iraq-based
Islamic State...

all claiming credit.

Anyone not taking credit
at this point?

Yeah. Parrish.

Wonder why?

You don't think
she did it?

I'm just
asking questions.

She put a bullet in you
and left you for dead.

Maybe she thought
I was the one framing her.

I know.
It's crazy, but...

No, it's just sad.

Don't make this
into something.

If I was gonna make this
into something,

I would ask what you were doing
at her apartment

at 6:00 in the morning.

I was clearing the air.

I hadn't talked to her
since she found out about us.

It was a mistake.
I should have told you.

I'm sorry.

There's been a break.

EAD's got a lock
on Alex's position.

He's sending in a team
to grab her right now.

[cellphone vibrates]

- [Alex sighs]
- _

There's no point of waiting
for your friend to call.

He doesn't like surprises.

Well, I can't
just sit here, Simon.

And you can't just
rush into danger, either.

Look, I'm putting my neck
on the line here.

We don't move
till we hear back.

- All right.
- Go, go, go.

Proceed with caution.

Move. East entrance.

Seal the perimeter.

- [cellphone vibrates]
- _

Is it him?

It's, uh...

[cellphone vibrates]

- _
- Simon?

You sure
we've got her?


I've got someone
on the inside.

- [cellphone vibrating]
- _

ALEX: Simon!

What's happening?

Close in.

It's Oren.

Uh, he says he can meet us,
but we got to move right now.

Let's go.

Come on, let's go!


My team checked the entire area
and they are gone.

Check credit cards,
cellphones, car.

I need eyes
on Agent Asher now!

Let's go!

You got a leak in your unit.

Somebody tipped her off
we were coming.

My unit?
How about your unit?

How long has Simon Asher
been working with the FBI?

He left Quantico in disgrace,
and now you're trusting him

to bring in
public enemy number one?

When he started working

for a company
that we were investigating,

I took the liberty
of instating him.

He's been undercover
for months.

And if it weren't
for him,

we wouldn't even know
where Alex was right now.

- She's turned him, Clay.
- You don't know that.

And for the record,

I don't feel
the need to be lectured

by the man who trained the woman
we're all chasing.

Welcome to Hogan's Alley,

the FBI's very own
small-town U.S.A.

There's a playground,
supermarket, banks.

You can grab a bite to eat
at the diner,

or you can go to work
at the office complex.

And it's all staffed up,

just like it would be
in the real world.

Over the next few weeks,
you will be working through

multiple realistic
stressful scenarios here

with your analysts
offering insight and support

into how to continually
improve your performance.

- Look at us.
- Three key principles

- of a successful raid...
- Partners at last. You intimidated?

- Partners at last. You intimidated?
- Of a successful raid...

I spent months with the UAWC
rehabbing greenhouses

bombed by the Israelis
in the Gaza Strip.

Takes a lot
to spook me.

Maybe me being
in your ear

will finally give me a chance
to get inside your head.

I don't know whether to say
good luck or I'm sorry.

RAY: We're going to be
handing out simulation weapons

for your use today.

You are to treat these weapons
as if they're real.

One shot, one kill.

Don't look at
what people look like.

Looks can be deceiving.
Look at what they do.

I heard HRT seeks out candidates
at academy level

- in hopes they'll be ready down the road.
- Expect the unexpected.

- They've never had a woman on the team.
- Be prepared for anything.

I think Shelby's
got it in the bag.

This ain't shooting skeet
at the country club.

It's the real deal.

And I've got the battle scars
to prove I'm up for it.

No scars on me.

Guess that means
I'm more qualified.

Wow. I feel like a boss
with this thing.

My life is in your hands?

Calm down,
Blake Lively.

I'll make sure you don't chip
your French tips.


You are lucky
you're an analyst,

because you have friendly fire
written all over you.

RYAN: Hey, you were hoping
for real bullets?

It's just a game.

That's what people say
right before they lose.

All right, NATs,

this is a breach-and-entry
"shooting house" drill.

Your job is
to neutralize all threats

without harming any hostages.

♪ You catch my eye ♪

Get eyes on stairs!

We're all good here.

- All clear!
- ♪ If you wanna fly ♪


- ♪ I'm so alive ♪
- You just shot a hostage, Amin.

On your left.
On your left!

♪ Comin' up until we die ♪

- ♪ Never stop, it's how we ride ♪
- On your right.

- ♪ Comin' up until we die ♪
- Going downstairs!

- ♪ I don't wanna got to school ♪
- Well done, Booth.

- ♪ I just wanna break the rules ♪
- Most people hesitate,

don't shoot the kid...

- ♪ Boys and girls across the world ♪
- ...and end up shot themselves.

- ♪ Putting on our dancing shoes ♪
- It's almost like he's done this before.

♪ Going to the discotheque ♪

♪ Getting high
and getting wrecked ♪

♪ I don't wanna go to school ♪

- ♪ I just wanna break the rules ♪
- Target down!

- ♪ I don't wanna go to school ♪
- When did Harry Potter become James Bond?

- ♪ I just wanna break the rules ♪
- Been practicing. [chuckles]

- ♪ Putting on our dancing shoes ♪
- ELIAS: Shouldn't you wait for your team,


- Shouldn't they keep up?
- Recklessness can cost you.

♪ Getting high
and getting wrecked ♪

♪ I don't wanna go to school ♪

- ♪ I just wanna break the rules ♪
- MIRANDA: Parrish.

Without your team,
in real life,

you might not have
made it out alive.

I think I did
just fine on my own.

♪ Na-na na na na ♪

♪ Na na na-na-na na na na ♪

I hate guns.

Always have.

for what it's worth,

you were anxious
and unfocused.

You need to be
more alert.

Why should
I listen to you?

You don't want
to even be an analyst.

Doesn't mean
I'm not good at it.

Haven't you ever been
good at something

that you didn't want
to do?

It was like "Call of Duty: CPA."

Incredible. It was like
"Call of Duty: CPA."

Yeah, well, a lot of snipers
are former CPAs.

Yeah, but how many cpas
are former snipers?

Yeah, but how many CPAs
are former snipers?

Look, I-I'm sure that
the constant cross-examination

made you very popular
as a child, but...

- I have nothing to hide.
- Good.

Then I have nothing to find
when the UAWC E-mails me back.

Would you just
lay off of me?

But I'm not even
on you yet.

What was that back there?
We usually work well together.

I was leading.
You were supposed to keep up.

There's a difference between
a leader and a lone gunman.

I won it for us,
didn't I?

You don't win
training, Alex.

You're there to learn.
What is going on?

You're not yourself.

Psychological profiling
was last week, Shelby.

You're running from something.
I can tell.

You know, in my experience,
the further you run,

the faster
it catches up to you.

You can talk to me,
you know.

Well, you can talk
to me, too.

But you still
haven't told me

who you were on the phone with
late at night

or who you E-mail
first thing in the morning,

you know, when you think
no one's looking.

It's okay.
You don't have to tell me.

We've only known each other
a month.

We barely know each other
at all.

What was really
in that file?

[tires squeal]

See that office building

Well, that's the scene of a
robbery turned hostage crisis...

the test of what you guys
learned today.

You guys are going in.

We'll see
who makes it out alive.

Just give her a little push.
She'll go over the edge.

RAY: In the scenario
you're about to enter,

it is hour six of an armed
robbery turned hostage crisis.

There are 8 robbers
and 12 hostages inside.

All attempts
at negotiations have failed.

Your mission...
conduct a raid

using the skills
you've learned today.

- Something's up with Alex.
- She seems okay to me.

A little aggro, maybe,

but 10 pounds of ammo
weighing you down

will bring
the Rambo out in anyone.

Keep your eyes open.

Don't take anything
for granted.

And remember...

Has she talked to you
about her father,

about what happened?

- She told you?
- Yeah, she's been obsessed.

I just wish there was something
I could do to help.

Look, I know
you're a good shooter,

but it's
a whole different story

when you pull the trigger
on an actual person,

much less your father.

Wait, you're saying
that she shot her dad?

- You said she told you.
- About the file.

Each of you will be assigned
a specific task.

Simon and Nimah,
go in through the back.

Alex and Ryan,
breach the front door.

That's the hardest job.
You sure you're up for it?

Are you gonna
carry your weight,

or do I have to
drag you with me?

- [gunshots]
- [indistinct shouting]

Shelby and Natalie,
take out that sniper.

That's priority number-one since
no one can enter that building

until he is neutralized.

Let's go, blondie.
We're wasting time.

Let's go, Blondie. We're wasting time.

Watch her.
I'm worried.


So, what else should I know
about your bomb-maker friend?

Well, first thing,
don't call him bomb-maker.

And he's definitely not
my friend.

Then how do
you know him?

Look, just make sure
you don't look him in the eye.

Don't shake his hand.

I'm supposed to talk to him
without looking him in the eye?

Look, I'll do the talking.
He doesn't speak English.

They're staring at me.

These kids have never seen
a TV or a computer.

They're staring
at both of us.

We're strangers.

- [conversing in Hebrew]
- _




He's asking
if we're together.

He likes
to give me a hard time.








He says
that he can trace it

to a contractor
for the military.



Shelby's company.


How many properties
do you think Shelby has?

I mean, I know her family
company's in aeronautics, but...

That's not all they do.

They're like Halliburton.

And who do you think
is head of the board?

What exactly
are we looking for?

Anything that points
to Shelby's involvement.

If she believes
she successfully framed me,

then she doesn't think
anyone's coming after her.

She's planning to run?

No, she just returned
from Buenos Aires.

Maybe she bought herself
an alibi.

It's pretty hard to screw with
flight manifests these days.

Look, I mean, this is Shelby
we're talking about here.

I mean, yeah, maybe her parents
are war profiteers,

but do you really think
she's capable of this?

Look, there's a lot
you don't know about her.

Things I found out
after you left Quantico.

You didn't see what happened
after I told her what I knew.

Keep looking.
I'm sure there's something here.


Right wind.
Hold one left.

VASQUEZ: I missed!


LIAM: Sniper down.

Parrish, Booth.
Get into position.

Hello, Nimah.

How did you find me?

I teach the people
who find people.

You think
I couldn't find you?

I never should have said yes
when you recruited me.

you don't want to quit

or you'd be
in Dearborn already.

So, what is this?
A pep talk?

Go ahead.
Say what you want.

I am not good enough.

You don't know that.

Of course I do.

If I was good enough, I'd be
enough, but you wanted her, too.

I need her, too.

Both of you. Equally.

For what?

If we're so important
for you,

why can't you
tell us why?

Invite me inside.

ELIAS: The hostages are
being held on the third floor.

There's a stairwell
to your left.

Let's take the elevator.

- You might as well text them we're coming.
- WOMAN: Go left. Go left.

Well, maybe what we need
is a good diversion.

you don't trust me?

Come on.

what are you doing?

I don't know.
I'm thinking.

Although I know
I'm not supposed to.

I got your back.

How about you let me
do the thinking

so you can focus on
what's in front of you?

You're gonna do
the thinking?

[breathing heavily]
I won't make it five feet.

Get your ass inside so I can
prove how good I am at this.

[elevator bell dings]

Alex, clear.

ALEX: Clear.


- RYAN: Around the corner.
- Clear.

MAN: Aah! I'm hit!
Pinned down!

- Does anyone have a shot?
- 2:00.

WOMAN: There's more than we can
take. We need support.

MAN #2: Two perps
still at the end of the hall.

MAN #3: They took out
the whole team.

What are you doing?

I got this.


All right, let's go.

[breathing heavily]
Is it clear?

What are you gonna do, Tarantino
your way down the hall, guns a-blazin'?

Just tell me
when it's clear.

I'm gonna end this.

Send her out, Booth.

She wants to be reckless,
teach her a lesson.

She needs to get hit.

[hostage whimpering]

Please, someone help me!

- It's clear.
- Okay.

- Help!
- Shut up! Don't move!

[indistinct arguing]

[exhales deeply]

Don't lie to her!

Get out!


She stays in hotels a lot.

Why would she do that
when she's got this place?

[car alarm chirps]

What was that?

Just an S.U.V.

[keys rattle, door opens]

It's nice to see you again,

Good to see you, too,

You could have waited
till I got home.

I would have let you in.

Let's just say
I wanted to surprise you.

Oh, I think you've surprised
enough people the past two days.

Well, except for your mother.
She saw it coming, didn't she?

Watch it.

You were supposed to keep her
at your place

until we could get there.

Excuse me?

Oh, she doesn't know?

I thought that you were good
at reading people.

when you read Simon,

you missed
three very important letters.

You're FBI?
You lied to me this whole time?

Look, if I thought
you were guilty,

you'd be in custody
right now.

I got you out of there.

Wait, you are helping her?
She is a terrorist!

I didn't do it, Shelby.

But maybe you did, huh?

Your whole world
fell to pieces

when I found out the truth
about your parents.

I never meant to hurt you.

I told you that,
and you wouldn't listen to me.

So you think that I would
blow up Grand Central

to get back at you?

That is insane,
and it's impossible

because I've been
out of the country.

You could have had
an accomplice.

You could have rigged the bomb
to blow remotely.

The bombs... seven...
strategically placed...

were buried too many stories
beneath the ground.

They could not have been
detonated remotely.

They had to have been triggered
within a two-block radius.

Put the gun down, Alex.

Let me take you in
before anybody else gets hurt.

Does anybody else have the shot?

Take the shot, Alex.


Ryan, what's going on?


Booth's been hit.
Asher, take him down.

Asher's hit, too.

All suspects accounted for,
either downed or captured.

He's down.
It's over.

I got you shot.

I'm so sorry.



Now it is really over.

What did I tell you
about recklessness, Parrish?

If you can't be a team player,
then what are you doing here?

Your teammates died
because of you.

CALEB: Hey, Amin.

No one was quicker
to the trigger.

You just had to
get out of your head.

You know, when you're not
a crude, foul,

unserious little boy,
you can actually be very useful.

You're a great analyst,
Mr. Haas.

If I have to be one,
I might as well be a good one.

My son was always...

For a long time,
I thought it was a phase.

I hoped it would pass.

And then a few years ago,

I discovered that
he met some people online

who were ready to tap into
his rage...

give him purpose.

The extremists?

They reached him...

in a way I couldn't.

They spoke to him.

[chuckles] They inspired him
to impress them.

So he made a plan...

an attack
at his high school,

a school whose
student population included

the sons and daughters
of many members of congress.

You stopped him?

I did everything I could
to get his sentence reduced.

He's serving two years
in juvenile detention

for the possession
of an unregistered firearm.

And he's up for parole.

And the hardest part
about all this is...

...I hope
he doesn't get it.

What kind of thing...

is that for a mother
to pray for her child?

I am sorry, Miranda.

For both of you.

That's why you're here.

The people who reached out
to my son,

they're reaching out
to others.

They're building cells
on our soil.

We need to infiltrate them,
poison their network.

I have a plan,
but I need you.

I need you both.

I need you to work together
as one.

I let my emotions
get in the way of my duty.

It will never happen again.

Yes, it will.

You can't do your job
and not care.

But next time...

next time, you'll know
you have someone to talk to.

You're never alone.

[voice breaking] He's right.
I am reckless.

What am I still doing here?
I'm not cut out for this.

If those bullets
were real today,

you and Simon
would be dead.

It hit my shoulder.
I would've recovered.

You don't get it, Ryan.

so you're just gonna quit?

Sometimes you have to make
a difficult decision

for the greater good.

I shouldn't be an agent,

People around me die.

Alex... Alex.

Alex, wait.


Booth, thank God.
Take her down.

What are you doing?

You both have to
get out of here.

- What is going on?
- Alex, they tracked Simon's car.

This whole place is gonna be
surrounded in minutes.

- You got to go now.
- Nobody is going anywhere.

Why don't we all
just put our guns down...

Don't you
take another step.

Shelby, put the gun down,

Put it down!

Simon, go get the gun.


You both have to get out of here
before they get here.

I'm not leaving you
with her.

And I can't let you
get caught with me.

get him out of here.

She's right. Let's go.

What are you gonna do, Alex?
You gonna kill me?

Shut up and move.

What are you doing?

I am taking you in.

You can't outrun the FBI,

[both grunting]

Okay, fine.
You want to turn me in?

I give up.

You bitch!

Car keys, now.

FBI AGENT: Search the perimeter.
They can't have gotten far.

[muffled screaming]

ELIAS: Shocker.

The organization you claimed
to work for in Gaza

has never heard of
Simon Asher.

When is this gonna end?

Do you want to see
my birth certificate?

Want to meet my parents?

I know you exist.
That's not what scares me.

It's who you are
that does.

Are you a patriot?

Are you Jewish?
Are you even gay?

The answers are...

yes, definitely,

and no,
but my boyfriend is.

if you weren't gay,

it'd be a great way
to win your spot here.

You know, the first
openly gay NAT.

The Bureau couldn't say no
to that.

Or it's just another piece
of the facade of Simon Asher.

Just like the glasses,

just like the coffee I always
see you make but never drink.

The only thing real about you is
the way you look at Nimah Amin

when you think
no one's looking.

Even if all of that is true,
why do you care?

The most dangerous enemy
America faces...

is the enemy within...

who play the long game.

And they inflict
the deepest wounds

because people
miss the warning signs.

And that's what you are,
Simon Asher...

one big,
flashing warning sign.

If you want to
tell me the truth,

you know
where to find me.

If not, you can wait

until I present my case
to Liam and Miranda.

Have a good night,
whoever you are.

At least you're okay.

I'm sorry.

I should be
used to it by now...

you making rash decisions,
leaving me holding the bag.

I wanted to teach you a lesson,
but I was wrong.


Do you know how it was like
for me here,

working for both of us,
worrying all the time?

I'm not the one
who wanted to come here.

I came for you
because you're my sister

and I would
do anything for you.

But this is too much.

I'm not leaving again.
Don't worry.

I have to worry.

We're committing to life
as one agent, Nimah.

One person.

Sometimes I feel
I'm losing myself.

And I don't want to get lost,

I know who you are.

And I know
we make a great team.

Do you have any idea how lucky
we are to have each other?

We will do important things
together, Raina.

We will save lives.

Can I tell you what Miranda
has planned for us now?

ALEX: When I heard
you wanted to see me,

I didn't realize
it was an ambush.

Where did you get that?

I gave it to her.

You want to talk to me
about what happened today?

Why you froze?

I saw my father's face...

And I just couldn't
shake it.

He was a good man
and a decorated agent.

And I...

He died because of me.

I thought
I'd made my peace with it,

but being here
is just a constant reminder

of the fact that...

...I killed a hero.

What if I told you
he had a bad reputation?

That he was a drunk
with a temper?

That he abused his authority
in the field,

received several
letters of censure?

That he threatened your mother's
life more than once

and the Bureau
ignored it?

I'd say you were trying to
make me feel better.

You're punishing yourself

because you think
you killed a hero.

But being a good agent...

it doesn't mean
you're a good man.

That file
isn't the whole story.

Sit down, Alex.

Alex, sit down.

Don't let your guilt
rewrite history.

If you hadn't
pulled the trigger,

he would have killed your mother
and maybe you, too.

You made the only choice
you could have in that moment.

The right one.

This job is filled
with hard choices.

But we make them.

That's why we get to
protect our country.

Don't let your guilt
destroy the career

of one of the most promising

I've seen
walk through these doors.

♪ Father, Father,
let me love you ♪

♪ Saw you wandering in my dream
last night singing ♪

Did you ever play
two truths and a lie?

Not since middle school.

- ♪ Wonder, wonder what you might do ♪
- Let's give it a shot.


I voted for Obama.

You can really
get under my skin sometimes.


And those calls
I'm always making

are to my half-sister.

And I didn't just
lie to you about it.

I lied to the FBI
when I applied.

I said we didn't talk.


you can understand why I
might be a little bit secretive.

You didn't
vote for Obama?

We can't be friends.

[both laugh]

You know, I didn't even know
that she was real

until they died.

I used to get so angry.

But now
she's all that I have.

My mother
didn't shoot my father.

I did.


I've lived with that
for 15 years.

Never told anyone.

And in the four weeks
that I've been here,

I've told two people,
and now a third.

- ♪ Father, please don't let me go ♪
- Look, I...

I know I said that
we're barely friends, but...

...the truth is...

♪ Father,
please don't let me go ♪

...I've never really had
any friends.

♪ Father, father,
why you let me go? ♪

Until now.

♪ Father,
please don't let me go ♪

- ♪ Father, Father, why you let me go? ♪
- How long do we hold hands

until it gets weird?

- I think now.
- Okay.

[both laugh]

Good to know.

[knock on door]

Is this a thing now?

Us watching each other
brush our teeth?

I enrolled here because
I wanted to find out the truth.

And when I did,

I thought maybe
that's all I was here for.

It wasn't your place
to do what you did today.

But I'm glad you did.

It made me realize

I really want this.

I just couldn't see it
till the smoke cleared.

So... thank you.


You just thanked me.


Not just for that.

Also for staying put.

No matter how hard I try
to push you away, you just...

you're always there.

Well, from the moment
I first saw you,

I knew I didn't want to
let you out of my sight.

I'm glad.

How glad?

maybe if you're lucky,

someday I'll show you.

[Andrew McMahon's
"Maps for the Getaway" plays]

Well, now I'm definitely not
letting you out of my sight.


MIRANDA: You're not the people you were
when you came to Quantico.

And you're not
the special agents

you'll become
when you're done.

You have a long way to go

to deal with the stresses
that come with this job.

Because out in the field
as agents,

the stakes
are life and death.

It is what you do
in those do-or-die moments,

that's who you really are.

You can spend 30 years
doing solid work.

One bad decision...

...can define your
entire life with the FBI.

That moment you got scared...

- ♪ And there's a light left on inside ♪
- ...and didn't pull the trigger.

That moment you pull the trigger
and wish you hadn't.

- Hello?
- Hi, Mom.

- ♪ Orchestrating accidents ♪
- SITA: Alex, how's school?

- ♪ Lights that used to blind us ♪
- I can't live a lie anymore.

What do you mean?

When I told you I was going to
grad school, I lied.

What are you
talking about?

I joined the FBI, Mom.

I don't understand.

I'm at Quantico.

♪ No cash in the bank ♪


- ♪ No paid holidays ♪
- What are you doing here?

Analysts aren't allowed
to shoot.

Well, my family's close
with the Range Officer.

He lets me come in
on off hours,

'cause he knows,
just like everybody else knows,

that I'm never gonna be
a special agent.

I guess now that you're here,
you're probably gonna report me.

♪ All we have is time ♪

I'll only report you
if you can't keep up.

- The truth is...
- Whoa.

...no matter what we do,
whether we take the shot or not,

we have to deal
with the consequences.

I know for a fact that what
you've been doing is off-book.

You didn't do
as you were told,

and now I have to
do it myself.

Well, where'd the order
come from, O'Connor, hmm?

What the hell
are you hiding?

After what happened
in Chicago...

No, the only mistake I made
there was keeping my mouth shut.

And if you try to keep me under
your thumb, I will go above you.

- Oh, you want to hear some truth, then?
- Yeah.

The Bureau won't care
what you have to say.

I told you you were undercover
here, but I lied.

You're on probation.

And as far as
the Bureau's concerned,

you are officially

And if
you fail out of here...

you are out.

So do whatever you want
with the Assistant Director.

She can't save you.

They bought it.

They have no idea
you were there.

I can't believe
I trusted you.

Okay, look, if my...

if my allegiance
was to the FBI,

you and Alex would both
be in handcuffs right now.

I did what I could do.

It is my ass on the line, too,
you know.

what the hell do we do now?

- Up.
- [groans]

You're gonna tell me how this
wire from your family business

ended up
as a part of those bombs.

I don't have to
tell you anything.

Oh, you will,

you're my hostage now,

and I will wait
for as long as it takes.

All right, everybody, listen up.

This order's just come through.

Parrish has been in the wind
long enough

and she's taken
another hostage.

But from this point on,
all law-enforcement agencies

are being told
if they see Parrish,

they are to take no prisoners.

From here on out,
it's shoot to kill.